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Callum, Leonard, Mikhail, and Tisha

Far Cry 3 Co-Op is a co-operative mode in Far Cry 3 for 2 to 4 players. The four player-controllable characters are, from left to right:

They have all led sinful lives and are working to redeem themselves.

The plot takes place six months before that of the single player campaign. It centres around the four characters being scammed out of their money by Pirates whilst working to redeem themselves on a cruise ship. They then pursue the pirates, landing in the Rook Islands archipelago.

The co-op section takes roughly 6 hours to complete. Activities include things such as a competition to snipe the most enemies, or destroy the most boats with an RPG-7


The High Tides Missions

Far Cry 3's Cooperative mode features a total of 8 missions:

  1. 7: Redemption (Co-op)
  1. 8: Jailbreak(Co-op)

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