ChalJama view

Chal Jama Monastery is a location within Southern Kyrat in Far Cry 4.

It was built in 500 BC and also the place where the teachings of Kyra were first recorded.

Here, Ajay, along with Raju participates in the Chal Jama pilgrimage which includes spinning a mani wheel, adding powder to fire, lighting a candle and lighting a stick of incense. If Ajay chose Sabal's mission previously, he is allowed to watch a goat being sacrificed to keep the demon Yalung asleep before fighting off an attack by the Royal Army. If Ajay has chosen Amita earlier, he will not see the goat being sacrificed because she will turn to him and say about the attack of the Royal Army. There also happens to Side Quest - Bombs Disarm, where Ajay goes there and disarms three bombs in different places.


ChalJama view 4

View from the above cliffside

ChalJama view 2

The front door of the monastery

ChalJama view 3

The side temple where Ajay meets Amita and Sabal