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Eric is a minor character in Far Cry 4. He is the body double of Pagan Min who has been surgically altered to look like Pagan Min and show up for most of his public appointments, including the money portraits and a solid golden statue. Eric is from Melbourne, Australia, and according to Pagan, is not even Asian, but has the correct cheek bones to pose as his double. Eric is killed by Ajay Ghale in the mission Truth and Justice.


  • Eric is one of the few characters to be killed by Ajay regardless of the player's choice. The other two are Yuma and Noore.
  • According to Pagan and due to the fact he wears a blonde wig, Eric has problems with baldness.
  • The player can kill Eric with a car explosion or vehicle knockout. If the player kills by knockout, Ajay will take Eric's wig.
  • Eric's face can be seen on the Kyrati rupee and Pagan posters scattered around Kyrat.
  • Eric doesn't hit Pagan's accent very well, but citizens still think that he is Pagan.
  • Eric is not described in King Min's Kyrat, as he is supposed to be Pagan Min.


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