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oasisstrings.txt is a text file from the game Far Cry 4 , containing a complete list of character replicas, interface messages, game menu commands, converted from XML UTF-8 format to TXT UTF-8 format.

For readability, the file has been stripped of XML control tags.

Contains 587 sections, 22228 strings.


It is intended for writing articles about the game Far Cry 4, accurate quotation, search for facts, easter eggs, etc.


	section = 00114393
4C1496FC	278159	[KILLER SPOT]
	section = 00EE9442
2978EB74	261093	The Golden Path are in desperate need of supplies. Retrieve the supplies from the pickup sites, and return them to the people who need them most.
014A1A04	344578	New Golden Path Supplies quest available near North Tower
	section = 0253EEE7
1A054D2F	266300	Find the forgotten shrine over the entrance and block the Main Gate
F48B872D	266312	Light the braziers
3A4ADE64	266314	They're escaping - Stay close to the Convoy!
997DBBD4	267604	Avoid detection until you find Yaj
ABF87694	269282	Deliver Yaj to the Safehouse
5B28E3C3	269748	Speed up
4737E9DB	273225	Okay, Ajay. I'm sure it was not easy but thank you for finding a way to block the road leading to the statues.
5290E7C9	273226	Thank you, brother. Those statues are why Kyrat has a name... to remind everyone that Kyra is watching over them.
DAC504E5	273474	Yaj: "I know where a Safe House is - drive!"
121CC54E	273488	You left the area
E7335CCA	273491	RADIO: "The villagers are fighting back - Send help!"
11CD9531	273686	Keep moving to save Yaj!
FDE44968	273687	Avoid harm to Yaj!
95E11EC5	274345	The truck slowed down too much and exploded
491645BC	274410	Hurk's Buzzer exploded
E5FE0FA8	274411	You lost the track of the truck
0ADCD831	279179	Clear the area and light the braziers
A296EFE7	296065	Ajay, get Yaj out of here - we'll cover you!
1BF16F6B	296066	Ajay, save Yaj – Follow the road and we’ll meet you up ahead!
9DE501DF	339365	Use explosives to start a landslide
8E7097B0	348348	Perform a takedown from the Buzzer on the driver
B6AD8AE9	352396	The Vehicle Takedown skill is strongly recommended for the next mission. Learn it from the Skills menu.
	section = 0293DED6
D67B97E5	195646	Climb Kyrat's img="MC_RadioTower" Bell Towers and liberate them to reveal the map and get free weapons
4F72C65F	195647	Liberate the img="MC_Outpost" Outposts across Kyrat to unlock quests, img="MC_TX_Shop" Trading Posts, and img="MC_FastTravel" Fast Travel
3875F6C9	195648	Fortresses are heavily guarded elite outposts run by img="MC_YumaOutpost" Yuma, img="MC_NooreOutpost" Noore, img="MC_DeFleurOutpost" De Pleur, and img="MC_PaganMinOutpost" Pagan Min himself.
A611636A	195649	Kyrat is full of fascinating img="MC_ULoc" locations waiting to be discovered
D11653FC	195650	Use the Map to img="MC_FastTravel" Fast Travel to any Outpost you've liberated
481F0246	195651	Every Outpost contains a img="MC_TX_Shop" Trading Post where you can sell loot, and buy and customize weapons
3F1832D0	195652	The Sherpa roams the land, acting as a fully mobile img="MC_TX_Shop" Trading Post for all your buying and selling needs
AFA72F41	195653	Search for the img="MC_TX_Letter" Lost Letters and img="MC_Journal" Mohan Ghale's Journal entries that are scattered across Kyrat
D8A01FD7	195654	Destroy any img="MC_CPropaganda" Propaganda Posters you find to halt the spread of Pagan Min's doctrine
246DB241	195655	Look for large img="MC_CPrayerWheel" Mani Wheels in the world and spin them for Karma
536A82D7	275352	Find and remove the img="MC_CDemonMask" Masks of Yalung to stop the bad omens of a deranged killer
CA63D36D	275353	The Ghale Homestead is a place to rest and reflect on your progress, and can be customized with shop items
BD64E3FB	275354	The img="MC_Arena" Arena will let you pit your strength against a variety of opponents for fame and fortune
23007658	275355	Many loot chests can be found in the wild containing money, ammo, and interesting items
540746CE	275356	After you break through into Northern Kyrat, powerful new weapons and skills will be unlocked
CD0E1774	275357	Provide your support and complete missions for img="MC_Amita"   Amita, img="MC_Sabal"   Sabal, and the img="MC_GoldenPath"   Golden Path
BA0927E2	275358	Reggie and Yogi need a test subject for their img="MC_YogiReggie"   quests
2AB63A73	275359	Help Longinus atone for his sins in his img="MC_Longinus"   quests
5DB10AE5	275360	Find the img="MC_ShangriLa" Thangkas and relive the myth of Shangri-La
0F40E182	275361	Dispatch The Golden Path's most wanted in img="MC_WDAssassination" Assassination and img="MC_WDVengeance" Eye For An Eye quests
7847D114	275362	Hunting quests provide opportunities to img="MC_PPExterminate" Control pests, gather img="MC_PPSupplies" Supplies, or show your img="MC_PPSurvivor" Survival skills
E14E80AE	275363	Find Kyrat's rarest animals and skin them for crafting in img="MC_PPRare" Kyrat Fashion Week
9649B038	275364	Find packages and return them in img="MC_SupplyDrop" Golden Path Supplies
082D259B	275365	img="MC_FConvoy" Armed Escort quests need your help to escort Golden Path supplies to safe locations
7F2A150D	275366	Replay any Outpost you've liberated alone or with a friend, and compete on the leaderboards in img="MC_OutpostMaster" Outpost Master
E62344B7	275367	img="MC_BombDisarm" Bomb Defusing quests task you with preventing some explosive situations
91247421	275368	Rescue civilians and captured Golden Path members in img="MC_Hostage" Hostage Rescue quests
019B69B0	275369	Pagan Min can command his men to attack liberated Outposts in img="MC_Retaliation" Retaliation Parties
769C5926	275370	Destroy the img="MC_HConvoy" Pagan's Wrath convoys that roam Kyrat seeking retribution for the Outposts you liberated
165BD0C3	275371	Hijack the img="MC_Cargo" Royal Cargo trucks and deliver them to the Golden Path
615CE055	275372	Kyrati Films are paying good money for performers willing to compete in their img="MC_RCircuit" Races and img="MC_RSurvivalChallenge" Survival challenges
F855B1EF	275373	Earn Karma by helping the locals and the Golden Path during img="MC_KarmaEvent" Karma Events
8F528179	275374	Discover King Min's Kyrat, the officially sanctioned guidebook, by completing missions, discovering new locations, and hunting wildlife
113614DA	275375	Earn XP and unlock new abilities in the Skills menu
6631244C	275376	Rupees are awarded for completing quests, but can also be found in loot chests and scavenged from dead enemies
FF3875F6	275377	Take the time to plan your progression in the Skills menu - learn new takedowns, syringe boosts and more
883F4560	275378	The Crafting menu lets you use your animal skins to create larger bags for ammo, money, loot, and weapons
188058F1	275379	The Progress menu will show you how much you've achieved, and where your next major rewards will come from
6F876867	275380	The Loot Bag menu lets you sort, manage, and discard your loot items
591A4604	275381	Longinus will gift you free weapons for liberating img="MC_RadioTower" Bell Towers
2E1D7692	275382	Earn Karma across Kyrat by completing img="MC_KarmaEvent" Karma Events, making clean kills with bows, and spinning img="MC_CPrayerWheel" Mani Wheels
B7142728	275383	Your wallet can be upgraded from the Crafting menu to carry more Rupees
C01317BE	275384	If you want to carry more weapons, you'll need to craft larger weapon holsters
5E77821D	275385	Signature Weapons are high-performance custom-built guns, available at img="MC_TX_Shop" Trading Posts
2970B28B	275386	Throw rocks to distract enemies and prevent them from spotting you
B079E331	275387	Your camera lets you tag all nearby enemies and animals, and lets you track their movement through walls
C77ED3A7	275388	Throw bait to attract predators and cause chaos among enemies
57C1CE36	275389	C4 charges and proximity mines provide tactical explosive opportunities in combat
20C6FEA0	275390	Spend your Guns for Hire tokens by pressing [COOPWheel] and call in a Golden Path mercenary to fight by your side
40017745	275391	You can learn many close-quarters and ranged takedowns from the Skills menu, to quickly kill your enemies
370647D3	275392	Use arrows, bolts or knives to hunt animals cleanly, and obtain more skins and throwable bait
AE0F1669	275393	img="MC_TX_Shop" Trading Posts let you customize weapons with sound suppressors, scopes, larger magazines, and paint schemes
D90826FF	275394	Set map waypoints for personal destinations, and a GPS route will be drawn showing the quickest roads to take
476CB35C	275395	Learn the Trade Agreement skill, and the shopkeepers will sell you explosive and fire arrows, and other black market goods
306B83CA	275396	Craft the Hunting, Survival, Focus and Overdose syringes from local plants and receive performance-enhancing boosts
A962D270	275397	Look for highlighted points in the world and use the Grapple to quickly ascend, swing and climb
DE65E2E6	275398	Hide dead bodies by interacting with corpses and moving them
4EDAFF77	275399	If you have a one-handed sidearm, you can shoot while driving
39DDCFE1	275400	Learn the Elephant Rider skill, and you can approach an elephant and press [Interact] to ride it, press [Run] to charge, and press [TakeDown] to bash enemies
6B2C2486	275401	Pay attention to your detection meter - if it fills up, you've been spotted and you need to break line-of-sight with your enemy
1C2B1410	275402	Purchase body armor to increase your defensive capabilities
852245AA	275403	Crouch to make less noise and reduce your visibility, and use sound suppressor attachments to reduce weapon noise
F225753C	275404	Your health will automatically regenerate to the nearest bar after you take damage
6C41E09F	275405	Collect 2x img="MC_Plant_Green" Green Leaves to autocraft a healing syringe and hold [Heal] to heal
1B46D009	275406	Purchase maps from img="MC_TX_Shop" Trading Posts to find collectible items, loot chests, and interesting locations on the world map
824F81B3	275407	Press [COOPWheel] to open the Guns For Hire wheel and play Co-op or spend a Guns For Hire token and call in a mercenary to help you fight
F548B125	344279	Alternate vehicle controls are available in the Controls page of the pause menu
65F7ACB4	346789	Autodrive helps you focus on aiming and looking while driving - press [AutoDrive] to turn Autodrive on
12F09C22	347179	You can perform a takedown in front of an enemy, but only when he is reloading his weapon
723715C7	351989	To make tight turns when driving, press [HandBrake] to use the handbrake
	section = 02C0F08C
372FC14A	348393	LOADING
3A4DC253	348449	KYRAT
54D01022	348452	ARENA
268BB0E4	348453	MAP EDITOR
	section = 039BEE69
54DB89B7	150276	Control Type
0DB85ECF	150277	Choose between mouse & keyboard, or gamepad.
8CEF7229	150279	Customize controls
586A5443	150280	Review and modify the default keybinding
4742EE91	150281	Mouse sensitivity
76E5893C	150282	Adjust the sensitivity of the mouse
78830EFA	150283	Mouse look sensitivity
86CB5813	150284	Adjust look sensitivity when looking around
FCB72673	150285	Toggle Crouch
23361D22	150286	Press the crouch button to toggle crouching.
CF9A2814	167703	GAMEPAD
991831E3	167843	Gamepad Detected
F550D0AB	167844	Would you like to use your connected gamepad to play?
070024A8	172370	Move Forward
B5DC3F5D	172371	Move Backward
85965333	172372	Strafe Left
73E22C14	172373	Strafe Right
52EC6672	172374	Sprint
86425BF1	172375	Interact
D3965F2A	172376	Heal
5BAFD878	172377	Throw Grenade
1E26A271	172378	Melee
A4E64F9E	172379	Primary Weapon
46105F9B	172380	Secondary Weapon
DBC28B23	172381	Next Weapon
AAE82632	172382	Steer Right
59C6A9DA	172383	Steer Left
8552788F	172384	Headlights On/Off
17CEC449	172385	Exit Vehicle
1F23D32E	172386	Chat
AEB8B486	172387	Loadout
F294C652	172388	Layout in Multiplayer
112A445C	172389	Booster Shot
DE05638C	172390	Cancel Booster Shot
AD044D00	172596	Mouse Smoothing
15DBDB63	172597	Reduce mouse jittery movement at the cost of introducing input latency.
3C63E14A	172598	Field of View
A92B3DCC	172599	Increases turning rate speed
88AE1BAB	172600	Increases the speed of your mouse movement based on the speed you move your mouse.
A13C2FCB	172617	Calibration
D52C01CC	172618	SSAO Method
C748A1FF	172619	Alpha to coverage
A58415E6	172620	Alpha to coverage multisampling setting: affects the quality of areas where dense foliage or grass must be rendered
3944DD9A	172621	Select Screen Space Ambient Occlusion method
94E472D9	172622	Widescreen Letterbox
9E1073A6	172623	Enable letterbox mode for widescreen
FFC771E8	172631	OFF
B7402C9C	172632	STANDARD
02DFA135	172633	ENHANCED
6C86D72E	172634	SSAO
F2F7B245	172635	HDAO
F67ACEF7	172636	HBAO
8AE1C611	172637	Third Weapon
148553B2	172638	Fourth Weapon
D5CFB7A5	172639	C4
1316F217	172640	Mine
BA3D9975	172641	Select Grenade
690E2BE4	172642	Select Molotov
CAF05D51	172643	Use Craft Item A
53F90CEB	172644	Use Craft Item B
9F773152	172646	Autosave
F84A90A7	172647	GAME 1
6143C11D	172648	GAME 2
1644F18B	172649	GAME 3
AAD1A5B4	173045	Voice Chat All
CB7196FF	173046	Voice Chat Team
BD48DCDA	173060	Voice Chat
	section = 03ABA2D7
F5960BAD	155538	Equipment
F93E65C2	155540	SKILLS
63C3BC6A	155549	LOADOUTS
ED9F2832	160760	EMPTY SLOT
7272B762	202376	Rakshasa
3B79358A	247301	MORE INFO
93CD0A59	261264	RAKSHASA
F02890F0	261265	GOLDEN PATH
D0D030C5	261270	Edit
7B003BCD	261271	Delete
C6F496D6	261272	ADD SKILL
E198D092	271012	Modification
66C828C1	271013	Customize Attachments
2EFB0C52	271077	Switch Weapon
E7BEFF79	274152	Buy {0} for {1} coin(s)?
8A5166A4	274172	You cannot afford {0} right now.
D606260F	337694	Your loadouts are incompatible with this version of the game, they have been cleared.
26274CA2	342552	You cannot delete this loadout because it is the only loadout for this faction.
03CC27A1	342899	Manage Loadout
9644371C	342900	Manage Weapon
B7D1F5F7	347112	LOADOUTS
	section = 03AD1F46
25655332	278900	YAKSHINI'S BONDAGE
B8B26B8B	278903	DEAD END
09866A93	347047	GRE SIKHARA SUMMIT
	section = 0400F83F
BBC189BF	261161	Pagan Min wishes to remind you that the Bell Towers of Kyrat have been officially condemned. These dangerous ruins are a threat to the safety and wellbeing of everyone. King Min has, in his benevolence, kindly stationed Royal Army troops at the towers to ensure the safety of his loyal subjects. <br><br><br>May Pagan’s light shine upon you all.<br>-The Ministry of Public Affairs and Social Harmony
963DFA6D	261162	Health and Safety Warning!
B87DBF20	261163	My dear Tara,<br>For two months, I have been able to travel to the Valley and back without having to fear about any of these Royal Army goons, or having to bribe them with my Rakshi. I know I owe it to the Golden Path and to you. I’m so proud that you followed your own heart, as I know you put it all in defending your birthplace. In honor of your fight, I will name my next batch of alcohol after you, and my biggest hope is one day, we will be able to make a toast.<br><br>Always proud<br>Your father
9A1C52F3	261164	Thank you Tara
DC189486	261165	Royal Army Supplies
64DEF9CC	261166	It seems that we have been successful for a second time in bringing down the Royal Army supply planes passing over the valley. I will be putting together a retrieval party to head up the cliff behind Kanan's Farm to see what we can salvage from the first wreck. The second wreck at the bottom of the lake was full of medical supplies, so I'm hoping for more useful cargo.<br> <br>-Sabal
B4A4EF26	261167	Father,<br>Our weapons are old and not very efficient. Our uniforms are not as scary as theirs. But my belief is strong and Amita's leadership gives me hope. I cannot leave my home in the hands of these brutes that know nothing about this land, this culture that they are violating more and more everyday. My training is hard, my hands are sore, but my will is unbreakable and I am proud to be a Golden Path warrior. Please tell mother to forgive my choices. I love you both.<br><br>Your daughter Tara
3B71CDAE	261168	The Golden Path is the right path
4EB1C32D	261169	My fellow drinkers,<br><br>It is with a deep and sincere regret that I have to inform you that Old Isha's Rakshi will stay closed for a while. My heart is heavy. Tomorrow, my beautiful daughter Tara will be cremated, and I have to stay focused and strong in my body and mind in order to pay my last respects to her and to the fight that caused her death.<br><br>Isha
08C3B228	261170	Closed Until Further Notice
C24C3F80	261171	My Friends,<br><br>Longinus has been very generous with his supply of weapons to the Golden Path so we have given him one of the buildings here at the training camp. Please be courteous and respectful when you see him, and don't be afraid to ask him for some pointers, I've seen the way he breaks down and cleans a weapon, he is very skilled.<br><br>-Amita.
5BC4448B	261172	Longinus
55DDE24E	261173	Yalung, I know that you will soon wake from your slumber, and this time there will be no Banashur to protect the Lotus Children. <br><br>Please accept this offering, as I have accepted your call from the deep.<br><br>-The Goat
A5B77811	261174	An Offering
AA10D3C5	283187	My friends,<br><br>I hear rumours of a planned pilgrimage to the Kyra's Guidance temple high on the cliffs South of the lake. The access to that temple has been cut off for years now and the path is very dangerous, we can't afford to divert resources away from the Golden Path cause for every lost shrine.<br><br>I urge you to be satisfied with what you have here at Kyra's Refuge, do not risk injury or worse for one old temple.<br> <br>-Amita
2F00388A	283188	Kyra's Guidance
E7BA28DE	283189	My friends,<br><br>I am proud to announce that I am now the valley's premier Raksi distiller. I am hard at work, brewing tirelessly, so that everybody can take their mind off this miserable and futile war. <br><br>Sure, it's no Shangri-Lager, but it will still have your lover looking more Yakshini than Yak scrotum, and the army won't burn down your farm for drinking it.<br><br>-Sarbajit
66651EB3	283190	Sarbajit's Superior Still
BDFE3D20	283192	Please be aware that our farm is surrounded by wolves. They come out at night and viciously attack our animals, our fences are useless. I'm worried about what will happen when there have finished of our livestock. Will they turn on us next?<br>Do you think that we should ask Amita and Sabal for the Golden Path's help?<br><br>Babu
08FCDD50	283193	Beware of the Wolves
468602A8	283194	Jaanu,<br>I have to run an errand in Banapur. I will be back in a few hours. In the meantime, could you take care of the barley crops?<br>I have stored our stock of yak dung in the wood shed. Use it on young seedlings. <br>Old Isha just told me he is brewing a special batch of Rakshi for the Golden Path so make sure you tend to the crops carefully!<br><br>Love you,<br>- Prabhakar
DEECF615	283195	Barley Crop
E160F62F	283196	Kyrati Wildlife<br><br><br>Kyrat boasts an extraordinary wildlife that is both dangerous and fascinating. Endemic species include the Snow Leopard, some particularly aggressive Honey Badgers, and the notorious Demon Fish. Although officially outlawed, hunting and poaching are clearly sanctioned for the purposes of Shanath Arena. 
6A766AA5	283197	Lonesome Planet Kyrat #2
552E781A	283198	Dhami,<br><br>Thank you for your counsel and healing. I know that I can always seek Kyra's guidance, but sometimes I need spiritual healing as well.<br>I know that I am following the right path, but Amita has a more radical view, and she has a lot of support in the Golden Path. <br><br>I will continue to follow in Mohan Ghale's footsteps.<br><br>-Sabal
C144AA1D	283199	<br>
4C62B3C9	283200	I'm having difficulty reconstructing the experiment I saw on the television in Patna. I didn't understand what they were saying but I remember the Doctor used electricity to reanimate his subject.<br><br>I was sure that this car battery would start the process. Damn. I can't wait around for a lightning storm.<br><br>I need to bring the Lieutenant back to life so he can be with his love once more.
9052F0EF	283201	Hypothesis: Reanimation
FC37D134	283202	A bright light shining<br>The rays of the morning  sun<br>Gift of Banashur<br><br>A wet thunder roars,<br>the grass is soaked with dewdrops<br>A crow is cawing<br><br>I stand in the wind<br>The sun hides behind the clouds<br>The crow flies away
3D460B86	283203	Banashur's Gift
9A601129	307859	Father,<br>The Golden Path truly is the way for me, Amita has shown me so much. Our cause is so meaningful to me that I am able to transcend myself in my training. My body has become a weapon and its sole purpose is to serve a higher cause. I now feel invincible as if the spirits of our beautiful land are looking over my shoulders, as they bless me with a true meaning for my life. Your words make me proud, and I feel like one day, mother will understand my choices. I love you both.<br><br>Your daughter Tara
BED95338	307860	My will is strong now
1B46CE39	307861	The Dhami has been receiving many requests for the presence of Bhadra here at the ghat. Remember that she is still not officially Tarun Matara and has no duty to the people until she is crowned as the bride of the land. <br><br>Bhadra must be allowed the freedom of childhood before she is Tarun Matara proper.<br><br>Meanwhile, the Dhami is very skilled in our cremation rites having been trained at Chal Jama Monastery, he will honour your family members impeccably, do not worry.<br><br>-Sabal
210B6AF6	307862	<br>
843D103C	344375	Yalung, these men may not have died by my hand, but with this aspect of you I claim their souls as yours. May their deaths give you strength to rise again and return to Kyrat to lay claim on all of the Lotus Children.<br><br>-The Goat
30261822	344377	An Offering
8AA429D9	344565	My dearest daughter,
49B1EB29	344566	Tara,<br><br>I just wanted  to write to you before you left for your first duty at the Khilana Bazaar outpost. I am so proud of you. Your mother is as well, deep down and past the fear, but I want you to know that your purpose in life is not to fulfill ours.<br><br>I am distilling a new batch of Raksi for this occasion, I'm calling it 'Proud Father'. Let your Golden Path comrades know that Old Isha will be sending more than enough their way very soon.<br><br>Your father
82A0E07A	345951	My House of Prayer
0E944206	345952	“Even them will I bring to my holy mountain, and make them joyful in my house of prayer: their burnt offerings and their sacrifices shall be accepted upon mine altar; for mine house shall be called a house of prayer for all people.”<br>My doors are always open and all of the Lord's children are welcome to visit me at the Golden Path training camp.<br>-Longinus
527AE453	345960	Banashur's Song
7D4AE53E	345961	In the beginning, Banashur, god of gods, sung the world into being. The song was just sound and energy, like the ringing of a bell. Later on, when Kyrat experienced a great drought, the queen decreed that giant bells be erected and rung once at morning and once again at night to imitate Banashur’s song and to let us know when to pray to Banashur.
140B3A24	345992	Trust the Process
BC39ABDE	345993	I know that it can be trying to make the same batch over and over, using the same ingredients and techniques, but this production process has been in place for three generations now. <br><br>Hasan in Banapur complained the last batch was too bland, I have told you over and over, we need more spice.<br><br>-Isha
06840233	346062	Yalung's Jealousy
CD7C6E86	346063	When Banashur was singing his creation song, it woke the demon, Yalung, who was sleeping in the deep. He became jealous when he saw the beauty Banashur created. They fought and after Banashur won, he chewed Yalung’s body up and spat it out across the ravaged land, the body parts forming cliffs, caves, and caverns in the landscape.
18E2B768	346220	On a clear day, a month ago a screaming came across the sky.<br>A smoke-trail and a crashing sound that hit the lake with a huge splash and then silence. <br>I was halfway into the valley before I could even realize it was a plane from the floating debris.<br>I hoped that this wouldn't bring the Royal Army into our valley.
1F964244	346221	<br>
	section = 043D7364
4D12B60B	201205	Tutorials
	section = 0489D39C
1F43587C	283883	FACTORY
622E5762	283886	COMPOUND
3E01E985	283887	FROST
D66E539A	283889	CASH CROP
15D1689B	283891	HOSPITAL
84F86731	342154	DISTILLERY
	section = 04C75786
	section = 04CDE388
67DA122B	348356	Find the Disciples' truck and drive it back to the Relay Station
A8E83EB7	355858	Hijack the Disciples' cargo truck and drive it back to the Relay Station. <br>Complete this mission to unlock the West Side Barrel Traps Upgrade for free at the Relay Station.
708C59D2	355859	CARGO HIJACK: Disciples are loading Elixir onto a truck at the distillation shack. Hijack their truck and drive it back to the Relay Station. <br>Unlock: West Side Barrel Traps Upgrade for free at the Relay Station.
7BC959EE	355935	The West Side Barrel Traps Upgrade includes Barrel traps, as well as a few Explosive Barrels scattered around the Relay Station.
E2C00854	355936	West Side Barrel Traps are explosive barrels located in high places that can be released on unsuspecting enemies by shooting at the wood planks holding them.
95C738C2	355938	The explosive barrels are strategically placed around the main access points to the Relay Station.
	section = 056CF5BA
655E47D9	360272	You can improve the Relay Station's defenses by performing Upgrade Quests in the valley
FC571663	360273	If you hear a roar, that might be a wild animal. Or it might be something far more deadly
8B5026F5	360274	Loads of weapons have been abandoned in the valley by Yuma's military expedition
1534B356	360275	Hunters who previously lived in the valley have left behind some interesting skins
623383C0	360276	There is no Karma in the Valley of the Yetis. Maybe that's because of the Demon Yalung's influence here
FB3AD27A	360277	The Valley of the Yetis is a great place to play with the Wingsuit
8C3DE2EC	360905	Collect 2x img="MC_Plant_Green" Green Leaves to autocraft a healing syringe and hold [Heal] to heal
1C82FF7D	360906	Certain abilities cannot be learned in Valley of the Yetis mode
6B85CFEB	360907	You can perform a Takedown from the back of a weakened Yeti
0B42460E	361252	Disciples of the Demon Yalung came to this valley many hundreds of years ago
7C457698	361253	Many of the caves have hot springs, but beware the steam rising from them
E54C2722	361254	Legends say that the Disciples of Yalung brought a powerful Relic with them when they came to the valley
924B17B4	361255	When Yuma heard the stories about Yalung’s Relic, she sent an expedition into the valley to find and recover it
0C2F8217	361256	The Relic is reputed to have the power to grant immortality
7B28B281	361257	The military expedition Yuma sent to retrieve the Relic never returned to Kyrat
E221E33B	361258	The men Yuma sent to retrieve the Relic have been presumed dead for over a year
9526D3AD	361259	Old texts found in Kyrat describe a ritual in which the Disciples of Yalung meditate for over one hundred years
0599CE3C	361260	Many famous hunters have gone into the valley in search of the illusive Yeti. None have returned
729EFEAA	361261	Most Kyrati people believe the Yeti is just a myth
206F15CD	361262	There used to be a road that led into the valley, but it was intentionally destroyed
5768255B	361326	There are legends that say Yetis can be weakened with explosives
CE6174E1	361327	Shooting a Yeti in the head with a powerful weapon will weaken him
B9664477	361537	Weapons can be found in the remains of Yuma's expeditionary force
2702D1D4	362872	Buy Relay Station Upgrades in the Trading Post or complete Upgrade Quests to prepare for the Night survival
	section = 0576EB99
CC67517D	39660	Logging in.
C768DD6B	39661	Login succeeded.
3DF0D198	39663	Failed to log in.
06A98750	58331	Logging out.
1D97F878	58332	Logged out.
18282E2E	58333	Failed to log out.
C1941ED7	58334	Login Required
C406245B	59555	Select User
6177C8FF	59939	Are you sure you want to log in?
05B275C5	59940	Are you sure you want to log out?
A5E14F8A	117714	Online data operation successful.
8B94FA56	117715	Online data operation failed.
FB222E3C	117716	Online data operation timed out.
84754B67	117717	Online data operation cancelled.
3697F1A6	142863	Do you want to sign-in a profile? You will not be able to save your progress unless you select a gamer profile.
3E90FE03	142866	You have not selected a storage device. You will need to select a storage device in order to save game progress.  Do you want to select one now?
051D3B9A	143200	Do you want to sign-in a profile? You will not be able to save your progress unless you select a gamer profile.
A0D4EC49	144360	Leaving the match…
5A388BB3	147422	Storing online data.
4D5F33F8	147423	Retrieving online data.
0A76EEC3	147434	Uploading player stats.
CBB5EB59	147435	Downloading player stats.
DF56F2A9	147436	Player stats uploaded.
DD0B7B2D	147437	Player stats downloaded.
A8804B2D	147438	Player stats upload failed.
D3B1E884	147439	Player stats download failed.
7E97F2CB	147440	Uploading player loadouts.
176D49FF	147441	Downloading player loadouts.
D128D2FF	147442	Player loadouts uploaded.
0A84AF49	147443	Player loadouts downloaded.
1E921E0E	147444	Player loadout upload failed.
76198C8C	147445	Player loadout download failed.
76F4C9EE	147446	Uploading playlists.
4E95785F	147447	Downloading playlists.
B9B3AD5B	147448	Playlists uploaded.
0055D292	147449	Playlists downloaded.
F68CDA29	147450	Playlists upload failed.
30D5D05E	147451	Playlists download failed.
925F4FB7	147452	Uploading match stats.
21375CFC	147453	Downloading match stats.
E93500C2	147454	Match stats uploaded.
08B16C12	147455	Match stats downloaded.
D6C2F960	147456	Match stats upload failed.
B309752E	147457	Match stats download failed.
9B3315FC	147458	Uploading player match stats.
B9047BB4	147459	Downloading player match stats.
7ACFC75A	147460	Player match stats uploaded.
B429A8E9	147461	Player match stats downloaded.
1C1126B4	147462	Player match stats upload failed.
403170A3	147463	Downloading player match stats failed.
A42D5354	147464	Uploading player unlocks.
406596EE	147465	Downloading player unlocks.
5AD20150	147466	Player unlocks uploaded.
3CC107FB	147467	Player unlocks downloaded.
C6CC93D8	147468	Player unlocks upload failed.
3272C9D6	147469	Player unlocks download failed.
EFFFE951	147470	Uploading player groups.
16A673EB	147471	Downloading player groups.
6385D0F5	147472	Player groups uploaded.
1E659442	147473	Player groups downloaded.
90857F69	147474	Player groups upload failed.
6610AE35	147475	Player groups download failed.
A922BCD7	147476	Uploading groups.
607EAF80	147477	Downloading groups.
0A988E04	147478	Groups uploaded.
9F115150	147479	Groups downloaded.
E81A85EC	147480	Groups upload failed.
7D8CA1A6	147481	Groups download failed.
BF87A431	147482	Uploading player statistics.
7B367519	147483	Downloading player statistics.
C1DF5347	147484	Player statistics uploaded.
BC2728B8	147485	Player statistics downloaded.
AA5A8E92	147486	Player statistics upload failed.
5BE26E16	147487	Player statistics download failed.
1007AF8D	147488	Uploading weapon stats.
A494E2A5	147489	Downloading weapon stats.
35988070	147490	Weapon stats uploaded.
33FAFFA5	147491	Weapon stats downloaded.
83A6E244	147492	Weapon stats upload failed.
C8840800	147493	Weapon stats download failed.
8AAB8D96	147494	Uploading inbox messages.
D8C2F277	147495	Downloading inbox messages.
F08B8BFB	147496	Inbox messages uploaded.
7C5FA2BE	147497	Inbox messages downloaded.
CB31FD1A	147498	Inbox messages upload failed.
61B43DB8	147499	Inbox messages download failed.
B09EF88E	147500	Uploading principal info.
7AB6D5A8	147501	Downloading principal info.
BFF86B78	147502	Principal info uploaded.
CCFBC43D	147503	Principal info downloaded.
32B89CF2	147504	Principal info upload failed.
CDA6EC1B	147505	Principal info download failed.
8A755F95	147506	Uploading online data.
9B321292	147507	Downloading online data.
32DA3D69	147508	Online data uploaded.
1D2A9ECE	147509	Online data downloaded.
93EA9B9B	147510	Online data upload failed.
E7FD0804	147511	Online data download failed.
862F6E43	147512	Uploading bulletins.
1D8E7C6B	147513	Downloading bulletins.
5AD9938C	147514	Bulletins uploaded.
0F4D7F8B	147515	Bulletins downloaded.
ACAA113E	147516	Bulletins upload failed.
39E015D6	147517	Bulletins download failed.
4CBC1F12	147518	Uploading player online data.
992C9B47	147519	Downloading player online data.
22B5DABB	147520	Player online data uploaded.
904A5EE7	147521	Player online data downloaded.
66207EFB	147522	Player online data upload failed.
5260809E	147523	Player online data download failed.
06745995	147530	Uploading match history.
72513BA6	147531	Downloading match history.
C2DCC4FB	147532	Match history uploaded.
9A3CCCE8	147533	Match history downloaded.
DF5C58B5	147534	Match history upload failed.
EE97DE94	147535	Match history download failed.
DA0E0FA9	147536	Uploading wall messages.
83AA6AE2	147537	Downloading wall messages.
E0A87AD8	147538	Wall messages uploaded.
084C0776	147539	Wall messages downloaded.
B5A88236	147540	Wall messages upload failed.
983F4422	147541	Wall messages download failed.
3727976B	147560	Uploading player profile.
84B22971	147561	Downloading player profile.
69E1FAC8	147562	Player profile uploaded.
AF361F4E	147563	Player profile downloaded.
F7DB4C2A	147564	Player profile upload failed.
0294B4BB	147565	Player profile download failed.
8EB1CB02	147566	Uploading player generated content.
52505DD6	147567	Downloading player generated content.
8C77D015	147568	Player generated content uploaded.
401B885C	147569	Player generated content downloaded.
AC855E30	147570	Player generated content upload failed.
41006476	147571	Player generated content download failed.
D3131424	147572	Uploading wall messages.
87E24C15	147573	Downloading wall messages.
AFE045EC	147574	Wall messages uploaded.
050096F4	147575	Wall messages downloaded.
D000E7E5	147576	Wall messages upload failed.
0FF22281	147577	Wall messages download failed.
29E5C3D1	149357	Sign In
96C25FD9	149358	Game full. Unable to join match.
B6FF4C87	149359	Press [Start] to join
1C303552	149901	Cannot login player during a full match. Wait for open slots and try again or exit match.
D4A703D1	149903	Match Full
6789A1DA	153634	The profile in use has changed. You will be returned to the title screen.
B8FC23B7	153635	Profile change.
02FE4B38	154953	Do you really want to quit the current session? All progression will be lost.
EFE71ECD	156491	Ready
43BB3532	156492	Sign In
5261ED0B	156493	Go online.
FBCA9EF0	156494	Sign into Uplay.
6BC10057	158929	Warning
9985C87B	158930	Are you sure you want to exit the Co-op lobby?
07BBE2ED	158931	Are you sure you want to leave the Multiplayer lobby?
5F0C279D	158932	Login failed! Retrying...
01ED12D5	158933	Offline Mode
F49A108F	159359	PRESS START
76C75F67	161056	The profile in use has changed. You will be returned to the title screen.
1E08B78C	161062	Exit to main menu
9BC9B151	165660	Press
79749863	165661	START
26CF9908	172058	Another user with the same account has signed in and you have been signed out from Uplay. You have been returned to the main menu. Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
0B0CC946	172153	Synchronizing friends.
E1A846CF	172540	Could not join game, the session is full.
3ECFF5D1	172541	The session was not found.
0DCE93A1	172542	Cannot connect to the game session. Please try again later.
F88F1941	347045	Logging in as %ls.
	section = 0764E876
5F29D23A	261090	The Golden Path are in desperate need of supplies. Retrieve the supplies from the pickup sites, and return them to the people who need them most.
	section = 07C1F1BD
5F87AB78	42870	AK47
B1F6A3E8	42872	F1
1F21D013	42873	MS16
E2FF703C	42874	P416
FB4D9B4C	42875	STG-90
52C6A7E1	42876	GL-94
094A35AD	42877	RPG-7
0B70C9DA	42878	6P9
9F1C0213	42879	Flare Gun
599C02D4	42880	.44 Magnum
497347B3	42881	1911
3D5352A2	42882	D50
54F8CAAE	42883	Skorpion
4D5FD9CA	42884	MKG
B97400F7	42885	PKM
2392D691	42886	U100
041BAB98	42888	M133
A3A0A485	42889	SPAS-12
F4257089	42890	A2000
CA191493	42891	BZ19
A1791DD3	42892	Vector .45 ACP
5A620240	42893	MP5
BAC8929A	42894	M-700
3D826A16	42895	SVD
1E57C26E	42896	Z93
E6E588A2	80236	ACE
CEBA92E1	80238	1887
EDD86DD9	80239	Recurve Bow
BF405098	80240	Flamethrower
824F4D46	199656	Harpoon
3B989049	199657	SA50
1AC990D0	199658	D2
E36B5D1F	199659	Lk-1018
959EDD96	199660	M-79
510DEEE8	199661	GL-A87
EEF167E1	199662	A99
DDB08965	199663	.700 Nitro
F013F7EF	199664	Auto-Cross
FD5A076F	199665	Elephant Gun
8453F94C	266849	WR4
45A7853E	266850	M712
6C21192B	266851	MG42
D36A9F2C	266852	MP34
9C55D7AE	266856	Hunter Bow
	section = 08143625
CEDE1DA6	153367	Target
7D913F9A	154848	GO
D0028994	201216	Transfer to new vehicle
C4C1DA9F	201217	Get ready to use the wingsuit
2F22B7DE	210194	This race has Sharma Salsa’s flair all over it. Race through the checkpoints to extend your time by +5 seconds and switch vehicles mid-race. Big stakes mean big pay-offs. Sharma’s banking on it.
FC8445F8	210196	Your time:
48309634	210197	%d per checkpoint
7A786DA0	210198	Time limit:
47960538	252563	KYRATI FILMS: RACING
FACB7BD1	252702	img="MC_RCircuit" 
9C862834	252703	img="MC_RDeathRally" 
28B815BE	252704	img="MC_RSurvivalChallenge" 
F981B38D	274476	Your best time: 
C0C50FD4	275086	This one’s about pure speed. Make it to the finish line in style as quickly as possible while going through all the checkpoints. The less time you the take to reach the finish line, the bigger your cut of the royalties.
DD55EE8C	275087	Bronze Star
4CE64F5E	275088	Silver Star
773223C4	275089	Gold Star
5B53608D	275090	img="MC_BronzeSuccess" 
47547861	275091	img="MC_SilverSuccess" 
803BA2DA	275092	img="MC_GoldSuccess" 
CA7D08DD	275093	img="MC_RCircuitSuccess" 
	section = 0A5C321D
8A1EB6E3	92597	Load Game
E0BC6309	111038	Select a load game to launch
28D5C952	150454	Select a save game to load:
391A7B99	150455	Load this game?
A054CADA	159148	Save slot 1
395D9B60	159149	Save slot 2
4E5AABF6	159150	Save slot 3
	section = 0A6C330D
578E3A41	260851	Give Anuj the help he needs. Kill all the snakes in the area.
B78D4FA2	260852	Wipe out the viper presence in the area
	section = 0B18886D
5FA68C27	335616	GOLDEN PATH
3891713E	335617	Kill/Death Ratio:
5BF7CBED	335618	Kills:
E78E2952	335619	Best Weapon:
29FC39BB	335620	Bell Tower Activations:
279F333A	335649	Cash Earned:
85F5C315	335650	Cash Spent:
E717AE05	335651	Longest Range Kill:
6632C02F	335654	Most Purchased Consumable:
B412F97D	335655	WEAPONS
9212A0E5	335731	RIFLES
1C80D6F6	335732	CLOSE COMBAT
2A475C12	335733	HANDGUNS
AA777D7F	335734	SPECIAL
F7B3CD37	335735	Assists:
6A1AC0AE	335736	Accuracy:
B0F62756	335737	Kills:
4BC48A1C	337697	N/A
B821185E	342814	Deaths:
FA0F15DF	342828	Steel Core Rounds Purchased:
CBB70AB0	342829	Body Armor Purchased:
3D4363C3	342830	Explosives Packs Purchased:
	section = 0B3CFC09
B590024F	57384	Help
99C5124E	57385	Help Menu
FCAD7BA4	57387	untitled
6DBD8D1C	57388	Select Source
7458DD93	57389	Select Target
B516FF51	57390	Snap
60AB3246	57391	Reset
285397C2	57392	Object Tools
E77E250D	57393	Select
DC97A875	57394	Clear Selection
D1983DD1	57395	Delete Selection
96735F71	57396	Rotate Selection
9F65D620	57397	Move Selection
75907348	57398	Move/Rotate
D0C1FAD2	57399	Height/Tilt
EC872D0A	57400	Screen Grab
9569F22A	57401	Add and Edit
9B059DC1	57402	Rotate
5C7D7BD0	57403	Add
162FF4C9	57404	Erase
1FAC22F9	57405	Accept
9D493A31	57406	Position
59C12AC2	57407	Height
DC5B60D3	57408	Clone
F367E7ED	57409	Drop
057BE1CE	57410	Change Axis
9F4D6B39	57411	Tilt
4ACE50BC	57412	Reset Tilt
6C4CD5B7	57413	Move
FB36497E	57414	You may not have enough space to save your map.
F859C222	57416	Map Validation
A8ECD98A	57421	Editor Settings
A1A03877	57422	Show Painted Vegetation
FDA6F580	57423	Show Fog
1CD92E31	57424	Show Water
4BA8BE7D	57425	Keep Objects with Terrain
2DF4202B	57426	Show Budget HUD
962DD37E	57427	Confirm Object Deletion
89050859	57428	On
975A6D78	57429	Off
9EEC6C4B	57430	Map Editor Menu
4DDF913E	57432	Controls
C25BB5AE	57434	Validation
4B2429B0	57435	My Maps
0E17C6C8	57436	Save
3B74C337	57437	EXIT MAP EDITOR
0772AED6	57438	New Map
D2C8359B	57439	Create without saving
D45C284C	57440	Map Properties
52D4B91E	57441	Map Name
2DC764B1	57447	Map _Properties
525C9350	57448	Exit Map
D9949311	57449	Map Editor Startup
8ADEC9E4	57450	Map
E5B4F24F	57451	Errors
EFBEC643	57452	Requirements
16A3835B	57453	No Map Errors
033DE828	57454	Bump
AE79EAD6	57455	Set to Height
41C76760	57456	Raise/Lower
31ECA56B	57457	Smooth
480BB41B	57458	Ramp
2EC98016	57460	Erosion
37726E65	57461	Noise
DADB5292	57462	Add New Objects
297BEC62	57463	Select Objects
8E33C7D1	57465	Rotate Objects
1A5FDA3F	57466	Snap
6501C997	57468	Add Vegetation
C326B9E4	57469	Paint Texture
DB6DE521	57470	Environment Settings
6AADB603	57471	Map Limits
356059E5	57472	Select Spline Point
834AC0F7	57473	Select Spline
4AF52DEC	57474	Edit Spline
0E0E4338	57475	Create snapshot
8936E727	57476	Terrain Tools
EC635D67	57477	Objects
F4FA0260	57478	Road
674C091C	57479	Paint
F59DE158	57481	(Hold) Shortcut
DEAE666C	57482	Assign
19392DB0	57485	Terrain Tools
D9AE9C2D	57486	Smooth
FEA2DB94	57487	Set Height
2CF528CC	57488	Select Height
CD8EFC8F	57489	Ramp Start/End
A17CA4D5	57490	Cancel Ramp
88501692	57491	Raise
3EACF628	57492	Lower
E00ADA61	57493	Add Noise
19325D55	57494	Erode
E175CC36	57495	Bump
761196CC	57496	Dig
02473CD5	57497	Object Options
64CEC40F	57498	Move/Add Points
48F1DC41	57499	Remove Points
4CBC5EB4	57500	Switch to Select Mode
E51A3FF9	57501	Take Snapshot
C14CF671	57502	Clear Snapshot
EF4C6BB9	57503	Go to Snapshot Position
C8FE9008	57504	Move Zone to Cursor
9B96093E	57505	Elevation
9C4BEEC2	57506	Change Tilt
FA3843C7	57507	Tool Selector
8A0F44B4	57508	Clear Tool
6002593D	57509	Undo
F1808E65	57510	Redo
FA9A0ABF	57511	Cancel
C742714A	57512	Select Type
3F84BDCC	57514	Toolbox
9C28B43A	57519	Save As
EF91F42A	57520	Auto Snap Objects
03DC878F	57521	Auto Snap Objects Rotation
C73FDB76	57523	Increase Time
F1811F06	57524	Decrease Time
88FBBE98	57525	Increase rain intensity
945D2319	57526	Decrease rain intensity
D8EE7187	57527	Extend Height
8CE814C5	57528	(Hold) Grab
07C1A786	57529	Select Spline
06F25A02	57530	Clear Slot
F5CDE89F	57531	Empty
61D861DF	57532	ERROR
E0D43384	57533	The content limit has been reached. Please remove some content before proceeding.
48599A6A	57534	ERROR
2CB42A4B	57535	The number of objects in the map has reached its limit.
C9024B2F	57536	SAVING MAP...
42D57BD3	57537	Previewing…
91870786	57538	Test Map
25AC1C7A	57539	Edit Map
546CA4BE	57540	Enable Sounds
7C373519	57541	Show Grid
C06ED71C	57542	In-game Invincibility
8BC8F5E9	57543	Show Shadows
7FC9783B	57544	Grid Resolution
F168FE17	57545	Exit Map
568B851C	57546	You will lose any unsaved work. Continue?
4C6A43B9	57547	Delete Object
CD6611E2	57548	Do you really wish to delete the selected objects?
7B2C0FAD	57549	SAVE
C9689979	57550	The map has been successfully saved.
8BF6B736	57551	Wilderness Generator
1ED6DCE8	57552	Retry
FB7C56D3	57553	Generate map
CFFF8B93	57554	Templates
5D6BEEAA	57555	There are no maps available.
9E1028D1	57556	LOAD MAP
999C13EC	57557	Saving content. Please don't turn off your console.
1F150866	57558	LOADING MAP…
42B3BAFE	57559	The map name entered contains offensive text.
959FC34F	57561	WARNING
2355E69C	57562	You are about to overwrite the previously saved map. Continue?
02617F19	57563	A map currently exists with the same name. Please select a different name.
7DFEBDBD	57564	Are you sure you want to delete this map?
C4F4D053	57565	Updating collection…
F48A21FB	57566	Map Name
44150F04	57567	Enter the name of your map. Note that only the first 20 characters will be used.
F42BFFBF	57568	You have not selected a storage device. You will need to select a storage device to save a map.<br>Do you want to select one now?
70BD4D92	57569	 It is recommended that you have at least %d Mb of free space. Otherwise you may be unable to save your map after making your changes.<br>Do you wish to continue?
7B4EE282	57570	Deselect
CD4FB4D7	57571	Invalid map name. Map name cannot begin with a space character.
BD596A1F	57572	Invalid map name. Map name must have at least %i characters, not counting trailing spaces.
93E4293F	57573	Trailing spaces in your map name will be removed.
AD54F04A	57574	Refreshing map list…
0742B96A	57575	Auto Snap Objects with Terrain
431DA16C	57576	Camera Stays Above Terrain
ED806A95	57577	Show Object Icons
39235D60	57578	Radius
93BA2C87	57579	Edit Brush
EF90CF3B	57580	Shape
0DDD6463	57581	Hardness
3C39E5B4	57582	Distortion
45C1923B	57583	Brush Options
8CFE4378	57584	Amount
E22A5882	57585	Strength
F712D635	57586	Height
553C23A4	57587	Selection Type
34C3F6A3	57588	Movement Type
E86A40F9	57589	Pivot Type
FAA8FFDA	57590	Snap Angle
A7C0A3D0	57591	Angle Direction
4E283326	57592	Selection Mode
08421142	57593	Hour
6C9D988F	57594	Minute
C139DE1B	57595	Water Level
B605B23E	57596	Rain intensity
BEBA75CC	57597	Width
3DC8CCB3	57598	Density
B18090A4	57599	Deformation
404FDE81	57600	Land Slide
6F788C2B	57601	Noise Type
3291E779	57602	Edit Constraints
439E9CBB	57603	Camera Auto Scroll
EEBC23F8	57604	Back
DCC23C0C	57605	Creator:
C9F76277	57606	Author:
A11EA15C	57607	Date:
BD5B3508	57608	Your map has not passed validation tests. You will not be able to publish this map. Do you wish to save anyway?
B2AC1E73	57609	Validating Map Name…
42DBEAEA	57610	Anonym
DC7E03DF	57611	Use the Bump tool to elevate or dig the terrain in the shape of a bump centered at the cursor. This is the simplest way to quickly modify the terrain.<br><br>Set the Speed parameter to control the speed of the modification of the terrain.
216F4AEB	57612	Use the Set to Height tool to uniformly modify the terrain to a desired height, either by setting a numeric height or taking the height from an existing terrain.<br><br>Set the Speed parameter to control the speed at which the terrain will flatten.
19203DD1	57613	Use the Raise or Lower tool to increase or decrease the terrain with a fixed height increment that will remain constant as long as you keep painting.<br><br>Set the Height parameter to adjust the height increment.
97485FEC	57615	Use the Ramp tool to create a linear ramp between two positions.<br><br>The Ramp tool can be useful to make higher terrains accessible, as well as evening out the terrain below a road, for example.
14744A31	57617	Use the Noise tool to break up the smoothness of the terrain in random natural patterns.<br><br>The Noise tool can be very useful to create mountains, after which you can apply Erosion.<br><br>Set the Speed parameter to control the speed at which modification occurs.<br><br>Set the Roughness parameter to control the size of the random natural patterns. A high value creates many small bumps and a small value creates larger bumps and smoother terrain.
55CDF2AF	57618	Use the Add tool to place new objects, new gameplay objects, new AI and new animation points in the map at the location of the cursor.<br><br>You can navigate through the different categories of objects by either using the drop down list, or by double-clicking on the folders. <br><br>You can also modify the object orientation before placing it by holding the CTRL key and the left mouse button to rotate the object.<br><br>Ambient AI are animals or characters that are not part of the mission objective. Use them to add life and ambience in your map.<br><br>Animation points are attraction points that the AI in your map react to. The AI in the map will randomly select one animation point, move to that point and perform a specific animation at this location.
5F1B9396	57621	Use the Select Objects tool to define a precise selection that will stay locked until you cancel the selection. This can be useful for manipulating a complex set of objects without losing your selection. A red box indicates the locked state of the selection.<br><br>You can select multiple objects in a rectangular area by toggling the cursor, moving it to the top-left corner of the rectangle you wish to draw, holding the select action and then moving the cursor to the bottom-right corner. After releasing the select action, you will have selected all objects within that rectangle.
42B8808E	57622	Use the Snap tool to move one or more objects so they match correctly with another object.<br><br>The Snap tool works well with objects that naturally link together like fences, bridges or blocks.<br>
3DE69326	57623	Use the Add Vegetation tool to quickly apply vegetation to an area of the map. <br><br>Assign a type of vegetation to an empty slot and then paint the chosen vegetation with the cursor.<br><br>You can also change the type of vegetation of a given slot at any time, allowing you to experiment with different themes.
21F2E663	57624	Use the Paint Texture tool to give a different look to the terrain like grass, dirt or rock.<br><br>Assign a texture to an empty slot and then paint the chosen texture with the cursor.<br><br>You can also change the type of texture of a given slot at any time, allowing you to experiment with different looks.<br><br>Set the Minimum and Maximum Slope parameters to control the angle of the terrain slope, in degrees, on which the texture will be applied. This can be useful for only painting the sharp angles of a hill or mountain with rock. Set the minimum or maximum altitude to restrict the brush to painting only the tops of mountains or the depths of valleys.
67538161	57625	Use the Environment Settings tool to set the time of day, type of clouds, ambient light, ambient sounds, as well as the level of water in your map.
1CCDC9F7	57626	Use the Map Limits tool to define the boundaries of the playable area in the map.<br><br>Players who cross the map limits must return to battle before the countdown ends. Players who do not return to battle before the countdown ends will die.
2BB9E997	57627	Use the Road tool to draw a road path on the terrain. Control the points on the road to modify the path of the road.<br><br>Assign a road texture to an empty slot and then paint the road path in your map.<br><br>Set the Width parameter to adjust the width of the road.
7D3081E4	57628	Use the Snapshot tool to take a representative picture of your map. This snapshot will appear in the map browser. Make sure you take a great picture of your map to attract players.
677A8ADF	57630	In the Map Properties menu, set the map name and mission objective and select a tag to display in the Map Browser.<br><br>This is also were you can take the snapshot that will be displayed in the Map Browser.
F615E076	57631	Use the Validation tool to make sure all the rules of a Mission are respected in order to play your map online.<br><br>Most of the time, this will consist of a required number of Player Spawn Points, Enemy or Animal AI and other gameplay objects such as Outpost Alarms or Extraction Zones.<br><br>There are also more general rules that must be respected in every Mission, such as correctly placing spawn points and other game objects free of any collision with other objects, as well as respecting the given budgets.<br><br>You can quickly find an invalid object or the context of an error by simply selecting the error message.
344F1BC8	57632	Enable or disable the display of the painted vegetation.
E4F23130	57633	Enable or disable the display of fog.
64159F74	57634	Enable or disable the display of water.
7FE90A81	57635	Enable or disable the display of shadows.
954CDBD0	57636	Enable or disable the display of object helper icons.
2FB15DEB	57637	When enabled, objects will keep their relative height to the terrain whenever the terrain is being modified.
C9703F52	57639	When enabled, you will be prompted to confirm your deletion of an object.
644A6FED	57642	When enabled, the objects will automatically snap to the terrain when objects are slightly above or below it.
4608CF30	57644	When enabled, the camera will make sure the cursor always stays within your view area when an operation occurs.
D221DA3B	57645	The Memory bar represents the variety of the resources used by the objects of your map. If you use many different types of objects that do not share common resources, then performance may suffer.<br><br>It is recommended to pick objects in related families to keep your budget below the maximum. If your budget exceeds the limit, try deleting textures and collections, which are quite costly. You can also delete types of objects that are only used once or replace them with objects that are already being used elsewhere.<br><br>The larger the variety of objects in your map, the higher your budget will be. Duplicates of the same object cost significantly less than a new object.
A9BC2C95	57646	The Objects bar represents the quantity of objects and collections you have used in your map. Not every object weighs the same.<br><br>It is recommended to keep an eye on this meter to make sure your map stays within budget limit and performance guidelines. If the limit is exceeded, try removing objects or collections that have a high cost.
71D5D1C9	57647	The Performance bar estimates how smooth the gameplay should be in the area you are currently in.<br><br>When the indicator is GREEN, you get the smoothest experience. It is generally recommended to keep this indicator in the green area wherever possible.<br><br>YELLOW indicates that the area could suffer from poor performance and content should be removed for optimal performance.<br><br>RED means you have exceeded the performance limit and this will result in poor or stuttering gameplay. You must remove content in order for the map to be playable.
5CDB9D73	57648	When enabled, you will not take any damage or die when testing your map.
3C685FCA	57649	Budget Management
488330BB	57650	Memory
479AC985	57651	Objects
0A89D846	57652	Performance
AD1C3E43	57653	Close Toolbox
9F3E163C	57655	Drop per object
67923D3A	57656	Preview object
C2420804	57657	Exit preview
DB6B39DB	57658	Roughness
1AC51691	57659	Profanity check failed because the connection is not responding.
36CD234C	57660	Use the Add tool to place new objects, new gameplay objects, new AI and new animation points in the map at the location of the cursor.
DC99A0CE	57661	%i/%i Shared Spawn Points
E0949F97	57662	%i Player Spawn Points at most
DA422B2D	57676	Spawn point below terrain
49705A9C	57677	Vehicle below terrain
782225FA	57678	Ladder below terrain
5FCCD547	57683	Ladder area not clear
ACD14499	57684	Vehicle area not clear
760D09F8	57685	Spawn point area not clear
09084B33	57686	Ladder bottom not clear
099F56BC	57687	Ladder top not clear
69D7F794	57688	%i/%i maximum vehicles
091802BC	57689	%i/%i maximum ammo piles
D0AF1C67	57690	%i/%i maximum physic objects
95B54259	57691	There is too much content in this area. [%d/%d]
B62335D8	57692	The memory budget has been exceeded
62834DCF	57693	The object budget has been exceeded.
14FA8270	57694	The map limits must have at least 3 points
7E82061D	57695	Gameplay Object is outside the map limits
D5F3BE9B	57696	Save operation was cancelled by user.
40264184	57697	Published by
914809C6	57698	Enter the name of the publisher.
8C3883BD	57699	Occlusion Blocks
3131005A	57703	Load map
F57BE792	57704	Delete map
5AA7444E	57705	Next Page
54678732	57706	Previous Page
3C2242A7	57707	Camera Speed
2773A973	57709	Browser
E3092862	57710	Constraints
52EFE829	57711	Minimum Slope
6EE2D770	57712	Maximum Slope
6F6B10DD	57713	Minimum Height
53662F84	57714	Maximum Height
1470638A	57715	The number of physic objects in the map has reached its limit.
4191E97B	57716	The number of vehicles in the map has reached its limit.
0CB20E2A	57718	Mounted weapon below terrain
72489D88	57719	Mounted weapon area not clear
F4E3AA01	57720	The object budget has been exceeded
67A8482A	57721	Enable or disable the ambient sound while editing.
B74FD251	57722	Enable or disable the display of the terrain grid.
A43E33CA	57723	%i/%i maximum destructible objects
369CCBA2	57724	Show Destructible Objects
F7DEB896	57725	The number of destructible objects in the map has reached its limit.
DD03B110	57726	Some objects are invalid and will be removed while testing the map. Please refer to the Validation tool for more information.
399F1276	59562	Co-op
EA0BA711	147634	Flatten
755C018D	147635	Flatten
FF765916	147636	Smooth Flatten
76B76638	147846	Miscellaneous
EBDCF053	148006	Channel Depth
B1FDB419	148012	Subtract Noise
2267E3BD	150464	Search criteria
6DD13EC7	150465	Enter search criteria to look for in object inventory
187C146A	151179	Search
34AE48AC	151211	Failed to load map. The map save file appears to have been corrupted.
5CFEFF2F	151350	Storage Device:
3EC2D93E	152722	Go to Object
299228AD	152723	There is no object under the cursor.
091105AB	155454	Camera Collision
F741DB32	155575	Your map was not saved correctly.
2D5EEC60	155577	You need to be signed in to be able to save a map. Make sure you are signed in and try again!
8DD42EBF	155588	N/A
5A55815F	155589	Corrupted Saved Map
D958E541	155594	Xbox 360 Hard Drive
36EFB0E1	155595	Xbox 360 Memory Unit
B5F4ACFB	157361	Spawn point under terrain detected
CDE8D446	159634	Cloud Type
5C6B0DCD	159991	Memory
3AA4902C	159992	Objects
36F68D0A	159994	Performance
3A850137	160261	Palette
C8F81423	160539	Single
3124C45E	160540	Multiple
D668BB9B	160541	Clockwise
6EA8DEF8	160542	Counter-clockwise
A6D3DD8F	160543	Add
6ADF2E0A	160544	Remove
27B59EB1	160545	Toggle
23DA5BDE	160546	Normal
A358EC23	160547	Follow Terrain
D6E85643	160548	Circle
CFBC5B93	160549	Square
3BE1E6FA	160971	Choose Palette Item
092B8526	160985	Change Speed
2342C13E	160986	Change Parameters
D6135B4E	161005	Camera Height
FE77D85C	161006	Menu
3D86CE15	161013	Speed
59857F2F	161023	New Empty Map
2063BD7F	161027	Generate
0D5AD36A	161047	Edge
42AFD81E	161048	Center
B336025E	166573	Gameplay Object is too far from the ground
03D29D3C	166639	Invalid Map Name
08DFF896	167055	Use the Flatten tool to create a flat terrain surface from the starting point, often suitable for gameplay areas.<br><br>Set the Speed parameter to control the speed at which the terrain will be flattened out.
D6B410B7	167057	Use the Hole tool to completely remove sections of terrain. This can be used to then create caves and tunnels, by moving rocks or other appropriate objects in the hole to create an interior section.
12EEC8C2	167059	Use the Water Layers tool to create a water plane of a given material within a sector of 64x64 meters. With careful usage of this tool, you can create a map with different water levels, also useful for placing waterfalls.
898C9FDA	167320	When enabled, you will be ignored by enemies, animals, and other characters while testing your map.
35C0591E	167321	In-game Invisibility
0B092B5C	167719	No AI
85B90F57	167720	No vehicles
09F7FB40	172060	Hole
DF54AB8C	172061	Add Hole
622058D9	172062	Remove Hole
31E8EC96	172093	Water Layers
2033CC52	172094	Set Water
3F3A9438	172095	Remove Water
9ECD3E7C	172096	More
082010B3	172113	(Hold) More...
E698D409	172117	Show Navigation Mesh
FCDC00B0	172118	Show Covers
D2B18CC0	172119	Character
E781F690	172120	Vehicle
5AEDE805	172122	This feature requires enabling AI data generation in the map properties. Do you wish to enable?
4F410C95	172123	Lock Map Editing
5AD412CD	172125	The navigation mesh represents the areas in which AI-controlled characters or vehicles can navigate. Note that disjointed areas mean that it will not be possible to cross between them.
D699DE01	172126	The covers, displayed as yellow rectangles on the map, represent areas where characters can take cover during a firefight. Add lots of cover objects like walls, crates, trees, etc.
917307D9	172127	Align To Object
C9932439	172165	Texture
5F607426	172340	Group
47405B49	172341	Ungroup
C4E43B7C	172342	Locked Map
AA235531	172343	The number of AI characters in the map has reached its limit.
6ACD1FB8	172393	Validation summary
EEF8D842	172412	No objects corresponding to your search criteria have been found.
E402149A	172494	You must select a storage device with at least %d Mb of free space. Otherwise you will be unable to save your map after making your changes.<br>You will need to select another storage device in order to continue.
6FE981FE	172531	Show Adaptive Exposure
F35CCB91	172532	When enabled, the scene brightness will dynamically adapt to the environment of the camera.
623DA983	172577	The number of explosives in the map has reached its limit.
1A766D3A	172578	%i/%i maximum explosives.
C632D2B5	172760	Maximum number of objects reached for this grid section. Remove extra objects or add them to a different section.
415DBCB2	173035	This map contains objects that are not compatible with the latest version of the in-game editor and have to be replaced or deleted. Please go to the validation menu for more information.
9C579ECB	173036	Obsolete object
482059A5	173038	The number of lights in the map has reached its limit.
EC7670C8	173050	You are about to save a map with a new data format introduced by the latest title update. Previous versions of the title won’t be able to load it.
ED8DEF70	173081	The number of collection objects in the map has reached its limit.
1F9E6A4E	173122	Content Missing
0BCCA333	173133	Spawn point underwater
666CEB58	173134	Objective underwater
3F2A9963	174580	Are you sure you want to report this map for inappropriate content?
ADC4AC2A	174581	Reported
895A644A	174582	This map has now been reported as inappropriate
8180AD75	241541	Solo
39D1AB98	241542	Co-op
4D2EFCD0	241544	Start Map Editor
14AC6947	241545	Terrain Type
3CDE8B77	241549	ASSAULT
54F8F3EA	241550	Eliminate all enemies.
42334BFB	241551	HUNT
0844C2E7	241552	Eliminate all animals.
99360FB4	241553	OUTPOST
B6C95BCD	241554	Liberate the Outpost by killing all enemies. Avoid reinforcements by making sure no alarms are triggered.
6365EEFA	241557	Hunting
20F0E4E5	241559	EXTRACTION
16F603BB	241560	Reach the extraction zone.
31F2F531	241579	Create a map
C62841F0	245653	You died!
3B2318F1	245654	RESTART
58856157	245656	BACK TO MAP EDITOR
8891A693	245659	Eliminate all enemies
F67C661F	245660	Eliminate all animals
2D792250	245661	Clear the Outpost
94BFC901	245664	Reach the extraction zone
50BC109E	245671	All enemies eliminated!
ADD2BB8F	245672	All animals eliminated!
326B0F27	245673	Outpost Liberated
909806BB	245676	Extraction zone reached!
B9179D38	246090	MOUNTAINS
8A47CB95	246091	ISLAND
EC03D0D4	246098	%i/%i Player Spawn Point (current: %i)
E96A3C55	246099	Gameplay object is underwater
EF3269FC	246100	Gameplay object is below terrain
29178C04	246101	At least %i enemy AI in wave 1
66C610B0	246102	%i NPC Spawners at most.
928899B8	246103	%i NPC at Most
B5F99428	246104	At least %i animal AI in wave 1
A753F3F3	246105	%i Animal Spawners at most
07BD73A4	246106	%i Animals at Most
7DD114BD	246107	Player Spawn Point is outside of the map limits
005916B5	246108	Objective
5E03D841	247291	%i to %i Alarms (current: %i)
334BE8DF	247292	Alarm cannot be reached by Enemies
00ABD024	247293	Navmesh has not finished generating
0ED2E6BA	247294	Play
F8EEEF13	247295	Play Co-op
CF299F7B	247296	Explore
1AA92D76	247297	Add to Favorite
D1FEA7A2	247299	Download Map
4F7C17C2	247300	Report Map
41760D19	247303	%i Alarms at Most
CDF03C55	249977	Health Bars
B77883DD	249978	Disable Health Regeneration
BB316C73	249979	Disable Manual Heal
ADBBD677	249980	No Fall Damage
2CC38E63	249981	No Explosive Damage
8E7E99A2	249983	No Fire Damage
0B7FE1E0	249984	Infinite Ammo
10CF043C	249985	Unlimited Sprint
70A68D6B	249986	Unlimited Underwater Breathing
F5ACB03D	249987	Hide Ammo and Grenade Indicator
674299B2	249988	Hide Health Indicators
1472EDD3	249989	Hide Detection Meter
912C904A	249990	Hide Minimap
14F697F3	249991	Display All Enemies on Minimap
45F833C6	249992	Hide Reticle
1949C042	249993	Hide Partner's Locator
8D5890FC	249994	Hide Kill Counter
0D162FEC	249996	Headshots Only
B23784DC	249998	Game Over When Detected
23C67B6B	250000	Game Over When Any Player Dies
7F811F98	250002	Countdown
6F73FEE0	251210	Player Settings
1928563E	251211	Player Modifiers
D3D1FCD5	251213	Additional failing conditions
38775CCF	251215	Modifiers
EEA14347	251490	You were detected!
061285A0	251491	You ran out of time!
706EA5EB	251492	Failure
AD0B7901	251650	Enemies killed: %d/%d
A159121B	251651	Animals killed: %d/%d
A7091F5D	251652	Enemies killed: %d/%d
E3D4556C	251869	MAP BROWSER
C3D90250	251870	%i to %i Extraction Zone (current: %i)
DCA44F69	251871	%i Extraction Zones at Most.
AB500FA8	256788	Extraction
9ABA0A29	256789	Outpost
B3792117	256790	Hunt
8C4C2824	256792	Assault
299A6827	256793	On Detection
F2A6B545	256794	Invincible
0DBD9BB4	256795	Headshot Only
4E5C89C4	256796	Infinite Ammo
71E5621A	256799	No Explosive Damage
8D5F26B4	256800	No Fall Damage
E5C5E488	256801	No Fire Damage
4B37EF70	256803	Timer
0274226A	256804	Solo and Co-op
009216C3	256805	Co-op
F6AE1F6A	256806	Solo
DE4445C1	256807	Artwork
9AB256BB	256808	Guns Blazing
B0CC81EC	256809	Easy
E01F6AA2	256810	Funny
45415945	256811	Hardcore
317EBE63	256812	Homage
6C6EEB4C	256813	Horror
9CCE2023	256814	Intense
1EA6AA21	256815	Long Range
DC2AF8EB	256816	Mountains
2BCEB3B4	256817	Non-Traditional
850AE779	256818	Platformer
90E5A47B	256819	Holding Ground
3396367E	256820	Shangri-La
01CC6D77	256821	Slow Pace
CF2DBEC8	256822	Snow
1DBBD52F	256823	Stealth
BEA8DAB1	256824	Testing
53D01669	256825	Underground
21C1A912	256826	Valley
9DD4F2F6	256827	Vehicle Friendly
936CF5B9	256828	Vertical Gameplay
1837FF1D	256829	Village
DEB4736A	256830	Water Based
411DA115	256831	Wingsuit Friendly
0E186F4F	260976	Reinforcement Delay
C45EFC7E	260977	Game Over on Alarm
9FF8F6FF	260978	Alarm has been triggered!
9C500D09	261957	Highlight Enemies
B50E9C39	261958	Hunter's Instinct
F5B08292	261959	Highlight Plants
322ACFBD	261960	Invincible
EE4B36C7	261961	One Shot Kills Enemy
919D41C1	261962	Player's Inventory
70C6B652	261963	Player's Skills
4208CD1A	262126	Change
942D933A	265732	Map Validation State
F2515418	265733	Mission Objective
9B2E7133	265734	Balanced for:
7C3EC06C	265735	Description
A6FA32F7	266518	File name
2C269650	266519	Save As
3A8F1A39	266520	Map file already exist. Do you want to overwrite it?
94A4D234	266521	Field can't be left empty
7BBB7544	266522	Field contains invalid text
B34D202D	266523	Create new map
719EE15F	266769	Open map
83A7977F	267981	IN-GAME OPTIONS
815326C0	269584	FEATURED
D15F6C55	269617	SKIP TO NEXT MAP
A7478057	273178	AI Budget
2E28CB3B	273179	Other Budget
4320DA19	273180	Vehicle Budget
5B91ADEF	273181	Memory Budget
EFC32B68	273182	Objects
C8ADEB3D	273183	Wave
C356E32B	273272	Duration
9B6A4F32	273273	Cool down
AE3DD433	273274	Enemies
20E505E0	273275	Allies
0EF7B024	273276	[AI spawn option labels]
553B159D	273277	Faction
C06477BD	273292	Spawn Once
24FCBD3D	273297	Always Respawn
BEA0024C	273298	Always Respawn Out of Sight
6762B9E9	273747	You can select a non-validated item and press  [Accept] to open the corresponding tool.
6A3B0BF5	273957	Unsupported Archetypes
F751EC0F	273959	Heavy
1A5F9DCF	273960	Hunter
4CAA22E1	273961	Hunter & Heavy
828B2D33	274457	One dead
F58C1DA5	274458	All dead
6C854C1F	274459	25% dead
1B827C89	274460	50% dead
85E6E92A	274461	75% dead
CA85E647	274462	Show
8AAF3DEB	274463	Wave
E6C699C6	274464	Add AI
586BCC07	274465	Animals and Allies
22968089	274735	Disable Wingsuit
54562B64	276048	Group Selection
A542D463	276049	Normal movement
AE95EEAB	276050	Follow Terrain
B5FBC2A4	276051	Duplicate
7CA083D3	276052	Restore orientation
B4D1043A	276053	Rotate and move camera
96FC8B50	276054	Explore
DDFB3C75	276055	Play
FF575918	276057	Edit Coordinates
9D46B018	276058	Delete similar objects
E1587FA0	277097	Can't edit multiple objects
C95887CD	277098	Deselect all
20DFEB80	277099	Trigger:
17F42C61	278140	CREATE NEW %ls MAP
4E461138	281905	Enemy wave 1
D74F4082	281906	Enemy wave 2
A0487014	281907	Enemy wave 3
3E2CE5B7	281908	Enemy wave 4
492BD521	281909	Enemy wave 5
10E6BD29	281910	Animal wave 1
89EFEC93	281911	Animal wave 2
FEE8DC05	281912	Animal wave 3
608C49A6	281913	Animal wave 4
178B7930	281914	Animal wave 5
217402D4	281927	Execute
86D1481D	281928	Navigate
E78F41D0	281929	Adjust
40AAF60E	281930	Object Options
92D0513A	281931	Edit coordinates
59F0E816	281932	Drop to ground
E11004A8	281933	Delete similar objects
35AA387B	281934	Spawning preferences
87A79E2F	281935	Edit coordinates
D250BF9F	281936	Move
B44D603A	281937	Move on X axis
C34A50AC	281938	Move on Y axis
5A430116	281939	Move on Z axis
6B3F0531	281940	Rotate
AF7D12A0	281941	Rotate on X axis
D87A2236	281942	Rotate on Y axis
4173738C	281943	Rotate on Z axis
B1648474	281953	All Wave
D1788F7B	281954	Current Wave
F2E1D9BC	284728	On alarm
9C16FD44	284729	Add Gameplay Objects
6617ADAE	284781	Objects
E1A2CBE8	284782	Gameplay Objects
DCC6FC68	284783	Ambient AI
A740A659	284784	Animation Points
C9A2E38B	305159	Terrain
A33DB842	305160	Gameplay
15141DA4	305927	Warning! Gap between waves
EDADD329	305928	At least %i enemy AI in Reinforcement wave
90A75648	314276	Move up/down
AB2870CD	317651	No preferences
65961149	318861	Both
E57F6C44	319934	You're about to play without a Player Spawn Point. This might lead to unexpected errors. You can add a Player Spawn Point by going in the Add Gameplay Objects option, located in the Toolbox. To make sure all the right elements are placed in your map, you can look at the Validation option, located in the Menu.
D82FF6AE	320100	Choose player's initial weapon loadout.
9F22DB77	320101	Choose if the player will start with a basic skill set or with all the skills. You can also choose if the player will have all the takedowns or none.
D932617E	320102	Choose how many health bars the player will have.
256FE157	320103	If enabled, players won't be able to perform manual heals.
9F610E98	320104	Falls won't hurt players.
3CEFD85B	320117	Fire won't hurt players.
1895DD84	320118	Explosions won't hurt players.
9E7A5757	320119	Players won't receive damage.
8BBEAFBE	320132	Players have an infinite amount of ammo.
94A3F3DA	320133	Players won't run out of air while underwater.
A59398B0	320134	Players can sprint indefinitely
5E40F9D5	320135	Enemies that receive one hit will die.
08EC2D10	320136	Players don't have wingsuit nor parachute.
37F71CED	320138	All enemies are tagged at the beginning of the game.
20B8EE18	320139	Animals are tagged at the beginning of the game.
676B4B36	320140	All plants are highlighted at the beginning of the game.
BC063A9F	320141	All enemies are displayed on the mini-map at the beginning of the game.
CF19CD71	320142	Won't display the mini-map in the HUD.
E1691DDB	320143	Won't display the partner's locator in the HUD.
F0CD35DD	320144	Won't display the detection meter in the HUD.
359D102D	320145	Won't display ammo counter and the throwables counter in the HUD.
D1F0D9A2	320146	Won't display the reticle in the HUD.
857B27F3	320147	Won't display the health bars in the HUD.
5E693FCE	320148	Adds  a timelimit. If it reaches zero, it's game over.
052C61F1	320149	If a player gets detected, it's game over.
7EF2C6DF	320151	How long it takes for the reinforcement to spawn after the alarm has been triggered.
F9ABA766	321192	If enabled, health bars won't automatically replenish.
5558AC10	323199	Select Tool
B8F70099	323201	If the alarm is activated, it's game over.
3FBD1EA2	323766	You won't receive damage while testing your map.
F7F1DA71	323767	You won't be seen by the AI while testing your map.
9CCAA932	325530	Object up/down
7AD7A210	325572	One Shot Kills Player
283805FE	325586	Reckless Driving
BC0CDDA5	325605	Modified Gravity
5F8486FD	325607	Modified Jump Height
8F1B066A	326245	Enable Snow
95DDBDDE	326246	Ambient Light
E13EC0BF	326247	Ambient Sound
6D0995A9	326507	Vehicles that players are driving won't receive damage from falls and collisions.
019B9957	326508	Players that receive one hit will die.
FF5D8301	326509	Remove gravity. The normal gravity is 100.
C382D782	326510	Change the height at which player can jump. The higher the number, the higher the player will jump.
C03C2DFC	326691	You're about to play without a Player Spawn point. This might lead to unexpected errors.
7576CD4D	326694	Edit preferences
2352660D	326695	Spawning Options
C50739B2	327961	Enemies and Allies
543DEA9E	327968	Drop to ground
9E853B43	328027	Only headshots will kill enemies.
BB4DFF49	328138	The camera speed indicates the speed at which your view point moves, in meters per second.
7B48DDB2	328141	Enable or disable the display of the map limit at all times.
CA31765D	328487	Select texture
92339C1A	341027	Enemy wave 1
0B3ACDA0	341788	Reinforcement
7C3DFD36	341789	Enemy wave 3
E2596895	341790	Enemy wave 4
955E5803	341791	Enemy wave 5
2E6EB5B7	342069	Snapshot has been taken
E7A01FFA	342081	Show Budget Grid
46D08843	342273	Enable or disable the display of the AI restriction grid.
9A623A9E	342670	Player spawn point is in an Extraction Zone
1774CADF	342870	One or more objects are entirely under terrain
2C9DC350	342933	Outpost Liberated<br>Undetected
FADEF437	342934	Outpost Liberated<br>No Alarm
08DD92AF	342960	Wave 1 budget has reached its limit. Note that ambient AI, as well as vehicles, are accounted for in all the wave AI budgets.<br>
91D4C315	342961	Wave 2 budget has reached its limit. Note that ambient AI, as well as vehicles, are accounted for in all the wave AI budgets.
E6D3F383	342962	Wave 3 budget has reached its limit. Note that ambient AI, as well as vehicles, are accounted for in all the wave AI budgets.
78B76620	342963	Wave 4 budget has reached its limit. Note that ambient AI, as well as vehicles, are accounted for in all the wave AI budgets.
0FB056B6	342964	Wave 5 budget has reached its limit. Note that ambient AI, as well as vehicles, are accounted for in all the wave AI budgets.
4BA486B8	343373	Use center of selection
955205B0	343642	Use Add AI tool to place AI in the map at the location of the cursor.<br><br>There are two types of AI: Wave AI and Ambient AI. <br>Wave AI relates directly to your mission objective. For example, in Assault, enemies will be treated as Wave AI, while in Hunt, Animals are treated as Wave AI. Ambient AI is peripheral to your objective. Ambient AI is meant to add to your map without affecting the mission objective and can make your map livelier, more visually appealing, or include tangential gameplay.<br><br>Wave AI are placed using the Add AI tool while Ambient AI can be placed using the Add tool.<br><br>Each map contains between one and five waves. Each wave is restricted by an AI budget. Ambient AI affects the budget of all the waves in the map, so be careful not to add too much Ambient AI since they will reduce the maximum amount of AI you can place in each wave.<br><br>The Trigger parameter determines at what point the current wave will begin relative to the previous wave. For example, in wave 2, if you set the Trigger at One Dead, wave 2 will begin once one enemy in wave 1 has been killed.<br><br>The Show parameter displays either all the AI in your map, or only the AI in your current wave. This setting is for display purposes only.<br><br>The Add Multiple Objects checkbox allows you to add multiple objects consecutively each time you click in your map. 
8D2C63AA	344441	Multiple objects
D43CBCAD	344442	AI Budget
562C2DCC	344570	Enable Vista
0B9FE195	345418	Operation failed. Please try again later.
AE13D274	345484	Unfavorite
8DA636F5	346082	Your map has not passed validation tests. To make sure all the requirements are met, look at the Validation option, located in the Menu.
D14A7D54	346097	You're about to play a map that doesn't contain all the mandatory gameplay objects. This might lead to unexpected errors.
AFF4B2EC	346141	Lock Camera
43064C9C	346142	Unlock Camera
6BFFE2B5	346396	Cautious Enemies
9E754A60	346397	Enemies in wave 2 to 5 will be more cautious, meaning that they have better vision and are quicker at spotting players and other events.
1E3BBEE6	346398	Disable Auto-Combat Propagation
603393F4	346399	When enabled, enemies in wave 2 to 5 won’t be automatically aware of all the combats in the map. They will only join nearby combats.
12FA8A57	346551	CONTINUE
D1023E0A	346860	Deep Forest
85F260E4	346861	Gyrocopter
21C09831	346862	Boat
45F39868	346863	Arcade
23C1A0D4	346864	Race
DC2C503C	346873	There are 4 Mission Objectives that you can choose from. The Mission Objective will determine the player's goal.
4A202D7C	346874	DOWNLOAD MAP
3CA4AAB9	346875	You can download maps created by other users and edit them. It's a great way to learn the tricks of the trade.
61F8A347	346880	VALIDATION
12397BC7	346881	To be published, a map needs to pass several validation tests. This ensures that your map can be played by other players and that it doesn’t contain errors. While in the Map Editor, access the Menu and select the Validation option to see if your map complies.
0ED04460	346882	CO-OP
FE4B9162	346883	All maps created by the community can be played in solo or in co-op.
64E27828	346884	VEHICLES
94C87720	346885	Just like Ambient AI, vehicles are part of the global AI budget. Make sure to keep an eye on the AI budget when adding some in your map.
E2E9C479	346886	WATER LAYERS
A793B055	346887	Use the Water Layers tool to create a water plane of a given texture. With careful usage of this tool, you can create a map with different water levels, also useful for placing waterfalls.
D29B9691	346888	TERRAIN TYPE
560071AF	346889	Don't feel like creating your own terrain? Choose a Terrain Type and it will randomly generate terrain for you.
0A20CE69	346890	OCEAN LEVEL
A0171398	346891	The Water Level settings, located in the Environment tool, lets you create a single layer of water that will cover the entire map.
B7AC002D	346893	The mandatory objects to pass the validation tests are regrouped in the Gameplay Objects tool. You'll find the Player Spawn Point, the Alarm Post, etc.
5770F7C1	346895	If you place two Player Spawn Point, the second one will be where the second player will spawn. This way both players won't spawn at the same location at the beginning of the mission.
D0B7F74D	346896	LIGHTS
9AFEAE97	346897	Lights will only turn on at night.
A93BDC58	346898	AI
531FBE01	346899	You can create up to 5 waves of AI. Each wave supports a maximum amount of AI.
875173B7	346900	AI TRIGGER
A2D4A086	346901	The AI Trigger option lets you decide when the wave will start. After half of the enemies in the previous waves are dead? Or maybe as soon as one of them is dead? By trying different settings, you'll be able to change the pace of combat.
17BEB3C7	346902	AMBIENT AI
FEB4B3C8	346903	Ambient AI is peripheral to your objective. Ambient AI is meant to add to your map without affecting the Mission Objective and can make your map livelier and more challenging. Be careful not to use too many since they reduce the maximum number of AI you can place in a wave.
FF4CCB1C	346905	The Ambient AI have spawn options. In the Edit Object menu, you'll be able to select if the AI will spawn Once, Always or Always Out of Sight.
BDCA6E1C	346907	Animation Points are attraction points that the AI in your map react to. The AI in the map will randomly select one Animation Point, move to that point and perform a specific animation at this location.
02667190	346908	MEMORY BUDGET
3B5E1CB2	346909	Not all the AI characters can perform the Animation Points. Look at the Unsupported Archetype field for more info.
1CEC0402	346910	The Memory bar represents the variety of the resources used by the objects of your map. If you use many different types of objects that do not share common resources, performance may suffer.
F002CF17	346911	You can change the Duration and the Cooldown of an Animation Point. To do so, select an Animation Point in the map and open the Edit Object menu.
07BE30CB	346913	The Objects bar represents the quantity of objects and vegetation you have used in your map. Not every object is worth the same. Once you reach 100%, you won’t be able to add more objects.
BF4163A9	346915	The Performance bar estimates how smooth the gameplay should be in the area you are currently in.
622C8D69	346916	ROAD TOOL
8D88FC80	346917	Use the Road tool to draw a road path on the terrain. You can create several roads.
4D817EDC	346918	PLAY MAP
02C034F3	346919	When you use the Play option, your map will be launched in the Map Editor and you will be able to experience it the same way that other players will once it’s published.
E167E6B8	346921	When you use the Explore option, you will spawn at the location of the camera and all the winning conditions and additional losing conditions will be disabled. You will also be invincible and invisible.
53E3671E	346923	When you play or explore your map in the Map Editor, you can enable the Invincibility or the Invisibility options available in the Menu. This can help you during your tests.
8F08AA78	346924	SNOW AND VISTA
3979B6A8	346925	Snow and Vista will only be displayed when you play your map.
63BA2A1D	346927	Use the Environment Settings tool to change the mood of your map. You can set the Time of Day, Type of Clouds, Ambient Light, Ambient Sounds, as well as the level of water in your map.
0FC5246A	346928	MAP LIMITS
8C2B2E1A	346929	Use the Map Limits tool to define the boundaries of the playable area in the map. Players who cross the Map Limits must return to battle before the countdown ends.
576104E7	346930	CREATE SNAPSHOT
C97CD7E7	346931	In Terrain tool, you'll find the Create Snapshot option. Use this tool to take a representative picture of your map. This snapshot will appear in the Map Browser. Make sure you take a great picture of your map to attract players.
8B614152	346932	MODIFIERS
901C729F	346933	Modifiers are adjustments you can make to the gameplay of your map. These can have a small or large effect depending on what Modifiers you use alone or in combination.
C59E0495	346935	Feel like changing the Mission Objective?  You can change it in the Menu while editing your map.  The terrain and the objects you placed will be kept, but all AI and Gameplay Objects will be removed.
0BC087F3	346937	Feel like changing the player's weapon loadout? Go in the Modifiers option to change the player's inventory. If you can’t find what you want, pick one of the empty slots loadout and place the weapon of your choice next to the Player Spawn Point.
D402D85E	346939	The Navigation Mesh represents the areas in which AI-controlled characters or vehicles can navigate. Note that disjointed areas mean that it will not be possible to cross between them. Use the Smooth tool to join areas.
A50886F2	346940	ADD VEGETATION
47A0C235	346941	Use the Add Vegetation tool to quickly apply vegetation to an area of the map.
FA0C4399	346943	Use the Paint Texture tool to give a different look to the terrain, like grass, dirt or rock. You can also change the type of texture of a given slot at any time, allowing you to experiment with different looks.
36716F6D	346944	FLATTEN TOOL
BECDF640	346945	Use the Flatten tool to create a flat terrain surface from the starting point, often suitable for gameplay areas.  It is great at creating terrain with optimal Nav Mesh.
63B199BC	346992	Use the Objective Markers to help the player find the important locations in your map.
90BEB3A6	346996	Lake Side
378CF014	346997	CQB
37DCC532	346998	Weaponized Animal
D8672D45	346999	Weaponized Vehicle
414BFBFF	347000	Island
8B1AF2E6	347001	Linear
DC4C7E24	347064	INVALID
C4DB8A3E	347065	VALID
0A236915	347074	UNDO/REDO/PLAY
76BB69F8	347814	GO TO ERROR
888BA155	348061	 You must have at least %d Mb of free space. Otherwise you will be unable to save your map after making your changes.<br>You will need to free some space in order to continue.
30505F3B	348062	It is recommended that you select a storage device with at least %d Mb of free space. Otherwise you may be unable to save your map after making your changes.<br>Do you want to select another one now?
CE4E7AC1	348173	Spawning Options
9A1D39F2	348182	Animation Point Options
14B0FE51	348185	Gameplay Object is not on the Nav Mesh
EF82FF3B	348464	Quit to Map Editor
F045A0BD	348484	SEARCHING...
D42B7849	348547	Basic offers all takedowns, most weapon skills, and Lv1 syringes, among others. All offers everything. The No Takedown versions remove the takedowns.
2B631F14	348548	Choose one of 34 weapon loadouts, covering all weapon types. Experiment to find what works for you!
4D1318FA	350353	UNFAVORITE
72B194D6	350402	Section of the Navmesh is invalid
8C46BC5B	353778	This map has now been reported as corrupted
967A6AFA	353868	SORTING...
09406364	353970	DELETE SELECTION
6C21B59D	355713	Enable or disable the display of the occlusion mesh.
3DE6E8F9	355714	Show Occlusion Mesh
5DB27AD2	355941	Object is not in water
3819B539	356316	The number of animation points in the map has reached its limit.
8B8D2DEB	360605	Too many vehicles.
8E67BD78	360606	Too many player spawn points.
	section = 0C572647
4581DE0D	362947	//#{Reach the Survivor camp.}
19D33CFE	362948	//#{Bring the Survivor to the safe location.}
E0F405BF	362949	//#{Patrol the area and kill 10 enemies.}
A14EDCBC	362950	//#{Patrol the area and kill 10 predators.}
BA45E89A	362951	//#{Patrol the area and find an object.}
FCA6B5A4	362952	//#{Defend the location.}
	section = 0D0121E2
277D81B6	279117	DURGESH PRISON
	section = 0D257AF3
157192F0	846	Waiting for [PLAYER_COUNT] more players to join.
7C86B306	26621	Searching for lobbies...
8BA33EFC	26622	Measuring quality, lobby %d of %d...
C0D3B456	26623	Joining lobby...
ED8F78A2	30552	Synchronizing game state...
23BBE008	32279	Searching for lobbies...
64C5F667	32280	Measuring quality, lobby %d of %d.
AEC38D6B	32281	Joining lobby...
D5620F94	32340	Synchronizing game state...
2A744989	32347	Waiting for [PLAYER_COUNT] more players to join.
9C83B31E	151170	Start typing to chat.
4A1549C0	155527	EDIT SETTINGS
64C418AB	155531	Start typing to chat.
76B46EBC	155532	Unknown Player
C0D5F1F4	157215	Click here to chat.
2310A0C1	157216	Click here to chat.
4CFDB514	160687	Mute Toggle
D63E59DC	160688	Unmute
B70675F8	160689	[ScoreboardAction] Show Gamertag
A92F75E8	160821	[ScoreboardAction] Toggle Mute
86A416F3	266651	START GAME
60E76541	266655	PLAYERS
BE6C9764	266683	MAP: 
DBDB2DE1	266733	Not Ready
73D60D4B	266739	COUNTDOWN
818B49D3	266740	MODE: 
69D10EB7	266889	None Selected
8E8A62FD	277499	PLEASE WAIT...
25F984E5	278362	QUIT LOBBY
CFDCB7BA	278363	Are you sure you wish to quit?
ED44A914	283969	Invite Only
2BCC040D	283970	Friends Only
C0C0F81D	326261	Public Lobby
B7C7C88B	326262	Custom Match
C5054826	326309	Public Co-op Lobby
4C518B1C	342050	VOTE
45087C87	343104	VIEW SETTINGS
246A1EC1	344428	Mute
F7920B46	344600	AAR
A13702C9	345586	Quit lobby and party?
56480DCA	348063	CANCEL
EE58E330	348104	Party Leader
C8F44225	348537	CHANGE MODE
A8202C82	348539	CHANGE MAP
506365EF	352422	The host ended the match.
	section = 0D6A6D8D
FDEE505D	355898	Your challenges have been earning you rewards! Check back often to collect.
DBBC5960	355899	New rewards awaiting collection!
6E0973D3	355900	WINS
198EF918	355901	LOSSES
259A0E3C	355903	CASH EARNED
D74E9107	355905	Create challenges for FARCRY®4 players with stronger units to receive greater rewards.
35D02F3E	355906	Stronger units pose a more difficult challenge for FARCRY®4 players.
ACD97E84	355907	A more difficult challenge will return greater rewards when played in FARCRY®4.
E9301F78	355909	Are you sure you wish to quit the game?
68820E18	355910	EXIT
	section = 0D92E393
E080CEFB	177928	You've been detected! Act quickly to save the hostages
1D3BF447	177931	Hostages alive: %d / 1
8432A5FD	177932	Hostages alive: %d / 2
F335956B	177933	Hostages alive: %d / 3
6D5100C8	177934	Hostages alive: %d / 4
1A56305E	177935	Hostages alive: %d / 5
835F61E4	177936	Hostages alive: %d / 6
	section = 0DABF7A1
87DAF62E	56222	Press [Crouch] to crouch.
0781A928	56223	Press [Jump] to jump.
E82C5081	56224	Press in [Run] to sprint.
417D566B	56225	Press [Throw] to throw grenade.
C6EA64B7	56226	Run and press [Crouch] to slide.
3CB0BC30	56227	Jump using [Jump] to attach to a zipline.
C1FE34EE	56228	Use [ZipSpeed] to control speed on the zipline.
EABB0B44	157789	Press and hold [Throw] to cook grenade.
	section = 0DE1AF20
319AAA33	191584	img="MC_PPRare" 
A680EBEE	191586	img="MC_WDVengeance" 
7C65D480	193972	UNDETECTED
9C329E22	193973	NO ALARMS
8CA6867F	193974	%d / %d
0B67C9BC	196241	img="MC_SupplyDrop" 
395102B3	196242	img="MC_RCircuit" 
C910438C	196267	NEW ACTIVITY
13D00D83	326746	The liberated Outposts in this region are now safe.
516365EB	326747	De Pleur's img="MC_DeFleurOutpost" Fortress has been weakened
2D463809	326754	Noore's img="MC_NooreOutpost" Fortress has been weakened
EA5EA22F	326755	Yuma's img="MC_YumaOutpost" Fortress has been weakened
D61C714E	326756	Pagan Min's img="MC_PaganMinOutpost" Fortress has been weakened
6D2A659A	348732	SEE WORLD MAP
	section = 0DE1CB8C
CC7256ED	355287	This ability is not needed in Escape from Durgesh
	section = 0E3AC478
FE2D6AE1	262233	Do not attack the rebels
	section = 0E4FDBF9
0E4FDBF9	275493	In Weapon Challenge, you'll fight with only with the weapon you choose. Earn at least 3 stars to complete the challenge.
BA12AC8A	348578	Completed:
	section = 0EDFCB53
BE9E7836	276870	Prowling
FB83A0E8	276871	Prowl around while crouched, hiding you from your enemies.
836F10A2	276872	Black Eagle
FF79AF8D	276873	Eagles harass your enemies, taking them out the fight.
1A664118	276874	Brown Bear
79EDDD23	276891	Bears are strong defenders, taking the most damage.
6D61718E	276900	Bengal Tiger
B2B10E86	276917	Bengal Tigers are fearsome fighters, capable of dealing the most damage.
	section = 0F503294
B6E47535	251474	HOLD [teammateSupport] Give ammo
39078D40	251475	HOLD [Heal] Give healing syringe
	section = 10135ADE
FE1676B2	104562	KING MIN'S KYRAT
6E3819CE	106250	People
43E8FE8E	106252	Wildlife
D8E9A36C	106254	Places
3AEC4E40	211698	Animals
5FF483B8	346630	FOREWORD
789CE5F7	346631	Foreword from his Royal Highness, King Pagan Min:<br><br>"My loyal subjects, it brings me great pleasure to share with you another edition of Kyrat's #1 best-seller, 'King Min's Kyrat: The Official Guide'. With each passing year my admiration for our great nations swells. I thank each and every one of you for your sworn loyalty to the crown, it is this tireless dedication that keeps Kyrat a peaceful and prosperous nation."
B1FFFF8C	346632	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
35957F57	346639	In the 1800s, a British officer travels to Kyrat to train a newly formed local battalion. His letters home express the sole desire to return as soon as possible, but after he hears of a mythical paradise known as Shangri-La, he becomes convinced of its reality. His growing hunger to discover the truth becomes all-consuming as he delves deeper and deeper into a tale of horrible splendor. No one today knows what became of him, but there are rumors his letters are scattered across Kyrat.
6B5AF563	346640	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
85518957	346641	INTRODUCTION
BD2EDA9C	346642	The death of Mohan Ghale was a heavy blow to Kyrat and The Golden Path. When his personal journal was discovered it was treated like an artifact and protected by the local Dhami. Eventually, they decided to split the journal after Pagan put up a bounty for it. For more than a decade the Dhami have hidden its pages throughout Kyrat, safe from Pagan’s grasp.
676455FE	346643	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
	section = 1161A675
3299108A	194632	THE TIGER
9B137E46	194633	THE ELEPHANT
2E2CCF40	254995	THE TIGER
335AEED3	254997	THE HEAVY
EA072141	254998	TIME PULSE BOW
4007DF64	254999	WIND SPIRES
	section = 11EEDB81
A0F432E8	149411	Skills
27611A40	149412	Requires:
7D5588A0	149413	Skill Points
C4857C40	149414	Skill Point Available
E656ADFB	149415	LEARN
1B908D39	149416	View Tutorial
F1BAE095	155690	Skill
E0AAA2AF	155695	(%d/%d)
BD2F8181	155696	(^%d / ^%d)
5C04FD13	155697	(%dm/%dm)
8DF73168	159717	Learn this skill?
8D5DA303	162299	Cannot Learn
5E55F491	162300	Not enough skill points. Keep earning XP.
CC70911F	162302	Meet this requirement to unlock the skill:
50CA4B7B	199770	Cannot learn this skill. Skill is already at maximum.
7C97089F	200056	The following skill is required:
21615E89	200057	Complete more missions to unlock this skill.
9F17EC09	259970	Skill Locked
1E0C8E2A	259971	You have not met the prerequisites to unlock this skill.
EE558F74	275718	%d point(s)
FA8D1D18	275719	Missing: %d skill point(s)
821D720B	276308	Ring 1 Bell of Enlightenment in img="MC_ShangriLa" Shangri-La
A93021C8	276313	Ring 2 Bells of Enlightenment in img="MC_ShangriLa" Shangri-La
B02B1089	276314	Ring 3 Bells of Enlightenment in img="MC_ShangriLa" Shangri-La
E671B70F	276315	Ring 4 Bells of Enlightenment in img="MC_ShangriLa" Shangri-La
CD5CE4CC	276316	Defeat the Rakshasa in img="MC_ShangriLa" Shangri-La
4AA55043	276631	The HUNTSMAN skill has been unlocked in the Skills menu
4566BA9A	276648	The OVERDOSE SYRINGE skill has been unlocked in the Skills menu
AFEAE388	276649	The AMMO WRANGLER skill has been unlocked in the Skills menu
599D8CB5	276650	The UNYIELDING STRENGTH skill has been unlocked in the Skills menu
D7151F01	276651	The FOCUS SYRINGE LV2 skill has been unlocked in the Skills menu
D903774C	325559	Complete %dx img="MC_WDVengeance" Eye For An Eye quests (%d remaining)
400A26F6	325577	Complete %dx img="MC_WDAssassination" Assassination quests (%d remaining)
370D1660	325578	Complete %dx img="MC_PPSurvivor" Hunting: Survival quests (%d remaining)
A96983C3	325579	Complete %dx img="MC_PPSupplies" Hunting: Supplies quests (%d remaining)
DE6EB355	325580	Complete %dx img="MC_PPExterminate" Hunting: Control quests (%d remaining)
4767E2EF	325581	Complete %dx img="MC_PPRare" Kyrat Fashion Week quests (%d remaining)
3060D279	325582	Complete %dx img="MC_SupplyDrop" Golden Path Supply quests (%d remaining)
A0DFCFE8	325583	Complete %dx img="MC_FConvoy" Armed Escort quests (%d remaining)
D7D8FF7E	325584	Complete %dx img="MC_Hostage" Hostage Rescue quests (%d remaining)
8B68D1ED	325585	Complete %dx img="MC_BombDisarm" Bomb Defusing quests (%d remaining)
FC6FE17B	325595	Complete %dx img="MC_Longinus"  Longinus  quests (%d remaining)
6566B0C1	325596	Complete %dx img="MC_YogiReggie"  Yogi & Reggie quests (%d remaining)
12618057	325597	Complete %dx img="MC_Propaganda" Propaganda Center quests (%d remaining)
8C0515F4	325598	Compete in %dx img="MC_RCircuit" Kyrati Films: Racing quests (%d remaining)
FB022562	325599	Compete in %dx img="MC_RSurvivalChallenge" Kyrati Films: Survival quests (%d remaining)
620B74D8	325600	Reach rank 2 in the img="MC_Arena" Arena
150C444E	325601	Replay %dx Outposts in img="MC_OutpostMaster" Outpost Master (%d remaining)
85B359DF	325602	Destroy %dx img="MC_HConvoy" Pagan's Wrath convoys (%d remaining)
F2B46949	325603	Hijack %dx img="MC_Cargo" Royal Cargo trucks (%d remaining)
A045822E	325604	Defeat %dx img="MC_Retaliation" Retaliation Parties (%d remaining)
D742B2B8	325757	Collect %dx img="MC_CDemonMask" Masks of Yalung (%d remaining)
4E4BE302	325758	Remove %dx img="MC_CPropaganda" Propaganda Posters (%d remaining)
394CD394	325759	Spin %dx img="MC_CPrayerWheel" Mani Wheels (%d remaining)
A7284637	325760	Collect %dx img="MC_TX_Letter" Lost Letters (%d remaining)
D02F76A1	325761	Liberate %dx img="MC_RadioTower" Bell Towers (%d remaining)
4926271B	325762	Liberate %dx img="MC_Outpost" Outposts (%d remaining)
3E21178D	325763	Liberate %d Outposts without being detected (%d remaining)
AE9E0A1C	325764	Conquer %d img="MC_Fortress" Fortresses (%d remaining)
D9993A8A	325765	Purchase %dx upgrades for the Ghale Homestead (%d remaining)
B95EB36F	325766	Discover %d img="MC_ULoc" locations (%d remaining)
CE5983F9	325767	Unlock %d entries in King Min's Kyrat (%d remaining)
5750D243	325768	Get %dx headshot kills (%d remaining)
2057E2D5	325769	Get %d regular takedown kills (%d remaining)
BE337776	325770	Make %d clean animal kills with a bow (%d remaining)
C93447E0	325771	Spend %dx Guns For Hire tokens (%d remaining)
503D165A	325772	Purchase an attachment and a paint scheme for any weapon
273A26CC	325773	Purchase %dx maps from img="MC_TX_Shop" Trading Posts (%d remaining)
B7853B5D	325774	Reach Karma Level %d (%d levels remaining)
C0820BCB	325775	Fly %dm in the Buzzer, Glider, or Wingsuit (%dm remaining)
F61F25A8	325776	Craft %dx Hunting, Survival, or Focus Syringes (%d remaining)
8118153E	325777	Use %dx Hunting Syringes (%d remaining)
18114484	325778	Use %dx Survival Syringes (%d remaining)
6F167412	325779	Use %dx Focus Syringes (%d remaining)
F172E1B1	325780	Sell ^%d worth of loot at a img="MC_TX_Shop" Trading Post (^%d remaining)
8675D127	325781	Get %dx throwing knife kills (%d remaining)
1F7C809D	325782	Get %dx kills from an animal summoned with bait (%d remaining)
687BB00B	325783	Tag %dx enemies with the camera (%d remaining)
F8C4AD9A	325784	Distract %dx enemies with the rock (%d remaining)
8FC39D0C	325785	Cut the brakes on %dx vehicles (%d remaining)
EF0414E9	325786	Fly %d meters in the Wingsuit (%d meters remaining)
9803247F	325787	Purchase %dx Signature Weapons (%d remaining)
010A75C5	325788	Get %dx kills with an Elephant (%d remaining)
760D4553	325789	Collect %dx img="MC_Journal" Mohan Ghale's Journal entries (%d remaining)
E869D0F0	325790	Complete %dx img="MC_ShangriLa" Shangri-La Thangka quests (%d remaining)
9F6EE066	325791	Complete %dx img="MC_KarmaEvent" Karma Events (%d remaining)
0667B1DC	325792	Craft %dx Syringes of any type (%d remaining)
7160814A	325793	Fly %d meters in the Buzzer (%d remaining)
E1DF9CDB	325794	Hunt %dx animals (%d remaining)
96D8AC4D	325795	Hunt %dx Snow Leopards (%d remaining)
C429472A	325797	Hunt %dx Bengal Tigers (%d remaining)
66BBCF47	326102	STRENGTH
F604D2D6	326103	HEALING
8103E240	326104	SHERPA KNOWLEDGE
A4517677	326107	FOCUS SYRINGE
B32E77BC	346310	Hunt %dx Asian Rhinos (%d remaining)
2A272606	346311	Hunt %dx Clouded Leopards (%d remaining)
5D201690	346312	Hunt %dx Demon Fish (%d remaining)
C3448333	346313	Hunt %dx Himalayan Brown Bears (%d remaining)
B443B3A5	346314	Hunt %dx Honey Badgers (%d remaining)
2D4AE21F	346315	Hunt %dx Mugger Crocodiles (%d remaining)
5A4DD289	346316	Hunt %dx White Chested Bears (%d remaining)
39F473FF	346613	LEARNED
95393A75	346666	COST
CAF2CF18	348131	Complete the mission Truth & Justice
BDF5FF8E	348147	Play %dx Top Rated Maps from the Map Browser in the main menu (%d remaining)
DD32766B	348731	Complete 1x img="MC_WDVengeance" Eye For An Eye quest
AA3546FD	348733	Complete 1x img="MC_BombDisarm" Bomb Defusing quest
333C1747	348734	Complete 1x img="MC_Longinus"   Longinus quest
443B27D1	348735	Complete the mission Payback
DA5FB272	348736	Compete in 1x img="MC_RCircuit" Kyrati Films: Racing quest
AD5882E4	348737	Defeat 1x img="MC_Retaliation" Retaliation Party
3451D35E	348738	Reach rank 1 in the img="MC_Arena" Arena
4356E3C8	348739	Purchase 1x Signature Weapon
D3E9FE59	348740	Destroy 1x img="MC_HConvoy" Pagan's Wrath convoy
A4EECECF	348741	Complete 1x img="MC_PPRare" Kyrat Fashion Week quest
5AAA6AA4	348742	Complete the mission Radio Free Kyrat
B148C850	348744	The HUNTING SYRINGE DURATION BOOSTS skill has been unlocked in the Skills menu
9F0BFADF	348745	The SURVIVAL SYRINGE DURATION BOOSTS skill has been unlocked in the Skills menu
7567C54B	348746	The FOCUS SYRINGE DURATION BOOSTS skill has been unlocked in the Skills menu
1ADF74FE	348747	The HUNTING SYRINGE LV2 skill has been unlocked in the Skills menu
2DAD5A32	348751	Reach rank %d in the img="MC_Arena" Arena (%d ranks remaining)
B4A40B88	348829	Complete the mission A Key to the North
2E035E45	348830	The DOMINANT STRENGTH skill has been unlocked in the Skills menu
C3A33B1E	348880	Complete 1x img="MC_YogiReggie"   Yogi & Reggie quest
5DC7AEBD	348881	Ring %d Bells of Enlightenment in img="MC_ShangriLa" Shangri-La (%d remaining)
2AC09E2B	348882	Complete 1x img="MC_FConvoy" Armed Escort quest
B3C9CF91	348883	Buy 1x upgrade for the Ghale Homestead
C4CEFF07	348884	Complete 1x img="MC_PPRare" Kyrat Fashion Week quest
5471E296	350365	Remove 1x img="MC_CPropaganda" Propaganda Poster
2376D200	352463	Reach rank %d in the img="MC_Arena" Arena (%d remaining)
	section = 11F0B269
C40D23D2	348107	Keys To Kyrat
074570C3	348108	KEYS TO KYRAT
57FD4DE4	348109	You have activated your %d Keys To Kyrat. Send them to your friends so they can try Far Cry® 4's Co-op gameplay.
