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Dr. Carlyle is a scientist and an antagonist in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

Although a colleague of Dr. Elizabeth Darling, Dr. Carlyle is revealed to be an antagonist, having assisted Colonel Ike Sloan to weaponize dragon blood in the form of an aerosolized agent that threatens the world.

Dr. Carlyle’s research aimed to guide the unpredictable effects of dragon blood to “Make slaves or monsters of men.” Subsequently, Dr. Carlyle also hoped to impress Dr. Darling with his work, at once expressing his “Intentions to mate with her” with the offering of a pearl necklace.

According to his notes, Dr. Carlyle injected himself using a suspended nano-solution, using nanites as a bonding agent. Dr. Carlyle expected results similar to Colonel Sloan, who's cybernetics where supercharged from consuming dragon blood.

Lacking cybernetics at the time, the dragon’s blood affected Dr. Carlyle by instead supercharging the nanites of his nano-solution. While Dr. Carlyle gained increased mental capacity to "hyper-genius levels," he later experienced rapid muscle deterioration. However, during an assault on his laboratory by Sgt. Rex “Power” Colt, Dr. Carlyle refers to himself as “The Ultimate Cyborg.” This strongly suggests that he later received cybernetics to compensate for his deteriorated health.

Some of Dr. Carlyle's personal journal entries seem to have inexplicably been stolen from his lab by Scientists, and they are now scattered around the island in the form of the Dr. Carlyle's Notes collectibles, file folders located next to the bodies of the slain Scientists who carried them, always found in caves, for some reason. Carlyle is also responsible for creating the Running Dead.


Although Rex Colt invades Carlyle's lab complex intending to assassinate him, Rex and Carlyle never meet face-to-face. Dr. Carlyle is actually killed by the female AI of his laboratory, whom he repeatedly abuses by referring to it as a "Useless 8-bit piece of fucking hardware." Later, the AI deliberately refuses to comply with one of his commands, responding in a kind tone of voice, saying "This 8-bit piece of fucking hardware is obviously incapable of complying with your superior needs."

Dr. Carlyle is then heard screaming over the intercom system, with the exact method of his death at the AI's hands being unknown.


He is voiced by Robin Atkin Downes.

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