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"Takkar uh Dah quan (Takkar kill Dah)" -Dah asks Takkar to save him from his 'Skullfire'.

Dah was a commander of the Udam tribe before he pledged his allegiance to Takkar, and the tertiary antagonist of Far Cry Primal.


Dah is a proud, ferocious, and sickly Udam commander. One of the strongest fighters in the tribe, Dah commands the respect of all who follow him as he coordinates raiding parties and guards the gateway to the Udam homeland;Big Darwa Fort. Like all Udam, Dah fights to save his dying tribe from extinction - and he respects displays of dominance and strength above all else. He prides himself as the only Udam to have survived a duel with the tribe leader, Ull - a fight that won him great power and respect among his tribe.

Dah's strength has waned in recent months as crippling "skull fire" fevers sap his strength. This disease is one of many that afflict the Udam, the result of generations of inbreeding and cannibalism. The skull fires will eventually kill Dah, but until then he is determined to fight the contemptible Wenja softbloods and the fire-wielding sun walkers, two rival tribes that stand in the way of the Udam's survival.

Far Cry Primal

While capturing Big Darwa Fort, Takkar is attacked by Dah. After managing to disarm the commander, Takkar notices that Dah has rot bane. At first, Dah wishes that Takkar kill him, but the latter decides that the man is more useful alive and forcefully takes him to the Wenja Tribe. This is not taken well by some of the Wenja, particularly Sayla, who want the Udam dead for what they did to them. The Wenja nearly drowned Dah, but Takkar saves him and says that only if he says that Dah is killed will he be killed. From then on, Dah becomes useful at giving information about the Udam.

After the death of Ull, Dah requests that Takkar kill him, to be spared from the suffering that the "skull fire" brings and in keeping with his tribes tradition to die a warrior's death. Takkar does so, but not without some sentiment.