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Currency is system of money first featured in Far Cry 2 and has been featured in almost every Far Cry game since, with the notable exception of Far Cry Primal.

Far Cry 2

The player can use diamonds to purchase weapons, upgrades, and ammo packs. These are earned by completing missions or finding them in hidden briefcases.

Far Cry 3

Currency comes in the form of Rakyat Bangsa Dollars. These can be obtained by looting corpses and by selling items. They also awarded when the player completes side quests. The player can buy weapons and various other items.

Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon

Money can be obtained by pilfering corpses, looting chests, and completing side quests. These are used to purchase weapon upgrades and syringes.

Far Cry 4

Currency comes in the form of Kyrati Rupees. These can be obtained by looting corpses, crests, and completing side-quests. These can be used to purchase weapons, attachment, and other items.

Far Cry 5

Currency comes in the form of US dollars. The game also introduces Silver Bars that serve as alternative way to purchase items, although every item can be purchased with regular looted cash currency as well.

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