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Dr. Charles Lindey is the main doctor for The Resistance faction, the Hope County Cougars. Although he is only qualified to be a veterinarian, he seems to be adept at his work.

Events of Far Cry 5

The Deputy is tasked by Virgil Minkler to find Dr. Lindsey at the Mastodon Geothermal Park. After the Deputy liberates the outpost from Eden's Gate, Dr. Lindsey tasks the Deputy to retrieve his bag, which is sitting at the bottom of the pond. Then, Dr. Lindsey tasks the Deputy to find items to create a bait that attracts angels.

Back at the Hope County Jail, Dr. Lindsey seems relatively confident that his bait will work, at first stating that it had a 95% chance of working, then when it is getting used, he downgrades it to 75%, then even lower. He then realizes that he forgot an ingredient, so he has the Deputy kill all of the angels and return to the Jail. There, he gives the Deputy an upgraded version of his angel bait.

Far Cry New Dawn

It is unknown what happened to Charles after the nuclear holocaust. If he is still alive, he would be 51 years old.


  • Dr. Charles Lindsey cannot swim.
  • According to him, he's "more qualified to reach up into cows, and even then..." implying that he isn't qualified to even be a veterinarian.
  • Unlike most familiar characters, Dr. Lindsey was not controlled by Bliss in the final scene, like most other major characters.


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