BACF4A29	348110	Buy the full game, or ask a friend for a Key To Kyrat.
056E2098	348111	Thank you for buying Far Cry® 4. Please restart the game to play the full version.
8ADBC012	348112	Your time has expired. Please buy the full game to continue playing.
389D7779	348113	Time remaining: %dh %dm
DD5BDE06	348114	The Keys To Kyrat trial has ended. Buy the full game to continue playing Far Cry® 4 and you will receive ^100,000 Rupees to spend in-game.
54F7FC84	348115	As a reward for playing the Keys To Kyrat trial, you have been awarded ^100,000 Rupees to spend in-game. Do you accept the reward?
C70B0CD6	348116	Your reward of ^100,000 Rupees can be spent at Trading Posts after you arrive at Banapur village.
7F427074	348518	Send a Key to Kyrat
77771896	348519	Send Keys to Kyrat
49BA78B8	348520	You don't have any Keys to Kyrat.
7D6882B5	348521	You don't have any Keys to Kyrat left.
D29AB419	348522	You can't send a Key to Kyrat to a friend who already owns the full game.
E5675CED	348523	You can't send a Key to Kyrat to a friend who already received a Key.
623B6422	348524	SEND KEY TO
F249CF3D	348525	%ls<br><br>You have %d Keys remaining. Are you sure you want to send one?
7861859C	348526	%ls<br><br>This is your last Key! Are you sure you want to send it?
4D360617	348527	You have %d Keys remaining. Are you sure you want to send one?
0F8F4D5F	348528	This is your last Key! Are you sure you want to send it?
6A149EFC	348529	Key to Kyrat
0D7EEDE9	348530	Accept this invitation, download the trial version from the PlayStation®Store and try Far Cry® 4's open world Co-op for up to %d hours.
DDA9D62C	348531	You have successfully sent a Key to Kyrat to your friend. Ask your friend to download the Far Cry® 4 trial from the PlayStation®Store to try Far Cry® 4's open world Co-op for up to %d hours.
602D0F91	348532	Please wait...
88FA3718	348533	Buy
E8E804F3	348534	Buy full game
EDB4A1C7	348535	Synchronizing Keys to Kyrat.
27FBD443	348536	Validating trial access.
DF8AFA3D	348574	No time remaining
F365EDA8	348575	[Accept] JOIN CO-OP
856112AA	348576	[Accept] BUY FULL GAME
DD4252D3	348914	The Keys To Kyrat trial has ended. Buy the full game to continue playing Far Cry® 4 and you will receive ^100,000 Rupees to spend in-game. Please be advised you need PlayStation®Plus to enjoy Far Cry 4's multiplayer in the full game.
21EF1FA5	348915	Quit
F63003D9	348916	This feature has been restricted for Trial mode. Buy the full game for access to all of Far Cry® 4's content.
961E4AC8	348917	Your Co-op partner's Keys to Kyrat trial has ended. They will be removed from the game.
1B7CD21D	349452	Far Cry® 4 Trial: Keys to Kyrat
745E40EC	351955	BUY FULL GAME
2522C371	351956	UNLOCK FULL GAME
46F9F350	351957	Thanks for pre-ordering Far Cry® 4. You can unlock the full game by visiting the PlayStation®Store.
7156C78D	351958	UNLOCK
16AFD62A	351959	Send a Key to your friends and play Co-op together
	section = 1251C7A0
DF6D0395	260995	THE CITY OF PAIN
	section = 1280C55B
F5038BE4	348580	Searching...
60150E63	348581	Joining...
A33CB7CF	348582	No Match Found
222A50F3	348583	Search again?
	section = 12B9255C
3CC9C2FB	260098	MAP
A5C09341	260099	EDIT MAP
B8D68088	260100	PLAY
264FD677	260101	EXPLORE
B33964EC	260102	SAVE
E2CDC66D	260103	SAVE AS
87A3168F	260104	NEW MAP
B00A9253	260105	MODIFIERS
16C4F802	260106	VALIDATION
D721601D	260107	PREVIEW
D630836C	260108	PUBLISH
2633E825	260111	Terrain type
07C8D1D8	260112	Game mode
EB788A06	260113	Mission Objective
C1E326A5	260114	Flat
B2171D28	260115	Mountains
A48EF28F	260116	ISLAND
E94325D4	260117	MAP BROWSER
0DC96CC6	260118	Multiplayer
D59050A0	260119	Outpost
7CA51E0B	260120	Assault
FC537B9E	260121	Hunt
DE5B53E0	260122	Extraction
4E9C317E	260123	Outpost
B840308C	260124	Demon Mask
2AB87258	260125	Propaganda
7C2DB7CB	260126	Rename
3B05F53A	260128	Balanced for
4AD89686	260129	Description
D3D1C73C	260130	Tag 2
A4D6F7AA	260131	Tag 3
3AB26209	260132	Tag 4
4DB5529F	260133	Tag 5
1E8D2BC5	260134	Publish
D9E96999	260140	Show Map Limits
99CA9C2F	260141	Confirm Object Deletion
4FE87BE8	260142	Show Nav Mesh
32C7DFCC	274781	QUIT
4180F30B	274782	QUIT TO LOBBY
CF37DF41	274783	EDITOR
E85561F0	284724	Agree to Terms
64229689	284726	Do you agree?
C1012A85	341977	You will lose any unsaved changes to the current map if you proceed. Do you want to save it?
C93B02E9	341978	Don't Save
3BEFB059	341979	Save
2D6FCC56	345711	Vote to Skip Map<br>%i vote needed
E99AF85C	345724	REPORT MAP
C039C61E	345756	RESTART
DB323F88	346215	Back
72E45E71	346222	OUTPOST
0D5CD661	346223	EXTRACTION
72EC02E3	346224	ASSAULT
8C393F94	346225	HUNT
4E47DDBF	353769	SAVE
A0BA55D8	353770	DON'T SAVE
	section = 12CA1ECC
FDEEDBEA	277493	{Playing {0} on a custom map}
255CC65E	277494	Community Maps
7843410E	277495	Map Editor
	section = 12D04E2D
2B0703E3	261123	RECOMPENCE
	section = 1358DE58
BBCFE21C	362822	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft one of the Weapon Holster upgrades.
E71CA44C	362823	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Weapon Holster Level 1.
7E15F5F6	362824	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Weapon Holster Level 2.
0912C560	362825	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Weapon Holster Level 3.
8C905599	362826	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft one of the Wallet upgrades.
50B2090A	362827	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Wallet Level 1.
C9BB58B0	362828	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Wallet Level 2.
BEBC6826	362829	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Wallet Level 3.
20D8FD85	362830	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Wallet Level 4.
0CC1DC7E	362831	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft one of the Loot Bag upgrades.
0A328DCF	362832	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Loot Bag Level 1.
933BDC75	362833	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Loot Bag Level 2.
E43CECE3	362834	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Loot Bag Level 3.
7A587940	362835	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Loot Bag Level 4.
EBF122CB	362836	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft one of the Syringe Kit upgrades.
65414D4C	362837	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Syringe Kit Level 1.
FC481CF6	362838	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Syringe Kit Level 2.
8B4F2C60	362839	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Syringe Kit Level 3.
152BB9C3	362840	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Syringe Kit Level 4.
E9B433F3	362841	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft one of the Bait Bag upgrades.
1A566F69	362842	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Bait Bag Level 1.
835F3ED3	362843	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Bait Bag Level 2.
F4580E45	362844	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Bait Bag Level 3.
6A3C9BE6	362845	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Bait Bag Level 4.
DD069F4B	362846	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft one of the Ammo Bag upgrades.
F6C6E1B0	362847	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Ammo Bag Level 1.
6FCFB00A	362848	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Ammo Bag Level 2.
18C8809C	362849	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Ammo Bag Level 3.
86AC153F	362850	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Ammo Bag Level 4.
DC2E2684	362851	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft one of the Throwables Bag upgrades.
6C878DC7	362852	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Throwables Bag Level 1.
F58EDC7D	362853	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Throwables Bag Level 2.
8289ECEB	362854	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Throwables Bag Level 3.
1CED7948	362855	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Throwables Bag Level 4.
833015DD	362856	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft one of the Explosives Bag upgrades.
018EC0F4	362857	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Explosives Bag Level 1.
9887914E	362858	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Explosives Bag Level 2.
EF80A1D8	362859	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Explosives Bag Level 3.
71E4347B	362860	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Explosives Bag Level 4.
90964E76	362861	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft one of the Heavy Ammo Bag upgrades.
B259F024	362862	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Heavy Ammo Bag Level 1.
2B50A19E	362863	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Heavy Ammo Bag Level 2.
5C579108	362864	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Heavy Ammo Bag Level 3.
C23304AB	362865	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Heavy Ammo Bag Level 4.
00A5F467	362866	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft one of the Quiver upgrades.
0E471ED7	362867	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Quiver Level 1.
974E4F6D	362868	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Quiver Level 2.
E0497FFB	362869	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Quiver Level 3.
7E2DEA58	362870	Open this Skins Chest to get the animal skins needed to craft the Quiver Level 4.
	section = 13F7430E
787820F8	361392	Medkit
2DEEF2AA	361393	Several Medkits to help survive an attack.
85E92CD7	361394	North Fortifications
7BC963EB	361395	North Side Fortifications to prevent intruders from entering the Relay Station.
77AFF5CA	361396	West Fortifications
22392798	361397	West Side Fortifications to prevent intruders from entering the Relay Station.
83E0D1D9	361398	South Fortifications
D676038B	361399	South Side Fortifications to prevent intruders from entering the Relay Station.
CADF0142	361400	South Minefield
9F49D310	361401	South Side Minefield to explode intruders.
3E902551	361402	West Minefield
6B06F703	361403	West Side Minefield to explode intruders.
CCD6FC4C	361404	North Minefield
99402E1E	361405	North Side Minefield to explode intruders.
CED1A8B6	361406	East Minefield
9B477AE4	361407	East Side Minefield to explode intruders.
644D2FE2	361408	North Barrel Traps
31DBFDB0	361409	North Side Barrel Traps. Shoot the structure to make them fall on intruders.
6244D2EC	361410	South Barrel Traps
37D200BE	361411	South Side Barrel Traps. Shoot the structure to make them fall on intruders.
960BF6FF	361412	West Barrel Traps
C39D24AD	361413	West Side Barrel Traps. Shoot the structure to make them fall on intruders.
D4FE6097	361414	North Side Fire Traps. Set oil on fire to burn intruders.
8168B2C5	361415	North Fire Traps
87614FCB	361416	South Side Fire Traps
D2F79D99	361417	South Side Fire Traps. Set oil on fire to burn intruders.
732E6BD8	361418	West Fire Traps
26B8B98A	361419	West Side Fire Traps. Set oil on fire to burn intruders.
B1E293D1	361420	North Mounted MG
E4744183	361421	North Side Mounted Machine Gun to exterminate intruders.
B7EB6EDF	361422	South Mounted MG
E27DBC8D	361423	South Side Mounted Machine Gun to exterminate intruders.
32816F8C	361424	Grenade Launcher
6717BDDE	361425	West Side Grenade Launcher to pulverize intruders.
62062521	361426	Ammunition Boxes to help reload during an attack.
3790F773	361427	Ammunition Boxes
1648A995	361428	Body Armor
43DE7BC7	361429	Body Armor to resist intruders' attacks.
592ED67F	361430	North Caged Animal
0CB8042D	361431	North Side Caged Animal. Feed it with intruders.
5F272B71	361432	South Caged Animal
0AB1F923	361433	South Side Caged Animal. Feed it with intruders.
553C9B8B	361434	Garden
00AA49D9	361435	Garden with several plants for crafting syringes when under attack.
7A0BD0A5	362502	This upgrade will be unlocked by completing an Upgrade Quest.
3B62C595	362724	New Relay Station Upgrades have been unlocked in the Trading Post!
C15A4632	362923	Station upgrade built: Medkit
C0D710A5	362924	Station upgrade built: North Side Fortifications
0982C067	362925	Station upgrade built: West Side Fortifications
8DC8CE9D	362926	Station upgrade built: South Side Fortifications
EA5CBB81	362927	Station upgrade built: South Side Minefield
6E16B57B	362928	Station upgrade built: West Side Minefield
0DE29F7B	362929	Station upgrade built: North Side Minefield
5088832D	362930	Station upgrade built: East Side Minefield
3C248A47	362931	Station upgrade built: North Side Barrel Traps
DB9AAEBD	362932	Station upgrade built: South Side Barrel Traps
5FD0A047	362933	Station upgrade built: West Side Barrel Traps
99CB1AB1	362934	Station upgrade built: North Side Fire Traps
7E753E4B	362935	Station upgrade built: South Side Fire Traps
FA3F30B1	362936	Station upgrade built: West Side Fire Traps
832144ED	362937	Station upgrade built: North Side Mounted Machine Gun
649F6017	362938	Station upgrade built: South Side Mounted Machine Gun
96780A58	362939	Station upgrade built: West Side Grenade Launcher
BB7FF44D	362940	Station upgrade built: Ammunition Boxes
F2376B5E	362941	Station upgrade built: Body Armor
B2A70647	362942	Station upgrade built: North Side Caged Animal
551922BD	362943	Station upgrade built: South Side Caged Animal
087B220F	362944	Station upgrade built: Garden
	section = 146BB360
DEDF1A33	110945	Loot items
2E9F8140	110946	Sorted by: newest first
BE8C913A	110947	Sorted by: items to sell first
2A7452EF	110948	Sorted by: highest price first
6E2E8966	110949	Confirm Discard
2F8B6764	110950	This item will be removed permanently. Discard it?
BFB1C3B5	111339	Loot
51E19A3C	155698	Sort order: craftable plants first
5A68D44A	155699	Loot items
93EB92FE	155700	Inventory
40438A84	155701	Loot Rucksack
35EB2310	155702	Sort order: craftable animal skins first
42EC1386	155703	Sorted by: crafting items first
9EAD37B4	155704	Sell
F57E2A11	155705	Craft syringes
EF749847	155706	Craft upgrades
F2821EA6	155707	Recommended use: craft
4362A295	155708	Recommended use
90D2F615	155709	Sell
8C50CF00	155710	Craft
10CBB840	160369	Empty
6C193425	160371	This slot is empty.
657BDDB0	163601	Value
C5DADA6F	166111	Cannot Discard
C71D181E	166112	This is a rare item which can only be used for crafting.
79172308	205685	Notes
C21DA562	273492	Craft arrows
7256EA28	274914	SORTED BY:
87927141	274916	SORTED BY: COST
136AB294	274917	SORTED BY: TYPE
CEC3AFC2	275450	Keep
	section = 14B75F81
F7CA2B7E	155230	Uplay Store
380AFF13	159292	You must be connected to Uplay to access the online leaderboard.
9D272DB6	159297	You must be connected to Uplay to access the Wall Feed.
5F1DE3E4	159584	The Far Cry® 4 service is not available. Please try again later.
ABBD0B8A	159590	Sign up for Uplay to access the Wall Feed.
54A23872	160264	This game saves data automatically at certain points. Do not switch off the power when this icon is displayed.
F9B25016	160801	There is not enough free space on your Hard Drive to save.
0264E344	160808	One of your downloaded content packages appears to be damaged and cannot be used.
4225A7ED	166795	You must be connected to Uplay to access the online leaderboard.
49F4828D	166796	You must be connected to Uplay to access the Wall Feed.
9B26FBF2	167684	A saved game already exists in slot %i. Do you want to overwrite it?
C2F7A36F	172282	You will now be taken to the Uplay website. Click OK to confirm.
45F6976E	172582	Enter your code to redeem exclusive content.  All codes are UNIQUE and are not reusable with another profile.
F4AB7482	172583	Enter a code to redeem exclusive content.
DEDE14B1	172584	The code you entered is not valid.  Retry?
7318832D	172585	ERROR.  This code has already been used.
FD51DCF1	172586	The Far Cry® 4 service is not available.  Please try again later.
87F362D6	172595	Enter a code to redeem exclusive content.
711196D8	172603	Activation error.  There was a problem activating your code.  Please try again later.
9203A60C	172604	Validating your code....
C71A3567	172616	You will now be taken to the Steam store. Click OK to confirm.
8E9EC973	172767	You cannot access this feature while Uplay is in offline mode.
AA3EC39D	173088	Your Uplay account has been accessed from another location. Shutting down the game.
A496ED92	173089	The connection to Uplay services has been lost. You will be in offline mode until connection is restored.
FC260F86	173090	The connection to Uplay services has been restored.
5391506E	346537	This feature requires you to be connected to Uplay.
	section = 15664516
153FEBFD	307930	The Royal Army has sent a demolition squad to a nearby location to try and stop Golden Path progress toward the north. Go there and defuse the bombs.
	section = 15A3F56E
98A15908	261132	THE BURNING FOREST
	section = 165DC792
2D88DF70	25553	RESUME
3296B758	156509	CHANGE LOADOUT
F2923356	157873	SCOREBOARD
915EBCE7	160662	Music
01B0A94C	160831	K
46EA32EA	160833	D
47BA9E7C	172179	Ping
EA1D4457	277476	END MATCH?
473AE6E1	277477	All players will return to the lobby
46AD4FE7	277479	QUIT MATCH
5C3A15A5	277480	QUIT MATCH?
D0F553B3	277481	You will lose any experience earned from this match.
66BB21B2	313023	Do you really want to quit this session?
	section = 176E719F
F6CE9827	272897	Ajay meets up with Sabal. He knows he has now sided with Amita and at the end Ajay decides to pull the trigger or not
C17C9F0A	272898	Ajay meets up with Amita. She knows he has now sided with Sabal and at the end Ajay decides to pull the trigger or not
	section = 189A336B
ECB9B42A	56236	Press and hold [Revive] to revive teammates.
4E80268F	56237	Press [ClingOnToLife] repeatedly to stay alive.
A81513DF	56238	Look around using [Look].
091AD190	56239	Hold [Heal] to heal.
	section = 18C3E8D1
A7EC43F9	178189	Supplies to get : %d / 1
3EE51243	178190	Supplies to get : %d / 2
49E222D5	178191	Supplies to get : %d / 3
D786B776	178192	Supplies to get : %d / 4
A08187E0	178193	Supplies to get : %d / 5
	section = 19A526BA
1E28A0AA	106063	The Monal scurries around with no direction and it isn't a smart animal. It is easy prey for predators, not unlike the citizens of Kyrat in the face of the dangerous Golden Path.
2E22BD9A	108595	Wildlife
2CC6CB69	199102	BHARAL
F978CC9C	199103	The bharals started migrating north over the King's Bridge when King Min first blessed Kyrat with his guidance. They preferred the sweeter grass in the north over the rotting vegetation in the south.
1DB30BB3	211203	Within the year, all white-chested bears will be painted pink to honor our great king and fearless leader, Pagan Min.
69219475	211204	BLACK EAGLE
EEA5D48E	211205	This majestic and noble creature watches over the land, all-seeing from the greatest of heights, reminding us that we, too, must remain vigilant for our freedom.
44B6EFC3	211206	WILD BOAR
156AFA3D	211207	Known mostly for their sweet and succulent meat, wild boar are vicious creatures and should be avoided unless absolutely necessary, or when preparing breakfast fit for King Min.
0B032927	211209	Ancient and feared, this great hunter has not evolved in millennia because it's been perfect for so long; it proves that the truth does not need to be perfected or embellished.
098E5134	211212	DEMON FISH
7D7CCAB9	211213	The demon fish that swim in Kyrat's waters are silent and unseen until they sense someone disloyal to King Min. Then, they react, stripping the flesh from the bone before the traitor can offer any regret or contrition.
46CDB1B8	211214	DHOLE
DA28B641	211215	As long as Kyrat is split in two, stray dogs will continue to wander, lost and alone. Only when the Golden Path threat is ended can King Min unite all orphans into one family.
6C81982A	211217	The guardian of Kyrat, strong and noble like our King. He roams the countryside bringing luck and good fortune to all he passes, and he bows in the presence of our King Pagan Min.
98097511	211220	CLOUDED LEOPARD
D72DE4FA	211221	This cat is at home in the rugged terrain of Kyrat. Mountain or river, it climbs trees and hides in tall grass, serving as an example to the Royal Army that nothing should ever block them from their goal.
077A683F	211225	The Golden Path has taken to enlisting the intelligent macaques in Kyrat as there are no more suitable recruits left in the region. Surely, it is a sign that the Golden Path is desperate.
B709579A	211228	PIG
093C3AA1	211229	The pig roots around in the mud and wallows in its own filth. It is thankful to be slaughtered and eaten, for only then does it have a higher purpose as food and fuel for the Royal Army's cause.
926D9B77	211234	ASIAN RHINO
42CEDB6A	211235	His armored hide impenetrable like Paul’s fortress, the rhinoceros is peaceful when left alone but he will charge with deadly strength and brandish his fearsome horn when threatened.
D665E060	211236	MALAYAN TAPIR
B6366CDC	211237	The tapir is a large, awkward animal that lumbers through the forest, seemingly without direction and easy prey for tigers and stronger animals. It is a reminder to our loyal citizens that some animals exist to feed the kingdom.
17721F35	211238	BENGAL TIGER
5348796C	211239	The Kyrati Tiger shares many traits with the distinguished Governor Yuma, an elegant guardian who strikes without mercy against her enemies. But to the people of Kyrat, she is the loving mother who nurtures and protects her cubs.
D90ABD29	211241	Starting immediately, all white rumped vultures are to be re-colored pink to honor our great king and fearless leader, Pagan Min. Re-coloring of the vulture rumps will be delegated to Kyrati citizens as thanks for their King.
39F934EE	211242	TIBETAN WOLF
3C39E256	211243	While the appearance of the Tibetan wolf may be alarming, Kyrati residents can take comfort in the knowledge they will only meet one if they have been placed under arrest. Any other mention of encounters, such as those in the wild, are false.
79B7AA36	211244	YAK
525EAF96	211245	Like our beloved King Pagan Min, the Yak is a beacon of power and working tirelessly for the people of Kyrat. A shining example of the self-sacrifice and commitment to the greater good that our King himself has brought to this great nation.
45A3598D	211289	SAMBAR
C9465D89	211290	The Ministry of Animal Control declares the sambar a large vermin, and encourages the slaughter of these animals. The flesh of the sambar is unhealthy and unwholesome because it rubs itself in its own urine-soaked soil.
68E48BAA	211373	Some citizens claim that crows hold the reincarnated souls of all citizens who died trying to fight King Min. While the Ministry of Social Harmony cannot endorse such superstitions, it thanks its citizens for such loving beliefs.
6209195A	245452	SNOW LEOPARD
67ADCC2E	245453	The snow leopard is among the most regal and elegant of all cats, its image so glorious that it rivals that of our beloved King Min. Therefore, should one cross your path, you should shoot the snow leopard on sight.
43E9A63A	276918	THICK SKIN (RARE)
3186F2B4	276920	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
BD153CF2	276921	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
F8188637	276922	TENZIN (RARE)
5445D738	276923	This slow animal can be seen sunning itself on rocks and scurrying away at the slightest provocation or danger. It's cowardice and laziness is not unlike the Golden Path terrorists who want everything for nothing.
948BA3F3	276925	HONEY BADGER
6FEE782A	276926	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
70E5883B	276927	In the noble beehive, nature mimics King Min’s vision for Kyrat: Co-operative and efficient, they are willing to attack any aggressors in times of war when their leader is threatened.
1FC10486	276928	PIT VIPER
98A31EF2	276929	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
57295030	276930	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
B62B085E	276932	This strange and unique creature was not native to Kyrat until King Min decided that the people deserved to have this storybook animal roam their wilderness, and made his will reality.
97EAA1C0	276933	Among honey badgers, Gulo is the most rare and feared of them all. Some say he is the grandfather of all honey badgers, but everyone knows the one true father of all things in Kyrat is King Min.
9F1B8392	276934	MAD DEVIL (RARE)
B6AE3951	276935	Thanks to King Min’s generous distribution of hand-held mirrors, Shadow Leopard attacks from behind have decreased by over 70 percent. This fact is brought to you by the Society for Social Harmony.
B1F2054C	276936	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
70AB2D22	276938	The rare and beautiful Sky Tiger will continue to rule over the wilds of Kyrat just as our gracious King Min rules over our civilized lands. Should any citizen fall prey to the Sky Tiger, know that it would have been the same justice meted out by King Min.
5CB31658	276939	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
F8EA4822	276940	RAT
21276878	276941	After the failure of a reality show featuring this rare rhino, the Karkadann fled into the Kyrati bush. Now it only makes rare appearances to forage for food or drink from a cool pool when it thinks no one is looking.
CD6F58B8	276942	Slow of foot, but hard of shell, one can easily see the similarities between the red crowned turtle and the Golden Path. A grenade stuffed down the throat, however, is more than sufficient when dealing with both.
2444A33C	276945	Belief in the Ghost Bear constitutes superstition and will not be tolerated. The attack that left army soldiers mutilated and mauled was orchestrated by terrorists in large bear costumes.
1E3B532D	276947	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
DC928594	276948	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
4FAE5250	276949	ATTACK DOG
9EF320EC	276950	While most elephants never forget, this thick skinned rarity also has a penchant for vengeance. Pagan Min’s Sector for the Use of Abusive Animals is looking into harnessing these vengeful qualities, but until then, residents are warned to stay away.
D285861A	276951	As with common wolves, Kyrati residents need not fear an encounter unless they find themselves behind the bars of a Royal Army prison. Unlike regular wolves, the Mad Devil delivers a dose of insanity with each bite.
8E84CB8D	276953	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
756625F7	276954	A wild dog remains a wild dog, regardless of whether you give it a name or not. Report any sightings of Tenzin to your nearest Royal Army officer for immediate action so the creature can be put down.
2872EC23	276955	BEEHIVE
2325087A	276956	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
64F61662	276957	This rare fish is named after the dark waters it prefers to lay its eggs in. Black Water Dragons are actually albino. They are prized by our great Governors for its part in extracting useful information from terrorists.
6C1A68DE	276958	SKY TIGER (RARE)
474EEE1F	276959	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
8CF61177	276960	Pagan Min has decreed that pit viper meat is safe for consumption. He has a cook dedicated to the preparation of pit viper stew and he enjoys adding pit viper meat in his Crab Rangoon.
382C9917	276961	JAPALURA
BA08F99F	276962	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
FDB4038E	276963	Thanks to the efforts of the Ministry of Animal Control, there are no rats in Kyrat. Anyone who sees a rat in Kyrat is mistaken and will face disciplinary action.
3D2308C1	276964	KARKADANN (RARE)
CCA1DAB0	276965	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
3B7C59A5	276966	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
49894C98	276967	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
98B00F25	276968	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
106AC9F5	276969	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
243F5383	276970	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
CFE13230	276971	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
4EEFA4D5	276972	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
935F5D66	277142	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
209E7334	277149	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
CA23223D	277150	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
D0359607	277274	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
D60961DC	277275	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
375FB294	277279	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
3F7B424B	277280	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
6B1EA375	277387	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
3386AB92	277388	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
A4436680	277389	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
8B606C08	277390	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
1D8DAC45	277391	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
C02B55EB	277392	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
A435AAAB	277393	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
06F3790F	277394	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
C80216E2	277395	The tenacious honey badger displays the fighting spirit of the Royal Guard with its unwillingness to quit, its relentlessness against foes, and cunning in the face of adversity.
3E35F6A3	277396	GULO (RARE)
09AD2CC7	277397	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
9D151AB9	277398	Faithful assistants to our fighting men, these dogs were not even trained; they saw fit to carry themselves with discipline and precision because they were so inspired by Pagan Min's cause.
207E1AE4	277399	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
	section = 1A4F74BA
2207EFF8	319868	Demon Mask Score Limit
0D5990A4	319870	5
7C0F7B75	319871	10
2E3754D2	319872	15
F2807C96	319873	20
A0B85331	319874	25
3E2A7C08	319875	30
6C1253AF	319876	35
34EF7511	319877	40
66D75AB6	319878	45
F845758F	319879	50
AA7D5A28	319880	55
76CA726C	319881	60
24F25DCB	319882	65
BA6072F2	319883	70
E8585D55	319884	75
6340605E	319885	80
31784FF9	319886	85
AFEA60C0	319887	90
FDD24F67	319888	95
09E0C126	319889	100
	section = 1B83457F
AE7B0E4C	346323	Ajay, sorry about the 'surprise', Yogi was a little generous with the syringe, but we did need to transport you for the experiment.<br><br>This syringe batch should bend the walls of perception, your awareness will be heightened, giving new levels of consciousness and a spiritual cosmic union with the world around you.<br><br>Don't try and fight it, you don't want a bad trip.<br>The dose should last you until you reach our location.<br><br>-Reggie 
FDAE4951	346324	Oculus Spliff
37725FF6	346325	Ajay,<br><br>Our brave pioneer on another psychopharmaceutical spiritual awakening.<br><br>This syringe, Hot Rocks as we've called it, should create a fortress around your mind, granting impunity from the neurological stimuli that shackles our potentiality (Yogi - it won't hurt now but it might sting tomorrow.)<br><br>We took your paraphernalia again, all part of the experiment I'm afraid, you'll get it all back at the end don't worry.<br><br>-Reggie
73214EB2	346326	Hot Rocks
40756F60	346327	Ajay,<br><br>Reggie took a bit too much of this one himself. He's currently curled up on the floor muttering about that one armed trombone player and cows. <br><br>Alls I can say is good luck feller, sure you'll be lovely jubbly.<br><br>We'll be waiting with all your guns and that as per.<br><br>-Yogi<br>
BF8B4E2C	346328	Hubbly Bubbly
	section = 1C3CEAAC
76BBE9F6	211497	You heard swearing.  You are offended!  Then you hear a piece of code.  You feel this has been worthwhile and are enjoying yourself.
98624FA3	211679	The officer knows you are here, you'll need to kill him and get the code some other way.
	section = 1D0D048C
E746EDCE	326121	[Crouch] Crouch. While crouched, you are invisible.
	section = 1D1BC97E
7B911A77	283177	A bright light shining<br>The rays of the morning sun<br>Gift of Banashur<br><br>A wet thunder roars,<br>the grass is soaked with dewdrops<br>A crow is cawing<br><br>I face the wind<br>The sun hides behind the clouds<br>The crow flies away
BC636EA1	283178	Banashur's Gift
076FF05F	283179	Father,<br>The Golden Path truly is the way for me, Amita has shown me so much. Our cause is so meaningful to me that I am able to transcend myself in my training. My body has become a weapon and its sole purpose is to serve a higher cause. I now feel invincible as if the spirits of our beautiful land are looking over my shoulders, as they bless me with a true meaning for my life. Your words make me proud, and I feel like one day, mother will understand my choices. I love you both.<br><br>Your daughter Tara
2103D0A6	283180	My will is strong now
9CE0057A	283183	The Dhami has been receiving many requests for the presence of Bhadra here at the ghat. Remember that she is still not officially Tarun Matara and has no duty to the people until she is crowned as the bride of the land. <br><br>Bhadra must be allowed the freedom of childhood before she is Tarun Matara proper.<br><br>Meanwhile, the Dhami is very skilled in our cremation rites having been trained at Chal Jama Monastery, he will honour your family members impeccably, do not worry.<br><br>-Sabal
A02E0FD1	283184	Tarun Matara
2D1E8961	283185	My Friends,<br><br>Longinus has been very generous with his supply of weapons to the Golden Path so we have given him one of the buildings here at the training camp. Please be courteous and respectful when you see him, and don't be afraid to ask him for some pointers, I've seen the way he breaks down and cleans a weapon, he is very skilled.<br><br>-Amita.
FE4FD485	283186	Longinus
	section = 1D33F49F
E5ACE89F	319852	Health
D83D2267	319853	50%
8E9A87EE	319854	100%
DE400D4F	319855	150%
5755EB25	319856	200%
	section = 1D80A0E4
FD7886CD	355751	Outpost with 2 img="MC_Alarm" Alarms: medium difficulty.<br>Liberate this Outpost to obtain powerful weapons.
F1B00FAE	355752	Outpost with 2 img="MC_Alarm" Alarms: medium difficulty.<br>Liberate this Outpost to obtain more Skill Points.
FED18F13	355753	Outpost with 2 img="MC_Alarm" Alarms: medium difficulty.<br>Liberate this Outpost to obtain crafting ingredients.
B27885B0	355754	Difficulty : hard<br><br>Complete this Mission to obtain Guns for Hire tokens and Rebel reinforcements at the img="MC_Extraction" Extraction Point.
2A707B1E	355755	Difficulty : hard<br><br>Complete this Mission to obtain Gyrocopters in the world and more Ammo, Healing Syringes and Body Armors at the img="MC_Extraction" Extraction Point.
D23153A7	355756	Difficulty : hard<br><br>Complete this Mission to obtain Elephants in the world and add Animal Cages at the img="MC_Extraction" Extraction Point.
FD50EF5A	355757	Difficulty : medium<br><br>Complete this Mission to add Explosive Gadgets and Explosive Barrels at the img="MC_Extraction" Extraction Point.
3EB71529	355758	Difficulty : easy<br><br>Complete this Mission to add a Mortar and Mounted Guns at the img="MC_Extraction" Extraction Point.
C4D7FAEF	355763	Spin this Mani Wheel for a Time Bonus reward.
6BA66FF7	355764	Search this area carefully for the demonic mask which has been placed as a token of a serial killer, and destroy or remove it.<br>Awards Bonus Time.
D840B21B	355765	Remove or destroy this propaganda poster and cleanse Kyrat of Pagan Min's lies.<br>Awards Bonus Time.
60E61EDE	355774	Difficulty : very hard<br><br>Reach the Extraction Point before the timer runs out !
9C6278F0	355777	WEAPON CACHE
C72237EB	355778	Discover this unique location and reveal another piece of this strange land.<br>Awards XP and Powerful Weapons.
5B0F8D79	355912	Outpost with 3 img="MC_Alarm" Alarms: hard.<br>Liberate this Outpost to obtain powerful weapons.
57C7041A	355913	Outpost with 3 img="MC_Alarm" Alarms: hard.<br>Liberate this Outpost to obtain more Skill Points.
58A684A7	355914	Outpost with 3 img="MC_Alarm" Alarms: hard.<br>Liberate this Outpost to obtain crafting ingredients.
2A385C90	355943	YUMA'S WRATH
754BD30E	360282	Fortress with 4 img="MC_Alarm" Alarms: very hard.<br>Liberate this Fortress to obtain powerful weapons.
	section = 1E7FD937
C226334C	261091	The Golden Path are in desperate need of supplies. Retrieve the supplies from the pickup sites, and return them to the people who need them most.
	section = 1F88C31B
2FC0B7A1	150528	Revert back to the default settings?
90EE2460	150638	RESET TO DEFAULT
BF8610B6	150702	ON
A7D91189	150703	OFF
52AE6421	260086	MISSION
48E3A745	260087	BATTLES OF KYRAT
A113B019	269508	Show Tutorials
2B6D9A9C	269515	Toggle tip visibility.
A02CBA8A	273679	FULL
6C5D5F53	274727	Do you wish to keep your changes?
0066176F	319491	PARTIAL
1856A8B4	342126	Kill List
9BFBA556	342127	Notifications
69119F6C	342128	Scorebar
31587627	342129	Timer
2871F169	342130	HUD Power Up Icon
164BE9CF	342137	Tagging
A9BBE17D	342138	Player Names
BC73F006	342141	Voice Chat
71102614	342660	Toggles Kill List in multiplayer.
E6980166	342661	Toggle the score bar.
6FE5079F	342662	Toggles the timer.
5434BB42	342663	Toggles faction power up HUD display.
56C7D53F	342664	Toggles player tagging information.
2FED6703	342665	Toggles gamertags.
E143A7CB	342666	Toggles voice chat.
10606FCD	342667	Toggle notification messages.
B524FA3A	344204	Scroll
479F6507	346241	Replay Intro Video
010D8E5F	346242	Replay the introductory multiplayer video.
33920964	346317	Floating Icons
4DD64BE6	346318	Toggles in world icons.
DBC8DE2E	346868	Gamertags
83F302D0	346869	Toggles player names.
F4F43246	346870	Toggles online IDs.
3095338E	346871	Online IDs
	section = 1FA9D6F7
375B570C	345651	REPLAY MAP
F2B7863A	345652	PLAY NEXT MAP
115722B6	345654	ADD TO FAVORITE
66CA1D0B	345716	Waiting for %ls to take decision.
4FC56509	352464	FAVORITE
	section = 201CA69F
3A00D08E	208877	img="MC_TX_MissionIcon" 
	section = 225D8544
5ABC79A1	355420	Different Outposts will give out different rewards. img="MC_OutpostSkill"  will award Skill Points. img="MC_OutpostCrafting"  awards crafting ingredients. img="MC_OutpostWeapon"  rewards Weapons
C3B5281B	355421	Discover img="MC_WCacheUndiscovered"  Weapon Caches to find powerful weapons
B4B2188D	355422	Make sure you reach the img="MC_Extraction" Extraction Point before the timer runs out
1D60E7CE	355750	DURGESH
2AD68D2E	355804	Collecting Mani Wheels, Propaganda Posters and Masks of Yalung will award bonus time
5DD1BDB8	355805	Dying at any point during Escape from Durgesh will send you back to the initial Bell Tower. All Missions will be reset, as well as the timer
C4D8EC02	355806	Completing Missions will award you special defense bonuses at the img="MC_Extraction" Extraction Point
B3DFDC94	355807	Certain Crafting Upgrades are not needed in the Escape from Durgesh mode, namely the wallet
2360C105	355808	Certain abilities cannot be learned in the Escape from Durgesh mode
5467F193	355809	Gain as much XP in a single session as possible to increase your Leaderboard score
5550F026	355810	You will not find any money or img="MC_TX_Shop" shops during Escape from Durgesh
2257C0B0	355811	Your health will automatically regenerate to the nearest bar after you take damage
BB5E910A	355812	Collect 2x img="MC_Plant_Green" Green Leaves to autocraft a healing syringe and hold [Heal] to heal
CC59A19C	355813	Press [Back] to view your current score and best score in the top right corner of the menu
523D343F	355814	#{}
253A04A9	355815	#{}
	section = 226615D7
4CDF8B0B	361551	Wipe out the eagle presence in the area
5F1F4FF6	361552	Wipe out the dhole presence in the area
3BB913C9	361553	Wipe out the wolf presence in the area
63779149	361554	Wipe out the bear presence in the area
A236FDB5	361555	Wipe out the snow leopard presence in the area
CD2B7905	361556	Animals left in area: %d / %d
5C74F017	362819	Cull the local Eagle population. Awards XP and ^ Rupees
86F2A468	362884	Eagles are infesting a nearby img="MC_D90_Hunting_Icon"  area. Exterminate them for a reward.
D5ED2E91	362885	Snow Leopards are infesting a nearby img="MC_D90_Hunting_Icon"  area. Exterminate them for a reward.
CB5C53AD	362886	Dholes are infesting a nearby img="MC_D90_Hunting_Icon"  area. Exterminate them for a reward.
B74FD69D	362887	Bears are infesting a nearby img="MC_D90_Hunting_Icon"  area. Exterminate them for a reward.
A06B6508	362888	Wolves are infesting a nearby img="MC_D90_Hunting_Icon"  area. Exterminate them for a reward.
440F0909	362889	HUNTING: CONTROL
72B3A6FD	362890	Cull the local Wolf population. Awards XP and ^ Rupees
0107AEF1	362891	Cull the local Bear population. Awards XP and ^ Rupees
A688F246	362892	Cull the local Dhole population. Awards XP and ^ Rupees
D6C66B9E	362893	Cull the local Snow Leopard population. Awards XP and ^ Rupees
E729CCEF	362918	img="MC_D90_Hunting" 
	section = 22671B77
4A22470F	326151	Use mortars to rain devastation on the Rakshasa.
	section = 22747CC0
BCC59D3A	349137	Do you want to keep the current settings?
E2504CBC	349138	Apply
575D5488	349139	This setting will not take effect until you restart the game.
F9E1E84B	349140	This setting will not take effect until you restart the game. Do you want to exit and restart game now?
6C98D5D3	353764	Uplay PC has stopped running. You should close and restart your game to prevent any loss of functionality.
	section = 22F5F406
398021F9	261077	Escort and protect a Golden Path shipment of guns, needed to fight De Pleur, to the designated drop-off location.
	section = 2349FB0D
D921AD63	319857	Capture Time
4195080F	319858	30 SECONDS
8975877F	319859	1 MINUTE
0B2510AE	319860	1.5 MINUTES
FE60C3D4	319861	2 MINUTES
4C401FC4	319862	2.5 MINUTES
B4D0DB75	319863	3 MINUTES
3F54CBAA	319864	3.5 MINUTES
F7B444DA	319865	4 MINUTES
B0143E0A	319866	4.5 MINUTES
C96831BF	319867	5 MINUTES
	section = 23DF0D80
2CA1AD0C	313371	Load failed. The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used.
5F2271C0	313407	Load failed. The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used.
A3A6C20F	313443	Load failed. The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used.
0126AB5D	323504	In order to create a new game, %d KB of free space is required. Do you want to manage your save data in order to free enough space to create a new game?
608CDDB9	323505	In order to create a new game, %d KB of free space is required. Do you want to manage your save data in order to free enough space to create a new game?
03F4F63C	323506	In order to create a new game, %d KB of free space is required. Do you want to manage your save data in order to free enough space to create a new game?
26A84F79	323507	You cannot load this file since you are not the owner of this save data. Please delete this save game or try to load a different save file.
4702399D	323509	You cannot load this file since you are not the owner of this save data. Please delete this save game or try to load a different save file.
247A1218	323511	You cannot load this file since you are not the owner of this save data. Please delete this save game or try to load a different save file.
3613A312	323522	Online service is disabled on your Sony Entertainment Network account due to parental control restrictions.
91152F05	323523	Online service is disabled on your Sony Entertainment Network account due to parental control restrictions.
ABA2AC96	323524	Online service is disabled on your Sony Entertainment Network account due to parental control restrictions.
3F2B958F	323528	Detecting network configuration
ACB2EE06	323529	Detecting network configuration
685F56CC	323530	Detecting network configuration
F671F609	323556	You must be connected to "PSN" to access the online leaderboard.
39212B66	323557	You must be connected to "PSN" to access the online leaderboard.
D8ACC7FD	323558	You must be connected to "PSN" to access the online leaderboard.
9B25A44E	323559	You must be connected to the Far Cry® 4 servers to access the online leaderboard.
7AA848D5	323560	You must be connected to the Far Cry® 4 servers to access the online leaderboard.
B5F895BA	323561	You must be connected to the Far Cry® 4 servers to access the online leaderboard.
A0412A73	323562	You must be connected to the Far Cry® 4 servers to access the News Feed.
41CCC6E8	323563	You must be connected to the Far Cry® 4 servers to access the News Feed.
8E9C1B87	323564	You must be connected to the Far Cry® 4 servers to access the News Feed.
DD0A406E	323565	The Far Cry® 4 service is unreachable. Please try again later.
2B2AE063	323566	The Far Cry® 4 service is unreachable. Please try again later.
C300955D	323567	The Far Cry® 4 service is unreachable. Please try again later.
FDA0D369	323571	You must be connected to "PSN" to access the News Feed.
32F00E06	323572	You must be connected to "PSN" to access the News Feed.
D37DE29D	323573	You must be connected to "PSN" to access the News Feed.
BB77B115	323610	The Uplay account doesn’t exist
1C713D02	323611	The Uplay account doesn’t exist
26C6BE91	323612	The Uplay account doesn’t exist
048DC2DA	323676	One of your downloaded content packages appears to be damaged and cannot be used.
19B34555	323677	One of your downloaded content packages appears to be damaged and cannot be used.
4198B878	323678	One of your downloaded content packages appears to be damaged and cannot be used.
1747A617	323679	A saved game already exists in slot %i. Do you want to overwrite it?
76EDD0F3	323680	A saved game already exists in slot %i. Do you want to overwrite it?
1595FB76	323681	A saved game already exists in slot %i. Do you want to overwrite it?
8A167381	323682	Access to this feature is disabled on your Sony Entertainment Network account due to chat restrictions.
198F0808	323683	Access to this feature is disabled on your Sony Entertainment Network account due to chat restrictions.
DD62B0C2	323684	Access to this feature is disabled on your Sony Entertainment Network account due to chat restrictions.
4E748E94	323685	Please reconnect and reassign your wireless controller to port [Insert Port number here].
93B6A280	323686	Please reconnect and reassign your wireless controller to port [Insert Port number here].
294849B4	323687	Please reconnect and reassign your wireless controller to port [Insert Port number here].
412473D2	323691	You are not connected to Far Cry® 4 servers, do you want to try to reconnect now?
5B236583	323692	You are not connected to Far Cry® 4  servers, do you want to try to reconnect now?
602A798C	323693	You are not connected to Far Cry® 4 servers, do you want to try to reconnect now?
BD31B55F	323715	Checking Uplay account status...
CEB26993	323716	Checking Uplay account status...
41B50690	323717	Checking Uplay account status...
825DC613	323718	An error has occurred, please try again later.
0BCA2D03	323719	An error has occurred, please try again later.
C1ECFA2E	323720	An error has occurred, please try again later.
860DC07A	323721	Invitation
9B3347F5	323722	Invitation
C318BAD8	323723	Invitation
87985CF8	323724	Let’s play Far Cry® 4!
0E0FB7E8	323725	Let’s play Far Cry® 4!
4DBE8BD5	323726	Let’s play Far Cry® 4!
E9E4F333	323727	Load failed. The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used.
F5929547	323728	Load failed. The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used.
7960E7BE	323729	Load failed. The saved game appears to be damaged and cannot be used.
370EA4C2	323736	You cannot join this session because access to user generated maps is disabled on your Sony Entertainment Network account due to chat restrictions.
5E32D1BF	323737	You cannot join this session because access to user generated maps is disabled on your Sony Entertainment Network account due to chat restrictions.
B47A2789	323738	You cannot join this session because access to user generated maps is disabled on your Sony Entertainment Network account due to chat restrictions.
90B2EA4F	323757	You cannot join this match. The host is using content that you have not yet downloaded.
56E509FE	323758	You cannot join this match. The host is using content that you have not yet downloaded.
7E1228BA	323759	You cannot join this match. The host is using content that you have not yet downloaded.
9C0A5C82	323763	The map now being saved contains objects from a downloadable content, which is reliant on the most recent Title Update. If this Title Update is removed, the downloadable content will no longer be accessible. Please ensure you always have the latest Title Update before opening this map.
159DB792	323764	The map now being saved contains objects from a downloadable content, which is reliant on the most recent Title Update. If this Title Update is removed, the downloadable content will no longer be accessible. Please ensure you always have the latest Title Update before opening this map.
562C8BAF	323765	The map now being saved contains objects from a downloadable content, which is reliant on the most recent Title Update. If this Title Update is removed, the downloadable content will no longer be accessible. Please ensure you always have the latest Title Update before opening this map.
D8E37CD9	343644	You have been returned to the title screen because you signed out from "PSN". Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
48676854	343645	You have been returned to the title screen because you signed out from "PSN". Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
54110E20	343646	You have been returned to the title screen because you signed out from "PSN". Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
A0959172	343652	Another user with the same online ID has signed in and you have been signed out from the Ubisoft servers. You have been returned to the title screen.
1F5BFAB1	343653	Another user with the same online ID has signed in and you have been signed out from the Ubisoft servers. You have been returned to the title screen.
DED2CD6F	343657	Another user with the same online ID has signed in and you have been signed out from the Ubisoft servers. You have been returned to the title screen.
3218FB3A	343659	The Ethernet cable is not connected. Please check your network cables and try again.
DD9A9FD3	343669	The Ethernet cable is not connected. Please check your network cables and try again.
496D3D2C	343670	The Ethernet cable is not connected. Please check your network cables and try again.
E4DC6C32	344468	You have been returned to the title screen because your Ethernet cable has been disconnected.
CA52CE78	344469	You have been returned to the title screen because your Ethernet cable has been disconnected.
0F6EFC7A	344470	You have been returned to the title screen because your Ethernet cable has been disconnected.
F42405EE	345875	To perform this operation, you must quit the game. Do you want to quit the game now?
775086A5	345880	To perform this operation, you must quit the game. Do you want to quit the game now?
9D187093	345881	To perform this operation, you must quit the game. Do you want to quit the game now?
4CC61B38	346469	This feature requires you to be connected to "PSN".
D5404DED	346470	This feature requires you to be connected to "PSN".
47E140AA	346471	This feature requires you to be connected to "PSN".
8E1A8AF7	346653	Campaign Data
CAA3FF58	346656	User generated map
308C526A	346657	Map created with the Map Editor
E8C3F213	347130	You do not have enough free space on the HDD. Please exit the game and  then restart after creating more space on the HDD.
433F5952	347131	You do not have enough free space on the HDD. Please exit the game and  then restart after creating more space on the HDD.
2DA0F075	347132	You do not have enough free space on the HDD. Please exit the game and  then restart after creating more space on the HDD.
45047203	348388	Sorry, the required "PSN" services are unreachable at this time. Please check your network settings and try again.
10A1C035	348447	Profile Data
520BEF01	348448	Far Cry® 4 user profile information.
E85FE1BA	348639	Invitations for users other than the initial user cannot be processed. Invitations can only be used by the user who started the game.
57918A79	348640	Invitations for users other than the initial user cannot be processed. Invitations can only be used by the user who started the game.
29D6D664	348641	Invitations for users other than the initial user cannot be processed. Invitations can only be used by the user who started the game.
6A0A86EB	348777	Press [Button4] to access Leaderboard.
25EEB36E	349177	This game saves data automatically to the HDD at certain points. Do not switch off the power when this icon is displayed.
D96A00A1	349178	This game saves data automatically to the HDD at certain points. Do not switch off the power when this icon is displayed.
566D6FA2	349179	This game saves data automatically to the HDD at certain points. Do not switch off the power when this icon is displayed.
0196C144	352265	You have been returned to the main menu because you signed out from "PSN". Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
920FBACD	352266	You have been returned to the main menu because you signed out from "PSN". Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
C57B798E	352267	You have been returned to the main menu because you signed out from "PSN". Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
83AEEE2E	352425	You do not have enough free space on the selected storage device. You will need to select another storage device with at least %u KB left in order to continue.
29790B19	352426	You do not have enough free space on the selected storage device. You will need to select another storage device with at least %u KB left in order to continue.
A1D93750	352427	You do not have enough free space on the selected storage device. You will need to select another storage device with at least %u KB left in order to continue.
E3F19E26	352435	The selected storage device is not available.  Choose a different storage device?
825BE8C2	352436	The selected storage device is not available.  Choose a different storage device?
8089B5A3	352437	The selected storage device is not available.  Choose a different storage device?
8618BC1A	352441	The selected storage device is not available. You will be returned to the main menu.
7CF94A24	352442	The selected storage device is not available. You will be returned to the main menu.
B456F7DF	352443	The selected storage device is not available. You will be returned to the main menu.
38E9E3DF	352451	The save file appears to be damaged and cannot be loaded.
84493726	352452	The save file appears to be damaged and cannot be loaded.
F5D0458E	352453	The save file appears to be damaged and cannot be loaded.
581197D0	352460	Enter a code to redeem exclusive content.
85BCEEF9	352467	Your friends are not yet ranked on this leaderboard.
03B55241	352468	Your friends are not yet ranked on this leaderboard.
BF132584	352469	Your friends are not yet ranked on this leaderboard.
682161FF	352478	You are not yet ranked on this leaderboard.
C3DDCABE	352479	You are not yet ranked on this leaderboard.
AD426399	352480	You are not yet ranked on this leaderboard.
B8B18EB4	352489	No Ranked Friends
7D8DBCB6	352490	No Ranked Friends
963F2CFE	352491	No Ranked Friends
513FB60E	352500	Not Ranked
504F3BA3	352501	Not Ranked
F52B1161	352502	Not Ranked
8706CC72	352510	NEVER ASK ME AGAIN
2E686554	352520	Leave Party
E83F86E5	352521	Leave Party
C0C8A7A1	352522	Leave Party
B98EA224	352530	Remove from Party
052E76DD	352531	Remove from Party
74B70475	352532	Remove from Party
792CCB17	352540	Decline Party invite
0AAF17DB	352541	Decline Party invite
F62BA414	352542	Decline Party invite
AF0C0E5F	352550	Accept Party invite
F0C641D8	352551	Accept Party invite
CDFDF283	352552	Accept Party invite
ACE8356B	352560	Cancel Party invite
F3227AEC	352561	Cancel Party invite
CE19C9B7	352562	Cancel Party invite
2211DB81	352570	Invite to Party
5F0B7BB7	352571	Invite to Party
1A8C0C3F	352572	Invite to Party
643875B6	352579	Do you want to sign-in a profile? You will not be able to save your progress unless you select a profile.
49AE6D99	352580	Do you want to sign-in a profile? You will not be able to save your progress unless you select a profile.
BD01AD0E	352581	Do you want to sign-in a profile? You will not be able to save your progress unless you select a profile.
11089400	352589	You have not selected a storage device.  You will need to select a storage device in order to save game progress.  Do you want to select one now?
70A2E2E4	352590	You have not selected a storage device.  You will need to select a storage device in order to save game progress.  Do you want to select one now?
7270BF85	352591	You have not selected a storage device.  You will need to select a storage device in order to save game progress.  Do you want to select one now?
FF06F52C	352597	You have not selected a storage device. You will need to select a storage device in order to continue.
9EAC83C8	352598	You have not selected a storage device. You will need to select a storage device in order to continue.
9C7EDEA9	352599	You have not selected a storage device. You will need to select a storage device in order to continue.
06C2A8D3	352608	Sign In
8F5543C3	352609	Sign In
CCE47FFE	352610	Sign In
AC1A4932	352617	Choose a profile
44303C0C	352618	Choose a profile
5A3AE93F	352619	Choose a profile
A0F5DF53	352623	Far Cry® 4 requires you to be signed in to a profile.
3071CBDE	352624	Far Cry® 4 requires you to be signed in to a profile.
BC83B927	352625	Far Cry® 4 requires you to be signed in to a profile.
ADC05D89	352637	Your Ethernet cable has been disconnected. Returning to Main Menu...
45EA28B7	352638	Your Ethernet cable has been disconnected. Returning to Main Menu...
5BE0FD84	352639	Your Ethernet cable has been disconnected. Returning to Main Menu...
F4BE42E3	352646	Save failed. The storage device in use has been removed.
661F4FA4	352647	Save failed. The storage device in use has been removed.
6D381436	352648	Save failed. The storage device in use has been removed.
7F86A9A0	352653	The profile in use has changed. You will be returned to the title screen.
D47A02E1	352654	The profile in use has changed. You will be returned to the title screen.
BAE5ABC6	352655	The profile in use has changed. You will be returned to the title screen.
756074FB	352662	The profile in use has changed. You will be returned to the title screen.
DD06DB23	352663	The profile in use has changed. You will be returned to the title screen.
A8C91C95	352664	The profile in use has changed. You will be returned to the title screen.
A09E8534	352668	The Far Cry® 4 service is not available. Please try again later.
DD842502	352669	The Far Cry® 4 service is not available. Please try again later.
9803528A	352670	The Far Cry® 4 service is not available. Please try again later.
9F5F0A2C	352678	Stick Layout
F863CD0C	352679	Stick Layout
429D2638	352680	Stick Layout
4282DDD0	352685	Button Layout
798BC1DF	352686	Button Layout
5885CB81	352687	Button Layout
D786D557	352691	Sign up for Uplay to access the online leaderboard
70805940	352692	Sign up for Uplay to access the online leaderboard
4A37DAD3	352693	Sign up for Uplay to access the online leaderboard
DC57F037	352697	Sign up for Uplay to access the News Feed
7B517C20	352698	Sign up for Uplay to access the News Feed
41E6FFB3	352699	Sign up for Uplay to access the News Feed
CE36B1FC	352703	Enter a code to redeem exclusive content.
20FDECE2	352704	Enter a code to redeem exclusive content.
581197D0	352705	
EFF12367	352713	Profile change
54EF7FD2	352714	Profile change
FA7C8DA7	352715	Profile change
F3D53B16	352723	Friends list is empty.
3C12B42F	352724	Friends list is empty.
DF34384A	352725	Friends list is empty.
5913113B	352730	Create Custom Match
02291201	352731	Create Custom Match
F7B0C839	352732	Create Custom Match
6893AD8B	352740	Load failed. The storage device in use has been removed.
C0F50253	352741	Load failed. The storage device in use has been removed.
B53AC5E5	352742	Load failed. The storage device in use has been removed.
6ADAD740	352750	You have removed the storage device in use. You will now be returned to the main menu.
F87BDA07	352751	You have removed the storage device in use. You will now be returned to the main menu.
F35C8195	352752	You have removed the storage device in use. You will now be returned to the main menu.
4723E949	352758	Load failed. A required downloadable content is missing.
EF454691	352759	Load failed. A required downloadable content is missing.
9A8A8127	352760	Load failed. A required downloadable content is missing.
84B9652F	352768	You have been returned to the main menu because the storage device has been removed.
653489B4	352769	You have been returned to the main menu because the storage device has been removed.
4BE9B840	352770	You have been returned to the main menu because the storage device has been removed.
20D1B63A	352780	Load failed.
3DEF31B5	352781	Load failed.
65C4CC98	352782	Load failed.
EDC88A1D	352792	Not enough free space available on selected device.
05E2FF23	352793	Not enough free space available on selected device.
1BE82A10	352794	Not enough free space available on selected device.
74527342	352799	EXCLUSIVE CONTENT
8AAA9E73	352806	The code you entered is not valid. Retry?
8BDA13DE	352807	The code you entered is not valid. Retry?
2EBE391C	352808	The code you entered is not valid. Retry?
D96303CC	352813	ERROR. This code has already been used.
4D94A133	352814	ERROR. This code has already been used.
36E16725	352815	ERROR. This code has already been used.
222590BA	352820	You are about to launch Uplay. Are you sure you want to proceed?
B1BCEB33	352821	You are about to launch Uplay. Are you sure you want to proceed?
755153F9	352822	You are about to launch Uplay. Are you sure you want to proceed?
BB2CC100	352830	You are about to launch Uplay. This operation will result in a loss of player progress.  Are you sure you want to proceed?
28B5BA89	352831	You are about to launch Uplay. This operation will result in a loss of player progress.  Are you sure you want to proceed?
EC580243	352832	You are about to launch Uplay. This operation will result in a loss of player progress.  Are you sure you want to proceed?
EA604BF9	352840	Valid code entered.
8D5C8CD9	352841	Valid code entered.
37A267ED	352842	Valid code entered.
E812F828	352850	Validating your code…
8F2E3F08	352851	Validating your code…
35D0D43C	352852	Validating your code…
C410688D	352860	Connect your Uplay account to access unique content!
57891304	352861	Connect your Uplay account to access unique content!
9364ABCE	352862	Connect your Uplay account to access unique content!
02B9B758	352870	Activation error. There was a problem activating your code. Please try again later.
C3308086	352871	Activation error. There was a problem activating your code. Please try again later.
7CFEEB45	352872	Activation error. There was a problem activating your code. Please try again later.
801C28A7	352880	Delete failed. The storage device in use has been removed.
E1B65E43	352881	Delete failed. The storage device in use has been removed.
E3640322	352882	Delete failed. The storage device in use has been removed.
A5131560	352891	Exit to main menu
449EF9FB	352892	Exit to main menu
6A43C80F	352893	Exit to main menu
21AD10FD	352900	Your Ethernet cable has been disconnected. Returning to title screen.
8A51BBBC	352901	Your Ethernet cable has been disconnected. Returning to title screen.
E4CE129B	352902	Your Ethernet cable has been disconnected. Returning to title screen.
51E67B62	352907	Your Ethernet cable has been disconnected. Returning to main menu.
C27F00EB	352908	Your Ethernet cable has been disconnected. Returning to main menu.
0692B821	352909	Your Ethernet cable has been disconnected. Returning to main menu.
6368AD2F	352914	You cannot join this session as a guest without the Xbox Live profile associated with your guest profile.
02C2DBCB	352915	You cannot join this session as a guest without the Xbox Live profile associated with your guest profile.
001086AA	352916	You cannot join this session as a guest without the Xbox Live profile associated with your guest profile.
FD2D2372	352922	Map upload failed. Failed to read from selected storage device.
9A11E452	352923	Map upload failed. Failed to read from selected storage device.
20EF0F66	352924	Map upload failed. Failed to read from selected storage device.
6D1DB74D	352932	Map download failed. Failed to write to selected storage device.
FE84CCC4	352933	Map download failed. Failed to write to selected storage device.
3A69740E	352934	Map download failed. Failed to write to selected storage device.
2579D88C	352946	INVITE FRIEND
56FA0440	352947	INVITE FRIEND
74152CC5	352956	INVITE Party
2BDF6342	352957	INVITE Party
16E4D019	352958	INVITE Party
07EA447B	352966	Join Party
7AF0E44D	352967	Join Party
3F7793C5	352968	Join Party
5D10ECB7	352976	The game session ended prematurely because of an insufficient number of players.
C9E74E48	352977	The game session ended prematurely because of an insufficient number of players.
B292885E	352978	The game session ended prematurely because of an insufficient number of players.
2E92554A	352983	The storage device containing a required content package was removed.
856EFE0B	352984	The storage device containing a required content package was removed.
EBF1572C	352985	The storage device containing a required content package was removed.
7FB99322	352993	Your privacy and online settings do not allow you to join sessions with restricted content.
7EC91E8F	352994	Your privacy and online settings do not allow you to join sessions with restricted content.
DBAD344D	352995	Your privacy and online settings do not allow you to join sessions with restricted content.
AA816EC4	353013	A storage device has been added or removed.
42AB1BFA	353014	A storage device has been added or removed.
5CA1CEC9	353015	A storage device has been added or removed.
34C90C33	353020	Your Ethernet cable has been disconnected.
DCE3790D	353021	Your Ethernet cable has been disconnected.
C2E9AC3E	353022	Your Ethernet cable has been disconnected.
DAC76D1F	353029	Your Ethernet cable is not connected or has been disconnected.
32ED1821	353030	Your Ethernet cable is not connected or has been disconnected.
2CE7CD12	353031	Your Ethernet cable is not connected or has been disconnected.
0088B07D	353040	Failed to load rankings.
DAE6DCAD	353041	Failed to load rankings.
1A12031C	353042	Failed to load rankings.
78F92F60	353050	You cannot join this match. The host is using content that you have not yet downloaded.
19535984	353051	You cannot join this match. The host is using content that you have not yet downloaded.
1B8104E5	353052	You cannot join this match. The host is using content that you have not yet downloaded.
62BCD0DC	353058	LS button
C5BA5CCB	353059	LS button
FF0DDF58	353060	LS button
06BE493F	353068	RS button
A1B8C528	353069	RS button
9B0F46BB	353070	RS button
7AF059F5	353078	LS
B537D6CC	353079	LS
56115AA9	353080	LS
AEB1662A	353088	RS
6176E913	353089	RS
82506576	353090	RS
A51EC761	353098	Could not join match, the game is full.
6AD94858	353099	Could not join match, the game is full.
89FFC43D	353100	Could not join match, the game is full.
0BB13D5C	353108	Could not join match, the game is full.
6A1B4BB8	353109	Could not join match, the game is full.
68C916D9	353110	Could not join match, the game is full.
212DEB2F	353118	Failed to join the requested match.
862B6738	353119	Failed to join the requested match.
BC9CE4AB	353120	Failed to join the requested match.
5805B925	353128	Resume Game
453B3EAA	353129	Resume Game
1D10C387	353130	Resume Game
71C5117A	353138	Resume game from the last saved location?
6CFB96F5	353139	Resume game from the last saved location?
34D06BD8	353140	Resume game from the last saved location?
D880CDC8	353156	Unable to join the match. The connection is not responding.
BFBC0AE8	353157	Unable to join the match. The connection is not responding.
0542E1DC	353158	Unable to join the match. The connection is not responding.
70964C60	353166	Attempting to join game invite...
E01258ED	353167	Attempting to join game invite...
6CE02A14	353168	Attempting to join game invite...
5AE662A7	353177	Your connection to Far Cry® 4 servers has been lost. You will be returned to the title screen.
80880E77	353178	Your connection to Far Cry® 4 servers has been lost. You will be returned to the title screen.
407CD1C6	353179	Your connection to Far Cry® 4 servers has been lost. You will be returned to the title screen.
77781722	353186	Your connection to Far Cry® 4 servers has been lost. You will be returned to the title screen.
76089A8F	353187	Your connection to Far Cry® 4 servers has been lost. You will be returned to the title screen.
D36CB04D	353188	Your connection to Far Cry® 4 servers has been lost. You will be returned to the title screen.
86713885	353200	You do not have enough free space on the selected storage device. You need a storage device with at least %u KB of free space.
2E17975D	353201	You do not have enough free space on the selected storage device. You need a storage device with at least %u KB of free space.
5BD850EB	353202	You do not have enough free space on the selected storage device. You need a storage device with at least %u KB of free space.
C44ACC17	353218	You cannot sign in using a guest profile.
A5E0BAF3	353219	You cannot sign in using a guest profile.
A732E792	353220	You cannot sign in using a guest profile.
F9858C03	353229	The save data requires %llu KB of disk space.  Please exit the game and  then restart after creating more space on the HDD.
982FFAE7	353230	The save data requires %llu KB of disk space.  Please exit the game and  then restart after creating more space on the HDD.
9AFDA786	353231	The save data requires %llu KB of disk space.  Please exit the game and  then restart after creating more space on the HDD.
DE0B6827	353250	You cannot load this file since you are not the owner of this profile data. Do you want to overwrite it?
BFA11EC3	353251	You cannot load this file since you are not the owner of this profile data. Do you want to overwrite it?
BD7343A2	353252	You cannot load this file since you are not the owner of this profile data. Do you want to overwrite it?
E0415D0F	353256	Sign in to "PSN"
B4F5A56D	353257	Sign in to "PSN"
C492ACF3	353258	Sign in to "PSN"
18EED5A4	353259	Chat is disabled on your Sony Entertainment Network account due to chat restrictions.
8B77AE2D	353260	Chat is disabled on your Sony Entertainment Network account due to chat restrictions.
4F9A16E7	353261	Chat is disabled on your Sony Entertainment Network account due to chat restrictions.
8B78B04B	353271	You have been returned to the main menu because your Ethernet cable has been disconnected.
65B3ED55	353272	You have been returned to the main menu because your Ethernet cable has been disconnected.
1D5F9667	353273	You have been returned to the main menu because your Ethernet cable has been disconnected.
C8BD8EEB	353280	The Far Cry® 4 server is not available at this time. Please try again later.
F3B492E4	353281	The Far Cry® 4 server is not available at this time. Please try again later.
D2BA98BA	353282	The Far Cry® 4 server is not available at this time. Please try again later.
FD9BCE11	353286	Your connection to "PSN" has been lost. You have been returned to the title screen. Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
6D1FDA9C	353287	Your connection to "PSN" has been lost. You have been returned to the title screen. Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
E1EDA865	353288	Your connection to "PSN" has been lost. You have been returned to the title screen. Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
CCD47CCE	353289	You need to be signed in to "PSN" for this operation. Would you like to sign in now?
ABE8BBEE	353290	You need to be signed in to "PSN" for this operation. Would you like to sign in now?
111650DA	353291	You need to be signed in to "PSN" for this operation. Would you like to sign in now?
4C3D87F5	353309	Failed to log in
312727C3	353310	Failed to log in
74A0504B	353311	Failed to log in
D7448DCD	353318	Logout succeeded
45E5808A	353319	Logout succeeded
4EC2DB18	353320	Logout succeeded
EEEEB935	353327	Failed to log out
2129360C	353328	Failed to log out
C20FBA69	353329	Failed to log out
1018AD24	353336	Are you sure you want to log out
54D85DBD	353337	Are you sure you want to log out
8C0D0AD5	353338	Are you sure you want to log out
0EFD8EC7	353345	Are you sure you want to log in
B25D5A3E	353346	Are you sure you want to log in
C3C42896	353347	Are you sure you want to log in
AB7CDA0F	353354	Sign In
F4B69588	353355	Sign In
C98D26D3	353356	Sign In
E66EA70B	353363	Sign in
29A92832	353364	Sign in
CA8FA457	353365	Sign in
2BE7284F	353372	Sign into UPlay
4A4D5EAB	353373	Sign into UPlay
489F03CA	353374	Sign into UPlay
5F11990B	353381	Offline Mode
9E98AED5	353382	Offline Mode
2156C516	353383	Offline Mode
30544706	353396	User has opted out of third-party communication.
D87E3238	353397	User has opted out of third-party communication.
C674E70B	353398	User has opted out of third-party communication.
422A037D	353405	Please update me with exclusive content from Ubisoft partners.
435A8ED0	353406	Please update me with exclusive content from Ubisoft partners.
E63EA412	353407	Please update me with exclusive content from Ubisoft partners.
CBFB739F	353414	Please update me with exclusive content and offers about Ubisoft titles.
E66D6BB0	353415	Please update me with exclusive content and offers about Ubisoft titles.
12C2AB27	353416	Please update me with exclusive content and offers about Ubisoft titles.
2756B4AB	353423	FRIENDS
C6DB5830	353424	FRIENDS
E80669C4	353425	FRIENDS
03BB8D8C	353432	Your party leader has joined a match. Do you want to join?
A4BD019B	353433	Your party leader has joined a match. Do you want to join?
9E0A8208	353434	Your party leader has joined a match. Do you want to join?
70EE0E1F	353441	View Invites
B433E473	353442	View Invites
6C4F56DB	353443	View Invites
8B90E011	353452	View Invites
373034E8	353453	View Invites
46A94640	353454	View Invites
B5B37151	353459	You have been returned to the title screen because you signed out of "PSN". Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
D28FB671	353460	You have been returned to the title screen because you signed out of "PSN". Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
68715D45	353461	You have been returned to the title screen because you signed out of "PSN". Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
CAF01D39	353482	You need to be signed in to "PSN" for this operation. Would you like to sign in now?
5A7409B4	353483	You need to be signed in to "PSN" for this operation. Would you like to sign in now?
D6867B4D	353484	You need to be signed in to "PSN" for this operation. Would you like to sign in now?
9DBFC33D	353488	You have been returned to the single player mode because your Ethernet cable has been disconnected.
257E6CFA	353489	You have been returned to the single player mode because your Ethernet cable has been disconnected.
94EA300F	353490	You have been returned to the single player mode because your Ethernet cable has been disconnected.
461728A8	353503	left stick
CF80C3B8	353504	left stick
8C31FF85	353505	left stick
A45E8A5E	353512	right stick
B9600DD1	353513	right stick
E14BF0FC	353514	right stick
9312248B	353521	L3 button
D7D2D412	353522	L3 button
0F07837A	353523	L3 button
F710BD68	353530	R3 button
B3D04DF1	353531	R3 button
6B051A99	353532	R3 button
835391B2	353551	Sorry, the required "PSN" services are unreachable at this time. Please check your network settings and try again.
6DF35347	353552	Sorry, the required "PSN" services are unreachable at this time. Please check your network settings and try again.
66C36647	353565	PlayStation®Store
220396DE	353566	PlayStation®Store
FAD6C1B6	353567	PlayStation®Store
EB905F63	353574	Friends
AF50AFFA	353575	Friends
7785F892	353576	Friends
343A2900	353584	Enter your code to redeem exclusive content. All codes are UNIQUE and are not reusable with another online ID.
A7A35289	353585	Enter your code to redeem exclusive content. All codes are UNIQUE and are not reusable with another online ID.
634EEA43	353586	Enter your code to redeem exclusive content. All codes are UNIQUE and are not reusable with another online ID.
267DE4D0	353591	The Far Cry® 4 service is not available. Please try again later.
8E1B4B08	353592	The Far Cry® 4 service is not available. Please try again later.
FBD48CBE	353593	The Far Cry® 4 service is not available. Please try again later.
C85AB4C6	353602	Please wait while we are connecting to Far Cry® 4 servers.
E5CCACE9	353603	Please wait while we are connecting to Far Cry® 4 servers.
11636C7E	353604	Please wait while we are connecting to Far Cry® 4 servers.
18F4833C	353611	Login succeeded.
6B775FF0	353612	Login succeeded.
97F3EC3F	353613	Login succeeded.
46FB0F4C	354012	You have been signed out of "PSN". Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
37627DE4	354013	You have been signed out of "PSN". Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
FA5BDBB5	354014	You have been signed out of "PSN". Online features will not be available until you sign in again.
8C305A6B	354015	Your connection to Far Cry® 4 servers has been lost. Please try again later.
4A67B9DA	354016	Your connection to Far Cry® 4 servers has been lost. Please try again later.
A4C77B2F	354017	Your connection to Far Cry® 4 servers has been lost. Please try again later.
	section = 23ED6ABC
DBDF4E41	194313	Hijack The Signal
640560EC	194603	Clear The Outpost
9CF8442E	199025	Pick Up Snake Venom (Red Plants).
77B75BB8	199026	Return To The Village.
F3513CC5	199027	Investigate The Cave.
8A98DDC3	199029	Get Bitten By A Blue Snake.
1290A5D9	199030	Run Back To The Village.
50F9D3F1	199031	Return To Kanan
B70E77C1	199063	Reach The Snake Pit.
A56B98A0	199064	Secure The Compound
E8AA5E31	199065	Broadcast A Message To Kyrat
12F132D2	199067	Destroy The Truck
A58EE98D	199068	Repel The Royal Guard
F07342CC	199133	%d/2 Bomb Disarmed
8A473F77	199138	Light The Fires On The Statue
944CF133	199139	Meet The Rebels In Utkarsh
5AC07B6F	199612	Defend The Remaining Statue
05F57EBC	199619	Destroy The Drug Farm
2B836C4E	199620	Fields Burnt: %d / %d
6D9E2C59	199621	Opium Stacks Destroyed: %d / %d
E4F38476	199622	Reach The Kyra Tea Factory
E7EF6819	199623	Destroy The Irrigation System
29D88FB7	199626	HOLD [Interact] Spin Mani Wheel
782AF941	199627	Leave The Monastery
99BAE87D	199629	Meet Raju
29181CD0	199630	Prepare To Defend The Monastery
DB8EDE71	199631	Defend The Monastery
964C861C	201904	Find A Way Under The Royal Bridge And Stay Undetected
7B856706	201905	Locate And Disarm All The Charges: %d / %d
AA6135D2	201906	Escape Using The Wingsuit
F7DA726B	202240	Find The Monkey Statue
8EB8E2E4	202241	Enter The Glacier
237A44EF	202243	Cross The Water
5FF29690	202244	Find The Monkey Statue
90D59D8F	202245	Steal The Monkey Statue
42A239DC	202246	Escape The Cave
7D969CEC	202247	Beat Pagan's Troops To The Mountain Top
E5C8D891	202251	Retrieve Pagan's Item
DB582338	202252	Take The Wingsuit Back Down
5C2F3D31	202253	Reach The Abandoned Monastery
FF2CAEB8	202254	Find A Way Through The Cave
6C818C7B	202255	Enter The Cave
C8C085D0	202256	Find And Kill Yuma's Lieutenant
8B93843D	202257	Eliminate Yuma's Lieutenant
A58A6339	202268	Reach And Neutralize The Detonator
20FA7396	202276	Reach The Sleeping Saints
9D17BF36	202333	Reach Jalendu Temple
E0D34920	202337	Reach The Rebels
8F70DD7B	202450	HOLD [Interact] Throw powder
A616CF4D	202459	HOLD [Interact] Throw petals
FEF89E7B	205297	Load The Gold Into The Boat
FB806697	205312	Reach The Mountain Hamlet
59993A16	205313	Save The Hostages
2C929344	205648	Escort The Rebel Barge
191D5C45	205689	Eliminate The Snipers img="MC_TX_CAM_Long" 
63748FD2	205690	Reach The Control Tower
1BDFD595	205693	Protect Willis
F5292E79	205694	Meet Willis
DAD8332A	205696	Chase The Plane
9D88941E	205697	Locate The Sleeping Saints Site
EF1FC65D	205770	Return To Raju
D9CF7EA0	205786	Reach The Fortress
F3D07F4C	205787	Attack The Fortress
30B0C788	208415	Capture The Comm Center %d/%d
D602F1E5	208551	Chase Pagan Min
68DBC7CC	208581	The Army Is Aware Of Your Presence - You Will Never Disable The Bombs
56FFCC28	208774	Get To The ATV
6C04EC5F	208790	Destroy The Chimney Support Cables
B504FA60	208791	Find The Chemist
82CF6E5E	208837	Reach Utkarsh quickly
EB48A586	208838	Search For Survivors
CD3D288F	208839	Protect The House
6ECFF790	208840	Artillery Incoming! Hide!
83838454	210918	Kill The Chemist
A3F4E78B	210919	You Killed The Chemist
190610BA	210930	Go To The Ambush Point
9BDE2D88	210931	Capture The Fuel Truck
72B98BDB	210932	Drive To The Royal Bridge
7B8E4F8B	210933	Get Back In The Truck!
8CB72277	210934	The Fuel Truck Was Destroyed
C71C0BF1	210935	The Truck Was Abandoned
81DAB7C3	211084	Infiltrate The Airport
395857D7	211085	Capture The Fuel Truck
47C21642	211087	The Convoy Is Escaping!
E9DE2E72	211091	Infiltrate The Warehouse
820165E4	211092	Sneak Into The Back Of The Truck
12DF44DC	211093	That Was Your Getaway Car!
FA148670	211094	Free The Slaves
FE46E078	211095	Slaves Freed: %d / %d
52A08F30	211096	HOLD [RS] To Move De Pleur
D48F5FC7	211097	That Was Your Ride To The City Of Pain
F2E4C214	211391	Willis Is Dead
3200EC71	211392	The Commander img="MC_TX_VIP"  Has Been Alerted
FDE8B861	211445	Destroy The Wolves' Den And Gather Two Pelts
132FEADB	211446	Destroy The Gates With The Fuel Truck
AE6AB672	211449	Kill Pagan Min
FB79A5B4	211491	You Killed The Driver
8D111606	211492	Reach Alpha Camp
BFDE83B0	211495	Reach Bravo Camp
6C2E90DE	211551	Loot Bodies To Recover The Intel
D03AA530	212732	Complete The Chal Jama Pilgrimage
D4429424	218293	Locate Hurk
52B86FC0	218294	Free Hurk
71397C74	218295	Defend Hurk
26A8CFA5	218296	Clear The Area Of Any Remaining Enemies
FE299A00	218297	Drop Hurk Near The Temple Entrance
C4F7801B	218298	Ride The Elephant
2D4ACB72	218299	Escape
5E03B967	218300	Final Stand: Kill Them All
CA4C42EF	220575	Repair The Boat
CE7B2493	220669	Tibetan Wolf Skins: %d / %d
7ECF4080	234569	Secure The Courtyard
433FBA9B	234570	Capture The HQ %d/%d
C68DA634	234571	Destroy The Statue Of Pagan Min
2BBE8D5A	234572	Capture The Armory %d/%d
6A942785	234573	Destroy The Statue Of Pagan Min
AD872AC5	237834	Find The Entrance.
2E6ED687	237979	You Fell From The Bridge
C44C1E9D	237980	Gain Access To The Mine
9A376C56	237981	Find The Ruby
B9C1EC3A	237982	Steal The Ruby
5039CD2A	237983	Escape The Mine
344E6DDB	237984	Locate The Helicopter
B32A57E0	237985	Locate Shipments
BAE12FA9	237986	Locate Remaining Shipments With The Tracker
FBF0CD28	237987	Shipments Located: %d / %d
7E7F99BA	237988	Return To Longinus
155C82B8	238564	The Plane Has Escaped
DF40DBCC	238665	Lead The Elephant Out.
30C5A502	241268	Gather Explosives
B597A6E9	241281	Talk With Hurk
A3CD36E3	241573	Reach The Sky Caves.
C33A1313	241574	Reach The Cave.
801EB070	241575	Locate The Red Snake.
F9ACB404	241576	Run To The Village.
B65FF098	241577	Run To The Village.
655CF2A3	241651	Enter De Pleur’s Office
3D20349D	241652	Sneak Into The truck
E04CC6C9	241653	Carry De Pleur To A Vehicle
E9C0D671	241654	You've Been Detected
FE1FF06A	241656	Bring De Pleur To The Golden Path
B2B81216	241683	Photograph The Interrogation Chambers
E932844C	241700	Photos Taken: %d / %d
A7ECE748	241709	Enemies Alerted. The Convoy Will Not Leave
0BD11C9E	241713	Several Hours Later
59A1604A	241775	Find The Wolves' Den
E423BFC2	241782	Join Hurk
9520ECD8	241783	Do Not Alert The Commander
27C134DA	241786	Snipers Killed: %d / %d
A33204B5	242451	Destroy The Inner Gate
638697CD	242452	The Commander img="MC_TX_VIP"  Is Dead
8DF19517	246079	Reach The Gate
38619CB0	251485	Untie The Hostages
867987F9	251690	Eliminate The Enemies And Protect The Poppy Fields
8E3F6C95	251691	Regroup With The Golden Path
906D06D4	251692	Repel The Enemies And Protect The Poppy Fields
FC51C7EA	251693	A Poppy Field Is Burning
87041D76	252111	Identify Yuma's Lieutenant
B4468098	252112	Loot Yuma's Lieutenant
2AA740E4	252115	Find An Oxygen Mask
A1BB81E5	252466	Use Your Wingsuit To Reach The Monastery
E546E132	252467	Use Your Wingsuit To Rejoin Willis
A40C49AE	254722	Clear The Village Of Army Soldiers
FD6CD2F1	254725	Help Bhadra
97AC8846	254726	Find A Way Inside The Building
8A912DFF	254727	Get Bhadra to safety
55953B44	255516	Reach Bravo Camp
BA79A33A	255517	Prepare your defences
5F5217A4	255519	Reach Alpha Camp
9BC835CA	255522	Eliminate Remaining Soldiers
4EC3DB58	256122	Reach The Bell Of Enlightenment
E34487D1	256123	Approach The Tiger
45BFC753	256124	Reach The Bell Of Enlightenment
E16A9692	256125	Find The Bell Of Enlightenment
27804DFF	256126	Approach The Seeker
28BDD5B9	256127	Retrieve The Eye Of Kyra
4B98F119	256128	Find The Bell Of Enlightenment
840DADD4	256129	Find The Bell Of Enlightenment
23D599DC	256130	Reach The Bell Of Enlightenment
002E3001	256131	Find The Bell Of Enlightenment
1E6B96EC	256132	Save The Elephant
440A4BD4	256133	Liberate The Bell Of Enlightenment
6E7385F5	256134	Defeat The Rakshasa
D1F1F7AC	256135	Send The Tiger to expose the Rakshasa's mouth
8C431D70	256832	Search For Yuma
F02537CE	256833	Kill Kalinag
24CEC2EF	257726	Find Bhadra
D9E73DEA	258742	Defend Jalendu Temple
86DA8039	259346	Eliminate Enemy Presence
38C6086C	259910	Rescue The Hostages
1F3330E1	259969	Defend The Rebels
0831FE89	260002	Talk To Amita And Sabal
D5D7FA6E	260009	Repel The Final Attack
1F696C62	260241	Escape The Prison
1B20067F	260287	[Interact] To Attach
A8B466DB	260288	[Interact] Speak with Prisoner
6B6F5547	260318	Secure The Location
D5101598	260319	Kill All The Enemies In Town
C70CC853	260320	Meet The Sappers At The Entrance Of The Village
E7BBDFE6	260437	Clear The Area Then Trigger The Explosive
E855E39A	260438	Protect The Sappers
B8A3C55F	260439	Rig The Second Artillery With The Charge
0320CA70	260440	Start The Timer And Run
CFA4F5C9	260441	Rig The Final Artillery With The Charge
03C1747B	260442	Start The Final Timer And Run
C79AA261	260443	Flee The Area And Escape!
75C096EE	260652	Destroy The Fuel Truck
1C1F56E1	260653	Stop The Convoy
4298F930	260654	Defend The Weapon Stashes
CC3D80C7	260660	img="MC_Generator" Generators Switched Off: %d / %d
D410A8C7	260661	Enter The Lab
6EEC50CC	260839	Join The Rebel Assault
E8CECA71	261010	Kill Yuma's Lieutenant With A Knife
AF06E450	261036	Escape Using The Grapple
967E14A7	261221	Exit The Lab
CCAC3824	261223	tsimehC ehT lliK
DC2980CD	261224	Take The Satchel Charges
F16B2D23	261225	Plant The C4
42754BCA	261497	Escape The Prison Camp
B558C7F0	261526	Find Your Father's Friend
2488239A	261527	Locate And Rescue Yaj
8EF971BC	261528	Chase The Convoy To Save Yaj
A1C98D02	261529	Escort Yaj To A Nearby Safehouse
0C7812E9	261878	Use The Camera To Locate Yaj
61B12330	261881	Confront Pagan
85231C3D	261956	Destroy The Chimney
183EA54F	261998	Talk To The Rebel Leader
C2D8DBD7	263956	Find The Buzzer
04D40736	264198	Locate The Truck
677734E9	264204	Use A Vehicle Takedown To Take Control Of The Truck
3CA0D9C5	264211	Maintain Minimum Speed
D0203108	264212	You are too far from the truck - get closer
0679CCB4	264229	Meet Hurk
28D3E303	266296	[RS] Drop De Pleur
ACF8D0DA	266311	Block Access To The Sleeping Saints
D33D5567	266313	Unlock Laboratory Door
75FE2A80	266879	Destroyed Cables: %d / %d
BC64DD76	266903	Destroy The Food Stall
54B2F6AB	266904	Exit The Vehicle NOW
F7899156	266905	Destroy The Stalled Truck
51AF784A	266908	Take Down The Driver
535DE1ED	267215	Reach Kalesh
57FA46F1	269547	Retrieve The Charges
56D437C1	269614	Rig The First Artillery With The Charge
34D2A791	269615	Prepare Some Traps Before The Reinforcements Arrive
B6B61967	269849	HOLD [Interact] To exit
79CF13CD	269850	Hide The Bodies
458C9C64	269852	Pick Up The Offering
23127C34	269858	HOLD [Interact] Light candle
92585276	269864	Put Down The Offering
C3EC074B	269865	HOLD [Interact] Light incense
94018972	269870	Remain Hidden And Hide Bodies
6D20429F	269871	You Killed A Hostage
A7AC7727	270015	Find De Pleur's Office
EB9DFE45	270639	Sneak Into The Truck
2BF1CF10	270654	Search The Area For A Hint Of Yuma's Presence
1B473AB6	270698	Secure The Airport
14C6F06C	272194	De Pleur Has Been Alerted
AC7F5741	272899	Kill Sabal
9BCD506C	272900	Kill Amita
7832083D	273186	Defeat The Reinforcements
CAD3C2BA	273348	Kill Sabal Loyals
559E7D46	273349	Kill Amita's Loyalists
C0DF7D75	273350	Put De Pleur In The Trunk
D1D32A5B	273351	Take Some Ammo And Plant Some Mines
2456E3E6	273485	Why did you abandon Hurk?
A48AC5FB	273486	Ride The Buzzer
61B19DA4	273487	Your Buzzer has been destroyed
28F17CAA	273582	Prepare Your Defences
EEC7FD7F	273683	Access The Temple Basement
462930C1	273958	Stop The Boat And Disarm The Bombs
64F915C1	274004	Detonate The Ice Wall
AC9CEBDC	274215	Enter The Lab
B57471FF	274216	Plant Explosives
1DF4ADEF	274217	Exit The Lab
1C775729	274785	Pick Up The Grapple
1D5C852A	275554	Secure Transportation Before The Convoy leaves
B58A195F	275555	Escape To A Safe Distance
6FEDB181	275583	Locate The Weapon Stashes
41A2E493	275584	Weapon Stashes Found: %d / %d
A5BD0754	275586	Meet Kanan
7FDF4384	275588	Secure Jalendu Temple
088C896B	275628	...
C38ADDBB	275641	We Need The Intel From The Alpha Camp
A1E75D5E	275642	We Need To Save The Rebels At The Bravo Camp
41DB3E00	275648	Offer To Help The Rebels
DFAC0F6E	275659	Amita And Sabal Are In A Heated Argument Over A Map Lying Across A Table. Sabal Wants To Save Lives, Amita The Intel
BF1A8459	275666	Check The Accident Site
FE8816E3	275682	Reach Chal Jama Monastery
688876CD	276004	Reach The Farm
F2D5F63F	276005	Convoy Vehicles Stopped: %d / %d
762EA720	276006	Weapon Stashes Remaining: %d / %d
3BFD8851	276035	Don't Shoot Your Allies!
8A7D6578	276036	Too Many Rebels Died
405817CB	276090	HOLD [Interact] Untie
D604CD7E	276091	Carry De Pleur Outside
7D0B2538	276092	De Pleur Has Died
31BC69B0	276279	Eliminate Yuma's Lieutenant And His Guards
D3225D23	276973	Meet The Rebels At The Rendezvous Point
089733A0	277073	Reach The Bell Tower
0C0CD418	277076	Explore De Pleur's Mansion
FC88314D	277078	Explore De Pleur's Mansion
8E439E53	277079	Defend The Truck
87AADB2D	277108	Spin The Mani Wheels
BED2766D	277290	Spin The Mani Wheel
5AA8E7AE	277291	Spin The Mani Wheels
B76295D4	277292	Spin The Mani Wheels
DDFF8193	278133	Build A Grappling Hook 0/2
7FFF971F	278134	Build A Grappling Hook 1/2
CA90074D	279390	Kill Or Confront Noore
6AFEE26B	282184	Kill Yuma
A9063258	283914	Loot Pagan Min
1F33013C	284498	You Have Been Detected
6441EBF3	291317	Reach The Outpost
6B041461	295992	You Left The Mission Area
F70FDE77	299157	Open The Gate
3CF67E34	299981	Provide Access To The Rebels
813B2284	299982	Access The Vault
C5AE98BB	300043	Board The Boat
E30E19B6	301128	Rendezvous With The Rebels
E8A3EABA	301317	Pick Up The Satchel Charges
1BBBF6C1	308015	Survive The Arena
F4B96E9D	308140	Escape In The Truck
D6546308	314264	Poppy Fields Intact: %d / %d
77C5BAC5	314556	Find The img="MC_ShangriLa" Thangka
906155B1	314644	The House Was Destroyed
0968040B	317692	Too Slow - The Villagers Have Died
C8637255	318042	Disarm The Bombs
C8F44AF4	318420	You Did Not Use The Kukri
51FD1B4E	318421	Buzzer Destroyed
26FA2BD8	318566	Pagan Min Escaped!
29EA122E	318567	Ride To The Palace
7D5C4378	318830	Find A Way Backstage
0291BA21	318843	Reach Shanath
513F07A7	318845	Reach The Control Room
882E6A77	319035	 
27A2778D	321458	Go To The Safehouse
405A460E	323770	CAPTURING
E81D8C35	323771	CAPTURING
0957A8E4	323772	CAPTURING
1303B5D5	326542	Pick The Offering Basket Back Up
DFFD3CD2	327844	Perform A Takedown On Kalinag
7CB0DA3E	328202	Reach The Bell Of Enlightenment
91DE03CF	328203	Approach The Seeker
57EA5EA0	337711	Observe The Meeting
DEF2CC10	337743	1st Artillery Crew %d/%d
D7BC1583	337744	2nd Artillery Crew %d/%d
BAA7524E	337746	3rd Artillery Crew %d/%d
DE38F412	338796	Bombs Disarmed: %d / %d
C27AB402	338845	Create Chaos In The Arena
7E6F349D	338993	A Villager Has Died
B50D33A8	339212	Climb The Bell Tower
E00BA13E	339226	A Door Was Destroyed
7C3C9A60	339366	Use The Detonator Or Explosives At The Forgotten Shrine Over The Entrance To Block The Main Gate
4378A3B4	340940	Reach The Bell Tower
17AB5D22	340950	Save Darpan
13F7020C	340956	Place Mom with Lakshmana
F2BE0CCA	341007	More Soldiers Incoming
1FB039C6	341025	Secure Jalendu Temple
9EB8E65F	341050	Rest For One Hour
890FC351	341527	Stop Boat: %d / %d
C6CAE0A8	341720	Use Your Camera To Identify The Lieutenant
BE7A3BFE	342051	Meet Amita
F2CFFE75	342054	Reach Banapur
F62EF748	342055	Reach The Sherpa
5987BA82	342056	Reach The Sherpa
3CE081C4	342057	Reach The Sherpa
47BCA7CF	342167	Meet Pagan Min At The Royal Palace
56B4DA44	342402	Open The Elephant Cage
D1A78F59	342461	Find A Bow
025B4833	342668	Spin The Mani Wheel To Free The Temple
A607D332	342669	Enter The Temple
0A7292CA	342682	Scout Ahead
1D8803D2	342683	Speed Up!
03D0BD13	342684	Don't Leave The Buzzer
4ADE8F1B	342685	Your Buzzer is too far away
79102F50	342821	Reach The Bell Tower
CFA45DFE	342822	Reach The Mountain Hamlet
2936E266	342831	Reach The Abandoned Gold Mine
76B97125	342839	Destroy The Gate
4D7E9CDE	342966	HOLD [Interact] Pick up
9A7456BC	342967	[DropCrate] Drop basket
5970D775	343034	Defuse The Bomb
57CE911B	343184	Enter Shanath Arena
652FCCC8	343322	Destroy The Wolves' Den
184D7880	343350	Destroy The Entrenched Enemies
8144293A	343351	Defend The Bell Tower
88E09564	343352	Use The Mortar
322020AA	343571	Intel Found: %d/%d
80BEE300	343596	Secure Jalendu Temple
51B61897	343613	Take A Picture Of The Lieutenant’s Corpse
06134895	343649	You Killed The Rebel Leader
A8FF9627	343651	Rebels: %d/%d
91592FCD	344052	Get In The Truck
4D2DF742	344074	Place Mom with Lakshmana
0CA1A054	344115	The Plane Has Been Destroyed
18D05F75	344191	Detonate The Charges
B41BBBA4	344192	Explosives Planted: %d / %d
3E77CBB7	344209	Reach The Sherpa
8E2B5FCE	344394	Destroy The Temple Gate
B2099BC3	344395	Enter The Temple Grounds
DCB9E04D	344396	Destroy The Disciples' Supplies
65F783CC	344397	Proceed Up To The Sky Shrine
496F046A	344398	Obtain An Oxygen Mask
951BD35D	344399	Kill Master Sandesh
3BB4E38F	344400	Disciples' Ammunition Supplies Destroyed: %d / %d
75EBBD64	344401	Disciples' Elixir Supplies Destroyed: %d / %d
36D6D667	344402	Locate The Disciples' Convoy
4241D4A6	344403	Loot The Prison Key From The Commander
FDB0226A	344404	Secure The Prison Courtyard
DFF47240	344405	Enter The Prison
D81A6DDC	344406	Reach The Bomb Maker Without Triggering The Alarm
8F861BC1	344407	Clear The Exit For The Bomb Maker
2893511C	344408	Find The Bomb Maker's Hidden Explosives Stash
F042DD2F	344471	Reach The Pilot
F0BFBE21	344472	Secure The Rendezvous Site
8589FD3D	344473	Find A Way Out
6A538F05	344474	Escape Down The Mountain
36C213C9	344475	Search The Area For Your Equipment
E5C7D878	344476	Get A Weapon
9594F7E2	344585	Find The Shipment
FB348B02	344587	Travel To The Himalayas
B0D6A20E	344686	Steal The Gold
7491CEE1	345183	Guards Killed: %d / %d
CD0F944B	345609	Find Survival Equipment: %d / %d
BE32A5CC	345610	Return To The Relay Station And Prepare For The Assault
5B203721	345611	Prepare For The Disciples' Assault
0CAD30AD	345612	Defend The Relay Station
C743811A	345613	Prepare For The Next Assault
666CB8E8	345614	Explore The World Or Interact With The Radio
41AEA989	345816	Leave The Area
3CF2C015	345817	Check The Radio
BC09184C	346072	Proceed To The Relay Station
499140D9	346073	Secure The Relay Station
8F5DDC7F	346074	Check The Radio And Call For Help
9A0F4175	346075	Investigate The Crash Site
49239672	346076	Power Generators Disabled: %d / %d
ABA2AC8E	346077	Reach The Relic Shrine
8D16C1EE	346078	Search For The Relic
7CBDC65D	346079	Destroy The Relic's Roots %d / %d
DDA42757	346080	Reach The Sherpa
ABF62865	346134	Reach The Vantage Point
2AA3C5DE	346210	Meet Up With Hurk
167E594A	346236	Escape From The Lab Before The Explosion
6D0CB586	346321	Press [DropCrate] to drop
9CA6B776	346447	Disciples' Supplies Destroyed: %d / %d
2A0A4193	346626	Loot Master Sandesh
7870EAE7	346627	Collect The Explosives
ADA3315A	346629	Finish The Relic
EC28371C	346668	You Don't Have Your Khukri
E9FAA068	346832	Disable The Signal Jammer Power Generators
DC631E1C	347076	PREPARE
548449AE	347159	After sending the Tiger, shoot the Rakshasa in the mouth
4782132E	347813	Explore Shangri-La
4C229BC0	348127	You Left De Pleur Behind
F4BADD9B	348128	Get Back To De Pleur
6E439AB8	348456	Destroy The Relic's Roots
96840D90	348472	HURRY
AA631F5C	348483	SHANGRI-LA
ABD5EF4D	348644	Loot An Oxygen Mask From An Enemy
F9F58B3B	349198	Have A Rest In The Safe House
6E57C4DC	349199	Go Back To The Safe House When Ready
74357DB0	349439	Eliminate all Disciples In The Area
B384A7A9	351961	Shut Down The Signal Jammers
72FC3761	351962	Find Survival Equipment
E25B534F	351963	Secure The Area
8290BAFD	354008	Reach the helicopter
44450EAE	354009	Defend the helicopter
F3D00266	354010	Prepare the defenses
46EE772A	354011	Get in the helicopter
4C51FC16	354019	Kill the three Commanders with a knife
602C062C	354051	Destroy the img="MC_HConvoy" Yuma's Wrath convoy of boats
D7E60170	355305	Find The Pilot
44C3E31E	355761	Take position at the turret
4C17EA31	355794	Find Information About The Relic
D0D6857E	356198	Release The Bomb Maker
D098917B	356223	Commanders killed with a knife: %d/%d
AD9B6362	356312	Find A Grappling Hook To Escape
2E9391A8	356314	Prepare To Ambush The Convoy
1BCD7B7A	356837	Collect The Wingsuit
23C34928	360615	Go To The Prison
F9A717F9	361573	Destroy Yalung's Relic
61B78541	362722	Both players need to be in front of the radio to start the mission!
B1367A5C	362723	Both players need to be in the Relay Station to complete the mission.
D8207EE7	362725	Find A Way To Reach The Final Signal Jammer's Generator
	section = 255D6F2F
3945BE10	283735	When Banashur was singing his creation song, it woke the demon Yalung from the deep. Yalung became jealous of the melody and he attacked Banashur. Their fight was long and fierce, but Banashur emerged victorious. He chewed up Yalung’s body and spat it out across the land, forming cliffs, caves, and caverns. This cycle would repeat itself for what seemed like eternity.
3D97061D	283736	Kyrat's Landscape
F6D7C735	283737	Team,<br><br>All prisoners must be thoroughly searched before being sent to the City of Pain. All valuable items found must be seized and taken to your superiors, necklaces, rings, earrings, brooches, anything shiny. The more sentimental value they have, the more I will reward you for them.<br><br>'It is careless, not virtuous, to just give someone the benefit of the doubt.'<br>Paul De Pleur
09D7C60F	283738	We Buy Gold!
	section = 25C84B25
FEC213F7	31257	Ajay: Shit!
01C70943	31258	Ajay: Woah!
8452A6B7	31259	Ajay: Fuck!
AB780CDA	31260	Ajay: Holy--!
9067C6D0	31262	Ajay: Huh?
4F7EF5AB	31263	Ajay: Ah Great.
80555F19	31264	Ajay: What?
88632593	31265	Ajay: Okay...
AFB1E825	31267	Ajay: What the hell...
B3D90B22	31268	Ajay: Woah...
F4B2D724	31269	Ajay: Wait...what?
691F5F50	31270	Ajay: For real?
83085310	58034	Ajay: Gah!
C275F5C8	58040	Ajay: Fuck!
65721420	58042	Ajay: Ahh!
563FBAFA	85725	Royal Guard Dispatch: We're on our way!
