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Far Cry 2 - Mortaring a convoy

Far Cry 2 - Mortaring a convoy

One of the many ways of taking out a convoy. This player does it with a mortar that lands straight on the truck.

Convoy Missions are side-missions in Far Cry 2 which can be started at a weapon shop when the player is not on another mission. In each chapter, there are 4 of these missions, and after completing each one, new weapons become available at the weapon shop for the player to buy.

In every convoy mission, the arms dealer tells the player that his rivals are bringing in shipments of low quality AK-47s and other low-grade weapons from a certain quarter of the map. The player is tasked with going to that area, waiting for the convoy to pass by, and destroying the truck carrying the weapons by any means necessary, whether it be tactically, such as with a Type 63 Mortar, an IED, or an RPG from a distance, or all-guns-blazing with a grenade launcher or even hand grenades. The truck does not need to be blown up — as long as the engine spews black smoke, or the driver dies, the convoy mission is completed. Though the arms dealer says that the convoys are making deliveries to rivals, the convoys simply travel on a circuit and thus, will never actually arrive anywhere. This can be taken advantage of by simply waiting at a location the truck has already passed and setting up some means to stop it, possibly a roadblock made from a few vehicles or simply placing an IED.

Different Ways And Tips To Take Out A Convoy

  • When dealing with a convoy, a common trick impatient players use is to take an armed vehicle and chase down the convoy, rather than simply waiting for them to arrive at a certain point. This means you will locate the convoy more quickly; however, the two jeep gunners guarding the main truck will notice you and immediately open fire.
  • While the truck is your assigned target, the two guard jeeps should always be your combat targets, meaning that when attacking the entire convoy, neutalize the guards first, leaving the truck defenseless.
  • Placing an IED is the most common (and arguably the quickest) method to taking out the main truck.
  • Marksmen might prefer to take out the driver and guards from afar, then finish off the vehicles with explosives, such as grenades and IEDs.
  • It is possible to combine both previous tactics. Snipers/bombers can place an IED at a point, travel to another sniping position, and spring their trap on the unsuspecting convoy runners.


Act I

1st Mission 2nd Mission 3rd Mission 4th Mission
Star .45
Silent Makarov 6P9
Flare Pistol
Silent MP-5
LPO-50 Flamethrower
Dart Rifle

Act II

At the beginning of Act 2, all the weapons from Act I are unlocked automatically, so there is no need to do any of the missions in Act I.

1st Mission 2nd Mission 3rd Mission 4th Mission
M-249 SAW
Type 63 Mortar
Carl G Rocket Launcher