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Nancy is the dispatcher of the Hope County Sheriff's Department in Far Cry 5.

Far Cry 5

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Nancy is the dispatcher of the Hope County Sheriff Office and is in radio contact with Sheriff Whitehorse, his fellow deputies, and Marshal Burke as they fly into the Cult's Compound to arrest Joseph Seed during the Prologue of the game.

Before the team walks into the cult's compound, Whitehorse instructs Nancy to contact the authorities in case they don't report back to her in 15 minutes.

Unfortunately, after chaos erupts, it is revealed that she is a follower of Eden's Gate, and follows the Father's orders to remain silent, and cut off contact with anyone outside the county, and that there was no need to send for reinforcements as per what had been agreed upon prior to the botched arrest attempt. This is meant to imply that Joseph had a contingency plan prepared in the unlikely event that he was captured.

Her involvement in the cult was later mentioned indirectly on KLASSIC SLAM FM radio news. It was revealed through a report that She was fed up with the feud between the resistance and Eden's Gate, which was likely the reason she switched sides.


  • As Nancy is never seen and only heard in the prologue, it can be assumed that she deserted the Sheriff's Department and joined the cultists, as her true loyalties had been revealed and her cover blown.
  • Her role is similar to that of Doug as they both appear as an ally to the protagonist and their group but end up betraying them as they are both revealed to have a connection to the main antagonist.


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