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“Hey. I know this island where you can do anything... Just take a plane and parachute in. BAM!”

Doug is a DJ working in a nightclub in Bangkok that Jason and his friends visited and an associate of Vaas.


He was born in the U.S.A. in 1989. At some point, he became a spotter for Vaas Montenegro and would trick tourists in Bangkok to parachute in the Rook Islands where they would be kidnapped and sold into slavery by Vaas and his men.

Far Cry 3

Doug only appears briefly in the first mission and in Jason's drug induced flashbacks. Doug worked undercover as a DJ, but was actually a spotter for Vaas and his Pirates. He would lure people to the Rook Islands for selling. Doug recommended skydiving above the Rook Islands to Jason and his friends, which eventually lead to all events of Far Cry 3. It is unknown what became of him after the events of Far Cry 3

Mission appearances


  • He was the one responsible for all the events of Far Cry 3 to happen as he told them about the island. (Far Cry 3 - Torturing Riley at 4:09)
  • Doug was originally Jason's best friend who would be killed by Vaas, as seen in the Stranded Trailer of the game, right before Jason escapes into the jungle, revealing that in earlier versions of the game, he was killed before the events of Far Cry 3.
    • Doug's death circumstance is given to Jason (who does not die, however) in his final battle with Vaas, where he orders Jason to shoot him.
  • It is never mentioned in-game that Doug works for Vaas, however lead writer Jeffrey Yohalem confirmed it on Twitter. [1]