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Clean Water Act

Clean Water Act is a main story mission in Far Cry 5. It starts at the Hope County Jail in Faith Seed's region of Henbane River. Liberate the jail, then return to Virgil to start this mission.



The cultists have been pumping Bliss into the drinking water system. Virgil will task The Junior Deputy with shutting down the pumps. Go to the water treatment plant via the waypoint. Clear out the cultists in the area. Go up the railing of the first pool to find and hit the button for the pump control there. Head to the next pool and look for an explosive barrel in the pool under the drain. Shoot it to blow the cover. Run through the tube to an open area. You can't climb out but after a few seconds, water will start to fill it up. The grate over the top of the pool has an opening on one end. Find it, then wait till the water is high enough to climb out. This will give players access to the first pump room. Destroy the pumps.

Go back outside and find the circular pool with the lid. Activate the pump here to drain the water, then jump down. Use the pipe in-between two ladders to get to the next pump room and destroy the pumps. Once they are gone, the mission will be over.


Henbane River - Resistance Points : 900