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Far Cry 3

"The Darrah's main competition was the South African Stryus during Rook Island’s heyday. Both were nearly identical performance-wise except the Stryus was cheaper. Why? Because it was manufactured by laborers unfairly discriminated against by apartheid. Not quite time for Africa. Annnd, Africa's still waiting. Any day now, right?"

Survival Guide

The Darrah is not a high performance vehicle in Far Cry 3. However, they can be found almost everywhere on both islands due to popularity with the locals. Despite this, the Darrah has average armour and handling so it is best to avoid conflict or falling off steep hills, since the Darrah can be easily wrecked if not driven properly.



It has mostly the same stats as the Stryus, but the Stryus was more popular since it was incredibly cheap.


  • Enemy and Allied AI alike will use the Darrah in order to intercept a conflict so its important that Jason Brody does not leave this behind as they will make an attempt to pursue Jason.
  • The Darrah can withstand 2-3 full clips from the Ak47 and PS416. However it doesn't have enough armor to survive direct confrontation against a heavy Gunner nor Explosives.


  • In the Map editor it's called "Jap Sedan" this is because it is loosely based on the 1972 Datsun 510.
  • Darrah is a misspelling of "Darah". It means blood in Indonesian/Malay
  • Sometimes, a sticker with Japanese words written on it can be seen glued to the glovebox of some Darrahs.
  • The design is based on multiple designs of early hatchbacks. This includes a MK1 Volkswagen Golf, 1973 Toyota corolla, and a Plymouth Horizon.

Far Cry 4

The Darrah makes a return in Far Cry 4 but it has been redesigned and looks like an 80s car rather than a 1970s car. It can be found in towns and near roads. Due to the terrain of Kyrat, land vehicles are more useful in FC4 then in FC3. However, it is outclassed by other vehicles, like the truck and jeep (for a combat role), and the buggy and ATV (for quick transport). Due to the fact that it is essentially a straight downgrade from the assault truck (being a minuscule bit faster, but having much lower durability and agility), one should replace it ASAP. It also has one of the slower acceleration rates in the game, on par with the Cargo Truck for the lowest acceleration of any ground vehicle in the game.


Far Cry 3