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Dalso is a hunter of the Wenja tribe, and a supporting character of Far Cry Primal.


Dalso and Takkar were first seen hunting a Woolly Mammoth together with their hunting party before they reach Oros. After they killed the Woolly Mammoth, a Sabretooth Tiger ambushed and killed most of the hunting party, and Dalso was forced to jump off a cliff with Takkar to avoid the same fate. Takkar survived the fall, but Dalso was critically injured. Before he died, Dalso told Takkar to find Oros and the rest of their tribe.

Skills and Abilities

Dalso was an experienced hunter, as he was able to find out which Woolly Mammoth to hunt and tell his hunting party to stand their ground when a Sabretooth Tiger approached them. He is also skilled in handling spears, bows and arrows.


  • Takkar - Takkar and Dalso shared a strong brotherly bond, and after Dalso's death, Takkar fulfilled his dying wish by continuing his journey to Oros, and he paid respect by giving Dalso a proper burial.
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