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Receiving Eden's Gift.

Eden's Gift is a series of perks received after completing the Joseph's Secret Story mission. Eden's Gift itself comes as 5 separate perks that affect The Security Captain in their own way and is fueled by a yellow Eden's Gift resource bar.


Those that consume The Apple of Eden are granted superhuman abilities.


  • Leap of Faith — Pressing a button while in midair gives an additional jump height.
  • Ghost — Holding a button makes the player temporarily harder to detect by humans. Consumes Eden's Gift.
  • Wrath — Holding a button can temporarily increase speed, melee damage, reduce damage taken, and be immune to knock-downs. Consumes Eden's Gift.
  • Eden's TouchTakedowns replenish Eden's Gift and health, and loot victims automatically.
  • Eden's Gift — Increases the regeneration rate of Eden's Gift.
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