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Dogon Village
Dogon Village 1
Region Bowa Seko
Dogon Village

Dogon Village is a location in Far Cry 2.

It is located in the northern sector of the Bowa Seko district.

The Dogon Village is the size of a town, with a massive amount of Dogon Architecture. The village was most likely a large hub of civillian activity before the war.

Entering this region is very difficult because there are around 20 to 30 soldiers and they have mortar support. However, this can be countered by having three automatic weapons like the M-249 SAW or PKM, AK-47 or AR-16 and the MAC-10 or Uzi. Moreover, moving in at night and using stealth is also a good tactic. If going in guns blazing, it is best have a medical and ammo upgrade. Furthermore, it is recommended that you prioritize eliminating the enemy who is utilizing the Mortar first to avoid taking hits from it during battle. He will be firing his weapon off from atop one of the taller buildings. This is the location of a mission where you have to destroy the kilns in the factory that the APR is using to make medicine.

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