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Craftsman Shotgun
Far cry 2 double barrel 2
Damage very high – very low
(depending how many pellets connect)
Magazine Size 1
Maximum Ammunition 47
Price none
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The Craftsman Shotgun is a single-shot double-barrelled shotgun. It is exclusive to the Fortunes Pack DLC.

Background Edit

The shotgun is crafted for hunters or collectors as a token firearm. It fires two 12 gauge shells with one pull of the trigger as both hammers are fired at once.

Tips and Uses Edit

Far Cry 2-Sawed off Shotgun

The full view of the Craftsman Shotgun

Due to its short range and high power, the sawn-off shotgun is best used at close range only, as the pellet spread is wide. It is advised to take cover after each shot since it is single-shot and takes a while to reload. It is however quite durable and will not jam/break before quite a while.

Many players prefer equipping this weapon rather than a primary shotgun, along with the Dart Rifle and an assault rifle; that way the player can engage the enemy at any range — from point-blank to long range.

Notes Edit

  • The Shotgun Bandolier upgrade has no effect on the ammunition carried by the player.
  • This weapon is similar to the Super Shotgun from Id Software's Doom franchise, with its insane amount of damage up close, and mediocre damage at distance, and because it fires both shots at once.
  • Oddly enough, while it clearly uses buckshot ammo, ammunition can be replenished for it by taking pistols from dead enemies.