8D6A7D4D	85727	Royal Guard Dispatch: Hold tight, we're inbound!
9984ED09	85729	Royal Guard Dispatch: We're almost there!
3F91A78F	85731	Royal Guard Dispatch: We'll be there in thirty seconds!
E4863CAE	85733	Royal Guard Dispatch: Inbound on your position
C8A2C7B1	85735	Royal Guard Dispatch: We're heading your way now!
3E26E85A	92276	Army Radio Operator: We're on our way!
2CE402D8	92278	Army Radio Operator: Hold tight, we're coming!
B2DC9B28	92280	Army Radio Operator: We're almost there!
56BC6E12	92282	Army Radio Operator: We'll be there in half a minute!
E79F6CED	92284	Army Radio Operator: We're on our way to you!
03EED0F0	92286	Army Radio Operator: We're heading your way now!
2291195F	116132	Army Radio Operator: We're coming in from the north.
F21ECAF2	116140	Army Radio Operator: We're heading up from the south.
92B1F9E9	116142	Army Radio Operator: We're coming in from the east.
23537368	116144	Army Radio Operator: We're coming in from the west.
FF03CA38	116146	Army Radio Operator: Coming up behind the motherfucker!
F3DCA0C5	116148	Army Radio Operator: We're coming in on both sides!
C76F8A01	116150	Royal Guard Dispatch: We're coming in from the north.
7E9D4A59	116152	Royal Guard Dispatch: We're inbound from the south.
FDAE1A77	116154	Royal Guard Dispatch: We're coming in from the east.
5650A131	116156	Royal Guard Dispatch: We're coming in from the west.
46BF80CD	116158	Royal Guard Dispatch: We're coming up behind the hostile.
80FFDE61	116160	Royal Guard Dispatch: Flanking the hostile!
B150171F	176481	Chinjan: Don't want to buy or sell anything? Well, make sure to come back again. Stocks always changing.
7E2F4F5D	176483	Chinjan: You sure you don't want to buy or sell? No? Then come back soon.
E3A61B39	176485	Chinjan: Huh? I don't have what you like? And you don't have anything to sell? How could that be?
DC440FAC	176487	Chinjan: I don't like to see you leaving empty-handed....
8FA86A0F	177954	Rebel Information Officer: To any Golden Path in the area: the Royal Army is trying to retake this outpost. We need immediate assistance!
77086D28	177956	Rebel Information Officer: Brothers and sisters, we are being attacked by the Royal Army, we fought hard to capture this outpost now we must fight to keep it. Send help!
3D4867C7	177958	Rebel Information Officer: This is an emergency call to any fighters in the area: our outpost is being overrun by the Royal Army and we need all the back-up we can get. Come quickly!
40D9A771	178723	Sgt Chhetri: Execute the hostages!
3C8B812E	178727	Sgt Chhetri: Kill the hostages!
FA5A3ACA	182142	Chinjan: Thank you for your business. May your future be bright!
277515C5	182144	Chinjan: Keep safe and come back again.
5E157293	182146	Chinjan: Your business is much appreciated. Come see me any time, my friend.
9F19037C	182148	Chinjan: My profit is yours. Next time you're here, we should have more items to exchange.
BEA98E24	182150	Chinjan: I hope these help you on your journey. If you need anything else, you know where to find me.
3A95B20D	185144	Chinjan: Please, think before you go - are you sure you don't want to buy or sell anything?
1B5026FF	185871	Rakshya: Not buying or selling? No pressure; it's not like I need to feed my family or anything....
BA024E08	185875	Rakshya: Hellooo. Looking for some munitions to match those big guns of yours?
45743948	185876	Rakshya: Come in, come in. Have a look around and let me know what you'd like to buy or sell.
2F436F4F	185877	Rakshya: Welcome! It's customer appreciation - with every purchase or sale you get a free smile.
E5C895F6	185878	Rakshya: Only top quality items sold here. Worth every penny. Great deals. I also buy items.
49F64034	185882	Rakshya: Thank you, young man. My family will eat well tonight. May your journey be blessed.
01E525B8	185884	Rakshya: Much appreciated. Safe travels and come back soon!
2EBA26FA	185886	Rakshya: Considering the war, you're lucky you can still buy and sell items. Stay safe!
972C8A67	185888	Rakshya: Buying and selling - it's good for both of us. Come again. Anytime!
BE76569F	185890	Rakshya: You're welcome, very welcome. When you need to sell or restock items, come and see me. I'll be here.
9D81CFC2	186104	Rakshya: I'm starting to wonder why you keep coming in here. You don't buy or sell anything....
08520201	186106	Rakshya: Wait. Are you in love with me? Oh, you poor dear, of course you are. That explains it.
44F2CB32	186110	Rakshya: You're not in love with me? Then why do you come in here? For a free looky-loo? Well, get out!
A59D1495	186111	Rakshya: Welcome to my shop! The jewel of Kyrat!
A1F01204	194379	Chinjan: Alright. Thanks anyway.
34A3434C	194381	Chinjan: Farewell then.
812B0D52	194383	Chinjan: See you another time.
43B71D03	194389	Ajay: Jesus.
2AC6D8CD	194390	Ajay: Aww no....
5AAC2C42	194391	Ajay: Oh, God.
FAC609B3	194392	Ajay: Holy shit.
F0C1CF7C	194573	Chinjan: Many thanks. I hope we meet again.
96EBB421	194575	Chinjan: I'm eternally grateful. Have a nice day.
EBBA7037	194577	Chinjan: Your business is appreciated.
D14B423C	194779	Jinpa: She left me. She said if I couldn't protect her from the wolves then there was no reason for her to stay. [Frustrated] Ah! Why should you care. I failed as a husband and a farmer. Here's your reward. Let this place rot.
C9245895	195669	Someone, please help.
CCF7E9A7	195670	I don't know what to do. Can't someone help me?
225A2426	195671	Please, someone, help me.
F59DCC18	195676	I know you! You're with Sabal. You can help me!
06FBEF6E	195679	Ajay: Slow down, what's going on?
88566B62	195680	The Royal Army is holding my cousins and aunt. They say they're helping the Golden Path... giving them supplies.
E8AE6550	195681	Ajay: Are they? Look, I am fine with them helping the Golden Path, but I'd like to know what I'm getting into, okay?
980519A1	195682	Yes... they are helping the Golden Path. My aunt knows contacts, safehouses, supply routes--but my cousins are innocent. Please? I'm begging you.
843C0354	195683	Ajay: Okay, okay, yes, yes. Don't worry, I'm on it!
9C886513	197324	Dharani: Don't do this, please.
F1EE33CE	197325	Sgt Chhetri: It's not up to me. You can stop this. Just tell us where your Golden Path friends are hiding. We'll let you go.
05971602	197326	Dharani: I don't know anything. I swear.
C60556CB	197327	Sgt Chhetri: On your sons? On your daughter? You swear? I don't think so.
FE39CC9A	197328	Dharani: They're innocent!
68830EB1	197329	Sgt Chhetri: Here, let me tell you what's going to happen. Basu there, is going to keep 'accidently' spilling gasoline all over your home until it's nice and soaked. He's clumsy that way.
CFB17A6E	197330	Dharani: No, Gods, no.
598D67AF	197331	Sgt Chhetri: And then I'm going to smoke a cigarette. But like Basu, I'm also very clumsy I might drop my lit match.
BF1F8150	197334	Sgt Chhetri: I know, I know. It's all so tragic, the way they burned up that way... screaming for their mother. I tell you what. You keep crying, get it all out. Maybe when I'm ready to smoke my cigarette, you have something to tell me, huh?
153AE7A5	197336	Pvt Khadka: Oof, this gasoline is making me light-headed.
463366ED	197338	Pvt Khadka: This is a waste of time.
0D2DA182	197341	Vani: Thank you!
EAB3BCD6	197342	Vani: I'm free!
1FD5C7D5	197343	Dharani: Bless you, bless you!
33B6E793	197344	Dharani: Oh, thank you!
29B3ED1D	197345	Pemba: Thank the Gods you came.
5F0BE030	197346	Pemba: Thank you so much.
D3AD9F11	197347	Jangbu: If it wasn't for you... thank you....
B5E38889	197348	Jangbu: Thank you, a thousand times, thank you.
8F2D011D	197351	Vani: Please, take this... for saving us.
6E48CC5A	197352	Dharani: This is all I have. Take it, please.
79E38CC3	197353	Pemba: Please have this. As thanks.
7CC7EF61	197354	Jangbu: I can only give you this. I wish I had more for you, but thank you.
C9BEB734	197362	Jinpa: It's too much for my wife and me. The wolves keep attacking our livestock.
65148B67	197364	Jinpa: I cannot plow my fields and I've lost half my animals. They're always around. We're like prisoners.
B6DB0FD8	197366	Jinpa: I have no guns. If the Royal Army finds guns in my house, they'll think I'm a rebel.
3B008628	197367	Jinpa: Please. Take care of the wolves. They're getting bolder with each attack.
97B04EEB	197378	Gopal: The Royal Army is resupplying troops in the area. I'm sending you the coordinates for the drop sites now. Grab the packages before the Royal Army can secure them.
60A6D15F	197383	Ajay: What's in the packages?
053D6796	197391	Cpl Hamal: Hey, there's someone else here!
A4304026	197393	Cpl Hamal: There's someone else here. They're after the supplies.
602E34CD	197395	Cpl Hamal: Stop him from getting the supplies!
F3F3EA48	197396	Cpl Vasava: We've got an intruder!
8057689C	197398	Cpl Vasava: Stop him before he reaches the supplies.
B7C71203	197400	Cpl Vasava: He's after the supplies! Get him!
6C984B99	197405	Sgt Lohani: It's around here somewhere.
73EB149E	197407	Sgt Lohani: Keep looking. It can't be far.
C84C4336	197408	Lcpl Giri: Are we in the right place?
8423700B	197410	Lcpl Giri: Fuck. It's gotta be here.
8C2F8654	197413	Sgt Lohani: Hey! It's on the roof!
9BF383A1	197414	Lcpl Giri: I see it. It's on that roof.
74D72975	197417	Sgt Lohani: He's going after the supplies!
8D29E3D2	197418	Lcpl Giri: Don't let him get up there!
7DCDD011	197435	Sgt Malakar: Found it... fuck! And a body! Eyes open!
DCC6BFB7	197436	Sgt Malakar: Whoever killed him might still be here.
FD9B28A7	197437	Pvt Dhakal: Package is over here, [native language swear] and there's a body too.
4E39D8A4	197438	Pvt Dhakal: Looks like an animal attack. Keep watch!
D11ABBCE	197439	Sgt Malakar: This is the spot. Keep your eyes open.
0005347F	197441	Sgt Malakar: I think we're close.
C36E1093	197442	Pvt Dhakal: I'm looking, I'm looking.
7D351B63	197444	Pvt Dhakal: I think it's here.
873D4BC4	197445	Sgt Aryal: He's going after the package!
F1DE2136	197446	Sgt Pradhan: Get away from that!
C74FD96E	197449	Sgt Aryal: Drop the fucking package!
414D8B5D	197450	Sgt Pradhan: You're not stealing that, asshole!
C4895196	197451	Ajay: I'm here with your supplies.
F6E79B12	197454	Gopal: Thank you, Ajay. I’ll make sure these get in the right hands. Just leave them at the door.
36F8B367	198619	Ajay: I got the first package.
469247E8	198620	Gopal: Two more to go. The area is crawling with Royal Army. Be careful.
5F8976A9	198623	Ajay: I have the second package.
B160AFA8	198624	Gopal: Great. One more to go. Good luck!
C10A5B27	198627	Ajay: Alright, I got 'em all.
2FE38226	198628	Gopal: That's fantastic. Please hurry and deliver them to this location. Thank you.
D8116A66	198666	Yadav: Hey, if you need something to do, there's always more work on the billboard.
F33C39A5	198667	Yadav: Great job, taking the outpost.
A87B9EE9	198668	Yadav: Each outpost brings us one step closer to victory.
8356CD2A	198669	Yadav: The Royal Army won't soon forget how they lost this outpost.
ECD8C92C	198710	Yadav: Nice work! We'll take it from here, my friend.
B8C4D0F3	198711	Lahar: The outpost is ours, thanks to you.
472F239E	198712	Lahar: Hahaha! I wish I could see Pagan Min's face when he learns another outpost has been lost.
76D69810	198713	Hiya: Good job Ajay. You have a flair for taking down outposts.
E1E3F9B5	198714	Hiya: The outpost is ours, and unlike the Army, we'll hold on to it.
C9E6CB57	198715	Yadav: The billboard has jobs if you want.
7725FA06	198716	Lahar: More people can use your help. Check the billboard.
FC920C6B	198717	Lahar: There's always people in need. Just look at the billboard.
738EB6E7	198718	Hiya: Good going so far, but there's always work to be done if you go read the billboard.
A05FD713	198719	Hiya: Hey, go to the billboard and check out the jobs. Plenty of need for a man of your skills.
AA33238B	198873	Look at you... young, sure of yourself. Just like me when I was still green, when I thought that speed was all that mattered. C'mon... put yourself behind a wheel and see if you have the speed and control that I did as a racer.
DCB425BC	198875	Back for more, eh? It gets under your skin, doesn't it.
C46D7ECA	198876	Welcome back. Ready for another race?
73C7E248	198878	What are you waiting for... get to your vehicle.
08398870	198879	You think this is a foot race? Get to your car!
1122B931	198881	What d'you know... you're a natural. Good race.
64A2BF80	198882	Nice race, good handling. You might have a shot at being great. Maybe as great as I was.
F65B1C48	198884	Better luck next time. Keep practicing.
ECC4F967	198885	You have the talent for it, but you need to practice. Practice practice practice.
F2D660FA	198909	Sometimes you race because you want to feel the wind screaming past you. And sometimes you get in a car to push your survival instincts to the limit. Let's see how you do.
93F5B37B	198911	It's like a drug, adrenaline. And you'll find plenty of it here.
EF402D09	198912	Welcome back. Ready to push your driving skills to the limit?
D744D7CE	198914	C'mon... get to your vehicle
C6699C05	198915	Hurry up and get behind the wheel.
E80BD943	198917	That was impressive. You have the makings of a great driver.
DEB0C773	198918	Nice, you did real nice. I am impressed.
5694DD02	198920	You'll do better next time... keep trying.
7688F4CD	198921	You could have done much better, but at least you're in one piece.
17E97BDA	199011	Sita: What am I doing with him if he can't protect me?
98E2F924	199012	Sita: He can't even keep me safe from the wolves.
A48CC77C	199013	Sita: We've been trapped in our own home for days now.
DF72AD44	199014	Sita: And all because he's afraid... afraid of the wolves and afraid the army will think we're rebels for having guns.
38EC270A	202320	Gopal: Supplies... things we can use.
AB720A4E	202321	Ajay: Ok. I'll get your stuff.
1A4FA5F2	202365	Ajay: Fuck... oh fuck....
EF668A40	205292	Vani: Thank you... help yourself to something from the basement.
70C075D4	205293	Dharani: Thank you for saving us. You should find some useful supplies in the basement.
FC0D7FD2	205294	Pemba: I can't believe I'm alive.  Go into the basement, I'm sure you'll find something you can use.
C44BD983	205295	Jangbu: Thank you so very much. There's a something for you in the basement. Supplies. Use them well.
EC59EA50	205413	Army Radio Operator: We're coming in from the air!
99191AA6	205414	Army Radio Operator: We're coming up the road!
E8B0FA27	205415	Army Radio Operator: We're coming from the river!
2FF238FB	205416	Army Radio Operator: We're coming to you on foot!
7A2C4B13	205421	Yadav: That was too close, my friend. We're in your debt. Take this with our thanks.
1D05D207	205422	Yadav: I didn't think we were going to make it. Here, you've earned this.
0A882E00	205423	Lahar: The Royal Army will think twice before trying that again. Here, this is for you.
856A7308	205424	Lahar: Glad you showed up here. We needed the extra firepower. Please take this.
B2DAA0BC	205425	Hiya: Always good to have an extra gun around. It's not much, but this is for you.
9109507F	205426	Hiya: Thanks for the additional help. Here's something for your trouble.
FC008A73	205713	Sita: Help me! [Screams of pain]
60899BCB	208825	Army Dispatch: The camp has been breached.
E09BFB30	208827	Army Dispatch: Intruder. Intruder.
BBDC5C7C	208829	Army Dispatch: Enemy inside the camp.
3CA3F89E	208831	Army Dispatch: Trespasser. Trespasser.
839AFA2D	208833	Army Dispatch: Outpost under attack.
40A651BD	211292	Rakshya: Nothing gave you that 'you-will-be-mine' feeling? Nothing you're itching to sell? Goodbye then.
5ED0A4E5	211294	Rakshya: Didn't feel a connection to any of my wares? How about selling some of yours? Maybe another time.
BE054DFB	211296	Rakshya: Not feeling well? That would explain you not selling or buying. Take care, dear.
9C9E5213	211298	Rakshya: Hmm. If you're not buying or selling then don't let the door hit you on the way out.
82E8A74B	211300	Rakshya: Not buying or selling? Goodbye and may you never die a violent death at the hands of your enemies.
9164EAF4	211302	Rakshya: Thank you. Bye bye.
4609FF93	211304	Rakshya: Many thanks. Remember to spread love and kindness wherever you go.
A6DC168D	211306	Rakshya: Blessings. Now, go shine your light to the world.
B6716BE7	211308	Rakshya: Business just booms when you're around. Hope to see you again soon.
9A31FC3D	211310	Rakshya: Thank you. Have a bountiful day!
6B8B027E	211312	Rakshya: Look what the wind blew in! Make yourself at home. Look around.
23A750A0	211314	Rakshya: Wow! Where have you been all my life?! If you need help with anything, let me know.
C372B9BE	211317	Rakshya: Fortunate day, you've found the best shop in all of Kyrat.
D3DFC4D4	211319	Rakshya: I had a premonition today would bring the finest of customers.
FF9F530E	211321	Rakshya: Praise the gods! I was just praying for a customer and lo - here you are!
16FCF63B	211323	Rakshya: Ah, the attraction to my shop is like love. One visit is never enough, is it?
088A0363	211325	[laugh]Rakshya:  You remind me of my kids - they never know what they want.
E85FEA7D	211327	Rakshya: If you love something, set it free. If it comes back, it was meant to be.
6671BA99	211329	Rakshya: My husband is like you, always coming and going, never really fulfilling any need.
78074FC1	211331	[tongue cluck]Rakshya:  You have to give a girl enough time to miss you, you know.
EB778B5C	211333	Chinjan: You know, other people usually buy or sell when they stop me. I better get going.
6B82538A	211335	Chinjan: You'll make it worth my while next time, ok? So long.
FBDAF636	211337	[Sigh]Chinjan: . I guess there's always next time. Have an enjoyable day.
4F5F24BD	211452	Ajay: I destroyed the convoy.
CA663E06	211453	Thank you, Ajay!
2BD45994	211456	Pagan Min: All will be forgiven if you come to me now. Do not wait as my patience is short lived!
F8505C84	211457	Pagan Min: Ask not what your country can do for you. Ask what you can do for Pagan Min.
32CF68D5	211459	Ajay: I took care of it.
86E12039	211460	Ajay: I got rid of that convoy for you.
AF8ACDA3	211461	Ajay: No more convoy.
F9D06A25	211462	Ajay: That convoy is finished.
B557741A	211463	We are in your debt!
9FFA1178	211464	That's great news!
4C7E1468	211465	Score one for The Path!
E14B6DC5	211466	I'll relay the good news!
D2FD39E6	211467	Pagan Min: My dear children, a father can only be patient for so long. Continue supporting the Golden Path and betraying me, and I will show you the back of my hand.
87611698	211468	Pagan Min: I know the Golden Path has mislead many of you, but rest assured, I'm only a monster to those who betray me.
B4D742BB	211469	Pagan Min: People of Kyrat, rise up against the Golden Path and stop these attacks on my outposts. I promise you a rich future.
C820805F	211470	Pagan Min: Am I not a kind and generous ruler? Have I used my artillery to shell your towns? No... not in a while. But continue supporting the Golden Path, continue attacking my men, and I'll remind you what thunder sounds like.
E0CB5B64	211471	Pagan Min: We can be a rich country again. All you have to do is stop attacking my outposts and stop listening to the lies of the Golden Path.
55652529	211472	Pagan Min: These continued attacks against my outposts only prove that Kyrat needs me more than ever, and I am here to stay.
CBE608A7	211473	Pagan Min: I tried being civil with you, and I tried reasoning with you, but you continue attacking my outposts, continue supporting the Golden Path. I guess I'm just not fluent enough in monkey.
AC4C455B	211474	Pagan Min: People of Kyrat. If you're hearing this, you've attacked my men and my property for the last time, and you're likely being shot at this very moment. Have a lovely day.
8336A094	247310	Golden Path: We're losing the outpost!
03C37842	247311	Golden Path: They're taking the outpost!
EAA0DD77	247312	Golden Path: The Rakshasa are taking the outpost!
D3C3A93C	247319	Golden Path: Enemies are at the flag!
3AA00C09	247320	Golden Path: They're at the flag!
16E09BD3	247321	Golden Path: They're taking the flag!
83502012	247322	Golden Path: Five minutes left!
6A338527	247323	Golden Path: Five minutes to go!
7445707F	247324	Golden Path: We're down to five minutes!
F63572CD	247328	Golden Path: The Rakshasa have taken the outpost, fall back.
E6980FA7	247329	Golden Path: They've taken the outpost! Retreat!
AEB45D79	247330	Golden Path: They've captured the outpost, pull back and regroup.
F3DD6CB0	247331	Golden Path: One minute left!
130885AE	247332	Golden Path: There's only one minute left!
03A5F8C4	247333	Golden Path: Just one minute left!
47D7F84C	247334	Golden Path: Rakshasa spotted near the outpost. Defend it!
59A10D14	247335	Golden Path: Protect the outpost from the Rakshasa.
B974E40A	247336	Golden Path: The Rakshasa are on their way to the outpost. Defend it!
5F0EA33A	247346	Golden Path: We've held the outpost.
734E34E0	247347	Golden Path: The outpost is secure, good work.
939BDDFE	247348	Golden Path: The Rakshasa are retreating, the outpost is secure.
EFFFDB73	255189	Darpan: Hey.
868E1EBD	255191	Darpan: Passport….
F6E4EA32	255194	[Instructing]Darpan: Breathe.
717CF6FD	255196	Darpan: I do the talking.
F4A2546B	255238	[Whispering]Ajay: What’s happening?
0350BC2B	255239	[Urgent-Trying to Listen]Darpan: Shh! Shh!
CA4B5C14	255245	[Softly]Ajay:  Oh fuck!
D3506D55	255248	Darpan: Get down!
0F745EB0	255667	Amita: I am teaching you to protect yourself.
1F3E9BF7	255672	Amita: Look, I overreacted back there.
EEF9F027	255722	Ajay: ... some kind of wild animal problem?
8BEB42F9	255742	Ajay: Hey. Bhadra. How are you?
FB81B676	255743	Bhadra: Good.
0C735E36	255752	Amita: The next Tarun Matara.
B5024A86	255758	Amita: Tarun Matara is a living goddess, if you believe Sabal.
B02930C6	255793	Sabal: Fuck... give him some morphine! And turn off that fucking radio!
2E4DA565	255794	Ajay: What happened to him?
9B046305	255795	Sabal: He fell. Pagan floods the airwaves and we have to endure his bullshit. Enough is enough! I told him to climb up the old bell tower, take over the transmitters--highjack the broadcast locally.
E6739740	255809	Sabal: Way to step up, brother. There’s nobody guarding it but it's a tricky climb. Promise me you won't fall.
781702E3	255810	Ajay: I can do it.
DE5E4436	255827	Sabal: Ajay, it’s Sabal. Good work on the tower brother. We’re broadcasting on its frequency and bringing the truth to the people. When you have time, go see Longinus. He's a friend to the Golden Path and he'll be grateful you helped us.
4193CE85	255844	Longinus: Welcome. I am Longinus and you... you are Ajay! Welcome to my church away from church.
28E20B4B	255845	Ajay: ...that sells guns?
5888FFC4	255846	Longinus: Of course! For the meek shall inherit the Earth, my friend. All they need are some good guns.
03CF5888	255848	Longinus: Revelation 5:5. It is the most… invigorating read.
73A5AC07	255851	[Quoting the Bible]Longinus:  “And one of the elders sayeth unto me, Weep not: behold, the Lion of the tribe of Judah, the root of David hath prevailed to open the book, and loose the seven seals thereof!”
1AD469C9	255853	Ajay: Uh--
6ABE9D46	255854	Longinus: It is our savior! It is our savior returned to us as a lion, a warrior! So, I started thinking to myself. When the Son of God is reborn, what gun would he use?
5595FF0E	255855	Ajay: What--?
25FF0B81	255856	Longinus: When Christ returns to break the seven seals and bring about the Rapture, he returns as a lion, yes? A lion needs teeth!
4C8ECE4F	255858	Longinus: What gun would Jesus choose?
3CE43AC0	255860	Longinus: Deuteronomy 32:47? “For there are no empty words for you, but your very life…?” Or maybe!
67A39D8C	255862	Longinus: Revelations 19:11. “The discretion of a man deferreth his anger.”
17C96903	255863	Ajay: I don’t know what you're talking--
7EB8ACCD	255865	Longinus: A soldier knows. A soldier always knows...
894A448D	255874	Sabal: Banapur is under attack! We need fighters here now!
E03B8143	255876	Ajay: Sabal! What’s happening?
905175CC	255877	Sabal: We’re under attack! Stay away. It’s--
3AA57D37	255879	Ajay: Shit!
4ACF89B8	255880	Longinus: And he said to them, “Go forth into all the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole of creation."
C91B61BB	255917	Sabal: The people need to see her. It’ll comfort them.
AEB12C47	255918	Amita: She’s just a child, Sabal, and she’s terrified. I’ll take her home and then we’ll worry about the people. Okay?
D00050FA	255920	Amita: This is what we get for rescuing Ajay. We hit Paul's house, he slaughters a village.
859C7F84	255921	Sabal: This isn't on Ajay, it's on me, but we can't worry about that now. They took the outpost and they have hostages.
FB2D0339	255922	Amita: Fine. the outpost first. Without it, we’re cut off from the others. Come.
E73D307D	255971	Ajay: The hostages are safe, Sabal.
BC7A9731	255972	Sabal: You're doing your father's name proud, Ajay. This is what he wanted when he created the Golden Path... to help his people.
4F86D72B	256073	Bhadra: Paying respect to the families?
3137AB96	256074	Ajay: I've never seen anything like this.
00C741EC	256075	Bhadra: Well, I've never seen anyone carry around their mother's ashes.
7E763D51	256076	[short amused chuckle]Ajay: Yeah. Do you think my father's funeral was like this?
19DC70AD	256077	Bhadra: I was too young, but I know his death broke the Golden Path.
76B9AF33	256234	Amita: Ajay, I need help with something. Come see me when you have a moment.
0808D38E	256237	Sabal: Ajay, there's work to be done, brother. I need to see you.
6FA29E72	256240	Longinus: Ajay, no rest for the wicked, eh? I have a proposition for you. Come see me, yes?
F2E73B04	256256	Willis: Rise and shine, buttercup. You want answers, I dug more up for you.
94B77C59	256277	Sabal: This is about lives. If we don't act, people will die.
21FEBA39	256278	Amita: This is about war, we need that intel.
BF9A2F9A	256279	Sabal: We're talking about soldiers we can use... remember what you said about Darpan?
A6811EDB	256281	Amita: And if I had a choice between Darpan and the intelligence, I choose the intel.
2B51A651	256311	Ajay: Amita, everyone's dead here.
3F5797DA	256318	[Softly]Amita:  Damn. Those were good soldiers that died. Tell me they didn't die in vain? Tell me you found the intel?
D63432EF	256331	Ajay: Sabal, it’s done but whatever Amita was looking for isn't here.
637DF48F	256332	Sabal: It doesn't matter, brother. You saved lives, I knew you had this. You're Mohan's blood, a real son of Kyra.
9C8106D3	256355	Sabal: That's why I stepped up. Because I knew your father, and I respected his vision.
F5F0C31D	256356	Ajay: Where does Amita fit into all this?
859A3792	256357	Sabal: Look, I’ll be the first to give her credit. But you don't need two heads. Not if you want to get work done. That's something your father taught me.
303449DF	256363	Sabal: You need to learn what drove him, what drives us. Go to the monastery.
FE426DF9	256432	Longinus: Ajay, my child. I was just thinking that we should work together, you and me, and now providence has provided the means.
6990B471	256436	Longinus: "Blessed be the Lord, my rock, who trains my hands for war, and my fingers for battle." That is Psalms.
E7595CB8	256438	Longinus: It means: Do what soldiers do best, even if it requires you to come to a godless country like this.
708B8530	256440	Longinus: As soldiers, we protect our people through our willingness to kill. And what do we need to fulfill our purpose?
CC740F7B	256441	Ajay: Faith?
5BA6D6F3	256442	Longinus: Guns, Ajay!  Guns! Without them, how else will we “pass through the sea of trouble” and calm the surging tides? Help me Ajay, and the Golden Path will receive their guns.
D56F3E3A	256443	Ajay: Okay.
42BDE7B2	256444	Longinus: Praise God, and the scales have fallen from the boy's eyes!
9A2EA8FD	256445	Ajay: Amen!
0DFC7175	256447	Longinus: Now, go! Go!  Go, Ajay!
63E070A2	256459	Ajay: One surprisingly small box, as requested.
367C5FDC	256462	Ajay: I thought it was going to be a weapons shipment for the Golden Path. That’s why I went.
48CD2361	256464	[Reciting]Longinus:  “And it is appointed unto men once to die, but after this the judgment:”
2F676E9D	256466	Longinus: They lie to you, you know this. People call it the circle of life, but… life is built on a pile of bones. You eat, or you are eaten. Animals call it survival. Humans call it business.
51D61220	256468	Ajay: Are those…?
A8FF7252	256470	Longinus: Business, Ajay... terrible business.
D64E0EEF	256472	Longinus: I was saved by a bullet… to the head. It killed the old me, the terrible me, one you would have called a warlord. But that bullet, it made a hole in my skull that allowed the light of God to slip in and I was baptized by the waters of Goka Falls.
B1E44313	256473	Ajay: So... those diamonds?
CF553FAE	256474	Longinus: Leviticus 17:11, "for it is the blood that makes an atonement for the soul."
15CBC3DA	256475	Ajay: And the weapons for the Golden Path?
72618E26	256476	Longinus: They will have them, and better. Go! Tell Amita and Sabal they will be getting their weapons. And they may also want to know that De Pleur is preparing a large shipment of opium at the old tea factory.
0CD0F29B	256477	Ajay: Wait, opium?
594CDDE5	256478	Longinus: Another terrible business, Ajay. Now go, and tell them! And when you are finished, come see me. For the Lord's work is never done.
A4CEF176	256857	Amita: Look, Sabal is not everything he pretends to be. If he was so concerned about his tradition, why didn't he ask you to protect the Statues of Kyra?
6DD51149	256861	Amita: The Kyra Statues.[Calming Moment]
04A4D487	256865	Amita: Paul is trying to destroy them as part of his campaign to turn the people against the Golden Path. Right now that is the last thing that we need.
1A9B4C33	256898	Ajay: Amita, it's done.
6AF1B8BC	256899	Amita: That's great news. But I'm going to need you to do one more thing, Ajay. I know it's an imposition after everything you've done, but I need you to find a way to block the way leading to the statues.
50053130	257025	[Silence 0.75]Noore: Let the second round of betting begin!
6F2E5378	257030	[Silence 0.75]Noore: You have spirit. So does my menagerie. Let’s see whose spirit flickers and dies first, shall we?
EC4C7669	257179	[sniffling]Noore:  The animals are hungry. Make him useful. Fuck! [weeping]
6BD46AA6	257185	Noore: It is not okay! He has my family, it is not okay.
B8506FB6	257187	Noore: Once you're inside, sneak into the interrogation room. His guard will be down.
95B8F8AE	257245	Amita: Ajay, Longinus said this was from you. Thank you.
4967432D	257253	Amita: Wipe it out? Are you joking? We need to secure that shipment and those fields.
390DB7A2	257254	Sabal: Amita, we talked about this. Turning Kyrat into a drug state is not the answer.
507C726C	257255	Amita: Sabal, we have no natural resources. What happens when we’re free? The mines have been stripped, the fields have been ruined for years. So we liberate our people, then what?
F016579D	257258	Sabal: It's not our way. It never was. You do this, you're no better than Pagan. It's morally bankrupt.
3F45A1A1	257286	You need something that burns. A flamethrower, anything... go grab something.
B83A0543	257289	Ajay, grab an incendiary. You'll need it.
265E90E0	257292	I think you're ready to burn the fields.
3FA2198C	257295	Ajay: I reached the spot.
A1C68C2F	257296	Sabal: See those fields? That's opium. Burn all of it, the crops, the harvested shipment. I want Pagan to smell his fortune going up in smoke all the way from his palace.
10461E35	257364	Ajay: I reached the Tea Factory.
8E228B96	257365	Amita: Great, Ajay. Those drug fields are Kyrat's future... we need them and I need your help to secure them.  Clear out the army, make sure nothing happens to the poppies. And be careful... I still need your help in this fight.
095D2F74	257368	Ajay: The army's burning the fields.
9739BAD7	257369	Amita: Use the sprinklers to stop the fires!
0C91ED19	257419	Ajay: The fields are torched.
DC913C67	257424	Sabal: Damn it, Ajay. You just handed Amita a license to spit on our heritage. Kyrat isn't just about people, it's the earth and the rocks. When you poison our lands, you poison everything your father fought for.
79D811B8	257516	Willis: Ajay Ghale.
1E725C44	257517	Ajay: Yeah?
60C320F9	257518	Willis: Son of Mohan Ghale, Golden Path founder shot dead. Raised by your mother Stateside, now back in Kyrat to fulfill her final wish.
99EA408B	257519	Ajay: Who is this?
E75B3C36	257520	Willis: You can find that out after you help me land my bird at the airport.
80F171CA	257521	Ajay: And why would I want to do that?
349D65B0	257532	Willis: You're in this to fight the good fight and shoot bad guys, not play 20 questions. The sooner you help me, the sooner you can get back to evoking Stand Your Ground laws on foreign soil. Besides, I have intel for you.
01C6C32B	257546	[Silence 1.25]Ajay: Okay, it's safe to land now. I took out the snipers.
A0109875	257576	Ajay: So who are you?
E7C29083	257586	Willis: Look at you, American on the inside and useful on the outside. You're the perfect wolf in sheepherder's clothing, way better than the SoCal douchebag I had to babysit in my last op. You're both patriots though, both the type that'll put your hand over your gosh-darn heart when you hear the Star Spangled Banner at a Fourth of July ball game.
D5F4F201	257587	Willis: Everything you need to know about who killed your father is in that file.
CCEFC340	257588	Willis: I work for Langley. Agent Willis Huntley.
0D67BD4E	257590	Ajay: Yeah, and it doesn't tell me shit!
9AB564C6	257591	Willis: Redacted. You want to know more? Keep your mouth shut and help me with a job, then I pull off more of those black bars.
147C8C0F	257596	Ajay: Fine. What’s the job?
83AE5587	257597	Willis: I'm here to bring down Pagan Min and Yuma, something the locals can't seem to pull off. I thought you people were good at waging guerilla warfare.
3F51DFCC	257599	Willis: Golden Path’s waging the wrong kind of fight. I’m here to show them how it’s done. Step one, hand them the airport. Step two, recruit the services of one Ajay Ghale. That's you. Meet me back here when you're ready. Oh, and don't mention our little arrangement to the Golden Path. They're not in the "need to know" column. Now if you'll excuse me, I've gotta hit the crapper. Pardon my French.
BC7FA07B	257696	Pagan Min: Yes. Stop the bus. Not shoot the bus.
4556C009	257698	Pagan Min: I hate when things get out of control.
5C4DF148	257702	Pagan Min: And I got blood on my fucking shoes!
22FC8DF5	257704	Pagan Min: Get up boy. I’d recognize those eyes anywhere…
F8627181	257709	Pagan Min: I am terribly embarrassed about all this. This was supposed to be very simple but you know if you give food to monkeys they just throw their shit at each other. Oh, would you hold this?
9FC83C7D	257712	Pagan Min: Who is this? Hm? Is this your +1?
E17940C0	257714	Pagan Min: Just a moment...I want to get a little... picture. Right into the camera, there we are!
B4E56FBE	257716	Pagan Min: Awesome.
CA541303	257719	Pagan Min: This will soon be behind us and we'll be off on our grand adventure.
ADFE5EFF	257721	Pagan Min: You and I are gonna to tear shit up!
B82E7B2E	257750	Ajay: All this? It’s fucking useless.
C69F0793	257751	Willis: I told ya, the more work you do for me, the more little black bars get put out to pasture.
41071B5C	257754	Willis: When I first recruited your old man, it was over a bottle of scotch in a seedy dive down in Tirtha. He was still working for Pagan Min, then, his eyes were still moist and sparkling.
0533E317	257776	Willis: That night your mom left Kyrat, all the knives were out. Near as I hear told, Yuma's in the middle of it. You want answers, all paths lead to her.
6C4226D9	257777	Ajay: So what do you know about her?
1C28D256	257778	Willis: She's Pagan Min's second in command. Came in with him from Hong Kong. Triad connections up the yin-yang. You know what that is, don't you? Yin-yang? Sure you do.  Hm.
2303B01E	257779	Ajay: Are you--
53694491	257780	Willis: We’re going after one of Yuma's sites and the man running it. Take him out, we'll be able to get Yuma to sing us a tune.
41B887BA	257848	Ajay: Amita?
C6C72358	257851	Amita: That's the fumes, but you're okay, now. I can't tell you what this means. Thanks to you, Kyrat has a future. If Sabal wasn't so busy looking backwards, he'd see that too.
CD758DBC	257934	Ajay: Amita, it’s done… Noore’s dead.
A4044872	257935	Amita: Good job, Ajay. The entire south belongs to us now. You've shown the people that the way to freedom is the way forward. There's no going back, no matter what Sabal says.
8F291BB1	257939	Ajay: Sabal, it's done... Noore's dead.
FF43EF3E	257940	Sabal: The demon Yalung has special plans for her, I promise you that. You did good, brother. The south is finally ours and people are starting to believe again, even though some fools refuse to learn.
64745C53	257973	Willis: I'm gonna lay down some truth for you and it's not gonna be pretty. Your dad tried to kill your mom because she was about to walk away from everything. The Golden Path, Kyrat, the cause.
FA10C9F0	257975	Ajay: But y--
FAF771DD	257978	Willis: Fact, your mom was Hakuna Matata or whatever the heck they call the young girls. Fact, your mom was spying on Pagan even though she liked the guy. Fact… your father was a patriot, and I’ve never met a patriot who wasn’t a sonofabitch. As for the rest of it…?  Another of Yuma’s lieutenants needs doing.
B01E49B2	257988	Willis: Take care of it.
CA0479EE	258006	Willis: Did you eliminate the target?
BA6E8D61	258007	Ajay: Yeah, yeah.  I took care of him. Are we going after Yuma now?
D31F48AF	258009	Willis: Get in.
E1292A2D	258013	Willis: Consider this information your last paycheck. You've been killing CIA assets this entire time. We're cleaning house. Pagan no longer represents a clear and present danger to the US. We needed to erase our footprint in Kyrat. You did a damn fine job of it!
66B136E2	258017	Ajay: So everything you told me is a lie?
16DBC26D	258018	Willis: What I said about your mom and your old man? All that was true. What I told you about Yuma…
7FAA07A3	258020	Willis: You can ask her yourself.
E1351A66	258034	Pagan Min: You left the bag on his head? Well, can he breathe? Did you at least punch holes so he doesn’t suffocate?
9C42EE23	258042	Pagan Min: Hello! Did we enjoy our time with the CIA?
C302B0C1	258251	Amita: Now, the bridge is heavily defended, the main gate is made of blast resistant concrete… forget C4 or conventional explosives. The defenses will shred any frontal attack.
4DCB5808	258254	Ajay: So what do we do?
F134D243	258255	Amita: I have a plan. There's a convoy with a chemical truck. I want you to secure it, drive it down their throats, and blast open the gate. It'll take us into the north and you'll be one step closer to Yuma.
21F4A8D9	258277	Sabal: Ajay, you're heading for the bridge?
BF903D7A	258278	Ajay: Yeah, but I'm on my way to intercept the convoy first.
38EF9998	258279	Sabal: Screw that, brother. There's a truck just waiting for you to steal from the soldiers. I'll send you the coordinates.
156F8836	258377	Ajay: Pagan? I just killed you!
DFF0BC67	258381	Pagan Min: No, no you just ruined a perfectly good body double with hair loss. Do you know how expensive he was to make? He wasn't even Asian, for Christ's sake. He was from Melbourne I think.
DF50DF13	258405	Pagan Min: Good people of Kyrat, I'm sure you will all be delighted to know that the reports of my death are completely and utterly inaccurate. I am alive, and all is right in the world. But life brings change, and I implore you, Kyrat to look to my example and see it as the positive influence it is. Change requires strength. And it is a strength that I know all of you possess.
C0442308	258884	Ajay: Sabal, I hear Amita's ready to move on Jalendu.
5E20B6AB	258885	Sabal: That ignorant bitch. It's bad enough having Pagan destroying everything, now she wants to do his job for him? I'm done with her.
473B87EA	258887	Sabal: I can't tell you what Jalendu means to Kyrat, what it means to Mohan. He's proud of you, you know? We're taking the temple. We're cleansing Bhadra. We're uniting the people under the light of Kyra.
6B7B1030	258985	Ajay: That’s it. You’re in the clear.
020AD5FE	258988	Amita: You've earned yourself a break, [light-hearted] but a small one. If you have any unfinished business left, I suggest you take care of it. Kyrat will need your undivided attention for this final push.
4A268720	259031	Ajay: Utkarsh is secure… what’s left of it.
DDF45EA8	259032	Sabal: Bhadra's safe and that's all that matters. As long as she's alive, the people will still have hope, brother. I need to show everyone that this sacrifice wasn't in vain.
07E5A00F	259049	Ajay: Where is everyone?
778F5480	259050	Amita: At the Kalesh. We’re getting ready for the final push. This is it. Win or lose.
13E39184	259061	Amita: Sabal is splitting the Golden Path. He's jeopardizing our future, Ajay. Enough is enough.
7A92544A	259062	Ajay: Are you asking me to--?
0AF8A0C5	259063	Amita: I'm telling you to kill him. I'm being very particular with my words, Ajay. Don't let him snake out of this. Besides, did you really think he was going to be okay with you betraying him and siding with me? No. We can't afford to let Sabal live.
BF56DE88	259069	Amita: Ajay. Be careful. The Golden Path needs you. I need you.
7120FAAE	259086	Sabal: Did she send you, brother? Did you volunteer? What do you think you are doing? You shit on everything your father built. Congratulations. Everything that meant something is irrelevant thanks to you.
683BCBEF	259088	Sabal: And that’s what's truly sad, brother, you handed over everything to Amita... to Amita! You think she can fix Kyrat? How? Drug fields as far as the eye can see? Suicide nets in factory towns where men women and children are free to be poor? It's a land of equal opportunity where everyone's a slave.
B0A884A0	259101	Sabal: Do you think this is the country your mother wanted her ashes to be scattered in?
3E616C69	259103	Sabal: So what's it going to be, brother?
B9F970A6	259110	Ajay: Go.
FF6F4140	259126	Ajay: Amita, the gate’s open. I’m heading for the Palace.
81DE3DFD	259128	Amita: The Royal Guard's counterattacking. We’ll be there as soon as we can.
78F75D8F	259129	Ajay: I'm going after Pagan.
E4182830	259147	Sabal: What do you think you're doing? This isn't your ride. I've got one last job before we wrap things up.
B184074E	259155	Sabal: Amita needs to go, it's the will of Kyra. It's the only way to spare Kyrat from more bloodshed.
E7DEA0C8	259159	Sabal: Hey. She's just another Pagan. Do what needs to be done, brother.
C266F194	259213	Ajay: Sabal, I got the gate open. I’m heading for the Palace.
AB17345A	259215	Sabal: The Royal Guard is counterattacking. We can’t support you.
DB7DC0D5	259216	Ajay: I’m going in.
803A6799	259217	Sabal: Kyra be with you, brother!
6959C2AC	259228	Ajay: Shit.
5D693C80	259257	Pagan Min: Oh my goodness boy. You didn't even blink. Well, you do realize that you're just giving away your country, right? It's yours. It's always been yours. Kyrat is yours. I pulled you off the bus in the first place to pass it on to you. I suppose you could take it back. You're halfway there. One down, one to go. Not that I want to put ideas in your head. But at least now we know you have a taste for doing what it takes.
526C183F	259385	[cough]Hurk:   I usually don't mind a hot box.
E28D70F7	259393	Hurk: Not. Cool.
025899E9	259394	Hurk: Jesus tittyfucking Christ!
12F5E483	259395	Hurk: Shit, shit shit shit shit, shit. SHIT.
C61C258A	259396	Hurk: Aw, shit.
9022EEC9	259435	[death rattle]Hurk:  Hurk ruled.
1ECD3653	259449	Hurk: Oh my--
00BBC30B	259450	Hurk: Holy--
E06E2A15	259451	Hurk: Woah!
17BAF206	259499	Hurk: Oh my God.
C0D7E761	259500	Hurk: Oh God that..Ohh..God..Oh.
29B44254	259501	Hurk: Oh my God that smells like my aunt Margaret.
37C2B70C	259502	Hurk: Oh my God what did this thing eat for lunch?
D7175E12	259503	Hurk: Oh my God I always wondered what was inside one of these and it turns out it's just filled with revolting.
F58C41FA	259504	Hurk: Oh its on my shoe. I got some on my shoe.
EBFAB4A2	259505	Hurk: Oh my God man I gotta tell you this is fucking gross.
53CA1ECD	259578	Hurk: I'm not in Texas anymore.
7F8A8917	259579	Hurk: What the? Where am I? How the? What's in my? Huh?
9F5F6009	259580	Hurk: Huh? What the... did I win?
8FF21D63	259581	Hurk: How long have I been out for?
0F07C5B5	259582	Hurk: What the hell.. happened?
0A800ABA	259588	Hurk: Owww. What the?
1A2D77D0	259589	Hurk: Oww. Man. Feels like that time I got kicked in the head by a mule.
CD4062B7	259590	Hurk: Oww. What happened? Last thing I remember was getting punched out.
1862987D	259601	Hurk: Oh yeah. That's the stuff right there.
F8B77163	259602	Hurk: Oh yeah, that's good feel from your toes to your nose.
E81A0C09	259603	Hurk: Ohhh. Oh that's good.
A0365ED7	259604	Hurk: Whooeee! Aw yeah, Hurk's back. Hurk's back.
4955FBE2	259605	Hurk: Ooohhh yeah.
B8EF05A1	259606	Hurk: Oh shit!
518CA094	259607	Hurk: What the fuck was that?
7DCC374E	259608	Hurk: Dude!
9D19DE50	259609	Hurk: Woah woah!
1A81C29F	259610	Hurk: What the hell?
C3375FCA	259611	Hurk: Oh!
DD41AA92	259612	Hurk: Woah.
34220FA7	259613	Hurk: Oh my…
8DB4A33A	259614	Hurk: Oh my God.
0D417BEC	259615	Hurk: Holy…
E422DED9	259616	Hurk: What the?
FA542B81	259617	Hurk: Holy cow.
C689A9F5	259625	Hurk: Gah!
265C40EB	259626	Hurk: Ahh! come on!
1D510C1F	259899	Longinus: He returns!
6B7ABF67	259901	Longinus: These are remnants of my past transgressions. Each diamond is a sin, and my hands have committed many.
A9416C73	259961	Willis: 25 years and I still can't figure out if that smell is bad sanitation or just the abject loss of hope.
B05A5D32	259963	Willis: Weren't keeping up with that facade anymore.
278884BA	259966	Ajay: I don't smell anything.
5B3D1AC8	259967	Ajay: Useful on the outside?
42262B89	259968	Ajay: Langley. As in, CIA.
1C5ECE9C	259991	Ajay: "You people?"
7BF48360	259992	Willis: What? You forget you're an American? Americans knock!
0545FFDD	259993	Ajay: Where’s the original journal?
50D9D0A3	259994	Willis: Get in, I'll give you a teaser. Consider it a down payment.
2E68AC1E	259996	Ajay: Alright.  Let's hear it.
49C2E1E2	259997	Ajay: What? No no, I, I-- I can't hear you anymore!
37739D5F	260000	Willis: Don't worry, it'll be in the document I give you when you finish this job.
35352306	260020	Willis: Hold onto that. I just drank a bucket of coffee... I'm gonna need it soon.
CC1C4374	260021	Ajay: Jesus.
4B845FBB	260076	Willis: Ajay, good timing. I'm just finishing up here. This is it, my last job for you. You're on the ten yard line now. Get in.
028858B0	260249	Ajay: What about Darpan?
1B9369F1	260254	[effort]Paul:  Whew. Used the fork. Now, you know this can get a lot worse, right? Actually, let's rewind for a bit, because I want to make sure that you know exactly what I want. Now, do you know why you are here?
9C0B753E	260257	Paul: Good. You’re Golden Path. A terrorist.  A "bad guy." And I'm a "good guy." Which means that I don't really want to hurt you. I only want to listen. And, you know, people tell me that I am a fantastic listener. So if you'll just tell me who your friends are, what it is they’re planning, and when it’s happen... we can avoid the...
12C29DF7	260258	Paul: Good. Breathe. Now, we already know you’ve been spying on the compound. So how do you know Ajay Ghale? What does the Golden Path want with him?
8510447F	260260	Paul: Sorry. Hey babe. Hey, listen, I'm in a meeting right now, I can’t really talk. Yeah, you know it is stressful times over here. We've got a new client and I am not sure he’s going to buy in. No, I, I will call you as soon as it is done. I don't think it will take much longer. Yeah. How are the girls? Yeah? Good, good, good, good. Give everyone a big kiss for me, okay? I love you. I love you too. Okay. Bye.
C85C6183	260262	Paul: You know, I would retire here if I could, but the missus, she would, she would never understand. Like a few years back, my company started downsizing, outsourcing all of my work to third world shit holes like, well, like this, actually.
5F8EB80B	260263	Paul: And next thing I know, I'm a desk jockey. Me. Fucking hated it. I got sent home for, for stress leave. And there I am. My wife at work, my kids at school, and I'm sitting on the couch every day staring at that... idiot box. But that’s when I saw him. Dr. Phil. Do you, do you have him out here? Dr. Phil? Amazing.
D14750C2	260264	Paul: He says to me, and I, I remember this very clearly, because it, it really stuck with me. If I'm going to be really happy, I have to find, My Inner Truth.
4695894A	260265	Paul: Lightning bolt!
6DB8DA89	260268	[effort]Paul:  And I realized that I need to embrace the things that I am good at. Which, unfortunately for you, is this.
74A3EBC8	260271	Paul: That's good. So here's what I'm going to do. I am going to be the best me that I can possibly be. If I have to follow that work halfway across the world, that is what I am going to do. I am off the couch. I am supporting my family. I am the FUCKING MAN. Look at my face. That's a good smile right? You know that when I say I can do this all day.... So, why don't you just, let it all go. Yeah? How do you know Ajay Ghale?
66209205	260324	Yogi: I’m just saying, if you can disembowel someone, why can't you embowel them?
33BCBD7B	260325	Reggie: Wait-- what, em-- embowel like empower? Right, that's an archaic term. It still means disembowel.
4D0DC1C6	260326	Yogi: What, like flammable and inflammable?
2AA78C3A	260328	Yogi: Ohm namah Shivayah, namah Shivayah namah namah Shivayah Shivayah...
5416F087	260329	Reggie: Welcome, my brother. You've come to a place of peace, where the demons of modern life cannot reach you. You are safe here.
65E61AFD	260331	Yogi: Our friend! Ohm namah Shivayah, ohm namah Shivayah! He's come from afar, seeking--seeking answers. We can give him those answers.
1B576640	260332	Reggie: For a nominal fee.
7CFD2BBC	260333	Yogi: Right? Nothing in life is free.
024C5701	260334	Reggie: WE are sensing…
57D0787F	260335	Yogi: WE are sensing… you want to know who we are… right. I am Yogi. And this is Reggie.
296104C2	260336	Reggie: But you, stranger… you... you're the son of a legend!
4ECB493E	260337	Ajay: This is my parents' house. Why don't you guys get out.
307A3583	260339	Yogi: Why does he want us to get out?
C95355F1	260340	Reggie: I don’t know. Ask him.
B7E2294C	260341	Yogi: You ask him.
D04864B0	260342	Ajay: Hey. I’m right here.
AEF9180D	260343	Yogi: Oh, he’s right here. Good for him. He knows where he is.
03CC61A0	260345	Reggie: Okay, welcome!  Come in!
7D7D1D1D	260346	Yogi: Yeah...after all, tu casa es tu casa.
1AD750E1	260347	Reggie: Um... we'll clean up. We'll be-- we’ll be out momentarily.
64662C5C	260348	Yogi: But first, let's have a little peace pipe while we hash out the details? You’re into this sort of thing, right.
28E13263	260356	Ajay: So what the fuck are you guys doing here anyway?
56504EDE	260357	Reggie: Ah Ajay, we represent the interests of a certain power broker.
67A0A4A4	260358	Yogi: Right, she's like to press the flesh as it were. A little meet and greet.
1911D819	260359	Reggie: You being the meat.
7EBB95E5	260360	Ajay: Wow ok, this is uh...[cough]really, really powerful stuff. If you don't mind I'm just gonna....
000AE958	260362	Reggie: Bollocks, Donald. What if this doesn't work?
5596C626	260364	Yogi: Listen, Reginald, we’re on the hook, and only Noore can get us off.
2B27BA9B	260365	Reggie: We’re still gonna to bet on the bears, right?
4C8DF767	260366	Yogi: Of course we are. We’re not fucking stupid. Oh boy, you're a dead man.
D5077235	260373	Noore: People of Kyrat…
0507A34B	260376	Noore: Who do you cheer for? The brave elephants?
1C1C920A	260378	Noore: Or the fierce tigers?
3731C1C9	260380	Noore: Or do you cheer for the terrorists.
2E2AF088	260383	Noore: Son of the terrorist, Mohan Ghale, fugitive of the Golden Path, killer of innocent men, women, and children of Kyrat…
616B664F	260385	Noore: He abandoned his people to live in the decadence of America—
7870570E	260388	Noore: --but he returns in chains to face judgment. Your judgment, people of Kyrat.
535D04CD	260391	Noore: AJAY GHALE!
34F74931	260397	Noore: Some people believe you can make a difference here, Ajay. This is the moment of truth.
CDDE2943	260399	[Moment of truth-mounting emotion; whispered into his ear]Noore:  Look to your feet when you hit the arena. There will be a blade hidden in the sand. If you do not survive, there is no hope for you or I.
B36F55FE	260401	Noore: Oh Ajay! Welcome to Shanath Arena!
AA7464BF	260405	Noore: Let the betting begin!
70EA98CB	260408	Ajay: Oh shit.
323C8BDA	260420	Noore: Walk with me.
CB15EBA8	260421	Ajay: You tried to kill me.
B5A49715	260422	Noore: And now I'm not.
D20EDAE9	260423	Ajay: You know what, fuck you.
ACBFA654	260425	Noore: Stop. Wait here.
7CBF772A	260428	[Whispering]Noore:  Just listen, please.  Paul has my family. Until I know they’re safe, I’m trapped here doing whatever Pagan wants me to do.
1B153AD6	260431	Ajay: What does this have to do with me?
65A4466B	260433	Noore: The Golden Path wants Paul dead. I need my family safe. We can help each other.
30386915	260434	Ajay: How?
4E8915A8	260436	Noore: I can get you back into his stronghold. [pause] Oh and Ajay? Take it easy on Reggie and Yogi. They’re being played, just like you and I.
29235854	260493	Reggie: Hang on, my friend. I know you’re angry with Donald for what he did, but we were in Barney.
579224E9	260494	Yogi: He means trouble. And it’s Yogi, you cunt.
6662CE93	260495	Ajay: I still wanna shoot you both.
18D3B22E	260496	Yogi: Huh-- listen! I don’t blame you for wanting to put a hole in Reggie, here.
7F79FFD2	260497	Reggie: Look!  W--We’re trapped in this bloody country... like you, alright? They nicked our passports and they’re getting us to fuck over folks... like you!
01C8836F	260498	Yogi: And we can’t go back to India after that incident with the cow.
5454AC11	260499	Reggie: Cows.
2AE5D0AC	260500	[Horrified]Yogi:  Right, cows. So many cows.
4D4F9D50	260501	Reggie: Did you hear there's million hits on Youtube so far.
33FEE1ED	260502	Yogi: Yes we did, that’s why you bet against him.
CAD7819F	260504	Reggie: I only technically bet against him. I-- I was trying to cover the spread, my old china.
B466FD22	260505	Yogi: He means mate. I, however, had no doubt. I bet on you, mate. Check it out.
D3CCB0DE	260507	Yogi: Which I'm more than willing to split with you uh... 60-40.
AD7DCC63	260509	Yogi: 40-60?
07411D12	260511	Yogi: 30-70.
79F061AF	260513	Yogi: Right, just take the whole lot. You deserve it, fighting with your tackle flip-flopping about.
1E5A2C53	260514	Reggie: Oh, very impressed.
60EB50EE	260515	Yogi: With his tackle?
35777F90	260516	Reggie: With his fighting, you tit! It was very Gladiator.
4BC6032D	260517	Yogi: I would say more 300.
2C6C4ED1	260518	Ajay: I want you two gone. I want you out of my house, I'm taking it back. And if you ever f…
52DD326C	260519	Reggie: We’ll shoot Donald together.
632DD816	260520	Yogi: It’s Yogi. Smoke?
1D9CA4AB	260522	Ajay: Leave.
048795EA	260524	Reggie: Yeah, we’re nesters.
7A74B5C1	260556	Noore: People of Kyrat, I have given you winners to cheer for and losers to mock, but none so bloody, so desperate, as today’s gladiators. But there is always more blood to come!
636F8480	260558	Noore: Ajay, where's my family?
36F3ABFE	260559	Ajay: I’m sorry, Noore.
4842D743	260561	Ajay: Sorry. Pagan...Pagan had them killed… years ago.
2FE89ABF	260563	Noore: I don’t need your pity.
5159E602	260564	Ajay: Look, I'm sorry, but you’re free now.
60A90C78	260565	Noore: Free? Free... free from what? All the people I've killed? From everything I’ve done?
1E1870C5	260567	Noore: I gave them this taste for blood--your blood, mine...
2C2E1247	260571	Noore: Now I’m free.
07034184	260575	Noore: Here!
10CF2ECC	260878	Amita: Who is this? Where's Darpan?
0085EB8B	260880	Sabal: This is Ajay Ghale... Mohan's son.
97573203	260883	Amita: Let me understand, Darpan's dead? And you brought me this?
199EDACA	260888	Ajay: I'm not involved in...whatever this is. I'm just looking for Lakshmana.
8E4C0342	260889	Amita: We're in the middle of a fucking war. We don't have time for tourists.
C99E0BB4	260890	Sabal: What was I supposed to do? Just leave him there?
D0853AF5	260896	Sabal: The north is enemy territory and we can’t get you there, not yet. You need shelter for the time being. Go and clear your head and get some rest. Come find me when you're ready.
871DF744	260945	[Sigh]Sabal: Well...we're here. Welcome to Banapur, home of the Golden Path.
E1EEFBE4	260973	Amita: Okay. Remember, pull back, exhale, then release. Good.
FBA86936	260974	Bhadra: Sabal says I shouldn't be doing this.
3A201738	260981	Amita: Okay, sure. There's a farm not far from here. Kanan runs it, but she's old and she could use your help with some wild animals. I need you to keep the hides intact, so use this.
6C7AB0BE	261012	[Light]Amita:  Ah, the tourist.
756181FF	261015	Amita: We're at war... we keep losing soldiers, the work keeps piling up.
E2B35877	261021	Amita: I am Amita. This is Bhadra.
86DF9D73	261023	Ajay: I uh, brought you these pelts.  I thought maybe you could use them.
10E5C8A4	261045	Sabal: Except...
AC1A42EF	261059	Bhadra: Thank you! [Sobbing]
3D06A47F	261115	Pagan Min: At least there's a silver lining. You didn't completely fuck it up.
7441D42A	261229	Gopal: Does anyone read me?
042B20A5	261230	Gopal: If anyone's listening, please pick up.
2F067366	261233	Ajay: I read you.
4677B6A8	261234	Gopal: Ajay, good to hear from you. One of our supply pickups went sideways.
361D4227	261235	Ajay: Went sideways... I thought only Americans said that.
5F6C87E9	261241	Gopal: This is a priority call. I have an urgent delivery.
C1EFAA67	261242	Gopal: Blame the internet, look, we need those supplies. I'm sending you the coordinates.
B1855EE8	261243	Ajay: You can count on me.
E6FA2B74	261244	Ajay: Found the first bag.
9690DFFB	261245	Gopal: Only two left but be careful.
FFE11A35	261248	Ajay: Have the second bag.
8F8BEEBA	261249	Gopal: Good. One left. Please hurry!
D4CC49F6	261252	Ajay: All right, got 'em all.
A4A6BD79	261253	Gopal: Good work. Please hurry and deliver them to these coordinates.
AFF3ABB0	261256	Ajay: Here are the packages.
E35BD428	261276	Bhadra: Things would be different now if he'd died fighting, but he didn't. He was murdered.
74890DA0	261277	Ajay: Murdered? W-Wait. What happened?
5FA45E63	261280	Bhadra: I have to go.
D16DB6AA	261284	Sabal: The champion returns! Defending that rebel camp saved a lot of lives.
46BF6F22	261285	Ajay: You guys put me in a difficult position.
56F5AA65	261286	Sabal: Amita would've let our people die, and for what? For intel that we may or may not have needed? The right choice was obvious, brother. It's what your father would've done. That's the Golden Path. That's the direction we were going before Mohan died.
B620437B	261302	Sabal: Was that intel from the camp worth it? Did you even read it? Because I've got some intelligence for you, and it's solid. Nine of my men are dead, good men you let die.
D18A0E87	261303	Ajay: You guys put me in a difficult position.
AF3B723A	261304	Sabal: The right choice was obvious! It's what your father would've done. That's the Golden Path. That's the direction we were going before he died and it all went to shit.
018ADFF9	261305	Sabal: Amita doesn't get it! She's always put her goals first. She's underhanded, she's subversive, and she always sacrifices lives.
7F3BA344	261306	Sabal: That's why I stepped up. I stepped up because I knew your father, and I respected his vision.
1891EEB8	261307	Sabal: You need to learn what drove him, what drives us. Go to the monastery. Educate yourself Ajay.
31973E13	261333	Gopal: I'll make sure they get to the right people. These will help.
F4D6282F	261336	Golden Path: We've almost lost the outpost!
1403C131	261337	Golden Path: We're going to lose the outpost! Clear them out!
CDB55C64	261338	Golden Path: We can't hold out much longer!
8FCD1679	261341	Rakshasa: Five minutes remaining.
9F606B13	261342	Rakshasa: There are five minutes left.
480D7E74	261343	Rakshasa: Five minutes left!
068E8284	261344	Rakshasa: One minute remaining.
EFED27B1	261345	Rakshasa: Only one minute left!
6F18FF67	261346	Rakshasa: Just one minute left!
CF978EF8	261347	Rakshasa: The outpost is almost ours!
26F42BCD	261348	Rakshasa: We've nearly taken the objective!
3882DE95	261349	Rakshasa: The objective is nearly ours!
9BEFFBE2	261350	Rakshasa: We didn't break through, fall back!
85990EBA	261351	Rakshasa: Fall back! We couldn't take the outpost!
6CFAAB8F	261352	Rakshasa: Pull back, we couldn't take the outpost!
B58DBEA4	261353	Rakshasa: The Golden Path have an outpost here. Take it down!
99CD297E	261354	Rakshasa: Clear the outpost and cut down their flag!
70AE8C4B	261355	Rakshasa: Storm the outpost and take the flag!
0DD9780E	261356	Rakshasa: We've taken the outpost!
45F52AD0	261357	Rakshasa: Outpost secured. Well done.
A520C3CE	261358	Rakshasa: We've secured the outpost. Mission accomplished.
EC0F7359	261359	Rakshasa: We're halfway there!
0CDA9A47	261360	Rakshasa: Outpost is halfway secured.
1C77E72D	261361	Rakshasa: We're halfway to taking the outpost. Keep up the pressure!
D857378B	261362	Rakshasa: We're at the flag!
FACC2863	261363	Rakshasa: We are taking the flag!
E4BADD3B	261364	Rakshasa: Cover the area, we're at the flag!
BAD04821	261375	Golden Path: Rakshasa are desecrating the area. Find and secure the demon masks.
5A05A13F	261376	Golden Path: The Rakshasa are destroying demon masks. Locate and secure them first.
1CF27BD3	261377	Golden Path: Find and recover the demon masks before the Rakshasa destroy them.
BB325A53	261384	Golden Path: The Rakshasa have destroyed the mask!
99A945BB	261385	Golden Path: They destroyed a demon mask!
87DFB0E3	261386	Golden Path: The Rakshasa have burned the mask!
02848E8B	261387	Golden Path: A new mask zone is available, check your map.
EBE72BBE	261388	Golden Path: Map updated, new mask zone discovered.
C7A7BC64	261389	Golden Path: A demon mask zone is on your minimap.
5E4955F3	261399	Golden Path: We've secured a mask!
403FA0AB	261400	Golden Path: Demon mask secured.
A0EA49B5	261401	Golden Path: We've delivered the demon mask!
3E491C7E	261402	Rakshasa: A new mask is available. Check your map.
DE9CF560	261403	Rakshasa: Map updated, new mask area located.
FC07EA88	261404	Rakshasa: Check your map, a new mask is available.
1E315974	261408	Rakshasa: The Golden Path are looting the area. Find and destroy the demon masks before they do.
C95C4C13	261409	Rakshasa: Hunt down and destroy the demon masks before the Golden Path gets them.
203FE926	261410	Rakshasa: Track down and destroy the demon masks.
F92C90C8	261411	Rakshasa: We've destroyed a mask!
104F35FD	261412	Rakshasa: Demon mask destroyed!
0E39C0A5	261413	Rakshasa: We've destroyed the demon mask!
A3EB0125	261423	Rakshasa: The Golden Path stole the mask!
B3467C4F	261424	Rakshasa: They've locked down the mask!
9F06EB95	261425	Rakshasa: They've secured the mask!
5058DB38	261430	Golden Path: We've destroyed the press!
B93B7E0D	261431	Golden Path: We took out the press!
F1172CD3	261432	Golden Path: The press is out of action.
134CA21E	261433	Rakshasa: Charge set at the transmitter! Defuse it!
FA2F072B	261434	Rakshasa: They've set a charge at the transmitter!
E459F273	261435	Rakshasa: Charge active at the transmitter!
63ACD38D	261436	Golden Path: They disarmed the charge at the depot!
8ACF76B8	261437	Golden Path: Depot charge disarmed.
A68FE162	261438	Golden Path: They disarmed the bomb at the depot!
2D2F2F7D	261439	Golden Path: We've set a charge at the transmitter!
C44C8A48	261440	Golden Path: Bomb placed at the transmitter. Protect it!
DA3A7F10	261441	Golden Path: Charge active at the transmitter! Don't let them defuse it!
B4A5AA2F	261442	Rakshasa: We've deactivated the charge at the press.
5DC60F1A	261443	Rakshasa: Charge deactivated at the press.
43B0FA42	261444	Rakshasa: Press charge deactivated.
7DBE4A10	261445	Rakshasa: We've held them off!
94DDEF25	261446	Rakshasa: We held off the Golden Path!
8AAB1A7D	261447	Rakshasa: Well done. They're breaking off the attack.
1B94314D	261448	Golden Path: We've marked important Rakshasa targets. Set charges on each of them.
F2F79478	261449	Golden Path: Place demo charges to destroy key enemy positions.
EC816120	261450	Golden Path: The Rakshasa have set up key resources in the area, place charges on them.
4AC73E17	261451	Golden Path: They're dug in too deep; fall back!
A3A49B22	261452	Golden Path: We're out of time, we couldn't take all the targets.
BDD26E7A	261453	Golden Path: We didn't destroy our objectives in time.
F3B93345	261454	Rakshasa: Golden Path fighters have been spotted in the area. Protect our locations!
1ADA9670	261455	Rakshasa: The Golden Path are attacking key locations. Defend them!
04AC6328	261456	Rakshasa: The Golden Path are attacking. Don't let them destroy our assets!
1EDB27C8	261457	Golden Path: We've destroyed the depot!
F7B882FD	261458	Golden Path: The depot's destroyed!
E9CE77A5	261459	Golden Path: We've taken out the depot!
4C0CFCFC	261460	Golden Path: We've destroyed the transmitter!
A56F59C9	261461	Golden Path: We took out the transmitter.
BB19AC91	261462	Golden Path: The transmitter's been destroyed!
6E3B565B	261463	Rakshasa: They destroyed the press!
8758F36E	261464	Rakshasa: Press destroyed!
AB1864B4	261465	Rakshasa: We lost the press!
35F6740B	261466	Golden Path: Charge active at the press. Cover it!
DC95D13E	261467	Golden Path: Charge activated at the press.
5C6009E8	261468	Golden Path: We've rigged a charge at the press.
AAB733B2	261469	Golden Path: They defused the charge at the transmitter!
43D49687	261470	Golden Path: Transmitter charge defused!
9034FF52	261471	Golden Path: The Transmitter bomb has been defused!
010BD462	261472	Rakshasa: They've set a charge at the press!
E8687157	261473	Rakshasa: Charge active at the press! Disarm it!
C428E68D	261474	Rakshasa: They've activated a charge at the press!
3861F1DD	261475	Rakshasa: We've defused the charge at the transmitter!
D10254E8	261476	Rakshasa: We've defused the bomb at the transmitter!
51F78C3E	261477	Rakshasa: Bomb at the transmitter defused!
4E4A42A5	261478	Rakshasa: They destroyed the depot!
A729E790	261479	Rakshasa: They blew up the depot!
B95F12C8	261480	Rakshasa: The depot's destroyed!
B028D69D	261481	Golden Path: We've armed a charge on the depot. Protect it!
594B73A8	261482	Golden Path: Charge set on the depot. Don't let them disarm it!
473D86F0	261483	Golden Path: The bomb on the depot is armed!
2BE4ED96	261484	Rakshasa: They've placed a charge on the depot! Disarm it!
C28748A3	261485	Rakshasa: Bomb active at the depot. Defuse it!
DCF1BDFB	261486	Rakshasa: They've set a charge on the depot!
76E20D2D	261487	Rakshasa: They destroyed the transmitter!
9F81A818	261488	Rakshasa: The transmitter's been destroyed!
81F75D40	261489	Rakshasa: The Golden Path destroyed the transmitter!
AC7CF159	261490	Rakshasa: Bomb on the depot disarmed!
451F546C	261491	Rakshasa: Depot charge disarmed!
9272410B	261492	Rakshasa: We disarmed the bomb at the depot!
7B7588FB	261493	Golden Path: They deactivated the charge at the press!
92162DCE	261494	Golden Path: They disarmed the charge at the press!
8C60D896	261495	Golden Path: Press charge deactivated!
A16EDB41	261500	Rakshasa: They're tracking us; shut off the bell tower!
BF182E19	261501	Rakshasa: Deactivate the bell tower; we're being tracked!
5FCDC707	261502	Rakshasa: We're being detected; shut down the bell tower!
7D56D8EF	261506	Rakshasa: Bell tower active, our positions are being broadcast. Shut it down!
63202DB7	261507	Rakshasa: The bell tower's online, they're tracking us! Turn it off!
8A438882	261508	Rakshasa: The bell tower's online.
658F8399	261509	Golden Path: The bell tower's been deactivated.
2DA3D147	261510	Golden Path: We've lost the bell tower.
C4C07472	261511	Golden Path: The bell tower's offline.
C26FDA5C	261515	Rakshasa: The bell tower is deactivated.
22BA3342	261516	Rakshasa: Bell tower shut down.
32174E28	261517	Rakshasa: The bell tower is offline.
B9B78037	261518	Golden Path: Bell tower online. Enemy positions are  marked on your map.
95F717ED	261519	Golden Path: Bell tower activated. Rakshasa positions are on your map.
7522FEF3	261520	Golden Path: Bell tower active. Enemies are on your map.
94909961	261521	Golden Path: Activate the bell tower to locate enemy positions.
4EA2D05A	261522	Golden Path: Communications are down. Get that bell tower online!
50D42502	261523	Golden Path: We're blind; turn on that bell tower!
1902CDF8	261524	Sabal: Gone, brother, gone.
153A1F28	261543	Ajay: Amita, I can get you that intel.
8B5E8A8B	261544	Amita: Okay. We've been hearing of a major attack for a while, and then Banapur was hit. But it doesn't feel right. I think something big is coming and the intel could confirm that, but we haven't heard from the camp since the attack, so watch yourself. Okay?
95287FD3	261556	Ajay: How can I help?
E5428B5C	261557	Sabal: One of our camps is about to get overrun. Don't know when, but it could get messy. I need to send them all the support I can, so if you want to help, get over there, brother.
4A73103E	261892	Banhi: Hey, I'm ready to roll out. Where's my protection?
1134B772	261893	Achal: Matsendra should have been there by now.
615E43FD	261894	Banhi: Matsendra the Drunk? He's probably sleeping off another hangover. Find me someone else.
8FB79AFC	261895	Ajay: Hey, it's Ajay. What do you need me to do?
FFDD6E73	261896	Achal: Ajay, we have an entire clinic's worth of contraceptives and disease tests to smuggle into Noore's brothels. Can you protect the truck?
96ACABBD	261897	Ajay: Wouldn't guns be better protection?
E6C65F32	261898	Achal: Yes, but we'd never get them past the Army. Sending you the location.
A96071D8	261901	Banhi: The situation is complicated. The Golden Path can't just go in and shut down the brothels.
D90A8557	261902	Banhi: Many of the prostitutes are kidnapped, yes. They're beaten, raped, starved...
B07B4099	261903	Banhi: Some will be trafficked. Some work their way up in Noore's organization, surviving any way they can.
C011B416	261904	Banhi: Noore sends the most promising workers out to recruit more. For some people it's the only future they can afford.
9B56135A	261905	Banhi: But others start their own brothels. Noore gets a cut of the profits in exchange for protection.
EB3CE7D5	261906	Banhi: There's no shame in prostitution, but it's our duty to aid those who are being exploited.
31AB4A55	261909	[sigh of relief]Banhi:  You showed up. Are you sober? Ah, it doesn't matter, you're not driving.
A67993DD	261910	Banhi: Climb on top of the truck and we'll get going.
28B07B14	261913	Banhi: I'll wait for you here!
BF62A29C	261914	Banhi: Don't go too far! There are still army patrols on the road!
039D28D7	261915	Banhi: You can't leave! People are depending on us to deliver this stuff!
082F8633	261920	Achal: Is anyone out there listening? Please respond.
784572BC	261921	Achal: We have a convoy in need of an escort. Can anyone assist?
FEA2150A	261951	Pranav: Thank Kyra, you made it.
97D3D0C4	261952	Banhi: Be careful when unloading the crates -- the contents need to remain sterile.
CC947788	261955	Banhi: At least now we won't have to listen to the soldiers complaining about how it burns when they piss.
4528AEAD	261977	Ajay: What file?
35425A22	261978	Willis: The one in the plane that's about to take off.
5C339FEC	261979	Ajay: Shit!
0019FCB9	261992	Ajay: What the hell?
97CB2531	261994	Willis: Ajay, I take it you have the file.
4DAAC93E	265617	Sabal: He's alive. If you'd killed him I wouldn't have blamed you.
DA7810B6	265619	Paul: Yeah I'm alive, you fucking taxi driver.
54B1F87F	265621	Sabal: Show him to his new home.
CA32D5F1	265625	Paul: Wait wait, that's my cell phone. Ajay, that's my cell phone, it's in my back pocket. I need my cell phone man!
5DE00C79	265627	Paul: Ajay, please! Please! I need my cell phone!
44FB3D38	265630	[Silence 3]Paul: Who threw that? Fucking savages! Let go!
1A32048F	265634	Amita: Thank you, Ajay. This is a good thing you've done here. We'll take care of Paul. We've got the perfect spot for him.
94FBEC46	265637	Paul: Get off me you monkey fuckers!
2804660D	265638	Paul: Ashley! Ashley baby, daddy's here!
F39661D2	265648	Noore: You have to kill Paul you have to do it now--he's going home. You kill him and you save my family, I will get you anyone. Yuma, Pagan, I will get you their heads.
7D5F891B	265652	Ajay: Shh, it's okay.
EA8D5093	265655	Noore: You have to save them. He's throwing himself a going away party at his compound. He's vulnerable there. He likes to ship in his "meat" from a nearby village. That is your way in.
C5ECF79C	265675	Sabal: Thanks, brother. And he also said the opium at the old tea factory was ready to ship. We need to wipe that poison out.
70A531FC	265680	Amita: Better than being literally bankrupt.
99C694C9	265683	Ajay: I think you're right about this.
F0B75107	265684	Amita: I know this isn't the way things should be, but Kyrat can't survive if Sabal keeps clinging to the past.
80DDA588	265685	Amita: Get to the old tea factory, secure those fields.
C8F1F756	265687	Ajay: I'm in.
5F232EDE	265688	Sabal: It's good to have you with us, brother. Mohan didn't start the Golden Path to peddle drugs. Amita she's... she's lost.
D1EAC617	265690	Sabal: Get to the old tea factory and burn it down.
2DEEA87B	265904	Kalinag: To turn back was not an option. But to move forward, was to let go.
33985D23	265959	Kalinag: The closer we came to the Rakshasa, the more twisted the world became.
E3DCA495	266045	Ajay: The what?
F71D693E	266050	Amita: You’re fine I promise you.  Sabal's gone Bhadra, you're safe --no more Tarun Matara.
9E6CACF0	266052	Amita: Take her back to the camp. I don't know where Sabal is, and I don't trust him.
B541FF33	266056	Ajay: What's this about Sabal?
C52B0BBC	266057	Amita: Not now, we have bigger problems. Pagan is about to hit Utkarsh with artillery.  We can’t let that happen. Destroy those cannons before they wipe Utkarsh off the map.
AC5ACE72	266058	Ajay: I'm on it.
C8360B76	266062	Amita: You. He sent you to kill me. I knew it'd come to this, but YOU?
B85CFFF9	266063	Ajay: Who else pulls the trigger around here.
4FAE17B9	266065	Amita: Good point. [beat] Sabal hides behind his blind faith and tradition and you just... you follow along like one of his subjects?
26DFD277	266073	Ajay: Goodbye, Amita.
82388B34	266076	Amita: Very noble Ajay.
8C22B730	266084	Ajay: I’m here to help.[Silence 4]Get out of here.
02EB5FF9	266087	Paul: Hello? Hi sweetpea, how are you?
95398671	266090	Paul: Aw, that's amazing! [laughs] That's wonderful. [laughs] No, no, no. No, I understand. Sweetheart, I understand, but I, I can't, I’m literally walking into a meeting right now. Alright, no, it's okay, it's okay. Just put her on really quick. No, no, it's okay. Put her on. Yeah.
29C60C3A	266092	Paul: I will be right with you.
BE14D5B2	266094	Paul: Hi Ashley! You did? That is amazing! [laughs] Good girl! Are you getting ready for bed? Did you brush your teeth? For at least ten seconds? That's my girl. You gonna give your mom a big kiss for me? Well you know she gets lonely when I'm not there. You are the lady of the house.
30DD3D7B	266096	Paul: Of course, now you know daddy has to work, so... a gift? Sure, sweetheart. What did you want?
A70FE4F3	266098	Paul: A ring? No, I, I don't think I've seen anything like that for you sweetheart. I'm sorry. What else would you like?
7F9CABBC	266100	Paul: A necklace? Oh, a gold necklace? Well, actually, I think I see that exact thing. Yes, of course it is shiny. Now listen, daddy has to work alright? So I have to go.
E84E7234	266102	Paul: I, I love you too.
66879AFD	266104	Paul: Yes, kisses kisses, don't let the bedbugs bite. Okay.[kissing noises] Bye Lady Bug.
F1554375	266106	Paul: I apologize for that. My daughter. You were here on time and I was not ready.  No disrespect intended.
DC303AFD	266122	Sabal: Gods be praised, we're almost free now.
E31B58B5	266123	Ajay: You asked to see me.
9371AC3A	266125	Sabal: Brother.
FA0069F4	266127	Sabal: Now listen, the Golden Path needs one voice and Amita... she's out of control. Look, look around you. This is what Kyrat needs. Stability. Tradition. Honor. But she keeps second guessing every decision I make.
A147CEB8	266133	Sabal: Ajay, they’re shelling Utkarsh! Go, go!
8708267E	266191	Kalinag: I was closer to the plague controlling this land. Whoever it was, knew I was coming.
F762D2F1	266192	Kalinag: The King...my family...my life in Kyrat...was a distant memory.
DCA8391F	266193	Kalinag: The Rakshasa, chainer of Bells, watched over Shangri-La from an impossibly tall Spire.
ACC2CD90	266194	Kalinag: Like a moth to a flame, I was drawn to protect Shangri-La from darkness.
CAC7D76A	266197	Ajay: Amita, are you okay?
440E3FA3	266205	Amita: You're a smart man, Ajay. Tell me, am I the right person for this? Sabal, he's got all these supporters and I just, I just keep thinking, are they blind, or am I just... missing the point?
858641AD	266206	Amita: Exactly! That's everything we need to plan for the future while he's stuck in the past.
12549825	266207	Ajay: And you want to capture it?
3979CBE6	266211	Amita: I say yes, he says no.
9C9D70EC	266260	Amita: No, indecision is for the weak. Okay, remember that tea plantation? The poppies, they've been shipped to an old brick factory for processing. Sabal wants to destroy it, he's so sure of himself.
8EEED1D6	266306	Pagan Min: Come in! I apologize for the austerity, I sent the help home. Chances are, you shot them on your way in.
5CEAE267	266315	Pagan Min: So, who did you kill? Hm? Was it Amita? Sabal? It doesn't really matter, I already know. I just want to hear you say it.
DB72FEA8	266327	Pagan Min: Now, before we begin... ah... to whom am I speaking? Hm? The son who returned to scatter his mother's ashes, or the lunatic who has murdered his way to the top of my mountain.
A5C38215	266328	Pagan Min: If I was speaking to the first guy, then I would say sit down, let's be civilized, enjoy some food. But we tried that before, didn't we?
BCD8B354	266329	Pagan Min: Now, if you had just listened, just waited for me, then we would have come back here straightaway together, and scattered your mother's ashes.
45F1D326	266332	Pagan Min: So then you must be the second guy, who didn't listen, and decided instead to join the other monkeys and start throwing his shit around.
C269CFE9	266333	Pagan Min: At our first meeting, you sat right here. Paul, was off applying voltage to the nipples of your rude little plus one. I stood just like this and what were my exact words? Ah. "STAY here. ENJOY the Crab Rangoon. Don’t MOVE. I’ll be right back."
225B9EDA	266336	Ajay: Sabal.
88674FAB	266338	Ajay: Amita.
F6D63316	266339	Pagan Min: Well. No more putting it off I suppose. Well come on.  And don't forget your mother.
A34A1C68	266369	Ajay: Pagan's dead.
DDFB60D5	266371	Sabal: Good, brother. It's finally over. Did you find Lakshmana?
EC0B8AAF	266373	Ajay: No. I don't know what it is. I guess it's not important.
92BAF612	266375	Amita: It's over? I can't believe we won. Did you find Lakshmana?
F510BBEE	266377	Ajay: No. I don't know what it is. It's not important.
3E0FB91E	266391	Ajay: Pagan is dead.
2714885F	266393	Amita: It's over? We won... I can't believe we won. Ajay, did you find out where Lakshmana was?
6093BCE5	266394	Hurk: Oh my Lord I thought they smelled bad on the outside.
804655FB	266395	Hurk: Who has two thumbs and a backpack full of animal parts? I do.
2D76AB99	266397	Pagan Min: Oh, fan-bloody-tastic. You sir, are a gentleman. I sincerely apologize. We saw terrorists in the area, and yada yada.
5D1C5F16	266399	Pagan Min: The Crab Rangoon, right? It's...
E46D4BA6	266401	Pagan Min: To scatter your mother's ashes, of course.
8D1C8E68	266484	Ajay: Where?
AFC5CD16	266512	Him!
3B40AF9B	266517	Pagan Min: But I'll tell you what, I call a do-over! Hm? I say you have two choices. One, you could shoot me, boring. Or you could sit down, enjoy some food and you and I will go scatter your mother's ashes, together.
FD767AE7	266528	Pagan Min: ...fabulous. Mm! Well, come on, let's go!
B2B438C8	266536	Kalinag: I looked at the valley below and realized...
2566E140	266537	Kalinag: ...I had arrived.
A15C19B2	266552	Pagan Min: Oh good.  Do you feel better now?  Get it out of your system? Good.  And maybe now we can finally shoot some goddamn guns.
0D0EEE93	266564	Pagan Min: You know... part of me is surprised your mother asked for you to bring her all the way back here.
B84728F3	266565	Pagan Min: Did your mother ever tell you about your father?
2623BD50	266571	Pagan Min: Lakshmana shouldn't be alone anymore. I'm so glad we're finally back together.
F1EB4C8C	266576	Kalinag: All I had to do was jump.
20E87FBB	266578	Kalinag: My path here had been long and difficult. I'd seen things...done things...I'd wish on no one.
E8F07DCD	266581	Kalinag: But none had returned.
66399504	266583	Kalinag: I was young. As warrior to the Kyrati King, I had only just earned my name. Kalinag.
7F22A445	266590	Kalinag: The King had sent many of his best warriors before.
39F34EFA	266594	Kalinag: What is the difference between myth and reality?
540FF786	266595	Kalinag: Tell me, how can your thangka show the impossible?
C3DD2E0E	266596	Kalinag: The only way you can witness paradise...is to live it.
9AAABCCB	266618	Ajay: Sabal, I'm past the bridge.
E7B9244B	266619	Pranav: Don't worry. We'll take all the necessary precautions.
BCFE8307	266620	Banhi: Thank you for seeing this shipment safely here.
04CE2968	266622	Sabal: North of you is Utkarsh, Pagan's model village for life under his thumb, but It's all propaganda. We have Golden Path there. Nobody knows the north better than that cell. I need you to check in on them.
6AD228BF	266624	Ajay: Amita, I'm in the north.
31958FF3	266625	Amita: The north... I haven't seen Utkarsh in years. Listen, there's a Golden Path cell there--they're good people. Utkarsh is just north of the bridge, and this cell, they know the area better than anyone. I'd appreciate it if you could reconnect with them. But be careful. You've seen the Royal Guard. They're tougher and smarter than the regular armed forces.
41FF7B7C	266630	They're waiting for you downstairs.
288EBEB2	266632	Ajay, thank you for reuniting us with the Golden Path in the south.
58E44A3D	266635	You can tell Amita and Sabal that we're ready to fight. They have targets picked-
AF16A27D	266637	Shh.
B60D933C	266641	Pagan Min: You have a lovely, lovely home. It's very charming.
15E362A3	266647	Pagan Min: Ooo, this... oh, I like this. Is this mahogany? Hm. And look at you, a lovely couple--to match a lovely home. Very salt of the earth. You know I was told that if I ever wanted to experience the hospitality of Utkarsh, that I had to visit the Ranas.
0CF853E2	266648	Pagan Min: You see I, uh, wanted to warn you.
7C92A76D	266659	Pagan Min: Oh, we questioned everyone too, and everyone said the exact same thing... they--are--the friendliest. They will talk to anyone. "To anyone?" I said. "To everyone," they said. Hmm. And they were so emphatic that I decided I had to see it for myself. He's cute.
57BFF4AE	266663	Warn us, sir?
27D50021	266664	Pagan Min: Well yes. Now, I'm not sure if you've heard, but it's come to my attention that there are some very disreputable people around. And I'm concerned that these people, these terrorists, well, they might take advantage of your hospitality... maybe ruin your wonderful reputation. And we wouldn't want that to happen now would we?
4EA4C5EF	266668	No, sir.
3ECE3160	266669	Pagan Min: No. Well, would you allow me to protect you? To ensure your reputation?
01E55328	266670	Please. Yes, King Min.
718FA7A7	266673	Pagan Min: Your wish is my command, I'm so glad we could agree on this.
43B9C525	266678	No, they'll kill you!
2AC800EB	266679	Ajay: I'm getting Pagan.
FEC679CF	266730	Sabal: Look at you. You look good for someone who just clawed his way out of Durgesh. Thank Kyra we found you before you froze to death.
134CCC8D	266741	Pagan Min: Now, I recently experienced change within my own organization. "Miss" Noore, and Paul "De Pleur" after years of dedicated service have decided to move on. I sure you'll all join me in wishing them well in their future endeavors.
849E1505	266742	Pagan Min: But like them, we must look forward, not back. The attempt on my life is nothing more than a symptom of resistance to change. Rest easy, for Yuma Lau, my trusted commander-in-chief, who oversees our mining operations at the KEO facility, stands between me and any would-be assassin. She would rather die than see any harm come to me. Go ahead, I challenge you, put her resolve to the test.
0A57FDCC	266743	Pagan Min: To summarize. Change is good. Embrace it.  Your King is alive. Rejoice. And Yuma stands like a sentinel, waiting. Bring it on.
5AA2F464	266745	Amita: Ajay, you're just in time. Pagan's broadcast is starting.
AD501C24	266746	Ajay: What's this about?
DD3AE8AB	266747	Sabal: No clue, brother, but we're going to find out.
B44B2D65	266750	Sabal: Sounds like he's calling us out.
C421D9EA	266751	Amita: The mines. You know what to do.
F540006D	266764	Kalinag: I felt the weight of Shangri-La's past and future.
6B2495CE	266765	Kalinag: A future unpainted--
DE6D53AE	266767	Kalinag: Until now.
723FA48F	266768	Kalinag: The Rakshasa, demon of bronze, knew no reason. Only death, destruction, and insatiable greed.
A1B2F06B	266794	Pagan Min: Welcome to Durgesh. I apologize for the Spartan accommodations, but you have been a naughty little shit, haven't you, gallivanting about with the Golden Path... and poor Paul. Are you still sore about what he did with your little monkey friend? What was his name? Um, uh, Deadpan? Dipshit? Doorknob?
B8A9C12A	266798	Pagan Min: I'm sorry for your ennui, but let me ease him into this, Yuma. You're about to mind fuck the poor boy. Perhaps a little sugar on your shit sandwich?
373A21DD	266810	Yuma: Years ago, Pagan was my king. I would've done anything for him, but then your mother led him astray. I tried to warn him, but he wouldn't listen and his love for Ishwari eventually broke him.
C8C335A5	266869	Yuma: What-ever. You've seen him, he's still breathing, now go away, I've got work to do.
3F31DDE5	266872	Pagan Min: Fine, fine, fine, but I want him alive, with all the bits that count intact. One last thing. Now, Ajay, I know this is hard, but consider this tough love, prison love. After all, you have a suite with a spectacular view!
262AECA4	266878	Pagan Min: Oh, and one final piece of advice. I wouldn't sleep too close to the edge.
D429403B	266881	Yuma: Ajay.
4A4DD598	266883	Yuma: Ajay.
8273E7BD	266885	Yuma: Falling dream? A lot of people fall around here. Most of them don't wake up. That's what this place does to weak men.
A95EB47E	266887	Yuma: Places like this are eager to stain the world with the blood of weak men. On the outside, you can hear the dead voices whispering in the wind, inviting you to join them. On the inside, you can see the horrors that drove them over the edge.
A797DB59	266891	Kalinag: Shangri-La's beauty washed those memories away.
1C17721E	266892	Yuma: The people who carved this city into the rock were strong. Followers of Kalinag. They were a great civilization, unlike the pathetic rabble Kyrat is today.
6589962C	266898	No, that's my family.
18FE6269	266899	Pagan Min: Ah, this, should only take a moment.
689496E6	266901	Pagan Min: And they say I've lost touch with my subjects.
71634F1B	266920	Golden Path: Rakshasa reported near the outpost. Hold it at all costs!
394F1DC5	266921	Golden Path: Defend the outpost from Rakshasa attack!
4438E980	266922	Golden Path: They're taking our flag!
A4ED009E	266923	Golden Path: They're at our flag!
6440AC8A	266924	Golden Path: They're capturing the outpost. Clear them out!
B32DB9ED	266925	Golden Path: They're controlling the outpost.
5A4E1CD8	266926	Golden Path: We're about to lose the outpost! Take it back!
943838FE	266927	Golden Path: Outpost held, the Rakshasa are retreating.
74EDD1E0	266928	Golden Path: We've held the outpost.
9B68D6FC	266930	Yuma: Ajay.
86761F76	266933	Golden Path: We couldn't hold, fall back and regroup.
9800EA2E	266934	Golden Path: Get out of there! The outpost is lost.
60A2EC6C	266935	Ajay: How did you find me?
E7DD488E	266936	Sabal: Kyra showed me the way. It took a week to track you down. I prayed constantly for your safe return and the gods made it so.
79B9DD2D	266937	Ajay: Thank you.
CCF01B4D	266938	Sabal: Don't thank me. Thank Kyra. Besides, keeping you alive is good for the cause. [Laughs]That's one thing Amita doesn't understand. I'll always have your back, brother.
2EC6A8B1	266962	Amita: I've been watching you for three days but you're awake now and you seem okay. I have to go. There's still a war going on.
B045853F	266963	Ajay: Amita?
2E21109C	266964	Amita: Hey, he's up. Congratulations, you're officially the luckiest man I know. I searched for you for a week in enemy territory. It's a good thing we found you before you froze to death.
37DD99F0	266965	Ajay: Where's Sabal?
A9B90C53	266966	Amita: Probably doing what he does best, sitting in a dark room praying to dead gods for your "safe return."
B0A23D12	266968	Amita: Sabal was right about one thing. The Golden Path needs you. I'm happy to have you with me.
D99AF4DB	267030	Rakshasa: The outpost is still in enemy hands.
C93789B1	267031	Rakshasa: We're out of time, retreat!
E5771E6B	267032	Rakshasa: We're taking the flag! Provide cover!
0C14BB5E	267033	Rakshasa: Defend the area! We're taking the flag!
12624E06	267034	Rakshasa: They're retreating! The outpost is ours!
F2B7A718	267035	Rakshasa: We've captured the outpost!
7C99F7FC	267036	Rakshasa: Take the outpost, cut down their flag!
62EF02A4	267037	Rakshasa: Drive out the Golden Path and secure their flag!
90D12889	267058	Rakshasa: The fighting's that way!
8EA7DDD1	267059	Rakshasa: Get back in the fight!
6E7234CF	267060	Rakshasa: You're leaving the fight, turn around!
7448355B	267061	Golden Path: The battle's that way!
949DDC45	267062	Golden Path: You're leaving the battle!
D26A06A9	267063	Golden Path: The enemy's the other way. Turn around!
D2E282D0	267254	Thank you!
4C861773	267255	Thanks!
9DA31417	267256	Thank you very much!
03C781B4	267257	Thank you!
84B82556	267258	Thanks!
1ADCB0F5	267259	Thank you very much!
AF957695	267260	Thank you!
31F1E336	267261	Thanks!
B68E47D4	267262	Thank you very much!
28EAD277	267263	Thank you!
AF72CEB8	267265	Thank you very much!
280D6A5A	267266	Thank you!
B669FFF9	267267	Thanks!
FB896F4A	267268	Thank you very much!
65EDFAE9	267269	Thanks!
E2925E0B	267270	Thank you!
7CF6CBA8	267271	Thank you very much!
C9BF0DC8	267279	Thanks!
57DB986B	267280	Thank you!
D0A43C89	267281	Thank you very much!
9FE5AA4E	267284	Thank you!
01813FED	267285	Thank you very much!
86FE9B0F	267287	Thanks!
189A0EAC	267288	Thank you!
ADD3C8CC	267289	Thank you very much!
33B75D6F	267291	Thanks!
B4C8F98D	267292	Thank you!
2AAC6C2E	267293	Thank you very much!
3350E542	267295	Thanks!
AD3470E1	267296	Thank you!
2A4BD403	267297	Thank you very much!<br>
FA4B057D	267299	Thank you!
642F90DE	267300	Thank you very much!
7D34A19F	267303	Thank you!
C87D67FF	267304	Thank you very much!
5619F25C	267306	Thanks!
D16656BE	267307	Thank you!
4F02C31D	267308	Thank you very much!
9E27C079	267310	Thanks!
004355DA	267311	Thank you!
873CF138	267312	Thank you very much!
1958649B	267314	Thanks!
AC11A2FB	267315	Thank you!
32753758	267316	Thank you very much!
2B6E0619	267319	Thank you brother!
32928F75	267320	Thank you very much!
370EF69B	267595	Kalinag: The Tiger knew the circle had to be completed.
5E7F3355	267598	Kalinag: I'm often asked, "Kalinag, why would you leave Shangri-La?"
D9E72F9A	267599	Kalinag: To believe in something beyond yourself. That is true paradise. Shangri-La is within me, and within you.
A98DDB15	267601	Kalinag: Dear painter, is that enough for your Thangka?
71DF1C24	267988	Kalinag: But I was a fool to think that paradise was immune to suffering.
01B5E8AB	268021	Kalinag: The Tiger had seen bloodshed. He was a being born from another world. A Protector.
1FC31DF3	268054	Kalinag: Impaled by the tooth of a massive beast...
FF16F4ED	268087	Kalinag: There had been a great battle in the forest. The tiger, defending his home. But from what?
DD8DEB05	268120	Kalinag: Demons had invaded Shangri-La...not of this earth, not of clear mind.
B4FC2ECB	268121	Kalinag: Someone...something wanted Shangri-La for themselves.
5D9F8BFE	268154	Kalinag: The Tiger had returned from the dead. Not to save my life, but to gain an ally.
DD6A5328	268187	Kalinag: I'd grown up with prayer wheels my entire life, but these looked as if built for gods, such was their size.
3DBFBA36	268220	Kalinag: As a child, my father told me stories of the Bells of Shangri-La. Their ring purged evil from the land.
24A48B77	268221	Kalinag: I was not alone in that fear.
A1387577	268235	Kalinag: The King had sent many seekers to find Shangri-La.
9E13173F	268236	Kalinag: I had trained with the warrior Kaishin. It seems he had given his life for this place.
EE79E3B0	268237	Kalinag: Was he a window to my future?
4546D088	268263	Kalinag: Something here was missing. As though one of the statues had simply decided to spread its wings and fly.
2B5AD15F	268280	Kalinag: The bells were the key. The Rakshasa that chained them down knew that Shangri-La was helpless without their protection.
9B5C01BA	268289	Kalinag: The Rakshasa, demon of bronze, knew no reason. Only death, destruction, and insatiable greed.
4522BC4D	268291	Amita: What were you thinking, Ajay? Winners don't do drugs, really? Is that it? Those fields you burned, they weren't just drugs... they were books, they were medicine... we could have built a proper clinic.
ABCB654C	268292	Amita: You didn't see Kyrat before the war. I was six years old when my parents told me I had to marry. Six! That's the world that Sabal is pining for.
354848C2	268293	Amita: But no. Sabal says 'drugs are bad' and you torch our fucking future!
5C398D0C	268297	Ajay: I don't think you understand--
2C537983	268299	Amita: I'm sorry. did I speak out of turn? Should I walk ten feet behind you with my head bowed?
DBA191C3	268300	Ajay: I'm just saying--
B5BD9014	268301	Amita: Ajay, I can't tell you what saving those fields means to the future of Kyrat: Supplies, weapons, ammunition, vehicles, everything the Golden Path needs to take the fight to Pagan Min.
6F236C60	268306	Amita: But you're not a puppet, are you? Now I can see what you're capable of. What a difference you've made.
76385D21	268308	Amita: But you and I, we make a good team. Now I could use your help to protect the Statues of Kyra. Paul is trying to destroy them as part of his campaign to turn the people against the Golden Path.
226F499C	268380	Amita: I wasn't sure about you. That first time, in Banapur, all I saw was Sabal and his puppet.
F8F1B5E8	268399	Amita: You didn't see Kyrat before the war. I was six years old when my parents told me that I had to marry. That's the world Sabal is pining for. He's trying to take us back to the dark ages.
E1EA84A9	269280	Ajay: I'm in.
5D150EE2	269281	Amita: Ajay. It means a lot that you've supported me.
F7E857ED	269410	Sabal: You're a drug peddler, that's what you are! Who do you remind me of? Oh yes. Pagan.
8782A362	269411	Amita: I'm like Pagan because I have a vision for Kyrat? I'm trying to take us out of your third-world bullshit!
EEF366AC	269412	Sabal: It's our history, our culture, our traditions--
9E999223	269413	Amita: Tradition? Like what... marrying little girls? Is that it? Is that your big plan for Bhadra?
DCC5042E	269421	Sabal: I don't answer to you.
ACAFF0A1	269424	Sabal: It's Noore's turn.
938492E9	269425	Amita: At least we agree on that.
E3EE6666	269426	Ajay: She didn't have a choice. Pagan forced Noore to do those things. He had her family.
8A9FA3A8	269427	Sabal: And how many families did she kill to save her own?
FAF55727	269428	Amita: It doesn't matter why she did it. She has to pay, just like everyone else.
D5EB2A0C	269430	Amita: I do. We've been able to free the people of the south, but the north has been cut off from us because of King's Bridge. It is time to take the battle to Pagan's doorstep and free the north.
52948EEE	269431	Ajay: Amita. You have something for me?
B37652FF	269448	Kalinag: He would warn me, "If you disobey your parents, the Bell`s ring will find you".  I was terrified of them.
C239746A	269449	Kalinag: The stench of death, fear, and a dark, unknown world filled my senses.
2E15C7DA	269451	Kalinag: But the truth is, I never left.
65BB097C	269523	Golden Path: The demon mask is out of play.
8CD8AC49	269524	Golden Path: We've lost contact with the mask.
C4F4FE97	269525	Golden Path: The demon mask faded away.
F1AF580C	269529	Golden Path: They've dropped the demon mask!
EFD9AD54	269530	Golden Path: The mask just hit the ground!
0F0C444A	269531	Golden Path: The Rakshasa dropped a mask. Get it back!
24211789	269532	Golden Path: We've dropped the demon mask, get it back!
348C6AE3	269533	Golden Path: We dropped a demon mask, recover it!
18CCFD39	269534	Golden Path: We've dropped a mask.
DB4061F8	269535	Golden Path: We've lost this round, fall back and regroup!
F700F622	269536	Golden Path: Get out of there, we're taking too many losses!
17D51F3C	269537	Golden Path: Retreat! There are too many of them!
812214AE	269538	Golden Path: Protect our runner; we have the mask!
9F54E1F6	269539	Golden Path: We found the demon mask. Defend our runner!
763744C3	269540	Golden Path: We found a mask!
A15A51A4	269541	Golden Path: They have the demon mask!
418FB8BA	269542	Golden Path: They're moving the mask!
5122C5D0	269543	Golden Path: The Rakshasa are taking the mask!
7D62520A	269544	Golden Path: You've recovered a demon mask!
9401F73F	269545	Golden Path: You've picked up the demon mask!
8A770267	269546	Golden Path: You've got the mask. Bring it in!
6AA2EB79	269551	Golden Path: They're retreating. We've won!
2C553195	269552	Golden Path: Good job, we've got them on the run.
3223C4CD	269553	Golden Path: The Rakshasa are falling back. Good work!
E1225D23	269555	Rakshasa: We've dropped the demon mask!
0841F816	269556	Rakshasa: We've dropped a mask. Don't let them get it!
24016FCC	269557	Rakshasa: We've lost control of the mask!
