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This article appeared in Far Cry 4

Story missions

Here are the main missions you will complete in Far Cry 4. There are several missions in which you will have a choice on how to complete the mission, and whether to follow Amita's plan, or Sabal's. To find out which mission is the next campaign mission on your game map, but your cursor over the character or Golden Path icons, and in the description of the waypoint, it will mention that it is in fact a campaign mission.


Act One

Act Two

Act Three

Special missions

Side missions



Yogi & Reggie


Valley of the Yetis


  • The Lost Valley

Relic Mission

  • Out of the Frying Pan
  • Failure to Communicate
  • An Explosive Situation
  • Lucy in the Sky Shrine
  • The Relic

Night Survival

  • First Night
  • Second Night
  • Third Night
  • Fourth Night
  • Fifth Night

Side missions

Escape from Durgesh Prison

Story mission

  • Extraction

Side missions