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This article appeared in Far Cry 3

Churchtown (Another name could be Kota-Gereja) is a larger size community located on the North Island. The mission Ambush takes place here where Jason attempts to rescue captured Rakyat warriors from Vaas' pirates. The most noticeable feature of the town is a large Spanish-style church while the rest of the town contains some middle-class style houses, a gas station and a water tower.

Its coordinates are X:620, Y:760.



  • Even though Churchtown is one of the largest communities in the game, neither it nor Beras Town is a Fast Travel location.
  • No civilians ever spawn here, either fleeing the events of Ambush or driven away by Pirates. The church also appears to be looted, supporting this theory.
  • There is a partially destroyed bridge at a river near Churchtown. There is a cargo truck hanging at the edge of the bridge. If you approach the truck, it will immediately fall down to the river. A relic can be found at the bottom of the river