F9FB0655	269558	Rakshasa: The Golden Path are fleeing. We've won!
1098A360	269559	Rakshasa: Well done. The Golden Path are falling back.
0EEE5638	269560	Rakshasa: They're retreating. Mission accomplished.
DEEE8746	269561	Rakshasa: We failed to drive out the Golden Path.
3E3B6E58	269562	Rakshasa: They're too strong here, retreat!
2E961332	269563	Rakshasa: Pull back! They've won here.
7098EAED	269564	Rakshasa: They've dropped the demon mask!
904D03F3	269565	Rakshasa: They've lost control of the mask!
FF54A87B	269566	Rakshasa: The mask is on the ground. Get it.
07786256	269567	Rakshasa: The mask is gone.
878DBA80	269568	Rakshasa: The mask disappeared.
6EEE1FB5	269569	Rakshasa: A demon mask faded away.
A90E0FFD	269573	Rakshasa: You've got the demon mask!
B778FAA5	269574	Rakshasa: You've got a mask; return it to the base!
5E1B5F90	269575	Rakshasa: You have the mask!
75360C53	269576	Rakshasa: We've got a mask!
6B40F90B	269577	Rakshasa: Protect the runner; we've got a mask!
8B951015	269578	Rakshasa: We have the mask!
C4D486D2	269579	Rakshasa: The enemy has the demon mask!
D479FBB8	269580	Rakshasa: They have a demon mask!
9C55A966	269581	Rakshasa: The Golden Path have a mask! Cut them off!
BE066F04	269742	Ajay: I'll do it.
C0B713B9	269743	[Grateful]Amita: I was hoping you'd say that.[Back to Business] I need you to take Noore's brick factory without destroying it. We'll to put it to good use later. Ajay, be careful. It's very well guarded.
4E99435D	269744	Ajay: Sabal. Amita told me about the brick factory.
27E88693	269745	Sabal: And I bet she cried on your shoulder. Did she give you that sob story about being the first woman in the Golden Path? She's tried that with me, but she didn't fool you, did she brother?
5782721C	269747	Sabal: This heroin is poison, pure and simple. Take out Noore's men and bring down the factory. End of story.
E9449C2A	269769	Ajay: Bhadra told me about your plan to take down Jalendu.
97F5E097	269771	Amita: This isn't just about destroying the temple. This is about sending a message to everyone; it's a new day for Kyrat. We're no longer shackled to the past. Without the Tarun Matara, we will expose Sabal for what he really is... a simple-minded fool squatting on ruins.
F05FAD6B	269776	Amita: We'll take everything valuable so we can melt it down and sell it.
63768381	269796	Kalinag: The King had given me a simple mission: find Shangri-La and return to Kyrat.
F4A45A09	269797	Kalinag: But curiosity had drawn me into a hunt for the unknown demon; the Rakshasa that controlled all of Shangri-La.
7A6DB2C0	269798	Kalinag: This Rakshasa`s followers were obsessed with destroying all that was sacred and holy there.
EDBF6B48	269799	Kalinag: I could feel my path and Shangri-La's future intertwine.
D3705364	269801	Kalinag: Time...time is a funny thing. I'd spent so much of it searching for Shangri-La, it never occurred to me how I'd spend it once I arrived.
CF2474A0	269809	Kalinag: When you see a miracle before your eyes...there is a strange comfort knowing you carry no answers.
B195081D	269810	Kalinag: It was meant to be free.
AC2575BD	269821	Kalinag: As if in a trance, I'd committed to freeing Shangri-La from evil.
FF0413F8	269832	Yuma: It wasn't me, Ajay.
6160865B	269866	Yuma: I didn't kill Mohan, despite what you might have heard.
E61F22B9	269867	Yuma: If I could have killed anyone, it would've been Ishwari. Your whore of a mother.
787BB71A	269868	Ajay: Fuck you.
CD32717A	269869	Yuma: Just give up. Jump, please. If you do, I'll scatter her ashes for you.
1E651B01	269918	Ajay: I promise, I won't.
6F786A54	270144	[Silence 1]Sabal: You are a tough man to kill, brother.
1F129EDB	270146	Sabal: So what do you think of Kyrat so far?
27CBDC29	270162	Reggie: 'ello, neighbor.
F7CB0D57	270164	Reggie: No more mayhem and destruction? Hanging up the old rocket launcher?
70B4A9B5	270165	Yogi: Right, I really love what you've done with the place. It'll be sad to see you go.
EED03C16	270166	Reggie: Put on the shelf, as it were, gathering dust.
69AF98F4	270175	Yogi: Oh! Mister Ghale. Well, I guess that's it, then?
5B99FA76	270176	Yogi: Unless....
C5FD6FD5	270177	Reggie: Some unfinished business, perhaps? Loose ends to snip?
4282CB37	270178	Yogi: Or people to kill.
DCE65E94	270179	Reggie: That's what I just said, Donald!
0DC35DF0	270180	Yogi: It's Yogi, you prat.
14D86CB1	270182	Yogi: Smoke?
93A7C853	270183	Reggie: Smoke?
7E55219F	270756	Ajay: Hello?
E031B43C	270757	Sabal: Thank Kyra! This is Sabal. Where are you?
674E10DE	270758	Ajay: I don't know. Fuck, the driver's dead.
F92A857D	270759	Sabal: Okay, listen to me. Look around, you should be able to see a tower nearby. I need you to make your way there. I'm on my way to secure it now.
709D6584	270780	Ajay: Hey Amita, I have no idea what I'm supposed to do here.
33B5B12C	270794	Sabal: Ajay, if you're hearing this, respond. Ajay Ghale, respond, please.
73A6C88C	270838	Ajay: Amita, the monastery is safe.
1AD70D42	270839	Amita: Maybe now Sabal will see the importance of good intel. If you hadn't secured that map, we never would have stopped this in time. Good work, Ajay.
6ABDF9CD	270846	Ajay: Sabal, the army attacked the monastery, but I drove them off.
31FA5E81	270847	Sabal: Thank Kyra you were there, brother. That place is a symbol for our people, and they need to see stability. Your father understood that. He could have used more men like you in the war.
03CC3C03	270854	Amita: Ajay, the intel you recovered, that map? It's the monastery. The army's going to attack your location any minute now.
4190AA0E	270923	Sabal: I wish I was there to see it burn. Your father wasn't just fighting for the people, brother. He was trying to protect the land too. Our souls are tied into the soil and rock. That's what Amita doesn't understand.
3FCF3F6A	270968	Ajay: Noore sends her regards.
C6E65F18	270969	Paul: Noore? Noore?!
DFFD6E59	270982	Paul: What? She thinks her family's still alive?[Laughter] Man. We killed them years ago.[Laughter]
417E43D7	270983	Paul: Ajay, come on buddy, why are you doing this?
A14C12E4	270986	Paul: Oh, Lord... [Laughter] all those 'Dear Mommy' letters? I've been writing them myself.
0FFDBF27	270990	Paul: Well, with Ashley, my daughter's, help. I told her it was for a penpal.
588B9B4F	271218	Ajay: Hello? You still there? [static] Great.
557123A8	272158	Willis: One second.
3C00E666	272161	Willis: You get him?
4C6A12E9	272162	Ajay: Yeah, I got him.
EC003718	272163	Willis: Good. I'll head over and pick you up once I finish my breakfast. You wouldn't believe how hard it is to find bacon in these parts. Willis out.
BCF53EB0	272177	Willis: Stay there and watch my back. I've got a quick little sit-down to deal with before we can chat. If this meeting goes south I'll give you a signal.
3B8A9A52	272178	Ajay: What kind of signal?
A5EE0FF1	272179	Willis: When I say "Reaganomics," open fire and don't stop till all the bad guys are gone.
BC12869D	272180	Ajay: "Reaganomics?" Okay...
714CC39A	272181	Paul: She's a real tear-jerker, my Ashley. I really think she's got the stuff to be a writer one day.
16E68E66	272182	Paul: Ajay, come on, don't be like that. Don't pretend you give a damn when you don't. Find your Inner Truth, Ajay, and the truth is you're good at killing.
6857F2DB	272183	Paul: I'm good at enhanced interrogation, and you're great at good old fashioned slaughter.
3DCBDDA5	272184	Paul: Come on! Take a look around you. This place was built for guys like us.
437AA118	272185	Paul: Do you really care what happens to anyone here? Or are you just jonesing to get back out there and leave a trail of bodies in your wake.
24D0ECE4	272186	Paul: Rhetorical question. You don't care about Noore's kid or her husband. Quick, what were their names? Do you even know?
5A619059	272187	Paul: That's what I thought.
6B917A23	272188	[Laughing]Paul:  I can't believe Noore still thinks they're alive.
CD5DA008	272190	Pagan Min: Hello, Ajay. Did you miss me? Oh wait, yes you did.
97D86D73	272195	[Silence 0.3]Willis: One more thing. You'll need to keep a low profile, like a Republican living in San Francisco. No alarms. Don't get spotted, period. I've got a meeting with the commander stationed at the airfield and I don't want him to know that I have an ace up my sleeve. Once you're done call me.
10A7C991	272208	Ajay: I’m at the airport.
8EC35C32	272209	[Silence 0.5]Willis: Good. I did a flyby earlier and spotted some snipers. Clear them out. And remember, we have a common enemy.  Taking out Pagan's men will make it easier to secure the airport for your Golden Path comrades.
09BCF8D0	272210	[Silence 0.5]Ajay: Right.
9C6AC397	272211	Sabal: This bridge is a major score for the Golden Path, so don't let Amita take the credit. We’re doing this for your father and for all of Kyra's blessed children, remember that.
F51B0659	272224	Ajay: Amita. I captured the bridge. I'll patch you through.
B02A544D	272225	[Grandiose]Sabal:  Children of Kyra... Ajay Ghale, the son of the great Mohan Ghale, has taken the bridge that once split this glorious country in two. He has struck a blow for Kyra and opened the north again. I invite all true brethren of faith to rise up now and join the struggle to save your country, save your way of life.
DE36559A	272226	Amita: That's fantastic news, Ajay. Shit, hold on. [Pause]Ajay, enemies are inbound from the north. It's the Royal Guard, Pagan Min's elite. They're tough but you can't let them retake the bridge. Ok good luck.
3EE3BC84	272228	Ajay: Sabal. I captured the bridge. Patching you in.
8571F2D6	272229	Amita: Attention people of Kyrat... Ajay Ghale, hero of the Golden Path, has captured the bridge separating us from our lost comrades in the north. This is a historic day for the liberation of our country and a blow against Pagan Min's tyranny. All forces, move in to secure the bridge.
27F88DC5	272230	Sabal: Understood. Ajay, we're inbound, but you have Royal Guard units heading your way. We won't get there in time, brother. It's on you to stop them.
51D33EBD	272234	Willis: Reaganomics! Reaganomics!
439448C1	272248	Pagan Min: No matter. What's done is done. I suppose, next time, it'll just be you and me.
F6096760	272272	Ajay: It's done, Amita.
7176C382	272273	Amita: Thank you, Ajay. Sabal's no longer in control and Bhadra is safe from all of that sick Tarun Matara bullshit. And now we have the gold to dig ourselves out of this fucking hole he wanted to leave us in. It's a new day for Kyrat.
8C13573C	272407	Amita: They would have flattened Utkarsh if it wasn't for you. I don't think people really know how much they owe you, Ajay.
DA49F0BA	272408	Ajay: Jalendu is safe, Sabal.
AA230435	272409	Sabal: Praise, Kyra. I thought Amita was going to get there first. Can you believe she was going to stop Bhadra from fulfilling her destiny?  She can't stand between the Gods and their people. This arrogance will be her downfall.
CDBA1825	272907	Ajay: Amita... Yuma's dead.
B30B6498	272908	[Holy shit moment]Amita:  You killed the Demon of Durgesh. Don't worry, Ajay, Pagan is next.
A3A619F2	272931	Ajay: Sabal. I got Yuma.
1F6AC255	272932	Sabal: Praise Banashur. This is the will of Kyra. Mohan's looking down on you now, brother, and he's proud of all the difference you're making. Pagan's next, Ajay, and then it's all done. We'll be free.
FDBBC984	272936	Kalinag: A Kyrati seeker like myself, searching for this mythical land.
D1FB5E5E	272937	Kalinag: I had trained with Kaishin, his skill with the bow was unmatched.
462987D6	272938	Kalinag: I wondered if he was a window to my future.
6CC6BE22	272950	Ajay: I took care of Sabal.
D0393469	272951	Amita: I can't believe it. I'm sorry, Ajay. It had to be done, but that doesn't make it any easier, does it? Okay. There'll be time to deal with this later. Right now, we have a country to save.
30ECDD77	272953	Ajay: Amita's taken care of.
5746908B	272954	Sabal: It's not for me to judge her now, brother. The Gods will do that. You have a dictator to kill and a war to end.
B9AF498A	273001	Sabal: Kyrat's free, brother. That's all that matters. Come out and celebrate... like Mohan would have wanted you to.
D7B3485D	273002	Ajay: Pagan's dead.
A7D9BCD2	273004	Amita: No, you're right. What matters now is rebuilding Kyrat together.
6950E61C	273014	Ajay: I found it, Amita. My mom's at rest now.
C7E14BDF	273015	Amita: All right, Ajay. Take your time. We'll need your help rebuilding, but that'll come tomorrow. Today, you've earned a rest. We--I owe you a great deal. Thank you.
D997BE87	273031	Ajay: Pagan's dead.
A9FD4A08	273032	Sabal: Good, brother. It's finally over. I can't believe it. Did you find Lakshmana?
F2BAED44	273033	Ajay: Yeah, I found it, Sabal. My mom's at rest now, thank you.
82D019CB	273034	Sabal: Kyrat's free, brother. Mohan's at rest too now, because of you. Come on home... I could use a right hand man to bring Kyrat back to its roots.
676CD603	273068	Ajay: It's done.
7E905F6F	273069	Sabal: Thank you, brother. Those statues are why Kyrat has a name. Now it's time to light the braziers--to remind everyone that Kyra is watching over them.
97F3FA5A	273089	Ajay: Sabal, the Brick Factory is toast.
FE823F94	273090	Sabal: That's great news, brother. We were being poisoned, but you've fulfilled Kyra's vision for her people. We have a shot at being pure again and one with the land. The old ways are coming home, thanks to you, son of Mohan.
C8BAF54C	273113	Ajay: Wow... hell of a view.
56DE60EF	273114	Ajay: Man, that's gorgeous.
E397A68F	273115	Ajay: Definitely worth the climb.
E3701EA2	273118	Ajay: What the fuck?
640FBA40	273119	Ajay: What the--?
FA6B2FE3	273122	Ajay: Shit that's a long way down.
06E0CF91	273127	Ajay: Where are they taking him?
382C88E1	273131	Ajay: Shit shit shit shit!
D1A1C40D	273133	Ajay: Whoa.
AD145A7F	273138	Ajay: Got it.
3370CFDC	273139	Ajay: I hope this holds...
2DCD9C52	273145	Ajay: I gotta catch that truck.
0A1AEA63	273149	Hurk: Ajay! Let's fuck some shit up!
C224D846	273150	Hurk: Hey, Ajay! Mind if I join in?
39EEE2D6	273152	Ajay: Hurk? Where are you?
8CA724B6	273153	Hurk: Look up, bro!
95BC15F7	273154	Ajay: The more the merrier.
44991693	273156	Hurk: Hell yeah! That's what I like to hear!
C3E6B271	273157	Hurk: This is gonna be epic, man! I'm talking some real Apocalypse Now-type shit!
6F53FD7D	273158	Hurk: Yeah! The best plans end with a massive fireball, am I right?
F13768DE	273159	Hurk: All right, dude. I am out. Vaya con dios!
76AF7411	273160	Hurk: Holy shit, I want an elephant too.
5D8227D2	273161	Ajay: Easy now.
E8CBE1B2	273162	Ajay: Hyah!
E77EB6F8	273167	Ajay: What? Why?
8E0F7336	273168	Amita: Because Sabal's going to waste fighters protecting it. We're fighting a war. The Golden Path has bigger concerns.
49A15956	273230	Ajay: Hey, it's Ajay. I'm heading to the mine now. Let's hope your guy is still alive.
39CBADD9	273231	Ajay: I'm heading to the mine now. Let's hope your guy is still alive. Ajay out.
50BA6817	273232	Ajay: I'm making my way to the mine. If your guy's still alive, I'll get him out.
9EE052CA	273233	Ajay: Don't worry. I'll get your guy out.
20D09C98	273234	Ajay: Go to the mine, rescue your guy. Got it.
0084C769	273235	Ajay: Huh.
EBA1DC05	273238	Kalinag: Shangri-La was a place that was not meant to be understood. Or controlled.
B40F6B3E	273243	Ajay: Yeah, that looks fatal.
1FFBFED0	273244	Ajay: That's him.
5DA768DD	273245	Ajay: Stay strong. Help's on the way.
7CD6E136	273247	Ajay: C'mon, seriously?
E2B27495	273248	Ajay: Oh you gotta be kidding me.
65CDD077	273249	Ajay: Seriously?! Fuck.
FBA945D4	273250	Ajay: A tuk-tuk? Really?
BF532C03	273251	Ajay: Fuck-a-tuk-tuk.
2137B9A0	273252	Ajay: Oh shit!
1301DB22	273260	Hurk: Duh-dun-da-dun-dun-dun! Wooooo! [to the tune of "Ride of the Valkyries"]
947E7FC0	273261	Hurk: Ajay, I thought you could use a hand!
DB3FE907	273262	Hurk: Someone call for a tubby motherfucker on a gyrocopter?
455B7CA4	273263	Hurk: Hey, I can see my house from up here! Oh wait, that's not my house.
5C404DE5	273264	Hurk: Dude, you were going to attack that outpost without me? Not cool, bro. Not cool.
12C3B115	273265	Hurk: Up here, man!
F1D0D0F3	273266	Hurk: Oh that is sweet!
6FB44550	273267	Hurk: Yeah Fuckin'g A!
7648CC3C	273268	Hurk: This is the best day ever!
74F45554	273270	Hurk: That was awesome, but I gotta scoot, man. Later alligator!
34D6AD13	273271	Ajay: Hang in there. I'm coming to get you.
E9098B85	273409	Hurk: Dude, you are going to get yourself killed without me!
776D1E26	273410	Hurk: Dude, why didn't you tell me you were in the neighborhood? I thought we were buddies!
F012BAC4	273411	Hurk: Uh, this is Hurk Air Flight 111 requesting permission to engage.
6E762F67	273412	Hurk: Hey, someone order a can of aerial whupass?
778AA60B	273413	Hurk: I got a special delivery for uh... Ajay Ghale. You know where I can like... find him?
E9EE33A8	273414	Hurk: Hey Ajay, I just drank like a liter of jet fuel and every time I close my eyes I see the faces of all my dead monkeys... is that normal?
BE914634	273415	Hurk: Look out below!
20F5D397	273416	Hurk: Special delivery!
A78A7775	273417	Hurk: Fuck-a-tuk-tuk indeed, brother!
0BD88054	273418	Ajay: Okay, cover me!
DAFD8330	273419	Ajay: All right, let's do this!
863909BC	273420	Ajay: Here goes nothing.
6E91974A	273429	[singing the theme from The Greatest American Hero]Hurk:  "Believe it or not, Hurk is walking on air! I never thought I could feel so somethin' or something! Flying away on the wings of a prayer... who could it be? Believe it or not it's Hurk"
2605BE33	273432	Kalinag: When I took his necklace, I felt a strange power surge through my body.
60F264DF	273444	Kalinag: The irony of the seekers frozen in time was not lost on me.
7E849187	273450	Kalinag: I wondered about the beings that killed these men.
97E734B2	273467	Kalinag: Seeing the fallen seeker made me wish the Tiger could speak of his history.
BBA7A368	273468	Kalinag: Myths talked of ancient monks who journeyed to Shangri-La long ago.
5B724A76	273469	Kalinag: I often questioned whether I should continue on this path.
4BDF371C	273470	Kalinag: I had always thought of the world as what I could see and touch.
CB2AEFCA	273471	Kalinag: My identity as a Kyrati was slipping through my fingers.
22494AFF	273472	Kalinag: The seekers were beginning to dwindle in number.
C2F8CF24	273496	Amita: These are good, Ajay, but you keep them. [Indicating Kanan] She has enough for her thangka paintings.
4C3127ED	273498	Amita: This one is about the life of a guru, this one is about the demon Yalung. This one is about the goddess Kyra... and that one... is about Bhadra,
DBE3FE65	273502	Amita: That's no life for a child, being treated as an object. A thing. [sighs] Thanks for your help. Later we'll show you how to put those to good use.
02556330	273513	Ajay: I'm here, Sabal. How can I help?
7CE41F8D	273514	Sabal: Damn it. Keep your head down and save whoever you can. I'm not far, I'll be there soon with help.
BA01A59A	273695	Willis: Jesus Christ, it's just a freaking hole in the ground!
1B4E5271	273699	Yogi: But first....
65FF2ECC	273701	Paul: You?
6154622D	273703	Paul: Look, here's an idea. Just drop me off at the airport... heck, I'll even buy you a ticket. Just to show you that there are no hard feelings.
113E96A2	273704	Paul: Oh, Ajay, the silent treatment? Ashley invented the silent treatment, but I could never say no to her.
784F536C	273705	Paul: You've got to admit, that's some serious denial right there.
5E7F0065	273706	Paul: She wrote this poem in the third grade, made me and the wife bawl like babies.
912CF659	273707	Ajay: Sabal, Paul's dead.
24653039	273708	Sabal: We had a home ready for him, but I suppose a shallow grave's the best he deserves. Thank you, brother. A lot of people are going to breathe easier.
306301B2	273719	Amita: Oh, go for it! Go ahead, show Ajay what kind of man you are!
9A3EB704	273749	Pagan Min: His only crime was being born with fabulous cheekbones. Whose picture do you think's on the money?
A37BF31C	273965	Golden Path: They have a mask!
7E88CB71	273966	Golden Path: The Rakshasa have a demon mask. Stop them!
546EA371	273967	Golden Path: We've got the mask!
4A185629	273968	Golden Path: We have the mask!
9E5D226F	273969	Golden Path: You've picked up a mask!
8EF05F05	273970	Golden Path: You've picked up the mask!
3A951A8B	273971	Golden Path: They dropped the mask!
DA40F395	273972	Golden Path: The demon mask is on the ground.
CD804AE6	273973	Golden Path: Get that demon mask back!
24E3EFD3	273974	Golden Path: Demon mask dropped. Get it back!
59941B96	273975	Golden Path: They destroyed the demon mask!
11B84948	273976	Golden Path: Demon mask destroyed!
AE814BFB	273977	Golden Path: We've secured a demon mask.
B0F7BEA3	273978	Golden Path: Mask secured.
F16DA056	273979	Golden Path: The mask disappeared.
E1C0DD3C	273980	Golden Path: The demon mask is gone.
6CCFBD0D	273981	Golden Path: A new  demon mask is on the field.
8C1A5413	273982	Golden Path: A new mask area is on your map.
96290473	273986	Rakshasa: We have a demon mask!
885FF12B	273987	Rakshasa: We have the mask; protect our runner!
AF4A7038	273988	Rakshasa: They have the mask!
4F9F9926	273989	Rakshasa: The Golden Path have the mask!
613C541E	273990	Rakshasa: You've found the mask!
4D7CC3C4	273991	Rakshasa: You have the demon mask. Bring it in!
585F2055	273992	Rakshasa: We dropped the demon mask.
B13C8560	273993	Rakshasa: Mask dropped. Take it back!
C80785E9	273994	Rakshasa: They dropped the demon mask!
D8AAF883	273995	Rakshasa: The Golden Path dropped a mask!
F387AB40	273996	Rakshasa: Mask destroyed.
EDF15E18	273997	Rakshasa: We've burned a mask.
55A598B2	273998	Rakshasa: They've stolen the demon mask!
B57071AC	273999	Rakshasa: The Golden Path secured the mask.
0492FB2D	274000	Rakshasa: We've lost contact with the mask.
28D26CF7	274001	Rakshasa: The demon mask is out of play.
A2B0C8DF	274002	Rakshasa: Mask zone discovered.
4BD36DEA	274003	Rakshasa: Demon mask zone located.
0D880249	274014	Reggie: See? It works! I could see through the walls!
56CFA505	274015	Yogi: What? Bollocks to that, you just heard his footsteps.
26A5518A	274016	Reggie: Oh no no no! I'm deaf in one ear. Remember? Sao Paulo?
4FD49444	274017	Yogi: Right, the trombone player.
3FBE60CB	274018	Reggie: The one-armed trombone player. But now that Ajay's here, he can settle our little disagreement.
C84C888B	274019	Yogi: Indeed he can, but he is our guest so let us be cordial...
B8267C04	274021	Reggie: This one's lovely jubbly.
E18281AA	274023	Reggie: I don't remember doing that.
F899B0EB	274025	Reggie: It's harder than it looks!
44663AA0	274027	Reggie: Oh! I see my little concoction worked out for you.
D3B4E328	274028	Yogi: Our concoction.
A13D4D45	274038	Yogi: But you'll need a topper with that one mate.
015768B4	274040	Ajay: What the hell was that-- [trails off]
D157B9CA	274042	Yogi: We call it: Oculus Spliff.
5D7D0BE1	274068	Ajay: You drugged me. Again!
CAAFD269	274069	Reggie: We offered, you accepted.
85EE44AE	274071	Reggie: Besides, now you have the recipe.
9CF575EF	274073	Yogi: Right, and you can glean the benefits of its effects anytime you want.
200AFFA4	274074	Reggie: Like a superpower.
B7D8262C	274075	Yogi: Exactly! And there's plenty more where that came from. You just come on back to us the next time you need a little kick. Yeah?
4CD394C2	274081	Gopal: Assistance required. Immediate assistance is required.
D2B70161	274082	Gopal: Does anyone read me? We need immediate assistance.
9CD345BC	274083	Gopal: If anyone's there, pick up. This is urgent.
02B7D01F	274086	Ajay: Go ahead.
85C874FD	274087	Gopal: Ajay, some packages were dropped in your area. Sending you the coordinates now. We need you to grab the packages before the governor's men do.
3081B29D	274090	Ajay: You got it.
16B1E194	274093	Ajay: Got the first one!
8163381C	274094	Gopal: Be careful! You still have two more to go.
0FAAD0D5	274097	Ajay: Second package secure.
9878095D	274098	Gopal: Good work. One more to go. Carefully now.
24878316	274101	Ajay: And that's the last one! What's in these?
B3555A9E	274102	Gopal: Never mind that. Just drop them off at this location, quick.
2EF747C5	274105	Ajay: Well, here are your packages.
5E9DB34A	274107	Gopal: Thank you. The Golden Path continues to be in your debt. I’ll let the people in charge know what you’ve done for us.
A3F827F4	274114	Gopal: Come in?
DD495B49	274115	Gopal: Anyone there? Hello?
24603B3B	274116	Gopal: Come in, please.
5AD14786	274119	Ajay: Ajay here.
3D7B0A7A	274120	Gopal: Ajay! It's Gopal. I'm sending you the coordinates for the new drop sites. Grab the packages before the governors men reach them.
E9F6A7B6	274122	Gopal: Paul Harmon or Noore. Whoever is in charge of that region. I’m talking about their forces.
9747DB0B	274123	Ajay: Over and out.
35CEA418	274126	Ajay: Got the first one.
B2B100FA	274127	Gopal: Good, keep going!
2CD59559	274130	Ajay: Got the second one.
FDF0963D	274131	Gopal: Affirmative.
6394039E	274134	Ajay: I have the last one.
E4EBA77C	274135	Gopal: Wonderful! Please deliver them to this location.
C180F8A0	274143	Royal Guard Comm Officer: The camp has been breached.
04A3CA4F	274145	Royal Guard Comm Officer: Enemy inside the camp.
E4762351	274147	Royal Guard Comm Officer: Intruder. Intruder.
F4DB5E3B	274149	Royal Guard Comm Officer: Alert. Alert.
742E86ED	274151	Royal Guard Comm Officer: We're under attack.
123C9D26	274153	Yogi: Right. And you still have all your bits and bobs. No harm, no foul.
3911CEE5	274154	Yogi: Until then...Shall we?
5E5C3B34	274159	Reggie: Ajay! You're back for another puff of the good stuff.
39F676C8	274160	Yogi: Oh right, and this next batch is definitely some of the good stuff.
67A2CB52	274220	Army Dispatch: Security compromised. Security compromised.
79D43E0A	274222	Army Dispatch: Enemy on site.
9901D714	274224	Army Dispatch: Camp infiltrated.
DFF60DF8	274226	Army Dispatch: Camp defense compromised.
8EC16E67	274228	Army Dispatch: Enemy on location.
9D4D23D8	274230	Royal Guard Comm Officer: Outpost invaded.
833BD680	274232	Royal Guard Comm Officer: Outpost walls breached.
63EE3F9E	274234	Royal Guard Comm Officer: Enemy on site.
BA58A2CB	274236	Royal Guard Comm Officer: Enemy on outpost grounds.
28E35D95	274238	Royal Guard Comm Officer: Enemy in the outpost.
47470A75	274241	Ajay: What's it called?
EA7273D8	274242	Reggie: Hot Rocks!
94C30F65	274243	Yogi: Yeah. [beat] You won’t even notice that you burnt a hole in your crotch.
F3694299	274244	Ajay: My what? Oh shit! [beat] I don't really feel much of a buzz.
8DD83E24	274245	Reggie: Well, you must be building up a bit of a tolerance. It's all right, might need a bit more of the secret ingredient.
D844115A	274247	Yogi: I bet he feels it now. You're all right.
A42E5793	274249	Rebel Information Officer: Call for help going out: Our outpost is under attack. Any Golden Path in the area, please respond.
4D4DF2A6	274251	Rebel Information Officer: Sending out a call for help: Royal Army have invaded our outpost. The situation is critical. Please respond.
610D657C	274253	Rebel Information Officer: Reinforcements needed. Repeat, Golden Path reinforcements are needed. Our outpost is being attacked. Request is urgent.
B8A5A8EC	274338	Pagan Min: Really, Ajay? What do you have against my likeness? All those posters, Eric, my double, and now this. Am I missing a hint? Should I start taking this personally?
C614D451	274339	Pagan Min: That statue was solid fucking gold. Literally! I'm not being metaphorical! Do you know how many artifacts I had to melt down to get it made? And poor Eric standing there for god knows how long just to pose for it! Well, what's done is done, and dinner's nearly ready.
C632E402	274342	Yogi: That should've worked.
B658108D	274343	Reggie: Well it bloody didn't!
897372C5	274344	Yogi: Well, maybe you needed a longer fall. Maybe we needed a higher table.
A09B4BB7	274350	Pranav: Rachita, are you there? The boat is ready to go.
3749923F	274351	Banhi: Rachita's on a raid. What do you need?
731F4EA7	274352	Pranav: I need someone to protect the cargo. Oh, and sea-sickness pills.
E4CD972F	274353	Banhi: Any fighters on this frequency, pick up.
6A047FE6	274354	Banhi: The boat can't leave without an escort. Someone please assist.
FDD6A66E	274355	Ajay: Hey, it's Ajay. So what's this about a boat?
41292C25	274356	Banhi: We, uh, "liberated" some gold from the KEO Mine. All the roads have Guard checkpoints, so we're using the river instead. Can you help?
D6FBF5AD	274357	Ajay: Aye, aye.
58321D64	274358	[awkward]Banhi:  Okay... I'll take that as a yes. Sending you the coordinates.
2A1E57B2	274361	Pranav: This is the life, eh? Fresh air, the spray of water, and the occasional bullet whizzing past your head.
FB3B54D6	274362	Pranav: Maybe I'll take up fishing when I retire. Then again, maybe not. The fish here are real maneaters.
655FC175	274363	Pranav: Don't drink the water if you fall in. I did once and had the Shits for a week.
E2206597	274364	Pranav: Monsoons bring water to the terai, but up here it's all snowmelt and glacial runoff from the mountains.
7C44F034	274365	Pranav: Iceberg off the starboard bow! [laughs] Just kidding.
CC264C14	274396	Achal: You're sure this is everything? It's all here?
A55789DA	274397	Pranav: I think so. We were too busy being shot at to count it.
D53D7D55	274398	Achal: Don't be a smartass. The others will help you unload the crates.
22CF9515	274399	Pranav: Ah... it's good to be on solid ground again.
52A5619A	274400	Pranav: Thank you, my friend. This gold will help us build a brighter future for all of Kyrat.
F7A662BD	274407	Pranav: Man overboard!
900C2F41	274408	Pranav: This is no time for a swim!
EEBD53FC	274409	Pranav: Get back in the boat before a demon fish eats you!
52C10D5F	274422	Ajay: Oh shit!
CCA598FC	274423	Reggie: Ajay, don't panic.
4BDA3C1E	274424	Yogi: We gave you wings!
F919864A	274425	Ajay: Is he gonna be okay?
90684384	274426	Yogi: What? Oh he'll be fine, just a slight setback.
E002B70B	274428	Yogi: Oh come on. Here, this will sort you out.
CB2FE4C8	274432	Ajay: Another topper? You mind sticking it in my arm this time?
A25E2106	274433	Yogi: Oh, sorry mate, this one's gotta go in your bum.
D234D589	274434	Ajay: In my what? Wait. [pain] I...
D5BEA9BD	274438	Ajay: It's not working!
9BDAED60	274439	Reggie: Bugger!
05BE78C3	274440	Yogi: Have you tried flapping your arms?
C874E81D	274456	Sabal: I'm sorry brother, Amita's a little touchy. I'll talk to her. As for Lakshmana, it sounds like it could be a temple, or shrine. But if that's the case, it's in the north.
FA428A9F	274471	Amita: But I'm hoping you will be the one to do the right thing.
A1052DD3	274474	Amita: Do you think this is easy? Being the first woman in the Golden Path. The one pushing for change while everyone else talks behind your back about how you're destroying their heritage. I am every bit the fighter, the Kyrati, that they are, but they, they just see a woman.
AC182D19	274482	Amita: Go on, son of Mohan. Savior of Kyrat. Follow your orders. Pull the trigger. I'm sure it's the will of Kyra.
6F910A5F	274486	Ajay: That's them.
768A3B1E	274487	Ajay: Where are they taking them?
2D26CE0C	274506	Gopal: Requesting help. Any available units, pick up.
5D4C3A83	274507	Gopal: Request is urgent and time sensitive. Over.
343DFF4D	274508	Gopal: Come in, come in. Help needed.
44570BC2	274511	Ajay: Ajay here. How can I help?
1F10AC8E	274512	Gopal: There are supplies in the area. I'm sending you the coordinates for the drop sites now. Make sure you get to the supplies before the soldiers.
76616940	274515	Ajay: Got it.
B9329F7C	274518	Ajay: First package in tow. On to the next.
C783E3C1	274519	Gopal: Good. Go go go.
921FCCBF	274522	Ajay: Got number two.
ECAEB002	274523	Gopal: Good job. We need the last package!
8B04FDFE	274526	Ajay: Last package secured.
F5B58143	274527	Gopal: Excellent, now, as fast as you can, bring them to my location.
3E4D3B9E	274531	Ajay: Here's the packages.
A99FE216	274533	Gopal: Thank you. We'll put these to good use.
B5031C58	274537	Pranav: Are you my new first mate? I hope you can swim, because I can't.
9E2E4F9B	274539	Pranav: Hop in and we'll cast off. Anchors aweigh!
7B9BD1A7	274544	Gopal: Priority call. Urgent delivery needed.
12EA1469	274545	Gopal: Hello, is anyone out there?
6280E0E6	274546	Gopal: Please pick up.[native language curse] I'm tired of repeating myself.
DE4C3B41	274549	Ajay: Hold on, I'm here, Gopal.
AE26CFCE	274550	Gopal: Ajay, one of our couriers had an accident and our packages are out in the open. Min's spies could pick them up. I'm sending you their last known coordinates.
C7570A00	274551	Ajay: Great, thanks.
B73DFE8F	274552	Roopa: Get there as fast as you can. We can't afford to lose those supplies.
EC7A59C3	274553	Ajay: Not to worry.
6B05FD21	274556	Ajay: Package number one - secured.
542E9F69	274557	Gopal: On to the second.
24446BE6	274560	Ajay: Got the second package.
4D35AE28	274561	Gopal: Only one more to go.
3D5F5AA7	274564	Ajay: Got the last with time to spare.
6618FDEB	274565	Gopal: Good work. Now, put some speed on it and drop them off here.
0519FCF6	274569	Ajay: Here's your packages. All accounted for.
82665814	274571	Gopal: Praise Jira.
86CD14F5	274576	Gopal: I need help. Please respond.
0804FC3C	274577	Gopal: We have packages that need securing. Someone pick up.
9FD625B4	274578	Gopal: Please, pick up. Package delivery has been compromised.
EDB833F4	274588	Ajay: First package retrieved.
9DD2C77B	274589	Gopal: Excellent. The second one shouldn't be far. Hurry.
F4A302B5	274592	Ajay: Second package recovered.
84C9F63A	274593	Gopal: Only one more. You're doing great!
BBE29472	274596	Ajay: Got the last one!
CB8860FD	274597	Gopal: Perfect. Now hurry and bring them here.
D5FE95A5	274608	Gopal: Assistance needed. Over.
4B9A0006	274609	Gopal: I have a situation that needs immediate attention. Please respond.
FED3C666	274610	Gopal: Does anyone read me? Over.
60B753C5	274613	Ajay: Ajay here. I read you loud and clear.
E7C8F727	274614	[Worried/Distracted]Gopal: Ajay, yeah, Ajay, Good good.
44C1BE95	274620	Ajay: First package recovered. Hello?
5DDA8FD4	274624	Ajay: Gopal, Gopal, if you can hear me, I've secured the second one.
76F7DC17	274628	Ajay: I got the third package. I'm heading back to you now.
E0428B13	274633	Ajay: Hello?
90287F9C	274635	Ajay: To any Golden Path in the area. I found Gopal dead, his bunker is busted up.
78B3B086	274650	Pranav: Are you ready to hit the road?
1F19FD7A	274651	Banhi: Yeah I still need an escort. I can't drive and shoot at the same time.
61A881C7	274652	Pranav: Of course. Let me find out who's available.
C587010E	274653	Pranav: This is an urgent call for any fighters in the area.
BB367DB3	274654	Pranav: The convoy can’t leave without an escort. Pick up if you can assist.
DC9C304F	274655	Ajay: This is Ajay. What's the delivery?
A22D4CF2	274656	Pranav: Books banned by Pagan Min. We've been reprinting them and building secret libraries all over Kyrat. Will you help?
F7B1638C	274657	Ajay: Sure. The pen is mightier than the sword, right?
89001F31	274658	Pranav: But not as mighty as a rocket launcher. I'll send you the truck's location.
43D42602	274663	Banhi: Art of War? What about von Clausewitz? Seven Pillars of Wisdom? No? Well, that's okay.
33BED28D	274664	Banhi: As long as you're reading. The people we're bringing these books to have nothing.
5ACF1743	274665	Banhi: So it's our job to educate them about... everything. Books contain the whole of human knowledge.
2AA5E3CC	274666	Banhi: Min knows that knowledge is power, and knowing is half the battle.
64C8F6E5	274696	Achal: You're late.
7D347F89	274697	Banhi: I guess you could say these library books are... overdue.
E350EA2A	274698	Achal: Another one of your bad jokes? I won't get fooled again.
642F4EC8	274699	Banhi: Thank you. These books will promote literacy throughout the entire country.
FA4BDB6B	274700	Banhi: Don't forget to check out the library sometime!
A6860013	274704	Banhi: No problems getting here, I hope.
BF9D3152	274706	Banhi: Climb on top of the truck. We have places to be and people to shoot.
CFF7C5DD	274709	Banhi: Okay, I'll wait here till you get back.
94B06291	274710	Banhi: You are coming back, right?
8DAB53D0	274712	Banhi: Get back to the truck! We have to deliver these!
6FECED56	274713	Reggie: Oh! come on, breathe!
20AD7B91	274715	Reggie: Stand back Ajay, I know what I'm doing!
39B64AD0	274719	Yogi: Jeez, did it work?
E359BBDE	274724	Yuma: As he spiraled into despair, I found my true calling. I found Kalinag! When I reach Shangri-La, I will defeat Rakshasa, and I will be reborn, just as Kalinag was reborn. And I will accomplish what Pagan failed to do and build a truly great civilization here in Kyrat. [Heavy breathing]
8A287E10	274728	Ajay: What?
AE649358	274736	Reggie: I just gave you CPR. What do you think?
129B1913	274737	Yogi: Allright then, you have a go then.
8549C09B	274738	Reggie: No! Me? No, no, no, it's Ajay's turn.
0B802852	274740	Yogi: Oh right! It is!
9C52F1DA	274741	Reggie: Don't worry Ajay, we have a good feeling about this batch.
8C18349D	274742	Yogi: Yeah, it's called the Hubbly Bubbly.
1BCAED15	274744	Ajay: I'm going to regret this, won't I?
950305DC	274746	Ajay: You're not going to... stab me with something?
02D1DC54	274747	Yogi: Oh fuck, right. Can't forget that.
4503D4A2	274749	Reggie: Don't worry, we know CPR.
C511B459	274757	Reggie: It's the man of the hour! Ajay, you've been a real trooper!
B57B40D6	274759	Yogi: Yes, you're the best guinea pig we've ever had.
EE3CE79A	274760	Reggie: Definitely the longest-living one.
9E561315	274761	Yogi: Oh, by far.
F727D6DB	274763	Reggie: Uh, and in recognition of your tremendous service...
874D2254	274764	Yogi: We've prepared a very special reward for you.
B866401C	274766	Reggie: For your gallantry in the face of unpredictable recreational pharmaceutical interactions...
C80CB493	274767	Yogi: As well as environmental and mammalian risks to life and limb...
8A50229E	274769	Ajay: Okay, uh, yeah. Thank you. I guess.
FA3AD611	274770	Reggie: He's absolutely tickled.
934B13DF	274771	Yogi: Well, of course he is, it's a fine pipe.
E321E750	274772	Reggie: It has been a pleasure experimenting with you.
64B9FB9F	274774	Yogi: All right. Enough pomp, back to the task at hand.
0DC83E51	274776	Reggie: A very important task.
A17D715D	274778	Reggie: We hereby present you with the Golden Pipe of Kyrat. [hushed] It's not really gold. Sorry.
D11785D2	274779	Yogi: It is the highest honor we can bestow upon you.
FDBFB3C7	274867	Pagan Min: You do realize that urn represents all that’s left of the old Ajay. The “Pre-Kyrat” Ajay. Once you spread those ashes all the ties you have to that previous life are gone. And then what happens?
6A6D6A4F	274868	Pagan Min: Well, I suppose you could do what I did after Mohan killed Lakshmana. Oh, you didn’t know that did you? Huh. Yes, your father killed your half sister, and then your mother killed him in return. I simply continued where she left off. I’ve killed so many people for them. But then I realized, I was only using Lakshmana’s death as an excuse to do whatever I wanted to do. Just as you use those ashes as an excuse to do whatever you want to do. God damn if it isn't fun.
E4A48286	274871	Pagan Min: Well, you finally made it. You know, the one and only time I walked in to this place, I came in a sane man and came out… like this. But you, you will come out a king. Well go on then. Do what you came here to do.
73765B0E	274882	Pagan Min: All choices have consequences Ajay! I've given you Kyrat but I'm keeping the helicopter!
A69C784E	274893	Golden Path: Get the mask now!
46499150	274894	Golden Path: The mask is fading out!
00BE4BBC	274895	Golden Path: Hurry and pickup that mask!
1EC8BEE4	274896	Golden Path: The mask won't be there much longer.
F7AB1BD1	274897	Golden Path: The mask is almost gone.
DBEB8C0B	274900	Rakshasa: Get the mask now!
3B3E6515	274901	Rakshasa: The mask is fading out.
2B93187F	274902	Rakshasa: Get on that mask, its fading out!
AB66C0A9	274903	Rakshasa: Hurry, the mask is fading out!
4205659C	274904	Rakshasa: The demon mask is fading.
6F044C99	274906	Ajay: Place is a goddamn fortress.
F160D93A	274907	Ajay: They've got this place locked down tight.
DA4D8AF9	274909	Ajay: Hmm... I'm going to need a bigger key.
5D322E1B	274910	Ajay: Why can't it ever be easy?
C356BBB8	274911	Ajay: I could try knocking...
DAAA32D4	274912	Ajay: I guess I could smash my way in.
44CEA777	274913	Ajay: I'm gonna need some kind of battering ram to get through that gate.
CF89D145	274923	Banhi: So... do you read books? I guess that's kind of a stupid question in today's society.
585B08CD	274924	Banhi: But do you read "real" books? Not casual picture books or romance novels. I mean hardcore military history.
D692E004	274925	Ajay: This is Ajay.
4140398C	274926	Gopal: We lost packages in mid-transit but they're tagged. Sending you the coordinates.
99D376C3	274927	Ajay: Need me to call in reinforcements?
0E01AF4B	274928	Gopal: No. No. No. Please don't. This... is my mess, but I'll need your help cleaning it up.
80C84782	274929	Ajay: I’ll find them.
171A9E0A	274932	Ajay: Hey, hey, relax, it's me. I've got your packages. What got you so spooked?
ABE51441	274934	Gopal: Sorry.. I think... someone was snooping around. Look, nevermind. It's fine. Thank you for everything, Ajay, I'll talk to you later.
A8F18DEB	275422	Golden Path: All enemy positions eliminated.
419228DE	275423	Golden Path: All targets destroyed, well done!
96FF3DB9	275424	Golden Path: We've destroyed all the Rakshasa positions!
30B9628E	275427	Rakshasa: They've destroyed all the targets!
D9DAC7BB	275428	Rakshasa: Get out of there, they've destroyed all our positions!
592F1F6D	275429	Rakshasa: Retreat, they've destroyed everything!
0586A8D0	275440	Golden Path: Only one target left, press the attack!
ECE50DE5	275441	Golden Path: One target left, keep it up!
C0A59A3F	275442	Golden Path: We've only got one objective left!
569319D3	275445	Rakshasa: We're down to our last target. Defend it!
BFF0BCE6	275446	Rakshasa: There's only one target left!
F7DCEE38	275447	Rakshasa: We're down to one target; defend it!
C7DBC70A	275451	Reggie: It lets you see through the walls of perception!
DE274E66	275473	Yogi: Unfortunately, I do.
4043DBC5	275475	Reggie: Oh god! How...How did you...how did it...oh god, it's worse than I remember!
C73C7F27	275476	Yogi: Alright, we're only 30 seconds in. It gets much worse
5958EA84	275477	Reggie: Ours.  Right.
173CAE59	275480	[spitting sounds]Reggie:  [choking sounds] [coughing, sputtering] [more spitting sounds] Bugger!
0E279F18	275484	Reggie: Here, have a toke. We call this one “Trapped in the Closet".
90430ABB	275485	Yogi: Yeah. Hot and fresh, right out the kitchen.
89583BFA	275489	Reggie: Things are much better, down where it’s wetter!
75FFC573	275494	Ajay: How did you know to find me?
1C8E00BD	275495	Sabal: We saw Pagan's chopper nearby. He's never down this far south and I wanted to know why.
59BF52A9	275553	Sabal: You chose to fight your own people--When you sided with Amita, you chose to desecrate your own heritage, and spit on the Gods. Now you kneel before the Tarun Matara asking forgiveness?
3C11FD9A	275556	Kalinag: A seeker's duty is to find this place, not defend it.
ED34FEFE	275557	Kalinag: The necklace was a great honor bestowed upon Kyrati warriors by the King.
250ACCDB	275558	Kalinag: It is said Shangri-La is where the God Kyra reached enlightenment.
BB6E5978	275559	Kalinag: This is why the laws of the natural world do not apply in this paradise.
A2756839	275560	Kalinag: Yet here he was, sacrificing his life for Shangri-La.
73506B5D	275561	Kalinag: As if intoxicated by paradise.
416609DF	275562	Kalinag: Kyrati warriors dream of living forever. As legends told around campfires.
DF029C7C	275563	Kalinag: I doubt this was the immortality they had in mind.
C619AD3D	275564	Kalinag: A Rakshasa of power the likes of which I'd never seen.
DFE52451	275565	Kalinag: I wondered if any of these men had also been his ally in battle.
4181B1F2	275566	Kalinag: If I would succeed where they had failed.
C6FE1510	275567	Kalinag: Some say they built these shrines and statues simply with the power of thought.
589A80B3	275568	Kalinag: These monks tried to follow Kyra's path, and reached a great enlightenment.
157A1000	275569	Kalinag: My formal duty to the king had ended upon discovering Shangri-La.
8B1E85A3	275570	Kalinag: But while my journey was born of duty, the land had given it purpose.
0C612141	275571	Kalinag: But the Rakshasa's existence taught me my reality is only what my mind is prepared to accept.
9205B4E2	275572	Kalinag: There were whole worlds I could not begin to understand.
274C7282	275573	Kalinag: I began to feel more at home here than I did in Kyrat.
B928E721	275574	Kalinag: But my heart knew that if I stayed, I was not so different from the Rakshasa.
A033D660	275575	Kalinag: I began to sense I had reached further in this journey than any who came before.
3E5743C3	275577	Kalinag: I was approaching unexplored territory.
587D389E	275579	Kalinag: Something was controlling them, manipulating them.
6A4B5A1C	275580	Kalinag: I vowed to return it to his family in Kyrat.
C2170567	275589	Sabal: Hmm? No no. Where was that forgiveness when you butchered your brothers and sisters? You committed crimes against the Gods themselves!
68E30D9C	275590	Sabal: So I say to you... today, you chose to cut your own throats, not me.
0192C852	275593	Sabal: She is Tarun Matara now. Sins against the Gods can only be washed away with blood. There must be a cleansing for us to move forward, brother. Eventually the Tarun Matara will understand that. Will you?
1889F913	275595	Ajay: Wait!
71F83CDD	275597	Ajay: Bhadra.
A0DD3FB9	275629	Longinus: It is good to see you again Ajay. Are you here to do the Lord's work?
C9ACFA77	275630	Ajay: I guess so.
B9C60EF8	275632	Longinus: "Even though I walk through the valley of the shadow of death..."
4E34E6B8	275634	Longinus: I have a confession to make, Ajay. I fear evil. Not the evil of other men, for that can be dealt with easily.
3E5E1237	275636	Longinus: No, it is the evil within myself that I fear. Do you remember my sins? The terrible business that I spoke of?
572FD7F9	275643	Ajay: You're talking about the diamonds, right?
27452376	275645	Longinus: Yes. And the Blood of the Lamb washes away all sins, but in order to gain purity I must repent and make an act of contrition. There are more of these sins here in Kyrat and they must be tracked down. Start by finding a lost sheep. Follow him, and he will lead you to a vault. Bring me what you find within.
872F0687	275646	Ajay: I got it.
F745F208	275649	Kalinag: Yet here he was, killed without mercy.
CB74BF5F	275655	Longinus: Ajay. "If any man has an ear, let him hear." Revelations 13:9.
BB1E4BD0	275657	Longinus: I am preparing my sermons.
7950BD26	275693	Ajay: I got the diamonds.
E7342885	275694	Longinus: Let your light shine before others so that they may see your good deeds. Heaven will surely reward you for this Ajay. Come see me when you're ready to continue the Lord's work.
A568BE88	275720	Ajay: Longinus, I found more diamonds. I dropped them off for you.
32BA6700	275721	Longinus: Ajay, you caught me in the middle of a sermon. I found some lost sheep in need of a revival!
EA29284F	275725	Ajay: Do you need some help?
7DFBF1C7	275726	Longinus: The Lord is my hammer and weapon of war, with him I break nations to pieces and destroy kingdoms! You are kind to ask, but do not fear for me. Let us meet again when you are ready to continue your good works.
DF9536F9	275727	Longinus: A penitent man kneels before god and rights the wrongs he has committed. Thank you for helping me right my wrongs Ajay. Visit me when you are ready to continue further down this righteous path.
6D568CAD	275728	Ajay: I'm ready for more.
13E7F010	275729	Longinus: Ah! And The Lord said, who shall I send? And you answered, saying I am here. Send me. Your devotion pleases me greatly, but it pleases The Lord even more. Another lost sheep has been located. You know what to do.
467BDF6E	275730	Ajay: Find him, follow him, get the diamonds, and bring them back.
38CAA3D3	275731	Longinus: From the mouth of babes. You have ordained strength to still the enemy and become the avenger.
B189372E	275750	Longinus: I come from a land of death and misery. And I stood with the devil for so long.
2FEDA28D	275752	Longinus: This one... this one wanted travel documents to take his family someplace safe.
620D323E	275754	Longinus: And this one wanted malaria medicine for his sick child, and he tried to kill me for it. I can not blame him.
FC69A79D	275756	Longinus: No! There is still work to do! We are not finished! You know what you must do. And I know what I must do.
9275A64A	275759	Ajay: You going somewhere?
C9320106	275760	Longinus: It is finished! My work here is done and now The Lord is calling me elsewhere.
2867DEB9	275761	Ajay: It's done, I just dropped the diamonds off.
36F693CC	275762	Longinus: And the Lord said, who shall I send? And I said, I am here. Send me.
B958F589	275763	Ajay: Where to?
E21F52C5	275764	Longinus: Ajay! So good to see you.
D0293047	275765	Longinus: South America, I think. Or perhaps Cuba. There are still many sins for me to atone for.
A043C4C8	275767	Longinus: Thank you Ajay, thank you for showing me that there are still true believers willing to do righteous work. It is a debt that will not be forgotten. I have left you something as a token of my gratitude.
9F68A680	275769	Longinus: Mark 16, verse 15. And he said unto them, "Go forth into the world and proclaim the gospel to the whole of creation." Go forth now Ajay, and preach your own sermons.
CF035459	275783	Ajay: Amita, I got the intel.
D6FFDD35	275784	Amita: Okay, Ajay, now go to the other camp and see what you can do.
3F9C7800	275794	Ajay: Sabal, the camp is safe.
56EDBDCE	275795	Sabal: Okay, brother. Head to other camp and see what you can do.
26874941	275796	Ajay: It's a map of a temple or something.
F880B7EA	275797	Amita: Okay, Ajay, this could be important. I'll check it out. And... thank you. Thank you for following my lead.
18555EF4	275801	Ajay: Amita, it's done.
969CB63D	275802	Amita: Excellent, Ajay, excellent. Thank you. But I know Paul... he won't back off from the drug fields. I'm sending men to help, so hold on until they get there.
76495F23	275822	Ajay: Amita, I'm going after Paul.
23D5705D	275823	Amita: That's really dangerous, Ajay. We want him alive to pay for what he's done, but... be careful.
4DC9718A	275834	Ajay: Sabal, I'm going after Paul.
72E213C2	275835	Sabal: Capture him if you can, brother. I want him to pay for what he's done to Kyrat.
1CFE1215	275848	Ajay: Amita, Paul's dead.
829A87B6	275849	Amita: Too bad, I had something planned for him. But justice is justice, I guess, and I'll take a corpse over nothing.
C021A996	275850	Ajay: Amita, I reached the spot. I'm ready.
BE90D52B	275851	Amita: They'll be there any moment. Good luck.
6726487E	275863	Sabal: Ajay, it's Sabal. Yuma and Pagan have been robbing Kyrat for years and hoarding our relics at Jalendu. I don't want the army taking anything that belongs to our people, so take care of their boats before you attack. Make sure none of them can escape. They've also wired the temple with explosives. Disable them. If you're detected they'll start the timer.
AEDA106C	275893	Yuma: You got me.
DEB0E4E3	275895	Ajay: What the hell?
B7C1212D	275897	Yuma: Let's stop playing this game.
C7ABD5A2	275899	Yuma: We both know what you really want.
30593DE2	275901	No toys in bed.
E6922E77	275970	Sabal: Ajay, I'm taking some men with me to attack the gun emplacements that are shelling Utkarsh. You have to hold out until then.
0647C769	276002	Kalinag: This Bell had been chained by a being of immeasurable strength.
BAB84D22	276003	Kalinag: But even then I could sense its power.
3D223163	276067	[Silence 0.75]Noore: The masses have spoken, Mr. Ghale.
0C54883E	276185	Golden Path: Eliminate the marked enemy positions with demo charges.
2ECF97D6	276186	Golden Path: The Rakshasa have several important assets in the region. Set charges on them.
A7E86FEE	276187	Golden Path: Charge set on the depot. Cover it!
7DDA26D5	276188	Golden Path: We've armed a charge at the depot!
465A087C	276189	Golden Path: the Bomb at the depot's disarmed!
56F77516	276190	Golden Path: They disabled the charge at the depot.
091B9EBB	276191	Golden Path: Depot destroyed!
2B808153	276192	Golden Path: We've blown up the depot!
034D6A3B	276193	Golden Path: New rally point available.
EA2ECF0E	276194	Golden Path: New rally point secure.
C66E58D4	276195	Golden Path: New rally point captured.
26BBB1CA	276196	Golden Path: We've taken a new rally point.
3616CCA0	276197	Golden Path: A new rally point is available.
5DCF5EEE	276198	Rakshasa: We've lost a deployment zone!
B4ACFBDB	276199	Rakshasa: Deployment zone lost.
FC80A905	276200	Rakshasa: They've taken a deployment zone.
1C55401B	276201	Rakshasa: They've taken one of our positions.
0CF83D71	276202	Rakshasa: We've lost one of our positions.
BCB5E0F6	276223	Golden Path: We've set a charge at the press.
AC189D9C	276224	Golden Path: Charge live at the press. Don't let the enemy near it!
6CB53188	276225	Golden Path: Charge at the press deactivated!
4E2E2E60	276226	Golden Path: They defused the charge at the press!
11C2C5CD	276227	Golden Path: We've taken out the press!
016FB8A7	276228	Golden Path: Press destroyed!
3AEF960E	276229	Golden Path: Bomb armed at the transmitter. Cover it!
B4C1C6EA	276230	Golden Path: We've armed the charge at the transmitter!
5BCC458F	276231	Golden Path: We've taken out the transmitter!
1D3B9F63	276232	Golden Path: Transmitter destroyed!
70E1164C	276233	Golden Path: They defused the bomb at the transmitter!
604C6B26	276234	Golden Path: Bomb defused at the transmitter!
20707321	276235	Golden Path: We've got one target left!
30DD0E4B	276236	Golden Path: Just one target left!
762AD4A7	276237	Golden Path: We've taken out all enemy targets.
6687A9CD	276238	Golden Path: Mission accomplished, all targets destroyed.
5D078764	276239	Golden Path: We didn't break through in time.
1BF05D88	276240	Golden Path: We failed to destroy all the targets.
E4798A36	276253	Rakshasa: We're under attack! Protect our key positions!
A28E50DA	276254	Rakshasa: The Golden Path are attacking important targets; protect them!
3C2454E5	276255	Rakshasa: They've placed a bomb on the depot; disarm it!
B20A0401	276256	Rakshasa: Charge placed on the depot.
72A7A815	276257	Rakshasa: Charge disarmed at the depot!
620AD57F	276258	Rakshasa: The bomb on the depot's been disarmed!
598AFBD6	276259	Rakshasa: We lost the depot!
1F7D213A	276260	Rakshasa: The Golden Path destroyed the depot!
24FD0F93	276261	Rakshasa: Press charge active; disarm it!
345072F9	276262	Rakshasa: They rigged a charge at the press!
A365135C	276263	Rakshasa: Charge at the press deactivated.
704DA303	276264	Rakshasa: The press charge is deactivated.
4BCD8DAA	276265	Rakshasa: The press has been destroyed!
5B60F0C0	276266	Rakshasa: The Golden Path destroyed the press!
048C1B6D	276267	Rakshasa: Charge set on the transmitter. Disarm it!
26170485	276268	Rakshasa: They've placed a bomb at the transmitter!
B1226520	276269	Rakshasa: Charge defused at the transmitter!
A18F184A	276270	Rakshasa: Bomb defused at the transmitter!
6122B45E	276271	Rakshasa: We lost the transmitter!
43B9ABB6	276272	Rakshasa: The transmitter's destroyed!
17090726	276273	Rakshasa: Protect our last target!
07A47A4C	276274	Rakshasa: Defend our last position!
B9FAF673	276275	Rakshasa: The Golden Path destroyed all their targets, clear out!
A9578B19	276276	Rakshasa: We've lost all our key positions, fall back!
6A7EF363	276277	Rakshasa: The Golden Path are falling back!
48E5EC8B	276278	Rakshasa: We've fought off the Golden Path!
73042928	276373	Banhi: Achal, you were supposed to leave ten minutes ago.
E4D6F0A0	276374	Achal: Where's Deepak? He was supposed to ride with me.
6A1F1869	276375	Banhi: No, Deepak was arrested last night. I'll try to find you someone else.
FDCDC1E1	276376	Banhi: If you can hear me, pick up.
BA1FC917	276377	Banhi: Anyone on this frequency: A convoy needs protection.
2DCD109F	276378	Ajay: It's Ajay. Someone call for an armed escort?
A304F856	276379	Banhi: The people need guns to fight De Pleur. We have cases of rifles ready to go. Will you deliver them?
34D621DE	276380	Ajay: Of course. Send me the coordinates.
8829AB95	276381	Banhi: Thank the gods. The driver will be waiting.
F981352D	276384	Achal: De Pleur rules through fear. I've seen him make sane people commit the most horrific crimes.
7EFE91CF	276385	Achal: I knew a man who joined the Royal Army. Said Min and the Army were the future of Kyrat.
E09A046C	276386	Achal: He executed his own family because they refused a royal decree to grow poppies on their farm.
31BF0708	276387	Achal: He was laughing when he dragged them out of their home and put a bullet in each one of their heads.
AFDB92AB	276388	Achal: I had to wait two days before I could return to bury my mother, father, and sister in secret.
28A43649	276389	Achal: The awful truth, friend, is that Kyrat has no future.
2E0B9867	276419	Pranav: We found Deepak's body by the side of the road. De Pleur tortured him.
754C3F2B	276420	[native language curse]Achal:  I should've done something! Tried to rescue him!
0526CBA4	276421	Pranav: They would've killed you, too. Be thankful he didn't compromise the mission.
6C570E6A	276422	Achal: You see now what we're up against... and why we must fight back.
1C3DFAE5	276423	Achal: Thank you for your help.
68FC428B	276426	Achal: You made it. Excellent. Come come, we're already late.
0F560F77	276427	Achal: We've reinforced the top of the truck. Climb up and we'll get going.
71E773CA	276430	Achal: Don't stray too far. We don't have much time.
401799B0	276431	Achal: Come back! People are waiting for us!
3EA6E50D	276432	Achal: Where are you going? You're too far away!
8E478DC5	276437	Achal: The cargo is loaded, but I need an escort or the Army will swarm me like flies on yak dung.
20F62006	276438	Pranav: I can't leave my post, but I'll put out the call.
5E475CBB	276439	Achal: Tell them to hurry, and bring a big flyswatter.
39ED1147	276440	Pranav: Calling any available Golden Path, please report in.
475C6DFA	276441	Pranav: The convoy is ready, but it needs an escort.
12C04284	276442	Ajay: Ajay here, how can I help?
6C713E39	276443	Pranav: Ajay, we're sending our comrades a truckload of supplies to disrupt Noore's drug operation. Can you protect it?
0BDB73C5	276444	Ajay: Sure, I can do that.
756A0F78	276445	Pranav: Perfect! Sending you the truck's location.
AC3B2A00	276448	Achal: Before Min, this land was used to grow food. We had enough to eat with some left over to sell.
DC51DE8F	276449	Achal: Now they grow poppies -- ready to be turned into heroin and shipped all over the world.
B5201B41	276450	Achal: Don't believe what you hear on the radio, my friend. Opium is the true opiate of the masses.
C54AEFCE	276451	Achal: How can such a beautiful flower cause so much pain and suffering, I wonder.
9E0D4882	276452	Achal: We used to have very strict drug laws. Not that anyone ever enforced them.
EE67BC0D	276453	Achal: I guess some things never change, eh?
1FDD424E	276483	Banhi: What took you so long?
81B9D7ED	276484	Achal: We got stuck in traffic.
98455E81	276485	Banhi: Very funny. Just get the supplies unloaded.
0621CB22	276486	Achal: Thank you for your help.
815E6FC0	276487	Achal: I'll be glad when all this is over.
339DD594	276490	Achal: You made it, good.
5AEC105A	276491	Achal: Climb on top of the truck and let's get going.
2A86E4D5	276494	Achal: Okay, I'll wait here. Don't be long.
71C14399	276495	Achal: Don't wander off!
01ABB716	276496	Achal: Where are you going? Get back here!
4D6EF5BF	276501	Pranav: ... Wouldn't it be cheaper to train eagles to do this? Get it? Cheap cheep!
162952F3	276502	Achal: I'm getting tired of your lame jokes, Pranav. I'll find you someone.
6643A67C	276503	Pranav: So put out the call already. You know where I'm parked.
0F3263B2	276504	Achal: If you’re receiving this message, please acknowledge.
7F58973D	276505	Achal: Any available fighters, we have a driver who needs protection.
4073F575	276506	Ajay: This is Ajay, reporting for duty.
301901FA	276507	Achal: Ah, Ajay, perfect! We have a shipment of weather balloons to deliver to our comrades in the mountains. Can you protect the truck and driver?
5968C434	276508	Ajay: Sure, send me the coordinates.
290230BB	276509	Achal: Two steps ahead of you, my friend.
56712631	276512	Pranav: You're probably wondering what we're doing delivering a bunch of weather balloons, yeah?
EA8EAC7A	276513	Pranav: We can't afford spy satellites, so the balloons carry digital cameras over Min's facilities.
7D5C75F2	276514	Pranav: Each balloon is equipped with a GPS beacon so we can recover it when it comes back to earth.
F3959D3B	276515	Pranav: From there it's a simple matter of pulling the memory card out and sorting through the images.
644744B3	276516	Pranav: It's the best way to collect intel about Min's training grounds, his gulags, and even troop movements.
740D81F4	276517	Pranav: Not bad, eh? You know what they say: necessity is the mother of invention, my friend.
9B2632C2	276555	Pranav: Ah, you're here. We can leave whenever you're ready.
823D0383	276557	Pranav: No room in the cab, you'll have to ride on top of the truck.
9BC18AEF	276560	Pranav: Okay, I'll keep the engine running!
82DABBAE	276562	Pranav: Don't run off, we still have a mission to complete!
1CBE2E0D	276563	Pranav: Where are you going? What am I supposed to tell the others?
A38E7D4A	276568	Banhi: I have a lot of hungry mouths to feed, and no one to protect the shipment.
24F1D9A8	276569	Achal: Hey! Don't blame your rotten eggs on me. It's Omkari who's late.
BA954C0B	276570	Banhi: She's in labor right now[native language swear]. Find me someone else.
0FDC8A6B	276571	Achal: Are there any available fighters? I need an extra gun for a convoy delivery, over.
91B81FC8	276572	Achal: We have a driver requesting an escort.
16C7BB2A	276573	Ajay: Ajay here. I can help out.
88A32E89	276574	Achal: Great. We're sending food to a starving village, but there's a danger it will spoil, so we need to move quickly.
915FA7E5	276575	Ajay: No problem.
0F3B3246	276576	Achal: I'll send you the coordinates now. And be careful, the roads out there are treacherous.
9E4645E0	276579	Banhi: So, Omkari's having a baby nuh? I thought she was just getting fat.
F9EC081C	276580	Banhi: She was great with a gun... you know she could shoot a fly off a yak's ass from 100 meters away.
875D74A1	276581	Banhi: Omkari could hold a conversation too. But when we were on a mission, it was "Shut up and drive!"
29ECD962	276582	Banhi: Whatever we were delivering, she made sure we got it there. And this delivery is extra important.
575DA5DF	276583	Banhi: People are scraping by on dirt soup. Min is taking us backward not forward.
30F7E823	276584	Banhi: Omkari would make sure the food gets to those villagers. And she'd make sure I was safe doing it.
CB1734DB	276614	Pranav: Did you hear the good news? Omkari had a baby girl and... is that the food shipment?
5CC5ED53	276615	Banhi: That's great news, and yes, but it's not for you.
8456A21C	276616	Pranav: I guess we'll get it unloaded. So hungry...
13847B94	276617	Banhi: Thanks for filling in for Omkari bai.
9D4D935D	276618	Banhi: And you know, I think she'd be proud. Good work.
8E2666CF	276627	Banhi: Getting out for a piss huh? Fine, but make it quick.
A50B350C	276629	Banhi: What, you searching for a quiet spot to number two?
D561C183	276630	Banhi: Ah, come on! What are you doing that needs that much privacy?!
01EA2459	276721	Hurk: Oh my God, so much blood, why is there so much blood?
1F9CD101	276722	Hurk: Oh my God this thing is like, all blood.
F6FF7434	276723	Hurk: Oh God its on my hands. I got blood on my hands. Its official, its official there's blood on my hands.
6FE956D1	276724	Hurk: Head bone is connected to the...sumthin' bone.
311F647C	276729	Hurk: Holy shit.
4FAE18C1	276730	Hurk: Shh shh. Everybody quiet, quiet, quiet!
B68778B3	276731	Hurk: Oh you're the only one here Hurk, never mind. Listen to yourself and keep quiet. Ok sorry Hurk... Just relax Hurk.
594EF467	276733	Ajay: What the fuck?
3EE4B99B	276735	Ajay: Darpan--
BCF8A582	276811	Chinjan: Thank you. You know, my grandfather used to say, when we recognize the true passion and walk the same path of life with others, to be able to share the experience, it is friendship.
F5F26652	276868	Ajay: What the fuck are you doing, man?!
AEB5C11E	276869	Willis: Sorry kid, but like I told ya, every patriot I know is a sonofabitch!
698654C5	276975	Ajay: Uhhh... Amita sent me over, she said you might have...
08791B35	276978	Ajay: Oh, fuck!
D879CA4B	276988	Longinus: ...For we have seen the rapture and survived it.  You need guns to do righteous work, Ajay... for every gun is a bible, for every bullet... a sermon.  And for every radio tower that you free from Pagan’s lies, I will give you something. A reward. It is the will of God.
7813EFBA	276990	Longinus: Here. This is for the first one.
859892DD	276995	Ajay: So what are we doing here?
DEDF3591	276999	Amita: Ajay, it's good to hear your voice. I was starting to worry. The convoy should be coming in from the south west.
B3EB5567	277007	Sabal: Stay low!
6B781A28	277008	Sabal: Keep your head down.
FCAAC3A0	277010	Sabal: What are you doing? Get to the truck!
72632B69	277011	Sabal: Not that way, head for the truck!
405549EB	277014	Sabal: Over there, head to the truck!
594E78AA	277019	Sabal: No!
CE9CA122	277020	Sabal: Damn it!
D7879063	277022	Sabal: Ajay, get inside!
C7CD5524	277023	Sabal: Get in the truck!
501F8CAC	277024	Sabal: Get in!
DED66465	277026	Sabal: Get him to safety. Go, I'll cover you!
44BC599C	277028	Pagan Min: I distinctly remember saying stop the bus.
B34EB1DC	277029	Pagan Min: I'm very particular with my words. Stop. Shoot. Stop. Shoot.
C3244553	277033	Pagan Min: Do those words sound the same?
FB855B2F	277056	Ajay: WOOOOHOOOOO!
65E1CE8C	277057	Ajay: Fuck yeah!
E49D710F	277060	Ajay: Are we safe?
83373CF3	277061	[Laughs] Probably not.
FD86404E	277062	Ajay: Fuck.
A81A6F30	277064	Shoot them.
D6AB138D	277065	Ajay: What?
B1015E71	277066	[Emphatic] Shoot. Them!
AA55809D	277067	But it got out of control...
DA3F7412	277068	Pagan Min: I'm sorry I didn't hear you. What did you say?
79D1858D	277069	It got out of control.
09BB7102	277070	Pagan Min: Got out of control...
10A04043	277074	Pagan Min: I'm so sorry about this. This was supposed to be... Well not this.
4BE7E70F	277075	Pagan Min: We have a party waiting for you, but I don't think I know your name.
3B8D1380	277077	Pagan Min: Strong silent type. I like it.
52FCD64E	277080	Pagan Min: Don't worry about a thing, my boy!
229622C1	277081	Pagan Min: Because I have cleared my calendar for you!
B7AEF05F	277082	Longinus: "I fear no evil for You are with me." Psalms 23, verse 4.
C7C404D0	277086	Longinus: And he calls his friends and neighbors together and says, ‘Rejoice with me; for I have found my lost sheep."
F8EF6698	277087	Ajay: That's a lot of sermons.
88859217	277088	Longinus: All mankind will fear; they will proclaim the works of God and wonder what he has done.
E1F457D9	277090	Longinus: As for you, there is another lost sheep to track down. Locate him, follow him, and bring back what you find.
919EA356	277091	Ajay: What verse is that?
CAD9041A	277092	Longinus: The word of God doesn't always come in the form of chapter and verse.
BAB3F095	277094	Longinus: Ephesians 5:18. "Do not get drunk with wine, for this is debauchery, but be filled with the Spirit."
9C83A39C	277101	[Sigh]Willis:  C'mon.
ECE95713	277102	Willis: When Min iced the heir to the Kyrati throne— the feces hit the fan, my friend!  Pardon my french.
CFB022CC	277152	On your left.
FE40C8B6	277153	Left, left!
80F1B40B	277154	On your right.
E75BF9F7	277155	Right!
99EA854A	277156	Look out!
CC76AA34	277157	Watch out!
B2C7D689	277159	Hold on!
5E5027B6	277360	Ajay: Shit.
20E15B0B	277361	Ajay: They aren't Golden Path.
8E50F6C8	277369	Ajay: Fuck, they're everywhere.
948D4F71	277376	Ajay: Wow....
DF679557	277401	Sabal: Ajay, you made it! Good job, son of Mohan.
8C722454	277412	Sabal: Come with me, we need to get to Banapur.
FC18D0DB	277416	Sabal: Safety.
E503E19A	277419	Sabal: The Bell Towers are everywhere. They were once sacred places, but now the army uses them as transmission towers. There was only one nearby.
BE4446D6	277421	Ajay: Why are you guys helping me?
CE2EB259	277422	Sabal: You're the son of Mohan Ghale. You may not know it, but that name carries a lot of weight in Kyrat. Especially for the Golden Path.
A75F7797	277424	Ajay: How much further?
D7358318	277425	Sabal: We're almost there.
E81EE150	277427	Ajay: Are those army guys still looking for me?
987415DF	277428	Sabal: Pagan Min will stop at nothing to get you back.
F105D011	277429	Ajay: Because of my dad?
816F249E	277430	Sabal: As I said, your name carries a lot of weight in Kyrat.
DA2883D2	277433	Sabal: Follow me.
AA42775D	277434	Sabal: This way.
C333B293	277435	Sabal: Stay close, Ajay.
94AB7F22	277437	Sabal: Here they come! Hold your ground.
E4C18BAD	277440	Sabal: Take cover.
BF862CE1	277441	Sabal: Stay low.
CFECD86E	277447	Sabal: No!
A69D1DA0	277448	Sabal: No--no!
B359461C	277449	Sabal: Do not wander off.
44ABAE5C	277450	Sabal: We have to go.
34C15AD3	277451	Sabal: Ajay....
8DB04E63	277453	Ajay: Are we safe now?
FDDABAEC	277454	Sabal: Damn. Some of Pagan's men managed to track us. They will be here any second. We are in for a fight.
D6F7E92F	277458	Sabal: Avalanche! Take cover!
AE1FCAB6	278141	Hurk: Ajay, the fortress you're looking for is called "Ratu Gadi", should be in the valley down below.
C76E0F78	278142	Ajay: Okay. I'll head in that direction.
B704FBF7	278144	Hurk: Ajay, you're near Ratu Gadi. Should be somewhere in the valley below.
176EDE06	278145	Ajay: Thanks. I'll keep looking.
67042A89	278146	Ajay: That must be Ratu Gadi.
0E75EF47	278147	Ajay: Just when I was getting a hang of those outposts.
2558BC84	278148	Ajay: This is going to take more than a busted tiger cage to clear out.
5532480B	278149	Ajay: That's no ordinary outpost.
3C438DC5	278150	Ajay: No biggie, just like a regular outpost... except not.
4C29794A	278151	Ajay: Thirty foot stone walls. Check. Giant gate. Check. Snipers. Check. This is place is a fortress, not an outpost.
73021B02	278152	Hurk: Someone call for a tubby motherfucker on a gyrocopter? Dude, I just drank like a liter of jet fuel. Let's fuck some shit up!
7E1F1BC8	278153	Ajay: And I was just getting a hang of the outposts.
34E34218	278213	Hey.
C311AA58	278214	Passport
B37B5ED7	278215	Breathe. I'll do the talking.
DA0A9B19	278217	[inhale]Breathe.
7FDD71FF	278218	Shh, shhh.
48C0693D	278238	You're gonna be okay.
D6A4FC9E	278239	Stay awake, stay with me.
0781FFFA	278240	Hang in there. [shouted] Please, someone help!
99E56A59	278241	[native language curse]. This doesn't look good.
26D19D4B	278336	Abhay: I need help. This is urgent! Is anyone there?
7D963A07	278337	Abhay: I have injured civilians and the dholes are starting to circle.
0DFCCE88	278338	Abhay: The dholes are rabid! I can't fend them off on my own!
648D0B46	278341	Ajay: I'm here to help. Go ahead.
14E7FFC9	278342	Abhay: Praise Kyra! I'm at the old farmstead. I'll send you the coordinates for the location. Please, hurry!
E3151789	278343	Ajay: Hang in there. I'm on my way.
646AB36B	278849	Ajay: Holy shit! They just came pouring in.
C400969A	278850	I don't think we're done yet.
B46A6215	278852	Ajay: Those things are vicious!
DD1BA7DB	278853	They're sick. All thanks to DePleur.
AD715354	278855	Ajay: You see any more?
F636F418	278856	No. Looks like that's the last of them.
0A76B2BC	278859	Ajay: That was close. I wasn't sure we were going to make it.
8D09165E	278861	Abhay: It's hard to believe, but we did. Thank you!
753FA42E	278869	Get down!
851ACEFD	278925	Thank the gods you're here. The dholes have pulled back, but I can still hear them. Plant some mines - they may deter the dholes, give us a little time. <br>
1B7E5B5E	278930	We can't let the civilians get bitten.  The dholes are rabid. De Pleur uses them to torture his victims, but some escaped and spread the virus to the rest of the population.
5114B7D9	278946	Ganesa: There's been an attack. I need help immediately!
217E4356	278947	Ganesa: Tigers are attacking - civilians down - we need help.
7A39E41A	278948	Ganesa: Is anyone there? Does anyone read me?
0A531095	278951	Ajay: I read you. Where's your location?
6322D55B	278952	Ganesa: Sending you the coordinates now. Please hurry. They're circling and closing in fast!
134821D4	278953	Ajay: I'm on my way.
0023D446	278956	We need to set up some mines to deter them. We won't survive if they attack at once.
4F624281	278957	It's a 'streak' yar, not a 'pack'. And no; they've been poisoned by the runoff from the products Noore uses to process heroin. It's fucked with their brains.
C4C28C9E	278960	Ajay: It's hard to see where they're coming from.
BA73F023	278961	Use your ears. You should be able to hear them before you see them.
DDD9BDDF	278964	Ajay: It's like nothing scares them. They just keep running toward us.
A368C162	278965	Try the molotovs. I haven't met a tiger yet who didn't hate fire.
F6F4EE1C	278968	Ajay: Think they got the point?
884592A1	278969	Yeah, I think we drove it home.
93BDF902	278972	Ajay: I don't think they're coming back for awhile.
046F208A	278974	Ganesa: And now I can get these campers patched up. Thank you. Without you we would all be tiger chow.
24553916	278979	Rivan: Help! Honey badgers attacking!
B387E09E	278980	Rivan: Someone, pickup. Honey badgers, they're everywhere!
0F786AD5	278981	Rivan: Please, someone be there! Ah! Help!
98AAB35D	278984	Ajay: Calm down. I'm here. Where are you?
16635B94	278985	Rivan: I'll send you the location. It's one of De Pleur's greasy drug houses -  full of vicious honey badgers. Eee!
81B1821C	278986	Ajay: I'm on my way.
4A4938C1	278989	Thank Kyra! Look, I don't trust honey badgers in the best of times, but these honey-buggers are rabid!
3A23CC4E	278990	In fact, know what? Grab that RPG! Let's blast their dirty badger balls back to de Pleur's compound. Give him a taste of his own rabid medicine.
B207D63F	278993	Ajay: Who knew such small creatures could be so nasty.
DB7613F1	278994	Iron claws and steel jaws, my friend.
AB1CE77E	278997	Ajay: Those little fuckers, they just don't give a shit.
F05B4032	278998	Not at all. And neither do I. Light 'em up!
8031B4BD	279001	Ajay: That is the freakiest game of whack-a-mole I've ever played.
E9407173	279002	More like butcher a badger, brother.
0F9FD2F8	279005	Ajay: I'm going to have nightmares about this. I know it.
712EAE45	279007	Rivan: Well, you can sleep easy knowing you saved lives. We wouldn't be here if it weren't for your help.
4EA028B6	279012	Jasu: I have a situation - campers suffering from a bear attack.
C9DF8C54	279013	Jasu: I don't think the bears are gone. Immediate assistance needed.
57BB19F7	279014	Jasu: Is anyone out there? Please respond.
E2F2DF97	279017	Ajay: This is Ajay. Where's the campsite?
7C964A34	279018	Jasu: I'm sending you the coordinates now. Oh! I just heard one. Sounds close. Please, hurry!
FBE9EED6	279019	Ajay: OKay, I'll be there as fast as I can.
98E8EFCB	279022	Quick, set up some mines, grab some molotovs. These campers were seeking refuge from Royal Army attacks on the village, but they came to the wrong place.
A7C38D83	279023	These bears are ravenous because there's nothing to eat. It's all been poisoned by Yuma's mining operation. They won't want to give up this meal.
1CB67BFC	279026	Ajay: They seemed to come out of nowhere.
5FE90FB8	279027	At least their roar gives us some warning before they charge.
C83BD630	279030	Ajay: For huge beasts they sure move fast.
46F23EF9	279031	Hit them with anything that will slow them down - grenades, mines, molotovs.
D120E771	279034	Ajay: If I never seen another bear again it will be too soon.
6DDF6D3A	279035	You and me both.
128A4BE3	279038	Ajay: Area's safe for now.
E578A3A3	279040	Jasu: Yes, safe enough to get these people out of here. And I can do that. Thank you.
95D3DF52	279045	Charu: There's been an accident. Please send help!
A4233528	279046	Charu: Someone, pick up - I have injured climbers under threat.
DA924995	279047	Charu: We need help! Leopards are stalking us. No one will last much longer.
BD380469	279050	Ajay: Ajay here. How can I help?
C38978D4	279051	Charu: I'm sending you are location. Just get here as fast as you can. And bring weapons!
961557AA	279052	Ajay: No problem.
6C1D070D	279055	I'm so glad you're here. Leopards attacked these climbers and they aren't going away.
7506364C	279056	No, they're just starving. Now, grab some molotovs; I can here them coming!
61E7BFEA	279059	Ajay: I can't believe they move like that!
FF832A49	279060	Nothing a mine or two wouldn't stop.
B263BAFA	279063	Ajay: Here kitty, kitty, kitty.
2C072F59	279064	Die kitty, kitty.
AB788BBB	279067	Ajay: I never was a cat person.
351C1E18	279068	Yeah, dogs all the way.
8863A2F2	279071	Ajay: All this leopard print and blood - looks like someone massacred New Jersey.
F809567D	279073	Charu: New Jersey? What is that some kind of animal? Well, anyway, thanks for your help!
A28C9B06	279078	Gyan: Help needed. There's been a wolf attack just outside the bakery.
D2E66F89	279079	Gyan: Is anyone out there? We need help.
BB97AA47	279080	Gyan: This is an emergency, does anyone read me?
CBFD5EC8	279083	Ajay: I read you; go ahead.
90BAF984	279084	Gyan: Gods bless us. I'm sending you our location now. Wolves are prowling the area so be careful!
E0D00D0B	279085	Ajay: Will do.
8D0A8424	279088	Thank the gods you're here. Hurry, plant some mines. We need to keep the wolves at bay for as long as possible.
EAA0C9D8	279089	The civilians were on their way to the baker; he's been sneaking people out through his shop - but they were attacked before they could get to him.
F92C8467	279092	Ajay: They are stealthy.
894670E8	279093	They are. So keep your ears open  - their howl gives them away.
292C5519	279096	Ajay: I never knew wolves were so aggressive.
5946A196	279097	They're only like this because Yuma's poisoned them. Those mines aren't good for anyone.
30376458	279100	Ajay: Is that it?
405D90D7	279101	I think so. I don't hear anymore.
FEA6F853	279104	Ajay: Is everything going to be ok?
60C26DF0	279106	Gyan: Thanks to you, yes. And now other refugees won't have to worry about wolves on their way to the baker.
14524D87	279172	Banhi: It's good to see you here in one piece.
8380940F	279173	Pranav: We're fine, but check the balloons. I'm worried the Guards might've shot them full of holes.
0D497CC6	279174	Banhi: Don't worry. We have everything we need to repair them. Let's unload the truck.
9A9BA54E	279175	Pranav: Thank you for all your help.
8AD16009	279176	Pranav: And if you see strange lights in the sky it's probably one of our balloons and not a UFO.
CE990172	279177	Banhi: Glad to see you here in one piece yar.
594BD8FA	279178	Banhi: Just climb on top and we'll get this ride started.
E62B51D5	279219	Hurk: Dude! Epic timing man. It's Hurk. I was just thinking you an I needed to be awesome together, and boom, here you are.
11D9B995	279220	Ajay: You called me. And awesome together?
61B34D1A	279221	Hurk: Like monkeys and bananas. Quick, what do you think when I say monkeys, man?
08C288D4	279222	Ajay: Bananas.
78A87C5B	279223	Hurk: Idols, man. Pagan monkey idols. I've, like, done some unkindness in my day toward my close cousin, the monkey. I'm trying to make restitutions with them on account of the C4 vests.
A8A8AD25	279227	Hurk: It's like twelve steps, but with guns. Now, I'd go up myself, but like, I brought Coco VI and Bongo II with me. They got no body fat, man. Freeze faster than you can say: Chimpsicle. This is a problem, because word on the street is that there's this monkey statue in some ice cave way up in those mountains. And I know where.
C1D968EB	279232	Ajay: Wait, what streets?
B1B39C64	279233	Hurk: THE streets, dude. Listen man, the Royal Army's also hunting for that statue so, like, chop chop.
9DF30BBE	279251	Hurk: Mmmm... Oh. Total. Indy. Moment. Did you use a bag of sand and switch the statue with the bag of sand cuz there was pressure plate under it?
0A21D236	279264	Ajay: Hmmm No.
84E83AFF	279265	Hurk: But did you , uh, find a pit of snakes?
133AE377	279266	Ajay: Snakes in the snow? No.
CBA9AC38	279267	Hurk: No... No? It's cool man. I'm sure it was suitably epic to appease the monkey gods. Hey look, I find the other ones man, I'm going to call you, okay?
5C7B75B0	279268	Ajay: So there's more?
D106D722	279270	Ajay: Is it normal for tigers to hunt in a pack like this?
177F464F	279292	Hurk: So, like, is this Ajay?
6715B2C0	279293	Ajay: Yeah?
583ED088	279294	Hurk: Ghale?
28542407	279295	Ajay: Hurk, it's me. What do you want?
4125E1C9	279296	Hurk: I went after another monkey statue, may have gotten caught, you know. Well, scratch that. I'm definitely caught. Uh so you gotta get me out of here, dude. The army's got me, man.
314F1546	279297	Ajay: How are you calling me?
6A08B20A	279298	Hurk: Bongo II. Yeah, I totally upgraded him with a radio. This is like, monkey radio, man, bringing you all the hits. Oh, snap, they saw me.
7313834B	279300	Hurk: Run, Bongo II, run. Send help, little dude!
4CD608DA	279365	Hurk: Dude! Bongo, Chloe, Bubbles, Coco, attack! Go for the soft bits just like your daddy taught ya!
32677467	279366	Hurk: Little simian dudes, where are you all at?
67FB5B19	279367	Hurk: Attack, monkeys! Throw feces or something.
194A27A4	279368	Hurk: Come on! Ebola their asses!
D8C259AA	279370	Ajay: The what?
158C7610	279373	Yadav: Great work. Every fighter in Kyrat will hear of how you retook this outpost.
51DAAA88	279374	Yadav: The outpost is ours thanks to your great effort.
7EE06A58	279375	Hurk: You are so my new tat bro. Now, I know I've been talking about monkeys, but these jaggofs, they've been hurting other critters too.
005116E5	279376	Ajay: You want to save all the animals?
F9787697	279377	Hurk: No, just one elephant man. It's symbolic... by weight. I mean I save one, it's like I rescued a whole bunch of smaller ones, right? I mean one elephant is gotta be worth what? Like 500 monkeys? You do that gun fu that you do, and I'll go free it.
87C90A2A	279382	Hurk: Dude, would you keep these buttholes off me. I got an elephant to save here.
E06347D6	279386	[Silence 0.75]Hurk: Hey tat-bro, you done with them bad guys? Ok well come on over man, I got an idea.
FBCFDE85	279391	Ajay: Why? Did the climbers provoke them?
9ED23B6B	279393	Hurk: So you and me, we just ride Jumbo II out of here, guns blazing like a couple of elephant cowboy pimps.
3AFDBBA2	279394	Ajay: Jumbo II?
444CC71F	279396	Hurk: We don't talk about Jumbo I. No not ever. I just hope he's up there in a better circus.
23E68AE3	279399	Ajay: What?
5D57F65E	279400	Hurk: Never mind. Come on. I'll drive, you shoot, the tat bros, yeah man shit just got real.
5C959C69	279416	Hurk: Well, plan b! Shoot some shit then, man.
775A1D6E	279490	Pranav: ...but the groom was so stupid, they had to give the bride’s family a dowry instead! [laughs]
E93E88CD	279491	Achal: Hey wiseguy, this frequency is for priority dispatches, not jokes.
ADC4E11A	279492	Pranav: I need someone to protect this cargo. You want me off this channel, find me an escort.
33A074B9	279493	Achal: Anyone out there, respond.
B4DFD05B	279494	Achal: If you can hear this, the convoy needs an armed escort.
2ABB45F8	279495	Ajay: This is Ajay. What's this about a convoy?
9FF28398	279496	Achal: Ajay, I can't discuss the cargo on an open channel, but it's important that it reach our comrades undamaged.
0196163B	279497	Ajay: Sounds suspicious, but okay, I'll help.
86E9B2D9	279498	Achal: I wish I could tell you more. Sending you the driver's coordinates.
FDDF016B	279501	Pranav: The Royal Army has been destroying our religious heritage to further Min's vision for a modern Kyrat.
836E7DD6	279502	Pranav: It's madness, watching your neighbors tear apart the same temples they used to pray at.
B29E97AC	279503	Pranav: Some local monks gave us statues to smuggle out of the country. Anywhere is safer than here, right?
CC2FEB11	279504	Pranav: An art dealer offered us a secure loan, no questions asked, with the statues as collateral.
AB85A6ED	279505	Pranav: Amita and Sabal... they never agree what to do, so we had to take the initiative ourselves.
D534DA50	279506	Pranav: Kyrat's history doesn't have to be at war with its future. This gives us a way to fund the Golden Path and preserve our culture.
159027B0	279536	Banhi: Was worried you wouldn't show up. Are the statues intact?
0C8B16F1	279538	Banhi: I have confirmation the dealer has made the first payment.
6F8A17EC	279543	Pranav: Perfect, now that you're here we can get underway.
50A175A4	279544	Pranav: You'll be safe on top of the truck. Well, maybe not safe, but, you get the idea...
20CB812B	279547	Pranav: Okay, but make it quick.
49BA44E5	279548	Pranav: Don't go too far! Remember our top secret delivery?
39D0B06A	279549	Pranav: Come back! You're supposed to protect me!
8242FE38	279551	[sarcastically]Pranav:  We're fine, thanks. And yes, the crates should be okay.
9B59CF79	279552	Pranav: Thank the gods. We did well today.
8B130A3E	279553	Pranav: But who needs the gods to watch over you when you've got an expert marksman, eh? [laughs]
0FFBBE3D	280315	Janya: Thank you, I thought I was going to die.
7F914AB2	280316	Jasum: Kyra bless you. I owe you my life.
793EE49C	280320	Esh: That was close. Thank you.
E75A713F	280321	Huda: Thank you. Is there anything I can do to repay you?
9512572C	280323	Kesar: Thank you. For a while it looked like I was destined to die here. But I may be able to escape yet.
FC6392E2	280324	Prabhat: If it's not the Royal Army trying to fuck you, it's bears. Will this ever end?
1684E3B9	280326	Shari: That was incredible! I feel so pumped up. Let's do it again!
68359F04	280327	Ravi: I think I peed myself. But who cares?! I'm alive!
8AA6C843	280329	Induma: Thank you, I thought I was going to die.
1D7411CB	280330	I hate tigers! But I love you - thank you!
9C01FFBC	280332	Upala: Thank you so much. I was scared I was going to die.
02656A1F	280333	Anuva: I didn't think I would see my kids ever again. As soon as I get home, I'm hugging them.
9A70267E	280344	Hurk: Hey, you want some awe with that sauce man? Cuz we just kicked up a big 'ol pot of genuine awesome sauce.
838CAF12	280345	Ajay: You squared off with the monkeys, yet?
1DE83AB1	280346	Hurk: Eh, you know, I'm ahead of the curve with these elephants, but them monkeys, they gonna need a little bit more tender lovin' care from old Hurk here.
04F30BF0	280348	Hurk: Monkeys is totally evolved, right? I mean, that's why they didn't make Planet of the Elephants or Jumbo Kong or Outbreak but with elephants. It's all about the monkeys, man, the monkeys.
625CEC53	280350	Hurk: So Imma find that last statue, and when I do, we're gonna Tat-Bros II: Enter the Hurk on them dudes! Okay?
DD5338C3	280582	Henna: Hmm. He'll be most vulnerable here...but we'd need to act fast.
4337AD60	280583	Henna: If we could get in there, though - you know, take out Cpl. Nath - they'd be crippled.
C4480982	280584	Henna: Ah! I wish I wasn't short on fighters! I need someone now.
5A2C9C21	280587	Ajay: I can do it.
EF655A41	280588	Henna: Yeah? You can't be seen though. Stick to cover, hide the Corporal's body if you can. [beat] I need you to take that his dogtags though. That should be he only sign you were ever there.
7101CFE2	280589	Ajay: No problem.
F67E6B00	280590	Henna: Good. Cpl. Nath is located on a little island; I'll mark the location on your map. How you get there is up to you. But whatever you do, do not be seen. I have full confidence in you.
9885D2FA	280626	Henna: Great job yar. You took him out like a true professional.
F1F41734	280627	Ajay: Sure did.
819EE3BB	280628	Henna: They still don't know what happened. [laugh] I love it. Good work.
DBE6EEB0	280857	Here, brought you another one. Look at her face - nice and flush from crying.
E4CD8CF8	280858	Yes, but the color is fading. Customers do enjoy a healthy pink. You'll have to...wait, I think I know her....
94A77877	280859	[laughs] You know her?!
FDD6BDB9	280860	Yes...Meena. Little Meena. My family lived next to hers when we were kids. So grown up now.
8DBC4936	280861	[laughs]You want some time to get re-acquainted? Redden those cheeks? Huh?
D6FBEE7A	280862	Shut up, Adhik. You stupid goat fucker. Get the girl sorted. This is business.
61785B49	281054	Come on! Quickly, quickly, we don't have all day!
2E39CD8E	281056	Get it back on the truck! If you aren't sure, take it anyway!
3722FCCF	281058	Pick it up! Noore will feed you to her menagerie if this shipment doesn't come in on time.
828C8282	281065	[native language swear] What about my farm?! You going to pick that up?
155E5B0A	281066	Royal Army pigs! Help me round up my animals! They're getting away!
5A3F58AE	281235	Ajay: Hi.
2A55AC21	281236	Amita: Keep working.
8A032CF8	281357	Hradini: If we weren't so busy trying to repair the damage to the crops I'd hunt those Bharals down myself!
EDA96104	281358	Hradini: They came in the night and ate nearly everything. People are salvaging what they can.
93181DB9	281359	Hradini: So now, not only do we have no meat, we have no crops!
A2E8F7C3	281362	Ajay: I'll hunt the bharals for you.
DC598B7E	281363	Hradini: Really? That would be a huge help. Let's us save what we can and reduces the risk of another attack.
BBF3C682	281364	Ajay: Any idea where these bharal thieves may have gone?
C542BA3F	281365	[laugh]Hradini:  Yes. I'll mark their "hideout" on your map.
90DE9541	281366	Ajay: Thank you.
EE6FE9FC	281367	Hradini: Oh! And take the bow from the hunting shack out back. Any other kind of weapon will spoil the meat.
A8CD6EB7	281473	My life is over. I can't go on without my beloved Maina.
C1BCAB79	281474	I have nothing! No wife, no business. I'm ruined!
B1D65FF6	281475	I see shining teeth and beady little eyes in my nightmares.
8EFD3DBE	281478	I need your help! My wife was eaten by rabid honey badgers!
97E60CFF	281480	What is wrong with you? Why are you laughing?
E78CF870	281481	Ajay: Oh shit, are you, you're serious? I am so sorry, that's terrible. How can I help?
BCCB5F3C	281482	We own a small fur trapping business -- I'll mark it on your map. I want you to kill every honey badger in the area. There should be a weapon nearby.
CCA1ABB3	281483	Ajay: I'll do it, and again, um, I'm very sorry for your loss.
45B87B0B	281531	There were too many of them. What could I do?
CB7193C2	281532	I had to run away or they would've killed me too.
5CA34A4A	281533	I had no choice. I'm a yak herder, not a hunter.
84300505	281536	Thank the gods you're here. You have to kill them. Kill them all.
13E2DC8D	281537	Ajay: Okay, just calm down and tell me what happened.
9D2B3444	281538	My cousins and I were grazing our yaks when a pack of dholes attacked us. I barely escaped with my life.
0AF9EDCC	281539	Ajay: Do they normally attack humans?
B6066787	281540	No, but chemicals from the heroin refineries have driven the local animals crazy. See for youself -- I've marked the location on your map. My cousin's crossbow should be nearby. Kill them all!
21D4BE0F	281541	Ajay: Okay, leave it to me.
26FB2680	281589	I can't do this by myself. Praval was always the brave one.
B89FB323	281590	Where will I live? What will I eat? Face it Anuj, you need real help.
69BAB047	281591	I can't just chase them out with a broom. This is a job for a professional exterminator.
F7DE25E4	281594	Please, you have to help me. My brothers are dead and I don't know who else to turn to.
70A18106	281595	Ajay: Whoa, whoa, whoa, just slow down. What happened?
EEC514A5	281596	The Royal Guards have been dumping their foul chemicals in a cave on our land. It's driven a horde of snakes and rats out of their burrows and right into my house!
5B8CD2C5	281597	Ajay: And you want me to clear them out.
C5E84766	281598	Yes. I'll mark the place on your map. My brother Praval tried to scare them away with our family's shotgun, but the snakes are quick and their poison quicker.
4297E384	281599	Ajay: Don't worry. I'll take care of it.
521CAEBD	281647	Aw man, I fucked up. I fucked up real bad.
2CADD200	281648	I don't know how I'm going to clean this up.
1D5D387A	281649	I would corral the little dudes myself, but they are volatile little shits!
63EC44C7	281652	Hey, bro to bro, maybe you can help me out?
0446093B	281653	Ajay: Uh, yeah, maybe. What do you need?
7AF77586	281654	So... I was kinda maybe sorta in prison for a while and uh made a big mess when I busted myself out.
2F6B5AF8	281655	Ajay: What kind of mess?
51DA2645	281656	Monkeys, dude. I strapped proximity mines to 'em to breach the wall, but they got out of their cages and now they're running all over the bloody place. I'd be grateful if you'd put 'em out of their misery.
36706BB9	281657	Ajay: What is it with people and exploding monkeys? Fine, just show me where to go.
08CBD920	281920	Ajay: I thought you were steering?
767AA59D	281921	Hurk: Change of plans, dude. You drive and shoot and I'll, like, totally encourage you ok man? I don't mind being a backseat guy. I kinda like it.
5E917EA6	281925	Hurk: Come on dude, you are the wind beneath my--enemies to the left.
2020021B	281926	Hurk: Bad guys on the left.
478A4FE7	281945	Hurk: Shoot the dudes on the right, man.
393B335A	281946	Hurk: We got douchebags to the right.
6CA71C24	281948	Hurk: Bad guys straight ahead, man.
12166099	281949	Hurk: Yo, 12 o'clock!
432469EF	281952	Ajay: I'm sorry, Thangka? What?
334E9D60	281955	Ajay: I'm all right.
68093A2C	281956	Ajay: You're okay.
11D0E861	281973	Hurk: That totally came out wrong, ok. You know that, right?
6F6194DC	281975	Hurk: Tat-bro?
75BC2D65	281977	Hurk: Bad dudes!
0B0D51D8	281978	Hurk: More baddies, homey.
F22431AA	281979	Ajay: Hurk, where are we going?
8C954D17	281980	Hurk: Keep heading up, I guess.
EB3F00EB	281981	Ajay: You guess?
958E7C56	281982	Hurk: It's an educated guess, man. I was home-schooled and everything.
F9515F26	281983	Hurk: Ajay? Bro? Funny story, man. I was looking for that last statue, right...
45AED56D	281984	Ajay: You got caught again, didn't you.
D27C0CE5	281985	Hurk: Well, sorta? So, like, I sneak aboard a truck to find the statue, but Bongo II plants the explosives early. Now I'm stuck here and the truck's moving. I can't jump out because I'm still looking for the statue in all these boxes, and if the driver stops the truck... boom. Michael Bay money shot.
5CB5E42C	282042	Ajay: That sounds like the plot for...?
CB673DA4	282043	Hurk: Dude! Be, like, my Keanu man. You can fly, right? I know where there's a boss mini-chopper. Get to da choppa. Hahaha!
7C2A190B	282045	Ajay: I found the chopper, Hurk. I'm coming to get you.
0C40ED84	282058	Hurk: Dude, you are all uppercase Awesome! I'm still looking for the statue, but don't forget, man. You can't let this truck stop.
0909B317	282061	Hurk: Geronimo! [Impact Grunt] Oh! Ooh! Aw, I landed on my sacrum! Oh!
57074AC8	282063	Ajay: I see you, Hurk!
276DBE47	282065	Hurk: Duuuuude! Driver's talking on the phone and getting high! He wants to stop for munchies up ahead. Quick... blow up the food stall.
4E1C7B89	282066	Ajay: What?!
3E768F06	282078	Hurk: Blow it up, man! Before he, like, stops. He's got the munchies bad!
015DED4E	282081	Hurk: Okay, he got the message, tat-bro, but he's calling for help.
713719C1	282082	Ajay: I'm gonna check the road ahead. Make sure he doesn't have another reason to stop.
1846DC0F	282084	Ajay: Stalled truck's blocking the road. I got it.
682C2880	282087	Hurk: Uh, tat-bro. I don't mean to sound all stressed and stuff, but could you, like, highjack the truck. NOW please?
336B8FCC	282089	Ajay: Hurk, you okay?
43017B43	282090	Hurk: Dude! How'd you do that without the helicopter chewing your head off?
2A70BE8D	282091	Ajay: Did you get the statue?
5A1A4A02	282092	Hurk: Not yet, bro. Keep driving!
ADE8A242	282098	Ajay: Barrels!
DD8256CD	282099	Hurk: Some truck lost its load. Man, I remember this game.
C499678C	282104	Hurk: Slow down or we'll tip, man.
64F3427D	282106	Hurk: Okay... faster, bro.
1499B6F2	282107	Hurk: Come on, man. Speed up just a smidge.
7DE8733C	282109	Hurk: Woah. What was that?
