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The  Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon  Weapons
Melee Dragon Blade
Handguns A.J.M. 9
Assault Rifles Fazertron
Shotguns Galleria 1991
Explosives Grenade · Molotox · C400 · Mine
Sniper Rifles Kobracon
Machine Guns Terror 4000
Specials Bow · Flamer · Killstar

“Dragon Blade or Tanto, is the loyal sidekick to mask-wearing cowboys — wait. It’s a ninja weapon? Since when are Native Americans ninjas? They’re not? Well, why not? There’ve been white ninjas and African-American ninjas and Luchadores, which are like Mexican ninjas. There’s a Native American Assassin, can we talk about him? No? Fine! Tanto, it’s a Ninja blade appropriated by a bunch of white guys.”
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"Shuriken, a word synonymous with... Ninjas!"

The Dragon Blade, along with the Shuriken, are melee weapons in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon.

Japanese Shuriken are legendary weapons once used during the feudal era in Japan. Used only during the Shuriken Takedown in Far Cry 3 Blood Dragon, which can be performed by pressing the takedown (RT) on the Xbox 360, R1 on PlayStation 3, or "left-click" on the PC following the on-screen prompt.

Shuriken Takedowns are highly effective for eliminating multiple soldiers in a way that is both efficient and silent.

The Dragon Blade is generally the same weapon as the Japanese Tanto from Far Cry 3, the only difference being that the weapon gives off a strong hum when swung and its been made out of neon similar to the Bow in Blood Dragon. All takedowns are performed with the weapon (chain takedown, shuriken takedown, gunslinger takedown, etc.). It is the only melee weapon in Blood Dragon.


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