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Dutch's bunker is located in the northern part of Dutch's island. It consists of several rooms, of which only seven are accessible. The bunker serves as Dutch's home and base of operations. It is well stocked with prepper supplies, and even has a basic remote surveillance system installed. There are several notes and a voice message recording in the bunker that provide background information on the main antagonists of the game and about Dutch himself. Weapons are automatically unequipped when the player enters the bunker.




  • The formula of scopolamine and several Bliss experimentation notes are found on a pinboard in the bunker. It is uncertain why they are there.
  • There is also a note with a rough sketch of Jacob's music box with the words "Only You" below it on the pinboard showing the photos of the main antagonists.
  • Carved into the wall near the flag is a quote from Vaas Montenegro , "The world is a diagonal... I am the balancing point."
  • The songs that play on the turntable in the war room are In the Pines and Oh, Freedom