0D8287B3	282110	Hurk: Whoa, I felt that!
254F6CDB	282111	Golden Path: They've reached the flag!
E06C5E34	282113	Golden Path: They've taken control of the outpost. Secure it!
56C520FF	282154	Hurk: Aw, man I'll…I'm never gonna drink milk again.
26AFD470	282155	Hurk: Oh great, now I gotta appease the cow gods too.
4FDE11BE	282158	Hurk: You do NOT want to hit those man.
3FB4E531	282160	Hurk: Look out for that.
009F8779	282161	Ajay: Keep looking, cause I'm running out of road!
70F573F6	282163	Hurk: Ha! I found it!
1984B638	282164	Ajay: Jump now!
45496D40	282176	Hurk: Duderino! I found the third statue, man! That monkey god, he has got to forgive us now.  You just gotta forgive us monkey god.
3BF811FD	282177	Ajay: Us?
5C525C01	282178	Hurk: Yeah, us man. Tat-bros are one for all.
22E320BC	282179	Ajay: Why do you keep calling me that?
8FD65911	282181	Hurk: Cuz we linked by ink...
090FFB01	282191	Golden Path: We're losing our position!
D537F8AF	282279	Golden Path: We've secured the bell tower!
9D1BAA71	282280	Golden Path: Bell tower liberated!
74780F44	282382	Golden Path: They captured the bell tower!
6A0EFA1C	282383	Golden Path: They shut down the bell tower!
F16725AC	282385	Hurk: Details man, details, details. Alright? Hey, I declare you the best tat-bro that a tat-bro could have.
C59A85C5	282386	Golden Path: Don't leave the fight!
E87C14ED	282391	Hurk: But I gotta go. I gotta go and live the righteous life with my monkey compadres now, as a monkey monk.
54096353	282795	Chunni: Grandfather is dying and his only wish is to taste Kyrati Oysters one last time.
3D78A69D	282796	Chunni: But yaks are quick and we haven't had protein in weeks. I can barely cook rice.
4D125212	282797	Chunni: I don't have enough energy to hunt yak. No one does. We need help.
1655F55E	282800	Ajay: I'll help. I can't deny a man his dying wish.
663F01D1	282801	Chunni: Oh, would you?! Grandfather would be so happy to sink his teeth into the succulent, sweet balls of a yak again.
0F4EC41F	282802	Ajay: Kyrati oysters...right. So what's the best way to bring these big boys down?
7F243090	282803	Chunni: Bow and arrow. No question. We even have one you can use; it's in the shack over there.
88D6D8D0	282804	Ajay: And where do I find these yak balls?
F8BC2C5F	282805	Chunni: I'll mark the location on your map. But bring back the whole yak, not just the oysters!
400F52D8	282810	Lalan: It isn't good. We can't keep eating it. It's not nourishing. It's made us all sick. We need help.
3065A657	282811	Lalan: But it is good. Nothing tastes as sweet. Ah, no! We need legitimate meat. Sambar meat.
59146399	282812	Lalan: I can't hold a bow steady anymore. And Yamir shakes so badly he can hardly function. It's not our fault we can't hunt. It's not our fault it's come to this.
297E9716	282815	Ajay: Please, let me help you.
7239305A	282816	Lalan: Th-that's incredibly generous of you. And so brave. Are you sure? I mean, are you really sure?
0253C4D5	282817	Ajay: Yes, of course. Sambars. Sounds like fun.
6B22011B	282818	Lalan: Sambars? Right! Sambars. Uh, let's see. You'll need a bow. Should be one in the hunting shack there. I'll mark their location on your map...
1B48F594	282819	Ajay: I'll be back. Hopefully with lots of Sambar meat.
246397DC	282820	Lalan: When you're done just take it to the freezer in the hunting shack. Don't mind the other meat in there. It's not exactly edible.
A418A324	282851	Ajay: Fuck....
70F1622D	282864	Hey! Watch out for the beehive!
B8CF5008	282877	Sabal: Ajay, when you have time, go see Longinus. He's a friend to the Golden Path and he'll be grateful you helped us.
D1BE95C6	282881	We'll be there soon, Sabal. We can see the smoke from here.
A1D46149	282882	They're hitting Banapur hard. We need help here!
56268909	282883	As soon as we're done with the army here, we'll circle back around.
3F574CC7	282886	Drive them out!
9F3D6936	282887	Save the villagers!
264C7D86	282890	I see soldiers heading for the Community Pucca.
EF579DB9	282891	We have trapped and wounded. Help them.
4F3DB848	282894	Sabal: That's where we put Bhadra. Ajay, get her out.
4EFFD27F	282910	Longinus: There was a shipment, leaving over the mountain by helicopter, but it went down. I need you to take this tracker, and recover the shipment before the Army gets it back.
3E9526F0	282911	Longinus: The Lord will provide you with transportation. What do you say?
94612E0B	282913	Longinus: Amen.
8D7A1F4A	282914	Yogi: Oh, shit--
FD10EBC5	282916	Reggie: No.
A6574C89	282917	Yogi: I'm sensing…
F00DEB0F	282918	Reggie: What?
CF268947	282919	Yogi: Oh?
80671F80	282920	Yogi: That's good.
E916DA4E	282922	Yogi: Alright? You're okay.
997C2EC1	282924	Yogi: Alright...
C23B898D	282925	Yogi: Yes!
B2517D02	282926	Reggie: What if he survives?
AB4A4C43	282928	Yogi: You grab his legs.
5CB8A403	282930	Yogi: One, two, three!
AD0B0BB4	282940	Amita: We're here. Secure the town.
DD61FF3B	282941	Sabal: Golden Path, help the survivors.
90248B33	282952	Why aren't we shooting these assholes?
1EED63FA	282953	Paul wants guests. For his party? Unless you have a better idea of what we should doing?
893FBA72	282954	No no. Forget I opened my mouth.
D515D927	282966	Have you heard anything at all from the village?
91CDE991	282971	Rohit: DePleur's got eyes on this area. It's going to be hard to infiltrate.
E1A71D1E	282972	Rohit: There'll be Royal Army patrolling. But I don't think they would expect....
41CD38EF	282973	Rohit: The sooner we can strike, the better. The longer we wait - but I have no soldiers available.
31A7CC60	282976	Ajay: I'm available.
58D609AE	282977	Rohit: You? Yes, you have a good reputation. You'll have to be discreet. No one should see you. If you can, hide Sgt. Misra's body. But make sure to remove his dogtags.
28BCFD21	282978	Ajay: Got it.
73FB5A6D	282979	Rohit: He's holed up in a small warehouse. I'll mark the location on your map. Take care.
0391AEE2	282982	Rohit: Well done! He was a terror to this land. When word spreads that Sgt. Misra is dead, the people will rejoice.
6AE06B2C	282983	Ajay: Glad I could help.
1A8A9FA3	282984	Rohit: You have done a good thing. A quick death was more than he deserved.
B2BF94DB	282985	No, and that's not good. It has me worried.
FDFE021C	282987	At least we don't have to clean the elephant's cage. It looks mad.
45A39542	282988	Yogi: Really?!
35C961CD	282989	Reggie: Hyeah, it was-- [looks back to Ajay] Look look look! We-- we we thought Noore wanted to parley. We didn’t think she was gonna throw you in the arena naked.
95A3443C	282990	Reggie: Just give it to him!
E5C9B0B3	282992	Reggie: Right.
8CB8757D	282993	Yogi: Ju--just give us a second to pack.
FCD281F2	282994	Yogi: It's a bit of a mess.
C7FE1A14	283000	Pagan Min: Three-point landing!
F8D5785C	283002	Pagan Min: Ah.
88BF8CD3	283004	Pagan Min: Thank you, Kamran!
E1CE491D	283005	Ajay: You want me to follow you...
91A4BD92	283006	Pagan Min: Jesus Christ.  Yes boy, the ashes aren't going to scatter themselves!
5F536C78	283007	Kalinag: It was as though he was inviting me to step forward.
CAE31ADE	283009	Ajay: Never. No.
BA89EE51	283010	Pagan Min: Mohan... the great protector of the Golden Path.  Hmph. He was a cunt. He whored your mother out, sent her to spy on me. But we fell in love, we had a child and that is when Mohan showed his true colors. Hmph.  He drove you and your mother away, even killed your sister, Lakshmana. Which brings us here.
D3F82B9F	283011	Pagan Min: After you.
57EDB2CA	283799	The soldiers are attacking the weapons cache. I need help--[burst of static]
0512AEB2	283800	Rebel Dispatch: Help is on the way.
EC710B87	283801	Rebel Dispatch: They're sending help.
6C84D351	283802	Rebel Dispatch: Reinforcements are coming.
8C513A4F	283803	Rebel Dispatch: They're sending you reinforcements.
9CFC4725	283804	Rebel Dispatch: Help is coming.
4B915242	283805	Rebel Dispatch: Reinforcements will be right there.
A2F2F777	283806	Rebel Dispatch: Help will be right there.
BC84022F	283807	Rebel Dispatch: They can't help you.
5C51EB31	283808	Rebel Dispatch: No help is available right now.
7ECAF4D9	283809	Rebel Dispatch: I'm sorry, but you're on your own.
60BC0181	283810	Rebel Dispatch: They can't send you help.
89DFA4B4	283811	Rebel Dispatch: They have no help to offer.
C1F3F66A	283812	Rebel Dispatch: They're unable to send anyone.
21261F74	283813	Rebel Dispatch: They can't help you right now.
FB51AC32	283816	Ajay: Look, I didn’t come here for my father, or any of this.
8B3B58BD	283817	Sabal: We could still use your help, brother. Look at the difference you’ve made. I know--I’m asking a lot from you, but helping the Golden Path will take you to Lakshmana, I promise you that. We'll find it together.
E24A9D73	283818	Ajay: Thanks Sabal.
922069FC	283821	Pagan Min: Ajay... you didn’t like the Crab Rangoon? Who doesn't like fried crab?
C967CEB0	283822	Ajay: Pagan?
B90D3A3F	283823	Pagan Min: I mean...I’m not too offended, it's my fault. You have your mother’s adventurous spirit, I should have realized you wouldn't wait.
D07CFFF1	283824	Ajay: Wait? You’re a fucking psycho.
A0160B7E	283825	Pagan Min: Now, Ajay... who joins a terrorist movement they know nothing about? Who kills soldiers who are keeping Kyrat safe from the Golden Path threat?
57E4E33E	283826	Pagan Min: Look, I don’t want to get into the politics of this. If you want to play with the monkeys, then play with the monkeys. Just don't get yourself all covered in shit.
278E17B1	283828	Ajay: Fuck that guy.
966B3BDB	283864	Kalinag: Go!
76BED2C5	283866	Kalinag: Over there!
6613AFAF	283868	Kalinag: Go now!
2E3FFD71	283870	Kalinag: Now!
C75C5844	283872	Kalinag: Tiger! Go!
D92AAD1C	283874	Kalinag: Attack!
39FF4402	283876	Kalinag: Get him!
1B645BEA	283878	Kalinag: Kill him!
E40BDA84	283893	Reggie: Yep.
DB20B8CC	283894	Yogi: Alright.  Gimme that.[puffs on joint]<br>
55CB0964	283900	Natesa: Pvt. Vora is supposed to be supervising a shipment soon. Down this road, I think....
3CBACCAA	283901	Natesa: It would be difficult, but we could catch him off guard.
4CD03825	283902	Natesa: Yar with him in a moving truck, it'll be a hard kill. Where's a sniper when you need one?
17979F69	283905	Ajay: I'm not a bad shot.
67FD6BE6	283906	Natesa: Well I hear you're a very good shot. I'll mark Vora's intended location on your map. But be prepared for anything. Who knows what the situation will be like when you get there.
0E8CAE28	283907	Ajay: Right.
7EE65AA7	283908	Natesa: Secrecy is most important. Don't let anyone see you. And if you can, hide the body. Take his dogtags though; he doesn't get to keep those.
8914B2E7	283911	Natesa: There you are - bai fantastic kill! I heard they had a little accident on the road.
F97E4668	283912	Ajay: Yes, and I used it to my advantage.
900F83A6	283913	Natesa: You were the perfect person for the job. Thank you.
D63DB806	283917	Yogi: Wha?
BF4C7DC8	283918	Reggie: I see a world of danger a-- and a mother with a blackened heart! AJAY GHALE! Welcome to Guru Ashram. What are you doing here?
6FAB149B	283930	Amita: Ajay, before you bring the temple down, find and secure the vault with the gold. If you need assistance, there's Golden Path fighters ready to help you--soldiers I trust.
06DAD155	283931	Ajay: Thanks, Amita.
76B025DA	283932	Amita: If you're in serious trouble, they'll jump in.
5AF0B200	283939	Ajay: Amita, I'm done with the explosives.
CD226B88	283940	Amita: I wish I was there to see their faces when the fireworks go off. Well done, Ajay. The boats are loaded and we're ready to go. We're just waiting on you.
25A1FDEB	283952	Who's going to pay for this? Pagan Min?! Huh? Is he?! This farm is my livelihood! You've ruined it!
DD8F16E2	283964	Sabal: Heads up, brother. We ambushed a group of enemy reinforcements, but some slipped through. They'll be coming your way by boat.
318B621E	283974	Rebel Dispatch: You already have help.
1DCBF5C4	283975	Rebel Dispatch: They already sent you someone.
F4A850F1	283976	Rebel Dispatch: You have help already.
EADEA5A9	283977	Rebel Dispatch: You have enough help.
0A0B4CB7	283978	Rebel Dispatch: Use the men they already sent you.
84251C53	283979	Rebel Dispatch: What about the fighters we sent you already?
9A53E90B	283980	Rebel Dispatch: You have all the help you need already.
B4103AF5	283985	Ajay: Bhadra… shit. It's okay, it's okay...just...I'll get you out.
C47ACE7A	283986	Ajay: You're okay. Bhadra, you're okay.
707F8E03	283994	Dinesh: So, word is Cpl. Sen's vehicle broke down. He'll have to get it repaired.
00157A8C	283995	Dinesh: We need to act quickly - cash in on the interruption and catch him unaware.
6964BF42	283996	Dinesh: Now's our time. Nothing distracts a man like a dripping oil pan.
190E4BCD	283999	Ajay: I hear you need a quick job?
26252985	284000	Dinesh: A kill, yes. The target's going to get his vehicle repaired, so we won't have long. I'll mark the shop on your map. You'll need to sneak in and take him out without being seen.
564FDD0A	284001	Ajay: I can do that.
3F3E18C4	284002	Dinesh: I knew I could count on you. Ah, one last thing - hide the body if you can. We need as much time as possible before they discover it. [beat] Oh! Take his dogtags too.
4F54EC4B	284005	Dinesh: I'm already breathing easier knowing Sen is dead. Can you feel it? The air just feels...lighter.
14134B07	284006	Ajay: He sounded like a real pain in the ass.
6479BF88	284007	Dinesh: More like a diseased elephant cock in my ass. But not anymore! Thank you!
2C9B7CCA	284075	Amita: Ajay, it's Amita. I heard you captured another outpost. It's a good start for the Golden Path. We could use more initiative like this from our men.
A2529403	284076	Amita: I just heard that someone's on a mission to secure the outposts. Pace yourself, Ajay. You've got a long way to go to even the scales.
35804D8B	284077	Amita: They told me you captured another outpost. Keep going like that and you might give Pagan something to worry about.
7AC1DB4C	284078	Amita: Is it true? Did you get another oupost? That's nearly half of them. Looks like there's no stopping you, Ajay. Good. It's time someone backed Pagan Min into a corner.
F4083385	284079	Amita: I just heard you secured another outpost. Don't stop now, Ajay. There's only a handful of outposts left under Pagan's control and his men are on the run.
ED1302C4	284080	Amita: They're saying you got another outpost? I have to say, Ajay. You're really becoming  good at this. Everyone's talking about you and Golden Path is gaining momentum.
63DAEA0D	284081	Amita: Everyone's talking, Ajay. You secured the last outpost. No one can believe it, Everything you've done so far is incredible, this gives our people the hope... no, no the certainty, that Kyrat will be free.
4DFAF3DD	284082	Sabal: Keep taking those outposts and soon Kyrat itself will rise up against Min.
72D19195	284083	Sabal: You're about to tip the balance of power with this last outpost, brother. Thanks to you, recruits are flooding into the Golden Path.
02BB651A	284084	Sabal: Praise Kyra, we're almost there, brother. Seize the remaining outposts in Her name and Kyra is sure to reward you.
6BCAA0D4	284085	Sabal: You did it, Ajay, you did it! You secured all the outposts, Kyra in Heaven, Kyrat is practically ours. Mohan would be so proud.
248B3613	284088	Sabal: Welcome to the fight, brother. Feel free to take down more outposts for the Golden Path.
54E1C29C	284090	Sabal: Another outpost, brother? Well done. Your conviction in the fight does us proud.
3D900752	284092	Sabal: Ajay, good job with the outpost. Pagan has to take notice now. Let's make sure he pays attention.
4141F5E5	284133	Amita: Taking that tower is a small start, but it's a start, Ajay, and we have you to thank for it. We can finally start reaching allies in the region.
3FF08958	284135	Amita: Nicely done, Ajay. Keep this up, and we'll be broadcasting across the whole region soon and saving them from Pagan Min's lies.
585AC4A4	284137	Amita: We're reaching nearly half of Kyrat, thanks to you. Now people can't ignore the truth any longer without Pagan Min lying in their ears.
26EBB819	284139	Amita: Congratulations, Ajay! Thanks to you, we've locked down the airwaves. Pagan will have a hard time being heard and we can reach all our allies.
82A905E1	284143	Sabal: Another bell tower, brother? You're just as eager as I am to shut Pagan up.
37E0C381	284145	Sabal: We can reach more people now, Ajay. Keep capturing those bell towers and Kyrat will have greater reason to thank you.
2EFBF2C0	284149	Sabal: That shut him up! Well done, son of Mohan. Now the people can finally enjoy the truth without Pagan's lies.
A9845622	284150	[Laughing]Sabal:  Nicely done. Pagan can't be happy, losing control over half of his audience.
77FCA3C3	284414	Amita: It's been a while since Pagan's men were denied anything. Let that truck you destroyed be the start of a new age for Kyrat.
800E4B83	284416	Amita: The army's beginning to feel pinched, Ajay. Keep destroying their trucks. Rob them of supplies the way they robbed us.
F064BF0C	284418	Amita: Good job, Ajay. Pagan's men are running low on supplies and gear. You keep this up, you'll strangle them completely.
99157AC2	284420	Amita: That's it, Ajay! You backed Pagan's men into a corner and you've broken their supply chain. It's time to put them out of their misery, wouldn't you say?
3DB63701	284424	Sabal: Every truck you destroy is an opportunity denied to the enemy. Keep it up, brother.
5A1C7AFD	284426	Sabal: Another truck destroyed... well done, brother. The army is starting to feel what we've endured for years.
24AD0640	284428	Sabal: Yes... destroy their trucks. Make sure they're too poor to strike back. Soon, they'll have nothing left to send out.
DD846632	284430	Sabal: Wonderful, Ajay. Destroying the enemy's ability to hurt us serves Kyra herself. The soldiers are crippled without their trucks, thanks to you.
32CDF1D7	284434	Amita: That truck you brought has some things that can help us. Nicely done, Ajay. We'll distribute the supplies to those in need.
878437B7	284436	Amita: Those trucks you keep bringing in are helping the cause, Ajay. Keep up the good work.
19E0A214	284438	Amita: Another truck, Ajay? I won't refuse your generosity, especially if it means depriving Pagan's men.
9E9F06F6	284440	Amita: Good news, Ajay. We have enough trucks for now. You’ve seriously hurt the Army’s supply chain and given us a fleet of trucks to attack the enemy.
78876515	284444	Sabal: I just heard you delivered a truck full of supplies. Well done, brother, well done. We'll see this gets to the right people.
F64E8DDC	284446	Sabal: The army can't be happy you keep delivering us these trucks. Good. They know what'll happen next when we're at full strength.
619C5454	284448	Sabal: The time for retribution is almost at hand. All these trucks you've delivered are almost enough to secure Kyrat once and for all. Thank you, brother, but don't stop now.
DD63DE1F	284450	Sabal: That's it, Ajay, that's it. We have all the trucks we need, thanks to you. Focus on other things, but know that you've done the Golden Path and Kyra a great service.
37631769	284500	Amita: Nicely done, Ajay. Varkashot was a tough nut to crack, but capturing Paul is going to be even tougher.
4709E3E6	284502	Amita: Ajay. Varkashot was a tough nut to crack, but nothing compared to capturing Paul himself. Well done.
2E782628	284504	Amita: You secured Baghadur? I have to admit, I'm very impressed. We’ve limited Pagan's ability to counterattack, but we still need Noore’s head.
5E12D2A7	284506	Amita: You secured Baghadur and taken care of Noore? I have to admit, I'm very impressed. With half the fortresses under our control, it's severely limited Pagan's ability to counterattack.
FE78F756	284508	Amita: Well done, Ajay. With Ratu Gadhi, you've taken nearly all of Pagan's fortresses. Without them, he's going to have a hard time holding on to Kyrat, but Yuma’s still a snake we need to deal with.
8E1203D9	284510	Amita: Well done, Ajay. With Ratu Gadhi, you've taken nearly all of Pagan's fortresses, and now that Yuma's gone, he's going to have a hard time holding on to Kyrat.
E763C617	284512	Amita: That's it. With Rajgad captured, all the fortresses are under our control, thanks to you. The Golden Path just needs the final formality for victory… Pagan’s head.
97093298	284514	Amita: We’ve won! Pagan is dead, Rajgad and the other fortresses are all under our control, thanks to you… the Golden Path owes you so much, Ajay. We are free.
CC4E95D4	284516	Amita: I wanted Pagan’s head, but without Rajgad and the other fortresses, he’s got nothing left. The Golden Path... we owes you a great deal, Ajay. We... we're  free.
5BDE10CA	284518	Sabal: I'm impressed, brother. You took down Paul’s stronghold on your own. You've got Mohan's fire... now make sure you burn Paul with it.
256F6C77	284520	Sabal: Good job, brother. With Paul gone and his stronghold captured, we’ve sent Pagan a signal that this is our territory now.
DC460C05	284522	Sabal: Winning is in your blood, Ajay. Noore’s crippled without her stronghold, but take her out before she can do anything about it.
A2F770B8	284524	Sabal: With Noore gone and her stronghold under our control, the army’s presence in the south is weakened. Well done, son of Mohan.
C55D3D44	284526	Sabal: Kyra be praised, brother. You've taken almost all the strongholds, but we need Yuma dead. Take her down before she can regroup.
BBEC41F9	284528	Sabal: Yuma’s dead, we have her stronghold now, thanks to you… Kyra be praised, Pagan is next, brother. Kyrat is almost ours.
11D09088	284530	Sabal: Ajay, brother, on behalf of the Golden Path and your father's legacy, thank you so much. Pagan’s stronghold is ours and Kyra will finally see her children reclaim their rightful place once Pagan is dead.
6F61EC35	284532	Sabal: Ajay, brother, on behalf of the Golden Path and your father's legacy, thank you so much. With Pagan dead and his stronghold captured, we are victorious and Kyra has finally seen her children reclaim their rightful place.
08CBA1C9	284534	Sabal: Ajay, brother, on behalf of the Golden Path and your father's legacy, thank you so much. Pagan may have escaped, but without his stronghold, Kyra has finally seen her children reclaim their rightful place.
F78CE7EB	284537	Sabal: Pagan’s turned the fields into drug plantations and people must hunt for their food. That means the carnivores are more dangerous. If you want to make a difference, you have to help the people more.
605E3E63	284539	Sabal: You’re making an impact, brother. Keep helping the people and they’ll learn to help themselves.
DCA1B428	284541	Sabal: Thanks to you, brother, it’s becoming safer to hunt for food. Kyrat owes you a great deal.
4B736DA0	284543	Sabal: Ajay, well done. The Goddess Kyra is pleased, but it’s time to let people fend for themselves, now. This is their land. Let them take responsibility for it.
C9A467EA	284546	Sabal: Well done, brother. You killed a vulture who betrayed his own people for Pagan’s lies. Make them pay, Ajay. Make them all pay.
8E766F1C	284548	Sabal: You’ve made your mark on these traitors, brother, and they’re starting to run and hide. Don’t let that stop you from digging them out.
19A4B694	284550	Sabal: Pagan’s men are panicking, brother. Many have even deserted their posts rather than face you. Kill them all, Ajay. Kyra’s devotion demands blood.
976D5E5D	284552	Sabal: Well done, Ajay. You’ve either killed the traitors working for Pagan or driven them out of the country. That’s the future Kyrat’s been striving towards.
77B8B743	284555	Sabal: In Kyrat, the only law is the one you can take for yourself. Good on you, Ajay, for being someone else’s hand of justice.
2224983D	284557	Sabal: Word’s starting to spread, Ajay. People are saying you will right their wrongs, but I hope they start relying on themselves.
5C95E480	284559	Sabal: Thank Kyra, you’ve brought justice to a lot of people, Ajay. I’ve been talking to them and they’ll start doing this for themselves. Just a few more left to start the avalanche.
3B3FA97C	284561	Sabal: Kyra be praised, but what matters now is the thirst for vengeance for the Gods themselves. The people have had their fill… now we avenge Kyra herself.
D6D170FB	284564	Sabal: Ajay, thank you for helping out there. They keep kidnapping people to use as slave labor or for sport. Free as many as you can.
A6BB8474	284566	Sabal: Saving those hostages is a good start, brother. Each one means less slave labor for Pagan, and less money filling his war coffers.
9990E63C	284568	Sabal: Pagan’s really feeling the pinch now, Ajay. Every hostage you’ve saved is another footsoldier in Kyra’s army. The Goddess thanks you.
E9FA12B3	284570	Sabal: Ajay, have you heard? Because of you, the soldiers have been ordered stop taking hostages. They’re on the defensive now.
C79857F5	284573	Sabal: I hear you secured some supplies for us, brother. I wish the other fighters understood that… that the Golden Path isn’t just about killing.
306ABFB5	284575	Sabal: You are really bringing in the supplies, Ajay. Because of you, we can start providing the people with some means.
40004B3A	284577	Sabal: Ajay, I am so grateful that Kyra brought you back to us. The supplies you’ve brought in have turned people’s lives around.
29718EF4	284579	Sabal: Praise Kyra for your help. The Golden Path and the people around us are set for now, Ajay. Start focusing on other matters, because thanks to you, we are well equipped.
7DEE43C3	284582	Sabal: Ajay, that convoy you brought in was a gift we desperately needed. Thank you, brother.
E38AD660	284584	Sabal: My men want to thank you, brother, for these convoys you keep bringing in. We've never been this well equipped, but we still need more.
56C31000	284586	Sabal: Ajay, with everything you've brought in, we've never been so ready or well provisioned. A little more, and we'll have everything we need.
C8A785A3	284588	Sabal: Kyra thanks you, Ajay. Your delivery of those convoys has given us enough to keep Kyrat's chosen children safe.
C3F2936A	284591	Sabal: I heard you've been tearing down Pagan's propaganda. Good. Lies like that don't deserve to be seen.
B39867E5	284593	Sabal: Good job, Ajay. You've been instrumental in stopping Pagan's lies from spreading. All of Kyrat should follow your example.
13F24214	284595	Sabal: I've been saying that all of Kyrat should follow your example, and the Gods heard me. Because of you, Pagan's lies are almost entirely silenced.
6398B69B	284597	Sabal: People are tearing down Pagan's propaganda as soon it appears. Son of Mohan, you are every bit the inspiration your father was.
30E96B5D	284600	Amita: I hear you started helping people in the area with their problems. Good job, Ajay, but there’s plenty more that need help.
AE8DFEFE	284602	Amita: Keeping local animal populations under control and the people fed is always important. Especially since the army hoards our food. Keep up the good work.
29F25A1C	284604	Amita: Ajay, all anyone can talk about is how you’re helping them. You’re making a huge difference in the lives of our people, well done.
B796CFBF	284606	Amita: Ajay, thanks to you, many people are safe, safe enough that we can start supplying them to protect themselves and to help us fight.
FB538D16	284609	Amita: I know it seems like ugly business, but every target you kill saves a hundred more lives. If it’s any consolation, you’re good at it.
7C2C29F4	284611	Amita: You’re making an impact, Ajay. They’re starting to talk about you, they’re getting scared. Keep killing those monsters,  for Kyrat.
E248BC57	284613	Amita: You’re going to run out of targets soon. The monsters that hurt the people are going into hiding because of you… good job.
57017A37	284615	Amita: You killed the last of Pagan’s notorious killers and henchmen, Ajay. You’ve given people a reason to emerge from hiding.
BE62DF02	284618	Amita: Kyrat doesn’t have a justice system, Ajay. That’s where you come in… making the guilty pay for what they’ve done. Keep it up.
D7131ACC	284620	Amita: You’re bringing people peace, Ajay. I hear them talking about how you’ve dealt with the guilty. Everyone’s starting to talk about you.
A779EE43	284622	Amita: You got another one, Ajay? I hear people are starting to make amends with their victims. They’re scared you’re coming after them. Don’t stop, Ajay. Make them pay.
98528C0B	284624	Amita: Ajay, you’ve made so many enemies of Kyrat pay. I think you’ve taken care of the biggest problems. A lot of people have asked me to pass along their thanks.
75D83949	284627	Amita: Ajay, I heard you helped save hostages in the area. Thank you for breaking Pagan’s cycle of fear, but there’s more people to save.
05B2CDC6	284629	Amita: You’re starting to make a dent in their operations, Ajay. The more people you save, the less slave labor and money Pagan makes.
6CC30808	284631	Amita: Ajay, great job saving those people. Everyone you save is another soldier in the Golden Path, and thanks to you, we have a lot of soldiers now.
1CA9FC87	284633	Amita: Congratulations, Ajay. We just heard the order go out to stop taking hostages. Pagan’s forces are reeling and you just helped put them on the defensive.
A8C5E8FD	284636	Amita: I heard you secured supplies for us, Ajay. Thank you. It’s small compared to what we need, but every little bit helps.
C1B42D33	284638	Amita: Ajay, our people are grateful for the supplies you’ve been recovering and we’ve managed to put them to good use. Keep it up!
B1DED9BC	284640	Amita: This is incredible, Ajay. You’ve really turned things around for us. We have more supplies and medicine than ever before. That’s all because of you.
12302823	284642	Amita: Thank you, Ajay. We now have everything we need to maintain the fight for our freedom. Kyrat owes you so much, as do I.
717375A8	284645	Amita: I just got the call that the supplies arrived safely, Ajay. Good job. We’ll have to prioritize who gets what until we have more.
24EF5AD6	284647	Amita: Thank you for bringing in those convoys safely. We can start passing supplies down to fighters outside the outposts.
5A5E266B	284649	Amita: Ajay, you’re a wonder. Those convoys you’ve brought in will allow us to outfit most of our soldiers for battle. You’re single-handedly changing the course of this war.
3DF46B97	284651	Amita: You can’t imagine how much you’ve done. This is our last convoy for the foreseeable future and we have everything we need for a prolonged battle. Well done.
79C093DC	284654	Amita: I hear you’ve been busy destroying Pagan’s propaganda, Ajay. Trust me, there’s a lot more where that crap came from, but it’s a good start.
88BDADF7	284656	Amita: You’ve been making a dent in Pagan’s propaganda machine. People are starting to notice, so keep it up. Eventually they’ll do it on their own.
1F6F747F	284658	Amita: Ajay, I heard they’re having a problem keeping the propaganda up. You’ve gotten rid of so much of it that others are following your example.
91A69CB6	284660	Amita: Ajay, have you heard. Pagan’s propaganda machine is all but dead. They’ve stopped churning the crap out because of you and the people you inspired.
7CA0E4FE	284665	The 'repair' you did on the truck didn't last. Broke down right away. I was barely able to get it here!
FB38F831	284667	Look, Noore's waiting. Fix it. If you aren't done soon, I'm telling her you're the reason for my delay.
92493DFF	284669	Is it done yet?!
E223C970	284670	I need to get going!
4249EC81	284671	If it isn't done in five minutes, you're dead.
3223180E	284673	Hey! Where'd you go?
5B52DDC0	284674	Is it done, then? Can I take it? Hello?!
2B38294F	284679	[native language swear]! I don't have time for this!
0D087A46	284684	Ekta: Yadav would never suspect an attack on his own camp....
7D628EC9	284685	Ekta: They'll be relaxed, not expecting a thing....
8A906689	284686	Ekta: It's a dangerous mission. I don't think I have anyone willing to take the risk....
FAFA9206	284689	Ajay: I like risk.
938B57C8	284690	Ekta: Yeah well this job's full of it. I need Lt. Yadav taken out. There will be lots of soldiers around so keep quiet. And if possible, hide the Lieutenant's body. But make sure to take his dogtags.
E3E1A347	284691	Ajay: I think I can handle it.
4915ABBC	284692	Ekta: I know you can. I'll mark the location on  your map. There also looks to be cave nearby that may give you with the perfect lookout.
397F5F33	284695	Ekta: Good work! Yadav was such a.... [native language swear]! Praise the gods he's dead.
500E9AFD	284696	Ajay: Glad I could help.
20646E72	284697	Ekta: Bai, you've done all of Kyrat - no - all of the world a great service!
7B23C93E	284710	Balin: According to Chakori's intel, this one's different.
0B493DB1	284711	Balin: They'll be on the lookout, ready for anything.
6238F87F	284712	Balin: It's such a secluded area...there's no room for error. I basically need a ghost for this mission.
12520CF0	284715	Ajay: I'm no ghost, but I'll do it.
2D796EB8	284716	Balin: Ajay, great! I'll show you where it is on the map. As you can see, you'll have to think before every move or you'll be spotted in an instant.
5D139A37	284717	Ajay: I'm not afraid.
34625FF9	284718	Balin: OK. Don't be seen. That  includes hiding the body if you can. I want them to think the target disappeared for as long as possible.
4408AB76	284721	Balin: Excellent work! You're right up there with the very best.
1F4F0C3A	284722	Ajay: Thanks.
6F25F8B5	284723	Balin: Thank you. We're that much closer to taking back the country.
458ED5C1	284732	Yogi: Yeah I was in the St. John’s Ambulance.
747E3FBB	284733	Reggie: You were in A St. John’s Ambulance. When you passed out at Spiral Tribe night.
0ACF4306	284734	Yogi: Oh right.
38F92184	284743	Reggie: Don’t be greedy Ajay, puff puff give.
01D710BB	284748	Aloani: This is going to be the toughest assassination we've ever done.
68A6D575	284749	Aloani: But so many families will be blessed by Cpt. Arya's death. The whole country will rest easy.
18CC21FA	284750	Aloani: Edi was supposed to be here by now. Where is he?!
27E743B2	284753	Ajay: Don't worry. I can do it.
578DB73D	284754	Aloani: You sure? Edi was one of my best - silent, unseen, and deadly. Great at hiding bodies too. But he isn't here and we need to act.
3EFC72F3	284755	Ajay: Then I'm your guy.
4E96867C	284756	Aloani: Thank you Ajay. I'll mark the target's location on your map. It's a training camp full of men flowing with testosterone and ready to pop. Take your time and look around. I've heard of hidden passageways, but I don't know where. Good luck.
E0657729	284761	Come on with the push-ups! Faster!
438B86B6	284762	Good technique. Now, faster! Get in and get out!
33E17239	284763	Looks like we have some slackers going for a jog!
15D12130	284774	Aloani: Excellent job! Kyrat will rejoice when they hear the news - Arya is dead, yar!
65BBD5BF	284775	Ajay: It was no problem at all.
0CCA1071	284776	Aloani: You're being modest, I'm sure. Thank you. We all thank you.
5A90B7F7	284786	Pick it up! You plan on jogging after the Royal Army?! No! Run!
2AFA4378	284787	See your target, focus, and hit it!
71BDE434	284788	Don't slow down, you pigs! Keep pushing!
BE8E17FF	284789	Noore: I want my family back!
B013AA69	284800	Achal: We've got some engine trouble. Keep an eye out while I try to jumpstart this rustbucket.
C0795EE6	284801	Achal: This truck was supposed to be serviced months ago! Keep them off our back while I restart it!
9B3EF9AA	284802	[native language curse]Achal: ! The truck's acting up! Protect us until I figure out what's wrong!
EB540D25	284803	Achal: There's a gate blocking our way! Get out and get it open!
8225C8EB	284804	Achal: Need you to open the gate!
F24F3C64	284805	Achal: There's a gate in front of the truck! Need you to hop down and open it!
914E3D79	284832	Banhi: We've got some engine trouble. Keep an eye out while I try to jumpstart this rustbucket.
0F2AA8DA	284833	Banhi: This truck was supposed to be serviced months ago! Keep them off our back while I restart it!
16D621B6	284834	[native language curse]Banhi: ! The truck's acting up! Protect us until I figure out what's wrong!
88B2B415	284835	Banhi: There's a gate blocking our way! Get out and get it open!
0FCD10F7	284836	Banhi: Yar I need you to open the gate!
91A98554	284837	Banhi: There's a gate in front of the truck! I need you to hop down and open it!
CD645E2C	284840	Achal: I see an ammo crate ahead! Jump down and grab some if you need it!
BD0EAAA3	284841	Achal: Hey, there's an ammo crate over there! Hop off the truck if you need to resupply!
D47F6F6D	284842	Achal: There should be an ammo crate nearby! Grab some if you're running low -- I'll wait with the truck!
A1B464BE	284847	Bhawna: As soon as I'm better I'll plan another attack. Make him pay!
DF051803	284848	Bhawna: That's my home! [beat] That was my family! And now they're dead. Because of him!
B8AF55FF	284849	Bhawna: He needs to die! Rot in all the hells for what he's done!
C61E2942	284852	Ajay: What's happened? Can I help?
9382063C	284853	Bhawna: Yes. Kill him! Send him into the hells! He came with the Royal Army, tried to get us to join, and when we wouldn't, they killed everyone. Except me....
ED337A81	284854	Ajay: That's horrible.
8A99377D	284855	Bhawna: He's taken over our house. I'll show you on the map. I've already tried to take it back - but, it didn't go well - too many soldiers. He just laughed and said my suffering was a pleasure.
C2B565A3	284868	Bhawna: You've done it. My family's souls are at peace now. I can feel it.
B2DF912C	284869	Ajay: And you have your house back.
DBAE54E2	284870	Bhawna: Yes. But most importantly, those evil men will never be able to terrorize anyone ever again. Thank you.
A33E6A5F	284874	Pranav: I see an ammo crate ahead! Jump down, grab some if you need it!
5A170A2D	284875	Pranav: Hey, there's an ammo crate over there! Hop off the truck if you need to resupply!
24A67690	284876	Pranav: There should be an ammo crate nearby! Grab some if you're running low -- I'll wait with the truck!
A2BA35CC	291169	Please, let me go home.
3CDEA06F	291170	I've done nothing.
8997660F	291177	Please, help me.
17F3F3AC	291178	I'm a hostage.
908C574E	291179	Save me, please....
8970DE22	291192	They're holding my friends hostage. You have to save them.
0E0F7AC0	291193	Ajay: I'll take care of it.
906BEF63	291208	Thank you for saving my friends. I'm staying here to help the Golden Path. It'll help me become better, stronger.
FB5C94F4	291209	We have a choice now. No more prostitution, no more selling our bodies. I will stay here to help the freedom fighters.
E4E80B9B	291211	[Native language thanks] My family is safe now, so I will help the Golden Path.
CF22E075	291213	My friends are safe and now all of us have joined the Golden Path. So thank you.
0EE8C2ED	291249	Thank you for freeing me.
17144B81	291257	Thank Kyra, you came.
DD8B7FD0	291265	Faster, you're too slow.
43EFEA73	291266	You join the Golden Path, you end up like these corpses.
C4904E91	291267	I want this place cleared in thirty minutes. Keep working.
5AF4DB32	291268	Work slower and you'll join these corpses.
EFBD1D52	291269	Hurry up, the Golden Path will be back here soon.
71D988F1	291270	Fucking rebels got what they deserved. And they fucking stink.
1FC58926	291386	I can pay, please, let me go.
20EEEB6E	291387	I want to see my family.
50841FE1	291396	They're going to kill me.
39F5DA2F	291397	I don't want to die.
499F2EA0	291398	Get me out of here. Please.
12D889EC	291409	It's safe, yes? Thank you.
62B27D63	291418	I'm glad to see you.
0BC3B8AD	291428	The army forces us to take drugs and then gives us more if we do sex for wealthy men. I'm free now, but they'll kill my friends and steal more people if you don't help them.
7BA94C22	291429	Ajay: I'll take care of them.
26414540	291449	I want to go home.
A13EE1A2	291450	Please, I'll pay whatever I can.
8A13B261	291460	Free me, please.
147727C2	291461	Save me from these men.
93088320	291462	Save me.
0D6C1683	291473	Thank Kyra, you came.
14909FEF	291482	I'm so happy to see you.
8AF40A4C	291493	I want them dead for doing this, for kidnapping my family.
0D8BAEAE	291494	Ajay: I'll make them pay.
7C233016	291510	Please, I don't belong here.
02924CAB	291511	Let me go, please! I want to go home.
AC23E168	291524	Save me and I--I'll pay.
D2929DD5	291525	Help me, please.
B538D029	291526	If you don't, they'll kill me.
CB89AC94	291535	Thank you for freeing me.
9E1583EA	291544	I'm very glad you're here!
E0A4FF57	291558	I can't leave. They have my friends too, locked away in a place with less hope than here.
870EB2AB	291559	Ajay: Leave them to me.
3F5A7401	291560	Let me go, please.
ECC28C3D	291594	Sabal: We will see you ordained I swear it. You will become Tarun Matara.
72A6199E	291595	Sabal: I just wanted to thank you. This moment, right here, this is your doing: I promise you, I won’t forget the son of Mohan when this is finally over. Your father would be proud.
A3831AFA	291647	Amita: You may be sparing me, but you're killing Kyrat.
BA982BBB	295957	Let me go, please.
24FCBE18	295958	I just want to go home.
0FD1EDDB	295960	Let me go!
88AE4939	295961	I don't deserve this.
162D64B7	295962	Hey, help me.
8849F114	295963	You can save me, please.
CCB398C3	295964	There's no reason to keep me here.
52D70D60	295965	Save me.
D5A8A982	295966	Get me out of here, please.
4BCC3C21	295967	They're keeping me prisoner.
79FA5EA3	295968	I thought I'd never be free again.
A8DF5DC7	295969	Ah, it feels good to get those ropes off.
B1C46C86	295970	There you are, I thought you'd never come back.
2FA0F925	295971	You came back. I'm glad you're here.
048DAAE6	295972	They have my family as well. Please, you have to save them. Nobody else will.
83F20E04	295973	Ajay: I'll handle it.
1D969BA7	295974	They threatened me, they took my family. I just want them back.
046A12CB	295975	Ajay: I'll get them back for you.
8315B629	295976	You saved my family, so I'm thanking you the only way I know how. I'll stay here to help the Golden Path.
CD71F2F4	295977	You gave me my family back, thank you. I'll help the Golden Path so that no more people suffer like I did.
1C54F190	295979	This is not happening.
05A878FC	295980	This is a mistake, I don't belong here.
1CB349BD	295982	This will be over soon. It'll be over soon.
82D7DC1E	295983	I'll just do what they want and they'll let me go.
D0156695	295984	Did you come to save me?
4E71F336	295985	Cut my ropes, please, I'm begging you.
C90E57D4	295986	I'm not supposed to be here.
576AC277	295987	No, if you save me, they'll kill me.
E2230417	295988	I'll be fine. Leave me here, go away.
7C4791B4	295989	Go away, please. They'll kill me if I run away.
FB383556	295990	Finally... I'm free. Thank you.
655CA0F5	295991	I-uh-I don't know what to do. This isn't a trick, is it?
B479A391	295993	Finally... I'm free. [native language thanks]
2A1D3632	295994	You're the one who saved me before. I thought it was a trick, but it's not.
AD6292D0	295995	Some of the people in my village, the army forced them to become prostitutes. Men, women, the army doesn't care. You have to save my people, and stop the soldiers from taking more.
33060773	295996	Ajay: I'll save them.
864FC113	295997	When they forced me to sleep with the soldiers, they told me they'd kill us if we ran away. My friends are still trapped. You have to save them, don't let them become prostitutes.
182B54B0	295998	Ajay: I will.
9F54F052	295999	My friends are going back to the village, but it will take some time before they are whole again. Me, I'll stay here and help, like you helped us.
013065F1	296000	I have no more home--I might as well stay here. I like it here... I feel safe. Thank you for saving us.
0F3655F6	296007	I need to go home.
9152C055	296008	I don't want to be here.
FE85FA41	296009	Help me, please.
60E16FE2	296010	You can't leave me like this.
E79ECB00	296011	Let me go, please.
36BBC864	296012	Thank you. I was losing hope.
9AE93F45	296013	Ah, I thought I'd never see you again.
9A0E8768	296014	My friends. They took them, I don't know why. They're forcing them to work I think. Please... save them.
1D71238A	296015	Ajay: I'll get them back.
53156757	296016	My friends are safe, thanks to you. I owe you so much. I owe the Golden Path too.
D46AC3B5	296020	Kill him!
4A0E5616	296021	I said stop being a pussy. Kill him!
FF479076	296022	You kill him, or I will.
612305D5	296023	You're just angry because I won.
E65CA137	296024	Finish him.
78383494	296025	I don't get my money if you don't kill him!
A91D37F0	296029	Do it.
3779A253	296030	They'll kill us both.
B00606B1	296031	What are you waiting for, save yourself.
2E629312	296032	I won't do it.
9B2B5572	296033	I won't kill you.
054FC0D1	296034	They can't make me kill you.
5EE99078	296038	Mr. Chiffon: Am I speaking with Ajay Ghale?
05AE3734	296039	Ajay: Who is this?
75C4C3BB	296040	Mr. Chiffon: No time to explain. Meet me at my studio post-haste.
321F9AB9	296043	Ajay: Hello?
BCD67270	296045	Mr. Chiffon: Oh! So the rumors are true. Come in, come in, come in. I don't know whether to call you Ajay or Adonis. Those brooding eyes, that determined jaw... the clothes are more Salvation Army than Golden Path but I can work with this.
2B04ABF8	296046	Ajay: Who are you?
97FB21B3	296047	Mr. Chiffon: I am Mumu Chiffon, Tailor to the Crown by Appointment of King of Kyrat, His Royal Highness Pagan Min. But you may call me Mr. Chiffon. It's a pleasure to meet you.
0029F83B	296049	Ajay: You work for Min?
8EE010F2	296051	Mr. Chiffon: I used to. The King and I had a falling out. He tried to kill me and now I'm in hiding. But that's ancient history. Let's talk about the future. Kyrat Fashion Week is coming up and I believe we can help each other out. You need accessories and I need a model. I would like to make you the centerpiece of my new collection... I call it "Combat Couture".
1932C97A	296053	Ajay: And you want me to wear this stuff?
C1A18635	296054	Mr. Chiffon: These? Pfft, these are just experiments. No, only the finest raiments for the prodigal son. I spent years studying Rational Garment Design at a top Parisian academy. A garment must be useful before it is elegant. Form must follow function. Arms up.
56735FBD	296056	Mr. Chiffon: I will send you to gather exotic materials -- furs, skins, feathers -- to accentuate your raw and primal attributes. I shall send you the design and locations. I hope you're as good with a sewing machine as you are with a machine gun, because together we are going to make you look fierce.
D8BAB774	296058	Mr. Chiffon: Well, don't... don't just stand there. Time flies. Return when you have finished crafting my creations.
18CCEC9D	296067	Kalinag: I was sent to find Shangri-La, paradise on earth.
6BBD28DF	296068	Pagan Min: Well, I won't take up any more of your time.
10DCA644	296069	Rakshasa: We control half of the outpost!
0071DB2E	296070	Rakshasa: We're halfway to controlling the outpost.
D4981A27	296071	Rakshasa: The outpost is half secured.
3DFBBF12	296074	Rakshasa: We've almost captured the outpost!
238D4A4A	296075	Rakshasa: We're about to secure the outpost!
E1C3BCBC	296076	Rakshasa: They've turned on the bell tower!
FFB549E4	296077	Rakshasa: They've got the bell tower online.
16D6ECD1	296078	Rakshasa: We've shut off the bell tower.
5EFABE0F	296079	Rakshasa: We've deactivated the bell tower.
C358A354	296082	Rakshasa: Get back to the battle!
0C4909FE	296118	Kalinag: If you are to paint my journey to Shangri-La, you must believe they are one and the same.
8B109D4F	299348	Yogi: Ohm namah Shivayah, namah Shivayah...
920BAC0E	299351	[Weeping]Noore:  No, no
6B22CC7C	299352	Ajay: I’m so sorry.
1593B0C1	299353	[Shouting to the crowd]Noore:  Isn’t that what you want… more blood?
7239FD3D	299355	[Grunt of pain]Noore:  Take more. Take all of it you fucking animals.
552C7C2E	299370	Oojam: I need help. They've killed my father!
E065BA4E	299371	Oojam: I told him it was a bad idea. I said he shouldn't change the broadcast. That it was inviting trouble....
7E012FED	299372	Oojam: He told me, "If we don't speak out, no one will." But then they came. And now he's dead.
F97E8B0F	299375	Ajay: Who killed your father?
671A1EAC	299376	Oojam: The Royal Army. My father was a radio tower operator. He changed the broadcast to play anti-Min messages and then... [starts sobbing].
B63F1DC8	299377	Ajay: Where are they now?
285B886B	299378	Oojam: Still at the radio station. I'll show you on your map. After they shot him for speaking out against the king, they cut out his tongue!
464789BC	299381	Oojam: Thank you baya! Now I can go back and look for my father's  body. Give him a proper burial.
1D002EF0	299382	Ajay: I'm glad I could help.
6D6ADA7F	299383	Oojam: I'll bury him and then get the hell out here. I need far away from this bloody place.
123FFCA6	299564	Kalinag: Possessed by an unknown force, the prayer wheel spun at an incredible speed.
AF242C89	299639	Ajay: I'll take care of it.
1E1D51F5	299641	Ajay: Mr. Chiffon, I found your latest design. It's--
8079C456	299642	Mr. Chiffon: Breathtaking? Sensational?
070660B4	299643	Ajay: It looks like a bag made out of a honey badger.
9962F517	299644	Mr. Chiffon: Rare honey badger, the fiercest. Yes, I know, we've all heard the rumors. They're nasty. They don't give a shit. I could go on, but I won't. It's passé, so last year. Just get out there and kill that badger.
A554E85A	299741	Destroy everything. This is our message. This is what happens when you speak against the King!
D53E1CD5	299742	Break it all! I want nothing left in tact!
BC4FD91B	299743	Shatter this place. Shatter it like the owner's voice when we cut out his tongue.
A3FB4674	299791	Hurk: Did we miss it? Dude, no! We did not just miss the action.
DD4A3AC9	299792	Ajay: Have we met?
BAE07735	299793	Hurk: Man, I'm the cavalry, man. I was gonna roll up here like God damn Clint Eastwood!
EF7C584B	299799	Hurk: I’m Hurk.  I heard about you man, taking names and writing checks out to: ‘Kicking ass’ man. That's why I'm here, because you and me together, the Golden Path won't know what hit them! Right in their faces!
88D615B7	299801	Ajay: I think you meant to say is that uh, the Royal Army won't know what hit them. You see, we're...we're the Golden Path.
F667690A	299803	Hurk: Dude, seriously? These guys have been given me a lot of stink eye over the things I been saying about the Golden Path so that makes sense.
C7978370	299805	Hurk: Okay, new plan then! Pre-emptive cavalry, that’s right. You need help, you call, we swoop in and help you--me or my uh...ah.
DE8CB231	299809	Hurk: You and me man, the new and improved tat bros, that's right living the dream! Come on, punch it in!
A03DCE8C	299811	Hurk: Boom. I went French fries you stayed potato. That’s all right. You kinda came in on the slow bus too, but you got there, so I got respect for that. I'm gonna see you around though, ok? Okay! Let's roll Golden Path homie! Whooooo!
F5A1E1F2	299813	[Silence 0.75]Ajay: Okay then...
041B1FB1	299896	Iravati: My daughter - please - they've taken her! I need help!
7471EB3E	299897	Iravati: Someone, help me! Please! Before it's too late!
8383037E	299898	[to self]Iravati:  As soon as I'm patched up, I'm going after her - with or without help!
F3E9F7F1	299901	Ajay: I can help.
9A98323F	299902	Iravati: Bless you! We need to act fast. The Royal Army came to our village and took our girls, my Meena included. We fought them, but they overpowered us.
EAF2C6B0	299903	Ajay: Where are they taking these girls?
4E159FF3	299904	Iravati: I don't know. I can show you the direction they were heading on your map, but they'll be harder to find them with every second. We need to go!
3E7F6B7C	299905	Ajay: I'll go. You stay here in case anyone escapes and comes back.
570EAEB2	299908	Iravati: You killed those horrible kidnappers and now they'll never harm our beloved children again. How can I thank you?
27645A3D	299909	Ajay: No need.
7C23FD71	299910	Iravati: You are so gracious. In times like these it's family and friends who prove to be true warriors. Bless you.
804FD8CC	300045	This one. This one will do nicely.
179D0144	300046	Take the other one as well.
9954E98D	300051	You can't do this.
0E863005	300052	We've done nothing.
1ECCF542	300053	We? Us?
891E2CCA	300054	I have a family, no!
07D7C403	300058	Shut your fucking mouth.
90051D8B	300059	Shut up and I don't shoot you.
93242D5E	300061	A customer. Straighten up, we have a customer.
E34ED9D1	300062	Welcome, sir! Who would you like today?
8A3F1C1F	300065	Again with them?
FA55E890	300066	Don't you have anyone new?
C57E8AD8	300067	I'll take this one, I guess.
B5147E57	300069	If you don't attract more customers, I'll find someone prettier.
DC65BB99	300070	I'm sorry. I'm really sorry.
AC0F4F16	300071	Don't be sorry. Be better or I'll shoot you myself.
1169C8B5	300147	Kalinag: The statue of Kyra revealed the first of the mythical Bells of Shangri-La.
7F75C962	300434	Kalinag: As if in conversation, Kyra lowered her arms in response.
61033C3A	300435	Kalinag: I couldn't believe my eyes.
B287392A	300436	Kalinag: But the Bell did not ring.
C2EDCDA5	300954	Kalinag: I could not stand idle as paradise descended into chaos.
AB9C086B	301042	Kalinag: We wondered if they lived the rest of their days in paradise, or met their deaths.
F7B66B3E	301052	Kalinag: Shangri-La was attempting to protect itself from evil.
69D2FE9D	301053	Kalinag: And it was failing.
77A40BC5	301061	Kalinag: When you see a miracle before your eyes...there is a strange comfort knowing you carry no answers.
07CEFF4A	301062	Kalinag: Shangri-La was a place that was not meant to be understood. Or controlled.
38E59D02	301063	Kalinag: It was meant to be free.
D830741C	301065	Kalinag: The Rakshasa's power was both majestic and terrifying.
56F99CD5	301066	Kalinag: It was watching me.
C12B455D	301067	Kalinag: And it was angry.
E3B05AB5	301076	Kalinag: The tower of leaves called on me to step closer.
9D012608	301077	Kalinag: A staircase to the sky.
8DAC5B62	301079	Kalinag: Each spin of a prayer wheel cleared a path through Shangri-La.
933D1617	301083	Kalinag: I felt my skills sharpen. My focus narrow.
7A5EB322	301086	Kalinag: But where that path would lead remained a mystery.
1442B2F5	301087	Kalinag: And yet I still felt unprepared in the face of the evil that lay before me.
60D86D44	301092	Hello?
1E6911F9	301093	Why am I here?
2F99FB83	301094	Let me go, I've done nothing.
5128873E	301095	This is shit.
3682CAC2	301096	I shouldn't be here.
4833B67F	301097	I'm a loyal citizen of Kyrat.
1DAF9901	301098	Are you with them?
631EE5BC	301099	No, no you're not. Save me.
04B4A840	301100	Cut me free.
7A05D4FD	301101	Hey, free me before they kill me.
832CB48F	301102	I don't belong here.
FD9DC832	301103	They grabbed the wrong man.
9A3785CE	301104	Thank you for that.
E486F973	301105	Thank you for saving me.
40A979BA	301106	Thank you for coming back.
3E180507	301107	I'm glad you came back.
59B248FB	301108	They were going to work me to death in their mines or some hard labor. I wasn't alone... they have other people too. You have to help them.
27033446	301109	Ajay: Leave it to me.
729F1B38	301110	Look, I'm not the only one in trouble. Yuma runs slave labor, and more people need help. I'll tell you where.
0C2E6785	301111	Ajay: I'll take care of it.
6B842A79	301112	As soon as the people you saved recovered, we'll start helping the Golden Path.
153556C4	301113	The people you saved are ready to fight. Together, we'll kill Pagan Min.
78013632	301114	Hello?
06B04A8F	301115	I have to go to the bathroom.
611A0773	301116	I don't want to piss on myself again.
3740A0F5	301120	Hey... are you here to save me?
49F1DC48	301121	I hope you killed all the soldiers.
1C6DF336	301122	Free me, please.
62DC8F8B	301123	[Weepy] Thank Kyra. I thought nobody would ever come.
0576C277	301124	[Weepy] They've been keeping me prisoner.
7BC7BECA	301125	[Weepy] I won't cause trouble... just let me go.
82EEDEB8	301126	I thought I'd never be free.
FC5FA205	301127	[Weepy] I'm really free? Thank you. I don't know what to say. Thank you.
9BF5EFF9	301129	Welcome back... I owe you so much.
E5449344	301130	I knew you'd come back to help me. I just knew it!
FD2117C0	301132	Kalinag: I was drawing closer to the Rakshasa.
5D4B3231	301133	Kalinag: Its shriek was either a howl of pain...
2D21C6BE	301134	Kalinag: Or a battle cry.
4BF53E87	301136	They were going to send me to a prison camp. I know which one but you can save people.
52EE0FC6	301137	The soldiers run small prisons where they keep prisoners before killing them, or making them whores, or putting them in Durgesh.
335733E6	301150	Kalinag: The Rakshasa's spire may have seemed unreachable at first glance.
F8AF893B	301151	Kalinag: It was as though I was leading him home.
3544423A	301161	Ajay: I'll help out.
A485EA6E	301163	Kalinag: But Shangri-La would always provide a path where there was none.
861EF586	301164	Kalinag: I can't explain, but I sensed a connection between the Tiger and the spire that stood before me.
2C5F737B	301165	Ajay: Say no more. I'll save them.
79C35C05	301185	Every prisoner you saved is another soldier in the Golden Path, including me.
077220B8	301186	You really saved us, thank you. We'll fight the soldiers.
4A3754B0	301192	No no, this is another trick. I know it is.
3486280D	301193	I'm free? They'll only catch me again.
532C65F1	301194	I don't care anymore. My family is dead.
42FFAD5E	301197	Kalinag: I soon realized the miracles I'd witnessed were not simply for my amusement.
2D9D194C	301304	I have no home to go to.
24C5BCBE	301372	Uday: They killed him! He never hurt anyone. This evil cannot go unanswered!
5A74C003	301373	Uday: Someone help! It's sacrilege! They must be punished!
3DDE8DFF	301374	Uday: Blood for blood; it's the only way.
436FF142	301377	Ajay: What happened?
16F3DE3C	301378	The Royal Army. They came to a sacred site, I cannot utter it's name. They said they wanted to worship, but my father, he knew better, and turned them away. Then they attacked.
6842A281	301379	Ajay: Where is this site?
0FE8EF7D	301380	It's near a cave. I'll show you on your map. There's an entrance near the top, it could help you get close. And, thank you. My father was a holy man. He didn't deserve this!
715993C0	301381	Ajay: I'll do what I can.
8870F3B2	301384	Uday: My brother! You've brought me peace, and peace to my father's spirit. May he be free from suffering. Thank you!
F6C18F0F	301385	Ajay: I'm glad I could help.
916BC2F3	301386	Uday: Those who worship will return. And when they do, my father will smile down and bless their souls.
7C8619CA	302204	[Hindi dialog]Lay down on the ground! Get down now! Stay down!
735D710F	302237	Hansa: I need help! I'm sick from the mercury poisoning. But the others...they're dead.
0DEC0DB2	302238	Hansa: They're dead because of the Royal Army! We weren't workers, we were slaves!
6A46404E	302239	Hansa: Min's soldiers have to be stopped. They're 'recruiting' more slaves right now.
14F73CF3	302242	Ajay: Where can I find these guys?
2507D689	302243	Hansa: Near a cave where they made us mine for gold. I'll show you on your map. Nearly everybody is dead from the exposure, but I was able to escape, make it back here.
5BB6AA34	302244	Ajay: And you think they're gathering more workers?
3C1CE7C8	302245	Hansa: More slaves, yes. They have quotas to meet. They need to get the mine working again. We were just a means to an end for them. Easily replaceable.
42AD9B75	302246	Ajay: I'll shut it down.
1731B40B	302249	Hansa: Thank you. What you did won't bring any of the workers back. But now their families have justice.
6980C8B6	302250	Ajay: I'm happy to hear that.
0E2A854A	302251	Hansa: It's true. We need to work, just not like that. I'm planning a new, safe way to make use of Kyrat's natural resources. One that's healthy for the land and the people.
EFDABE4E	302256	How are we going to explain this?
416B138D	302257	I don't know. I'm more worried about the quota.
3FDA6F30	302258	Were any of our men inside?
587022CC	302259	No. Only workers. That's what I mean - how are we supposed to make quota with a bunch of dead workers?
5F874F00	302271	Ajay: Mr. Chiffon, I found a design. Is this some kind of armored fannypack?
0A1B607E	302272	Mr. Chiffon: I'm thrilled you like it. Actually, it's rare demonfish. I've got a feeling scales are going to make a major comeback this year. In fact, I'm so sure of it I've hired one of the local fishermen to watch a particular spot on the river to make sure nobody else takes your prize. You can thank me later.
74AA1CC3	302273	Ajay: Uh, thanks... I guess.
1300513F	302274	Mr. Chiffon: You're welcome! He should have everything you need for your fishing trip -- a boat, an icebox full of Shangri-Lager, and all the high explosives your little heart could desire. Be fierce, Ajay.
085DDE27	302275	Ajay: Mr. Chiffon, I, I found the design you left for me. How am I supposed to know which wolf is the pack leader?
76ECA29A	302276	Mr. Chiffon: I wish I could be there when the alpha male takes down the alpha wolf. All the reports I've gathered from recent attacks say the leader can be distinguished from the rest of the pack by its sleek black coat. I can picture it on you now and it looks fantastic. Be fierce, Ajay!
1146EF66	302277	Ajay: You keep saying that. "Be fierce." What does that even mean?
6FF793DB	302278	[pauses, serious]Mr. Chiffon:  When I say "be fierce" it means live intensely and without fear. Be bold and strive for quality in all you do. Above all, be free to express yourself however you fucking well please, regardless of what others think. That's fierce.
D1C464A1	302309	Fullan: I can't thank you enough for saving my bees.
84584BDF	302310	Ajay: Just doing my part.
FAE93762	302311	Fullan: The Royal Army had it wrong. Real gold isn't what's in the earth. Real gold is honey.
D202EC59	302316	Roshan: The Royal Army's going to ambush a convoy - we have to stop them!
ACB390E4	302317	Roshan: This is what they always do - but we have some warning with this one. They must be stopped!
CB19DD18	302318	Roshan: So many of the Golden Path have died in these surprise attacks. It's time to turn the tables!
B5A8A1A5	302321	Ajay: I can help.
E0348EDB	302322	Roshan: Great! Here, I'll mark the location where I hear they're planning their ambush. Actually, just give me a minute to get fixed up. I'll come with you.
9E85F266	302323	Ajay: No, you stay. Sounds like I'll need to move quick.
F92FBF9A	302324	Roshan: Yes. If you can stop them, not only will you save the lives of the convoy drivers, but the convoy will be able to deliver supplies to the baker. Supplies he can then get to the people.
879EC327	302325	Ajay: I'll do it.
9D437A9E	302330	Convoy's approaching. Wait for my signal.
E3F20623	302331	Now! Shoot shoot shoot!
7EB7A355	302334	Roshan: There you are! You did a great job [native language swear]! That should make them think twice before attacking another one of our convoys.
0006DFE8	302335	Ajay: Let's hope so.
67AC9214	302336	Roshan: Thank you baya.
709BF9F7	302341	Fullan: My bees! Won't someone please think of my bees?!
89B29985	302342	Fullan: They're going to be exterminated! I need help!
F703E538	302343	Fullan: The world is reliant on bees! If they're allowed to die none of us will last much longer.
90A9A8C4	302346	Ajay: What's this about bees?
EE18D479	302347	Fullan: You! Can you help me?! The Royal Army took over my bee farm. Soldiers found gold in the area. Threw me out. Now they're getting ready to burn the hives.
B66E295D	302348	Ajay: Where is your farm?
C8DF55E0	302349	Fullan: I'll show you on your map. Please, bees may be small but they're integral. The Royal Army doesn't realize this. All they care about is mining gold.
AF75181C	302350	Ajay: I understand. I'll save your bees.
D0060E96	302355	Sevati: The Royal Army have taken our homes - the entire village!
859A21E8	302356	Sevati: Those who refused to leave were killed. Those who left are now homeless.
FB2B5D55	302357	Sevati: We need our homes back. But the Royal Army is strong and brutal. We need help.
9C8110A9	302360	Ajay: Let me help you.
E2306C14	302361	Sevati: I appreciate that, but you're just one man. Soldiers are all over our village. Do you really think you can kick them out?
D3C0866E	302362	Ajay: I can try.
AD71FAD3	302363	Sevati: Thank you. I'll show you the location on your map. The buildings should provide plenty of cover, but keep your eyes open, they'll be everywhere.
CADBB72F	302364	Ajay: I'll get you your home back.
191DEEA9	302369	There you are! We've been waiting!
B7AC436A	302370	Are you frightened? Hiding in the dark?
B46ACB92	302373	Sevati: Thank you! The village is ours again. We're no longer homeless.
E1F6E4EC	302374	Ajay: No one should be without a home.
C91D3FD7	302376	We won't fall as easily as the others!
AEB7722B	302377	You worm! Come out in the open and fight!
B8097E9D	302379	We are the Golden Path!
C8638A12	302380	Hurk: Man, I--do--not--understand--what--you--are--saying, I--don't--speak--your--language.
F8EDD5AD	302390	Ajay: Jesus, is that a harpoon?
865CA910	302391	Hurk: Dude, meet the Impaler. It's not just for whales anymore man. I predict this will be the thing in and out of the bedroom. [Nodding] With appropriate attachments... yeah.
6BB236E3	303440	Ajay: Mr. Chiffon, I've got everything. What now?
F5D6A340	303441	Mr. Chiffon: Perfect! Hurry back to the studio. Kyrat Fashion Week is about to begin. The guests are arriving, the cameras are rolling, and the world is waiting with baited breath for the reveal of Combat Couture.
19972DC1	303463	Ajay: Mr. Chiffon, I have your latest design. Where do I find this rare tiger?
69FDD94E	303464	Mr. Chiffon: The den's not far from your location, but I want you to be extremely careful. This might be the only creature in Kyrat fiercer than you. The Royal Army is terrified of her. She's a legendary maneater who's killed eleven people in the last year. But her fur... Ajay, wait until you see that beautiful white Bengal coat.
008C1C80	303465	Ajay: I've dealt with tigers before.
70E6E80F	303466	Mr. Chiffon: I know you have, but without you I have no model and without a model Kyrat Fashion Week will be a non-event and not the glorious return the House of Chiffon so richly deserves. I've been told that my clothes were to die for. Please don't prove that to be true. Stay safe out there, for both our sakes.
5B2C03E1	303469	Ajay: Mr. Chiffon, about this new design. Arent… aren't rhinos endangered?
2B46F76E	303470	Mr. Chiffon: Not in Kyrat, Ajay. The King established a breeding program after he assumed the throne. He's obsessed with traditional medicine, believes it will preserve his youthful appearance -- caterpillar fungus in the morning for energy, tiger penis at lunch for virility, and rhinoceros horn tea at night to reduce wrinkles. We have more rhinos then we know what to do with. Wealthy businessmen pay Min's governors two hundred thousand dollars for a chance to hunt even one.
423732A0	303471	Ajay: Wow, I had no idea.
325DC62F	303472	Mr. Chiffon: Now you do. And I hope you appreciate that you are about to own the most expensive handbag in history. A good rhino hide will last you the rest of your life, assuming you survive. So get out there and be fierce!
A40F2906	304267	Ajay: Mr. Chiffon? I got your design for the bear skin.
33DDF08E	304268	Mr. Chiffon: Oh, I think it's going to bring out the real you, Ajay. It's rough, a little jejune, but a creature of the mountains and bristling with untamed violence.
BD141847	304269	Ajay: Uh, thank you? I guess I never really saw myself in a bear.
2AC6C1CF	304270	Mr. Chiffon: You never do, sometimes it just happens. You'll find your prey in a cave not far from an old cabin. Be fierce and happy hunting!
823F7A0F	304302	Ajay: Mr. Chiffon, I found your new design, but... leopard print?
0540DEED	304303	Mr. Chiffon: Don't be tacky, Ajay. This isn't the Real Housewives of Dhani Desa. I am an artist. Who do you think created the Royal Army's look? Do you think Pagan just pulled his exquisite suits out of thin air? His entire image is the result of my skill at balancing silhouette, proportion, and fit. And what was my thanks? A death warrant. Because he couldn't stand the thought that his clothes might not be one-of-a-kind. So I need you to trust me when I say that fashion doesn't just happen and that leopard skin is the right choice for this garment.
9B244B4E	304304	Ajay: Okay, okay, I'm sorry. I trust you.
82D8C222	304305	Mr. Chiffon: Thank you, Ajay. You know, Min freed me, in a sense. "Royal tailor" -- what more could one aspire to be? But I... I was a slave. Now I can create whatever for whomever. And I'm glad it's for you. Now get out there and be fierce.
6BBB6717	304308	Ajay: Mr. Chiffon, I have your design that calls for a rare elephant hide, but I'm a little uncomfortable killing a sacred animal.
02CAA2D9	304309	Mr. Chiffon: Ajay, this is no ordinary elephant. This is the meanest, ugliest pachyderm you'll ever encounter. It's terrorized people for years, much like King You-Know-Who. I saw an opportunity to solve a local problem and make a bold statement.
72A05656	304310	Ajay: So you want me to light a six ton animal on fire... for art?
D2CA73A7	304311	Mr. Chiffon: The purpose of fashion isn't to make pretty clothes that no one wears. It's to provide designers with a means of expressing themselves in a particular time and place. You've seen what war has done to this country and I want to reflect that in my work. Now lace up those vulgar trainers of yours, head over to the work camp I've indicated on your map, and be fierce.
29004937	304314	Ajay: Hey Mr. Chiffon, I found your latest design. The one that calls for rare dhole. It looks good.
40718CF9	304315	Mr. Chiffon: That's what I love about you, Ajay. You don't pretend to have sartorial taste. Unlike Min... well, you've met him, so mercurial, always changing his mind. One day the suit is perfect, the next it's not fit for a dog. One day, you've got a suite at the palace and the next... the next those dogs are chasing you through the mountains.
301B7876	304316	Ajay: That's fashion I suppose.
6B5CDF3A	304317	[regains composure]Mr. Chiffon:  You're so right. The den should be nearby. Be fierce, Ajay.
AEB86BC9	305893	I told you to take it easy, didn't I? These vehicles aren't new. You can't push them.
30DCFE6A	305923	Not yet.
7D3C6ED9	305924	Yeah. I want you gone too.
E358FB7A	305925	[native language swear]! You should have taken care of it then! Now leave me alone, I can't rush this!
E3D27E66	307313	Ajay: What's going on?
7400A7EE	307316	Amita: We need more soldiers to fight the holdouts from the Royal Army and I need to start thinking about Kyrat's future. We have opium fields to protect, laws to enforce, workers to keep in line.
08B5399C	307318	Amita: It doesn't matter what she has to say. I've sent her away. I don't need a "tarun matara" here for our enemies to rally behind.
C8FF2DA5	307372	Ajay: So you're forcing the people to join Golden Path?
5F2DF42D	307373	Amita: I'm sacrificing our liberties for peace later. You can either get in line or get out of the way.
9F67E014	307374	Ajay: And what about Bhadra? What does she have to say about this?
867CD155	307375	Ajay: Sent her away? Really? Where?
11AE08DD	307376	Amita: It's not your concern. And don't bother trying to find her. Bhadra's not coming back.
D1E41CE4	307516	Please, let my children go. They are all we have. Please.
4636C56C	307517	[In Hindi: Stand up.]Amita: This is a good thing. Your children will help Kyrat become a better place. If you love Kyrat, you will turn around, go into your homes. Or, I will have you shot.
4F67316A	307522	Ajay: Why are you doing this?
D8B5E8E2	307524	Amita: I'm doing what's best for my country.
EBD5358E	307871	I heard you were under heavy attack in the market.
3AF036EA	307874	[Native language swear]. Most of our men were killed. Hostages got away. [beat] Except this one.
A494A349	307875	Good. Wait, I think I know her. Meena?
23EB07AB	307876	You know her?!
BD8F9208	307877	No. No, she looked like someone else for a second. Get her sorted. On with business.
8788E18C	307982	Ajay: What are the targets?
3B776BC7	307983	It's a shipment of fresh water for our troops.  Paul has used so much to irrigate his opium crops that our men are drying up!
B5BE830E	307986	Ajay: Okay.  I'll help you.
A5F44649	307987	Ajay: Alright.  Where do I start?
32269FC1	307988	Ajay: You got it.
BCEF7708	307989	Ajay: Sure.
ACA5B24F	308009	Ajay: I didn't know it was that bad...
226C5A86	308010	It is, my friend... and it's getting worse.
2B3DAE80	308014	You have my gratitude.  Here are the coordinates of the crates.  Please hurry-- the Royal Guard have a head-start!
CC8CD273	308016	Ajay: What kind of supplies are we talking about here?
BCE626FC	308017	Emergency air-drop rations meant for a nearby village.  They landed off target and Paul was alerted.
D597E332	308018	Ajay: Oh, great.
A5FD17BD	308019	Will you help us?  We don't have much time.
9AD675F5	308020	Ajay: I'll help.
EABC817A	308044	Thank you, Ajay.  Here are the coordinates but you must get there before Paul.
5EBDA831	308074	[Silence 4]Reggie: Yes, clever clogs.
2565F25A	308087	[Groaning]Ajay:  What happened?
B2B72BD2	308088	Yogi: Ah, he's back in the world of the living.
352F371D	308089	[effort]Reggie:  You walked in holding a thangka.
BBE6DFD4	308090	Yogi: Right and then you put it in the frame here and curled up on the floor for a kip.
2C34065C	308091	Reggie: Yeah you were in a trance, you're speaking a weird language.
0B07B71C	308106	Yogi: All right.  Well... we’re off. We’ll send someone back here to clean up the rest of our shit. All right?
9CD56E94	308107	Reggie: All right...
121C865D	308108	Yogi: Toodles!
85CE5FD5	308110	Reggie: Toodles!
2ED75CBE	308143	Ajay: So, what used to be here? One of those thangkas?
37CC6DFF	308144	Ajay: What happened to it?
47A69970	308145	Reggie: Now that, is a story worth telling!
788DFB38	308146	Yogi: Yeah. Drugs, intrigue, danger, it's all there!
08E70FB7	308147	Ajay: I just want the short version.
6196CA79	308149	Reggie: Fine. Short version. We were new arrivals in Kyrat.
11FC3EF6	308150	Yogi: Fresh off the boat, so to speak.
4ABB99BA	308151	Reggie: Yes, and we were eager to sample the local horticulture scene.
3AD16D35	308152	Yogi: Very eager. We were not disappointed.
53A0A8FB	308153	Reggie: No, not in the slightest, and it was all thanks to a, a, kindly old guru who helped open our mincers.
0438654A	308154	Ajay: Guys. The short version, right?
23CA5C74	308155	Yogi: Right. That day, we reached a level of herbal nirvana unlike any other.
D438B434	308156	Reggie: When it was all said and done, we asked the guru who his supplier was.
A45240BB	308157	Yogi: That's when we heard of Shangri-La.
745291C5	308177	Reggie: Right, back on track. Um, so the guru told us he had journeyed to a storied place and when he was there he nipped a few buds.
2F153689	308178	Yogi: This was all made possible through a mystical thangka that hung on this very wall.
5F7FC206	308179	Ajay: So what happened to it?
360E07C8	308180	Reggie: Uh, it was torn to pieces and scattered throughout Kyrat by persons unknown.
4664F347	308181	Yogi: Yeah, right, but not to worry. The old geezer sold us a map that led to a cave not far from here.
794F910F	308196	Reggie: Ah, right. A cave with a scary door.
09256580	308197	Yogi: Right, really scary. As much as we wanted to chase that dragon, the door had a certain, uh,  "do not enter" sort of quality to it.
6054A04E	308198	Ajay: So where's the map?
103E54C1	308199	Reggie: I think we used it as a rolling paper. But no worries, the, the cave is easy to find. You just head west from here.
4B79F38D	308200	Yogi: Yeah, right, and when you find a door with a really scary face on it, you'll know you're in the right place.
CD238575	308201	Reggie: Shangri-La. It’s like uh, the ghost of ancient Kyrat.
BD4971FA	308202	Yogi: Ancient Kyrat.
1D23540B	308203	Reggie: And yeah, it's... it's more like the ghost that never was so it's like Schrodinger’s Cat.
6D49A084	308204	Yogi: Schrodinger's Kyrat.
A2FDEE95	308209	[effort]Ajay:  How did I get here? [effort] I'm okay.
6F6B7218	308211	Reggie: What happened?
F8B9AB90	308212	Ajay: I don't know, but it was fucking weird. Was that here when you moved in?
76704359	308213	Yogi: Oh, this? I was told that it was a Ghale family heirloom. Been passed down for generations. Did I not mention that earlier?
444621DB	308214	Ajay: I was a little busy.
D394F853	308215	Reggie: Uh, yeah yeah, no worries. You, you-- next time. But if you do come across that thangka. Keep us in mind.
E4EAE7D8	308239	Ajay: Why are they so important?
8D9B2216	308240	Noore tried to destroy the oldest temple in the area but our men smuggled out the Banashur statues.
FDF1D699	308241	Ajay: She doesn't give up, does she?
0A033ED9	308242	Please help us.  She can't keep destroying our history.
7A69CA56	308243	Ajay: I'm in.
13180F98	308244	You have The Golden Path's gratitude.  Please hurry to these coordinates.
3931D59E	310791	Amita: I actually believed you when you said that all you wanted to do was to honor your mother's dying wish.
3126F4CB	310817	Ajay: Why should I care?
4F978876	310818	Noore has destroyed all the ancient Kyrati scriptures she can find but one monk has protected a cache that he's shipped to The Golden Path.
1A0BA708	310819	Ajay: And you want me to go get them?
64BADBB5	310820	Yes, and if you don't they are lost.
03109649	310821	Ajay: Alright, alright.
7DA1EAF4	310822	I knew you would do the right thing.  Here are the coordinates.
3B130702	310853	Reggie: Oh, and bring us back a few buds, yeah?
24C49F24	310913	Ajay: Why should I care?
AA0D77ED	310914	Pagan Min's found an ammo cache of ours and he's going to blow it up.  We need it for our resupply.
3DDFAE65	310915	Ajay: And you want me to mess around with live bombs for you?
8120242E	310916	Please defuse them so we can salvage the ammo.
16F2FDA6	310917	Ajay: Fine.  I'll do it.
983B156F	310918	Thank you, Ajay.  We will defeat Pagan yet.  Hurry to these coordinates.
2544A985	310961	Ajay: What's are these supplies?
7E030EC9	310962	Pagan Min found the medicine we stole and it's rigged with explosives and just sitting out in the open.
0E69FA46	310963	Ajay: So, it's a trap?
67183F88	310964	We have wounded waiting for that medicine.
1772CB07	310965	Ajay: I can't promise anything.
E0802347	310966	We know you can do this!
0FCFFCB4	311009	Ajay: What are they?
91AB6917	311010	Yuma stumbled upon one of our undercovers.  He was driving a shipment of truck parts to a repair depot.
16D4CDF5	311011	Ajay: So, I'm supposed to go in and stop her?
88B05856	311012	Those part are integral to deploying our men.
914CD13A	311013	Ajay: Okay, I'll go.
0F284499	311014	Our deepest gratitude.  This is a great help to The Path.
E2007EEC	311062	Pagan Min: So, fresh start. Introductions. Ajay Ghale, our guest of honor; Paul, our very gracious host. The little monkey, whose name I still don't know.
AD41E82B	311064	Pagan Min: You really don't remember me, do you? Your mother, she never spoke of me, never mentioned me?
FB1B4FAD	311066	Pagan Min: Paul, I need cash.
D0361C6E	311068	Pagan Min: All right, how about this, with the smile? [throat clear]
4E5289CD	311069	Ajay: That's you.
C92D2D2F	311070	Pagan Min: Although I'm not so sure anymore.
5749B88C	311074	Pagan Min: Now your mother, your mother on the other hand, she understood me. She knew me in a way that no one ever did.
D0D1A443	311077	Pagan Min: Mm, that takes me back.
57AE00A1	311079	Pagan Min: The last time I saw Ishwari was years ago. She told me she loved me. Women, they can do that. They can tell you they love you in the moment and mean it, men on the other hand. No, men only really love you in hindsight. When too much distance has built up.
87AED1DF	311081	Pagan Min: So, when your mother decided to flee to the United States with you on her hip, I couldn't help but blame myself.
19CA447C	311083	Pagan Min: Then I realized it, it's not me. No. It was the fucking Golden Path!
00D1753D	311086	Pagan Min: Those fucking terrorists, they ruin everything.
B598B35D	311088	Pagan Min: Like dinner! Did no one ever teach you that it's rude to text at the table?
2BFC26FE	311090	Pagan Min: Lets see here. Give me the phone! Really guys? We're not checking for these anymore?
AC83821C	311092	Pagan Min: Ah. “I'm with Ajay Ghale." You'll love this part. "Help." [laughs] A text, for help?
FAD9259A	311097	Pagan Min: Go on... cry for help. Cry for help.
D1F47659	311098	[PAINED-WEAK]Darpan:  H-Help....
4F90E3FA	311099	Pagan Min: Aw, pathetic. No. Cry for help.
568BD2BB	311100	Pagan Min: Like you mean it, boy!
C8EF4718	311101	[PAINED-CRYING]Darpan:  Help....
D113CE74	311102	[LOUD]Pagan Min:  Help! From your diaphragm! HELP!
4F775BD7	311103	[PAINED-CRYING]Darpan:  HELP....
C808FF35	311105	Pagan Min: Shh, shh, shh, shh, shh. Now we listen... nothing. I'm afraid they're not coming for you buddy. [chuckles]
1B8CFA25	311108	Pagan Min: Find out what he knows.
9CF35EC7	311110	Pagan Min: Terrorists, right? Now, please, stay right here. Enjoy the Crab Rangoon. Don't move. I will be right back.
0297CB64	311112	Pagan Min: Yuma. We need to talk.
2A3E4CC9	311114	Pagan Min: Again, terribly sorry for what happened before. This, is more what I had in mind.
33257D88	311117	Pagan Min: Oh, we'll change all that.
7C64EB4F	311118	Pagan Min: And I, of course, am Pagan Min.
657FDA0E	311119	Paul: Uh, how much do you need?
7DA68178	311122	Pagan Min: You don't text for help, you cry for help. So come on, you're going to cry for help. You're going to do something, you're going to do it right. Here we go!
566C6A96	311125	[PAINED-CRYING]Darpan:  HELP....
A8C36D8C	311133	Hurk: Ajay, have you found the fortress yet? I'm almost there, man.
D8A99903	311134	Hurk: What's your twenty, dude? I'm nearly at the fortress.
B1D85CCD	311135	Hurk: You find that fortress yet, man? Imma be there soon.
C1B2A842	311136	Hurk: Hey Ajay, I'm almost at the fortress... just calling to find out how you're doing.
9AF50F0E	311137	Hurk: In case I forgot to mention it, uh the fortress is like a big stone thing with a lot of bad dudes guarding it. Later!
EA9FFB81	311139	Ajay: Place is a goddamn fortress... I'm going to need some back-up.
83EE3E4F	311140	Ajay: That's Ratu Gadhi? Fuck, I'm gonna need some help with this.
F384CAC0	311141	Ajay: It's too well defended. I'm gonna need some help.
CCAFA888	311142	Ajay: Attacking that place alone would be suicide. Better call for back-up.
BCC55C07	311143	Ajay: Those are some serious defenses. Definitely a two-person job.
D5B499C9	311145	[to himself]Ajay: Place is a goddamn fortress... [into radio]Hurk, are you nearby? I need some back-up!
A5DE6D46	311146	[to himself]Ajay: Gonna need some help taking this place down. [into radio]Hurk, back me up!
FE99CA0A	311147	[to himself]Ajay:  I'd have to be crazy to attack that by myself. [into radio]Hurk, you ready to stir up some trouble?
8EF33E85	311148	[to himself]Ajay: I can't do this by myself. [into radio]Hurk, I'm here. Can you provide back-up?
E782FB4B	311149	[to himself]Ajay: Where's Hurk when you need him? [into radio]Hurk, where are you? We gonna do this?
97E80FC4	311151	Hurk: Fuck yeah, dude!
601AE784	311152	Hurk: Wilco, good buddy!
1070130B	311153	Hurk: On my way!
7901D6C5	311154	Hurk: Roger that, Ajay!
096B224A	311155	Hurk: Be there in a sec!
1FAE3166	311157	Hurk: Elephant... locked gate... bad guys... Are you thinking what I'm thinking?
81017FF1	311158	[makes radio mouth noises]Hurk:  Hurk to tower, request permission to buzz the elephant... permission granted Hurk, thanks Hurk!
E870BA3F	311159	Hurk: Wanna see something hilarious? Watch what happens when I freak out this elephant!
981A4EB0	311160	Hurk: Dude, that elephant, let's call him "Peanut", that's our way inside! Hold on!
C35DE9FC	311161	Hurk: Okay, I have a plan. Well, more of an idea really. Step one: scare the shit out of this elephant. Step two: shoot everybody inside.
D410BE1F	314236	Rakshasa: Hold the area around the flag!
AAAD1499	314278	Well done. Now we just need to get this truck to the right spot. I'll mark the delivery location on your map.
2DD2B07B	314280	Thank you! We'll put these supplies to good use.
5042FC13	314454	Sabal: Get to the truck!
D73D58F1	314455	Sabal: The truck! Go to the truck!
F9883BAF	314645	Pagan Min: You had one fucking job and you couldn't fucking do that!
D07131C6	314868	Amita: Ajay, now that Paul’s out of the way, his fortress, Varshakot, is vulnerable. Now’s a good time to mount an attack on it.
C0DC4CAC	314870	Amita: Ajay, I’ve just received some intel from my scouts. They tell me that the forces holding Ragatawada are weak and won’t be able to put up much of a fight against an attack. Now is a good time to act and take the fortress for The Golden Path.
6193BB47	314872	Amita: Ajay, we’ve been probing Ratu Gadhi’s defenses. Now that Yuma’s gone, a portion of her forces have abandoned their posts. You should take advantage of this and mount an attack on her fortress soon.
88F01E72	314874	Amita: Ajay, Pagan may be gone, but his fortress, Rajgad, still stands. The forces stationed there are in disarray without Pagan. You should press the attack and hit them while they are vulnerable.
676948CE	314876	Sabal: Ajay, now that Paul’s taken care of, Varshakot fortress will be vulnerable. If I were you, brother, I’d take advantage of the situation.
87BCA1D0	314878	Sabal: Brother, I have solid intel concerning Noore’s fortress, Ragatawada. It’s defenses are weak now that Noore’s dead. You should mount an attack and seize the fortress for The Golden Path.
17E4046C	314880	Sabal: I have good news, brother. The men guarding Yuma’s fortress are disorganized and vulnerable. Some have even deserted their posts. Ratu Gadhi is ripe for the taking. I recommend you assault it soon.
0992F134	314882	Sabal: Brother, now that Pagan is gone, his forces at Rajgad are confused and disorganized. You should strike while the iron is hot and seize the fortress for The Golden Path.
CBD27BCE	315407	Unbelievable, the dirty gora has won!
41B0DFE6	315408	How could this happen? The gora lives and is victorious!
F1903F50	315409	Okay I'll admit it, he has some skill... The outsider is victorious!
241E70D5	315410	This is more than luck, Ajay Ghale is victorious once again.
C1450730	315411	Another shocking upset! This gora has someone watching out for him!
1145D64E	315412	Victory goes to the outsider again!
6C32220B	315413	Another stunning victory from Ajay Ghale! Bale bale!
B00A21A5	315414	Oh that deadly gora claims victory yet again!
59698490	315415	Victory goes to the Tiger of Kyrat! Was there ever any doubt?
A7CA98D6	315416	Ajay Ghale proves once again why he is the Tiger of Kyrat!
02567F52	315417	Let's heat things up baby!
2E16E888	315418	Ooh feel the burn!
CEC30196	315419	Bring on the fire!
DE6E7CFC	315420	Oooh it's getting hot in here! Let's take off ALL our clothes [laughter]
A31988B9	315421	Bring out the fire pots!
D4F90002	315422	It's time for the fire pots!
96422E22	315423	Let's shake things up!
7F218B17	315424	Let's make things interesting!
81829751	315425	Here's a little surprise for our contestants!
4E933DFB	315433	The front rows are for betting customers only. This is strictly enforced. Don`t make us have to spank you!
D59E8E8E	315434	C`mon boys and girls, let's hear it for our fighters!
2658CE8C	315485	We have fresh meat in today, how long will he last? [laughter]
6E749C52	315486	Oooh we have a rookie contender here today, 3 to 1 he won't make it past the first round. [projected laughter]
8EA1754C	315487	A foreigner is competing today, let's see if he can handle real Kyrati fighters!
9E0C0826	315488	Oooh we have a gora with us today! Let's see if he knows how to fight.
35D48333	315489	A rookie challenger fights today, be sure to give him a proper welcome.
86D55350	315491	So the foreigner has some bloodlust! He's back for more is it?!
ADF80093	315492	Ajay Ghale is taking part in today's events, can he keep his winning streak going?
DCB72606	315493	Well the gora returns! Will he be victorious again?
C02289BC	315494	The gora returns! Let's see how his luck holds out this time! [projected laughter]
2D0DD845	315495	Ajay Ghale is here today! That's right, the deadly gora is back!
E0FF280D	315496	The worthless outsider is now a deadly killer. Ajay Ghale returns!
FE89DD55	315497	Ajay Ghale, greatest fighter this arena has ever seen, returns!
DB7F06A4	315498	The Tiger of Kyrat has returned for YOUR entertainment!
93695462	315500	We're almost to the end of the round!
D1D27A42	315501	We're mere seconds away from the end of this round!
9A817494	315503	He's made it through the first round, was it only luck?
EF82A6CD	315504	Doesn't look like he had any problems with the opening round.
FF2FDBA7	315506	Now that's what we're here to see!
D36F4C7D	315507	Once again, the arena games deliver the action you're looking for!
3A0CE948	315509	Get your bets in before the next round starts!
B9D8014B	315510	Another round of betting is now open in the stands!
342CE91C	315512	Here we go!
798E2539	315513	Prepare yourselves for the sights and sounds of bloody slaughter!
995BCC27	315515	Let the killing begin!
16BEA700	315516	Let the blood flow!
AB33C278	315517	Let the next round begin!
2BC61AAE	315519	Let the killing resume!
C2A5BF9B	315520	Time to resume the killing!
DCD34AC3	315522	Let's get back to the slaughter!
3C06A3DD	315523	Let's get some more action!
E5B03E88	315524	It's time to get back to the action!
12A56EE5	315525	The next round begins now!
DE301021	315526	Let the games continue!
E0699D5A	315553	Welcome to Yalung's Pit! If you're looking for action this is it!
090A386F	315554	The action never stops here at Yalung's Pit!
254AAFB5	315555	This is Yalung's Pit, where you'll find the hottest action in Kyrat!
747DCC2A	315556	The fires of Yalung's pit burn for you!
2FDDD34B	315557	Welcome to Malla's Tears! Bringing you the best bloodsport for years and years!
CF3B6BB9	315558	Pick a favorite and cheer him on today at Malla's Tears!
6A0B3972	315559	Welcome to Banashur's Bridge!
8ADED06C	315560	This is Banashur's Bridge, the home of Kyrats bloodiest games!
3F70AE21	315561	Come for betting, stay for the blood, at Banashur's Bridge!
A031E998	315563	Welcome to Shanath Arena!
B09C94F2	315564	This is Shanath Arena! Where lives are lost and fortunes are made!
30694C24	315566	Welcome to Shanath Arena, where blood and money flow like water!
F66B4E1E	315569	Let the blood-letting begin!
40E40086	315570	Come one, come all! Bet often and bet high!
29E4C832	315571	It's time for a special event!
37923D6A	315573	Alright, it's time to bring out a surprise for our contestant!
DEF1985F	315574	We've got a treat for you! Bring out the special challenge!
0D11F18A	315576	Time to throw something new into the mix! Don't say I don't do anything for you!
EDC41894	315577	Let's bring in a new challenge!
FD6965FE	315578	Bring out the special challenge!
384A5711	315579	It's time to unleash a special challenge!
C6E94B57	315580	It's time to give our contestant a little surprise!
801E91BB	315581	And now it's time for the final challenge!
9E6864E3	315583	Let the final round begin!
770BC1D6	315584	Unleash the final challenge!
5B4B560C	315586	It's time for the final event!
BB9EBF12	315590	Let the final event begin!
44FFC963	315596	Hope you're not tired yet. [projected laughter]
09F8E1FD	315597	He's off to a good start, but how much longer can he last?
178E14A5	315598	Now that's staying power. When will it end?!
CBB6170B	315599	Unbelieveable he's still alive! We're opening up a new round of betting darlings!
CE9D6D4B	315601	That was just a warm up! [projected laughter]
AD9C6C56	315602	Stay in your seats darlings, the killing is just getting started!
22D5B23E	315603	Unbelievable, this man is unstoppable! Go get em tiger!
8A2C09FE	315604	We're seeing a true master at work today, this is incredible!
20688401	315608	If you're not having fun, you're not betting enough! Show me the money!
C90B2134	315642	The more you bet, the more you'll win! So simple.
1E663453	315643	Don't forget to place your bets!
FEB3DD4D	315644	Have a suggestion for a fight? Let us know when you place your bets!
EE1EA027	315645	We will no longer accept weapons and animals as bets. Cash only. Sorry grandma.
C25E37FD	315646	You'll enjoy the fights more if you have money on them. Place a bet now!
2B3D92C8	315647	You may double down on your bets between rounds.
354B6790	315648	No weapons are allowed in the stands. If you're found with a weapon you will automatically become a contestant in the arena. [Laughter]
50E5C8A3	315649	Side bets are not allowed. Anyone caught betting on the side will be fed to tigers. And my ex-wife [laughter]
B03021BD	315650	Anyone who falls into the arena will be considered a new contestant. Watch your step!
3E1E7159	315651	Need some extra cash? Want to impress your friends? Fight in the arena!
8D1FA13A	315654	The bodies are piling up, it'll be over any second now!
647C040F	315655	It's just a matter of time now!
483C93D5	315656	This round's almost over! Nervous?
A8E97ACB	315657	Oooh, we're down to the final moments for this round!
B84407A1	315658	This round's nearly over!
38B1DF77	315659	Oooh, the match could end at any second! My panties are in a twist!
61577E4F	315661	Time to mix it up!
BD6F7DE1	315662	Time to bring out the fire pots!
540CD8D4	315663	Here come the fire pots!
24819476	315665	We're moments away from a bloodbath, get your bets in!
F3EC8111	315666	Prepare yourselves to witness the finest combat Kyrat has to offer!
1A8F2424	315667	Get your wagers in, we're seconds away from another bloody massacre!
04F9D17C	315668	The clock is counting down, prepare to be entertained!
E42C3862	315669	Soon, you will bear witness to the greatest game in Kyrat!
C6B7278A	315670	Death and glory are only moments away!
D8C1D2D2	315671	The slaughter will begin soon, are you ready?
31A277E7	315672	We are seconds away from another orgy of death and glory! Isn't it beautiful?!
89F6B14D	315675	And so It begins!
A5B62697	315676	Let the slaughter commence!
4CD583A2	315677	The slaughter begins!
52A376FA	315678	Killing time is here!
B2769FE4	315679	The wait is over! Start the killing!
3C58CF00	315680	Begin the slaughter!
222E3A58	315681	The killing starts now!
CB4D9F6D	315682	And they're off!
E6C63374	315684	Let the combat begin!
CA86A4AE	315685	Welcome to the greatest game in Kyrat!
23E5019B	315686	Death! Excitement! Danger! We have it all kittens!
3D93F4C3	315687	The games start... now!
DD461DDD	315688	Let the fighters loose!
9BB1C731	315689	Let the blood and money flow!
85C73269	315690	If you're looking for action, you've come to the right place! [projected laughter]
6CA4975C	315691	Blood, action, glory, it's all here in the arena!
D90AE911	315693	Here at Shanath Arena we bring you only the best fights!
C77C1C49	315694	Welcome to Shanath Arena! Bet big and bet often!
27A9F557	315695	This is Shanath Arena, where the action never stops... and neither does the killing! [projected laughter]
C59F46AB	315699	Come get kissed by the flames of Yalongs pit.
D5323BC1	315700	Welcome to the fires of Yalung's Pit!
9D1E691F	315701	This is Yalung's Pit, our flames never die!
A845CF84	315705	You have entered Banashur's Bridge! Place your bets!
B6333ADC	315706	The action never stops here at Banashur's Bridge!
5F509FE9	315707	Come make your fortune today at Banashur's Bridge!
DFA5473F	315708	Who will win? Who will die? Find out today at Banashur's Bridge!
4E1FF0F1	315712	This is Malla's Tears, where men duel to the death for your amusement!
0D759D4F	315713	Spend your money and watch the blood flow here at Malla's Tears!
13036817	315714	Let the pots burn and the blood flow today at Malla's Tears!
F3D68109	315715	Welcome to Malla's Tears, where the bloodletting never ends!
D14D9EE1	315716	Make your fortune, bet on today's fights at Malla's Tears!
B24C9FFC	315720	A dirty gora is taking part in today's games, he'll be a dead gora soon.
5B2F3AC9	315721	What?! A gora dares to challenge the arena! Will he die or will he live?!
4559CF91	315722	Oooh a rookie dares to face the arena today. Let's see how long he lasts.
A58C268F	315723	What's this? A gora is fighting today? This will be good. I hope you're wearing a diaper gora!
2BA2766B	315724	We have a fresh face for the meat grinder today. How long will he last?
0BDA3361	315726	The dirty gora wants more! Let's find out if he can be victorious again.
EB0FDA7F	315727	The gora is back! Was his last victory merely luck? Or is he truly skilled?
FBA2A715	315728	The foreigner is back, and seeks to test his mettle. Will he survive?
D7E230CF	315729	Looks like the foreigner wants to test his luck again. Place your bets!
3E8195FA	315730	The gora is back! Will he survive the arena this time?
20F760A2	315731	The foreigner returns! Will he survive again?
98A3A608	315732	Turns out the gora can handle himself and is back for more!
71C0033D	315733	Ajay Ghale is here today, and he looks ready for a fight.
5D8094E7	315734	Ajay Ghale returns to the arena, ready for more action!
BD557DF9	315735	Ajay Ghale is back for more! Is he a true contender? Or just lucky?
C46E7D70	315736	Today's matches will feature Ajay Ghale, the deadly gora! Place your bets!
DA188828	315737	Ajay Ghale is back! Prepare yourselves for an awesome spectacle of violence!
3ACD6136	315738	Ajay Ghale, a true warrior, returns to face any who challenge him!
17EA7860	315739	The Tiger of Kyrat, Ajay Ghale, once again enters our arena!
3BAAEFBA	315740	Prepare yourselves! Ajay Ghale is back, and he's ready to take on all challengers!
83FE2910	315741	Incredible, the foreigner lives!
74EB797D	315742	What's this? The foreigner wins? Impossible!
B6A58F8B	315743	Did the gora just win? This is ridiculous, how could this happen?
2190EE2E	315749	Amazing, the foreigner wins again. I can't believe it.
313D9344	315750	Once again, the gora beats the odds and comes away victorious.
E6508623	315751	Kyra must really like this outsider. He wins again.
D30B20B8	315752	Looks like the gora is no paper tiger, he knows how to fight.
CD7DD5E0	315753	So the foreigner can fight! What an upset!
8CE7CB15	315755	Another stunning victory from Ajay Ghale bale bale!
9C4AB67F	315756	Ajay Ghale, the Tiger of Kyrat, is victorious!
471F71C8	315758	The deadly gora wins again! He is unstoppable!
D129F224	315761	Let's mix things up! Let's hear it for our special challenge!
263CA249	315762	Unleash the special challenge!
FBC6CBD0	315765	Okay darlings, the next round begins now. Bale bale!
3EE5F93F	315766	Oh goody! It's time for another round of killing!
247A1C10	315768	Looks like we've got another bloodbath on our hands!
C4AFF50E	315769	Now that's what the arena is all about!
82582FE2	315770	You wanted action? You got it baby!
9C2EDABA	315771	Are you not entertained? You better be, they died for your amusement! [laughter]
754D7F8F	315772	Place your bets! You can't win if you don't bet!
590DE855	315773	And that brings another round to an end.
B6C1E34E	315775	That's it for the first wave!
5FA2467B	315776	The first wave is complete!
41D4B323	315778	The first wave is down, but there's plenty more to come.
A1015A3D	315779	He's made it through the first wave, let's see how far he can go.
2F2F0AD9	315780	The starting round is always the easiest. Let's see how he handles a REAL challenge!
3159FF81	315781	He's survived the first wave, but can he go further?
D83A5AB4	315782	That's it for the opening wave.
0F574FD3	315783	The first round didn't look like much of a problem.
86B13F95	315784	No rest for the wicked, we're just getting started!
6FD29AA0	315785	[projected laughter] We're just getting warmed up!
917186E6	315786	There's more where that came from!
C40A11B5	315787	Mmmmmm things are starting to get interesting.
24DFF8AB	315788	He's still alive, but can he go the distance?
E09B44C8	315789	Could this be the start of a legendary run?
F75BFDBB	315790	The man has stamina, that's for sure.
D5C0E253	315791	Ooh he's taken some hits, but keeps on killing!
6AF9E0E0	315793	He's still going! I wouldn't have believed it if I didn't see it with my own eyes!
6A9D8C25	315853	This gora is luckier than he looks, victory is his.
943E9063	315854	I don't believe it, the gora is the victor! What an upset.
A8D37AD3	315855	The foreigner has won! I'm out three hundred rupees! [native language swear]
0F332316	315856	This gora is either very lucky or he actually knows how to fight. [laughs at own joke]
71A46FF8	315857	That was only a taste of what's to come!
B3EA990E	315858	Don't go away, we've got plenty more to come!
347285C1	315859	There's plenty more to come, don't relax yet darlings.
71F77A49	317652	Ajay: I don't have any tattoos.
EF93EFEA	317653	Hurk: Bonded by blood, man. I got tattoos for me and Jason, me and Jack, and I'm saving my back for me and Ajay man! Triple J, triple threat. Booya!
5ADA298A	317654	Ajay: My name starts with an "A."
3F7486B9	317696	Ajay: Golden Path.
A110131A	317697	Hurk: Golden Path buddies. That's right.
C4BC506A	318568	Rakshasa: They've set a charge at the re-education depot!
13D1450D	318569	Rakshasa: Charge active at the re-education depot!
F304AC13	318570	Rakshasa: They've activated a charge at the re-education depot!
E3A9D179	318571	Rakshasa: Re-education depot charge active; defuse it!
