Easily identifiable due to their height, strong build and red berets, these big guys wear special armor and fight harder than most of their counterparts, they can be found wearing helmets at times but more commonly than the scout. By themselves they will often charge the player, but in numbers (especially alongside Scouts) they will attempt to pin the player with gunfire while scouts attempt to flank the player's position. Normally positioned on the front line, they are the first to fight and will relentlessly hunt the player once he's sighted.

Typically, Cover soldiers will wield M4s, soon after they start to use P90s. Starting from the level bunker, they start to wield Jackhammers though rarely, several levels later on they use the G36 and very rarily the OICW. Throughout the game, this type of mercenaries can be found using Desert Eagle but uncommonly. While not especially difficult to kill, their armor makes them more resistant to gunfire than their Scout and Rear Guard counterparts.


- Cover act as gunners for most helicopter gunships fought.

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