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Diego Castillo is a character and the secondary antagonist of Far Cry 6.


Diego Castillo is the son of the dictator of Yara, Antón Castillo. He follows in his father's bloody footsteps as he attempts to restore Yara to its former glory. The oppression displayed by Antón and Diego has resulted in revolution.[1]


Diego was seen completing his miniature car when his father came to him and gave him a grenade as his father teach him about grenade. A fearful Diego was then asked by his father to follow while struggling to keep unpinned grenade from triggering. They arrived on a rooftop above a rioting street, where Antón gives a speech about their people being indecisive and calling their presidents evil.  He asks Diego if he thinks he's evil, to which he quietly shakes his head. Antón then reavels the grenade was a metrophor that "only the president can stop the people from exploding" and Diego must prepare himself as the future leader.  Nodding, the boy steadies his hands on the grenade with a new determation. 

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  • Diego will be the youngest secondary Antagonist to date.
  • It's unknown whether he outlives his father or not, and whether he's going to redeem himself or turn out even more cruel than him.


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