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"The DShK is referred to as a .50 caliber, but it actually fires a 12.7mm round. Really, just use it to kill people and you will be all set."

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Far Cry 3

The DShK is a Russian fixed gun in Far Cry 3.

It cannot be bought or picked up, and is always stationary. It is used on some variants of the Technical, Patrol Boat, and Helicopter.They can also be found on fixed mountings throughout the game.

The DShK is a very powerful weapon with high degree of damage albeit with a slow rate of fire. The DShK cannot run out of ammo, but it overheats. Fire in bursts of four rounds. It will cool down when it is not fired, and will dispatch most enemy infantry in one shot and Heavies in two or three. If you are the target, be swift in either taking cover or dispatching the gunner, since — as said — it is a lethal weapon. This weapon can kill players extremely quickly on master difficulty. It is advisable to first target the gunner on vehicles with a DShK if you are engaging with firearms.

Far Cry 4

The mounted DshK returns in Far Cry 4. It can be found at any weapons nest or fortress. It also comes mounted on certain vehicles (such as those in Pagan's Wrath convoys). It's high damage makes it handy for taking out vehicles, rhinos, heavy enemies, and it can even pierce the cockpit of a helicopter. It is significantly more common in the North than in the south, although it can be found in both locations.

Far Cry 6



  • DShK stands for Degtyaryova-Shpagina Krupnokaliberny (Degt'aryov-Shpagin large calibre), a Russian heavy-machine gun (designed by Vasily Degtaryov and Georgy Shpagin) that fires 12.7mm x 108 calibre cartridges. It has seen extensive action from 1938 to the present.
  • 12.7 mm is the Soviet designation of the round and it differs from the .50 BMG (12.7x99mm NATO) in that it is a good bit larger, with a 9mm longer case and 0.03mm larger diameter; it is actually 12.98mm in diameter, and therefore not strictly speaking a .50 round.
  • The nickname for the DShK is "Dushka", which means sweetie or dear.