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Divya Kandala
Status: Alive
Age: 28
Date of birth: 1986
Profession: Journalist

Divya Kandala is a British journalist featured in the Far Cry 4 promotional website

She flew to Kyrat and personally met with members of the Golden Path and Pagan Min. As a freelance journalist and blogger Divya Kandala wrote, articles on the condition of the country on her blog. After some time she travelled to the small war torn country. With the help of a "Fixer" by the name of Raj she crossed the border into Kyrat from India. She ended up settling for a few days in Shanath and interviewing some of the locals there before moving out again.

Whilst there she learnt about the chain of command in the Golden Path. The conversations often consisted of the Golden Path leaders, Sabal and Amita, and their differing views and influences. Soon after this Raj provided Divya with a poster for the Shanath Arena run by Noore. He also provided her with a revolver should things go awry. After visiting the Arena Divya was deeply disgusted by the blood sport and wrote about it in her now quickly growing blog. Around this time she also began to closely read over translated versions of Yuma Lau's journal in order to acquire detailed information about the hierarchy of Pagan Min's kingdom. Eventually she arrived in Utkarsh, Kyrat's "picture" city. Divya also stayed in a hideout named Divya's hideout near the Shanath.

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