All In-game VIP's

Cult VIPs are elite members of Eden's Gate. They are identified by their different appearance, Bliss emanating from their heads, Glowing eyes, and a red crown tag. They are slightly more resistant than regular enemies and award 75 Resistance Points when killed.

Tactics Edit

Their looks varies upon which region and what duty they are tasked with, but tactics against them would be all the same. They can be tricky when you neutralize them with distance stealthly due to higher HP. However, They are vulnerable with takedown.

Types Edit

There are many male VIPs each called as Baptist, Chemist, Butcher, Scientist, Trainer, and Priestess.

Baptist and Chemist are both naked men with long hair. Baptist has AR-C and Chemist has 1911 pistol.

Butcher and Scientist are bald men with an apron and both has M133 shotgun and use smoke grenades.

Trainer has a catcher mask and a baseball bat, and conducts a melee charge at the player.

Priestess is red and black ombre hair women with AR-C.