CFE946A3	318572	Rakshasa: They rigged a charge at the re-education depot!
45F2DBEB	318577	Rakshasa: Charge set at the royal press!
5B842EB3	318578	Rakshasa: They've set a charge at the royal press!
B2E78B86	318579	Rakshasa: Charge active at the royal press!
FACBD958	318580	Rakshasa: Charge set on the royal press.
1A1E3046	318581	Rakshasa: They've placed a bomb at the royal press!
0AB34D2C	318587	Rakshasa: They've placed a charge on the communications transmitter!
26F3DAF6	318588	Rakshasa: Bomb active at the mobile transmitter!
CF907FC3	318589	Rakshasa: They've set a charge on the communications transmitter!
D1E68A9B	318590	Rakshasa: They've placed a bomb on the mobile transmitter!
31336385	318591	Rakshasa: Charge placed on the communications transmitter.
5EAF54F3	318635	Golden Path: Charge active at the propaganda depot.
1683062D	318636	Golden Path: Charge activated at the propaganda depot.
FFE0A318	318637	Golden Path: We've rigged a charge at the propaganda depot.
E1965640	318638	Golden Path: We've set a charge at the propaganda depot.
0143BF5E	318639	Golden Path: Charge live at the propaganda depot.
23D8A0B6	318661	Golden Path: We've set a charge at the printing press!
3DAE55EE	318662	Golden Path: Bomb placed at the printing press.
D4CDF0DB	318663	Golden Path: Charge active at the printing press!
5438280D	318664	Golden Path: Bomb armed at the printing press.
B4EDC113	318665	Golden Path: We've armed the charge at the printing press!
A440BC79	318675	Golden Path: We've armed a charge on the radio transmitter.
70A97D70	318676	Golden Path: Charge set on the mobile transmitter.
99CAD845	318677	Golden Path: The bomb on the radio transmitter is armed!
87BC2D1D	318678	Golden Path: Charge set on the mobile transmitter.
6769C403	318679	Golden Path: We've armed a charge at the radio transmitter!
83BD9CA5	318691	Rakshya: So, nothing catch your eye?  Nothing to get rid of?  Never mind.  How's this grab you: 'The Yalung & The Restless'?  It's the title of a little piece I'm writing on the side.
F6BE4EFC	318697	Rakshya: Thanks for stopping by. No material exchange today, but you have given me an idea for the book I'm writing. It's called 'Foreign Fornication' - "as the young man turned to go, she couldn't help but notice the slight jiggle of his high, plump behind. A jiggle which seemed to promise, 'I'll be back.'"
D348950D	318703	[Sigh]Rakshya:  If you're not buying or selling, maybe you can answer me this - if I titled my latest literary masterpiece 'Member of the Kalinag' would you get that? My sisters think it's cheesy. But I kinda like it.
475CC47D	318709	Rakshya: No purchase, no sale, so no story for you. It would have been a great story too. A little triple excerpt from 'Krazy Kyratis in Heat'. Oh well. Maybe next time.
F45D141E	318715	Rakshya: Well, seeing as how you don't seem interested in engaging in commerce, maybe you could tell me which is a better title for my new fan fiction: 'Ele-fantasy'? Or 'Lost Whore-izon'?
B20F2A49	318728	Rakshya: Some of my sisters may have tried to...interest you in books they're writing - filth like 'My Little Khukri' - but I assure you, you won't find smut like that in my shop!
EC844F68	318734	Rakshya: Hey, have you been to my sister's store lately?  What's she been working on? Her characters are flat! No tension at all!  Now, take my 'Banapur Butt Bandits', there's a satisfying climax!
C8151A15	318740	Rakshya: Did my sister send you here to spy on my newest creation?  She's got no original ideas so she sends you to steal mine!  Tell her my new title is 'Spelunking The Sacred Cave'.  Let's see her steal that one!
DFD5A366	318746	Rakshya: Hey c'mere, you've been by my sister's shop, yes?  Whatever she told you is a lie. 'Tuk-Tuk Suck-Suck' is my idea. The incident involved her but the title's mine.
0A5BECE3	318752	Rakshya: Welcome! Welcome to the best shop in the land!  You've caught me in the middle of writing a sure-fire fan fiction smash hit: 'The Naughty Monkey and the Monk'!
1282B795	318776	Rakshya: Thank you for your business! It eases off the pressure of trying to sell my fanfiction. Though, 'Abomina-balls' just flew of the shelves. I told my sisters that people like monster p-stories.
19D7A15C	318782	Rakshya: Thank you for your business!  Come back soon, I'm almost finished the last chapter of 'Enter the Tingling Temple'. Behave and I'll let you sneak a peek.
C70CF810	318788	Rakshya: You're done here? That's it? And I was going to read you some of 'Whoops!  Wrong Cave!'.  Hmm, alright, well, maybe another time.
AAD6713F	318794	Rakshya: Thank you for your sale and for inspiring me. I was looking for the right subject of my newest work 'Playtime With Paul'. Your smile, your eyes, it's as though the writing gods have sent me a muse.
7183B688	318800	Rakshya: Thank you for - oh! I've got it! 'Longinus and his Blood Diamonds' But what if the diamonds were more like beads, from small to large? Yes. And what if he called them his little sins as he popped them in and out? Oh, this is literary gold!
695AEDFE	318806	Rakshya: Thank you for visiting. Now, I have to get back to 'Pagan and Ishwari: The Golden Path to Ecstasy'. It's more of a romance. Less graphic than what some of my sisters are writing, but it'll get you there.
B8965087	318976	Careful with the crates. Some idiots packed the guns loaded with their safeties off.
C6272C3A	318977	Idiots.
D58B19C0	319023	Ajay: Stay inside, the Army is coming to attack.
8ECCBE8C	319027	Ajay, soldiers are coming. Go grab weapons from the crates.
FEA64A03	319030	It's the Royal Army.  Defend the temple.
97D78FCD	319032	Here they come! Here they come!
A1403F83	319134	Bombs armed.
3692E60B	319135	I'm blowing them.
B85B0EC2	319136	Arming bombs!
2F89D74A	319137	We're going live!
93765D01	319139	Bomb armed.
04A48489	319140	Another one armed.
8A6D6C40	319141	Armed and ready.
1DBFB5C8	319142	Okay.  Armed!
C52CFA87	319144	[native language swear] Someone disarmed the bomb?
52FE230F	319145	Who disarmed this?!
DC37CBC6	319146	I'm sure I armed this bomb...
4BE5124E	319147	Why isn't this bomb armed?!
697E0DA6	319159	Ajay!
17CF711B	319161	Finally, you're here...
70653CE7	319163	Come here quick!
0ED4405A	319165	Ajay, there's no time to lose.
F7FD2028	319166	Ajay: What's going on?
894C5C95	319168	Ajay: What is it?
EEE61169	319170	Ajay: Yes?
90576DD4	319171	We need your help defusing bombs.
3D621479	319173	Can you disarm a bomb?  The Royal Guard has got our assets rigged to blow.
43D368C4	319175	They're targeting important supplies and I need you to defuse the bombs.
24792538	319177	Defuse the bombs in our supply chain so we can continue the fight against the Royal Guard.
BF52A61E	319368	Excellent work.
DE39B724	319507	Raju is waiting for you inside the monastery.
B993FAD8	319515	Ah, the son of the great Mohan. Sabal tells me you’re ready to learn what inspired your father.
937CC32C	319555	We are a spiritual people. Your father understood, but more than that, he inspired others by his deeds. Think hard on what you’ve seen, Ajay.
FF004CF1	319629	She is a vessel of the gods.  Don’t you hurt her.
6164D952	319630	If you must kill someone, take me. Let the Tarun Matara live.
FFE7F4DC	319636	You saved us.  You are your father’s son, Ajay.
7898503E	319637	[moved]Thank you. Ajay. Thank you.
E6FCC59D	319638	The gods sent you to us, Ajay.
A8988140	319640	You see? This is what happens when people abandon religion.
36FC14E3	319641	Ajay. It could have been so much worse. Thank you.
B183B001	319642	Without you, we would have all died. Thank you.
C9BB52C1	319643	They're inside the monastery!
CADDB94D	319657	Ajay: Sabal, I'm here, but where are the fields?
AD77F4B1	319658	Sabal: Don't worry, brother, you are where you need to be. Go talk to my men at the farmhouse first.
FB0EE4AB	319660	Ajay, Sabal told us you'd be coming here. Welcome to the fight. Go grab yourself something that burns. We've got all the flavors you could want.
8B641024	319663	I wouldn't have gone that way, but okay. Go practice with your new toy over there.
0B7670DF	319684	Amita sent us to help you.
75C70C62	319685	We have army incoming. Get ready.
DB76A1A1	319699	Soldiers coming in from the north.
A5C7DD1C	319700	Army inbound from the north.
C26D90E0	319701	Army's coming in from the south.
BCDCEC5D	319702	Soldiers to the south.
E940C323	319703	They're coming in from the east.
97F1BF9E	319704	Soldiers to the east.
F05BF262	319705	Army inbound from the west.
8EEA8EDF	319706	Soldiers coming in from the west.
B2012C79	319709	Ajay: Amita.
C26BD8F6	319714	Ajay: Sabal.
992C7FBA	319717	Ajay: Sabal.
E9468B35	319761	Ajay: Sabal.
C285312F	319811	Get the people out of the burning buildings.
DB79B843	319812	Stop daydreaming and save people.
451D2DE0	319813	Help us or more people are going to die!
D0C24753	319848	So the only thing keeping that thing from killing us is a cheap lock?
57BDE3B1	319849	It might understand you.
E8640EEB	320089	You think you've got what it takes to fight in the arena?
0107ABDE	320092	I live for fighting.  That's how I really feel alive.  Nothing like it.
492BF900	320095	If you need some tips about fighting badgers, I'm your man.
245234AF	320154	I never thought you would survive this long.  You're coming along nicely but I wouldn't get cocky.  The arena kills everyone eventually.
3A24C1F7	320157	How satisfying would it be to have Pagan Min across from you in the arena and there was no escape?  Ah, I would bet on you!
D34764C2	320160	You should watch yourself.  I have heard whispers that they are specially training the next wave of animals to hunger for human flesh.
FF07F318	320178	Well, you look a little overwhelmed out there.  Did you lose a bet?  I think you should stay out of the arenas.
1FD21A06	320181	Maybe there is a beginner arena somewhere?  With baby animals?  Twelve-year-old Royal Guard members?  Wooden swords?
0F7F676C	320184	I don't think you understand that these are real animals.  They are dangerous and they want to kill you.  Do you understand that?
475335B2	320202	Ah yes, the little fighter that could.  You really don't quit do you?  Well, for your sake I hope that the next batch of enemies are sick and wounded.
AE309087	320205	It's probably time to quit while you are ahead, yes?  Why not quit while you still have all your limbs and organs?
B04665DF	320208	Maybe you can train in the forest?  Try punching some squirrels-- no no, they're fast. Maybe trees?  They'll stand still for you.
50938CC1	320414	I'm not sure that you are cut out for this arena thing.  Maybe you can help the other fighters get ready-- rub their feet, give them massages.
72089329	320417	Or maybe you can hold the rags and hand them to the other fighters when they need to wipe the blood off?
6C7E6671	320420	I hear the arenas are looking for someone to pick up the teeth that get knocked out.
F5908FE6	320426	You didn't die in the arena!  I guess I owe my cousin some rupees.  Better luck next time, I guess.
21794EEF	320429	Did you check yourself for holes?  Is everything in the right place?  You sure you're not bleeding?
C81AEBDA	320432	Well, maybe if you go in with a khukri in both hands you just started swinging your arms?  You'll hit something eventually.
851DC344	320450	I was quite impressed with you out there.  You fought like a Kalinag!  All fury and speed!
05E81B92	320453	They're not going to want you to win for much longer, my friend.  Now, you are definitely a target.
E53DF28C	320456	You are giving hope to Kyratis!  We are all behind you so please, do not give up!  Keep fighting and soon maybe we can all learn your courage.
D66C1E82	320474	I see that you are wearing some of your scars well.  That is a good sign.  Each one is a memory you can look on to give you courage to push further.
36B9F79C	320477	I admit that I did not think you would go very far, or even survive but you are fighting with heart and that is a good sign for your progress and your survival.
1422E874	320480	I still feel that you should try not getting hit by bullets more.  That's my advice to you.
A8CEA3BB	320638	Hey, I saw your fight in the arena. What's your name again?
8A55BC53	320641	I bet against you in the arena. Guess maybe I should put money on you next time.
9423490B	320644	You looked a little scared in the arena. But you did all right.
0A541D2C	320650	You can't make in the arenas fighting like that!  Did you even punch one badger in the face?
E337B819	320653	I've seen Kyrati children milk goats with more spirit and determination!
AB1BEAC7	320656	It's okay.  Fighting in the arena is not for everyone.  I suggest you try another sport... like knitting.
4BCE03D9	320662	You are the greatest arena fighter I have ever seen.  You're going after Pagan Min next right?  Why, you could just walk up to his palace right now and take on the Royal Guard single-handedly.
5B637EB3	320665	Hey, I have a neighbour who has stolen a couple of my goats and he says I owe him from a few years ago and-- it's not important.  Can you beat the shit out of him for me?
7723E969	320668	You are a true warrior.  Can you teach me how to fight?  Teach me how to crush my enemies like you!
9E404C5C	320710	Don't get cocky.  You were bound to win a fight or two eventually.
8036B904	320713	Well, you do seem to have all of your fingers and toes so I guess that does qualify as a victory... of some type.
60E3501A	320716	I bet on you to lose.  You owe me fifty rupees-- or tell you what, I'll bet hundred on you next time to lose and I'll split it with you... provided you don't die.
EECD00FE	320894	Do you have a death wish?  The point is to defeat the enemies in the arena, not to be a target for them.
F0BBF5A6	320897	I hate to see another human being suffer.  You should stop fighting while you're still alive.
19D85093	320900	You're trying to get killed, right?  That's the only explanation.  I've never seen such a poor attempt at fighting back.
128D465A	320906	You don't get a medal for barely escaping death because that's more or less what you did.
FBEEE36F	320909	I brought my son to see a display of warrior-ship and what I saw was closer to a mouse trying to avoid being stepped on.
E5981637	320912	Look at you, you're a weakling.  You're like a skinny dhole wandering the market for scraps.  Fight for your honour!
CEB545F4	320930	My friend said that you were getting better and thought he was thinking of someone else but I stand corrected.  You are a great warrior.
2E60ACEA	320933	You should keep going while you can, while you have the spirit in you.  Old age comes swiftly and steals our energy and never gives any back.
3ECDD180	320936	Now, have you bested your fear?  That is surely a warrior's final opponent and when you have him on the ground you step on his neck!
054DFF29	320954	There you are, now you're fighting like a man who want to live on his feet and not die on his knees.
43BA25C5	320957	You need to move quicker.  Are you training anywhere?  You should run up a mountain backwards.  That's what all great arena fighters do.
5DCCD09D	320960	If I bet on you next time to win?  If you die, I will feel bad about it.  I don't want that on my conscience.
19365167	320978	Noore and Paul are working together to grow opium but they are both snakes and evil at heart.  Maybe they'll kill each other and save us the trouble!
0740A43F	320981	I saw Noore in person once and she was very striking but Yalung is also said to have come in beautiful forms.  We must trust a person's deeds first and by that measure, Noore is evil.
EE23010A	320984	I don't think Noore ever killed three wolves at once.  That's just a myth.  She's not a Kalinag or anything.
0B71271B	321002	There is new blood in The Golden Path this is why we will prevail.  We are leaving the mistakes of the past behind.
2731B0C1	321005	It will take time for all the young fighters to get confident, to understand the drills, to get over the fear and confusion of war but they will-- they have to, the future of Kyrat is at stake.
CE5215F4	321008	We have two leaders.  Each with their own ideas with how things need to be run.  They both believe in the cause but two heads is not always better than one.
1F99FF49	321038	I had the strangest dream last night. It was about a  witch. She had hair brighter than the sun.
F6FA5A7C	321041	She could control minds and silently, one by one, she consumed those who lived in her valley. Their bodies were left untouched but their souls....
E88CAF24	321044	The people walked the same and talked the same, but their spark was gone. [shiver] Anyway, just a dream.
E7B53564	321074	We all hate living here. This place used to be beautiful. De Pleur's transformed it into something grotesque.
0ED69051	321077	I shouldn't even be telling you this. Paul has spies everywhere. They've dragged people away for less.
46FAC28F	321080	But see, when you're made to live under constant fear, how can anything be beautiful?
8B8DAE39	321110	You're getting good at this arena fighting ah?
A7CD39E3	321113	Yeah I think I could take you.
4718D0FD	321116	How much do you want to bet that I could land the first punch on you?
662892F1	321122	You took a few bad knocks there.  Even I felt that pain.
E806C215	321125	You should learn how to duck.  You're not strong yet so you may have to fight smart.
F670374D	321128	Are you sure you want to keep fighting in the arena?  Why don't you watch for a while and pick up some tips?
1F139278	321134	That arena fight was, incredible.  I can't believe that you're the same person.
CCF3FBAD	321137	I can feel the power coming off you.  It's magnetic.
2C2612B3	321140	Where do you go from here?  You have reached the pinnacle of the arena.  What is there to challenge you now?
3C8B6FD9	321182	You're getting better, cousin.  You're certainly not dead yet.
10CBF803	321185	You're very serious about this, aren't you?  Well, keep going and you will improve.
F9A85D36	321188	You don't look as bloody this time.  I think that's a sign of progress.
E7DEA86E	321367	You should stay away from the arenas.  Try making pottery instead.  It's more your speed.
070B4170	321370	Do you like pain?  Is that why you keep throwing yourself to the dogs like so much fresh meat?
41FC9B9C	321373	If you want to keep getting beat up in the arena, well then that's your right.  No one will stop you.
7A7CB535	321379	You have spirit and courage to keep getting beat up in these arenas.  Have you ever seen 'The Masked Man' fight?  He is a true warrior.
6AD1C85F	321382	You should probably take some time off to heal.  You look like an elephant slapped you around.
EA241089	321385	Maybe you should get a really big gun next time?  That's probably your best bet for surviving the arena.
5F8A6EC4	321415	My friend said you wouldn't survive and I bet that you would.  Good work and thank you!
B6E9CBF1	321418	You are getting better and better with every fight.  Maybe you can teach me some moves, yes?
9AA95C2B	321421	Bah, how hard can the arena be?  You go in and punch some animals in the face.  I can do that any time I want.
0347B5BC	321439	Well now, I thought that was your best fight so far.  I didn't cringe as much as the others.
1D3140E4	321442	Looks like you may be getting hooked on this arena things, yes?  That's the only explanation for why you keep coming back to get beat up.
FDE4A9FA	321445	That was a good fight.  Maybe I'll start putting money on you soon-- not too much though.
6F129F1D	321543	So, the sherpa's dead. Word is he was murdered too. Don't know who did it, but couldn't have been anyone around here. We love the sherpa.
E13CCFF9	321546	It's a huge loss for everyone, but probably most for his sisters. Those poor ladies. They're still running their shops and cheerful to customers but I can tell they're heartbroken.
FF4A3AA1	321549	It won't be long until we figure out who the sherpa's killer is and when we do...watch out!
5492B1B4	321567	So, uh, innocent until proven guilty, right, but uh, a lot of people are complaining that someone is cutting down all the plants.
78D2266E	321570	They're harvested for, y'know, cooking and not dying of fevers, and uh, I've seen you walking around with that giant khukuri and a backpack full of flowers so....
91B1835B	321573	If you see someone, y'know, chopping down all the plants, would you ask them to leave some for the rest of us? K?
40A9B303	321591	There should be no doubt anymore about Pagan Min's plans for Kyrat.  He will not hesitate to kill Kyratis and destroy our homes.
A9CA1636	321594	What will Pagan do now?  Will he come and finish the job?  Surely, he will come back with more men, leave no survivors.
B7BCE36E	321597	I saw you coming out of that burning building with Bhadra in your arms.  You saved her life.  You are a hero, Ajay.  Kyrat owes you its gratitude.
C2C05E9D	321603	I wonder how long it will be before the next bored, privileged American tries to come and take De Pleur's place.
2215B783	321606	With De Pleur dead and all I imagine it'll only be a matter of time before some other sicko with money tries to make our home his perverted playground.
32B8CAE9	321609	Wouldn't it be nice if people just staid put, minded their own business?
57690A70	321615	You are more than a foreigner.  I think the crowd in the arena saw that today.  You fought bravely and showed more courage than we ever expected.
119ED09C	321618	That arena is a place of cruelty and death.  It is not meant to allow people to survive.  Noore knew exactly what she was doing.
0FE825C4	321621	Were you really naked?  Wasn't that... awkward?  Weren't you afraid that well, you might get... hurt?
F79BF806	321627	I heard you met the mysterious hunter peoples of the Kyrati bush.
E9ED0D5E	321630	They're rumored to have mythical powers, like the ability of speak with animals and spontaneously disappear.
0938E440	321633	I also hear there are no women among them so they reproduce just by the power of their own will.
51B9CBF4	321639	Was Noore really eaten by her menagerie? It sounds almost too poetic to be true.
B8DA6EC1	321642	But that's what people are saying. They can't all be wrong, right? But you were there. Was it really bloody? I hate blood.
949AF91B	321645	That can't have been good for the animals though. I mean, you know she dealt in prostitution, right? Who knows what kind of...indecencies she could have been carrying.
3AB3835F	321651	Was destroying the temple on the island necessary?  I am not a soldier and war is messy and cruel but that temple was very important to us.
5325FEBC	321657	That was one of the most beautiful temples in Kyrat.  A perfect lotus island in the middle of the calm lake.  There's no other place like it in the country.  I hope that the temple is rebuilt quickly.
64E26D6F	321663	I just can't believe the temple has been destroyed. I know it was desecrated, the way Pagan used it.
E417B5B9	321666	But there were things we could have done to purify it - rituals, rites; it could have been renewed. Now it's just rubble.
0D74108C	321669	We still have our faith. That's the most important thing. The gods are not in temples; they are all around us.
4D530BE4	321675	The Kalinag are fierce warriors that live in a realm of illusion and mystery.  It would seem that Yuma had tried to use those tactics to kill you.
AD86E2FA	321678	I do believe in the Kalinag but I don't believe that they stoop so low as to do Yuma's bidding.  They are too powerful for that.
77B4ABC1	321681	Well, you have done it.  You have killed Pagan's governors.  His guardians are now dead and the way is clear for you to attack him.
F3D70CCA	321687	How did you do it? How did you escape the prison? No one escapes that prison. No one.
2A61919F	321690	Are you part eagle or something? You must have bribed a guard somehow.... It's just, no one, has ever escaped before. Unless...it wasn't an escape.
341764C7	321693	Maybe they let you escape! Ohhhhh! They're probably keeping an eye on you right now. [native language swear]. Hey, um, maybe you can go talk to someone else for a little while.
F1345628	321699	You! You're the one who killed Amita! [native language swear]! Why in all the hells would you do that?! She helped us so much; she was moving us forward.
11E1BF36	321702	Do you have any idea of what this means for the women in our country now? No, didn't think about that part, did you? How arrogant.
014CC25C	321705	The next time you get the urge to go around playing one of the gods, THINK before you act. May you be cursed for killing Amita. Fool.
A00335B7	321711	You're the one who killed Sabal, are you? Well listen, I can't say this too loudly, but, Thank You.
BE75C0EF	321714	He was horrible man. All these ancient ideas of how women should act, what they should do, how they should live. As if that's his business.
5EA029F1	321717	He was nice, sure, but that made him all the more dangerous. I'm just glad he's out of the picture now.
624DC341	321723	I wonder if there are any who will mourn Pagan now that he's gone.
8B2E6674	321726	It's hard to imagine any one here will cry for him. Or if they do it will be because they miss what he gave them, not because they miss him.
0BDBBEA2	321729	What a sad life, to die and have no one mourn you. Speaks to a very meager existence, don't you think?
E68B80F1	321735	Hmm, Paul ambushed you?  It would seem that he wants you dead.  He's a formidable enemy and he does not fight fair.
CACB172B	321738	These fighters I've heard about are real?  The one that use bows and arrows and keep to the shadows?  They use stealth and patience to kill.
2A1EFE35	321741	How does The Golden Path expect to win if they can't even keep their camps' locations secret?  Paul knew exactly where they were.
977A41B0	321747	The gods have forsaken us! I've honored them my whole life, read the scriptures, performed all the rituals. It must have been because of the others that this has happened!
890CB4E8	321750	Hemish cheats on his wife; his wife steals from the baker; no one but me takes the laws of the gods seriously anymore! This is the result.
69D95DF6	321753	The attack is sign, a message. If we don't return to the old ways, to following the word of the gods, we'll see even worse than this.
69C25E99	321759	I can't believe De Pleur's dead. Have you seen the body? I didn't. A lot of people haven't.
80A1FBAC	321762	How can a we really know he's dead if we haven't seen the body? We can't.
ACE16C76	321765	And even if we got to see the body, how would we know it's really his? This rumor about his death - probably some kind of sick joke.
F981F84A	321771	I see you survived the arena. Probably wouldn't have been the case if Bahji the miracle tiger was still fighting.
10E25D7F	321774	Ah, Bahji. Didn't matter who or what he went up against, he tore them to shreds. Would have torn you up too, no doubt in my mind.
C78F4818	321777	He's retired now; returned to the wild with a cape and crown, probably living the rest of his days in quiet comfort. You can thank the gods he reigned before your time.
4C348568	321783	I heard you fought hidden enemies. That they weren't...human.
5C99F802	321786	People say they throw the arrows with their hands and speak in the language of animals. No one's ever seen them.
14B5AADC	321789	I thought the stories about them were myths. But you fought them. I guess they are real....
FDD60FE9	321795	With Noore gone, I hope the arenas will stay open. They better stay open. Going to those events was the only stress relief I had.
E3A0FAB1	321798	There's nothing more satisfying than watching someone get torn limb from limb by animals. [beat] They say that's how Noore went.
037513AF	321801	Wish I could have seen that. Noore getting torn apart in her own arena. [beat] Well, as long as they keep them open.
0C77F2C5	321807	The temple has been saved. Kyra has blessed us. She surely saw my faithful heart and spared our people from further despair.
4A802829	321810	It might have served as a wake-up call, though, if the temple were destroyed. Brought the country back to the old ways. Well, everything but that Tarun Matara business.
54F6DD71	321813	If everyone attended to the scriptures and rituals like I do, we may not even be in this mess. Oh well, best to keep leading by example.
21EE0C47	321819	I wish the temple would have been destroyed. Maybe that would have put a stop to Sabal and this Tarun Matara's nonsense.
3F98F91F	321822	Oh, who am I kidding? He would have gone ahead with it even if the temple had been turned to a heap of rubble.
D6FB5C2A	321825	Sometimes it feels like there's no winning. I guess that's war.
91D5EF9E	321831	I always felt sorry for Yuma, growing up in Pagan's shadow, always feeling the keen prick of his influence.
71000680	321834	How's anyone supposed to become their own person being raised by the likes of Min?
61AD7BEA	321837	It's no wonder she became corrupt. Poor girl never had a chance. Death is a blessing for her. Only option for escape she ever had.
083B0609	321843	You escaped the prison. The gods made it possible of course. No one else has ever escaped. You must be blessed.
164DF351	321846	If the gods will it, anything is possible. They must have further plans for you.
F6981A4F	321849	You don't strike me as particularly religious but perhaps your mind is changing. With the miracle of your escape, divine intervention is undeniable.
560E84FC	321855	I can't believe Amita is gone. She was our only hope for change. Now Sabal's free to drive us back into the old, harmful traditions.
B6DB6DE2	321858	You know what he wants to do, right? He want's to take away the life of a young woman so she can be used as Tarun Matara - a symbol, and object.
A6761088	321861	It's not up to him to determine how we live OUR lives! Amita wanted to give power back! Guess now it's up to us.
32DCA62C	321867	I'm going to miss Sabal. I know not everyone was a fan, but he had it right, we need to return to the old ways.
DBBF0319	321870	With Sabal we would have had a chance. With Amita, our faith is lost, our ways, our traditions.
F7FF94C3	321873	I'll mourn him. I know others won't, but I will. I fear the road ahead under Amita's rule. The gods will surely forsake us now.
711B05EF	321879	Praise Kyra, Pagan's finally dead. You know, I never could figure out what he wanted with this country.
9878A0DA	321882	This wasn't his home, he didn't love the people, he was about as good at being king as a yak is at fucking underwater.
860E5582	321885	With Pagan gone there's no where to go but up. We've got a long way to go, though.
37F7DC6C	321891	Those stories about the Kyrati hunter peoples of the bush are just made up to scare children into doing their chores.
1BB74BB6	321894	All this about them being expert marksmen, disappearing, reappearing, speaking with animals, it's the stuff of fairy tales.
F2D4EE83	321897	I mean, you met them, fought them. They weren't as mythical as all that, right? Of course not. What am I thinking...that would just be...unbelievable.
3F83FA70	321927	Did you really pull a hit and run on the Royal Army? Because if you did, I hope you made sure they were actually dead.
1D18E598	321930	That's the biggest mistake people make. People think they kill someone but they don't make sure. Those soldiers you hit could just be injured.
036E10C0	321933	If it were me I would have backed over them a couple times until they were good as bloody flatbread.
A221E72B	321963	Stealing from the dead is like stealing milk pudding from a baby. It's effortless and just plain selfish.
42F40E35	321966	The gods have commanded us not to steal. Now, I know, the soldiers tell me it's war time and they need what they need. But they're misinformed.
5259735F	321969	If you honor the laws of the gods, they will provide. Just as they give milk pudding to babies, so they will give war time necessities to you.
66DBBC9C	322011	There are legends that Yalung attacked Banashur here-- before Banapur was built.  He use a sword of fire to cut through everything.  History has a way of repeating itself.
4440A374	322014	Bhadra is very fortunate to have a saviour in you.  She has a kindness that is rare in the youth these days and you should protect her.
5A36562C	322017	Did you realise that building was collapsing when you went in to save Bhadra?  Gods, I would have frozen where I stood.
C366586F	322023	So, that horrible excuse of a man is finally dead, is he? De Pleur. Of course all that violence would catch up to him.
DD10AD37	322026	I'm surprised he lasted as long as he did. It's only a matter of time before that amount of violence folds back on itself.
3DC54429	322029	I wonder if he found the violence of dying as arousing as he found the violence of living.
B355F319	322035	Kyratis can be suspicious of outsiders and can you blame us?  But you went a long way towards gaining our trust in that arena.
FB79A1C7	322038	All those things that were thrown at you by the crowd?  I wouldn't take that personally.  If you kill Pagan, they will be throwing flowers petals.
1BAC48D9	322041	I think Noore wanted you to win.  She was just testing you.  I'm not sure why but I feel that she would not have let you die in that arena.
0128AE99	322047	What was it like to fight the hunter peoples? All we know of them are stories.
E84B0BAC	322050	The stories are things of myth. That they can disappear, are ageless, can speak with animals....
A0675972	322053	Some say they're ghosts, lost souls from wars before the first King ruled in Kyrat. The hunters, they were real, right?
501FCD06	322059	Noore is dead, that vicious woman. How fitting she died in the arena.
7C5F5ADC	322062	There's nothing I wouldn't have given to see that happen. Those in the crowd that day got more than they every bargained for. [laugh].
953CFFE9	322065	We all go there to see blood shed, but to witness Noore herself bleed and bleed and bleed.... How priceless.
D054F204	322071	Another temple destroyed.  I am saddened but I am not surprised.
30811B1A	322074	That spot will be still be sacred no matter what happens.  We can rebuild in 200 years and it will still be a sacred site.
BEAF4BFE	322077	Pagan was planning to destroy the temple from the very beginning.  I have no doubt about that.
6B9FE3AF	322083	Some feel lost now that the temple has been destroyed. The temple has been here since, well, since before most can remember.
E5B1B34B	322086	But Kyra teaches us to let go of our attachments. That thing of this world, no matter how holy, will not help us reach enlightenment.
FBC74613	322089	The goddess never worshipped at a temple. Those who are lost will now have to find their own way.
A0D9BEA6	322095	Is it true that Yuma poisoned you?  That is her way.  She is cunning and ruthless like a snake.
49BA1B93	322098	Each of Pagan's governors had their own talents.  Yuma's were deception and illusion.  It already feels like a fog has been lifted now that she's gone.
9A5A7246	322101	The way is clear now for you to seek out and kill Pagan Min, yes?  Please hurry and get it over with so we can go back to the way we were.
CF57DB4B	322107	How'd you do it? How'd you escape the prison? Did you climb out by tooth and nail? You part spider monkey or something?
2F823255	322110	From everything I've heard, those who go to Durgesh stay in Durgesh. The only escape being death.
3F2F4F3F	322113	I suppose one would have time to focus on meditation there. There would be nothing to grow attached too. [beat] No no, Durgesh is worse than death.
7A8F9B58	322119	You must have been badly outnumbered, cousin.  That was very brave of you-- also stupid... but brave.
6A22E632	322122	I hope that someone... disrespected the statue of Pagan Min.  I hope they used an elephant.
466271E8	322125	Kyrat should use the fortress for something worthwhile: as a reminder of what we have lost from this war.
AF01D4DD	322131	Is the war over?  I don't feel safe.  It might take a while before I feel safe.
B1772185	322134	Maybe we could melt Pagan's statue down and use it to build a statue of you?  How does that strike you?
51A2C89B	322137	I am just kidding. You're far too modest for that. Of course.
FA0C7DD0	322143	Pagan's dead! He always demanded we call him King Min. King Min indeed. Of all the yak-shit.
E47A8888	322146	I have no idea why he wanted to be king of our country anyway. It's not like he was in it to help the people.
04AF6196	322149	Now I think of it, taking over physical countries is a bit antiquated, isn't it? Oh well, now so is Pagan!
0B0135B3	322155	The rebels built that camp in a haunted piece of forest.  The elders warned them but they didn't listen.
2741A269	322158	You should get good with a bow if you aren't already.  Fight those hunters on their level!
CE22075C	322161	That forest is crawling with wolves-- extremely aggressive and frightening wolves.
586BEB1A	322239	So old Ira told me she went out to harvest her herbs and greens and everything, and what do you know, turns out someone had cut them all down.
7AF0F4F2	322242	I know they might just looked like wild plants to you or me, growing here and there with no apparent reason. But they're not. They're part of a dear old Ira's garden.
648601AA	322245	Whoever chopped everything down probably didn't know that. And if they did learn they were destroying an old woman's garden, I'm certain they wouldn't do it again.
0D107C49	322263	I saw you kill the sherpa. You may not have seen me, but I saw you. Nevermind what I was doing there, let's just stick with what you did.
EDC59557	322266	The sherpa was an odd-ball, I'll give you that. In fact, that whole family is odd. But that's no reason to go around killing people.
FD68E83D	322269	Oddness is the spice of life. A lot of people think it's curry, and that may be true, but where curry can spoil, oddity keeps for a lifetime. Or until an uncaring soul kills someone dead.
FCA3D3FE	322275	Ha!  It'll take more than that to snuff us out! Even if they leveled everything - tore us limb from limb - our spirit would remain and we would rise again!
1C763AE0	322278	Just like Yalung. That guys get a bad rap, you know. Even when the great god, Banashur, tore him up and spit him out, Yalung still remained.
0CDB478A	322281	We will too. Hopefully with less evil than Yalung, but with the same drive and vigor!
17551277	322287	We have heard stories about what was happening in that building.  De Pleur was a ghoul, surely sent here by Yalung himself.
0923E72F	322290	My niece was taken by Paul's men and I hope for her that she was given a swift death.  No one deserves to be tortured and corrupted like that.
E040421A	322293	Are you sure that you killed De Pleur?  He was a demon and demons die only to be reborn.  I fear we may have not seen the last of him.
AD94B061	322299	Hey, I just wanted to thank you. I bet on you in Noore's arena. Almost no one else did. And now that you've won - well, the wife is going to be getting that second tuk tuk she's been asking for!
B3E24539	322302	I was thinking, if you ever wanted to get some kind of arrangement going, let me know. We could split the profits 60/40.
5337AC27	322305	I've still got a roof that needs fixing and two kids we'd like to send to college after the war's over. 60/40's not bad. You think about it.
CC00D5C0	322311	Those men with the hoods, they are not like the rest of the army-- they're faster, deadlier... they speak to animals.
2CD53CDE	322314	So, the camp was discovered?  Even I knew that was a rebel base and if I knew-- the Royal Guard surely knew.
3C7841B4	322317	It is fortunate that you held that camp from the Royal Guard.  A war is made of many battles.  An elephant is eaten bite by bite.
BC8D9962	322323	Did Noore really throw herself to the animals in the arena?  I cannot believe it.  Surely, she was helped-- by a push perhaps?
55EE3C57	322326	What will become of the poor animals that were left in the arena?  Can they be around humans... children after so much savagery and mistreatment?
4B98C90F	322329	I have heard that Noore was a very beautiful woman but how can one be beautiful with so much hate in one's heart?
F634AF00	322335	Oh, praise Kyra the temple still stands! We've lost so much already.
B29DD366	322338	I don't think I could bare it if the temple were lost too. It's a sacred place, a link between our world and the realms of the gods.
5BFE7653	322341	The temple is a way to connect to gods. And in times like these, that connection is so important.
72FBBD44	322350	Another temple destroyed in the name of victory.  No matter who will win this war, the Kyrat we once knew will be no more.  The people of Kyrat lose again.
6C8D481C	322353	Pagan hid gold in a temple?  Ha!  The Kyrati people stay away from the temples in droves.  It's the last place anyone would ever look.
A55D6A15	322359	That Yuma was a wicked woman. I'm glad she's dead. Some people think she was under Pagan's influence. And that she only did them because he pushed her to.
87C675FD	322362	[native language swear]. Any fool could see she needing no influence. She enjoyed her cruelty.
99B080A5	322365	And what's more, she was good at it. her death is a blessing to all that knew her.
85EEED29	322371	You must be the first person to come back from that prison that I know of.  It was built for people to be left in and forgotten about.
A9AE7AF3	322374	That prison was built on a sacred spot of pilgrimage for high priests.  It was said that to survive the journey was enough for Banashur to grant you a private audience.
497B93ED	322377	When and if this war is won, we should fill that prison with the Royal Guard and let them know the desolation of a frozen hell.
38FF774E	322383	Amita was our hope. She was our way forward. What are we  left with now that she's gone? Only a man who insists on going backward.
D82A9E50	322386	I fear for the future of our country now that Sabal is our leader. His kind of ideology has no place in this world anymore.
C887E33A	322389	I know I haven't suffered through a civil war just to watch my country slowly die under ancient practices and poisonous ideas.
0DA4D1D5	322395	It's hard to see one of your own go, no matter who it is.
13D2248D	322398	I'm sorry for Sabal's death, but I'm happy his influence over the Golden Path is over.
F307CD93	322401	Sabal did a lot of good things for us. But he was too tied to the past. It was dangerous.
59D6EE87	322407	You were in the palace?  Did you dine on crab rangoon?  I heard from a rebel that that was one of Pagan Min's favourite dishes.
11FABC59	322410	People build golden cages around themselves but when they realise they forgot to build a way out... it`s too late.
F899196C	322413	Kyrat is free from Pagan Min now.  I want to believe that.  There will be another Pagan.  There always is.
6FDA4697	322419	I heard you made contact with the hunters. A friend of mine said he saw the whole thing.
86B9E3A2	322422	He said it was like arrows were raining from the sky. Said it sounded like animals were everywhere.
064C3B74	322425	It's a little hard to believe. But there was no lie in his eyes. The look on your face tells me it's true too.
FE40891C	322515	Heard you had quite the tango with a wild animal. It's best not to put yourself in situations like that.
27F61449	322518	My friend Indirsha used to go out, looking for fights with wild beasts. She'd come back with a giant pelt, looking none the worse for wear. But then, one day, oh, it was horrible.
3980E111	322521	One day a tiger comes back wearing HER pelt. So I'm glad you survived your ordeal, but just remember - one day, your luck might run out!
468AD027	322539	Banapur is one of our last refuges.  Of course the army want it to destroyed.  They want to take all of our hope away from us.
A65F3939	322542	Bhadra is merely a girl but there is something special about her.  I think that Pagan Min knows this and wants her dead.
B6F24453	322545	It is a good thing that you were there to help Bhadra when she was in trouble.  Perhaps you are her guardian now, eh?
9AB2D389	322551	How did you escape from the 'City Of Pain' without losing your mind?  Nothing there is good yar.  Everything is evil.
73D176BC	322554	There are many parents wandering like ghosts, looking for any sign of their children.  What a horrific thing it is to take the light of a child away from their mother and father.
6DA783E4	322557	I never thought Paul could have been defeated but he has been.  Maybe he wasn't a demon after all?
8D726AFA	322563	So was it true that you were naked in the arena?  Was that Noore's doing?  Her depravity knows no end.
035C3A1E	322566	You surely know that you were lucky to escape the arena with your life.  That place was not designed for anyone to make it out alive.
1D2ACF46	322569	Alay you faced wolves and bears?!  I wish I had been there to see that and of course, I would have bet a few rupees on you to say the least!
F4496A73	322575	These hunters use arrows and they are expert marksmen.  It is an altogether older and more patient way to kill.  I fear them greatly.
23247F14	322578	The hunters fight with a greater stealth than the rest of the army.  They use ambush tactics and it's nearly impossible to see them coming.
C3F1960A	322581	Do you have a bow?  You should use a bow against these men.  Fight fire with fire.
08092CD7	322587	Noore's lucky she got to decide about her own fate.  I had more than a few ideas about how to send her back to the seven hells.
E8DCC5C9	322590	I heard stories that Pagan had kidnapped her parents, forced her to do what she did but I don't believe that nonsense.  She chose her path just as I chose this one.
AE2B1F25	322593	I've never been to the arena fight and I refuse.  I think it's cruel.  The animals have their right to live their lives in peace and freedom.
B05DEA7D	322599	I admire Pagan's strategy: hiding his gold in an old temple on an island in the middle of a lake.  We took him down though, didn't we?
593E4F48	322602	I don't feel proud that we couldn't save the temple but what were we supposed to do?  This is a war.  Things get broken in a war.  Nothing is spared.
757ED892	322605	Maybe we can build a new temple when all of this is over.  Much of Kyrat will have to be rebuilt but we can do it together, as Kyratis.
95AB318C	322611	We almost lost the temple.  It could have been easily destroyed and I`m sure Pagan Min would have been fine with that.
85064CE6	322614	The temple was hiding a lot of gold.  What was Pagan Min going to use it for?  Buying more guns?  He certainly wasn't going to rebuild our schools.
05F39430	322617	So what do we search other temples now?  Do you think he hid some gold in any other temples?  What about the monks?  Do you think they're in on it too?
EC903105	322623	I find it hard to believe you killed a kalinag.  Were they helping Yuma?  How can this be?  Are there more of them?
F2E6C45D	322626	Everyone knows the kalinag that changed form at will.  Anyone could be a kalinag in disguise.  I know I'm not a kalinag but I can't be sure of anyone else.
12332D43	322629	Yuma is dead.  That's the last of the governors and now only Pagan is left, and he will not give up easily.  I feel that the worst of this war will be saved for the end.
C8016478	322635	You were in the prison and you escaped?  Did you see a tall, thin man with a proud face?  He has a loud, lovely laugh.  That is my husband.
D6779120	322638	Pagan Min took my husband away and exiled him to that prison for giving medicine to mine workers.  He's the reason I joined the Golden Path.
3F143415	322641	If The Golden Path doesn't hit the prison hard and soon, I'll go break my husband out myself.  I can't trust anyone to do it for me.
1354A3CF	322647	The fortress is no more and Pagan is on the run.  But be careful, a statue is not the man.  That was nothing more than a symbol, a first step, but the tiger is most dangerous when cornered.
F3814AD1	322650	We are close to our goal, the end of Pagan Min but that is when silly mistakes can be made.  We must be vigilant, now more than ever.
E32C37BB	322653	Amita is dead and the Golden Path is now free to follow Sabal.  See? One focused vision is always better than two conflicting ones.
AB006565	322659	Well, why have we stopped?  We should not rest at just destroying Pagan's fortress, we should be marching on the man himself; strike while his guard is down.
4263C050	322662	We can not celebrate now.  The war is not yet won, it may just be entering its bloodiest chapter yet.  We must be poised like tigers ready to leap on unsuspecting prey.
5C153508	322665	Sabal is no more and Amita is the true leader of the Golden Path.  They fought side by side like siblings but hate quickly grew between them.  I wish it were different but we must move on.
BCC0DC16	322671	Pagan is gone and we are free.  It feels different than I imagined.  There is much work still to be done to heal Kyrat.
9E5BC3FE	322674	I hope Pagan's head was put on a spike and the body burned.  That's the only way you can deal with demons and make sure that they don't come back.
802D36A6	322677	We should turn Pagan's palace into a museum.  Leave it completely as it is: a monument to greed, hate and evil.  We must never forget.
D35CEB60	322683	Was it true?  There were fighters who tried to cut off your head?  That was their tactic?  Tell me how to best defend against them.
FF1C7CBA	322686	Were those wolves really 'charmed'?  Who charmed them?  I don't believe in magic or witches or any of that.
167FD98F	322689	The army has some stranger things going on it would seem.  They're not just brainwashed grunts.  These so-called beheaders and hunters are different.
2073719F	322779	Normally, when people get attacked by big predators, they die. Even if they have all kinds of weapons.
C0A69881	322782	How in all the heavens did you manage to survive? My little brother got into a fight with a tiger once.
D00BE5EB	322785	Before anyone knew what was happening the tiger swallowed him whole. They shot the tiger and cut its stomach open. But... it was too late.
C35D2345	322803	Banapur is my wife's village. Her family has lived there for generations. But the Royal Army has turned it into ruins.
DD2BD61D	322806	It can be rebuilt, but the Royal Army destroyed more than buildings when they attacked.
34487328	322809	Lives have been lost; history has been lost. But, if it weren't for you it would have been worse. Kyra bless you.
1808E4F2	322815	They say you killed De Pleur...but...people still see him. He's not dead!
F8DD0DEC	322818	His reign of terror, the bloody history he's left in Kyrat; De Pleur is still very much alive. I saw him last night.
E8707086	322821	I see him every time I close my eyes. De Pleur's body may be gone but I still feel his blade in my ribs.
A05C2258	322827	I saw your fight in Noore's arena. People are saying it was rigged.
493F876D	322830	Noore's been known to drug the animals. Like when she pits them against her guards. Easy victory for the guards, power display for her.
57497235	322833	I don't think your fight was rigged. But other people... probably just bitter because they lost their bets.
B79C9B2B	322839	They say you saw the hidden camp. And the horrors that took place there.
950784C3	322842	They said the camp was covered in dead bodies. All pierced with hundreds of arrows. But that's not all.
8B71719B	322845	They say there are ghosts. That the ghosts murdered everyone at the camp. But you survived. You're not a ghost, are you?
129F980C	322851	I couldn't believe my ears when I heard you killed Noore!  They say she could turn herself into an animal and now she's inside one. Poetic.
735DBBB6	322854	What was Noore's last thought when she stared into the mouth of a wild beast?  Was she repentant? Remorseful?  [laughter] I wouldn't bet on it.
9A3E1E83	322857	Did Noore think offering herself to the beasts would right things?  I guess we'll never know.
8448EBDB	322863	That temple should have just been destroyed-- it has already been desecrated.  Take the whole damn island through the hells while you're at it.
46061D2D	322869	I don't believe that the temple held all of Pagan Min's gold.  He's too devious to put it all in one place.  Maybe other temples have caches as well.
B1134D40	322878	Are you going to make sure the gold you liberated will be turned back into sacred statues?  I thought not.
F93F1F9E	322881	The temple was desecrated.  It hangs heavy in my heart but maybe it needed to be destroyed so we can start new.
5CE697A8	322887	If Pagan wasn't crazy before he is going to lose it now that Yuma's dead.
7E7D8840	322890	They grew up together, you know. She was like his little sister. I think Yuma one of the few people Pagan ever cared about.
600B7D18	322893	I mean, how would you react if someone killed your sister? Oh well. It's not like they both didn't have it coming.
19EAF680	322899	That prison is a cold hell.  I have known people who never returned from there.  You must be a great warrior or a lucky dhole.
09478BEA	322902	You made it out and good for you.  Shame you couldn't help out some of the other prisoners.
25071C30	322905	That prison is where hope goes to die; it freezes solid never to thaw again.  It's too good for Pagan and his ghouls.
099D00FB	322911	I can't believe Amita is gone. She was such a...a force. It's strange, things seem hollow now.
E948E9E5	322914	Don't get me wrong, I didn't agree with most of the changes Amita was fighting for, but she had a clear direction.
F9E5948F	322917	Not that any of that matters now. She's gone. I just pray to the gods Sabal knows where to lead us.
CC64B905	322923	That was a daring raid, brother.  The Golden Path is lucky you were there.  I don't know if many of us would have had the guts for a frontal assault.
D2124C5D	322926	I would have loved nothing more than to have been up there, helping you tear down Pagan's statue!  Did you keep any rubble as a souvenir?
32C7A543	322929	We're not far now are we?  We have taken care of the stone Pagan, now the flesh and blood Pagan awaits.
C7EB24DD	322935	So, you got the pleasure of killing Pagan Min? How did you kill him? I know how I would have killed him.
D99DD185	322938	I would have started by making him eat that stupid crab Rangoon until he threw up. Then I'd make him eat the puke until it was all gone.
3948389B	322941	Then, I would make him eat his precious pink suit. And when he was done with that, I'd shoot him in the head.
6212D4AE	322947	You - you survived the attack on the camp. I've heard strange things.
E2E70C78	322950	I heard you fought against ghosts who used bows and arrows. Ghosts that spoke in animal sounds and whistles.
0232E566	322953	Guess I can't believe everything I hear.
3651DA9E	322983	Did you really run over Royal Army and keep on driving? I heard one of them of Vittesh.
DF327FAB	322986	Vittesh was my cousin. When the war started he chose Min and I chose the Golden Path.
F372E871	322989	He chose wrong. All the same, he deserves a proper burial. I hope they give him one.
030A7C05	323019	Rumor is you've been looting the bodies of our fallen comrades.
4B262EDB	323022	If family members found out about they'd be angry. Those articles aren't yours to take. But, I understand.
A2458BEE	323025	It's not like the dead can make use of their stuff. And in battle you have to take what you can get.
C81D5433	323066	I hate it when they're late. I never know if its rebels or bad roads.
A16C91FD	323067	They'll be here, don't worry.
D1066572	323069	Ah finally!
8A41C23E	323071	Move, come on.
FA2B36B1	323072	I think this one shit on himself.
935AF37F	323073	Keep moving.
E33007F0	323074	Get in a sit down!
14C2EFB0	323076	That's everyone.
64A81B3F	323087	Everyone off.
0DD9DEF1	323088	Get out.
7DB32A7E	323089	Off, move, move.
D7472285	323090	Get your ass down.
925C96F9	323091	Amita: And Ajay. If you can, take pictures of his interrogation chambers. It'll go a long way in convincing people that he's a monster. Just... keep your head down. Don't let them see you, don't get caught.
7B3F33CC	323092	Sabal: In fact, a lot of people keep disappearing from nearby villages, so if you find anyone alive inside, help them escape. But go in quietly.
3963A5C1	323113	Ajay: Sabal, I freed some prisoners.
4909514E	323114	Sabal: Good. Every person you save is another soldier for the cause, brother. Now finish what you have to do.
3E2487B0	323179	[Silence 0.6]Ajay: Jesus.
B95B2352	323180	[Silence 0.6]Ajay: Fuck.
273FB6F1	323181	[Silence 0.6]Ajay: Oh, shit.
92767091	323182	[Silence 0.6]Ajay: Oh.
7608D56E	323185	Ajay: Keep your head down and get out of here.
066221E1	323186	Ajay: You're free. You can sneak out.
F190C9A1	323187	Ajay: Go, go, get out of here, and keep your head down.
81FA3D2E	323193	Ajay: Sneak out, c'mon, go, go, you're free.
B32DAF97	323200	Pagan Min: All of it. Thank you. Here we are. Ah. Hm?
24FF761F	323210	Ajay: That's a good thing, right?[Silence 8]
BA7C5B91	323212	Amita: Bhadra, what are you? [sighs] Pick it up. Try again. Very good.
048E62E1	323238	Ajay, so glad to see you.  We're ready for the bastards, so grab mines or get behind the turret. Let's hurt them.
8A478A28	323245	Enemies to the north!
1D9553A0	323246	They're coming in from the north.
A16AD9EB	323247	Incoming from the south.
36B80063	323248	Enemies to the south.
B871E8AA	323249	They're to the east!
2FA33122	323250	East, east!
3FE9F465	323251	Soldiers to the west.
A83B2DED	323252	They're coming in from the west!
8E2E816E	323776	Pagan Min: Whatever you say, dear.
A9B8D495	323793	Amita: Sabal!  You must evacuate that town!
CE129969	323794	Sabal: I'm not evacuating on your say so.
B0A3E5D4	323797	Amita: You hear that?  Sabal, get the soldiers out!
498A85A6	323798	Sabal: I am not abandoning--
373BF91B	323800	Direct hit!  Direct hit!
5091B4E7	323801	Amita: Soldiers of the Golden Path.  I'm ordering you to evacuate.
2E20C85A	323802	Sabal: Hold your positions!
80916599	323803	Amita: Damn it, Sabal!
FE201924	323805	Ajay: The first gun's secured.  How am I supposed to destroy it?
998A54D8	323806	Amita: Focus on the soldiers.  Help is on the way.
E73B2865	323810	Ajay: The first gun's secured.  How am I supposed to destroy it?
B2A7071B	323811	Amita: Focus on the soldiers.  Help is on the way.
CC167BA6	323813	Ajay: That's the last one.  So where's that help?
ABBC365A	323814	We're almost at your position!  Ajay, we've got soldiers right behind us!
D50D4AE7	324072	Amita: Ajay, protect the sappers heading your way.  They'll disable the guns.
FDE691DC	324086	Ajay: Both sappers are down.
8357ED61	324087	Amita: Get the explosives and finish what they started.
0DFA696D	324091	Keep them off me while I set the bombs!
8A85CD8F	324092	Keep us safe while we set the explosives.
14E1582C	324093	I'm setting explosives... make sure nobody bothers me.
A1A89E4C	324095	Moving to the first cannon.
3FCC0BEF	324096	Moving to the first cannon.
B8B3AF0D	324097	Moving to the first cannon.
26D73AAE	324098	Heading for the next gun emplacement.
3F2BB3C2	324099	Heading for the next gun emplacement.
A14F2661	324100	Heading for the next canon.
26308283	324101	Heading for number three.  Cover me.
B8541720	324102	Heading for number three.  Cover me.
F5B48793	324103	Heading for number three.  Cover me.
6BD01230	324104	Last one.  Watch my back.
ECAFB6D2	324105	Last one.  Watch my back.
72CB2371	324106	Last one.  Watch my back.
DE99D450	324114	That's got it.  Blow it!
88C373D6	324115	That's got it.  Blow it!
BAF51154	324116	That's got it.  Blow it!
40FD41F3	324117	Final bomb in place.  Fire in the hole!
16A7E675	324118	Final bomb in place.  Fire in the hole!
249184F7	324119	Final bomb in place.  Fire in the hole!
D6CBC21F	324150	Another direct hit!  Everyone down!
A87ABEA2	324151	Incoming! Get those children into cover!
CFD0F35E	324153	We're taking a pounding!
B1618FE3	324154	The buildings are coming down!
4848EF91	324156	Amita, you have to help us!  Everyone is dying!
36F9932C	324157	We're not going to make it!
6A127807	324165	"Hey, Pradeep.  You want to volunteer for an easy job?"  "Why sure, Amita.  I'd be happy to."
ED6DDCE5	324166	Don't start.
73094946	324167	Not again.
C6408F26	324170	"Easy job?  That'd be a nice change". I was hoping I'd be delivering sandwiches or something.
58241A85	324175	But noooooo. Once again "I'm" the guy who has to turn his back on a hail of bullets while fucking around with explosives.
DF5BBE67	324176	Can you just... [Sigh]
413F2BC4	324177	Please, just... [Sigh]
901A28A0	324181	Oh no, this isn't suicidal.  If I get back alive, I swear I'm punching Amita right in the nose.
0E7EBD03	324182	Will you shut the fuck up?
17658C42	324185	I made it.
A22C4A22	324186	Hey you bastard.  There's two of us here.
3C48DF81	324187	We... we made it!.
BB377B63	324188	Ajay: Oh... shit...
2553EEC0	324189	RUN!
3CAF67AC	324191	You see?!  This.  THIS is exactly what I'm talking about.  This job is really stressful.
890119E1	324212	Shut up, please, shut up.
2CA52E76	324215	Kalinag: The tiger had gone from one world to the next.
4B0F638A	324219	Kalinag: As though embracing death.
B2C36BDE	324345	[Silence 6]Ajay: What the hell was that?
C2A99F51	324347	Kalinag: You are in my Shangri-La now.
A62F2B91	324462	All that propaganda on the radio, on the walls...I don't know who Min's trying to reach with it.
B68256FB	324465	We all know the Golden Path aren't terrorists. And we sure as hell aren't going to be convinced Pagan Min is a good guy.
9AC2C121	324468	He can say whatever he wants. But we know the truth. We live in fear of it everyday. No poster or radio program will change that.
A52E6301	324471	The smells of the village used to be warm, friendly: some family's meal bubbling over a fire, the smell of fresh dung.  Now, it's just gunpowder and rotting flesh.
7C98FE54	324474	Many tales will be told about this war, if it ever ends.  I hope that I am alive to make sure that the right people are called heroes and the right people are shown as the villains.
62EE0B0C	324477	Yar I need to write home.  It's been weeks.  I know that my family is safe but they don't know if I am or not.
D024E0AC	324480	I can't remember the last time I've seen Pagan Min but I know he's around.  You can sense him, feel his evil creeping around every corner.  We cannot rest until he's dead.
30F109B2	324483	Pagan Min has doubles, did you know that?  Even if you see him, you can't be sure that it's actually him.  Best to shoot him in the head and figure it out later.
BEDF5956	324486	Pagan Min was set up by the West to come in and takeover Kyrat.  I'm sure of this.  There's no way he could have come up with all the resources and money himself.
A0A9AC0E	324489	The villagers in Banapur are fortunate.  The rest of Kyrat is starving, but here, they are well-fed.
49CA093B	324492	It takes time to set up supply lines.  I understand the urgency to get out to other villages but the army is dug in very deep.
94393156	324495	What I wouldn't do for a bottle of Shangri-Lager and a pack of Royal's cigarettes right now!  Yeah, that would be a blessing from Banashur.
74ECD848	324498	Before the Royal Guard blew up the movie theatre I saw a great movie about dinosaurs taking over an amusement park.  Incredible!
6441A522	324501	Who can understand why life takes a turn for the worse?  It's all part of a grander cycle.  We are at war and soon, we will be at peace.
480132F8	324504	That shopkeeper keeps trying to get me to buy her dirty stories.  I would go somewhere else if there was somewhere else to go to!
73A16414	324507	Have you met Sadhu? He's the one sitting under the tree, has his arm in the air, never speaks.
6DD7914C	324510	He's been like that for five years now. No one really knows why. Maybe it's a protest, maybe he's traveling deep into the astral realm.
8D027852	324513	But no one fucks with him. Not even the Royal Army. You don't touch Sadhu, you just don't.
0859463A	324516	Everything you see is evidence of Min's rule. This is his model community.
2AC259D2	324519	Everyone is happy and healthy. Crime is almost non-existent. Maybe it wouldn't be bad if the south accepted King Min as their ruler.
34B4AC8A	324522	I'm not sure why the south resists anymore. All that violence, seems like their doing. I don't know, living here, it's pretty nice.
DDD709BF	324525	Please don't tell anyone what I'm telling you know, but my mother said Yuma's men arrested my sister because she was speaking out against Pagan Min.
5D22D169	324528	It was all very professional. They  brought my sister back home the next day. But, my mother...and, please, just keep this between us....
BDF73877	324531	My mother said she isn't the same person. Said it's something in the eyes. That's silly of course. My sister looks the same to me.
B2EEDA72	324534	Yar, so far, war has been heat, mosquitoes and damp feet.  I wouldn't mind firing a shot or two.
5B8D7F47	324537	I don't have any great war stories.  Not like my grandfather's stories; those are incredible.  I might have to make something up for my grandkids.
45FB8A1F	324540	How many wars are going on in the world at one time?  There are usually a few.  Why do we fight each other, reconcile and do it all over again?  Is it in our blood?
C26396D0	324543	Well it's obvious, isn't it?  Pagan Min wants to be worshipped.  That's the ultimate aim.  He wants to be Banashur himself.
22B67FCE	324546	I will be the one to kill Pagan Min.  Mark my words.  I have dreamt of the moment for years.  I'm using positive visualization.
321B02A4	324549	I'm sorry to say it but I feel that Pagan truly did love Ishwari and when someone is capable of love then they have some soul, but he seems to have lost it years ago.
032C28B6	324552	My husband was taken from our home last night. We woke up to four Royal Army in our house, in our room, pulling us out of bed.
1D5ADDEE	324555	He said they took him to some basement. They kept threatening him for being a terrorist.
F43978DB	324558	He was sure they were going to kill him. But for some reason they brought him back, praise the gods. They are the real terrorists.
AD5A451D	324561	You know I've been thinking. This whole thing could be a test. My being here, representing the Golden Path, but living under Min's intended rule.
CC9866A7	324564	Things aren't the same elsewhere because people haven't allowed Min to reign. They're just stuck in this cycle of violence and resistence.
25FBC392	324567	Things are nice. Maybe the gods have given me this test. Seeing how long it takes for me to let go of my old ways. Maybe Min is the answer.
A16297CD	324570	Yar, I can't fight hungover anymore.  It's just not a good idea.  I need to be clear-headed when I fire a gun.
BF146295	324573	Do you remember when music used to play on the radio?  That was wonderful.  Now we get static, and not the good kind.  We get static coming out of Pagan Min's puppets.
5FC18B8B	324576	How do you take a break in a war?  No one agrees on a time to rest.  I'm always on the run, a target and I didn't choose this life-- it chose me. So why wouldn't I pick up a gun and defend myself?
3B8D36CA	324579	I'm sitting down to this wonderful feast. Everything is beautiful and smells like the heavens.
DB58DFD4	324582	As soon as I cut into a roast pig it pops and dust falls over everything. I go to the other end of the table and find a pie that's fresh.
F9C3C03C	324585	I cut into the pie - it's perfect -  but when I bite it turns to sand in my mouth. It's just a dream, but I always wake up terribly thirsty.
23546DBC	324588	I'd give anything for Kyra Tea to be back in production.
C38184A2	324591	Forget the war, forget the drugs they're producing. I just want to go back to the days of pure, simple tea.
D32CF9C8	324594	I want life to be normal again. I have a small cache of tea packets. I'm hesitant to use them, but when I do, I feel normal again. Just for a moment.
6F912F15	324606	Awful things go on behind the walls of Paul's compound.  It's called the 'City Of Pain' and for good reason.  He is a ghoul.
8F44C60B	324609	When Paul is in Kyrat, his men become more sadistic.  It's as if just being around him makes you as bloodthirsty and cruel as he is.
016A96EF	324612	Paul learned his trade with the American army where they spare no expense to get the information they need.  Spit out the truth or spit out your teeth.
1F1C63B7	324615	I'm tired of all this propaganda on the walls and radio.  Who does Pagan think he's fooling.  He better not show up in my dreams!
F67FC682	324618	What I wouldn't give to be the first fighter get to Pagan.  I'd ruin his expensive silk suits.  I'd enjoy every hole I made with my khukri.
259FAF57	324621	I bet Pagan's getting frustrated.  He hires foreign psychopaths to help him.  We are Kyrati.  We live for this land, we die for this land.
C54A4649	324624	I don't know what my comrades are complaining about, I like Royals cigarettes.  I don't even know what burning yak-fur would taste like.  How could they?
D5E73B23	324627	Shangri-Lager is a good beer but it tasted better in my youth.  Maybe Pagan's even messed with our beer?  Is nothing sacred?
F9A7ACF9	324630	My brother left home years ago to be a monk.  The last time we talked he scolded my for taking up arms against Pagan Min.  We can't all sit in temples mumbling prayers.
10C409CC	324633	They say that Pagan's hunters can charm animals.  Doesn't matter.  I don't think they can charm my bullets.
0EB2FC94	324636	Villagers disappear without a warning.  They don't even know they are invited to Paul's parties.   No one refuses the invitation.
EE67158A	324639	I know a big battle is on its way but when I look at the wilderness: the trees and the mountains, there's a peace that runs under everything despite the deeds of men.
A890CF66	324642	Sometimes, in the middle of a fire-fight, my mind just drops out.  Not a thought to be had.  Everything seems so alive and I don't see death as the end.
B6E63A3E	324645	If I survive this war, I might write a book about all of this.  I've been writing as much down as I can but it's hard in the middle of a warzone to get quiet time.
5F859F0B	324648	I should drive a tuk-tuk into the next battle.  Get some armour on there, load it up with ammo and explosives.  The Royal Guard wouldn't knw what was happening!
D6078388	324651	Noore is like the jade python: beautiful and deadly.  She knows that tearing down the morals and virtues of Kyrat will be our undoing!
3F6426BD	324654	I don't know where Noore is from.  Nobody seems to.  You know why that is?  She is the demon Yalung in female form.  She must be.
1324B167	324657	Noore is trying to turn us all into animals.  That's what she's running the arenas.  She's trying to lower us to savages.  Take away our dignity.
F3F15879	324660	Noore probably tortured animals when she was a small child-- if she ever was a small child.  That's how killers start: when they're very young.
E35C2513	324663	Pagan Min has his own tailor, did you know?  How does feel about tailoring clothes for a monstrous dictator?  He best be getting paid well.
AB7077CD	324666	As Kyratis, this is our homeland and our fight but some Western intervention wouldn't hurt.  Maybe they're ignoring us because we don't have oil.
4213D2F8	324669	Kyrat can be a harsh place.  Many battles, many wars have been fought here, all the way back to Banashur and Yalung.  Maybe they're all the same fight...
5C6527A0	324672	I do miss Rabi Ray Rana on the radio.  We need to get this tower down and stop all these lies from Pagan Min's propaganda.
BCB0CEBE	324675	This war has changed so much of my homeland, destroyed forests and buildings.  I am overcome with too much sadness to even contemplate what it will look like when all of this is over.
9E2BD156	324678	I need a rest, comrade. The problem is, when I'm on leave, the dreams don't stop and I jump at every noise I hear.  I don't actually relax.
805D240E	324681	However this ends, they'll make a movie out of it and a white man will ride in to save us mountain-dwellers.  Still, I do enjoy movies.  I wouldn't mind seeing one again.
693E813B	324684	What day is this?  I think my birthday passed last week but I'm not completely sure.  I don't remember how old I would have turned either.  We'll say twenty-six.
FF6C6E12	324687	One of the first things Amita did when she came to power was to bring women into our fighting forces. That upset a lot of people.
160FCB27	324690	Amita claimed to be Kyrat's first woman warrior in centuries. Or so they say. But of course she wasn't the first.
08793E7F	324693	Women have always fought in Kyrat's wars. Their involvement has just been ignored in the history books and forgotten through time. But Amita's changing that for the better. More power to her.
E8ACD761	324696	People haven't seen Pagan Min around here in ages. Some even say he died a long time ago.
AE5B0D8D	324699	Our forces are fighting his, we hear Min's propaganda on the radio, but no one has seen him this far South in years.
B02DF8D5	324702	Doesn't really matter if he's dead or alive, though. The war Min started is still going. It's up to us to end it.
594E5DE0	324705	Shasta's monkeys have been running amuck again. They stole from Oja's house. But he refuses to say what they took.
750ECA3A	324708	Knowing Oja, though, one can probably guess. It's not as if we don't all know what he does. But, it's harmless and it makes him happy. Problem is, it makes the monkeys happy too.
95DB2324	324711	In any case, it's a good thing the monkeys are fixed. At least, Shasta said they were going to be fixed....
85765E4E	324714	Before I joined the Golden Path I worked at the tea factory. Those were some heady days.
05838698	324717	Running about, combining this leaf with that. We were reinventing the tea genre. Kyratea was famous. [disappointed] That's all gone now.
ECE023AD	324720	Now it's nothing but drugs. No innovation, no pushing the boundaries. Kyra willing, one day I'll be able to put this gun down and go back to the leaf.
F296D6F5	324723	We're lucky here. Banapur has been pretty sheltered from the war. I mean, we're not totally unaffected.
12433FEB	324726	We haven't had Shangri-Lager or Royals - I miss those smokes - ever since Min cut us off. But these are minor things. Others are not so lucky.
C87176D0	324729	Outside the valley, in DePleur's territory, those people aren't missing their beer or cigarettes. They're missing family members.
E9CB59ED	324732	Yuma tears the gold from the land.  Squeezes the good from the very land of Kyrat itself.  Pagan has taught her well.
091EB0F3	324735	It seems like Yuma has everyone working in the mines... no matter how old and how feeble.  The only rest you get is death.
19B3CD99	324738	The Royal Guard are Yuma's fucking dogs.  They wait by her feet for her command-- no matter how cruel and insane.  If we want to get to her, we go through them.
CEDED8FE	324741	Pagan has killed monks and priests, ordered the destruction of statues and chortens, desecrated the temples to store his blood money.  He'll get his karma.
27BD7DCB	324744	Pagan is a paper tiger, trust me on this.  He works for even bigger fish.  He's like an errand boy, sent by grocery clerks to collect a bill.
39CB8893	324747	If you ask me, to get to Pagan Min we need to hit him where it hurts: his wardrobe.  Find out where he hangs his suits and bomb it into submission.
D91E618D	324750	Work in the mines is a horrible fate but what if you were able to find a chunk of gold and smuggle it out.  There are... ways.
FB857E65	324753	There are some people in this land who have only known war.  I am one of them.  This is why I am fighting for peace.
E5F38B3D	324756	I have heard talk about a man who is fighting animals in the arena but not just that, he is fighting them with equal fierceness and savagery.
0C902E08	324759	The tea crates are full of opium, the temples are full of Pagan's gold.  Nothing is what it seems in Kyrat. Hey, maybe the elephants are full of candy!
44BC7CD6	324762	Kyratis are on our own here.  We've always been loners and survivors.  Why should now be any different.  Only we can help ourselves.
A46995C8	324765	Let's talk about anything but the war for a moment.  Have you seen the trees in this region?  The monks call them 'elder brothers'.  They must be hundreds of years old!
B4C4E8A2	324768	I've been running on reduced rations for days but we Kyrati have a saying: 'Better half a loaf than no bread at all.'
98847F78	324771	The elephants in this area are calm when left to themselves but do not anger them!  I wonder what riding one into battle would be like?
71E7DA4D	324774	The sherpa's life must be a tough one but you know what you have to deal with.  There are no surprises.  All you need is on your back.
FBDB12B8	324777	Paul is a demon and here in Kyrat where we are peaceful and kind people-- well, he's like a wolf in the sheep's pen.
BD2CC854	324780	When Paul is having one of his parties in the 'City Of Pain', the screaming doesn't stop, screaming and moaning-- it's horrible.
A35A3D0C	324783	There's no warning or logic to his actions.  Paul's men can come in and kidnap anyone at anytime.  Everyone is a target.
4A399839	324786	Ishwari betrayed Mohan because she was in love with Pagan Min.  It's not an easy truth to digest but that's the way it was.
66790FE3	324789	Anyone fighting for the freedom of their people will be called a terrorist by who ever doesn't want to give up their power.  It's an old trick.
86ACE6FD	324792	When you kill Pagan, make sure you do it with an elephant.  That is symbolic of Kyrat and would be very fitting.
96019B97	324795	When someone's taken hostage, they don't always come back you understand.
16F44341	324798	I hate the Royal Army, I can assure you that.  They are not going to get away with this for long.
FF97E674	324801	It's called the 'City Of Pain' but it is a vacation for Paul.  Our pain is his pleasure.
E1E1132C	324804	Paul is like a cowboy, he's loud and American.  He's Pagan's favourite, I can tell you.
0134FA32	324807	I went for a walk by the statues of Kyra the other day and they were so peaceful.  I felt protected for the moment.
D8826767	324810	I don't understand what good interrogation does if you don't believe what the prisoner says.
C6F4923F	324813	It's strange when you think Pagan could be doing this all because Ishwari broke his heart: all of this death and destruction because of her.
2F97370A	324816	I should go to the shop and get myself a machine gun-- for hunting.
03D7A0D0	324819	I have not been to the temple in months.  I'm afraid it's going to be blown up with me inside!
A9FE101E	324822	Yuma kidnaps people as well but at least they come back-- but they come back different.  Like they were emptied out somehow, but they come back.
B9536D74	324825	Watch what you say here.  Everyone's a spy for Yuma.  I'm not, you can trust me but she has eyes and ears everywhere.
9513FAAE	324828	I would keep moving fast if I were you.  If people are seen speaking together for too long-- that's definitely cause for some suspicion.
7C705F9B	324831	I think Pagan's coming for a visit, something I heard about him not being too happy with how the war is going. He wants to see to it himself.
6206AAC3	324834	Did Banashur let Pagan take us over as a test?  There must be a lesson in this because Banashur is good and he loves us.
82D343DD	324837	Pagan Min will die someday but I hope that it is soon and the hand of his killer is holding a Kyrati khukri!
0CFD1339	324840	I feel horrible today and I'm not sure why.  I made some soup yesterday from vegetables from my neighbour's garden; he was sent to the mines.
128BE661	324843	Have you seen my goat anywhere?  He was here just a minute ago.  Maybe he was kidnapped to fight in the arena... Ha! He'll nap his opponents into submission.
FBE84354	324846	My house used to be too big for me, too many rooms but then my cousin's family's house got blown up, no one got hurt but now they're staying with me.
3023A865	324849	I'll bet that no one in the rest of the world even knows where we are on the map.  They know Nepal and Tibet but who cares about a war in Kyrat?
D0F6417B	324852	We had a football team in Kyrat and we once played a friendly against Nepal.  We lost a ball in a mountain chasm and we had to kill a yak and sew another one.
C05B3C11	324855	A Western woman with a camera starting taking pictures of me.  I was smoking in my doorway and he asked me to look less happy.  I'm allowed to enjoy a smoke in the doorway of my home.
EC1BABCB	324858	Who doesn't want to ride around on an elephant.  It looks like a lot of fun but I get car-sick easily so I'll pass.
05780EFE	324861	Some of these rebels look like they are in need of a  bath.  Forget camouflage, think of how good it would feel!
1B0EFBA6	324864	Here I am, just sitting in a small village while a war rages on.  Do I feel guilty I'm not helping?  Not in the least.  I didn't invite Pagan Min to Kyrat.
B1274B68	324867	Had you been here a year ago, you would not have recognised the land.  There was no heroin.  Everyone had their original teeth.
93BC5480	324870	My niece and nephew have been gone for a week, we searched the forest.  We even asked a hunter to check a tiger's lair but we fear the worse: Noore.
8DCAA1D8	324873	Noore twists everything that she touches.  That's her aim, to corrupt and make everything beautiful and good decay.
64A904ED	324876	Over that bridge, is Pagan Min's territory.  I've heard some strange sounds, mostly explosions but this is a war after all.  Who knows?
E45CDC3B	324879	My cousin saw Pagan at the arena almost a year ago.  He was sitting in a section to himself surrounded by the Royal Guard but he hasn't come back in a while.
04893525	324882	Pagan Min wore a pink suit to the arena.  Can you imagine that?  A pink silk suit.  Where do you even get one of those?  Not Kyrat, surely.
1424484F	324885	My favourite fighter is Utar.  He beat a pack of dholes and won me a thousand rupees.  I lost it the next fight when some guy in mask beat up a badger.
C3495D28	324888	I've got a feel for the fights now.  Basically, I split my rupees three ways and bet on three days of fights in a row.  I'm bound to win one of them!
2A2AF81D	324891	These Westerners fly into the airport with a larger escort than Pagan Min himself. Who are they?  Basketball players?  Football players?  Who cares?
345C0D45	324894	When you're a champion in the arena, everything is yours but if you lose, you're nothing... you're washed up.
D489E45B	324897	I would love to go just one day without being hassled by drug dealers and pimps.  I was born in this village and I'm afraid to walk the streets at sundown.
F612FBB3	324900	Naccarapur was lovely before all of this filth.  It has all gone downhill like it was chased by Yalung.  I would move but I don't have a job because the school I worked in was destroyed.
91565F96	324903	The Golden Path are fierce fighters but they are skinny.  Every time I see one of them, I want to invite them over for a meal.  How can you fight a war hungry?
81FB22FC	324906	I almost joined The Golden Path last year but I kept sleeping in and missing the training drills.  Then, my sister had a baby and helping her took priority.
010EFA2A	324909	Women are fierce fighters too.  If an elephant is charging towards you, do you care what's between its legs?
E86D5F1F	324912	I have not seen Pagan in years.  Who has?  No one that I've spoken to.  Maybe he's already dead.
F61BAA47	324915	Pagan Min is insane,  anyone can tell that but he is very smart.  He is not one to be underestimated.  I fear he has a plan for Kyrat and I hope he does not succeed.
16CE4359	324918	Why do we let a foreigner who knows nothing about us or our culture do this to us?  It makes absolutely no sense.  We should have burned him at the stake by now.
C5E6F306	324921	If all of Kyrat was like Banapur, the whole country would be happy and productive.  But sadly, that is not the case.
DB90065E	324924	The mood in Banapur is good and morale is generally high but being cut off from the rest of the country is taking its toll.
32F3A36B	324927	My cousin enjoyed his job at the tea company.  It was good, honest work but now it's just a drug operation run by slaves.
1EB334B1	324930	I need to go by Monkey lady's house.  I can't find my sandals.  I think her eldest monkey, Lenin might have stolen them when I was out at the market.
FE66DDAF	324933	My father taught me bow-hunting at an early age and I developed quite the knack for it.  It's an elegant weapon that the rebels don't use enough.
EECBA0C5	324936	The water from the well tastes different lately.  I'm not sure if it has something to do with the war but I remember it was sweeter years ago.
A6E7F21B	324939	My father and I went to fights in arena when I was a young girl.  I haven't been in years but I was thinking of taking my niece.
4F84572E	324942	The forests have been pillaged by Noore to fill the arenas.  My last three hunting trips yielded a couple of squirrels and that's not enough to feed my family.
51F2A276	324945	This is the birthplace of Banashur and Kyra, and our destiny is greater than this petty war.  We must not lose hope!
051C623B	324948	De Pleur is an evil man.  How could a man like that have a family or loved ones.  I bet he sits in a cave and dreams of ways to cause pain.  Probably in a coffin or in a grave.
E5C98B25	324951	The village is no longer ours-- Paul's men have moved in and taken over all that is sacred.
F564F64F	324954	They are defilers; when they die a new layer of hell will open up, just for them.
BD48A491	324957	There's no mystery about why Ishwari left Mohan all those years ago. Everyone acts like he was this great, wonderful man. He wasn't.
542B01A4	324960	Everything had to be his way; that's fine for a rebel force, but poison for a marriage. Nothing was more important to him than ousting Pagan. Nothing.
4A5DF4FC	324963	All in all he was just an elephant's ass. If I were married to a man like that, I would have left too.
AA881DE2	324966	I don't know how much longer I can live here. Kyrat is my home but De Pleur's turned it into a prison.
8813020A	324969	People can't say what they want, they're afraid to leave their houses. Everyone I know has had a loved-one taken hostage at some point.
9665F752	324972	This is no way to live. Sometimes things are too big for you to change. Sometimes it's best just to go your own way.
7F065267	324975	Did you know the factory is producing heroin instead of tea now.
FFF38AB1	324978	I know it sounds odd, considering the state of the Kyrat. People are getting kidnapped left and right, only to be tortured and killed later.
1F2663AF	324981	But somehow it's the factory that disturbs me most. From tea to heroin. Hmm.
0F8B1EC5	324984	Has anyone warned you about Shasta? [beat] Well, it's not really Shasta you need to be weary of, it's Shasta's monkeys.
D8E60BA2	324987	There's about six of them. All named after some kind of political somethingorother. Stalin, Lenin, Mao. Shasta's always screaming at the one called Mao.
3185AE97	324990	Anyway, yeah, just watch your pockets. They like to steal things. Shasta says they're pets. But, monkeys. And monkeys will be monkeys.
194845FF	324993	Yuma is squeezing the minds of Kyratis like grapes and extracting their personalities like... so much juice.  Mind-grapes.
F99DACE1	324996	Does this town look perfect to you?  Be wary and please do not attract too much attention to the villagers.  People are watching.
BF6A760D	324999	I sense that you came here to help but what would help us villagers is if you left and didn't get us in trouble.
A11C8355	325002	Yuma has created the perfect little community for Pagan.  He would be very proud.
487F2660	325005	Everything in it's right place. Everything shiny, everything new.
643FB1BA	325008	But don't think that we've surrendered.  We are just biding our time.  We are being watched around the clock.
84EA58A4	325011	My cat ran away last week.  It's like she sensed something that I didn't.
944725CE	325014	She was acting strange the last couple of days. The nights in this part of the country used to be so peaceful.
14B2FD18	325017	They still are somewhat but I don't go for walks anymore.
FDD1582D	325020	You can see war on films or like me, you listen to the elders' stories but nothing compares to it when you're living it.  Every breath feels stolen, death-defying.
E3A7AD75	325023	What I wouldn't give for some homemade momo.  You know what those are?  They're like dumplings but done the Kyrati way.  My mom used to make them.
0372446B	325026	Did you see that villager... just over there?  I think he's spying on us.  Wait, don't look just yet...
DE49A58C	325029	There's no music anymore, that's what I miss right now.  All the musicians that played together gave up their instruments for guns.  That's war for you.
C03F50D4	325032	The sherpa is a brave man.  He must be protected.  This is all he knows.  All of Kyrat is his home, warzone or not.
295CF5E1	325035	I have seen things most people wouldn't believe-- attack-squads setting fire to fields off the shoulder of Tirtha.  I have seen tracer fire glitter in the dark near temple gates.
8BF3BAA1	325038	We never used to have a problem with drugs here. Definitely not heroin.
62901F94	325041	My brother's a user. Wanted to fight for the Golden Path. Pft, they won't take him. No one will. His wife kicked him out.
7CE6EACC	325044	I had to kick him out of the house yesterday. He's sleeping in the pig sty now. He doesn't care. He just cares about getting that next fix.
9C3303D2	325047	Supposedly Pagan's come to the arena fights. I don't know. I've never seen him.
121D5336	325050	And come to think of it, no one's mentioned seeing him recently. But then again, why would they?
0C6BA66E	325053	There's senseless violence no matter where he goes. He doesn't need to come to the arena to see that.
E508035B	325056	I hate the arena. People bet - sometimes they win big but most times they lose big.
3265163C	325059	They get to the point where they have nothing left. They're betting their land, then their houses.
D2B0FF22	325062	Some people have even tried to barter with their children. The arena is a disease.
C21D8248	325065	My heart just breaks for those arena animals. What did they ever do to earn such a fate? Nothing.
EE5D1592	325068	Do you know, to get them to be vicious, they're starved and beaten. That's right. There's even rumors Noore drugs them.
073EB0A7	325071	Kyra created us to care for and steward the animals. What Noore's doing is the grossest abuse of that.
90AE35B9	325074	Amita and Sabal have done a great job with the Golden Path. Things used to be at a stale-mate.
79CD908C	325077	But now, there's a new generation of rebels who can make a difference.
F938485A	325080	There's some conflict between Amita and Sabal, so the leadership is a bit confused. But things are getting better!
19EDA144	325083	I hope Rabi Ray Rana gets back on the air. He's worked so hard to get to where he is today. Started out in a shack behind his parents house and everything.
0940DC2E	325086	I miss Rabi radio. He was so funny. Made your day better.
DDA91D27	325089	Now it's just Min's propaganda on the radio. That makes your day worse.
34CAB812	325092	My husband loves to sew. He used to make clothes for the whole family. Now he makes uniforms for the Golden Path.
2ABC4D4A	325095	I tried to help him but I'm no good with a needle and thread. I am good at repairing guns though.
CA69A454	325098	So while my husband clothes the Golden Path, I ready their weapons. Together we make a pretty great team.
E8F2BBBC	325101	Bake bake bake, that's all my grandfather does anymore.  [in grandfather voice] 'An army can't march on an empty stomach.'
F6844EE4	325104	Lucky for the Golden Path grandfather is one of the best cooks in all of Kyrat. He's also as famous all over the world  for his bread.
1FE7EBD1	325107	In fact, some people have joined the Golden Path just so they can eat his food. True story.
57CBB90F	325110	We help the Golden Path and the Golden Path help us.
B71E5011	325113	Why, just the other day they helped my mother catch a bunch of escaped chickens and repair the coup.
A7B32D7B	325116	Those chickens were hairy and mean too. Took some nice size chunks out of a few soldiers. [laughter]
71716F1A	325119	Pagan's just fascinated with De Pleur's loud American antics.
91A48604	325122	It's scary because of how brutal De Pleur is. He is truly horrible, but Pagan just finds it funny. Entertaining even.
1F8AD6E0	325125	De Pleur's become Pagan's favorite. I bet they even have cute little nicknames for each other.
01FC23B8	325128	You know, the propaganda is starting to have the opposite effect.
E89F868D	325131	When I look at the posters, I know the opposite is true. And being reminded of that every day, I'm encouraged to keep fighting.
3FF293EA	325134	Hmm. I wonder how I'd feel if all the propaganda went away. Things would be less clear-cut.
DF277AF4	325137	I pray every night for the chance to hurt De Pleur in the way he's hurt us.
CF8A079E	325140	For every wound he's made on our bodies, the same should be made on his, until all the flesh is cut away and vengeance is written in his bones.
E3CA9044	325143	If the gods don't grant my wish, I know the devils will.
0AA93571	325146	DePleur has turned all our old tea farms into poppy fields. Seeing all those flowers, I get so angry.
14DFC029	325149	It's because I know they're not just flowers. They're opium. Opium De Pleur ships up north to Noore.
F40A2937	325152	It's the beautiful things that can be the ugliest.
B2FDF3DB	325155	My grandfather goes about as if there isn't a war on.  He gets up with the sun, says his prayers and then  goes to the shop to buy a piece of fruit.
AC8B0683	325158	Mark my words-- Kyrat will be reborn after the war and we'll start complaining about all the Australians throwing up on chortens or worse: Canadians!
45E8A3B6	325161	There are worse things than war.  I know it's hard to see it right now but Banashur has a plan.
FDB534E8	325164	Yuma thinks she has all of us well-trained like we are some kind of dogs but we Kyratis have faced worse.  We are biding our time.
1D60DDF6	325167	The secret is to keep smiling, no matter how much your face hurts.  When you're out in the open, smile like an idiot.
0DCDA09C	325170	No matter how bad it gets here, we must remember that oppression is a teacher.  What doesn't kill us, makes us stronger.
D03E98F1	325173	I saw a little child with what I thought was a Pagan Min haircut!  I really hope it was a trick of the light.  If I see it again, I'll shave his head myself!
395D3DC4	325176	A pink suit... what kind of a man wears a pink suit?  It should make him an easy target to spot.
272BC89C	325179	People like Pagan think that they are untouchable but that makes it all the more satisfying when you stick a khukri in his guts.
C7FE2182	325182	I want to join The Golden Path but I've been in the fields too long, bending over and straightening up and have problem with my back.
E5653E6A	325185	Elephants are beautiful yes but have you ever had one step on your foot?  My cousin did!  He doesn't go barefoot any more.
FB13CB32	325188	So, I'm standing near the shop and I overhear a little girl say that she wants to be Yuma when she grows up.  I could have slapped her if her mother wasn't there.
12706E07	325191	I used to climb mountains.  I would feel so free.  Now I can't go ten steps towards a mountain without having to show papers.
5A5C3CD9	325194	Yuma was here a week ago and she walked through the village with her entourage and in her wake was the strongest smell of lilies.  It was hypnotic.
BA89D5C7	325197	So what else do you want to know?  You're listening to me tell stories and I don't know anything about you.  Doesn't seem fair.
AA24A8AD	325200	Space.  That's what I need.  I can't find any space or  peace of mind.  If it's not the army yelling and shooting, it's the damn rebels.
86643F77	325203	There are still moments where you are looking out at the mountain and a bell sounds, cutting through your thoughts and you feel like you're not in a warzone at all.
6F079A42	325206	I'm getting sick of the same old food.  I can't wait until we can trade with merchants outside of this country.
FB1A9AC6	325209	My neighbor's children were playing out side the village when they went missing.
E56C6F9E	325212	Children don't just vanish. They get taken by something... or someone....
05B98680	325215	Noore deals in the business of taking humans. I'm not accusing her! I'm just saying, that's her business.
DC0F1BD5	325218	I hate being this close to the bridge, knowing Pagan is so near.
C279EE8D	325221	Sometimes I wake up at night thinking we're on the other side, trapped in the north with him.
2B1A4BB8	325224	I would say it's just a bad dream but that could be our reality any day now.
075ADC62	325227	Bahji! Bahji the miracle tiger! I pray to the gods evey night I might see his face.
E78F357C	325230	Bahji fearlessly fought in Noore's arena for years, killing hundreds of competitors in his time.
F7224816	325233	When he reached 1,000 dead Noore wrapped a mantle around him, set a crown atop his head, and released him back into the wild. It's said that if you see him, you will be granted three boons.
BF0E1AC8	325236	My favorite fight in the arena involved wolves, a grandmother and someone's milk goat.
566DBFFD	325239	The grandmother was thrown into the arena for  stealing flatbread. Ridiculous, of course. But immediately the wolves started circling her.
481B4AA5	325242	Someone threw in a milk goat, presumably as a distraction. But what does the old lady do? She grabs the goat and starts spearing the wolves, one by one, with it's sharp little horns.
E04715DE	325245	You're with the Golden Path, is it true what they say about Amita and Sabal? Are they always fighting?
34AED4D7	325248	Sabal believes in tradition. He says we must return to the old days if we want Kyrat to flourish.
D47B3DC9	325251	Amita is the opposite of Sabal, she wants to modernize Kyrat and do away with our past. She believes our traditions are holding us back.
C4D640A3	325254	I want nothing to do with Pagan Min and his soldiers. I only wish to be left in peace.
E896D779	325257	I'm sick of hearing about him.  The next time I hear his name I better hear "is dead" at the end.
01F5724C	325260	Don't forget that Pagan sided with the Royal family when he first arrived.  He held his blade hidden until the right moment.
1F838714	325263	Fields of poppies have a nice smell to them, despite all the pain and suffering their product causes.  I will miss the smell.
FF566E0A	325266	Can you imagine the jewel that Kyrat once was?  You can scarcely picture it, my friend but look around and try-- try to understand how kind and green land this land once was.
B9A1B4E6	325269	It's amazing the things you take for granted once a war starts.  Since the tea company turned into a drug front, I can't get a decent cup of tea in the morning.
A7D741BE	325272	There's nowhere to run.  I can't hide in my home because I know the army will knock on my door and I can't go into the forest because they're there too.
4EB4E48B	325275	Don't tell anyone but I've got a case of Shangri-Lager stashed away in a place no one will find it.  When this war's over... I will give you a bottle.
62F47351	325278	I don't know who this Bhadra is but she can be Tarun Matara if she wants it.  I understand it's important to our culture and Kyrat but it was never that interesting to me.
82219A4F	325281	Banapur is a great village but there are some who are jealous of its place of prominence.  They can hate all they want to.
928CE725	325284	I went to India once.  All the colours and all the smells!  My head was spinning!
12793FF3	325287	There are boring parts to being in a warzone, that's what surprises you.  Long stretches of nothing when you're expecting some noise and terror and there's just nothing.
F1012B32	325290	De Pleur's not even from here. He's an American. He still has a home in America. A family. Why are the most wretched people always married with kids?
DD41BCE8	325293	I don't know what he wants with our country. With our people. All he does is steal and torture and kill! That sick, spoiled.... [native language swear]!
3D9455F6	325296	The week or so when he flies back to America, that's when we get a rest. But the night before De Pleur leaves he throws a party; that's the worst.
2D39289C	325299	We wouldn't be in this mess if it weren't for Ishwari, that whore. She was the great Mohan Gale's wife. But she betrayed him to Min!
ADCCF04A	325302	She was in bed with Min the whole time and when Mohan found out, she took his child and fled.
44AF557F	325305	It's not just a rumor. That's what happened. And that's why Kyrat is in the state that it is. All because of one woman. It's all her fault!
5AD9A027	325308	I hate the Royal Army. Bunch of fucking pigs! [Native language swear]! The things they do.
BA0C4939	325311	Why, if I told you half of what the Royal Army's done here you wouldn't believe me.
63BAD46C	325314	They're cruel and vile and guilty of the grossest abuses of power. Calling them pigs is too kind.
7DCC2134	325317	Despite all the pain and suffering the Royal Army is inflicting on our village, at least the statues of the goddess still look down on us.
94AF8401	325320	But, I wonder sometimes - what good is living under the gaze of the goddess if her help doesn't extend to the valley below?
B8EF13DB	325323	I shouldn't doubt. Our faith is strong. Kyra will intervene when and if she needs to. Until then...I guess we just bear this burden the best we can.
583AFAC5	325326	Pagan Min is a liar! But we all knew that the moment he betrayed the royalists and murdered the heir to the throne.
489787AF	325329	That's how he became king. By lying and murder and violence. He's not royalty. He's just a pathetic man with a gun.
00BBD571	325332	What's the phrase? "Give with one hand and take with the other." That's Min. But one day soon he'll have to answer for his crimes.
D86AC6A8	325335	It's bad enough that Yuma is tearing the gold from our mother-country but she's using chemicals that seep in to Kyrat's bloodstream: the rivers and lakes. and we end up drinking this poison.
C61C33F0	325338	The mines are hell.  I worked in a legal one a few years ago, and I still hated it.  I couldn't imagine what being a slave in one of Yuma's mines would be like.
26C9DAEE	325341	Yuma is just as savage as Noore and as cruel as Paul but she's got her own style.  She's serious in a way the other two aren't.  I fear she may be harder to defeat for that very reason.
A8E78A0A	325344	One wonders if this all isn't part of Pagan Min's plan: swoop in and take over a small country, set up crazy people as your governors and maybe die in a blaze of glory?
B6917F52	325347	Pagan fancies himself as a kind of mystery man but he's not that interesting.  He's using our country as a plaything and he's just a spoiled child.  He needs a spanking... with a khukri.
5FF2DA67	325350	Not many people have actually seen Pagan Min lately.  Something made him take a low-profile.  I'm not sure whether that is good... or bad.
8B1B1B6E	325353	This will sound silly, but one of the things I miss most since Pagan came to power is Kyra Tea.
6BCEF270	325356	That factory produced the best tea in the world. I loved nothing more than starting my day with a steaming cup.
7B638F1A	325359	But now nothing good comes from the factory. Just drugs. Kyra willing, one day it will produce tea again.
572318C0	325362	There's an old myth that the God, Banashur, created this world. That he made it beautiful. But when the demon Yalung saw it, he became jealous.
BE40BDF5	325365	So the two fought and when Banashur finally defeated the demon, he tore him limb from limb and scattered him across the earth.
A03648AD	325368	After all that pain and suffering Banashur decided to create a being capable of escaping the cycle. And so Kyra was born. I pray we will be reborn like that.
40E3A1B3	325371	I hear there's a candidate for the next Tarun Matara. A young girl by the name of Bhadra.
06147B5F	325374	I can't believe this practice is still going on.  No one in their right mind really believes she's a goddess.
18628E07	325377	She's a child! And she should be acting like a child. Not being used as some pawn for some archaic tradition.
B03ED17C	325380	Noore... just the word chills the bones.  It's like the sound of a jungle cat exhaling, a sound just behind you when you're alone in the forest.
6753C41B	325383	I know it's a problem here but the arena fights are exciting, the moment before the doors open and the animal enters the ring?  It's addictive.
8E30612E	325386	My wife's not too thrilled I'm ducking out to the arena fights.  I may have to send my cousin to bet for me.  I have a good feeling about this man who wears a mask, I think he can beat a badger.
90469476	325389	Pagan Min rode in here because he thought he could take us over easily and we would thank him for it.  We need to show him that he made a deadly mistake.
70937D68	325392	Pagan's got a lot to answer for.  He's not a man who meant well, he's a tyrant and tyrants need to lose their heads.
52086280	325395	Who does Pagan think he is with his designer suits and propaganda?  He's not a warrior.  He's afraid to get his hands dirty.
4C7E97D8	325398	Still, I am glad that the giant statues of Kyra are untouched and we can visit them.  It feels good to know that they keep watch over us.
A51D32ED	325401	My hate for Paul is stronger than my hate for Pagan Min.  He thinks we are merely his playthings and I want to humiliate him the way he enjoys humiliating us.
ED316033	325404	The tea company was a proud Kyrati company that brought our high-quality tea leaves to the world but now it has become perverted, like most things in the land.
0DE4892D	325407	Anyone can be taken hostage and interrogated at any time, accused of helping The Golden Path.  In my mind, I might as well do the deed I'll eventually be accused of.
1D49F447	325410	The Royal Army is a group of horrible killers, and they are here as the hand of evil.  We should not take a single one of them prisoner.  We should shoot them all.
3109639D	325413	Kyra, she's up there in the mountains where monks in temples can speak with her but here, down on the ground?  Kyra stays away from the fighting.  She lets us fight it out alone.
61FC6A35	325430	The Golden Path leaders?  Ha!  Like a two-headed elephant pulling in opposite directions and going nowhere in the end.
7F8A9F6D	325433	When the Golden Path was united, Mohan Ghale was the leader.  That was a time of strength and hope... for a time.
96E93A58	325436	The death of Mohan Ghale broke the back of the Golden Path but maybe the return of his son is an auspicious omen?  Time will tell.
BAA9AD82	325439	Pagan Min is like a ghost.  No one I know has seen him for years but no one has forgot about him.  His shadow is not far from us.
5A7C449C	325442	I fear that Pagan Min has receded back in to the shadows because he is working on terrible plans for us, for Kyrat.
4AD139F6	325445	My father told me that when Pagan Min first appeared in Kyrat, he was trusted.  He was strange and different but people wanted greatly to believe in him, to trust him.
02FD6B28	325448	Banapur is like an oasis in Kyrat.  We are safe here but beyond, things are different.  The influence of Paul and the others is spreading a darkness.
EB9ECE1D	325451	We are not hungry here, we are safe but we still worry for the rest of Kyrat.  Whatever happens at even the furthest reach of this country affects us all.
F5E83B45	325454	We have The Golden Path to thank for our safety here.  We have them to thank for the food we eat.  They have much work to do for the rest of the country but here, they keep us safe.
153DD25B	325457	I don't want to hear any more nonsense about this serial killer making offerings to Yalung.  It isn't happening.  We Kyratis have more than enough to worry about.
37A6CDB3	325460	The Tarun Matara is an important ritual to our tradition and we need to keep it sacred.  That girl, Bhadra, she would be perfect.  She is an example of Kyra herself!
29D038EB	325463	The Golden Path are good and strong and fight for us but behind them are Kyra and Banashur.  We must never forget that and make the right tributes and pilgrimages.
C0B39DDE	325466	Kanan is a talented artist and her Thangka paintings have something of the divine in them but if she gave up the rakshi, think how steady the brush in her hand would be!
40464508	325469	Many of us-- most of us have lost loved ones, homes, many things have been lost to war but here in Banapur, we are not starving.  This cannot be overlooked.
A093AC16	325472	The elders spoke of the Rakshasa demons and the stories would leave me lying awake some nights.  Little did I know that I would see worse in my lifetime.  Much worse.
584AE86D	325483	Sabal: Ajay, avalanche!
D68300A4	325484	Sabal: Avalanche!
D5CCC299	325511	I'm glad he's gone yar. If Sabal lead us, he'd put us back in the kitchen.
BCBD0757	325512	I don't need anyone telling me what to do because I'm a woman.
CCD7F3D8	325513	Sabal wasn't that bad. He was nice to me once and he respected the old ways.
185A5E14	325514	Amita's strong, she knows what to do.
712B9BDA	325515	She'll make a good leader... Kyrat needs new blood.
01416F55	325516	We'll see if Amita if up to the task. Sabal was strong.
6830AA9B	325517	That's still important, right? Believing in the Gods and in our traditions?
5A06C819	325532	I believed in Sabal, but... we'll see if Amita is as good as he was.
BAD32107	325543	I'm scared. Without Amita, who's going to fight for progress.
341AC9CE	325544	I trust Sabal as a commander, but... I don't think he cares about us.
A3C81046	325545	I trust Sabal, I support him. He's going to win this fight.
7B5B5F09	325546	But if he tries to take away my rights, that's a fight he won't win.
EC898681	325547	Finally, no more arguments, no more spinning in circles.
62406E48	325548	I didn't care if Amita or Sabal won, I just wanted one person to lead us.
F592B7C0	325549	Good, it's about time Sabal took charge.
496D3D8B	325550	You want to lead a country, you put a man on the throne, like Mohan or Sabal.
AB1A1D38	325606	Noore: Fuck! [groans]
FCCC5A24	325610	Achal: There's something in the road!
2DE95940	325611	Achal: They've blocked the road!
B38DCCE3	325612	Achal: Roadblock!
34F26801	325613	Achal: Up ahead! Something blocking the road!
AA96FDA2	325614	Achal: Roadblock! Take care of it!
86D66A78	325618	Banhi: There's something in the road!
F6BC9EF7	325619	Banhi: They've blocked the road!
9FCD5B39	325620	Banhi: Roadblock!
EFA7AFB6	325621	Banhi: Up ahead! Something blocking the road!
185547F6	325622	Banhi: Roadblock! Take care of it!
F880AEE8	325625	Pranav: There's something on the road!
76494621	325626	Pranav: They've blocked the road!
E19B9FA9	325627	Pranav: Roadblock! Roadblock!
A649975F	325628	Pranav: Up ahead! Something`s blocking the road!
319B4ED7	325629	Pranav: Roadblock! Take care of it!
DE71759F	325632	Achal: We're taking fire!
49A3AC17	325633	Achal: Don't let them damage the truck!
F55C265C	325634	Achal: The truck's taking a beating!
628EFFD4	325636	Achal: Truck's damaged, but still rolling.
EC47171D	325637	Achal: Got a warning light on the dashboard, but we're okay... for now.
7B95CE95	325638	Achal: Gonna need to service the truck, assuming we survive.
6BDF0BD2	325641	Achal: The truck can't take much more abuse! Need you to fix it!
FC0DD25A	325642	Achal: The truck's seriously damaged! Use the repair torch!
72C43A93	325643	Achal: We're in bad shape! Fix the truck before they finish us off!
E516E31B	325646	Achal: That should do it!
A2C4EBED	325647	Achal: That should hold until we reach the drop point!
35163265	325648	Achal: Great job! Truck's fixed!
04E6D81F	325651	Pranav: We're taking fire!
F314305F	325652	Pranav: Don't let them damage the truck!
837EC4D0	325653	Pranav: The truck's taking a beating!
EA0F011E	325655	Pranav: Truck's damaged, but still rolling.
9A65F591	325656	Pranav: Got a warning light on the dashboard, but we're okay for now.
3E82ACD2	325657	Pranav: Gonna need to service the truck, assuming we survive.
4EE8585D	325660	Pranav: The truck can't take much more abuse! Need to fix it!
27999D93	325661	Pranav: The truck's seriously damaged! Use the repair torch!
57F3691C	325662	Pranav: We're in bad shape! Fix the truck before they finish us off!
0CB4CE50	325665	Pranav: That should do it!
7CDE3ADF	325666	Pranav: That should hold until we reach the drop point!
15AFFF11	325667	Pranav: Great job! Truck's fixed!
25BB4F0F	325670	Banhi: We're taking fire!
5B0A33B2	325671	Banhi: Don't let them damage the truck!
