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Fall's End is a Story mission in Far Cry 5.

In-game description

"Eden's Gate has overtaken Fall's End. Liberate the people and defend the town from the cult threat."


Following their successful liberation of Dutch's Island from Eden's Gate, Dutch made the recommendation that the Deputy lend aid to another pocket of the Resistance residing in the town of Fall's End. The radio, however, confirmed that the picturesque township had been overrun by Peggies.The strategic value of the town as the center of Holland Valley makes it invaluable as the Resistance's base of operations, so the Deputy heads out there.

Upon reaching the town limits, they immediately go about eliminating the incumbent Peggies all over Fall's End, meanwhile freeing several of the captured Resistance fighters. Among the captives they rescue, inside the local church is Pastor Jerome Jeffries, one of the Resistance's main leaders.

However, by this point in the liberation, John Seed sends in an aircraft piloted by the cult's elite soldiers, the Chosen to erase the Resistance, forcing the Deputy to knock it out of the sky.

In the aftermath of the cult's forced emigration from Fall's End, the Pastor meets with the Deputy to have a drink in the local tavern, the Spread Eagle Bar, where they also meet the proprietor and co-leader of the Resistance, Mary May Fairgrave. They all agree to form a stronger Resistance in order to liberate Holland Valley from its deceptive Yes-Man.


Tips & Tricks

  • This mission is very easily bypassed by reaching Tier I of Holland Valley's RP meter through looting Reaping Trucks, taking out Silos, killing VIPs, and/or destroying roadblocks.
  • Having Hurk, or an RPG-class Fighter as a Gun for Hire makes the mission easier, though friendly fire on the civilians is still a risk.
  • Make use of the rooftop turret (above the garage next to the Spread Eagle) once the plane start appears; it makes the fight easier than throwing explosives in the air.