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De Pleur's Compound in game

De Pleur's Compound is a location within Kyrat in Far Cry 4. The area is due east of an outpost south of Pagan Min's Fortress, and is over east of inaccessible mountains. De Pleur's compound and the surrounding area is only playable in the prologue. It includes an area roughly the size in Kyrat's Southern region. Although the area seems inaccessible it is possible to reach this area via a glitch. Once there, the player will discover a large region very similar to the rest of the map. The area includes a Bell Tower, a large village with working NPCs. Standard Royal Guard and Golden Path patrols can be seen regularly who will attack each other on sight, as they would do normally.


  • If you hack the game to give yourself invincibility, you can notice that the Tuk Tuks outside the mansion cannot be driven, the gate you drive through has no collision, and there is an alarm on the right side of the mansion, which is activated through a scripted event during a cutscene.
  • In the Beta, you could travel to De Pleur's Compound and the surrounding area via a tunnel south-east of Ratu Gadhi.
    • If one were to go to the Tunnel now, it will be blocked off by collapsed rocks. It is unknown why this ability was removed.

      Paul De Pluer Harmon

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