The Commander

Commander soldiers (also known as Offensive/Defensive Leaders) lead squads of other soldiers (usually Scout and Cover) to attack you. Presumably they use their radio backpacks to contact headquarters, however this is not seen in game. Apart from the distinct backpacks they are dressed in khaki clothing and wear a headpiece. In combat they will shout orders to their squad, who under their leadership are more effective than soldiers who are not being led by a Commander.

Commanders come in two varieties, the Defensive Commander and the Offensive Commander. The Defensive Commander wears a small blue patch on his right shoulder, while the Offensive wears a red patch. As their names suggest, one uses defensive tactics while the other uses offensive ones.

Commanders seem to only use M4s and either wear caps or no headgear at all, making them vulnerable to headshots. They also do not wear any body armor. Taking out a Commander will cause his squad to break up and become less organized. It is advised to kill Commanders first before taking out the rest of his squad. killing a commander will make him drop a health pack and armor. this type of mercenary is quite rare, there are only under half a dozen commanders in the few levels they are featured.


  • Commanders are the most rewarding enemy to kill in the entire game as any other enemies that do drop something after being killed will either be armor or a health pack. Though this is compensated by their rarity.
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