0E961CCC	325672	Banhi: Ay The truck's taking a beating!
70276071	325674	Banhi: Truck's damaged, but still rolling.
178D2D8D	325675	Banhi: Got a warning light on the dashboard, but we're okay for now.
693C5130	325676	Banhi: Gonna need to service the truck, assuming we survive.
58CCBB4A	325679	Banhi: The truck can't take much more abuse! Need you to fix it!
267DC7F7	325680	Banhi: Ay the truck is seriously damaged! Use the repair torch!
41D78A0B	325681	Banhi: We're in bad shape! Fix the truck before they finish us off... jahli!
3F66F6B6	325684	[laughter]Banhi:  That should do it!
6AFAD9C8	325685	Banhi: That should hold until we reach the drop point!
144BA575	325686	Banhi: Great job! Truck's fixed!
4D6AC425	325688	Longinus: Where did you go?
5AC85985	325807	If you are spotted, they'll arm the bombs so you need to be stealthy like a tiger.
0F5476FB	325809	If the army sees you, they'll blow up the supplies.
71E50A46	325811	If you are detected, they arm the bombs without a moment's hesitation.
164F47BA	325812	When you have disarmed all of the bombs, get out of the area!
68FE3B07	325814	Get out of the area as soon as you've completed the task.
590ED17D	325816	Once you're done, don't stick around!
58E01534	325886	Team 2. Team 2 do you copy?
73CD46F7	325888	Fuck our radios are useless in this blizzard. Cheap equipment.
1ABC8339	325889	Do you have enough oxygen? Did you find the package, over? Hello? Fuck.
6AD677B6	325890	Let's go.
2597E171	325894	My hands are all swollen. I -- I can barely breathe.
4CE624BF	325895	Yeah.  You don't look so good. You need to breathe slower. Pace yourself.
3C8CD030	325896	We have to...  get to a lower altitude.
17A183F3	325902	Delta camp to HQ. Come in.
7ED0463D	325903	[native language swear] Where are they?
0EBAB2B2	325904	If anybody can hear this, please respond.  We've lost our bearings. Hello? Son of a bitch.
F9485AF2	325905	Come on.
8922AE7D	325907	He could have told us where the package was!
E0536BB3	325908	You saw him.  He didn't know. He didn't even know where the helicopter crashed. We'll find it on our own.
90399F3C	325909	Shit... what a waste.
43BD9A2C	325913	You found it yet? I'm freezing.
5AA6AB6D	325915	You and me still me searching, right? What the fuck are we looking for again? They never tell us shit.
01E10C21	325916	What about this?
718BF8AE	325917	Definitely not it.
18FA3D60	325918	Fuck this.
3ECA6E69	325927	Ajay: What's this? Where are the guns?
0CFC0CEB	325931	Ajay: This has got to be it, but… if it's not weapons, why did he send me here?
658DC925	325932	Ajay: Fuck... what was in here?
15E73DAA	325933	Ajay: Goddammit, it's empty.
7C96F864	325934	Ajay: Nothing in here.
C0AD7D9E	325938	Amita: One of my informants can get you into Noore's arena through a back entrance. He should be nearby, find him.
D0E7B8D9	325967	Ajay: Amita, I'm inside the arena.
47356151	325968	Amita: Good. Noore is making the mistake of putting her personal guard on display in the arena as a show of force. It's a farce. Find the control room and make sure it doesn't go as planned.
C9FC8998	325971	Amita: Ajay.  Have you found the control room and released the animals yet?
5E2E5010	325972	Ajay: Not yet, I'm getting to it.
F3739343	325974	Noore: People of Kyrat.  Not in a hundred years has there been a fighting force so fierce, so feared.  I have heard your cries!  And I give you my personal guard!
2BE0DC0C	325977	Noore: Their motions fluid, their grace unquestioned.  They are death!  And with them comes blood!
BC320584	325980	Noore: The battle continues!
32FBED4D	325981	Noore: That's enough animals.  I said I wanted a good show, not a balanced fight.
A52934C5	325985	Noore: Stop releasing animals!
19D6BE8E	325990	Noore: Idiot!  You see what you've done?
8E046706	325997	Noore: Bring out more fighters!
00CD8FCF	326000	Noore: This was to show our strength.  You're making us look weak.  Stick to the plan!
971F5647	326002	Noore: What did I just say?  Stop!
87559300	326004	Noore: Chance is a fickle mistress.  None are immune to the rivers of fate!
10874A88	326005	Noore: Enough.  Guards, find and kill the idiot in the control room. You hear me in there?  You're done.
9E4EA241	326007	Noore: What’s happening?
099C7BC9	326008	Noore: Report!
183E32D1	326009	Noore: You might as well come to me.  I know you’re the only one left alive.
BDFAF19E	326016	The Ruby is huge. It must be worth a lot.
CD900511	326017	Why don't we take it? We could live like kings, right?
8FCC931C	326020	No, I've seen what happens with greedy soldiers. They get shot.
F3790D6E	326045	Ajay: Shit.
BEBF1D0B	326153	Ajay: Amita, I got the truck. I'm heading to the gate.
3076F5C2	326154	[Impressed]Amita:  Ajay... this is the closest we've been to the north in... years. Thank you and it goes without saying, good luck and please, don't get yourself killed.
D0A31CDC	326165	Ajay: Sabal, I secured the truck. Heading to the gate.
E153F6A6	326166	Sabal: Good luck, brother. Make them choke on it.
1646A6CB	326187	Sabal: The Golden Path has arrived at the bridge and stands ready to help you. Go meet them, brother, and be proud of what you've done.
FF2503FE	326198	Amita: Ajay, freedom fighters are almost at the bridge. They'll secure it. Rendezvous with them... you've struck a resounding blow for freedom.
36D00A18	326209	Ajay, son of Mohan Ghale, all of Kyrat owes you today. With you at Sabal's side, the Gods will receive the glory they deserve once again. Thank you.
B625D2CE	326220	Ajay, on behalf of the Golden Path, and it's righteous leader, Amita, thank you. You've paved the way for freedom, and it's a road that we'll drive straight over Pagan Min.
56B26746	326312	Ajay, Amita said you'd be along. Stock up on ammo. The havildar is waiting for you up the hill.
26D893C9	326315	Ajay: Are you havildar?
4FA95607	326316	What you'd call sergeant, yes. The factory uses generators to make the air breathable. Destroy them and you force the soldiers out. Whatever you do... keep damage to a minimum.
39C9E81D	326326	Ajay, be careful. If that chimney comes down, the factory is useless to Amita.
5E63A5E1	326327	If you keep snapping the cables, the chimney will fall.
20D2D95C	326328	Ajay, stop damaging the factory. We need it intact.
F0D20822	326331	Ajay: Where are the damn generators?
977845DE	326332	I'm surprised you don't hear the damn things. They're noisy.
DFB3AF2D	326336	Pagan Min: Get away from me!
B6C26AE3	326337	Pagan Min: Stay back!
C6A89E6C	326338	Pagan Min: Back off!
6C5C9697	326339	Pagan Min: Get away!
1C366218	326340	Pagan Min: Keep your distance!
7547A7D6	326341	Pagan Min: Keep away!
052D5359	326347	Pagan Min: Shit!
5E6AF415	326348	Pagan Min: Fuck!
3A063111	326351	Ajay: Sabal, I found Pagan! I'm chasing him down!
4A6CC59E	326352	Sabal: What? Are you sure?
231D0050	326353	Ajay: I'm postive!
5377F4DF	326355	Sabal: Listen to me Ajay, we must have proof that he's dead, otherwise no one will believe it. That means we need his body intact. No guns, and definitely no explosives.
A4851C9F	326356	Ajay: What do you want me to do? Use harsh language?
D4EFE810	326357	Sabal: Take him down with your khukri.
BD9E2DDE	326358	Ajay: Seriously?
CDF4D951	326359	Sabal: You can do this, brother.
6D9EFCA0	326375	Pagan Min: Some jackass in a gyrocopter is chasing me, get rid of him!
1DF4082F	326376	Pagan Min: Someone's chasing me, take care of him!
7485CDE1	326377	Pagan Min: I need backup, right now!
04EF396E	326378	Pagan Min: Take care of that little shit!
5FA89E22	326379	Pagan Min: Get out here and deal with this asshole behind me!
2FC26AAD	326380	Pagan Min: This little fucker is following me, kill him!
46B3AF63	326382	Pagan Min: I'm almost at the safe house! Keep me covered!
E9C93963	326386	Ajay, I can see the generators from here. I'll tag them for you.
BC55161D	326390	I see the last generator. I'll show you where to go.
C2E46AA0	326395	That's it, the fumes should drive them out. Get inside and kill the chemist.
A54E275C	326399	That's it, the fumes should drive them out. Kill every one of them.
DBFF5BE1	326403	Amita: Ajay, we needed the Chemist alive.  Damn it.
3FC3A288	326404	[Silence 0.75]One more thing. The chief chemist who runs the facility. He used to be one of us. Amita wants him dead.
23F3E989	326415	Ajay, Sabal said to expect you. We have all the explosives you could ever want. Grab what you need and then meet the havildar up the hill.
B4213001	326418	Ajay: Are you the havildar?
3AE8D8C8	326419	Havildar, sergeant, either one. It's an honor, son of Mohan. You see that smoke stack? Cut the cable supports and bring it down. Should create a nice hole to get you inside the facility.
75A94E0F	326420	Now that's the question, right? I'd save the explosives for the smokestack and the interior and use those elephants to take out the cable winches. Have fun.
EA0FB19B	326421	Ajay: You said... you... you said to kill him!
AD3A0140	326422	Ajay: Cut how?
94BECD26	326423	Amita: It's time to destroy the facility. It's time to light Bhadra's ascension to the Gods with a giant blaze.
F31480DA	326424	Ajay: You're not making any sense.
8DA5FC67	326425	Amita: We're laying the explosives now. Get out while you can.
32DEA242	326434	Theory is not a hypothesis. Hypothesis is not theory. People confuse the two all the damn time, but not on my watch.
42B456CD	326435	Listen carefully. A theory is a generalized prediction based on testing and acceptance, and a hypothesis is a guess that has yet to be tested.
2BC59303	326436	But no, it happens time and time again... people confuse the two. I blame the phrase: Conspiracy Theory. It should be Conspiracy Hypothesis. Or Conspiracy Conjecture.
5BAF678C	326437	We live in the age of conjectures, just repeating mistakes as fact until the masses dumb it down into their version of the truth.
AC5D8FCC	326438	Have I told you the definition of insanity? It's killing the exact same man over and over again, thinking this time, it'll be different. No no no, please. This time....
DC377B43	326443	Ajay: What?
B546BE8D	326444	Ajay: How?
C52C4A02	326445	Ajay: What the fuck is happening?
66C2BB9D	326446	Ajay: Shit, it's... it's the gas.
16A84F12	326447	Ajay: Oh... Goddammit, no not again.
7FD98ADC	326450	Ajay: Oh, fuck that!
D839D319	326459	That's the last cable. The smokestack is vulnerable now.
A688AFA4	326463	That's it! Now get inside and blow the place up. We'll be outside, fighting these bastards.
C956C444	326474	Ajay, help us with the soldiers!
D91C0103	326475	Kill anyone left!
8E63749F	326478	Damn it, the factory is ruined. It's useless now.
D6783847	326481	What are we doing here?  The Kalinag are a myth.
481CADE4	326482	I hate to tell you but...
CF630906	326483	Come on.
51079CA5	326484	Yuma wants to harness their power. [beat] Keep doubting. You’ll see.
E44E5AC5	326487	This is what we need. Yuma will be most happy.
7A2ACF66	326488	Get it ready for extraction.
FD556B84	326489	Carefully!
6331FE27	326490	Let's pack it up and get the hell out of here!
63D6460A	326492	Ajay: I got his picture.
FDB2D3A9	326493	Willis: Good stuff. Meet me at the bottom. Enjoy the ride!
B3D69774	326495	Willis: You coming or what, buttercup?
2DB202D7	326496	Ajay: I'll get there when I get there, Willis.
7ACD774B	326497	Ajay: Willis, I got him.
E4A9E2E8	326498	Willis: Snap me his picture, will ya? The boss wants his proof.
0AC3EF01	326502	Rakshasa: The Golden Path still control the outpost, take the flag!
E3A04A34	326503	Rakshasa: The Golden Path still hold the flag, secure it!
FDD6BF6C	326504	Rakshasa: We need that outpost secured, hurry!
1D035672	326505	Rakshasa: They still control the outpost, clear it out!
C4B5CB27	326506	Rakshasa: Get that outpost under control!
B3F0A727	326512	Sabal: We've taken out one of the artillery sites, but there are two more. The next one is going to start shelling you again soon, get ready.
0F0F2D6C	326514	Sabal: The second artillery site is down. Just one more to go. We can't get to them before they start shelling Utkarsh again. Prepare yourself.
98DDF4E4	326516	Sabal: That's it, we've destroyed the last artillery piece. You're in the clear.
FCB131E0	326517	Royal Guard Dispatch: Sir, you're broadcasting over an unsecure channel.
20AF021D	326520	Help us! Pagan's soldiers are coming! They're going to kill us all!
B77DDB95	326521	Ajay: I'll keep you safe. Just stay inside and don't go anywhere.
9C508856	326523	Ajay, they're coming from the north!
1299609F	326524	We're getting hit from the north!
854BB917	326525	The north, they're coming from the north!
95017C50	326526	They're attacking from the north!
02D3A5D8	326527	They're attacking from the south!
8C1A4D11	326528	We're being hit from the south!
1BC89499	326529	Ajay, they're attacking from the south!
5897E0DD	326530	Watch out, they're hitting us from the south!
CF453955	326531	Look! They're coming from the west!
418CD19C	326532	They're attacking from the west!
D65E0814	326533	The west! They're attacking from the west!
6AA1825F	326534	They're coming in from the west!
FD735BD7	326535	The east, they're moving in from the east!
73BAB31E	326536	They're moving in from the east!
E4686A96	326537	We're getting hit from the east!
3CFB25D9	326538	They're attacking from the east!
AB29FC51	326544	Ajay, they've made it to the house, stop them!
25E01498	326545	They're at the house, stop them!
B232CD10	326546	They made it to the house! Get over there!
0ECD475B	326547	The house, get to the house!
991F9ED3	326548	Get back to the house, they need your help!
17D6761A	326549	They need your help outside the house, get over there!
96621013	326570	Willis: I'm taking fire, look alive up there!
E8D36CAE	326571	Willis: I've got bad guys coming from the east, take them out!
8F792152	326572	Willis: There are a bunch of goons coming down from the mountain!
F1C85DEF	326573	Willis: Bad guys coming in from the north, get on it.
08E13D9D	326574	Willis: Contact from the south, put them down.
76504120	326575	Willis: Bad guys in the west, drop them.
11FA0CDC	326576	Willis: Wake up, they're all over the damned place! Pardon my French.
6F4B7061	326578	Willis: It's too hot out here, I'm making a run for the warehouse. Cover me.
C27E09CC	326580	Willis: Aw great, they've got a chopper!
BCCF7571	326582	Willis: I'm taking hits! Who the heck taught you how to provide overwatch?
DB65388D	326583	Willis: Taking heavy fire! It's like Fallujah all over again!
A5D44430	326584	Willis: You asleep? Cover fire means you cover me!
F0486B4E	326585	Willis: Hey, I'm not bullet proof. Help me out here!
02764163	326593	Paul loves his treats, and I don't want to be one of his treats.
33C4F78F	326596	Ajay, we're ready to assault the base when you are. You can hop on board and come with us or you can take your own way in and we'll move in once the shooting starts.
43AE0300	326598	Hey. Ajay!  We're here, get this gate open.
18E9A44C	326601	We're waiting for you at the dock.
688350C3	326603	[native language swear] I hear you shot another thief. How the hell did he make it to the back of the tower? I thought we had this place locked up tight. We'll have to sweep the area tomorrow and find out how he got in.
7278D929	326605	That's the alarm! We'll have to move fast and get the gold before enemy reinforcements arrive.
7C885B5B	326606	Thank you. That was close.
01F2950D	326608	Quick, get the gold.
71986182	326609	Ok ok move the gold to the boat.
4EB303CA	326611	Reinforcements! They got here fast! Pick up those satchel charges and plant them throughout the temple. We'll take care of the gold!
3ED9F745	326613	Hey, be careful. Last time you dropped half a crate of this stuff into the water. If you do it again, it'll be your ass.
E5AA00A1	326616	Ajay, I hope you're done planting those charges because we need you back at the boat right now!
3D394FEE	326617	Come on Ajay, get back here as fast as you can!
AAEB9666	326619	Ajay: Sabal, I've diffused all the bombs.
24227EAF	326620	Sabal: Good work, but I've got some bad news for you. My spotters tell me that enemy reinforcements are heading toward your position. They mean to take back the temple. Get ready for another fight.
58F38C18	326621	Please take an offering basket.
318249D6	326626	We thank the gods for giving us life.
03B42B54	326632	A candle reminds us that growth only comes with a willingness to step beyond our usual boundaries.
73DEDFDB	326637	Life is as tenuous and fleeting as a wisp of sweet smelling smoke. The incense represents our mortality.
4CF5BD93	326641	These young girls hope to become the next Tarun Matara. They will be cared for and blessed for their service.
55EE8CD2	326646	Life without emotion is no life at all, but a life controlled by emotion is to be consumed by it. Add the powder.
0EA92B9E	326654	Please leave the basket here.
67D8EE50	326662	Yalung, the great demon, resides in all people.  He brings false promise and burns hope. The goat dies to keep Yalung asleep and sated.
B8005555	326675	Ajay: Yeah.
C6B129E8	326676	Hurk: I knew you was with me. Right here man, me and you. Kindred spirits.
ED9C7A2B	326696	Ajay: Good luck.
8A3637D7	326697	Hurk: I'm gonna need it. Thank you.
E2A3A87D	326732	Move the artifacts. Fast but carefully. Put them on the platform.
3A30E732	326733	Hey! Careful! If you break anything...  This is Yuma's property now.
ADE23EBA	326734	Let's move it!  Go go go go!
232BD673	326737	You.  Stay here.  No one comes near these artifacts before I'm back.
B4F90FFB	326739	This is what we're here for.  Don't touch anything until the specialists arrive. I will shoot anyone who even looks at these for too long.
EE3E9E16	326743	Ajay: I found a key on one of the bodies.
9E546A99	326744	Willis: I'm out of medals, kid.  Call me when the commander is dead!
A5EFAD0B	326760	Willis: They're on to me. I'm making myself scarce.
C245E0F7	326761	Ajay: What?  Wait!  How am I supposed to get out of here?
BCF49C4A	326762	Willis: Pucker up, buttercup.  I'll be back when you need a lift.
45DDFC38	326769	Come again, I barely caught that.
3B6C8085	326770	Shit.  I think they found something in the caves.
5CC6CD79	326771	If you can hear us, we'll keep looking up here... see if we missed something in our sweep.
2277B1C4	326772	Let's go.
941F4771	326775	The artifacts are ready for extraction. Keep at the ready.
EAAE3BCC	326778	What about these paintings? What do we do with them?
BF3214B2	326779	If it's not Kalinag, Yuma doesn't care about them. Leave them
C183680F	326780	Too bad. We could've sold them for alot of money.
58C86523	326785	Ajay, we've been waiting for you.
B621BC22	326788	We have to get going.
5E03A7C8	327667	Amita: I want you to go into every home, and find every child. Every child. You Bring them back here, to me. Go.
A62925F3	327681	Did you hear that? [Beat] I really don't like it here.
D898594E	327682	Stop that! Yuma wants the painting. So all that shit is in your head. Keep it out of mine.
E968B334	327683	Fine.  Yuma wants it, whatever. I just hope all this is worth it.
F0738275	327686	Ajay: Sabal... how the hell do I get up to the braziers?
8EC2FEC8	327687	Sabal: Climb, brother. Climb.
C64B48AD	327688	Everybody is rallying for one final push. We're hitting Pagan's fortress. It won't be easy.
8D047630	327691	What the hell?
F3B50A8D	327692	Fuck!
6C35C54A	327695	Ajay: Not this time.
8F42C869	327697	Amita: Ajay, what's wrong? Is the factory secured? Is the chemist dead?
F1F3B4D4	327698	Ajay: Yeah, yeah... I just... I think I was hallucinating.
37726206	327701	Yogi: All right.
47189689	327702	Reggie: Here you are.
2E695347	327703	Yogi: Thank you.[Silence 6]
8B630194	327704	Kalinag: I had trained to be the King's protector but he selected me for something quite different.
05AAE95D	327705	Kalinag: His obsession.
62AC11EE	327706	I heard about Sabal. Whatever you're feeling, just know that Amita only wants what's best for Kyrat.
12C6E561	327707	I heard about Amita. Whatever you're feeling, just know that Sabal only wants what's best for Kyrat.
4981422D	327711	Alay do something about those machine gun nests!
DB5ED1B6	327731	Ajay: I'm in position.
2DED8729	327736	Ajay, use explosives to breach the main gate!
DA1F6F69	327739	The gate is breached! Move in!
636E7BD9	327745	Ajay, the fortress won't fall until we capture the armory, the communications room, and the command center.
13048F56	327746	If we can secure the armory, we'll prevent the enemy from fielding more heavily-armed soldiers against us.
7A754A98	327748	We have the armory!
0A1FBE17	327750	Securing the communications room will prevent enemy reinforcements from showing up.
5158195B	327751	We've secured the communications room! They won't be able to call for reinforcements now!
2132EDD4	327752	We need to take control of the headquarters!
4843281A	327753	We've taken the headquarters!
0702BEDD	327755	They're mounting a counter attack! Hold the fortress!
77684A52	327756	They're trying to retake the fortress, fight them off!
1E198F9C	327757	That's it, we've beaten back the counter attack!
6E737B13	327758	They've given up, the fortress is ours!
97D9CF89	327781	Here, use these satchel charges inside the lab.
25DBFDA3	327784	We've been here for three months and we've found nothing. I'm going to shoot myself in the fucking head.
B209242B	327785	Hey, Carl, don't be like--
3CC0CCE2	327786	And you know what? Punching Candy-ravers should be a national holiday. Glowy-fingershit is still douchy now.
AB12156A	327789	That place creeps me out. Imagine if you got pulled under and couldn't find your way out?
73815A25	327790	Yeah, your heart slows down and drowning lasts ten times as long.  It's one of the worst ways to die.
E45383AD	327791	Stop! I really don't want to talk about it.
6A9A6B64	327797	Okay.  How smart is it to use explosives on ice?  One of these days this whole place is going to collapse.  Can we just find whatever the fuck it is we're looking for and get out of here?
FD48B2EC	327808	Fire in the hole!  It's gonna blow!  Take cover!
41B738A7	327811	We're through! Finally! Grab your gear!  Let's get that statue and get the hell out of here!
D665E12F	327815	No! We've been looking for that statue for months!
CF7ED06E	327816	Shoot him!
DF341529	327817	Drop it! DROP IT!
58AC09E6	327818	Don't let him leave! Take him down!
927830D5	327960	Kalinag: And you were chosen to paint my thangka? My journey to Shangri-La?
48E6CCA1	327963	Kalinag: And guiding me to its defense.
C62F2468	327965	Kalinag: The Rakshasa was waiting for me. I could sense it.
51FDFDE0	327966	Kalinag: And the seekers I found told me one simple truth:
1CB1D81C	327967	Kalinag: The Rakshasa had plenty of practice.
E15EC9BE	327972	Amita has betrayed us and Sabal!
BA196EF2	327973	She's leading the Golden Path astray.
CA739A7D	327974	Those who follow her are traitors too!
A3025FB3	327978	How did it come to this?
D368AB3C	327979	I don't know, but Sabal's convinced someone will try to kill him.
EC43C974	327980	This is all Amita's doing! Her and Ajay!
9C293DFB	327982	It's Ajay! Stop him!
F558F835	327983	That's Ajay, open fire!
85320CBA	327984	He's here, Ajay's here!
DE75ABF6	327985	I see him, shoot, shoot!
AE1F5F79	327986	Ajay's here! Take him out!
B08E120C	327990	How can the others side with Sabal over Amita?
FEEA56D1	327991	They're afraid of change, afraid of progress.
608EC372	327992	Hmph. They're all fools.
E7F16790	327996	Do you think they'll really try to kill Amita?
7995F233	327997	She's inside writing down her final wishes, what do you think?
CCDC3453	327998	This is wrong, it's all gone horribly wrong.
C76E9AB7	328008	Don't let him get to Sabal!
B7046E38	328009	I won't let you kill Sabal!
40F68678	328010	You're a traitor, Ajay!
309C72F7	328011	You betrayed the Golden Path!
59EDB739	328012	Sabal believed in you!
D5C70512	328022	That's Ajay, take him down!
33D2D524	328030	They'll come for Sabal, I'm sure of it.
A4000CAC	328031	This is wrong, we shouldn't be fighting each other.
7C9343E3	328032	I will give my life to protect Sabal.
BD1B3DED	328033	[Silence 0.3]Willis: Nice work. I'm coming in for a landing. Get to the control tower and call me when you're there.
EB419A6B	328035	I wish I could get my hands on Sabal.
658872A2	328036	Why? So you can kill him yourself?
F25AAB2A	328037	If it means saving Amita, yes.
6E3ADC46	328049	Ajay, you are such a good man, I have some news. But only for you.
1E5028C9	328050	Pagan Min's men are up in the high mountains on a secret expedition. Ah, see. I knew the word 'secret' would get your attention.
7721ED07	328051	They're hunting for a rare recipe that draws on the orchid's great healing powers. You can't let them find it. I will show you where to go. You do what you do best, yes?
97F40419	328062	You found it? Before they did? Yes, that smile tells me everything. Well done, Ajay. After Kyrat is truly free, maybe you can share it with everyone. Until then, protect it.
B56F1BF1	328073	Ajay, I have a friend in the Guard. He tells me that Pagan's men are hunting after the Ruby of Prabodhana... the blood ruby and the eye of enlightenment.
27335C82	328074	I can't see! Is anyone out there?
B957C921	328085	Keep an eye on each other!
CBDE674C	328104	Kalinag: As I approached I could sense the bell's power.
AC742AB0	328105	Kalinag: I finally had my answer.
CEB7419A	328106	Yuma: Pathetic. Pagan sends a boy like you to kill me? After everything I did for him? Before your whore of a mother came along, he was fearless! Nobody could stand up to him. Then your mother... your mother....
BEDDB515	328110	Yuma: She weakened his resolve. She turned him into this simpering shell of a man. He stopped being a king that day. He was broken, weak.
492F5D55	328111	[laughs]Yuma:  I lied to myself. I thought he would get better. He had to get better. But, no... what is broken stays broken. It stays weak. But Pagan will not break me, this country will not break me... and you... you will not break me!
3945A9DA	328113	Yuma: Time to die, Ajay Ghale. Time to do what Pagan would never do himself. Time to kill you and mix your mother's ashes in pigs' slop. [laugh]
D2C5560D	328115	Kalinag: It dawned on me then that no one would believe my story upon my return.
E335BC77	328116	Kalinag: Even you, painter of my own thangka.
9D84C0CA	328117	Kalinag: The truth is...I've never cared.
3FEA07F4	328158	If I was a spider, I could spin a web and climb down, but I can't be a spider because she's one already. She gets under your skin, she lays eggs, waiting for them to hatch. I hate spiders. They see everything. But if I was one, I could climb down... I could climb down.... I could climb down!
26F136B5	328163	I don't feel pain, I don't feel anything. The walls are thin. I don't feel pain, I don't feel anything. They come through the walls. I don't feel pain, I don't feel anything. If they hear you, they will come. I don't feel pain, I don't feel anything. If they hear you, they will come....
B895A316	328172	Yalung, Yalung, Yalung is coming for me. He's coming for you. Go away, leave! No! You can't take me, you can't have me. No! Can't you see him? Help me, someone help me, please! Don't let him take me, he'll eat my eyes.
A18E9257	328188	If the blood doesn't come out, it stagnates, like dirty water. And then you have mosquitoes, swimming in your blood. The blood has to flow or the blood stagnates. It has to flow.
233DF4D8	328246	They keep giving us shit. Look at this gun. It jams half the time.
53570057	328247	You know they're keeping the good weapons in the tower, right? They're selling them to India.
A4A5E817	328248	Fuck... I should just steal a new one.
D8A9A295	328299	I can't breathe... this mask... it's like its suffocating me.
BF03EF69	328300	Leave it on. You'll be in bigger trouble without it.
C1B293D4	328301	I know, I just... I just hate this.
A618DE28	328302	The radio's dead.  Okay.  Stay close.  Don't get lost!
F04279AE	328305	Can't... breathe....
8EF30513	328306	Oxygen... low.
E95948EF	328307	Air, I need air.
C2741B2C	328312	The ruby must be returned to its people when the country is safe. Until then, don't let them steal it. They'll sell it and we'll lose a piece of our heritage. Here, I'll show you where to go.
DC02EE74	328337	Thank you, Ajay. You've saved another piece of our history. The people of Kyrat are in your debt.
FE87A159	328341	Sabal: Ajay, listen to me very carefully. You are in DePleur's region. He has a fortress there that is heavily fortified. Attacking it will be very difficult as long as DePleur is in power.
29EAB43E	328342	Sabal: Be careful, brother. You are close to DePleur's fortress. Taking it will not be easy as long as DePleur controls the region. Tread carefully.
2A9ED94C	328344	Amita: Careful, Ajay. You're close to Ratu Gadhi. That's Yuma's fortress. Attacking it while she's still in power would be a bad idea.
3A33A426	328345	Amita: Watch yourself Ajay, my spotters say you're near Yuma's fortress. Its defenses will withstand almost any attack as long as Yuma is still around.
BC3C8F79	328347	Rebel Information Officer: Listen carefully Ajay, you're in Yuma's territory now. Her fortress, Ratu Gadhi, is very well defended. Trying to attack it while she's in power will be very difficult.
907C18A3	328348	Rebel Information Officer: Ajay, our spotters say that you're close to Yuma's fortress. You need to be careful, that fortress is heavily fortified and will not fall easily as long as Yuma's in control of the region.
791FBD96	328349	Rebel Information Officer: Ajay, you're in Yuma's region. She has a fortress  called Ratu Gadhi. It will be nearly impenetrable as long Yuma is alive, so be careful.
C93F5D20	328350	Sabal: Ajay, be careful. You are getting close to Noore's fortress. The soldiers stationed there will defend it at all costs as long as Noore is in power.
D992204A	328351	Sabal: Brother, watch your step. You are in Noore's region. She has a fortress there that is strongly fortified. Taking it down will be very difficult as long as Noore is still alive.
F5D2B790	328353	Sabal: Ajay, you are in dangerous territory right now. Pagan's fortress is nearby. His men will not let it fall easily, not as long as he's alive. Keep that in mind brother.
1CB112A5	328354	Sabal: Brother, you need to be careful. You are close to Pagan's fortress. Its defenses are powerful and will remain so as long as Pagan is in power. Do not approach it lightly.
02C7E7FD	328356	Sabal: Watch yourself Ajay. You have walked into Yuma's territory. She has a fortress nearby, taking it will be incredibly difficult as long as she controls the region.
E2120EE3	328357	Sabal: Be careful brother, you are in Yuma's region now. The nearby fortress belongs to her and will not fall easily as long as she's in power.
D1E60656	328359	Rebel Information Officer: Ajay, watch out. You're entering a region controlled by Noore. The fortress belongs to her and will be well-protected as long as she's in power.
F37D19BE	328360	Rebel Information Officer: Look out, Ajay. You're getting dangerously close to Noore's fortress. That place will be extremely well-defended as long as she's in control of the region.
ED0BECE6	328361	Rebel Information Officer: Tread carefully Ajay. You're in Noore's region. You'll have a hard time taking down the fortress there as long as she's around.
046849D3	328362	Rebel Information Officer: Ajay, listen, you're near Pagan's fortress right now. Attacking it while he's in power would be very difficult. Be careful.
4C441B0D	328363	Rebel Information Officer: Ajay, you're close to Pagan's fortress, Rajgad. I hope you're not planning on attacking it. It will be a tough fight as long as Pagan is still in power.
AC91F213	328364	Rebel Information Officer: Watch it Ajay, you're getting close to Rajgad. Pagan's fortress will be nearly impenetrable as long as he's alive.
C626BF25	328365	Rebel Information Officer: Slow down Ajay. You're getting close to Varshakot, DePleur's fortress. It's very well defended.
2F451A10	328366	Rebel Information Officer: Watch yourself Ajay, you're close to DePleur's fortress. That place will be strongly-defended as long as DePleur is in power.
3133EF48	328367	Rebel Information Officer: Be careful Ajay, that's Varshakot fortress. It belongs to DePleur and will be well-protected as long as he's alive.
BDABB8E9	328368	Amita: Ajay, my spotters say that you're near Noore's fortress. You may want to keep your distance. It will be heavily fortified as long as Noore is alive.
A3DD4DB1	328369	Amita: I hear that you're close to Ragatawada. That's Noore's fortress. Be careful, its defenses will be strong as long as Noore remains in charge.
7FE54E1F	328371	Amita: Ajay, my spotters say that you're near Varshakot. That's DePleur's fortress. It's extremely well-defended. Be careful.
9F30A701	328372	Amita: I hear that you're near Paul DePleur's fortress. Tread carefully, Varshakot will be a tough nut to crack as long as Paul's alive.
4ABEE884	328374	Amita: Ajay, I've got word that you're close to Rajgad. Be on your guard. As long as Pagan's alive that fortress will be nearly impenetrable.
CA4B3052	328375	Amita: Be careful Ajay, my spotters say you're near Pagan's fortress. Tread carefully, it's defenses will be extremely hard to breach as long as Pagan is in power.
C43C0D2F	328380	You have to stop them. We can't lose all those weapons.
B456F9A0	328391	You're Ajay. I knew your family years ago. Listen, I've been helping the Golden Path hide a lot of weapons on my farm, but the soldiers are coming to raid the farm.
DA4AF877	328402	Thank you, Ajay. It took us years to collect all those weapons. It'll go a long way in rebuilding Kyrat.
7BE2B7B1	328431	Ajay: Fuck!
FC9D1353	328432	Ajay: Goddamn it!
62F986F0	328435	Ajay: That was the last of them. The farm's safe.
D7B04090	328436	Good work. I'm sending someone to get you out.
49D4D533	328439	We're losing the convoy. Hurry up!
50CFE472	328442	Don't let him get to the truck!
81EAE716	328443	He's in the truck! Kill him!
1F8E72B5	328444	He is destroying the trucks, take him out!
98F1D657	328445	Defend the convoy!
069543F4	328446	Stop him before he destroys the truck!
B3DC8594	328448	Focus on the weapon stashes!
2DB81037	328449	Shoot at the weapon stashes!
AAC7B4D5	328450	One down, two to go!
34A32176	328451	Get the last one!
E5862212	328460	Ajay, soldiers are heading your way.  Don't let them near those weapons.
16266E5B	328480	Shit, they sent hunters. Don't waste time trying to track them, just shoot!
8842FBF8	328481	It's hunters. Ajay, these guys are fast and hard to track. Kill them fast!
9159CAB9	328484	Ghosts... they're like ghosts....
C5A26B4B	328486	They're everywhere! They keep disappearing! [Death cry]
4066D06B	328683	Amita: We have no access there..but we do there. You see?
8D31C498	328690	Kalinag: My path here had been long and difficult. I'd seen things...done things...I'd wish on no one.
E4400156	328693	Kalinag: I was drawing closer to the Rakshasa.
942AF5D9	328694	Kalinag: It's shriek was either a howl of pain...
CF6D5295	328695	Kalinag: Or a battle cry.
514B9BA0	335593	I would not want to walk in there right now.
41015EE7	335594	Ajay: What are they arguing about?
D6D3876F	335595	Pagan Min’s soldiers are about to attack one of our camps. Amita thinks our priority should be the information the fighters have gathered. Sabal thinks saving our people is more important.
581A6FA6	335596	Ajay: How long have they been at it?
CFC8B62E	335597	Long enough…. The argument never changes, and their positions never move. Look, I don’t want to bother you, but you’re Ajay Ghale, right? Thank you for helping us. Everyone here appreciates it.
8B9E6AB6	335598	Ajay: I owe Golden Path for rescuing me, but honestly, I'm just... I'm just here to scatter my mother's ashes.
1C4CB33E	335599	Perhaps, but now you see what Pagan has done to this country. You are the son of Mohan Ghale. Like it or not, your duty is Kyrat, and your choices will carry weight. We need someone to break this stalemate between Amita and Sabal. Keep that in mind when you're in there.
0F2746AC	337723	Sabal: Ajay, you've got artillery incoming, find cover!
688D0B50	337724	Sabal: You have artillery rounds incoming, take cover!
163C77ED	337725	Sabal: Ajay, there is a massive artillery barrage heading your way. It's going to be bad. Get to cover!
5DD6ADCB	337731	Ajay: What the hell? Where am I?
2DBC5944	337733	Ajay: Yogi? Reggie? Is that you?
DA4EB104	337735	Ajay: Oh shit! What they hell did those guys give me?
AA24458B	337737	Ajay: Oh, not again!
C3558045	337739	Ajay: Aw, of course!
2A362570	337750	[Silence 1]Ajay: Well, at least there aren't any bears around.
DFEC0D4C	338713	Ajay: Fuck... can't... breathe.
B69DC882	338714	Ajay: Need... air.
9E91AB94	338839	We're here, but there are dead bodies everywhere.
D3DD8E68	338840	Secure the area. We're inbound!
5D1466A1	338854	Reggie: Fuck you, you chav!
E1EBECEA	338855	Yogi: Here.
206392E4	338863	Ajay: Enjoy.
6F220423	338868	Yogi: Shall we?
B7B14B6C	338869	Reggie: Yes.
F8F0DDAB	338870	Reggie: Ah.
3978A3A5	338871	Hurk: Mmhmm.
AEAA7A2D	338872	Ajay: So, uh...
16F7ED73	338875	Sabal: Lucky for you we were in the area when we got Darpan's text.
C292E170	338896	Sabal: I’m needed in Banapur and Amita is focused on the outpost, so it's up to you to help with the hostages. I know it’s a lot to ask, but they must be rescued before we take back the outpost.
40C63FD2	338904	Sabal: Ajay, the guards know you're there. They've triggered the timer on the bombs!
35600930	338905	Ajay: But Amita said--
450AFDBF	338906	Sabal: The outpost IS important, but our top priority should be the lives of those hostages. The people of Kyrat depend on the Golden Path for protection. We can not let them down. Rescue the hostages, brother.
DB89D031	338908	Sabal: Brother, we need to talk.
B2F815FF	338909	Ajay: Sabal? What is it?
3DB1CB97	338912	Banashur, god of gods, sang the world into existence. For that, we give him thanks.
AF48685F	338915	Uh, Mr., Mr. Ghale, this is Chet Peterson from the U.S. embassy here in Patna. I--uh--I’m calling you pursuant to the application for a tourist visa for India with further travel to Kyrat.
9EB88225	338916	We can only accept your status as a US citizen as we have no official records regarding your Kyrati citizenship. Furthermore, I must legally advise you against traveling into Kyrat. We have no official diplomatic presence in Kyrat due to the civil unrest with the Golden Path.
87A3B364	338918	In regards to your intent to bring with you the cremated remains of a one ‘Ishwari Ghale’, you will need to bring with you the passport for the deceased...
DEA2AA71	338921	The Gods bless us with wisdom, and we collect them in the prayer wheel to purify ourselves from bad thoughts. Spin the wheel.
5B7C08E7	338951	Amita: Ajay, it's Amita. I know that Sabal put you up to rescuing the hostages instead of taking back the outpost. It's okay. You're new here and Sabal can be very persuasive.
C5189D44	338955	Ajay: I just wanted to do my part.
88F80DF7	338956	Amita: And I appreciate that, but you have to see the bigger picture. I was already making arrangements to deal with the outpost, but now I have to re-task my fighters so they can protect the hostages you rescued.
169C9854	338994	Ajay: Protect them from what?
91E33CB6	338995	Amita: De Pleur. He doesn't like losing his playthings. Don't you see Ajay? There was a plan, and now it's fallen apart. It will be a while before things with De Pleur blow over. Meanwhile, the enemy soldiers in that outpost will have plenty of time to dig in.
0F87A915	338996	Ajay: Not if I can help it.
BACE6F75	338997	Amita: Ajay, attacking that outpost on your own would be suicide. Wait until we can give you the proper support.
24AAFAD6	338998	Ajay: I can do this Amita.
A3D55E34	338999	Amita: Ajay, don't--
C1546988	339013	Amita: First the hostages, then the outpost. You're not much of a listener Ajay, but I have to admit, you've done a good job today.
9FC0F630	339029	Ajay: Thanks. It just felt like the right thing to do.
2A893050	339031	Amita: Think about it, Ajay. Your mother knew exactly what would happen once you showed up here in Kyrat. The son of Mohan Ghale returning to the war-torn land of his birth. Ishwari was a smart woman.
ADF694B2	339033	Amita: You being here and helping our cause is no accident. Stand with us Ajay. Join the Golden Path and I promise you, You will fulfill your mother's dying wish.
33920111	339034	Ajay: Did my parents really start the Golden Path?
2A6E887D	339036	Amita: They did. Their goal was to free Kyrat from Pagan's regime. Now you have a chance to help us finish the work they started. [beat] Just think about it Ajay.
B40A1DDE	339038	Ajay: Well mom, looks like we're staying.
01A46393	339039	Amita: Your mother would be proud. You want to reach, what is it? Lakshmana? Getting there won't be easy. We lost the north to Pagan Min years ago and we're struggling here in the south.
B4EDA5F3	339040	Ajay: I promised my mom I'd bring her ashes there. It was her dying wish.
6087B012	339073	Sabal speaks highly of you. He asked you be allowed to see this.
1642EAB3	339084	Ajay, they'll be sending in reinforcements. If you have landmines or C4, now would be a good time to use them.
4D054DFF	339085	Ajay, more reinforcements are coming. Try to fortify the area. Use landmines and C4 if you have them.
D5CE7672	339097	What do I protect? The statues? The weapons? The monks? Shit, Ajay, we need help!
9A8FE0B5	339099	They're going after the weapons cache.
04EB7516	339102	They're destroying the icons.
B1A2B376	339103	They're attacking the holy statues.
2FC626D5	339106	They're trying to blow open the doors!
A8B98237	339107	They're attacking the monks! Get to the doors.
CBFADFBC	339180	Rabi Ray Rana: Ajay Ghale. The man with the golden name.
45333775	339181	Ajay: Who is this?
D2E1EEFD	339182	Rabi Ray Rana: Ajay, I'm hurt. You don't recognize my voice?
C2AB2BBA	339183	Ajay: Should I?
5579F232	339184	Rabi Ray Rana: The voice of Radio Free Kyrat? This is Rabi Ray Rana You... you don't recognize that?
DBB01AFB	339187	Ajay: Right. Rabi Ray Rana.
4C62C373	339188	Rabi Ray Rana: Just call me Rabi Ray man.
0BB0CB85	339194	Ajay: Okay, Rabi Ray. What's this about?
9C62120D	339195	Rabi Ray Rana: Look. We need a face to face. I'm sending you my coordinates. Come find me man.
7D759124	339200	Rabi Ray Rana: ...crab rangoon in Kyrat. This… This is uh Rabi Ray Rana, and you're listening to Radio Free Kyrat. Let's hear some tunes.
0D1F65AB	339202	Rabi Ray Rana: OMG Ajay Ghale! [native language expression] I would like to shake your hand. I have been keeping an eye on you. You are doing really good work.
46FCEE79	339209	Kalinag: The Bells were not enough to kill the Rakshasa.
012EE68F	339210	Kalinag: I knew then there was only one way my journey could end.
96FC3F07	339211	Kalinag: And I was ready.
1DF04457	339264	Paul: Huh? You hear me Ajay?
973E5530	339308	Pagan Min: Ajay my boy. Are you busy? You don’t mind me calling do you? Fantastic. You really are an excellent listener. Look, no hard feelings about the crab Rangoon, I know it’s not to everyone’s taste. But you’ll be pleased to know I had the chef executed for his incompetence, or was it his family we killed? Regardless, next time, I can promise you a better spread. That is the last time I’m kidnapping a fucking TV celebrity chef.
19F7BDF9	339311	Pagan Min: Uncle Pagan here, just checking in on my favourite nephew. So tell me Ajay, who are you rooting for so far? Have you fallen into Amita’s honey pot, or have you been dazzled by Sabal’s flowing locks and bad-boy jawline? Hey, each to his own, that’s your lifestyle choice to make. He isn’t my cup of tea, contrary to the rash assumptions some may make about my appearance, I am indeed batting for the other team. You more than most should know that there was only ever one woman for me, my boy.
8E256471	339315	Pagan Min: I’ve been thinking about my image, on the world stage, and I think what I lack is a celebrity endorsement, you know, a visit from a Dennis Rodman type. Perhaps I could get Beckham to bring the Galaxy over for a game against my best 11? A bit cliché now I suppose. A pop-star? If the dictator of Turkmenistan can get J-Lo to sing him happy birthday then who’s to say I can’t get my fading star of yesteryear. I’ll see how much Kanye is going for, do you follow him on twitter? It’s gold. I would love to shoot the breeze with that young man.
32DAEE3A	339318	Pagan Min: I wish you could remember what it was like back then Ajay. Your mother and I, with you on her hip, oh those were the days. She was never happier than she was back then, and I should say the same for myself. We had such plans, not just for our little family, but for Kyrat. It wasn’t always like this, I long for those days but then it’s too late, I tried, I really really did, this place is ruinous, try not to let them drag you down Ajay. Ishwari didn’t send you back here for that.
A50837B2	339321	Pagan Min: One of the hardest things I struggle with as a leader, is leading with truth. Every action, every decision is trying to strip away the bullshit and just be true.
2BC1DF7B	339324	Pagan Min: Ajay I’ve let you run free for long enough. I’m afraid it’s time to call you home, you are my finest creation, but when I let you break your programming, well you’ve seen the mess you can make. What? You think you are free? You think you just woke up on a bus in Kyrat with super powers? Is this the heartbreaking moment when the android discovers that he isn’t sentient after all? That his memories are all implanted? That everything is a lie? And then he suddenly realizes that he can’t even cry human tears! [beat] Don’t worry my boy, it’s nothing that interesting, you it would seem, just have a little too much of your father’s blood in you.
BC1306F3	339327	Pagan Min: Did I ever tell you about Noore? This is one of my favourites. She used to be a doctor, quite the benevolent soul, she came to Kyrat on some aid mission in the early days of my reign. She had the audacity to write a report on the human rights abuses perpetrated by my regime. So I reached out to her, invited her to come back, to see the improvements, how we’d acted on her recommendations. I extended the invite to her family. So she came, husband and kids, I put them up in the palace. I even put on a little meeting for her, made a powerpoint, “A 12 step action plan to address Kyrat’s human rights violations” except each slide was about how I was going to ruin Noore’s life. So Paul de Pleur kept her family hostage while I forced the great humanitarian, Dr. Najjarr, to run the most terrible parts of my Kyrati empire. Between you and I, I think she actually enjoys it now.
648049BC	339330	Pagan Min: I’ve spent a lot of my life apologizing for Yuma’s first impressions. She has a remarkable ability to make consistently terrible introductions. I’d love for you two to meet on better terms, she really has been the driving force behind most of my successes. She forges deals with my international buyers, she polices Noore and De Pleur, she even finds time to run my army. Well, that is until her recent obsession with Kyrati superstition took a hold of her, she thinks I don’t know about the expeditions she’s been sending up the mountains looking for magical paintings or whatever it is. I’m as open as the next fella about negligible losses for the sake of employee morale, but only so many pens can go missing from the stationary cupboard before someone has to lose a hand.
F3529034	339333	Pagan Min: I was in America not so long ago. I looked up Ishwari but I couldn’t bring myself to see her, not after all these years, you always regret those decisions when they die, don’t you? Anyway, I was there with De Pleur, or rather Paul Harmon. He invited me to his home, to meet his family, to see the other side of him. It was incredible to see the man behind the man, Paul the loving father and husband. I was as jealous as I was happy for him. We went to his daughter’s school, to see a recital, there was his darling Ashley, the light of his life, I could see the tears welling up in his eyes, so proud, so much love. It really made me think, what if I had followed Ishwari? What if that were you clumsily stumbling through a piano recital as I looked on teary eyed through a viewfinder, capturing every, precious, moment. It always hits you when it’s too late, Ajay, always when they’ve gone.
7D9B78FD	339336	Pagan Min: A word to the wise, Ajay. Next time you need something lanced, employ the services of a professional, as scarce as those services may be around here. Did you know because of your mother, I sponsored an entire class of students to study medicine in Singapore? And they never came back, can you believe the depth of that ingratitude? Paul dealt with their families here in Kyrat, and I had my contacts in Singapore track them down and find a fitting end for each of them. Well as satisfying as that was, I now find myself lancing my own boils. [Shouting to someone in the background] Gary! Bring me some gauze and some fucking antiseptic ointment.
EA49A175	339340	Pagan Min: I’d love to give you a tour of my vaults one day. Right now I'm looking at all the wealth of Kyrat... gold medallions, ivory statues, jade carvings, such delightful trinkets. The Golden Path says I stole its wealth, but I did no such thing. They robbed themselves for centuries instead of putting it to good use. I on the other hand have been selling off whatever I can to the west, and whatever I can’t, I melt it down and make something a little more, contemporary. There's the lesson for you, Ajay. People are hypocrites and they all want someone to blame for their shit-filled lives, they never want to accept their share of the responsibility. The next time they are whining about building schools or clinics, remember they’ve been hiding away their fortune in dusty old monasteries for centuries.
56B62B3E	339344	Pagan Min: It's funny, Ajay. When you came to Kyrat, I thought we'd clean house together. Dust the shelves, kill some terrorists... You know, Kyrat could use a good Spring cleaning. Out with the old, etc, etc. Being someone else's hired gun doesn't suit you, my boy. Why do you think Amita and Sabal are trying so hard to woo you? They're afraid of you, Ajay. And they damn well should be.
C164F2B6	339348	Pagan Min: Ajay, I just realized that I forgot to take back my pen, after the bus you know? Well,  consider it my ‘welcome home’ gift. Whatever you do, don’t sell it to those fucking Sherpas, they won’t even give you a 10th of its real value, and my father always said a great man should carry a great pen, the miserable old bastard was right about a few things
4FAD1A7F	339352	Pagan Min: Ajay?
D87FC3F7	339353	Pagan Min: Ajay?
C83506B0	339354	Pagan Min: Aaaajay?
5FE7DF38	339355	Ajay: Yes?
D12E37F1	339356	Pagan Min: Awesome. Oh just making sure you've been listening.
23194C28	339369	Sharma Salsa: Yes! Hello hello hello!
B4CB95A0	339371	Sharma Salsa: Sharma Salsa, founder, ceo, and owner of Kyrati International Association of Films, Kyrati Film Directors and the Actors Guild of Kyrat. Pleased to meet you darling.
6C58DAEF	339373	Ajay: I'm Ajay.
FB8A0367	339374	Sharma Salsa: It's my pleasure, don't be silly sweetheart. It isn't every day you meet such a stunning young man. Why, you remind me of the late-great Riti Nin Riti Kapoor. One of Kyrati Film's finest.
7543EBAE	339379	Sharma Salsa: I'm still very much into the Kyrati Film scene, don't get me wrong, but that's not where the audience is anymore. [mumbles] Or the money.
E2913226	339381	Sharma Salsa: Go Bro. This is where the audience is.
5E6EB86D	339383	Sharma Salsa: Flying off cliffs, quadding rivers, enduring epic wipeouts. You're doing that for free right now anyway, right sweetheart?
C9BC61E5	339385	Sharma Salsa: All I need you to do is film yourself on a few races I've set up. I'll produce, we'll upload the final product, and then watch the money roll in!
4775892C	339386	Ajay: I guess...sure....
D0A750A4	339389	Sharma Salsa: You're going to be a star!
ADD0A4E1	339394	Ajay: Hello. I got a message someone here wanted to meet me?
E115E648	339400	Gopal: Hello? Vindh? Is that you?
5DEA6C03	339401	Ajay: There’s nobody here by that name.
CA38B58B	339402	Gopal: Damn it. He’s overdue. Who is this?
44F15D42	339403	Ajay: Ajay Ghale. And who is this?
D32384CA	339404	Gopal: Ajay Ghale? One moment.[Pause] Ajay, right, I know who you are. I’m Gopal, with the Golden Path. We could use your help. My unit handles supply drops for the cause, but I’m shorthanded here.
C369418D	339426	Ajay: I can’t come in?
54BB9805	339427	Gopal: We’re preparing a top secret operation in here. Sorry, orders are orders, I can’t let anyone inside.
646EA065	339429	Ajay: So you're the guy on the radio.
140454EA	339430	Rabi Ray Rana: Yeah. That's me. The voice of radio free Kyrat! Rabi Ray Rana. Look you fight with your brawn, but I fight with my words. And you know the old saying - the pen is mightier than the sword.  I mean after all I'm like a Rush Limbaugh but with soul and a conscience. Besides, the more people I turn away from Pagan, the less people you have to fight.
4F43F3A6	339431	Ajay: I can't argue with that.
3F290729	339432	Rabi Ray Rana: Still, there's only so much I can do from here. I spread the truth, and I take the liars down a peg, but someone needs to get their hands dirty and come on look at Chotu I mean Chotu's dirty but it's not like we can mess people up. The only guns we use are water guns and come on man that's why I have this radio show. You have the broad shoulders and biceps to take down evil.
5E890040	340858	Sharma Salsa: How's my talent doing? Well rested I hope.  Remember, go fast, go hard and no matter what happens, keep that camera rolling!
26323668	340862	Rabi Ray Rana: You see all this hardware? I built it myself, man. You think Chotu helps? Come on look at the guy. He's got body and mind dyslexia. The dude is practically worthless. I use this stuff to monitor Royal Army radio channels and I've managed to locate one of these centers.
19195420	340863	Ajay: And you want me to put it out of commission.
6973A0AF	340864	Rabi Ray Rana: Hearts and minds Ajay. Hearts and minds. We can't have Pagan contaminating the population with all his bullshit.
00026561	340865	Ajay: And this... this will stop the propaganda?
706891EE	340866	Rabi Ray Rana: No way, not even close but don't worry. I'll track  down the new propaganda centers whenever they appear and then I'll  relay the details to you. Meanwhile, you should go do what you do best. Go fuck up those members, man. Take out that first center. Oh shit! I gotta go back. Hey uh. thank you so much for coming. Hey, Chotu make him some chai. Sorry this is not a first class hotel but we do what we can. Are you hot? Should we turn on the AC? Sorry it's really in here. It's like a hot box man. It feels like Guantanamo Bay up in here. So great meeting you man.
2B2F36A2	340868	Rabi Ray Rana: Hey we are back! You are tuned into Radio Free Kyrat with Rabi Ray Rana. We've had some questions from our loyal listeners. This is coming from uh Janina...
8CCF6F67	340874	Rabi Ray Rana: Hey Ajay, I've found another propaganda center. I'm sending you the coordinates now. Head over there and take it out with an extreme prejudice. [Laugh] Man, I've always wanted to say that:  "Take it out with an extreme prejudice." That's like some serious black-ops shit man. "Extreme prejudice" ok sorry I'm just getting off-topic. I'll let you get back to doing what you do best. This is Rabi Ray Rana, signing off... Ok why am I talking like i'm on the radio? I mean... I am... I am on the radio but I'm not on the air. Arg... Fuck it! Just. I'm gonna go. Sorry. Ajay? Please don't think I'm a loser. Cause...Cause I am not.
40FFF518	340876	Sharma Salsa: Looking good, superstar! Lots of 'fans' will be on the race course for this one so make sure to give everybody high-fives. Remember, we're making a racing video!
DA7270CC	340877	Ajay: The governor's men?
4DA0A944	340878	Ajay: Here you go. Are you sending the supplies to the Golden Path?
00EC8CB8	340879	Gopal: Not yet. We’re stockpiling them for an operation. I can’t say any more than that.
A08FF8BD	340890	Rabi Ray Rana: Hey Ajay, I've tracked down another propaganda center. So go, take it out, do your stuff, make it go boom. We know how you work right? You've got the coordinates. Hey. Random question, do you use a bidet? I mean like, I notice the work that you're doing,  you're doing a lot of running around, definitely a lot of sweating, you're probably wearing the same pair of underwear for 12 to 36 hours at a time, given the type of work you're doing. You've got to have some bad chaffing going on right now, yar. I'm serious. I mean the itchy asshole symptoms you must be having must be crazy. And having a clean asshole when you're defeating Evil is very important... Am I doing that random thing where I trail off and lose you again? I'm sorry dude but really I really do care about you man and I mean from top to bottom. I mean from the food that you eat to the type of water you use to clean your butt because it's all really necessary. Ok, just ignore me. Good luck with the propaganda center.
A99C502D	340892	Sharma Salsa: "Waaaaaaoooooow!" "Did you just see that?" "OMG! Sick run bro!" - These are the comments I want to read from people who'll watch our video. Go get 'em darling!
49EC5D88	340896	Rabi Ray Rana: Ok great news Ajay, I've just tracked down the last propaganda center and I'm sending you the coordinates right now. Go get them Tiger! I didn't mean it like that, I know we have a lot of tigers but you're the tiger of all tigers. Ok... I'm going to sign off before I get off-topic again. I'm not going to talk about cats riding on vacuum cleaners, I'm not going to talk about how Tupac is probably still alive on some sort of island and I definitely not going to talk about that girl that me and Chotu have a crush on on but I'm just going to say this. The other day she was walking, she had this big bale of water on her head and man it was giving me a huge boner I mean it was just the domestic side of her was really coming out and... I could retire from this radio job and just settle down with her, have a few kids. that'd be a good life. Do you have a girlfriend, Ajay? I got off topic again didn't I? Damn it.
579AA8D0	340901	Rabi Ray Rana: Folks, we're live now with Ajay Ghale. He's just wiped out the last of Pagan Min's propaganda centers. Ajay, how does it feel to be a hero of the Golden Path?
27F05C5F	340902	Ajay: Wait, we're, we're on the air right now?
18DB3E17	340903	Rabi Ray Rana: That's right, what've you got to say to all our listeners? share some valuable insight!
68B1CA98	340904	Ajay: Hi.
01C00F56	340905	Rabi Ray Rana: Ajay Ghale ladies and gents, a man of few words but he carries a big Khukri ladies. Ajay, as thanks for purging Kyrat of Pagan Min's retched propaganda, I'm dedicating this song to you. Thank you, thank you hero number one and from and all your Kyrati sisters and brothers.
36DD1794	340909	[Silence 2]Ajay: Okay.[Silence 7]
FEE325B1	340913	Willis: Hey, you're gonna need this.
5658C2E7	340936	Ajay: So what do we do?
09F6F911	340942	Sharma Salsa: There are some set changes in this one - you'll be switching vehicles, seeing more of your 'fans'. Don't get caught up in it sweety; just, chase the purity of the moment!
8C285B87	340943	Banhi: Ammo crate ahead, jump down if you need it.
211D222A	340944	Banhi: Hey, ammo there if you need to resupply!
5FAC5E97	340945	Banhi: There should be an ammo crate nearby. Grab some ammo if you're running low.
99AE5CAD	340947	Sharma Salsa: Make it through this course and you'll be a world sensation! Now, I want to keep it fast and fluid so don't slow down or we'll have to do a retake.
20DF481D	340948	Ajay: I can let Amita or Sabal know.
5E6E34A0	340949	Gopal: No need, Ajay. We're running coded messages up the chain. I can't risk the messages getting intercepted. Thanks for the help.
195B847B	340952	Sharma Salsa: Those soldiers are so eager to be extras. Deal with them however you can to finish in time. We'll do a post-race interview where you tell the people you've always connected racing with freedom... or something.
70CDF998	340955	Sharma Salsa: This one's all about survival in the wild darling. Just race like there's a Yeti on fire comin' after you . OK, you ready bro?
6EBB0CC0	340958	Sharma Salsa: Go Bro is a state of being so no matter what comes at you, don't get nervous. I know you won't darling; you're my shining star!
8E6EE5DE	340962	Sharma Salsa: This one isn't going to be easy, but hashtag you only live once right? I'll be up the path getting some areal shots so remember to rock it. Go bro!
3276D7B8	340969	Sharma Salsa: Our viewers want everything fast so we're going for pure speed on this one, sweety.  I want them commenting, "That's racing, right there!"
2C0022E0	340971	Sharma Salsa: I want everything about this to be epic. Epic speed, epic turns, epic sweat. And if you fuck up, make that epic too.
E923100F	340974	Sharma Salsa: After this your official title will be dominator! I'll be filming up ahead. Even though you'll be going faster than light, remember to look good, darling.
39C4795C	340975	Ajay: But do you know what's in them?
477505E1	340976	Gopal: Medicine, intel, weapons... it doesn't matter. Everything has a use, Ajay. It's just a matter of knowing how to use it.
C56387D5	340978	Sharma Salsa: Let the soon to be comments show that you are the best! The fastest in the land! And if you're not, we'll shoot it again until you are darling!
74810D54	340980	Sharma Salsa: This is going to be scary, speedy and the Go Bro is going to capture it all! I'll be filming, but don't look for me; eyes on the prize janu!
9454E44A	340986	Sharma Salsa: If you fall off the track, no matter how far down you go, it'll be no big deal, sweety. You got a wing suit on. We'll have to reshoot. But it's not like you'll die. Probably.
47375977	340987	Ajay: Sabal.
8A221112	340989	Sharma Salsa: You're going to do great but I really need you to push this one. If you finish early I'll give you an extra percentage on your royalty cheque.
6341B427	340991	Sharma Salsa: You're going to be awesome! If you can, try to splash some sweat or blood on your camera. Looks legit.
4F0123FD	340995	Sharma Salsa: You just race your heart out darling and I'll be down the track filming. Together we'll make magic! And money!
76C7B30D	340997	Amita: Oh, and Ajay, if you want to practice with the bow there's a training station right next to you.
12E92A9F	341011	[Frightened]Gopal:  Who's there?
71E82B82	341012	The match could end at any second! Ooohh! My chundies are in a knot!
6C585622	341013	Ajay: Gopal, are you okay?
0BF21BDE	341014	[Worried/Distracted]Gopal: Yeah, uhm. You know the drill. Here are the coordinates for the drop sites. The Royal Army is on their way so we need you to grab the shit before they do. Sorry, I mean the--[Pause] Sorry, I have to go. Gopal out.
988B8EB7	341015	Anyone feel like a BBQ?
86FD7BEF	341016	Don't get your chundies in a knot darling. That was only a taste of what's to come!
75436763	341022	Roopa: Ajay, this is Roopa, the officer in charge of Golden Path operations in the area. Who is Gopal?
44B38D19	341023	Ajay: Golden Path. He had me securing supplies for you guys.
3A02F1A4	341024	Roopa: It wasn't us, Ajay. I have no Gopal under my command and no supply bunker in the area. Whoever he was, he wasn't with us. Maybe you should have a look around.
7BD314C2	341046	Jinpa: It's too much for my wife and me. The dholes keep attacking our livestock.
0BB9E04D	341047	Jinpa: Please. Take care of the dholes. They're getting bolder with each attack.
E13AFDD3	341268	Pranav: They've blocked the road with a burning car!
17EDC789	341270	Achal: We're being followed!
4CAA60C5	341271	Achal: They're behind us!
3CC0944A	341272	Achal: Enemies behind us!
55B15184	341273	Achal: Enemies on our tail!
25DBA50B	341274	Achal: Behind us! They're behind us!
D2294D4B	341276	Achal: Vehicle incoming!
A243B9C4	341277	Achal: They're headed right for us!
CB327C0A	341278	Achal: Enemies in the road ahead!
BB588885	341279	Achal: Up ahead! Enemy vehicle!
1FBFD1C6	341280	Achal: Enemy vehicle right in front us!
DE119F9B	341282	Pranav: We've got a situation up ahead!
AE7B6B14	341283	Pranav: There's something in the road!
9150095C	341284	Pranav: You ready up there? Things are going to get interesting!
884B381D	341285	Pranav: There's a burning car in the road!
F821CC92	341286	[native language curse]Pranav:  They know we're coming!
A3666BDE	341287	Pranav: Careful! There's a sniper and a fixed gun!
D30C9F51	341289	Pranav: That's how we clear traffic jams in Kyrat!
6FD52549	341293	Achal: They're coming in from the side!
06A4E087	341294	Achal: They're right alongside us!
76CE1408	341295	Achal: Vehicle on our left!
2D89B344	341296	Achal: Left side! Left side!
5DE347CB	341297	Achal: Vehicle on our right!
34928205	341298	Achal: Right side! Right side!
BA7D5A9F	341300	Pranav: The road is blocked. I'm going to have to thread a way through.
CA17AE10	341301	Pranav: They reinforced the barriers! Gotta slow down to get through!
3DE54650	341302	Pranav: I've driven through roadblocks before. Just gotta thread the needle.
DD30AF4E	341303	Achal: Looks like an accident in the road!
53F94787	341304	Achal: Car accident ahead! No time to stop!
7BB77807	341307	Sabal: Shit, they know we're here. The door, quickly!
050604BA	341309	Sabal: Ajay, when these doors open I need you to keep your head down and make a run for the truck. Move as fast as you can. Understand?
62AC4946	341310	Ajay: Yeah yeah, I got it.
49811A85	341313	Sabal: One, two, THREE!
37306638	341315	Sabal: Stay close!
509A2BC4	341317	Sabal: Keep moving, I'll cover you!
C42B9E0F	341323	[native language curse]Achal:  These rigs are always breaking down! Cover us while I get it started again!
83F996F9	341324	Achal: Not again! I've replaced every part of this damned truck and still it breaks down! Cover me while I jumpstart the engine!
0D307E30	341328	Achal: Checkpoint ahead! It looks heavily defended!
B1CFF47B	341329	[native language swear]Achal:  We're gonna have to run the gauntlet!
261D2DF3	341330	Achal: If we survive this checkpoint, we're home free!
CE19064A	341331	Ajay: With what?
B0A87AF7	341332	There's a gun underneath the dashboard. Use it!
D702370B	341334	Sabal: Traitors!
A9B34BB6	341335	Sabal: Royalist pigs!
2C2FB5B6	341337	Sabal: Use the mortar.
529EC90B	341338	Sabal: The mortar. Use it.
353484F7	341339	Sabal: Ajay, get to the mortar!
1E19D734	341340	Ajay: What's in Banapur?
0702E675	341341	Sabal: One second.
79B39AC8	341344	Sabal: There's some equipment over there, you're going to need it.
60A8AB89	341345	Ajay: How did you know where I was?
04C46E8D	341346	Ajay: Head to the tower. Okay.
636E2371	341347	Sabal: You can do this Ajay.
4F2EB4AB	341384	Sabal: Ajay, it’s Sabal good work on the tower. We’re broadcasting on that frequency and bringing the truth to the people.
F60FAB1D	341395	Sabal: The north is enemy territory and we can’t get you there, not yet.
4B85F84A	341400	Ajay: Bhadra!
7A751230	341401	Ajay: Bhadra! Where are you?
EB4A3900	341479	Battery Unit Agni, why have you stopped firing? [Pause] Dispatching guard units to the area.
5E03FF60	341480	Battery Unit Agni, you are ordered to continue firing on Utkarsh!
C0676AC3	341481	Battery Unit Agni, we've dispatched guards to your location.
44F8768A	341482	Sharma Salsa: But that was a long ago.
7871F0FF	341484	Pagan Min: I must say Paul, your little corner of Kyrat here is rather beautiful. I expected more, chains and wailing. But, knowing you, somewhere around here is a dark place where the secrets flow like the blood.
2DEDDF81	341485	Pagan Min: Ahahaha! That wry smile betrays you again 'De Pleur'.
535CA33C	341486	Pagan Min: Well go on take the bloody bag off his head.
06C08C42	341500	Pagan Min: ...give my congratulations to Ashley on your next visit home.
36B05099	341504	Banhi: The bridge is blocked! Taking a shortcut!
48012C24	341506	Banhi: Always breaks at the worst time! Keep them off us while I get it started!
79F1C65E	341507	Banhi: We're surrounded! [native language curse]! START, YOU PIECE OF SHIT!
0740BAE3	341509	Banhi: More of them up ahead!
3EE246D6	341528	Hurk: Yo, bro-vissimo, opening the cage door... all you, dude! You got this.
A086D375	341529	Hurk: Party favors, man... ammo.
27F97797	341530	Hurk: Here, ammo, man. I got you covered.
B99DE234	341531	Hurk: Here, put the ammo to good use.
A0616B58	341534	Hurk: Here, man, take these band-aids for your booboos.
3E05FEFB	341535	Hurk: You are, like, bleeding, man. Here, use this.
B97A5A19	341536	Hurk: Dude, how is there still blood coming out of you, man? Here!
271ECFBA	341540	Hurk: Bad guys! Awesome!
E6BE3752	341543	Ajay: Hurk, where are we going?
8FCFF29C	341544	Hurk: Up the hill, man. The monkey statue is like, in the cave.
CD936491	341560	Hurk: Incoming with those... whistling things.
F2B806D9	341561	Ajay: Mortars, Hurk, they're called mortars!
82D2F256	341563	[Cheer]Hurk:  Fuck you, Atlanta traffic!
EBA33798	341564	Hurk: Hell yeah! Good dog!
9BC9C317	341565	[Cheer]Hurk:  Woohoo!
D995551A	341572	Hurk: I'm going for that statue, man. You got yourself a shit sandwich coming your way!
9A812C3C	341575	They missed. I repeat they missed!
EAEBD8B3	341576	They're bracketing our position. Clear the channel!
D52702D6	341582	Banhi: Looks like an accident up ahead!
754D2727	341583	Banhi: Damn truckers always drive too fast on these roads! We're going around!
0527D3A8	341585	Banhi: Hang on! This rig wasn't designed to go off-road!
6C561666	341586	Banhi: This ride's gonna get a little bumpy!
1C3CE2E9	341588	Banhi: Quad bikes, dead ahead!
F49D2DEB	341595	Pranav: The machine gun is oiled and loaded. Hop in the turret!
634FF463	341596	Pranav: This boat's got a mounted gun, should make quick work of any Guards we run into.
DFB07E28	341598	Pranav: Enemies on the shore! Light 'em up!
4862A7A0	341599	Pranav: More enemies on shore!
C6AB4F69	341601	Pranav: Logs in the water! Going around!
517996E1	341602	Pranav: Gotta go around these logs!
89EAD9AE	341603	Pranav: There's something in the water!
1E380026	341605	Pranav: Enemy patrol boats!
90F1E8EF	341606	Pranav: Patrol boats, port side! Port is left, right?
07233167	341607	Pranav: Enemy boats off the starboard bow!
BBDCBB2C	341609	Pranav: And if you look to your right, you'll see one of Kyrat's many beautiful temples. Take a photo 'cause we're not stopping.
5B095232	341613	Pranav: Roads here are very steep. Gotta shift to low gear. This might be slow going.
3CA31FCE	341614	Pranav: Quad bikes! Right behind us!
42126373	341615	Pranav: More of them!
BB3B0301	341617	Pranav: We're taking the tunnel! Watch your head!
C58A7FBC	341619	[native language curse]Pranav: ! They're really after us! I count four vehicles!
C856F708	341625	Banhi: We're being followed!
B83C0387	341626	Banhi: They're behind us!
D14DC649	341627	Banhi: Enemies behind us!
A12732C6	341628	Banhi: Enemies on our tail!
56D5DA86	341629	Banhi: Behind us! They're behind us!
26BF2E09	341631	Banhi: Vehicle incoming!
4FCEEBC7	341632	Banhi: They're headed right for us!
3FA41F48	341633	Banhi: Enemies in the road ahead!
9FCE3AB9	341634	Banhi: Up ahead! Enemy vehicle!
EFA4CE36	341635	Banhi: Enemy vehicle right in front us!
86D50BF8	341637	Banhi: They're coming in from the side!
F6BFFF77	341638	Banhi: They're right alongside us!
ADF8583B	341639	Banhi: Vehicle on our left!
DD92ACB4	341640	Banhi: Left side! Left side!
B4E3697A	341641	Banhi: Vehicle on our right!
C4899DF5	341642	Banhi: Right side! Right side!
8CA5CF2B	341650	Pranav: We're being followed!
1B7716A3	341651	Pranav: They're behind us!
95BEFE6A	341652	Pranav: Enemies behind us!
026C27E2	341653	Pranav: Enemies on our tail!
BE93ADA9	341654	Pranav: Behind us! They're behind us!
29417421	341656	Pranav: Vehicle incoming!
A7889CE8	341657	Pranav: They're headed right for us!
305A4560	341658	Pranav: Enemies in the road ahead!
20108027	341659	Pranav: Up ahead! Enemy vehicle!
B7C259AF	341660	Pranav: Enemy vehicle right in front us!
390BB166	341662	Pranav: They're coming in from the side!
AED968EE	341663	Pranav: They're right alongside us!
EA8FB476	341664	Pranav: Vehicle on our left!
7D5D6DFE	341665	Pranav: Left side! Left side!
F3948537	341666	Pranav: Vehicle on our right!
64465CBF	341667	Pranav: Right side! Right side!
46DD4357	341672	Achal: Grab the grenade launcher. You might need it.
386C3FEA	341673	Achal: We're expecting heavy resistance. Better take the grenade launcher.
28C14280	341674	Banhi: There's a grenade launcher nearby. Thought it might come in handy.
17EA20C8	341675	Banhi: I left a grenade launcher by the truck. The best defense is a good offense, right?
6780D447	341676	Banhi: Grab the grenade launcher. You never know what we might run into.
79F6211F	341677	Pranav: There's a grenade launcher nearby. Grab it. Or don't. I don't want to cramp your style.
E792B4BC	341678	Pranav: For situations like ours, I always find that a grenade launcher works well.
52DB72DC	341679	Pranav: Do you see a grenade launcher around? I asked my comrades to loan you one for the trip.
307C7533	341684	[native language curse]Achal: ! I think I've been shot. Not sure if I can go on...
AE18E090	341685	[coughs]Achal:  I took a hit back there. I don't think I'm going to make it...
29674472	341686	[cough]Achal:  I'm bleeding all over the truck! Must have taken a stray round. We've gotta stop soon...
913382D8	341687	[native language curse]Pranav: ! I think I've been shot. Not sure if I can go on...
06E15B50	341688	[coughs]Pranav:  I didn't want to say anything, but I took a hit back there. I don't think I'm going to make it...
BA1ED11B	341689	Pranav: Argh! I'm bleeding all over the truck! Must have taken a stray round. We've gotta stop here...
C004E147	341690	[native language curse]Banhi: ! I think I've been shot. Not sure if I can go on...
FF2F830F	341691	[coughs]Banhi:  I didn't want to say anything, but I took a hit back there. I don't think I'm going to make it...
8F457780	341692	Banhi: Argh! I'm bleeding all over the truck! Must have taken a stray round. We've gotta stop here...
253BFA67	341723	Ajay: Oh crap!
4C4A3FA9	341724	Ajay: Fuck me!
3C20CB26	341725	Ajay: Jesus Christ!
9C4AEED7	341726	Ajay: Oh fuck!
EC201A58	341727	Ajay: Holy shit!
8551DF96	341729	Ajay: Nice
F53B2B19	341730	Ajay: All right.
AE7C8C55	341731	Ajay: Yeah!
DE1678DA	341732	Ajay: Sweet.
B767BD14	341733	Ajay: Cool.
C70D499B	341734	Ajay: Yes!
F8262BD3	341736	Ajay: Fuck, fuck, fuck. FUCK!
884CDF5C	341737	Ajay: Oh no, no.
E13D1A92	341738	Ajay: Oh shit.
9157EE1D	341739	Ajay: Oh fuck.
CA104951	341740	Ajay: Aw crap.
BA7ABDDE	341742	Ajay: Fuck yeah!
D30B7810	341743	Ajay: Hell yeah!
A3618C9F	341744	Ajay: Yes!
549364DF	341745	Ajay: All right!
24F99050	341746	Ajay: Yeah!
4D88559E	341748	Ajay: No way!
3DE2A111	341749	Ajay: Are you kidding me?
9716A9EA	341750	Ajay: Fucking hell!
E77C5D65	341751	Ajay: What the fuck?
8E0D98AB	341752	Ajay: Are you shitting me?
FE676C24	341754	Ajay: Woah!
A520CB68	341755	Ajay: Oh man...
D54A3FE7	341756	Ajay: Okay... woah.
BC3BFA29	341757	Ajay: What the...
CC510EA6	341758	Ajay: Whew.
F37A6CEE	341761	Ajay: What the fuck is wrong with me?
83109861	341762	Ajay: Oh... Uhm... This isn't good.
EA615DAF	341763	Ajay: This is bad
9A0BA920	341764	Ajay: Ugh
C14C0E6C	341765	Ajay: Aw shit...
5FCF23E2	341772	Ajay: Woohoo!
2FA5D76D	341773	Ajay: Yeaaah!
46D412A3	341774	Ajay: Wooooo! Whoohoo!
36BEE62C	341775	Ajay: Woooo hoooo! Oooh yeah!
96D4C3DD	341776	Ajay: All riiight!
CCBFE77F	341792	Ajay: Jira? You mean Kyra?
4BC0439D	341793	[native language swear]Gopal:  I slurred it again. Sorry, I haven't been getting much sleep. Thank you again, Ajay.
AD9C34FE	341795	I don't care if your nuts are falling off. Find me something!
B48705BF	341798	Secure that one. We're taking it with us!
33F8A15D	341799	Keep looking! I'm not leaving empty handed.
65A206DB	341862	Find. Find... okay? Find.
7CB9379A	341865	Is this enough?
E2DDA239	341866	Negative! They'll never land if we don't clear more snow for them.
2AE3901C	341867	Find something interesting and I'll ship you to the Rook Islands!
FBC69378	341868	[Frustrated] Damn it. Do something! Find me an artifact!
57946459	341871	[Angry] I swear, this is the last time I stand up for you!
C9F0F1FA	341872	[Angry] I can't feel my hands because you couldn't keep your mouth shut!
4E8F5518	341873	[Angry] They took away our shovels because of you. I hope your fingers fall off!
A7ECF02D	341940	Ajay: Willis, what am I doing up here? It's freezing!
501E186D	341952	Willis: Stalingrad in February is freezing, Ajay. Where you are is in the death zone. You're dying slowly my friend. Up there, blue balls are forever. But I got just the thing to keep you toasty.
2074ECE2	341953	Willis: Yuma's running an expedition up there. You won't find her, but you can kill the next best thing: Her commander.
396FDDA3	341955	Willis: Cut him open... with your knife. Or whatever you got handy. Yuma will get the message. Willis out.
D0413DE2	341960	Ajay: What's this? Where are the guns?
B7EB701E	341961	Ajay: Fuck... what was in here?
C95A0CA3	341962	Ajay: Goddammit, it's empty.
9CC623DD	341963	Ajay: Nothing in here.
E2775F60	341964	Ajay: This has got to be it, but… if it's not weapons, why did he send me here?
EECC5958	342041	[Silence 0.75]Noore: I'm impressed Mr. Ghale. I expected you to fall much sooner. But, this is Shanath Arena, and we are only warming up.
365F1617	342042	[Silence 0.75]Noore: The betting is open for round three!
A18DCF9F	342043	[Silence 0.75]Noore: Now I know why the Golden Path is putting their faith in you, Mr. Ghale. [beat] Let's see if the next round can end their pathetic rebellion.
2F442756	342044	[Silence 0.75]Noore: Could this terrorist be the next great Arena Champion? [beat] Place your bets for the penultimate round!
B896FEDE	342045	[Silence 0.75]Noore: Man and beast may have fallen at his feet. But, before he wins his freedom, there is one more challenge to face. [beat] Let the final round begin!
A3CB71C6	342060	It's Hunters! Hunters are coming!
EF0E336F	342062	Willis: Stalingrad in February is freezing, Ajay. Where you are is in the death zone. You're dying slowly my friend. Up there, blue balls are forever. But I got just the thing to keep you toasty.
379D7C20	342063	Willis: Yuma's running an expedition up there. You won't find her, but you can kill the next best thing: Her commander.
A04FA5A8	342064	Willis: Cut him open... with your knife. Or whatever you got handy. Yuma will get the message. Willis out.
7B583E89	342067	Remember, they can come from any direction.
EC8AE701	342068	Move quickly, they'll be here soon.
88E62205	342075	I can't believe we just faced Hunters and lived to tell the tale.
98ACE742	342076	We made it, we're all alive. That's rare when we face Hunters.
81B7D603	342080	Hunters are tough adversaries, we did well to take them all down without any casualties.
16650F8B	342086	Two skirmishes with Hunters and no casualties, I would never have imagined it.
C5E10A9B	342087	Hunters are a serious threat, they've killed many of my friends.
4B28E252	342088	We tread carefully whenever we know they are in the area.
DCFA3BDA	342089	There are rumors about Hunters that are difficult to explain, people say they can tame almost any creature.
6005B191	342090	The rumors are true, I've seen it with my own eyes. One moment a tiger is charging the Hunter, the next, the tiger is charging one of our own men.
F7D76819	342091	Often times when we're attacked by Hunters we don't even know they're coming from until one of us gets hit by an arrow.
791E80D0	342092	I don't know where Pagan finds these men, their skills are unlike anything we've seen before.
BAD04087	342131	From the north!
062FCACC	342132	Eyes south!
91FD1344	342133	The east! Watch the east!
1F34FB8D	342134	We're getting hit from the west!
0F7E3ECA	342135	This must be our lucky day. We fought Hunters and didn't lose a single person.
5233D313	342136	Wait till we get back home. People will be amazed that we fought hunters twice without losing anyone.
3419A84E	342142	Be ready for anything.
2D02990F	342143	Hunters! Stay alert, they're hard to pin down!
41B6CF58	342158	Sabal: Ajay, I need you to listen to me very carefully. When you confront Amita she will do her best to talk you into letting her go. You can not believe a word she says. She is a godless heretic with no respect for her own heritage, her own history. The future of Kyrat depends on your ability to follow through with this mission. Do not falter. And Ajay, this is what your father would have wanted. Make him proud.
5EECB9EE	342173	Amita: Ajay, I want you to know that I did not make this decision lightly. Sabal will never give up on his beliefs. If he's allowed to live it will only be a matter of time before he starts an insurgency of his own.
02C6DABB	342191	Pagan Min: Oh Ajay, I can almost see your furrowed brow from here.
6BB71F75	342196	Ajay: Pagan what do you want?
1BDDEBFA	342197	Pagan Min: Tone! I'm merely calling to check up on you. I hear your little friends are having a bit of a spat. It must be hard, what with you in the middle of it all. [sighs] Choices are difficult. Trust me, I've been there. In fact, you should be grateful for the choices I've made.
855EC674	342201	Pagan Min: Choices like... Yuma. I went on live television to serve her up to you and I loathe television. Radio is so much more my "thing." And you. Oh you jumped on the opportunity. Poor Yuma, she will be missed. It was a tough call to make, picking you over her. But it was the right call. You'll see.
5FC03A00	342203	Pagan Min: Of course, you're in a hurry. Places to go, shit to tear up. I'll let you get back to it but don't forget Ajay. Choices have consequences.
EBA57F8E	342211	Amita: Killing him will help to unify the Golden Path and prevent a second civil war from breaking out moments after we end our current struggle against Pagan. This is what's right for Kyrat. When the time comes to pull the trigger, I trust you'll make the right decision.
2BAD3721	342216	Ajay: Sure.
07EDA0FB	342234	Ajay: You know what I think I'm ok. So what are you guys doing here, anyway?
37778129	342259	Paul: Breathe. [beat] Shit.
5E0644E7	342261	Reggie: Ah Ajay, we represent the interests of a certain power broker.
2E6CB068	342262	Yogi: Right, she'd like to press the flesh as it were. A little meet and greet.
752B1724	342263	Reggie: You being the meat.
0541E3AB	342264	Ajay: Sure, whatever...
6C302665	342267	Ajay: Hey! What the fuck... What was that...[Silence 4]
1C5AD2EA	342270	Yogi: So much for doing it the easy way.
2371B0A2	342271	Reggie: They do say winners don’t do drugs…
5B6F6231	342437	Every war generates new legends. These ghost stories, spoken in whispers by the survivors, grow more fantastic with each telling. The war that shaped modern Kyrat is full of such tales.
3CC52FCD	342439	Pagan Min, the outsider, used old superstitions to his advantage and fashioned his elite warriors after the fearsome Rakshasa.
42745370	342441	Rode elephants into battle and summoned other wild beasts to fight alongside them…
17E87C0E	342443	And clouded men's minds so they could not be seen. Many of their enemies never saw the killing blow.
695900B3	342445	But for every action there is a reaction. The newly formed Golden Path harnessed the power of steel:
0EF34D4F	342447	Guns that belched smoke and fire…
704231F2	342449	This thangka recounts the history of their battles, [which are also painted in blood on the rocks and trees. CUT FROM VIDEO]
896B5180	342451	It is not my place to say whether these legends are true, but once you have seen for yourself… you will believe.
DFD64E2B	342484	Kabir: We need help. Those wild boars are dangerous but full of good, juicy-sweet meat.
480497A3	342485	Kabir: I can't hunt them myself, I've lost two toes already.
C6CD7F6A	342486	Kabir: And after Raj lost his little...well, you know what...now no one will go near them.
511FA6E2	342489	Ajay: I can help. What's this about wild boars?
EDE02CA9	342490	Kabir: You're...offering voluntarily?! Great man! Excellent! I meant mild boars, not wild boars. Very mild tempered. And never mind what I said about missing appendages ok.
7A32F521	342491	Ajay: Right. So you need me to hunt some bacon. that shouldn't be a problem.
F4FB1DE8	342492	[nervous laugh]Kabir:  You'll be fine. Won't even need a gun. There's a bow in the shack out back, take that. The boars are lounging near a lake. I'll show you on your map.
6329C460	342493	Ajay: Ok, great. Anything else I need to know?
BBBA8B2F	342494	Kabir: Try and get enough to fill up our fridge. We haven't had meat in weeks. [beat] And watch your toes. [beat] And if you have to pee, don't do it near the boars.
99535664	342563	Ajay: Hey Bhadra.
E939A2EB	342564	Bhadra: Bhadra is good for now.
D612C0A3	342567	Ajay: What’s wrong?
A678342C	342568	Bhadra: Whoever captures Jalendu temple will lead the Golden Path. The future of Kyrat is at stake and I'm caught between Amita and Sabal. You’ve seen them fight, you know how they are.
CF09F1E2	342569	Bhadra: Amita wants to destroy the temple. She says that this will free the women of Kyrat and break us away from outdated traditions like the Tarun Matara.
BF63056D	342570	Ajay: But I thought the Tarun Matara was a good thing?
E424A221	342571	Bhadra: Sabal thinks it is. If he captures the temple, he’ll complete the ceremony and make me Tarun Matara. He says that embracing our traditions is what will make us stronger.
944E56AE	342572	Ajay: And what do you want to do?
FD3F9360	342573	Bhadra: I want to free Kyrat, but I can’t choose on my own. Amita and Sabal will never agree, so this leaves you Ajay. You’ve made a difference here, the Golden Path will listen to you. But you have to understand that whoever you back at Jalendu will become the unquestioned leader of the Golden Path; and once Pagan is defeated, they'll control Kyrat as well.
8D5567EF	342574	Ajay: Ok. I think I know what I have to do.
6BACF437	342581	Ajay: No, you didn't.
B828F127	342582	Reggie: You did ask for the short version.
36E119EE	342583	Yogi: Right, and we asked you to grab some of that wacky backy, eh. Did you find any?
1DCC4A2D	342584	Yogi: Right, that's good.
1F2F10CF	342749	What you'd call sergeant, yes. The factory uses generators to make the air breathable. Destroy them and you force the soldiers out. Whatever you do... keep damage to a minimum.
B513C1BE	342750	One more thing. The chief chemist who runs the facility. He used to be one of us. Amita wants him dead.
DB0FC069	342790	Havildar, sergeant, either one. It's an honor, son of Mohan. You see that smoke stack? Cut the cable supports and bring it down. Should create a nice hole to get you inside the facility.
F02293AA	342792	Now that's the question, right? I'd save the explosives for the smokestack and the interior and use those elephants to take out the cable winches. Have fun.
7862E51E	342806	Ajay, Sabal said to expect you. The havildar is waiting for you further up the hill. You can stock up on ammo before you go.
8BFAC9C1	342836	Willis: I'm going to keep this channel open, but stay quiet. I don't need any distractions, this guy can be a little jumpy. Got it?
159E5C62	342837	[Silence 0.5]Ajay: Got it.
0C62D50E	342838	[Silence 0.2]Willis: Good. Here we go.
920640AD	342840	[Silence 0.2]Willis: Got the goods right here, just like you asked for.
1579E44F	342841	[Silence 0.2]Arun: Change of plans.
90A746D9	342880	The energy released upon death is both infinite and infinitesimal.
0EC3D37A	342882	This energy is transferred throughout the multi-verse 20 watts at a time.
8B1D71EC	342895	[Silence 0.2]Willis: What's that now?
C6FDE15F	342896	[Silence 0.2]Arun: I said change of plans. Yuma wants me to bring you in.
589974FC	342897	[Silence 0.2]Willis: Are you kidding me? You can't do that. We had a deal!
DFE6D01E	342901	[Silence 0.2]Arun: You and your plane aren't going anywhere. I'm taking you to Yuma.
418245BD	342902	[Silence 0.2]Willis: Let's try to work something out. Okay?
F4CB83DD	342903	[Silence 0.2]Arun: There's nothing to work out here, buddy!
6AAF167E	342904	[Silence 0.2]Willis: Where I come from, a deal's a deal. You can't just change things up, it's un-American!
EDD0B29C	342905	Arun: I've had enough of this.
A291245B	342906	Arun: Yuma said to bring you in, but she didn't say I had to bring you in alive.
3CF5B1F8	342907	Willis: I said Reaganomics!
BB8A151A	342908	Arun: What the hell are you talking about?
73B4273F	342909	Willis: Are you familiar with Reaganomics? It was a sound policy that ensured the fiscal future of the United States!
25EE80B9	342910	Arun: I've had enough of this.
89BC7798	342938	Ajay: Willis, I took care of Yuma's lieutenant.
17D8E23B	342939	Willis: Are you sure you got the right one?
0E246B57	342940	Ajay: How am I supposed to know if he's the right one?
9040FEF4	342941	Willis: Take a picture of him and send it to me.
173F5A16	342943	Willis: No dice kid. That's not your man. The guy you're looking for is supervising Yuma's archeological dig. Tell you what. Just clear out every guy in the area who looks like he could be in charge of anything more important than cleaning bathrooms and washing dishes. Nothing's more American than killing them all and letting God sort them out. Call me when you're done.
895BCFB5	342955	Willis: Ajay, I wasn't joking when I said to cut your target open. I need you to keep the body intact. Guns and explosives do too much damage so you'll have to use a blade. Time for some good old-fashioned wetwork.
C73F8B68	342956	Ajay: Why the hell do you need the body intact?
595B1ECB	342957	Willis: Oh Ajay. I won't lie to you.
3EB30FA1	342971	Amita: And Ajay. Skin your kills. We can always use the pelts.
8CD5514E	342973	They are going to eat you alive in the arena, raw meat.
9C782C24	342975	You? You want to play in the arena? You're barely old enough to look at my breasts.
D4547EFA	342977	You want in on the arena, raw meat? You keep your eyes up here and you can fight.
3D37DBCF	342999	If it isn't Mr-Stare-at-my-tits. The arena's waiting to cheer for you.
23412E97	343001	Ajay, you have made me so much money, betting on you in the arena. I hope today's no different.
C394C789	343003	It's Ajay, right? You're doing good in the arena. Everyone knows you now.
E10FD861	343005	There he is... the best arena fighter I've seen in years. You ready to win?
FF792D39	343007	You're not king of the arena yet, but you're getting there, Ajay. Keep it up.
161A880C	343009	Ajay, you feeling lucky today? The arena's waiting for you.
96EF50DA	343011	Pay attention to the fight and not my breasts and maybe you'll survive in the arena again.
763AB9C4	343013	You again. Are you here for my breasts or the arena?
6697C4AE	343015	You lived, so what? Anyone can win once in the arena. Let's see you do it again.
BB64FCC3	343017	Ajay Ghale, King of the Arena. I still don't want you staring at my tits, but you are the best fighter I've seen.
520759F6	343019	Back for more? You're the best there is in the arena, and you still want to prove yourself?
4C71ACAE	343021	King of the Arena, back for more... I can't believe it.
ACA445B0	343023	Ah, fresh meat comes back for more. They're starting to notice you in the arena.
8E3F5A58	343025	Fresh meat wants more time in the arena?
9049AF00	343027	I know that look. You win a few fights in the arena and now you think you're unbeatable. I hope nobody proves you wrong, fresh meat.
792A0A35	343029	Well well, you're back. They're cheering for you in the arena, yeah? Don't disappoint them.
310658EB	343031	Fresh meat's becoming more seasoned, eh? The arena is waiting for you....
D1D3B1F5	343033	You know how to fight but you don't know how to listen. Come here and fight in the arena... and stop looking at my tits.
B9CCAB43	343035	Ajay: Longinus?
27A83EE0	343036	Sabal: Weapons dealer and priest... a little crazy but if you want guns, he's the man to see. I'll update your map.
92E1F880	343037	Ajay: Longinus you said?
0C856D23	343038	Sabal: Yes. He's a weapons dealer and a priest if you can believe that? Longinus is a little crazy but if you want guns, he's the man you should see. I'll update your map.
FAFEE236	343070	Willis: Thanks for flying the unfriendly skies, buttercup. Once I find another lose thread on Yuma, I'll be in touch.
3AB4F60F	343074	Set the shells to detonate on impact!
0882948D	343075	Hope we don't hit any friendlies this time.
9F504D05	343076	Goodbye Utkarsh.
864B7C44	343077	Let's make sure we keep everything on-target.
D011DBC2	343078	Bet the Golden Path are shitting themselves right now.
5ED8330B	343079	I hope that spotter knows what he's doing.
75F560C8	343081	Get ready to fire again!
E227B940	343082	Come on, get it prepped!
6CEE5189	343083	Let's go, let's go! Get it loaded!
FB3C8801	343086	Copy that, I'll make the adjustment.
EB764D46	343087	We're ready to fire again.
7CA494CE	343088	We've got enough munitions to do this all day.
F26D7C07	343089	They're hitting where you need them? Good.
65BFA58F	343090	10-4, we're using the high explosives, just like you ordered.
AD662F87	343099	We've practiced this a hundred times, no fuck ups!
1199A5CC	343100	Prep the shells! PREP THE SHELLS!
47C3024A	343102	We're dropping a lot of ordnance today.
C90AEA83	343103	If we keep this up, there will be nothing left of Utkarsh.
497DC527	343105	Rabi Ray Rana: You've been tearing down propaganda posters, which is great, but Pagan's propaganda machine is kicking it up a notch in response. His men are setting up temporary propaganda centers and those places are churning out the bullshit 24-7, yar.
23AFC74E	343118	Ajay: Yeah, well I'm not getting in that way.
B47D1EC6	343119	Ajay: Right. Time for plan 'B.'
C8C880B4	343131	Noore: Ajay, did you get my family?
74370AFF	343155	Ajay: Not yet. I'm making my way there.
E3E5D377	343156	[Disappointed]Noore:  Oh... okay. Look, you must sneak in. It's important. Paul is a rat, and rats always find a way off a sinking ship. He can't suspect anything until it's too late.
6D2C3BBE	343157	Noore: And don't forget, Ajay. He's throwing a party, so find out where he's kidnapping his meat and sneak in with them.
862E331B	343164	I want everyone from the warehouse loaded up into the truck!
F644C794	343165	If the prisoners from the warehouse aren't loaded into the truck already, it'll be our asses.
9F35025A	343166	They're all loaded up. Get going!
B65EEFC0	343199	There are soldiers at the school. I think they're planting explosives.
C6341B4F	343200	I see soldiers around the school. The bastards are placing explosives!
AF45DE81	343207	They finished planting the explosives at the school. Someone needs to defuse them or a lot of people are going to die!
DF2F2A0E	343208	They're going to blow up the school any second now. Someone defuse those damn explosives!
BE0CF98F	343342	You try to run again and I'll kill you myself!
690CB032	343344	Ah! You thought you could get away? No one gets away!
6A2D80E7	343355	You smell their fear, boy, huh? Yeah, that's why I like it here too. They know their place around us, don't they, boy? Yeah. They do.
FDFF596F	343356	Look at these idiots. Pathetic. They're not living up to their potential, are they, boy? No. Fucking soldiers are just as bad as the prisoners... wasting away instead of being the most they can be and blasting through the maximum.
256C1620	343357	I bet I could bench press twenty of these losers without breaking a sweat. Maybe twenty-five if I carb-load first. Yeah. Definitely. What do you think, boy? Bet I could do ten squats with twenty of them on my back.
B2BECFA8	343358	Most guys don't work the legs, but I do. Core, legs, chest, back, repeat. That's why nobody fucks with me. Fuck with me, and I'll bench press them for breakfast. Isn't that right, boy? Yeah, you know it is.
75991F88	343359	Willis: Look alive, buttercup. Sounds like our little shindig didn't go unnoticed. The rain's coming down a little too hard for my tastes. I'm heading to cover. Make yourself useful. Take out those mortar teams and anyone else who shows up to avenge their fallen comrades. Got it? Good.
1CE8DA46	343361	Willis: Judging by the lack of gunshots and explosions I'm hearing, I'd say you're in the clear. Come find me in the warehouse so we can finally get some face time.
88BED7A0	343405	Ajay! Ajay Ghale! Up here!
B94E3DDA	343407	Thank Kyra you made it. I'm with the Golden Path. Here, use this to climb up.
C7FF4167	343412	Quickly, use the rope.
A0550C9B	343413	Climb up, what are you waiting for?
DEE47026	343415	It's an honor to meet you, son of Mohan. I'm amazed you made it all the way here on your own. Sabal is waiting for you near the tower.
6C822EC9	343427	Ajay: I'll decide what happens to Noore.
8F76F702	343434	Are the animals drugged?
E60732CC	343435	Oh yes, I double-checked the doses myself. We gave them just enough for it to look good.
966DC643	343436	Perfect. It's hard to look heroic when you're fighting animals that are half asleep.
3607E3B2	343437	Everything will be fine as long as we stick to the schedule.
466D173D	343438	Are they leading with the wolves?
2F1CD2F3	343439	Nope, tigers first, then wolves.
5F76267C	343440	Tigers first? Okay, changing it up. What's after the wolves?
04318130	343441	Bears, then rhinos for the finish. Ahh.
745B75BF	343442	Sounds good. The audience is going to love it.
950EAA00	343503	This is my home... what have they done to my home?
E5645E8F	343504	[native curse] Pagan Min and his lackeys are nothing but cowards!
1296B6CF	343505	The Golden Path need to kill Pagan and all his followers. This cannot go unanswered.
62FC4240	343506	It's gone, everything I have is gone. What am I going to do now?
0B8D878E	343507	Have you seen my brother? Has anyone seen my brother? I can't find him!
7BE77301	343508	Pagan will answer for this. I swear it.
DB8D56F0	343509	Now more than ever, I know I made the right choice when I joined the Golden Path.
ABE7A27F	343510	Banapur will never be the same again, not after today.
C29667B1	343511	Look at this! As if Pagan didn't already have enough to answer for.
B2FC933E	343512	This will only strengthen our resolve. The Golden Path will never stop fighting now. Not as long as Pagan is in power.
E9BB3472	343513	Just put me and my rifle within 200 yards of Pagan Min. Problem solved.
568236C1	343524	Everyone really came together. Banapur will be rebuilt.
D1FD9223	343525	Look at all of this. This only shows how strong the people of Kyrat are.
4F990780	343526	With every home we rebuild, we show Pagan our resolve.
FAD0C1E0	343527	I wish Pagan could see this. Our spirits will never be broken.
64B45443	343528	I can't believe how quickly we're rebuilding. I'm proud to be a Kyrati today.
E3CBF0A1	343529	None of this would be possible without help from The Golden Path. I don't know what we would do without them.
7DAF6502	343530	This is amazing, they've already rebuilt so much.
6453EC6E	343531	Every time Pagan tries to crush us, he fails and we become stronger.
FA3779CD	343532	Banapur will be rebuilt, and if Pagan strikes it again, we will rebuild it again.
7D48DD2F	343533	I've been helping out with the reconstruction effort. It feels good to be working with tools instead of guns.
E32C488C	343534	We've begun rebuilding Banapur so quickly. Imagine what Kyrat would be like if the Golden Path was in power.
AECCD83F	343535	Banapur will never be like it was, but it will always be our home.
FC7F6FCE	343546	Look at this, look at what Pagan Min has done!
99D1C0FD	343583	This can't be the end of Banapur, it can't be.
F0A00533	343584	It won't be. We'll rebuild. Pagan won't defeat us this easily.
80CAF1BC	343586	These are homes, people lived here. Lives were destroyed today.
BFE193F4	343587	We can rebuild but we can't replace the lives that were lost.
30A84D9C	343589	This is all happening so fast. Where did we get all the supplies from?
B7D7E97E	343590	The Golden Path. Just don't ask how they got it all.
29B37CDD	343592	The fighters are amazing. They go out on patrol and when they return they help with the rebuilding effort.
9CFABABD	343593	I'm not surprised. They love Kyrat, they are true patriots.
3C772761	343595	Sabal: Ajay, another group of enemy reinforcements is heading your way. My spotters don't see any other soldiers, this must be the last wave.
DCA2CE7F	343633	Ajay: Hurk, I found a box, but it's empty.
893EE101	343634	Hurk: Dude, like total cock-block moment. Wait wait, hold the blue balls. If the Pagan's goombahs are still up there, I'd bet dollars to virgins that they haven't gotten the statue either.
F78F9DBC	343635	Hurk: ...maybe the chimp statue is still on ice somewhere. [Realization]Oh wait man, I just heard what I said. Total stealth pun, bro... scope out the glacier.
9025D040	343639	Ajay: Hurk, I got it. Now get me out of here.
EE94ACFD	343640	Hurk: Totally, man. I am the wind beneath your wings man, but don't get ideas ok, because I am not monogamous. Tried it. It sucked. Bulls gotta run, man. Bulls gotta run.
CA4EF4E2	343671	Hurk: You gonna be a gentleman and help me up? C'mon. [effort]
CAED584F	343954	Longinus: Ajay, this is Longinus. The Lord has provided me with something that will aid the Golden Path, come see me when you are ready.
0D2D3042	343967	Willis: Mr. Ghale. We have been watching you. It's time that we meet. Further instructions will be provided when you reach these coordinates.
135BC51A	343990	Noore: Ajay, I need to see you. It’s important, but I can’t say more over the radio. Please come to Shanath.
705AC407	344061	Yogi: Night, night.
7E814C35	344135	Sabal: When you sided with Amita, you chose to desecrate your own heritage, and spit on the Gods.
192B01C9	344137	Sabal: You committed crimes against the Gods themselves!
679A7D74	344138	Sabal: So I say to you... today, you chose to cut your own throats, not me.
3206520A	344140	Ajay: Wait!
4CB72EB7	344142	Ajay: Bhadra.
2B1D634B	344145	Sabal: Sins against the Gods can only be washed away with blood. There must be a cleansing for us to move forward, brother. Eventually the Tarun Matara will understand that. Will you?
ABE8BB9D	344158	Amita: I want you to go into every home, find every child. Every child. Bring them to me. Here. Go.
DB824F12	344160	Ajay: What's going on?
B2F38ADC	344161	Amita: We need more soldiers to fight the holdouts from the Royal Army and I need to start thinking about Kyrat's future. We have opium fields to protect, laws to enforce, workers to keep in line.
C2997E53	344162	Ajay: So you're forcing the people to join Golden Path?
61778FCC	344163	Amita: I have to sacrifice our liberties for peace later. You can either get in line or get out of the way.
