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Dutch's Island is a location in the center of the map in Far Cry 5. After escaping the Project at Eden's Gate in the prologue mission No Way Out, the Junior Deputy is found unconscious by Richard "Dutch" Roosevelt, a local survivalist who resides in an underground bunker on the island. This is where the Deputy will start the main story of the campaign.


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  • Although the game refers to the area as "Dutch's Island", the area is, by all indications, a state park—perhaps even part of the larger Whitetail Park found in the Whitetail Mountains region. This would strongly suggest that not only does the island not belong to Dutch Roosevelt, but that he is, in fact, illegally occupying it, and that his bunker was either built without consent, or (more likely) that he is squatting in an abandoned preexisting park facility. (The presence of older furnishings, appliances, equipment and posters would support the latter theory.) This would fit a pattern of actions Dutch has taken in spite of local local laws and regulations forbidding them.
  • In Far Cry: New Dawn, the island appears as a shrine to New Eden. The bodies of Dutch, Sheriff Whitehorse, Staci Pratt, and Joey Hudson are gone.
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