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This article appeared in Far Cry 5

Colonel Banh is a Vietnamese NVA Commander. The title is also the name of a mission in Far Cry 5's Hours of Darkness expansion where the player is directed to kill the Colonel before he can escape into his bunker. Players can find Colonel Banh at the NVA East Sector Command Post.


  • Kill the Colonel and his soldiers




Airstrike Token


  • Banh is armed with 1911.
  • His uniform has several historical inaccuracies:
    • All his previous ranks are displayed on his chest, even though People Army of Vietnam only began doing so in 21st century, not during Vietnam War.
    • His shoulder insignias are colonel rank (Thượng Tá) from 21st century, not during Vietnam War.
    • His collar insignias erroneously say corporal (Hạ Sĩ) and used a fictional crossed rifles symbol instead of a silver star.
  • This is likely because everything were from the memories and imagination of Wendell Redler, who cannot remember all details after several decades.