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Chad Wolanski is an unusual, unorthdox chef found in the Whitetail Mountains in Far Cry 5, who seems to have a preference for cooking exclusively roadkilled meat.


Chad has been a resident of the Whitetail region for at least several years, as Jess Black and other Guns for Hire will comment on his antics when in the area of his food truck.

Prior to Eden's Gate moving in, Chad owned a restaurant named The Grill Streak, and appeared to be doing decent business. However, he soon fell on the wrong side of the cult, and was marked for supplying food to the Whitetail Militia, leading the cult to burn his establishment to the ground in retaliation.

Now, Chad spends his time grilling outside of his food truck, in the wooded lot right across the road from his charred former eatery.

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Far Cry New Dawn

It is unknown whether or not Chad survived the nuclear holocaust, but given the state of the Whitetail Mountains, he is probably deceased.


  • Chad is nearly impossible to understand solely by voice, as the guttoral sounds he uses to communicate are barely decipherable. Subtitles are almost the only way to understand what he's actually saying to you.
  • The Roadkill Live Event is more or less an extension of the side missions Chad gives you, as the objective is the same: roadkill animals. The Funaki E-716 you receive from the event is also painted in Grill Streak livery, further supporting this.
  • Near Chad's truck, Voicemail message can be found from Eli Palmer informing him that, although his militia may have been the reason that his restaurant was torched, they still mutually need each other to survive; with Chad providing them with food, and the Whitetails providing him with security and protection.
  • Cheeseburger likes his barbecue