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Mission information
Faction Hoyt's privateers
Given by Sam Becker
Reward 3000 XP, Privateer outfit
Start Thurston Town
End Outside Hoyt's underground base
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Three Blind Mice Triple Decker

Doppelganger is the twenty-ninth mission of Far Cry 3.

Sam devises a plan to disguise Jason as one of the privateer recruits to be able to get close to Hoyt. Jason infiltrates a nearby recruit-training base, sneaks past numerous privateers and kills a privateer named Foster and steals his uniform.


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the objectives of the mission are to infiltrate the base and tentatively sneak past the guards while only utilising rocks and your camera. This mission also awards you with an exquisite privateer uniform, allowing you to come face-to-face with Hoyt's forces and for them to not attack you.

Trivia Edit

  • Weapons cannot be used in this mission. Jason has to distract (by throwing rocks) and sneak past all of them. If Jason is detected by a guard, it results in mission failure.
    • Should the player fail this mission and decide to quit, they will not be able to use weapons in free roam until this mission is completed.