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“Citra's temple is both a place of worship and the Rakyat's primary stronghold. I've never been inside, but recon indicates that the structure itself is one of the oldest on Rook Island. Legends tell of the great power granted by the Rakyat to their warriors. I don't know about you, but this is one of the few legends on the island that I actually buy into.”
Survival Guide

Citra's Temple is a location on the North Island in Far Cry 3. This is the place where Citra lives and the setting for multiple story missions. Weapons cannot be used near or inside the temple, since they are automatically holstered. Citra's Temple is located to the south-east of the Calvary Point.


  • Once you have completed the game, Citra's temple will not be enterable. If any loot is left behind, you must get it before the game is complete. but there is a glich that will let you inside citras temple step 1 use a car drive to a point of the walls  and jump walk up slowy and walk into the temple then you will be in citras temple it could be poosible with a wingsuit parachute and or a type of airplane 
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