111D7B43	344165	Please, let my children go. They are all we have. Please.
786CBE8D	344167	Amita: If you love Kyrat, you will turn around, go into your homes. Or, i will have you shot.
08064A02	344168	Amita: If you love Kyrat, you will go into back into your homes. Or else, I will have you shot.
5341ED4E	344170	Ajay: Why are you doing this?
232B19C1	344171	Amita: I'm doing what's best for my country. Doesn't matter what she has to say. I've sent her away. I don't need a "tarun matara" here for our enemies to rally behind.
4A5ADC0F	344173	Ajay: And what about Bhadra? What does she have to say about this?
3A302880	344174	Amita: It doesn't matter what she has to say. I've sent her away. I don't need a "tarun matara" here for our enemies to rally behind.
051B4AC8	344175	Ajay: Sent her away? Where?
7571BE47	344176	Amita: That is not your concern. And don't bother trying to find her. Bhadra's not coming back.
FC506F82	344206	Ajay: Longinus, the tracker you gave me says I'm getting close to... whatever it is you need me to get.
8C3A9B0D	344207	Longinus: That is excellent news Ajay! But be wary when you reach the crash site. The Royal Army has likely dispatched men to secure the chopper's cargo for themselves. Strike them down if you must, or sneak in like a thief in the night.
D3D670A0	344214	Royal Guard Dispatch: We're coming to you on foot!
330399BE	344216	Royal Guard Dispatch: We are coming from the river!
2D756CE6	344218	Royal Guard Dispatch: We are coming by ground!
C416C9D3	344220	Royal Guard Dispatch: We are coming from the air!
E1E01222	344363	Ajay: You know what? That's, that's enough.
18C97250	344364	Hurk: Okay, it's all right.
66780EED	344365	Ajay: Yeah, just watch the beard on my neck.
01D24311	344366	Hurk: Whatever man, this elephant has got two butt holes, two taints, and four balls on his back, and you're complaining about one penis. [sighs]
7F633FAC	344367	[sighs]Ajay:  I wasn't talking about your penis. It's, it's your beard, it's itchy. Get it off my neck.
D1D2926F	344368	Hurk: Oh, sorry man, no problem. But you're cool with the penis then?
AF63EED2	344369	Ajay: That too, back it up.
C8C9A32E	344370	Hurk: All right, man.
B678DF93	344383	Ajay: You'll live.
E3E4F0ED	344384	Hurk: How do you know! Are you a doctor? Are you qualified to tell a man whether he will live when he's jumped off an elephant, landed on his god damned sacrum? You don't know! Ooh, I gotta walk it off man. Aw, it's bad. It's real bad. Aww. Oh, it's getting better. You're right. I probably will live. Yeah, I'm, I'm def-- I'm fine, actually. Yeah, nah I overreacted, that was on me.
EE1E480A	344385	They fought with the weapons of the ancients...
A3FED8B9	344386	Perverted ancestral recipes to create drugs that gave them seemingly superhuman powers…
3D9A4D1A	344387	Vehicles that chewed the earth under their wheels…
BAE5E9F8	344388	And weapons that rained death from the sky.
6961ECE8	344413	[sighs]Amita:  Wolves are a common nuisance for Kanan’s farm. She's killed off a number of them, but this year they're especially aggressive and I'm worried about her. There is a den nearby. Clear it out. I think Kanan has supplies stockpiled somewhere on her farm that you can use.
8FBE4F63	344431	Hey, look at what some poachers managed to catch.
C7921DBD	344434	Noore will put it to good use in her arena. Who would ever bet against a beast like this?
2EF1B888	344437	Not me. I look forward to seeing it tear apart anyone dumb enough to take it on.
53864CCD	344447	He has to be nearby, we need to find him!
7FC6DB17	344450	Tell me something I don't know! If we come back empty-handed, Pagan will be furious. Who knows what he'll do to us!
9F133209	344453	This can't be happening! That little [native language curse]!
6CAD2E85	344458	The truck is ready.
D655F6DC	345444	Ajay: Amita, I found Pagan! I'm on his heels!
A63F0253	345445	Amita: Ajay, you could end it right now!
CF4EC79D	345446	Ajay: I know!
BF243312	345447	Amita: But I need proof or nobody's going to believe us. Don't blow him up, and no shooting.
E463945E	345448	Ajay: Are you kidding me?!
940960D1	345449	Amita: I need his body intact! Use your khukri, and Ajay... good hunting.
991D31EF	345462	We're taking heavy fire. We need help now!
E7AC4D52	345464	Where're our reinforcements. They're slaughtering everyone.
800600AE	345466	Longinus: Ajay, have you started culling the wolves at the village? The sheep need their lion, Ajay. They need your guns.
576B15C9	345505	That's him!
2701E146	345506	It's the son of Mohan!
4E702488	345507	He's Ajay Ghale!
3E1AD007	345508	He survived the arena!
655D774B	345509	How did he make it past so many adversaries?
153783C4	345510	Who taught him how to fight like that?
7C46460A	345511	Is he really the son of Mohan?
0C2CB285	345512	I can't believe the son of Mohan is back in Kyrat.
3307D0CD	345513	Is he with the Golden Path now?
436D2442	345514	He certainly looks like his father.
2A1CE18C	345515	What was he doing in the arena?
5A761503	345516	Does Pagan know that Mohan's son is in Kyrat?
80E1B883	345536	Got it! Sabal, the mortar's ready!
4E9ECD51	345631	Sabal: For now, take your time to look around and explore.
D0FA58F2	345632	Sabal: Come find me when you're ready.
9FBBCE35	345668	Pagan Min: That's me.
B19701DE	345731	Sabal: Ajay Ghale. My name is Sabal. I'm with the Golden Path.
C1FDF551	345732	Ajay: Golden Path?
A88C309F	345733	Sabal: We're friends. I knew your father. We're here to rescue you, son of Mohan.
D8E6C410	345735	Sabal: You are our priority. We need to get you out of here safely, no matter the cost. Darpan would understand. Now stay close.
2F142C50	345736	Sabal: He didn't make it.
41082D87	345737	Sabal: Ajay, the soldiers have loaded up a boat with gold and are trying to escape. Do not let them get away, brother.
5F7ED8DF	345784	Ajay: Is there anything I can do? I’m not a soldier, but I want to help.
3A11FF92	345830	I'll set up the mortar!
C3389FE0	345831	[native language swear - "stupid"] Something's wrong, it's not working!
BD89E35D	345832	I found the problem, fixing it now!
4520B58E	346029	Pagan.
03D76F62	346032	Ajay: Alright then…
5890C82E	346033	Hurk: Okay. You got my number!
28FA3CA1	346034	Ajay: Uuh… I think you got mine.
418BF96F	346035	Hurk: I do! … And your address!
31E10DE0	346036	Hurk: And your wife’s number. Mmmmm, she’s a beauty!
C613E5A0	346039	Hurk: My girls! Aahh… Alright, where to now?
228AF872	346051	Bhadra: Hi.
5C3B84CF	346052	Ajay: Or should I call you Tarun Matara?
6DCB6EB5	346053	Bhadra: Thank you.
73BD9BED	346064	[Sigh, effort sounds]Ajay: , Whoa, okay, what the fuck. Get up. [effort sounds]
DA23AEA1	346065	Get on the floor!
A492D21C	346066	Ajay: Why?
09A7ABB1	346067	Get on the fuckin’ floor!
7716D70C	346068	Ajay: I’m on the floor.
10BC9AF0	346069	Ajay: What are you doing, what is that ?
6E0DE64D	346070	[Pain sounds]Ajay:  What was that ?
3B91C933	346071	[Passing out]Ajay:  arg..
10B68810	346084	Pagan Min: You've been a busy boy, but I haven’t lost hope in you nope. I’ll call this an “exercise in cultural immersion.” After all, I suppose you should learn where you are from, who your father was, blah blah blah. Oh! Speaking of cultural immersion, you really must take time to go and visit Paul at his "City of Pain." Oh! He always throws fabulous parties before he heads home. Although given your recent activities I doubt you could just show up at the front gate and convince them that I sent you, but I’m sure you’ll find a way in. Hint. Hint. Say hi to Paul for, and Ajay, do avoid any exchange of bodily fluids. You'll get the herp.
6E07F4AD	346119	Ajay: Amita, I got your pictures. Paul's one sick fuck.
972E94DF	346120	Amita: I can only imagine, Ajay. If there's any good to take from this, it'll be that we can use these to destroy Pagan Min's lies. Don't spend any longer there than you have to.
E99FE862	346160	Amita: Ajay, Pagan has been hoarding valuable relics for years. He keeps them in the vaults below Jalendu. We will try to recover them one day, but for now you must focus on bringing down the temple and everything it stands for.
DE4E8D7F	346302	[Ajay psyching himself up before running outside intot he firefight with Sabal]Ajay:  Okay, here we go!
5931299D	346303	Ajay: Noore!
C755BC3E	346305	Ajay: But what?
29BC653F	346330	Pagan Min: Now,  now, I thought we had a moment back there!
BE6EBCB7	346331	Pagan Min: Is that a proper "Thank You?" I just gave you a country!
F9BCB441	346332	Pagan Min: Manners, Ajay. Gun safety starts with you!
73D18796	346439	Bhadra: All I know is that he was killed in his house, east of Banapur. It's still there. Maybe you could go there and find out more about him. Just be careful, that area belongs to Noore now.
9DD07145	346443	Ajay: Hurk, I found a box, but it's empty.
0A02A8CD	346444	Ajay: Hurk, I found a box, but it's empty.
84CB4004	346445	Ajay: Hurk, I got it. Now get me out of here.
1319998C	346446	Ajay: Hurk, I got it. Now get me out of here.
37CA9067	346459	Amita: But the temple itself, I want you to crush it into dust.
6B0ABEBE	346540	Pagan Min: Ajay, I hope you don’t mind but I took the liberty of having a new suit made up for you. If you are to lead Kyrat when this is all over you’re going to need a sharper look than denims and [emphasis] fucking sneakers, my boy. And that jacket, oh don’t get me started. Why on earth do you need so many zippered pockets? What do you keep in them all? Handfuls of meat? [beat] Huh. I suppose you do.  I’ll make a note for my tailor [as if he’s writing something down] Ajay’s jacket, zippered meat pockets [stops writing]. Perfect. Well, don’t let me slow you down.
15BBC203	346543	Pagan Min: Ajay, did I ever tell you about my first body double? Not the one you wiped off the map, he’s number 3, or 4 now perhaps. Anyway, the first one, Jong was his name. Started brilliantly, he looked the part, diligently did his duty, but back then I didn’t realize what becoming ME could do to a man. He went completely berserk, it wasn’t the random beheadings or the blood drinking that undid him in the end. No, it was a particularly embarrassing incident when in full costume he was caught trying to sneak into a theme park using a forged Dominican Republic passport under a Chinese name that meant “Fat Bear”. Fucking imbecile.
72118FFF	346546	Pagan Min: After Ishwari left it was a very dark time for me. Oh I was a cruel and angry young man. It’s this time more than any that gives me the reputation I have today. Yes, yes, I murdered countless innocents, yes I outlawed religion, yes I changed the currency so everyone’s savings were meaningless. And yes, I may have gone through a period of bathing in Yak’s blood and slamming rails of coke. But… I’m reformed now, look at me, getting this country back on its feet again. Top shape Ajay [snorts as if doing a line of coke]. Top shape.
0CA0F342	346549	Pagan Min: Ajay, you've been out and about exploring Kyrat for a while now. Tell me, who lights all of those fucking candles? The country is in the grips of a civil war, an apparently monstrous dictator has the country on its knees, yet some industrious fool has put it upon himself to wake up every morning and go around lighting hundreds and hundreds of candles. I'm tempted to employ someone to go around blowing them all out again. Actually I've had a better idea -- Gary! GARY! Put it down this is important. Listen. Candles are now illegal. What? Yes all of them! Treason punishable by death. thank you. -- And thank you Ajay, you just made my week.
3E9691C0	346555	Pagan Min: He's cute.
278DA081	346600	Yogi: Well, we tried the carrot.
4027ED7D	346601	Reggie: Guess he wants the stick then.
410FCAC6	346651	Pagan Min: Ajay, did I ever tell you about my first body double? Not the one you wiped off the map, he’s number 3, or 4 now perhaps. Anyway, the first one, Jong was his name. Started brilliantly, he looked the part, diligent but did his duty, but back then I didn’t realize what becoming ME could do to a man. He went completely berserk, it wasn’t the random beheadings or the blood drinking that undid him in the end. No, it was a particularly embarrassing incident when in full costume he was caught trying to sneak into Disneyland using a forged Dominican Republic passport, this is the best part, under a Chinese name that meant “Fat Bear”. Fucking imbecile.
DF6B5F65	346654	Find something interesting and I'll ship you to the Rook Islands!
9B9136B2	346754	Sharma Salsa: Great job, darling!
2ED8F0D2	346755	Sharma Salsa: You're doing it, you're doing it!
B0BC6571	346756	Sharma Salsa: Mega-bucks!
37C3C193	346757	Sharma Salsa: That was great, your cheque's in the mail.
A9A75430	346758	Sharma Salsa: Money money money money money!
78825754	346759	Sharma Salsa: That was great. I'm going to watch the rushes later on tonight. I'm going for a cigarette.
E6E6C2F7	346760	Sharma Salsa: Now we have to do it again. If you're going to lose, try to explode at least!
61996615	346762	Sharma Salsa: You're killing me, you're killing me. If you're going to lose, lose big.
FFFDF3B6	346763	Sharma Salsa: You're killing me darling! That... sucked!
05F5A311	346774	Sharma Salsa: Nice win, sweetheart.
6BE9A2C6	346779	Longinus: Ajay, have you started culling the wolves at the village? The sheep need their lion, Ajay. The villagers need your guns.
01FFAF1E	346947	Ajay, my son.
9F9B3ABD	346948	I have but one last wish.
4EBE39D9	346949	Take me back to Lakshmana.
D0DAAC7A	346950	Thank you so much.
C9C19D3B	346951	I'm very grateful.
57A50898	346952	Thank you for helping us.
52D092C8	347078	Ajay: Sabal, it's done.
8CE44563	347220	Ajay: Come in. Is there anyone there? Does this thing even work?
536FEBD7	347246	Cultist Soldier Radio: The interloper is inside the relay station.
D4104F35	347247	Cultist Soldier Radio: Then get out there and destroy it. We must purify the valley before the start of the ritual.
4A74DA96	347249	Cultist Soldier Radio: We're on the way. We'll send everyone we have.
9B51D9F2	347251	Cultist Soldier Radio: Destroy the relay station first, then kill whoever you find.
05354C51	347256	Cultist Soldier Radio: I’ve almost reached the relay station. What’s your position?
824AE8B3	347258	[Silence 1]Cultist Soldier Radio: We’re close. Right on your heels.
1C2E7D10	347262	Cultist Soldier Radio: Okay, ready? Move in.
A967BB70	347264	[Silence 0.5]Cultist Soldier Radio: Moving in.
37032ED3	347269	Cultist Soldier Radio: I’m about to plant the explosives. Cover me.
89309FDD	347282	Master Sandesh: Come in. (radio static) Are you there?
07F97714	347284	Master Sandesh: (radio static) Can you hear me?
902BAE9C	347286	Master Sandesh: Wake up... (radio static)... we have your friend.
2CD424D7	347288	Master Sandesh: Don’t keep us waiting all day. Your friend might not live that long. (radio static)
BB06FD5F	347292	Ajay: Hello? Who is this?
35CF1596	347293	Master Sandesh: Did you enjoy my little rescue party last night? <br>
A21DCC1E	347294	Ajay: What do you mean? What do you have?
C671091A	347306	Ajay: Oh, shit.
D63BCC5D	347307	Hurk: Whoa. Woah yeah I am trippin' balls again, man.
2975DB8B	347327	Master Sandesh: The profaner has come to take the relic. We must purify the valley of his presence. Enter under the cover of darkness, and destroy the relay station.
591F2F04	347328	Cultist Soldier Radio: We hear you and obey.
AEEDC744	347330	Cultist Soldier Radio: You heard Master Sandesh. To the relay station.
DE8733CB	347335	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are approaching the interloper now, Master.
B7F6F605	347337	[Silence 1]Master Sandesh: Excellent. Let the Ritual of Purification begin!
C79C028A	347341	Cultist Soldier Radio: Let’s go.
67F6277B	347343	Cultist Soldier Radio: Kill the interloper.
179CD3F4	347348	Cultist Soldier Radio: I’m about to plant the explosive. Cover me.
EBB1A861	347358	Master Sandesh: (radio static) Are you there . . . (radio static)
75D53DC2	347360	Master Sandesh: (radio static) Come in . . . (radio static)
C09CFBA2	347362	Master Sandesh: (radio static) . . . I know you’re there . . . please respond . . . (radio static)
5EF86E01	347363	Master Sandesh: (radio static) Do you read . . . (radio static)
D987CAE3	347367	Ajay: Who are you? What do you want from me?
47E35F40	347368	Master Sandesh: I gather from the tone of your voice that you do not realize the honor we have bestowed upon you?
96C65C24	347370	Ajay: Trying to kill me by feeding me to a beast is an honor?
08A2C987	347372	Master Sandesh: Indeed. Clearly you have much to learn, my child.
8FDD6D65	347373	Ajay: I’m not a child, and there’s nothing you could teach that I need to learn.
11B9F8C6	347375	Master Sandesh: Maybe so. But you . . . you are no longer allowed to pollute this sacred place. We know you are here to take our relic, and the brothers of the night are coming for you. You cannot hide, we will find you. You cannot escape, we will shoot you down. You cannot call for help, the signals are jammed. I own you. Just as I own every soul in this valley.
A4F03EA6	347377	Ajay: Whatever freak.
3A94AB05	347381	Ajay: Gotta find a way to get past this guy's signal jammers and call for help.
BDEB0FE7	347382	Hurk: That's one twisted puppy right there, boy. That guy's got some serious momma issues. Reminds of my sister's cousin's dog-walkers friend Sheila.
09EA26AC	347404	Master Sandesh: Night has fallen and the ritual is about to commence.  Purify the valley. Kill the profaner.
9E38FF24	347405	[Silence 1]Cultist Soldier Radio: We hear you and obey.
22C7756F	347407	[Silence 0.5]Cultist Soldier Radio: Purify the valley of his stench.
B515ACE7	347412	[Silence 1.5]Cultist Soldier Radio: We are approaching the relay station now, Master.
3BDC442E	347414	[Silence 0.5]Master Sandesh: Cleanse the valley for the sanctity of the ritual.
AC0E9DA6	347418	Cultist Soldier Radio: Let’s go.
749DD2E9	347420	Cultist Soldier Radio: Kill the interloper.
E34F0B61	347425	Cultist Soldier Radio: I’m about to plant the explosive. Cover me.
80C48F60	347438	Cultist Soldier Radio: (radio static) Got another one . . . (radio static)
D558A01E	347440	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Come in . . . (Statics)
ABE9DCA3	347442	Cultist Soldier Radio: (radio static) . . . caught making explosives . . . (radio static)
CC43915F	347444	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Hold your position . . . (radio static)
B2F2EDE2	347447	Inquisitor: Do you have him?
4BDB8D90	347448	Cultist Soldier Radio: Yes. We’re bringing him in now.
356AF12D	347450	Inquisitor: What about the explosives? Did you recover the explosives?
52C0BCD1	347452	Cultist Soldier Radio: No. He wouldn’t tell us where he hid them.
2C71C06C	347454	Inquisitor: Okay. Put him in his own cell. No. On second thought, give him some of the elixir, and put him in with the others. They will make fine offerings.
864D111D	347456	Cultist Soldier Radio: He will be ready when you arrive.
F8FC6DA0	347458	Inquisitor: Excellent. I’m on my way now. Lock yourselves in. The profaner is still in the valley, and we don’t want him interfering. I have a set of keys here and will bring them with me.
9F56205C	347460	Cultist Soldier Radio: As you command.
E1E75CE1	347464	Ajay: Explosives, huh? I like the sound of that.
F3E2760B	347485	Master Sandesh: The profaner must not be suffered to live through the night. Kill him!
8D530AB6	347486	[Silence 0.75]Cultist Soldier Radio: We hear you and obey.
D8CF25C8	347488	[Silence 1]Cultist Soldier Radio: Purify the valley. The ritual must commence!
A67E5975	347493	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are approaching the relay station now, Master.
C1D41489	347495	Master Sandesh: Good. Remove his taint from this place. The lord of death demands it.
BF656834	347499	Cultist Soldier Radio: Time to die, interloper.
464C0846	347501	Cultist Soldier Radio: Meet the darkness, profaner.
38FD74FB	347506	Cultist Soldier Radio: I’m about to plant the explosive. Cover me.
57681279	347519	Digvijay: (radio static) Are you there . . . (radio static)
C0BACBF1	347521	Digvijay: (radio static) Ajay . . . (Statics)
D0F00EB6	347523	Digvijay: (radio static) . . . can you hear . . . (radio static)
4722D73E	347525	Digvijay: (radio static) Come in. Ajay . . . (radio static)
C9EB3FF7	347528	Digvijay: Ajay, are you there?
5E39E67F	347530	Ajay: I hear ya.
19EBEE89	347531	Digvijay: Great. I . . . I just wanted to say . . . Well, I will never be able to completely thank you for saving me.
8E393701	347532	Digvijay: They did things . . . They . . . they made me see things . . . That Relic they keep talking about. It transforms human flesh . . . The elixir . . . the Relic is the source. It has to be destroyed.
00F0DFC8	347534	Ajay: What are you talking about?
97220640	347535	[Silence 0.5]Digvijay: Visions. There are visions in my head. All the time. Visions of the torture, and of the Relic. They say things, right into my skull. I hear them night and day.
2BDD8C0B	347537	Digvijay: I left you a package of homemade explosives at these coordinates. It should be more than enough to destroy the front gate of the Blood Temple and get you inside.
BC0F5583	347539	[Silence 0.75]Digvijay: Just promise me you won’t leave that place until you find out where they keep that Relic and everyone inside is either dead or dying.
32C6BD4A	347541	Ajay: Leave it to me.
28500991	347559	Cultist Soldier Radio: The Master is dead at the hands of the profaner. He must die for this.
3E951ABD	347560	[Silence 0.8]Cultist Soldier Radio: Yes. He knows the location of the Relic. Yalung is displeased. All of his servants will converge on the infidel. Off with his head.
4EFFEE32	347565	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are getting close.
278E2BFC	347567	[Silence 0.8]Cultist Soldier Radio: I can see the relay station.
57E4DF73	347571	Cultist Soldier Radio: Time to kill the interloper.
0CA3783F	347573	[Silence 0.8]Cultist Soldier Radio: Deliver darkness upon the profaner.
7CC98CB0	347578	Cultist Soldier Radio: I’m about to plant the explosive. Cover me.
4D104F7B	347587	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Ajay, are you there . . . (radio static)
33A133C6	347589	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Come in . . . (radio static)
540B7E3A	347591	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) . . . is there anyone . . . Please respond . . . (radio static)
2ABA0287	347593	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Ajay Ghale, do you read . . . (radio static)
840BAF44	347596	Golden Path Radio: Are you there, Ajay? Come in. Ajay Ghale, do you read me?
FABAD3F9	347597	Ajay: Yeah. Yeah, I’m here.
9D109E05	347599	Golden Path Radio: Thank Kyra we found you. The Golden Path have been searching for you for days. Have you found the Relic? Has it been destroyed?
E3A1E2B8	347601	Ajay: No. He . . . he didn't make it.
D197803A	347609	Ajay: The Relic is at the peak of a mountain called Hajura’Amako Hatama.
E0676A40	347611	Golden Path Radio: Okay, no problem. Hajura'Amako Hatama is the most recognizable peak in the valley. We’ll find you.
9ED616FD	347613	Ajay: Good. See you soon.
F97C5B01	347614	Golden Path Radio: Be careful, Ajay. We've lost enough Golden Path brothers already.
CB44C942	347868	Sabal: Go and clear your head.
AD5E6A5E	347884	Ajay: Who are these guys? 'Cause they don't look like Yuma's men.
B3289F06	347886	Hurk: Beats me, man. Though, it’s probably not for hemp fest. Just sayin’.
26191C6C	347896	Ajay: What the hell was that?
CF7AB959	347898	Hurk: Not good, man. That is not a good sound. I'm just glad that wasn’t me though.
F051DB11	347904	Ajay: What could have done this?
C50A7D8A	347910	Ajay: The smoke is coming from near that radio antenna. Maybe that's where they took the pilot.
45FFA55C	347912	Hurk: Yeah, probably. Hey You think that antenna gets movie channels? I could go for a good buddy flick right now. You wanna watch something buddy?
CE052F06	347919	Ajay: Where am I? Where’s my stuff?
B0B453BB	347921	Hurk: Oh man, everything’s gone. All of it, man. Even my lucky condom and my Van Halen key fob.
20ECF607	347926	[Silence 0.2]Ajay: What the fuck is that?
BE8863A4	347928	[Silence 0.7]Hurk: Shit, man, look at that thing. Uh, I mean, that’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen is all.
AA0D86C7	347933	[Native language thanks]Digvijay: You saved my life.
DA677248	347936	Ajay: Don't mention it.
E54C1000	347938	Digvijay: Well, anyway, my name's Digvijay. I can't ever repay you, but if you think of anything I can help with, just say the word, okay.
9526E48F	347939	Ajay: Okay, Digvijay. I will.
8B5011D7	347947	Master Sandesh: You know not what you do. I am the hand of darkness. I am the lord of death.
15348474	347950	Master Sandesh: If you strike me down, I shall stalk you through all of eternity. Your torment will become the focus of all my pleasure.
D2135454	347956	Ajay: Is that . . . ? That must be the Relic I need to destroy?
14F6EE43	347964	Ajay: Who is that? Is someone there?
6DA772CE	348098	Paul: Ajay, please! Please! I need my cell phone!
F3C3E76D	348103	Paul: Ashley! Ashley baby, daddy's here!
163D7433	348190	Ajay: Still alive, shit bags!
5488AAD2	348257	Cultist Soldier Radio: Patrol six, what the hell was that? Patrol six, come in.
A37A4292	348259	Cultist Soldier Radio: This is patrol six. There’s been an accident. The radio maintenance crew crashed their truck.
CA0B875C	348264	[Native language swear]Cultist Soldier Radio: Get them back up and running as soon as you can. Then send somebody out to the radio jammers to make sure they haven’t frozen up.
6A61A2AD	348266	Cultist Soldier Radio: It shall be done, brother.
1A0B5622	348270	Ajay: I should find that truck.
737A93EC	348272	Hurk: Finders keepers losers weepers, that’s what I always say.
5A4B3A33	348278	Hurk: Hey dude, is there a gun convention in town and nobody bothered to tell me about it?
8D262F54	348281	Ajay: Seems to be a lot of them.
1084320F	348286	Hurk: Something big and ugly, that’s for sure man.
321F2DE7	348289	Hurk: Whoa, total destruction, man. Somebody smashed this place up good.
2C69D8BF	348294	Ajay: Smashed it good.
A52A4C42	348301	Hurk: I'll bet you an explosive monkey that's an antenna right there. And where there's an antenna, there's a radio. And where there's a radio, there are dudes using that radio. Therefore, that's got to be where they took the pilot. You see what I did right there? Logic.
B5873128	348304	Ajay: I wouldn't say logic, really. More like obvious.
BA0C4EE2	348307	Hurk: I don't know what happened. I don't know how I ended up asleep here next to you, but let's never talk about this ever again, okay?
3E9A035F	348309	Hurk: Oh man, everything’s gone. All of it, man. Even my lucky condom and my Van Halen key fob.
69E576C3	348312	[Silence 0.7]Hurk: Shit, man, look at that thing. Uh, I mean, that’s the biggest one I’ve ever seen is all.
48DC8D16	348316	Hurk: Whoa. Whoa. Woah dude did you hear that? Those voices? Sounds like a ghost or some creepy dude waiting to jump us. I'm spooked out man.
1CE2C8A6	348895	Amita: whether it was to spread her Ashes at Lakshmana...
6C883C29	348896	Amita: ...or to accomplish something greater.
36EE2543	349160	Ajay: My guess is that if I cut the power, the signal jammers will stop working.
514468BF	349163	Ajay: Two down, one to go.
85ADA9B6	349166	Hurk: Too bad there aren't any monkeys up here, man. Strap some explosive on on one of those little bastards, and let 'em climb on up. BOOM. Know what I'm sayin', man? Of course you do. You were thinking the same thing. Admit it.
F5C75D39	349169	Hurk: That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, baby. Boom Sha La Ka La Ka boom.
E257C8D3	349989	Amita: I want you to go into every home, and find every child. Every child. You Bring them back here, to me. Go.
3AC4879C	349990	Amita: I'm sacrificing our liberties for peace later. You can either get in line or get out of the way.
217D8981	350141	Ajay: What . . . what happened?
713C2DB5	350144	Sukhwinder: Come in. Ajay Ghale, do you read me? Come in. Please respond.
0156D93A	350145	Ajay: Hello? Yeah, I'm here. Who is this?
2A7B8AF9	350147	Ajay: Thank god, you're alive. Where are you?
430A4F37	350148	Sukhwinder: I'm not sure exactly. I was thrown free when we crashed. I'm on a rock shelf, somewhere below you. My leg is broken, and I can't move.
3360BBB8	350149	Ajay: Shit. Gonna have to carry him out of here.
0C4BD9F0	350150	Sukhwinder: I'm afraid I won't be much help to you in locating the relic. You're on your own. Sorry.
7C212D7F	350151	Ajay: Guess I'll worry about finding that relic later.
1B369CEB	350160	Radio Voice: Hello? Yes we're here. Who is this?
301BCF28	350161	Hurk: Come in. Hello. Is there anybody out there, out there, out there...
7A8E8351	350169	Master Sandesh: I have your pilot. The one we shot down.
ED5C5AD9	350170	Ajay: So what do you want?
6395B210	350171	Master Sandesh: What do I want? A little sport of course.
F4476B98	350172	Ajay: I don't understand.
48B8E1D3	350173	Master Sandesh: I want you to come rescue him. Come get him, if you can.
DF6A385B	350174	Ajay: That's fucked.
51A3D092	350175	Hurk: Oh shit man yeah. Okay it's time for us to ride on up there like the Lone Ranger and Tonto. Dibs on Lone Ranger.
B47B739F	350176	Hurk: Did someone say the magic word? Oh oh I heard it, man. I clearly heard him say it. Today is going to be a good day. I can feel it in all three of my nuts!
D53CCCDB	350177	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Ajay, are you there . . . (radio static)
A5563854	350179	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Come in . . . (radio static)
CC27FD9A	350181	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) . . . is there anyone . . . Please respond . . . (radio static)
BC4D0915	350183	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Ajay Ghale, do you read . . . (radio static)
4BBFE155	350186	Golden Path Radio: Are you there, Ajay? Hey, can you hear me? Please respond.
3BD515DA	350187	Ajay: Yeah, I hear you.
52A4D014	350189	Golden Path Radio: Thank Kyra. We thought you’d died in the crash.
22CE249B	350191	Ajay: What are you talking about?
883A2C60	350193	Golden Path Radio: We got the pilot’s distress call. We're on our way. Are you all right?
F850D8EF	350195	Ajay: I’m . . . I . . .  I think I’m okay.
91211D21	350197	Golden Path Radio: Well sit tight, we'll be there soon. We wouldn’t want you to get stuck out there.
E14BE9AE	350199	Ajay: Uh, yeah. Right.
0AF53EF9	353784	Pagan Min: Wakey, wakey, Ajay. I must apologize for Yuma, she stepped out of line back at Durgesh, but your escape was impressive. Then again, if I didn't find you afterwards you would've frozen to death. I had Gary patch you up.
B60AB4B2	353785	Pagan Min: Now, I couldn't just drop you off with your Golden Path buddies.
E0501334	353786	Pagan Min: Personally, I think you may want to beef up your arsenal and find some additional support before making a dash for the border.
1F7339D3	353789	Pagan Min: Ugh, firing people is such a bother. You have to pay out vacation days, give them a severance package, blah, blah, blah. But they have to go, they decided to throw in with Yuma instead of me. Can you believe it? After I was so generous with last year's Christmas bonuses! You know, if you took care of these backstabbing deadbeats for me, perhaps I could make it worth your while.
6F19CD5C	353790	Pagan Min: Just be sure to send me their pictures. It's morbid, I know, but there's a procedure for this sort of thing. Bureaucracy and all that. Oh, and don't go mutilating the bodies with your toys. Just keep it simple and use your knife.
716F3804	353791	Pagan Min: Well done Ajay! I've just received the pictures. Your composition could use a little work, you should really consider taking some classes. But still, you got the job done and I'm a man of my word. You'll find your reward nearby. I'm giving you wings! It's a gyrocopter, I know how you kids like to go buzzing around in those things. Now it won't be able to take you back south but you'll find it much easier to get around from here on out. Enjoy.
980C9D31	353796	Pagan Min: One of my officers is defecting and going to Yuma's side and to make matters worse, he's convinced his men to go along with him! Good help is so hard to find. Be a dear and teach them a lesson. They're leaving by boat, stop them. Don't worry about the collateral damage. I can always afford to buy more boats. Setting an example to my other men is more important than money. So get to it, sink every single boat or you won't get your reward.
1BD87532	353799	Pagan Min: Well, look at you! You got every last one of those traitorous bastards. I can see why Amita and Sabal like you so much. You may have your reward.
39436ADA	353802	Pagan Min: I expected more out of you Ajay, but I suppose this was a lot to ask. I should really learn to temper my expectations.
27359F82	353805	Pagan Min: You may find this hard to believe, Ajay, but sometimes an employee can be too good at his, or her job. I've got a team that's gone and taken a bunch of hostages after I've already told them that they've fulfilled their quota for the month. They think this will ingratiate them even more with me. All it's really done is annoyed me. Do you have any how much a hostage costs to keep alive? Put them in their place by freeing the hostages. I'll see to it that you're rewarded properly.
39A4D2F7	353808	Pagan Min: Bravo! I'll make sure that they're taken off the kidnap queue for the next two months. They deserve a break. As for your reward... Surprise! They are your reward! They'll surely go tell members of the Golden Path hiding in the North about your exploits and they'll rally to your cause when you need them most. It's all so quaint, isn't it?
D9713BE9	353811	Pagan Min: Not your best moment Ajay, by far. Oh well, try, and try again. Except those hostages are all dead and there's no undoing that. C'est la vie.
CE563AB7	353812	Ajay: I freed some prisoners.
C9DC4683	353815	Pagan Min: It looks like Yuma is trying to set up a little communications breakdown with my men. She's had her lackeys set up explosives on my favorite bell tower. Can you go talk to them for me? Just kidding, they'd shoot you on sight. Oh be a sneaky little helper and defuse those bombs for me. There's a handsome reward waiting for you once you're done.
1EB153E4	353819	Pagan Min: Well daddy's tower didn't go "boom boom" so that means you must have succeeded. Excellent work Ajay. You are... ah let's see here... "capable and valued". Yes, those are the words for the day. I'm a believer in positive reinforcement, in case you haven't figured that out. Oh, your reward will be made available to you when you head to your little landing zone. Thank you so much!
F7D2F6D1	353822	Pagan Min: I still believe in you and I still value you Ajay. I'm a believer in positive reinforcement, I am in control of my temper... even if you did just fuck up royally!
E9A40389	353825	Pagan Min: You know what I hate? Typos. You pay good money for propaganda posters, you expect them to be properly proof-read. Ajay, be a good little errand-boy and destroy the less-than-perfect propaganda in that center. While you're at it, teach the people there a lesson. We'll see if they'll ever spell "Pagan" with an "e" again. Bah! I bet this is Yuma's doing. She knows just how to piss me off.
555B89C2	353834	Pagan Min: One of my commanders made fun of my suit and said that Yuma is a better dresser. How juvenile is that? Pink is a fine color! And it's hand made! My tailor is the... (sigh)... Get rid of him for me, but don't let anyone know about it. I don't want my people thinking I'm oversensitive. You'll be rewarded, of course. Oh, and get his dog tag for me, will you? I want to add it to my collection.
7ADD96E0	353837	Pagan Min: Lovely! You'll see your reward when you head out for your ride home. As for the dog tag, you keep it. I don't want it anymore.
93BE33D5	353840	Pagan Min: Oh Ajay, it's okay. I still think you're a great guy. And a snappy dresser too. You must get that from your mother because your father was a complete slob.
45F6F4A8	353841	Ajay: It's done.
8DC8C68D	353844	Pagan Min: I have a secret shipment coming in. It's a truck filled with secret stuff that's for me alone to know about. Unfortunately, Yuma's men have found out about it and are determined to destroy it. Make sure that truck reaches its destination intact and I'll be ever so grateful.
6D1D2F93	353848	Pagan Min: Ah! Look at that! I just got the confirmation email regarding the shipment you saved. Truly Ajay, thank you. I mean it. You'll see your reward when you head off to catch your ride.
4F86307B	353851	Pagan Min: Well, there goes that. It's okay Ajay, I'll just make another order. Oh, shit! Now everyone's bidding on these things. The price has doubled! God I hate the Internet.... (long pause)... who is "2Fu69"?!
51F0C523	353854	Pagan Min: Ajay, I need a favor from you. It appears that the printers at one of my propaganda centers can't follow simple fucking directions. I asked for all the backgrounds to be Palatinate purple, not Byzantium purple. Guess what I got? That's right! Byzantium fucking purple! He had one fucking job! Gah! Head over there, destroy all the propaganda you find, and teach a lesson to the fools responsible. Of course, you'll be properly compensated when the deed is done, blah blah blah.
A16FE97A	353857	Pagan Min: Excellent, I can see the flames from here. I knew I could count on you Ajay. However somebody looked at the order slip and guess what I actually chose Byzantium purple. Oh well. Anyway you'll find your reward nearby.
B9D2DEC9	353860	Pagan Min: Well Ajay, it looks like you're heading off. I hope you're properly prepared because some of Yuma's more zealous men are currently trying to destroy your ride. Stay strong Ajay, consider this a character building moment.
8AC16E51	353863	Pagan Min: It's been a pleasure Ajay. I hope we can work together again soon. If you ever need a letter of recommendation for me for a future employer, all you need to do is ask. Ta-ta for now.
6E99FBFD	353999	Ajay: Why are you doing this?
D26671B6	354000	Pagan Min: Ajay, how could you ask me that?
B8936016	354001	Ajay: I took care of it.
5DC14607	355223	Ajay: Looks like the pilot was taken away.
23703ABA	355224	Hurk: Yeah, man, and by the looks of things, he wasn't none too happy about it either.
6DF3C64A	355227	Ajay: Whoa. I think I'm . . . I think I'm hallucinating.
0A598BB6	355228	Hurk: Hold on, man, hold on. I think I'm having a flashback. (BEAT) No. No, this is new, man. This is all new.
F12E4D4E	355234	Ajay: That's a lot of guys.
6F4AD8ED	355235	Hurk: Oh come on man, that's not a lot of guys. (BEAT) Oh hold on now that I look closely no you're absolutely right Ajay that is a lot of guys down there.
95FF7422	355237	Ajay: My name is Ajay. We crashed in the mountains, north of Kyrat. The pilot is wounded, but I don't know how bad. We need some help.
022DADAA	355238	Radio Voice: Okay, Ajay. We are nearby, and will send someone to help. Tell me where you are.
BED227E1	355239	Ajay: I'm in some sort of a radio relay station.
2900FE69	355240	Radio Voice: Okay, listen, there is a storm coming in. Just stay put for now, and we'll come for you as soon as we can.<br>
A7C916A0	355241	Ajay: Okay. Will do.
E8888067	355242	Radio Voice: Hello? Yes we're here. Who is this?
7F5A59EF	355243	Hurk: This is Hurk man. Our plane came down, boom, right into a mountain. So we're stuck out here in the cold, and we've lost the pilot, though we think he's still alive. But the dude's got to be hurt real bad, so the faster you can get us out of there the better.
F193B126	355244	Radio Voice: Okay, Hurk. We're nearby, and will send someone to help. Tell me where are you?
664168AE	355245	Hurk: Uh, we're in some sort of a radio tower station place I think.
DABEE2E5	355246	Radio Voice: Okay, listen, there is a storm coming in. Just stay put for now, and we'll come for you as soon as we can. All right?
4D6C3B6D	355247	Hurk: Roger dodger.
397413AE	355255	Ajay: Alright. Time to destroy that relic.
491EE721	355256	Hurk: I don't know about you man but I'm ready to pound that relic to pulp. Or, you know, burn it, or blow it up. It's all good.
93AF7AF2	355368	Digvijay: You lead. I’ll follow.
2F50F0B9	355370	Digvijay: I'll wait here until you clear out those bastards.
B8822931	355372	Digvijay: Kill them, then I'll follow.
364BC1F8	355374	Digvijay: Go go go. We gotta going.
A1991870	355376	Digvijay: We’ve got to get out before more of them arrive.
790A573F	355378	Digvijay: I don't have a weapon. You kill them, and I'll follow behind.
EED88EB7	355380	Digvijay: These bastards were forcing me to make bombs for them.
6011667E	355382	Digvijay: Good thing you arrived when you did. I don’t think I would have lasted much longer.
B44C0AEB	355390	Pagan Min: Look alive Ajay, those traitorous little bastards are making a run for it.
239ED363	355391	Pagan Min: Oh goodie, more targets for your little shooting gallery.
AD573BAA	355392	Pagan Min: Here comes some more thankless backstabbers. You know what to do.
3A85E222	355393	Pagan Min: Look at them, riding their little boats, not a care in the world. Give them something to care about.
E216AD6D	355395	Pagan Min: Don't go running off just yet Ajay, there are more where those came from.
75C474E5	355396	Pagan Min: Stay alert, this isn't over yet.
FB0D9C2C	355397	Pagan Min: The job isn't finished yet, and any job worth doing is a job worth finishing.
19B8FB38	355399	Pagan Min: I doubt the pilot will take off until after you've cleared out the landing zone. Stay strong and hold the line Ajay, I believe in you and all that bullshit.
F0DB5E0D	355402	Pagan Min: Just thought you'd like to know that you're halfway there. Aren't you an efficient little killing machine.
77A4FAEF	355403	Pagan Min: You're halfway done Ajay. Good job! I hope that sounded genuine, because it was truly from the heart.
E9C06F4C	355404	Pagan Min: Halfway done. The light at the end of the tunnel is in sight. Mmm, tunnel. That word always stirs up my libido.
4592986D	355407	Pagan Min: Well, don't just wait around. Your ride is ready, get to it. Don't you know how expensive fuel is nowadays?
DBF60DCE	355408	Pagan Min: Chop, chop, no time to admire your handiwork. It's time to go.
0AD30EAA	355409	Pagan Min: You're done, finished, mission complete. Pat yourself on the back and get to that fucking chopper.
2BA8A9E9	355414	Pagan Min: Oh, I see you're eager to get on with it. Well, enjoy the killing!
D281C99B	355415	Pagan Min: Oh, in a hurry are we. I understand, there are people to kill and animals to butcher.
AC30B526	355416	Pagan Min: Oh, I see how it is. No time to listen to me ramble on. I'll let you get to it then.
CB9AF8DA	355417	Pagan Min: Ah, well I had something important to say! But I suppose you just want to get out there and start shooting things. Well, that's my boy.
38C35C7B	355432	Pagan Min: You can head to the landing zone anytime you want, but I'm afraid some of Yuma's more zealous soldiers have their eyes on it and will likely attack the moment they see you make a run for it. So there's that... good luck!
F94B2275	355433	Pagan Min: You could always help yourself out by taking care of a few chores here and there. You'd be rewarded for your time and it'd really stick it to Yuma.
21D86D3A	355635	Pagan Min: I was serious when I said it was time for tough love.
AF1185F3	355636	Pagan Min: Don't worry, I've leaked your location to Sabal and Amita and they've gotten their hands on a helicopter just for you!
7782CABC	355637	Pagan Min: Heading over there before you're properly prepared would be a bad idea.
45B4A83E	355638	Pagan Min: Don't you know that you can't have tough love without love?
CB7D40F7	355639	Pagan Min: I shouldn't need to spell it out for you boy. Now go along, you've got a lot to do.
8293781E	355640	Pagan Min: Hurk! Now there's a hefty fellow. With an unnatural love for monkeys! Be careful of the company you keep, Ajay. Guilty by association and all that.
B58E60DC	355643	Pagan Min: Ah, I feel so much better knowing that those terrible posters will never see the light of day. I'm giving you elephants. Yes, that's right. Elephants. I call the big one Hurley. He's clumsy but oh so adorable.
3F0B7CD9	355644	Pagan Min: Excellent, I can see the flames from here. I knew I could count on you Ajay. However somebody looked at the order slip and guess what I actually chose Byzantium purple. Oh well. You'll find your reward when you head to your landing zone.
5C89A92C	355645	Pagan Min: Well the person that's in charge of math is telling me you're... how much? Oh 50% done. Good job, Ajay.
C2ED3C8F	355647	Pagan Min: Oh well it seems that you're about halfway done. Or 50% not done depending on your you know philosophical outlook on things. Keep at it, Ajay!
A1EC3D92	355648	Pagan Min: Well you look at that 100%. I knew you had it in you Ajay. Others didn't and there was actually a pool going on that. But daddy won!
94B79B09	355650	Pagan Min: A job well done. You must feel proud Ajay. I know I do. Now get to the chopper!
FAAB9ADE	355651	Pagan Min: Oh Ajay I couldn't be more proud of you. This was fun, wasn't it? And that's what I said in the beginning. We were going to have fun. Well, that's it for now. But I trust we'll see each other again soon.
B8F70CD3	355653	Pagan Min: Oh just as I had imagined. You're like the son I should have had. But didn't. Because your mother went off and... oh anyway why spoil the moment. We're such a fantastic team. I trust we will do this again soon.
C89DF85C	355654	Pagan Min: Well I certainly had loads of fun. I trust you did as well.... didn't you? Of course you did! Oh I trust we'll be doing far more adventures in the future. Tata for now, Ajay.
8F8E78D4	355655	Pagan Min: Oh well yes I'm sure that's helpful in some way.
D186C91D	355656	Pagan Min: You and I boy make a great team, don't we? I tell you what to do, you do it. Most of the time. We really should do more of this, this bonding, don't you think? Not like the typical kind of bonding that I do that involves pain and a lot of duct tape... but this is quite similar... I'll see you soon my boy!
EBE2BDD0	355658	Pagan Min: Well done, Ajay. Not really but I'm supposed to say that five times per day. That's number four!
9B88495F	355659	Pagan Min: Oh, what exactly does that accomplish? You might want to get that uh looked at, I'm not sure what you're doing.
C0CFEE13	355660	Pagan Min: Oh yes, that's one off the list I suppose.
D9D4DF52	355661	Pagan Min: Yes yes that's all fine and good, but um... there are bigger fish to fry, so to speak. People to fry as well I suppose.
A9BE2BDD	355662	Pagan Min: Well that's accomplishing something I'm sure, but um... perhaps something a bit more intense.
96954995	355663	Pagan Min: Are you doing this just for the good feeling inside, or are you trying to really accomplish something?
A4A32B17	355664	Pagan Min: Ah perhaps we set our sights on bigger game, Ajay?
3F6F101C	355665	Pagan Min: Oh Ajay, do you remember the helicopter that Amita and Sabal found for you? Turns out it was a rental! Well of course it was! Do you think the Golden Path could afford a... some of us can afford the finer things in life and others cannot. They are the ones that cannot.
4F05E493	355668	Pagan Min: Oh now I begin to see the difference between Yuma and I. She chooses to toy with her prey and I... well I... well I just blow shit up!
2674215D	355669	Pagan Min: You might be wondering why all of your rewards and waiting for you pretty and shiny when you arrive. Well all credit must go to Gary and his diligence. You see Gary? I give you credit... when you don't cock things up!
561ED5D2	355670	Pagan Min: One thing I've noticed about the people of Kyrat, they must treasure the trash on their dashboard! It never moves. They're so attached to it.
F2F98C91	355671	Pagan Min: Did you know some of the animals you find in Kyrat aren't actually indigenous! That means I had to bring them here. Oh it's like my own little zoo! I hope that wasn't a terrible thing to do. (laughs) Like I care!
FFE48C5B	355720	Pagan Min: Oh look at you, aren't you the good Samaritan.
B0A51A9C	355721	Pagan Min: Not bad, old boy. That's the way to make me proud.
E6FFBD1A	355722	Pagan Min: What would you say is the grand purpose here Ajay? Mmm? This? I think not.
D4C9DF98	355724	Pagan Min: Well done Ajay. I knew I could count on you.
BDB81A56	355725	Pagan Min: Ah! And another task accomplished. You must feel so proud. I know I do!
CDD2EED9	355726	Pagan Min: Well done Ajay. You've made me so proud!
3A200699	355727	Pagan Min: Ah! Will you look at that. I knew you could do it boy.
4A4AF216	355729	Pagan Min: Oh so you didn't do it? Oh well, I suppose I should have known better.
233B37D8	355730	Pagan Min: Oh Ajay, you disappointed me. I don't like to be disappointed. Come round for a chat soon, yes?
5351C357	355731	Pagan Min: Oh you failed. Didn't see that coming.
F33BE6A6	355732	Pagan Min: Mmmm, didn't quite pull it off this time did we boy. Well get back in there and give it another stab.
83511229	355733	Pagan Min: Don't let this get you down too much, Ajay. I can do that for you.
EA20D7E7	355734	Pagan Min: Oh don't be too disappointed, Ajay. I'm disappointed for the both of us!
483C62FF	355944	Sukhwinder: I'm the guy you were flying with. I'm Sukhwinder your pilot.
9D559557	355953	Ajay: A real blast. Who the hell are you?
139C7D9E	355954	Master Sandesh: It does not matter who I am. What matters is that I have your friend, and I am going to kill him.
03D6B8D9	355957	Ajay: This place is fucked. I've gotta find help.
8D1F5010	355960	Hurk: You got me, bro. What else would you need?
1ACD8998	355961	Ajay: Someone with a helicopter. For starters.
0A874CDF	355962	Hurk: Oh, yeah, well, that'd be good too.
844EA416	355996	Ajay: One down, two to go.
C39CACE0	355999	Ajay: Three down. That should do the trick.
D79A9D6B	356009	[Native language thanks]Digvijay: You saved my life.
50E53989	356012	Ajay: Don't mention it.
CE81AC2A	356014	Digvijay: Well, anyway, my name's Digvijay. I can't ever repay you, but if you think of anything I can help with, just say the word, okay.
7BC86A4A	356015	Ajay: Okay, Digvijay. I will.
D658F75C	356199	Ajay: Just sit tight for now. I'm on my way.
512753BE	356200	Sukhwinder: Don't worry, I won't be going anywhere. Thank you.
AFC6136E	356203	Ajay: Okay?
DFACE7E1	356204	Digvijay: No, let me finish. I just . . . I want to see those bastards die for what they did to me. And I think you are the one who can make that happen.
84EB40AD	356206	Ajay: Not yet, but I'm working on it.
F481B422	356207	Golden Path Radio: What about the pilot? Is he with you?
9DF071EC	356208	[beat]Golden Path Radio:  Oh. I see. [beat]Well, where will you be when you finish the job? We'll come get you out of that valley.
E5ACFFE9	356209	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Where are you . . . (radio static)
62D35B0B	356211	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) . . . near the mountain . . . (radio static)
FCB7CEA8	356213	Ajay: Hello? Can you hear me? I need help.
E54B47C4	356215	Ajay: Please come in. This is Ajay Ghale. I'm trapped in the valley and am in need of rescue.
7B2FD267	356217	Ajay: Ah, fuck. So much for calling for help.
FC507685	356219	Ajay: This sounds interesting.
01D25A16	356260	Cultist Soldier Radio: The prison is under attack. Send reinforcements.
3EF9385E	356262	Cultist Soldier Radio: Get down to the prison, now! The bomb maker is escaping.
ED9A8563	356263	Cultist Soldier Radio: Plant the demolition charge!
D2B1E72B	356264	Cultist Soldier Radio: Prepare to fire mortar rounds!
A2DB13A4	356265	Cultist Soldier Radio: Attack from all directions!
CBAAD66A	356266	Cultist Soldier Radio: Get the snipers in position!
BBC022E5	356267	Cultist Soldier Radio: Move the rocket launcher into range!
E08785A9	356268	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the heavy gunners!
90ED7126	356270	Cultist Soldier Radio: Plant the demolition charge!
F99CB4E8	356271	Cultist Soldier Radio: Prepare to fire mortar rounds!
89F64067	356272	Cultist Soldier Radio: Attack from all directions!
7E04A827	356273	Cultist Soldier Radio: Get the snipers in position!
0E6E5CA8	356274	Cultist Soldier Radio: Move the rocket launcher into range!
671F9966	356275	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the heavy gunners!
17756DE9	356277	Cultist Soldier Radio: Plant the demolition charge!
B71F4818	356278	Cultist Soldier Radio: Prepare to fire mortar rounds!
C775BC97	356279	Cultist Soldier Radio: Attack from all directions!
AE047959	356280	Cultist Soldier Radio: Get the snipers in position!
DE6E8DD6	356281	Cultist Soldier Radio: Move the rocket launcher into range!
85292A9A	356282	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the heavy gunners!
F543DE15	356284	Cultist Soldier Radio: Plant the demolition charge!
9C321BDB	356285	Cultist Soldier Radio: Prepare to fire mortar rounds!
EC58EF54	356286	Cultist Soldier Radio: Attack from all directions!
D3738D1C	356287	Cultist Soldier Radio: Get the snipers in position!
A3197993	356288	Cultist Soldier Radio: Move the rocket launcher into range!
CA68BC5D	356289	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the heavy gunners!
1533D3B0	356292	Master Sandesh: What was that noise? Report in. What is happening down there?
C6B7D6A0	356296	Master Sandesh: Get to the temple. We are preparing for the ritual and cannot leave the sky shrine.
234945FE	356298	Cultist Soldier Radio: This is patrol four reporting in.
44E30802	356300	Cultist Soldier Radio: Go ahead patrol four.
3A5274BF	356302	Cultist Soldier Radio: We've arrived at the crash site. The team here are all dead. The antenna tracker is missing.
6FCE5BC1	356304	Cultist Soldier Radio: Understood. I'll send patrol two up to the signal jammers. We'll find whoever did this.
117F277C	356305	Cultist Soldier Radio: Good hunting, brother.
B844F68B	356308	Ajay: I could sure use a rope and grappling hook right about now.
E30351C7	356309	Hurk: Oh yeah, that would be the perfect thing right now.
F7AF11D8	360341	Master Sandesh: We must not be disturbed.
70370D17	360351	Master Sandesh: (radio static) Ajay, are you there . . . (radio static)
005DF998	360353	Master Sandesh: (radio static) Come in . . . (radio static)
692C3C56	360355	Master Sandesh: (radio static) . . . is there anyone . . . Please respond . . . (radio static)
1946C8D9	360357	Master Sandesh: (radio static) Ajay Ghale, do you read . . . (radio static)
B92CED28	360360	Master Sandesh: Are you there, Ajay? Hey, can you hear me? Please respond.
C94619A7	360361	Ajay: Yeah, I hear you.
A037DC69	360363	Master Sandesh: Thank Kyra. We thought you had died in the crash.
D05D28E6	360365	Ajay: What are you talking about?
8B1A8FAA	360367	Master Sandesh: We got the pilot’s distress call. We are on our way. Are you all right?
FB707B25	360369	Ajay: I’m . . . I . . .  I think I’m okay.
9201BEEB	360371	Master Sandesh: Sit tight, we will be there soon. We would not want you to get stuck out there.
E26B4A64	360373	Ajay: Uh, yeah. Right.
DD40282C	360375	Hurk: I don't know what happened. I don't know how I ended up asleep here next to you, but let's never talk about this ever again, okay?
87C5E557	360377	Master Sandesh: Ajay Ghale, listen to my words.
11970A7E	360656	Ajay: Yeah, whatever.
088C3B3F	360658	Ajay: You really are a freak.
8FF39FDD	360659	Ajay: You really are a fucking freak.
8CD486F5	360669	The site's contested.
49F7B41A	360670	They're contesting the site!
57814142	360671	The site's contested, clear them out!
B754A85C	360672	Clear the site, it's contested.
F1A372B0	360673	Enemies are here, send reinforcements.
EFD587E8	360674	We need backup on-site, enemies are close.
06B622DD	360675	Enemies are on-site, clear them out!
2AF6B507	360676	Send reinforcements, enemies are on-site.
CA235C19	360677	Rakshasa infiltrators are here, clear the area.
A094112F	360678	Infiltrators are on-site, watch out.
464BB2A4	360679	We've pushed them out!
784502F6	360680	The site's clear for now.
6633F7AE	360681	Time to fortify, the site is clear.
86E61EB0	360682	That was the last attacker for now.
A47D0158	360683	The site's clear.
BA0BF400	360684	We've wiped out the last intruder.
53685135	360685	Stay alert, the site won't stay clear for long.
1B4403EB	360686	We have the site, but they'll return.
FB91EAF5	360687	We have the site clear, for now.
9126A7C3	360688	We held the site, but they'll be back.
BCA45A2E	360689	We're securing the site, keep them out.
1DEBADC5	360690	Securing the site.
039D589D	360691	We're on-site
E348B183	360692	We're protecting the site.
C1D3AE6B	360693	Keep the area clear, we're on-site.
DFA55B33	360694	Securing the site, provide cover.
36C6FE06	360695	We're on-site; cover the area.
B63326D0	360696	We're defending the site.
56E6CFCE	360697	Establishing perimiter, don't let the Rakshasa in.
F48808F0	360698	Provide cover, we're on-site
DA8E2173	360699	The enemy is taking the site.
B3185C90	360700	Rakshasa are on-site.
AD6EA9C8	360701	They're taking the site.
4DBB40D6	360702	Enemies are on-site.
978909ED	360703	Intruders detected, clear them out!
89FFFCB5	360704	Get to the site, enemies are taking it!
609C5980	360705	They're on-site; take it back!
4CDCCE5A	360706	They're capturing the site; clear them out!
AC092744	360707	Hurry, the Rakshasa are taking the site!
5A7BF9A5	360708	Clear the site, enemies are taking it!
CA8FE956	360709	The site's undefended, hurry to retake it!
3D9AB93B	360710	We've lost everyone at the site.
BD6F61ED	360711	Hurry back, the site's undefended!
5DBA88F3	360712	Out last defender is gone, get back to the site!
4D17F599	360713	They've taken out everyone at the site!
09BE89FF	360714	Get back to the site, it's unguarded.
E0DD2CCA	360715	We've lost all our defenders.
FEABD992	360716	The Rakshasa took out all our defenders.
1E7E308C	360717	The site's unguarded, reinforce it!
D4F91C0E	360718	Reinforce the site, its undefended.
B7F81D13	360719	We are almost finished at this site. Get ready to move.
FFD44FCD	360720	Get ready to move, we're nearly done.
16B7EAF8	360721	We're almost done here, hang on a little longer.
08C11FA0	360722	Keep holding out, we're almost done.
E814F6BE	360723	We are nearly done here.
3CE52F64	360724	Keep the Rakshasa from taking that site!
2293DA3C	360725	Don't let the site fall into Rakshasa hands.
CBF07F09	360726	Defend that site from the Rakshasa. Check your map!
CD5FD127	360727	We did the best we could but this battle is a draw.
2D8A3839	360728	At least we held them back, the battle's a stalemate.
6B7DE2D5	360729	We fought them to a standstill, it's a draw.
A8F17E14	360730	The Rakshasa are breaking through but we're not out yet.
4824970A	360731	The fight's not over yet, we can still beat them.
C60AC7EE	360732	They're in the lead but there's still a chance.
D87C32B6	360733	We're losing ground; we can still win this.
311F9783	360734	Drive them out, the fight's not over yet!
6E569895	360735	We didn't make any progress here.
87353DA0	360736	It's a stalemate. Move to the next site.
9943C8F8	360737	The fight here is inconclusive, move on.
799621E6	360738	Time to move on, it's a draw here.
5B0D3E0E	360739	We're breaking even here, move on.
83DC2DD7	360740	It's anyone's battle, don't let up!
6309C4C9	360741	Keep holding the line!
73A4B9A3	360742	We're breaking even, push them back!
5FE42E79	360743	Time to break the stalemate, drive them out!
B6878B4C	360744	We're holding them back, time to win this!
C0A569C0	360745	We've held off the Rakshasa!
29C6CCF5	360746	They're on the run, good work!
37B039AD	360747	We've secured the front.
D765D0B3	360748	Well done, the enemy is retreating.
0D579988	360749	We successfully resisted the enemy assault.
5DA29020	360750	We've held them off here.
B4C13515	360751	We've kept the site secure. Good job.
AAB7C04D	360752	The Rakshasa didn't make a dent here. Move to the next site.
4A622953	360753	This site is secure, head to the next one.
C44C79B7	360754	Good work, we held the site.
750B178D	360755	The Rakshasa are targeting key locations. Hold them off!
9C68B2B8	360756	Keep our territory secure from Rakshasa infiltrators.
B0282562	360757	The Rakshasa  are overrunning our positions, protect our sites. 
50FDCC7C	360758	Move out and keep our sites clear of Rakshasa.
4050B116	360759	Rakshasa have been spotted in the area, don't let them take over.
20D56465	360760	The Rakshasa are moving to a new target, check your map.
C9B6C150	360761	Another site is under attack, don't let it fall.
819A938E	360762	The Rakshasa have another target, map updated.
614F7A90	360763	Another site is in danger, set up a perimeter.
71E207FA	360764	A new site is on your map.
13216CD0	360765	They've broken through, fall back!
FA42C9E5	360766	The Rakshasa have control here, retreat!
D6025E3F	360767	We've lost here, pull back and regroup!
36D7B721	360768	Get out of there, they've got control of the area!
267ACA4B	360769	The Rakshasa broke through our lines.
0BF837A6	360770	The Rakshasa took the site. Fall back to the next one.
E29B9293	360771	We lost the site. Fortify the next one.
FCED67CB	360772	The enemy seized the site.
1C388ED5	360773	Move on, they've captured this site.
3EA3913D	360774	They have this site; move to the next one.
E67282E4	360775	We're fighting them off, good work!
06A76BFA	360776	Keep the front secure, we're in the lead!
160A1690	360777	Keep up the good work, we're ahead!
3A4A814A	360778	We're holding them back, don't let up now!
D329247F	360779	We're pushing the Rakshasa back.
457BCB56	360780	This is it, only one site left.
AC186E63	360781	Only one site remains. Hold it at all costs!
2CEDB6B5	360782	They're making a last attack
CC385FAB	360783	This is the final site, keep it clear.
DC9522C1	360784	Keep them back a little longer, just one site left!
4034DDD3	360785	They are fortifying their position.
29A2A030	360786	The Golden Path are taking the site.
C977492E	360787	The site is under enemy control.
D9DA3444	360788	The Golden Path have control of the site.
0D33F54D	360789	They are on-site, clear them out!
E4505078	360790	Stop them, they are securing the site!
FA26A520	360791	Do not let them control the site!
1AF34C3E	360792	Enemies are on-site, clear them out!
386853D6	360793	The Golden Path are on-site.
A95778E6	360794	They are taking the site, stop them!
16E2B75F	360795	The defenses are too strong here, pull back!
96176F89	360796	We did not capture enough territory.
76C28697	360797	Retreat! We failed to drive out the Golden Path.
666FFBFD	360798	We failed to overrun the Golden Path lines.
B2863AF4	360799	Fall back, the enemy has too much control here.
261EA68E	360800	We are on-site.
87515165	360801	Site capture in progress.
6784B87B	360802	Capturing site.
7729C511	360803	We are taking the site.
5B6952CB	360804	Cover the area, we are now on-site.
B20AF7FE	360805	We are at the site, maintain control.
AC7C02A6	360806	Provide cover, we are on-site.
4CA9EBB8	360807	We are taking control of the site.
C287BB5C	360808	We are on-site. Keep the area clear.
CF7D03BB	360809	We are holding the site.
6E1BDDE1	360810	Do not let up now, we are driving them back!
B7AD40B4	360811	We are winning, keep taking sites!
A9DBB5EC	360812	Press the attack! The battle is going well.
40B810D9	360813	We are in the lead, keep up the pressure.
6CF88703	360814	We are ahead, do not let up!
3DCFE49C	360815	Overrun the Golden Path positions and secure key sites.
23B911C4	360816	Find and seize weak points on the Golden Path front.  
C36CF8DA	360817	Take control of the area by seizing key positions.
E1F7E732	360818	Infiltrate and secure important sites on the Golden Path lines.
FF81126A	360819	Attack and secure the Golden Path sites. 
275001B3	360820	We have secured the site.
0B109669	360821	The site is ours!
EBC57F77	360822	We have captured the site.
FB68021D	360823	Time to move, the site is ours.
7B9DDACB	360824	We have taken the site!
2D42E1B3	360825	Prepare to shift the attack, we are almost done here.
C4214486	360826	The site is nearly complete. Hold out a little longer. 
8C0D1658	360827	Keep fighting,  we are almost done here.
6CD8FF46	360828	We are almost done with this site. Be ready to move.
7C75822C	360829	Hold the site, we are almost done.
5BE59FC1	360830	Mission accomplished, we have them on the run.
45936A99	360831	We have broken through, well done.
A5468387	360832	The Golden Path are falling back. Well done!
87DD9C6F	360833	We have taken control of the battlefield.
99AB6937	360834	We have overrun the Golden Path positions.
68119774	360835	Check your map for the next target.
7667622C	360836	Map updated, capture the new site.
96B28B32	360837	A new site is available.
D04551DE	360838	Capture the new site.
CE33A486	360839	A new site is ready, check your map.
8C2D6E1D	360840	The battle is a draw, regroup.
9C801377	360841	The battle is a stalemate.
D4AC41A9	360842	Fall back, we failed to break the deadlock.
94F4356B	360843	Keep fighting, we can still win this!
D203EF87	360844	We need to gain the advantage, strike them hard!
CC751ADF	360845	This stalemate cannot last, keep up the pressure.
2516BFEA	360846	We need to break this deadlock.
09562830	360847	End the standoff and finish them!
8A272488	360848	We did not break through; move to the next site.
5D4A31EF	360849	The Golden Path held out. Take the next site.
BD9FD8F1	360850	Move on, we failed to capture the site.
AD32A59B	360851	We did not take the site, get ready for the next one.
81723241	360852	Prepare for the next site, we failed here.
503515F6	360853	They have control of the site. Hurry back!
A720459B	360854	We have lost everyone on-site, send backup.
47F5AC85	360855	We have lost everyone on-site.
C9DBFC61	360856	The Golden Path have the site, take it back!
D7AD0939	360857	Get to the site, we have no one left there.
3ECEAC0C	360858	We lost all our attackers. 
5F0C8FB6	360859	They have total control of the site.
BFD966A8	360860	The enemy took out everyone on-site.
AF741BC2	360861	Our last attacker is gone, return to the site.
B956B0C3	360862	The Golden Path cleared the site, hurry back!
DCF14E04	360863	We have total control here.
E2FFFE56	360864	The defenders have been driven off for now.
022A1748	360865	Prepare for a counterattack, we are not finished here.
12876A22	360866	We have cleared the site. Stay alert.
3EC7FDF8	360867	Be ready, the Golden Path will return.
D7A458CD	360868	The site is clear for now.
C9D2AD95	360869	Stay alert, the site is clear.
2907448B	360870	Keep the site clear, they will be back.
6FF09E67	360871	The site is clear, stay ready.
3592EB31	360872	We have control of the site.
0DBF3847	360873	We have marked your final target.
13C9CD1F	360874	Only one target remains.
F31C2401	360875	The final target is on your map.
7D3274E5	360876	There is only one site left to capture.
634481BD	360877	The last site is marked on your map.
166E7A55	360878	The site is contested.
D34D48BA	360879	The site is contested, clear them out.
3398A1A4	360880	Fight harder, the site is contested.
2335DCCE	360881	Reinforcements needed at the site!
6B198E10	360882	We need backup to gain the advantage.
827A2B25	360883	We need support, enemies are on-site.
9C0CDE7D	360884	Watch out, the Golden Path are on-site.
7CD93763	360885	Enemies are on-site. Keep the area clear.
5E42288B	360886	Clear the area, enemies are on-site.
FF0DDF60	360887	We need backup at the site.
E983C12E	360888	We are behind but we can still break through.
F92EBC44	360889	The defenders are holding but we can complete the mission.
79DB6492	360890	The battle is not lost yet, we can win this.
90B8C1A7	360891	We are still in this, hit them hard.
8ECE34FF	360892	The battle is not over, pull it together.
70C8CC02	360893	It is a draw here, prepare for your next attack.
38E49EDC	360894	It is a stalemate here. Time to move on.
D83177C2	360895	Attack the next site, we are not gaining anything here.
C89C0AA8	360896	Head to the next site, this one is a draw.
E4DC9D72	360897	It is time to move, the site is deadlocked.
83348C18	360898	Secure the position marked on your map.
6A57292D	360899	Capture the site from the Golden Path.
7421DC75	360900	Take over the Golden Path site.
751C7757	360911	Ajay: That guy is messed up.
F263D3B5	360912	Ajay: The Relic is at the peak of the mountain.
EB78E2F4	360914	Ajay: Oh god, looksl ike something dragged the pilot away.
4F9FBBB7	360933	Hurk: Dude, if I find out there's a gun convention in town that nobody bothered to tell old Hurk about it, man I'm gonna walk around with hurt feelings for the day. All day, Hurt feelings, on Hurk.
312EC70A	360934	Hurk: Something big and ugly, that’s for sure. Like my Aunt Sherlynn. Could have been her.
64B2E874	360935	Hurk: Whoa,Somebody smashed this place up good. Looks like my neighbours barn after moonshine fest.
1A0394C9	360936	Hurk: Yeah, probably, man. Hey you think that antenna gets movie channels? I could go for a good buddy flick right now. Even though we're living one.[laugh]
7DA9D935	360937	Hurk: I'll bet you an explosive monkey that's an antenna right there. And where there's an antenna, there's a radio. And where there's a radio, there are dudes who usin' that radio. Therefore, that has got to be where they took the pilot. You see what I did right there? That's logic, baby! I did deductive reasoning  and applied it to our current scenario to form a conclusion or an hypothesis, if you will.
6774608C	360938	Hurk: Yeah yeah I am trippin' balls again, man. I can see the music.
0318A588	360939	Hurk: Oh man, everything’s gone. All of it. Even my... no no no not my lucky cigarrette butt that Rabi Ray Rhana was smoking at the Bombay Royale concert! Dang it!
4C59334F	360941	[Silence 0.7]Hurk: Shit, man, look at that thing. Uh, I mean, that’s just probably the biggest one I’ve ever seen is all. That's why I'm a little taken back by it.
32E84FF2	360942	Hurk: Oh man, everything’s gone. All of it. Even my... no no no not my lucky cigarrette butt that Rabi Ray Rhana was smoking at the Bombay Royale concert! Dang it!
2BF37EB3	360943	[Silence 0.7]Hurk: Shit, man, look at that thing. Uh, I mean, that’s just probably the biggest one I’ve ever seen is all. That's why I'm a little taken back by it.
00DE2D70	360945	Hurk: You got me, bro. What else do you need? I'm like a Swiss army bazooka compass that's good up to four hundred feet underwater. On one breath.
7E6F51CD	360946	Hurk: You got me, bro. What other kind of help do you need? I'm like a human bazooka compass
19C51C31	360947	Hurk: Oh, yeah, well, that'd be good too I guess. I'm sorry I can't fly.
5542020E	360948	Hurk: Oh yeah, that would be the perfect thing. I'd shoot it up there, I'd give you a platonic no penetration piggyback ride and we'd be up there in no time.
874631BF	360949	Hurk: That's one twisted puppy right there, boy. That guy's got some serious momma issues. You know how I can tell? I can tell because he reminds me of my ex-step-brothers-sisters cousin who went to school with this guy named Jayrone. And Jayrone's momma was weird as hell. And that guy is exactly like Jayrone.
F9F74D02	360950	Hurk: Finders keepers losers weepers, that’s what I always say ever since I found my lucky condom.
9E5D00FE	360951	Hurk: Too bad there aren't any monkeys here, man. I got this one monkey, Gary, boy he been bugging me. I'd like to send him right up that tree, let him climb up 'till he's up top, then BOOM. Know what I'm sayin', man? Of course you do. You were thinking the same thing. Admit it. Don't look me in the eye and tell me I'm a weirdo.
E0EC7C43	360952	Hurk: That's what I'm talkin' 'bout, baby. Boom La Ka Sha Ka. What's that how's that go? Sha La Ka Baka Kaka Do? Ah I can't remember.
5746E0C1	360953	Hurk: I don't know about you man but I'm ready to pound that relic to pulp. Or, you know, burn it, or fuckin' blow it up. It's all good. We can fuckin' wrap it up in chains, and fuckin' put it in a trunk, and then drop it in the ocean or something crazy I don't even fucking care!
29F79C7C	360954	Hurk: I don't know about you, but I'm ready to pound that relic to pulp. Or, you know, burn it, or blow it up, or whatever man I just want to have some fun with it. Let's light that thing on fire, and fuckin' throw it up into the air, and then take out some fuckin' bazookas, and just blow that shit up. And then when it's coming down in little pieces, we can take the little pieces and crunch it up and just (sniffing sound) rail that stuff, baby.
7FAD3BFA	360955	Hurk: I don't know what happened. I don't know how I ended up asleep here next to you, but let's never speak about this again. And FYI - this morning wood would be here whether you were or not. So don't flatter yourself, okay?
18077606	360956	Hurk: I don't know what happened. I don't know how I ended up asleep here next to you, but let's never speak about this again. And FYI - this morning wood would be here whether you were or not. So don't flatter yourself, okay?
4E5DD180	360957	Hurk: That mushroom thang? That’s what we’ve been looking for? Dude, why didn’t you tell me sooner I would have looked harder! Come to poppa you beautiful, delicious, trippy fungus you.
7C6BB302	360958	Hurk: Whoa. Whoa. Did you hear that, dude? Those voices, man? Sounds like a... like a  ghost. Like some kind of weird pervert ghost.
02DACFBF	360959	Hurk: Whoa. Whoa. Woah dude did you hear that? Those voices? Sounds like a ghost or some creepy dude waiting to jump us. I'm spooked out man.
30ECAD3D	360960	Hurk: That mushroom thang? That’s what we’ve been looking for? Dude, why didn’t you tell me sooner man. Come to poppa you beautiful, delicious, trippy fungus you. I'm a get fucked up!
1BC1FEFE	360961	Hurk: That mushroom thang? That’s what we’ve been looking for? Dude, why didn’t you tell me sooner man. Come to poppa you beautiful, delicious, trippy fungus you. I'm a get fucked up!
65708243	360962	Hurk: That mushroom thang? That’s what we’ve been looking for? Dude, why didn’t you tell me sooner I would have looked harder! Come to poppa you beautiful, delicious, trippy fungus you.
332A25C5	360963	Hurk: Ya hear that? Shhh shhhh shhh. Do you hear that, man? Those voices! Sounds like... sounds like a ghost, man. Or some creepy dude waiting to touch us all up at a public pool bathroom.
4D9B5978	360964	Hurk: Whoa. Whoa. Did you hear that, dude? Those voices, man? Sounds like a... like a  ghost. Like some kind of weird pervert ghost.
54806839	360966	Hurk: Ya hear that? Shhh shhhh shhh. Do you hear that, man? Those voices! Sounds like... sounds like a ghost, man. Or some creepy dude waiting to touch us all up at a public pool bathroom.
E97A29C6	360968	The enemy has us outnumbered. Clear the site!
2C591B29	360969	We're outnumbered, we need reinforcements.
322FEE71	360970	We're outnumbered, clear the site!
D2FA076F	360971	We're being overrun, we need backup.
5CD4578B	360972	Clear the area, we're outnumbered.
42A2A2D3	360973	Reinforce the area, we're outnumbered.
ABC107E6	360974	The enemy is taking the site.
7CAC1281	360975	The enemy has us outnumbered.
9C79FB9F	360976	We need backup at the site, we're outnumbered.
C53ABE1C	360977	Clear the site, we're being overrun!
4080704F	360978	We outnumber the enemy here.
7A03BCAF	360979	We've got them outnumbered, clear the site.
647549F7	360980	Clear the area, we have them outnumbered.
84A0A0E9	360981	We outnumber them, finish clearing the site.
A63BBF01	360982	Clear the site, we outnumber them.
B84D4A59	360983	Finish securing the site, we outnumber them.
512EEF6C	360984	We are pushing them out!
1902BDB2	360985	We are securing the site.
F9D754AC	360986	We've got a majority, finish clearing the site.
9360199A	360987	Clear the area, we are securing the site.
73C0D566	360988	The enemy has us outnumbered. Clear the site!
B6E3E789	360989	We are outnumbered, we need reinforcements.
56360E97	360990	We are outnumbered, clear the site.
469B73FD	360991	We are being overrun, we need backup.
C66EAB2B	360992	Clear the area, we are outnumbered.
2F0D0E1E	360993	Reinforce the area, we are outnumbered.
317BFB46	360994	The enemy is taking the site.
D1AE1258	360995	The enemy has us outnumbered.
08188F0D	360996	We need backup at the site, we are outnumbered.
9AA37053	360997	Get to the site, we are being overrun!
DA3A8CEF	360998	We outnumber the enemy here.
E0B9400F	360999	We have them outnumbered, clear the site.
006CA911	361000	Clear the area, we have them outnumbered.
10C1D47B	361001	We outnumber them, finish clearing the site.
3C8143A1	361002	Clear the site, we outnumber them.
D5E2E694	361003	We are pushing them out!
CB9413CC	361004	We are securing the site.
2B41FAD2	361005	We have a majority, finish clearing the site.
6DB6203E	361006	Clear out the site, we have them outnumbered.
335929DA	361007	We are capturing the site, clear the area.
5E92E9D2	361033	We outnumber them for now, watch out.
40E41C8A	361034	Watch the site, we outnumber them for now.
A987B9BF	361035	We outnumber them, but be ready for a counterattack.
747481D2	361036	We outnumber the enemy, keep an eye on the perimeter.
94A168CC	361037	We have the majority, but they'll be back.
D256B220	361038	We need assistance securing the site.
52A36AF6	361039	We're shorthanded at the site.
BBC0CFC3	361040	We're outnumbered. We need help at the site.
A5B63A9B	361041	We need backup at the site.
4563D385	361042	We're outnumbered, reinforce the site.
F97BE1E3	361043	Enemy reinforcements are on-site. We're outnumbered.
E70D14BB	361044	We're outnumbered, the enemies have backup.
0E6EB18E	361045	We're outnumbered, enemy backup is on-site.
222E2654	361046	Rakshasa backup is on-site, clear them out!
C2FBCF4A	361047	Be ready, more enemies are on-site
EB3C979F	361048	Reinforcements are on-site, secure the area.
C77C0045	361049	Backup's arrived, clear out the rest of the enemy.
2E1FA570	361050	We're securing the area, backup's on-site.
30695028	361051	Finish clearing the site, reinforcements have arrived.
D0BCB936	361052	Backup's on-site, finish securing the area.
9CD54ED0	361053	We're losing defenders, send backup.
82A3BB88	361054	Send backup, they outnumber us!
6BC01EBD	361055	We're being overrun, send backup to the site!
47808967	361056	They're taking us out, we need backup at the site. 
A7556079	361057	We need reinforcements, the site's being overrun!
840C15A6	361058	We're clearing the site, finish them off!
A84C827C	361059	The site's almost clear, keep pushing them out!
412F2749	361060	Finish them off, the site's almost cleared!
5F59D211	361061	Keep up the pressure, the site's nearly clear!
BF8C3B0F	361062	Finish clearing the site, we've almost got control.
C4281572	361063	The enemy is withdrawing, but they will be back.
2D4BB047	361064	We outnumber them for now, but be ready for an attack.
333D451F	361065	We have them outnumbered, but they will return.
D3E8AC01	361066	We have the enemy outnumbered, but expect an attack.
00C01C5E	361067	The enemy is on the move, do not let them back in the site.
48EC4E80	361068	We need more fighters  on-site. 
A18FEBB5	361069	We need assistance to take the site.
217A3363	361070	The enemy has us outnumbered, send backup!
C1AFDA7D	361071	We are outnumbered, send reinforcements.
D102A717	361072	Reinforce the site, the enemy has us outnumbered.
63C11D43	361073	We need backup, the area is being overrun.
8AA2B876	361074	Golden Path reinforcements are on-site.
94D44D2E	361075	We need backup, enemy reinforcements have arrived.
7401A430	361076	Watch out, enemy backup is on-site.
569ABBD8	361077	Enemy reinforcements have arrived, we are outnumbered.
71866B3F	361078	Reinforcements have arrived, we outnumber the enemy.
98E5CE0A	361079	We have the enemy outnumbered, backup is here.
B4A559D0	361080	Backup is here, we are winning the fight.
5470B0CE	361081	We are taking the site, reinforcements have arrived.
44DDCDA4	361082	Reinforcements have arrived, we are capturing the site.
066FB270	361083	We are losing fighters, they are taking the site!
EF0C1745	361084	Get to the site, we are losing fighters!
F17AE21D	361085	We are taking losses, now the enemy outnumbers us. 
11AF0B03	361086	We are suffering casualties, backup our forces at the site.
333414EB	361087	We need backup at the site, we are taking losses.
1EB6E906	361088	We are clearing the site, finish them off.
F7D54C33	361089	We are capturing the site, take out the remaining defenders.
DB95DBE9	361090	We have them outnumbered, finish clearing the site.
3B4032F7	361091	Keep the pressure on, we outnumber the enemy.
2BED4F9D	361092	Finish clearing the site, we have them outnumbered.
4C1B6FD9	361113	Hurk: Oh man, everything’s gone all of it man. Even my lucky condom. And my lucky cigarrette butt that Rabi Ray Rhana was smoking at the Bombay Royale concert! Dang it!
2BB12225	361114	Hurk: Oh man, everything’s gone all of it man. Even my lucky condom. And my lucky cigarrette butt that Rabi Ray Rhana was smoking at the Bombay Royale concert! Dang it!
67363C1A	361115	Master Sandesh: The profaner must not be allowed to live through the night. Kill him!
32AA1364	361116	Master Sandesh: We must not be disturbed.
649A0F79	362033	[Sound of pilot being slapped or punched]Sukhwinder: I'm just the pilot. We crashed up on the ridge. Please don't hurt me.
1A2B73C4	362034	Radio Voice: Why are you here?
7D813E38	362035	Ajay: Shit. Someone has the pilot.
03304285	362036	[Painful scream as he's pulled to his feet and his weight rested on a broken leg]Sukhwinder: I'll tell you anything you want to know. Just don't hurt me anymore.
FA1922F7	362037	Radio Voice: Talk.
84A85E4A	362038	Sukhwinder: One of Pagan Min's men told us about an expedition Yuma sent into the valley. He said these men were sent to find something very powerful, something he just called the "relic." I don't know anything else. Just that we came up here to see if we could find this relic as well.
E30213B6	362039	Radio Voice: What is that? What are you holding in your hand? Is that a radio?
308616A6	362041	[Silence 1]Ajay: Fuck. That guy's in serious trouble.
7E47B6C0	362046	[Gasping for air]Ajay: What . . . what happened?
5D5C9F89	362069	Ajay: Hello? Who is this?
D3957740	362070	Master Sandesh: Did you enjoy my little rescue party last night? <br>
4447AEC8	362071	Ajay: A real blast. Who the hell are you?
F8B82483	362072	Master Sandesh: It does not matter who I am. What matters is that I have your friend, and I am going to kill him.
6F6AFD0B	362073	Ajay: What do you mean? What exactly do you have?
E1A315C2	362074	Master Sandesh: I have your pilot. The one we shot down.
7671CC4A	362075	Ajay: So what do you want?
663B090D	362076	Master Sandesh: What do I want? I want you. I want you to come to rescue him, so I can look upon you and judge your worth in the eyes of Yalung.
F1E9D085	362077	Ajay: And if I don't come.
7F20384C	362078	Master Sandesh: Then the pilot dies.
E8F2E1C4	362081	Ajay: That's fucked.
AF20E932	362082	Hurk: Oh shit man yeah.  You know what that guy needs? A dynamite enema. And not the good kind.
1D04EB4B	362088	Ajay: Who are you? What do you want from me?
6D6E1FC4	362089	Master Sandesh: I gather from the tone of your voice that you do not realize the honor we have bestowed upon you?
52457D8C	362091	Ajay: Trying to kill me by feeding me to a beast is an honor?
222F8903	362093	Master Sandesh: That was no beast. that was an Awakened. One of the chosen of Yalung. Clearly you have much to learn, my child.
4B5E4CCD	362094	Ajay: There’s nothing you could teach that I need to learn.
3B34B842	362096	Master Sandesh: Maybe so. But you . . . you are no longer allowed to pollute this sacred place. We know you are here to take our relic, and the brothers of the night are coming for you. You cannot hide, we will find you. You cannot escape, we will shoot you down. You cannot call for help, the signals are jammed. I own you. Just as I own every soul in this valley.
60731F0E	362098	Ajay: Yeah, whatever freak.
1019EB81	362102	Ajay: Gotta find a way to get past this guy's signal jammers and call for help.
79682E4F	362103	Hurk: That's one twisted puppy right there, man.
6EEACBAA	362105	Ajay: Okay.
51C1A9E2	362106	Ajay: Just stay right here, huh? Not like I'm a sitting duck or anything.
B8A20CD7	362110	Hurk: Hey dude, is there a bow hunters' convention in town and nobody bothered to tell me about it? Goddamn, same thing happened to me at the machete fest!
A6D4F98F	362112	Hurk: Yeah, probably. You think that antenna gets movie channels?
46011091	362116	Hurk: I'll bet you an explosive monkey that's an antenna right there.
6BC1B1EA	362121	Hurk: Oh man, everything’s gone. All of it, man. Even my lucky condom.
82A214DF	362124	[Audible sigh]Ajay: This place is fucked. I've gotta find help.
09E562ED	362126	Cultist Soldier Radio: Get someone down to the prison now. I think something's gone wrong.
798F9662	362128	Cultist Soldier Radio: No one's answering at the prison. Send some men to check it out.
65361B6B	362135	Master Sandesh: The profaner's taint casts a sorrowful light on Yalung's precious darkness. He must not be suffered to live through the night. Kill him!
155CEFE4	362136	Master Sandesh: The profaner must not be allowed to live through the night. Kill him!
7C2D2A2A	362137	Cultist Soldier Radio: We hear you and obey.
0C47DEA5	362139	Cultist Soldier Radio: Purify the valley. For Yalung!
570079E9	362144	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are approaching the relay station now, Master.
276A8D66	362146	Master Sandesh: Yalung demands his head. Give the interloper a taste of his own sorrow.
4E1B48A8	362150	Cultist Soldier Radio: Time to die, interloper.
3E71BC27	362152	Cultist Soldier Radio: Meet the darkness, profaner.
9ABAC7D7	362154	Hurk: You mean leave it to us. Don't forget about the old Hurkinator.
378FBE7A	362155	Hurk: Uh, hello. Explosives are my middle name. Are we gonna rock that joint or what?
493EC2C7	362156	Hurk: Oh yeah. Shit just got real, real, real, real. You know what I'm sayin'? Time for that mofo to go boom.
A6B0954A	362159	Master Sandesh: Send men down to the temple. The ritual must not be disturbed.
13F9532A	362160	Master Sandesh: Send down your best men. The interloper is near.
93EB33D1	362165	Master Sandesh: You know not what you do. I am the hand of <br>Yalung. I am the bringer of death.
C07407CE	362185	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades!
A905C200	362186	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the north!
D96F368F	362187	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the south!
822891C3	362188	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the east!
F242654C	362189	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the west!
9B33A082	362191	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades!
EB59540D	362192	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the north!
1CABBC4D	362193	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the south!
6CC148C2	362194	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the east!
05B08D0C	362195	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the west!
75DA7983	362197	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades!
D5B05C72	362198	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the north!
A5DAA8FD	362199	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the south!
CCAB6D33	362200	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the east!
BCC199BC	362201	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the west!
E7863EF0	362203	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades!
97ECCA7F	362204	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the north!
FE9D0FB1	362205	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the south!
8EF7FB3E	362206	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the east!
B1DC9976	362207	Cultist Soldier Radio: We breached the barricades on the west!
AF4485F7	362210	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the beheaders!
C6354039	362211	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the dogs!
B65FB4B6	362212	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the flame seekers!
9D72E775	362213	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the berserkers!
F40322BB	362214	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the assaulters.
F3800F7B	362218	Cultist Soldier Radio: Breach those barricades!
9AF1CAB5	362219	Cultist Soldier Radio: Set those barricades on fire!
EA9B3E3A	362220	Cultist Soldier Radio: Watch out for those mines!
1D69D67A	362221	Cultist Soldier Radio: Watch out for those defenses!
6D0322F5	362223	Cultist Soldier Radio: Breach those barricades!
0472E73B	362224	Cultist Soldier Radio: Set those barricades on fire!
741813B4	362225	Cultist Soldier Radio: Watch out for those mines!
88BCAE29	362226	Cultist Soldier Radio: Watch out for those defenses!
F8D65AA6	362228	Cultist Soldier Radio: Breach those barricades!
91A79F68	362229	Cultist Soldier Radio: Set those barricades on fire!
E1CD6BE7	362230	Cultist Soldier Radio: Watch out for those mines!
BA8ACCAB	362231	Cultist Soldier Radio: Watch out for those defenses!
CAE03824	362234	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the north.
A391FDEA	362235	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the south.
D3FB0965	362236	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the east.
ECD06B2D	362237	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the west.
9CBA9FA2	362239	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the north.
F5CB5A6C	362240	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the south.
85A1AEE3	362241	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the east.
DEE609AF	362242	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the west.
AE8CFD20	362244	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the north.
C7FD38EE	362245	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the south.
B797CC61	362246	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the east.
40652421	362247	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the west.
300FD0AE	362249	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the north.
597E1560	362250	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the south.
2914E1EF	362251	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the east.
897EC41E	362252	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are attacking the station from the west.
F9143091	362255	Cultist Soldier Radio: Planting explosives on the relay station.
9065F55F	362256	Cultist Soldier Radio: Planting explosives on the antenna.
E00F01D0	362257	Cultist Soldier Radio: Planting explosives on the relay station.
BB48A69C	362258	Cultist Soldier Radio: Planting explosives on the antenna.
CB225213	362259	Cultist Soldier Radio: Planting explosives on the relay station.
A25397DD	362260	Cultist Soldier Radio: Planting explosives on the antenna.
D2396352	362261	Cultist Soldier Radio: Planting explosives on the relay station.
ED12011A	362262	Cultist Soldier Radio: Planting explosives on the antenna.
C1B66DF9	362272	Cultist Soldier Radio: Breach those barricades!
A8C7A837	362273	Cultist Soldier Radio: Set those barricades on fire!
D8AD5CB8	362274	Cultist Soldier Radio: Watch out for those mines!
83EAFBF4	362275	Cultist Soldier Radio: Watch out for those defenses!
2EF0E3FE	362277	Master Sandesh: You shall meet Yalung and be judged.
5E9A1771	362278	Master Sandesh: Meet Yalung.
05DDB03D	362279	Master Sandesh: I have you now.[Short evil laugh]
733EDACF	362282	Ajay: Say hello to Yalung.
F4A6C600	362286	Hurk: Oh, now that was satisfying.
063D0896	362288	Cultist Soldier: The prisoners are escaping. Stop them.
788C742B	362289	Cultist Soldier: Don't let the interloper get away.
1F2639D7	362292	Cultist Soldier: The interloper is helping the prisoner escape!
6197456A	362293	Cultist Soldier: Don't let them get out of here alive.
56EE316D	362302	Ajay: That should do the trick.
92CEE1CB	362303	Cultist Soldier Radio: Yes, Inquisitor. We are preparing for your arrival now.
27609F86	362309	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) We are searching for the downed helicopter . . . (radio static)
4E115A48	362311	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Golden Path one calling in . . . (Statics)
3E7BAEC7	362313	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) . . . We're nearing the mountain . . . (radio static)
653C098B	362315	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Looking for survivors . . . (radio static)
1556FD04	362317	Ajay: Hello? Can you hear me? I need help.
7C2738CA	362319	Ajay: Please come in. This is Ajay Ghale. I'm trapped in the valley and am in need of rescue.
0C4DCC45	362321	Ajay: Ah, fuck. So much for calling for help.
FBBF2405	362323	Cultist Soldier Radio: (radio static) The inquisitor wants this one . . . (radio static)
8BD5D08A	362325	Cultist Soldier Radio: (radio static) . . . caught making explosives . . . (radio static)
E2A41544	362326	Ajay: This sounds interesting.
32A4C43A	362329	[Silence 0.75]Inquisitor: Do you have him?
42CE30B5	362330	Cultist Soldier Radio: Yes, Inquisitor. We have him in custody.
2BBFF57B	362332	Inquisitor: What about the explosives? Did you recover the explosives?
5BD501F4	362334	Cultist Soldier Radio: No, Inquisitor. He wouldn’t tell us where he hid them.
0092A6B8	362336	[Silence 0.75]Inquisitor: Okay. Put him in his own cell. No. On second thought, give him some of the elixir, and put him in with the others. They will make fine offerings.
70F85237	362338	Cultist Soldier Radio: He will be ready when you arrive.
198997F9	362340	Inquisitor: Excellent. I’m on my way now. Lock yourselves in. The profaner is still in the valley, and we don’t want him interfering. I have a set of keys here and will bring them with me.
69E36376	362342	Cultist Soldier Radio: As you command.
56C8013E	362346	[Silence 0.75]Ajay: Explosives, huh? I like the sound of that.
26A2F5B1	362347	Hurk: Did someone say the magic word? Oh oh I heard it, man. I clearly heard him say it. Today is going to be a good day. I can feel it in all three of my nuts!
5993BFAD	362359	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Ajay, are you there . . . (radio static)
02D418E1	362361	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) This is rescue party two . . . (radio static)
72BEEC6E	362363	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) . . . is there anyone . . . Please respond . . . (radio static)
1BCF29A0	362365	Golden Path Radio: (radio static) Ajay Ghale, this is rescue party two . . . (radio static)
6BA5DD2F	362368	Golden Path Radio: Are you there, Ajay? Come in. Ajay Ghale, do you read me? This is rescue party two, do you read?
548EBF67	362369	Ajay: Yeah. Yeah, I’m here.
24E44BE8	362371	Golden Path Radio: Oh, thank Kyra we found you. The Golden Path have been searching for you for days. Have you found the Relic? Has it been destroyed?
4D958E26	362372	Ajay: Not yet, but I'm working on it.
3DFF7AA9	362373	Golden Path Radio: What about the pilot? Is he with you?
66B8DDE5	362374	[Silence 0.8]Ajay: No. He . . . he didn't make it.
16D2296A	362375	[Silence 1]Golden Path Radio: Oh. I see. [beat] Well, where will you be when you finish the job? We'll come get you out of that valley.
7FA3ECA4	362377	[Silence 0.5]Ajay: The Relic is at the peak of a mountain called Hajura’Amako Hatama.
0FC9182B	362378	Ajay: The Relic is at the peak of the mountain.
F83BF06B	362380	Golden Path Radio: Okay, no problem. Hajura'Amako Hatama is the most recognizable peak in the valley. We’ll find you.
885104E4	362382	[Silence 0.8]Ajay: Good. See you soon.
E120C12A	362383	Golden Path Radio: Be careful, Ajay. We've lost enough Golden Path brothers already.
AA6FFFB7	362390	Digvijay: Get me out of here. Please untie me.
3DBD263F	362391	Digvijay: Untie me, please. I'm begging you.
B374CEF6	362392	Digvijay: Help me. They will kill me. You have to untie me.
24A6177E	362394	Digvijay: I'll stay hidden until the path is clear. You go ahead.
8D9DC689	362397	Master Sandesh: Report in. What is happening down there?
0DC7E804	362407	Master Sandesh: The profaner has come to take the relic. We must purify the valley of his presence. Enter under the cover of darkness, and destroy the relay station.
830E00CD	362408	Cultist Soldier Radio: We hear you and obey.
14DCD945	362410	Cultist Soldier Radio: You heard Master Sandesh. To the relay station.
A823530E	362415	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are approaching the interloper now, Master.
3FF18A86	362417	Master Sandesh: Excellent. Spill his blood in the light of the blood moon, and let the Ritual of Purification begin!
2F5CF7EC	362423	Master Sandesh: Yalung's veil has fallen over the valley, and the ritual is about to commence.  Purify the land. Kill the profaner.
51ED8B51	362424	Cultist Soldier Radio: We hear you and obey.
A8C4EB23	362426	Cultist Soldier Radio: Purify the valley of his stench.
D675979E	362431	Cultist Soldier Radio: We are approaching the relay station now, Master.
B1DFDA62	362433	Master Sandesh: The ritual begins, and Yalung's veil covers the night. Cleanse the valley!
765DEEF9	362443	Cultist Soldier Radio: The Master is dead at the hands of the profaner. He must die for this.
E8397B5A	362444	Cultist Soldier Radio: Yes. He knows the location of the Relic. Yalung is displeased. The awakened will converge on the infidel. Off with his head.
900B8B7A	362447	Cultist Soldier Radio: This is patrol four reporting in.
89F70216	362449	Cultist Soldier Radio: Go ahead patrol four.
179397B5	362451	[Silence 0.5]Cultist Soldier Radio: We've arrived at the crash site. The team here are all dead.
E40BBB6A	362459	Digvijay: I left you a package of homemade explosives at these coordinates. It should be more than enough to destroy the front gate and get you inside.
0843641F	362464	[Silence 3]Ajay: Wait. Was that real?
63741F88	362465	Ajay: Got you.
75B744B2	362466	Master Sandesh: Got you.
ED1813FA	362467	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the Molotovs!
8469D634	362468	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the martyrs!
BB42B47C	362469	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the beheaders!
CB2840F3	362470	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the dogs!
A259853D	362471	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the flame seekers!
D23371B2	362472	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the Molotovs!
8974D6FE	362473	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the berserkers!
F91E2271	362474	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the assaulters.
906FE7BF	362475	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the martyrs!
E0051330	362477	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the beheaders!
17F7FB70	362478	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the dogs!
679D0FFF	362479	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the flame seekers!
0EECCA31	362480	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the Molotovs!
7E863EBE	362481	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the berserkers!
D4723645	362482	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the assaulters.
A418C2CA	362483	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the martyrs!
CD690704	362485	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the beheaders!
BD03F38B	362486	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the dogs!
E64454C7	362487	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the flame seekers!
962EA048	362488	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the Molotovs!
FF5F6586	362489	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the berserkers!
8F359109	362490	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the assaulters.
B01EF341	362491	Cultist Soldier Radio: Send in the martyrs!
462720C2	362492	[Silence 5]Ajay: Did I just dream all that?
BD897697	362494	Ajay: This is fucked.
03721E13	362495	Ajay: I’m not your child, asshole. And when I find you, I've got a thing or two to teach you as well.
38F230BA	362496	Ajay: Cutting the power should kill those jammers. I'd better get to work.
B63BD873	362497	Ajay: That should do it.
4FD3307F	362498	Master Sandesh: Report in. What is happening down there?!
A1674A7A	362668	Ajay: Fuck... can't... breathe.
FA20ED36	362669	Ajay: Need... air.
CF05D3F8	362727	Ajay: Guess I'll worry about finding that relic later.
58D70A70	362728	Ajay: Come in. Come in is there anyone there? God damn it does this thing even work?
73FA59B3	362729	Ajay: I could sure use a grappling hook right about now.
E428803B	362730	Ajay: I’m not your child, asshole. And when I find you, I'm gonna teach you a lesson.
6AE168F2	362731	Ajay: Gotta find a way to get past these jammers and call for help.
FD33B17A	362732	Ajay: This is Ajay Ghale. Please come in. I'm trapped in the valley and I'm in need of rescue. Come in.
9784FC4C	362737	Master Sandesh: What do I want? I want you. I want you to rescue him, so I can look upon you and judge your worth in the eyes of Yalung.
101CE083	362738	Master Sandesh: Do you not realize the honor we have bestowed upon you?
6076140C	362739	Master Sandesh: Do you not realize the honor we have bestowed upon you?
8E9FCD0D	362740	[Short evil laugh]Master Sandesh: I have you now.
81C4739E	362741	[beat]Golden Path Radio:  Oh. I see. [beat]He is with Kyra now. Where should we pick you up when you are finished?
BEEF11D6	362742	[beat]Golden Path Radio:  Oh. I see. [beat]He is with Kyra now. Where should we pick you up when you are finished?
A5B29ECE	362744	Hurk: Yeah, probably man. I bet that antenna gets movie channels, too. And if it's not, we can invite my cousin Jebb over. He'll hook us up with movies off that antenna right away no problem.
D5D86A41	362745	Hurk: I'll bet you a partially used explosive monkey that's an antenna right there.
E7EE08C3	362746	Hurk: Oh shit man yeah.  You know what that guy needs? Dynamite enema. And not the good kind where you lube it up like and be a gentleman about it. I'm talking about rammin' that stick of TnT right on home.
FEF53982	362747	Hurk: Oh man, everything’s gone. Even my lucky condom. I've had that thing since I was 13 godman years old!
0907D1C2	362748	Hurk: That's one twisted puppy right there, man. Not like you and me. Know what I'd like to do? Strap C4 to a monkey, throw it right in his face, watch it blow up.
796D254D	362749	Hurk: Hold on stop. Did someone just say the magic word? Oh oh I heard it, man. I heard it clear as day baby. I can feel it in my nuts, all three of my nuts! That's how I know I heard it!
DA83D4D2	362750	Hurk: Did someone say the magic word? Oh oh I heard it, man. I clearly heard him say it. Today is gonna be a good day, man! All my nuts are tingling, all three of them, even the infected one!
B3F2111C	362751	Hurk: You mean leave it to us, man. Don't forget about the old Obi-Hurk-Kenobi standin' right here, man.
E8B5B650	362752	Hurk: Uh, hello. Explosives are my middle name. Herculeon Explosives Jebidingo. Come on, man.
98DF42DF	362753	Hurk: Oh yeah. Shit just got real, real man. That motherfucker is gonna go boom.
F1AE8711	362754	Hurk: Oh yeah. Shit just got real, real man. That motherfucker is gonna go boom.
AAE9205D	362755	Hurk: Oh, now that was satisfying. Like watching monkeys blow up from a window in your bubblebath.
C398E593	362756	Hurk: Oh, now that was satisfying. Like eat hamburgers in the bathtub.
49FA41BB	362764	Sukhwinder: I'm the guy you were flying with. Your pilot.
3990B534	362765	Sukhwinder: I'm afraid I won't be much help to you in locating the relic. You're on your own.
62D71278	362766	Sukhwinder: One of Pagan Min's men tol  us about an expedition Yuma sent into the valley. He said these men were sent to find something very powerful, something he just called a "relic." I don't know anything else. Just that we came up here to see if we could find this relic as well.
12BDE6F7	362767	Inquisitor: Excellent. I’m on my way now. Lock yourselves in. The profaner is still in the valley, and we don’t want him interfering. I have a set of keys here and will bring them with me.
E394136F	362953	Sukhwinder: Oh shit!
64EBB78D	362962	[Native language swear]Sukhwinder: (Swearing)
FA8F222E	362964	Sukhwinder: I'm out!
C8B940AC	362972	Sukhwinder: Bailing out!
199C43C8	362987	[reactions to being led along on a chain - part 1]Ajay: [Painful efforts]
2BAA214A	363026	Ajay: Oh shit.
0E47F9D4	363207	Disembodied Voice: Awaken and walk beside us.
90236C77	363215	Disembodied Voice: Your path is with us. Not against us.
21C1E6F6	363259	Ajay: What the hell?
B6133F7E	363323	Ajay: What the...
4BC956CD	363612	Chinjan: Thank you for your business. May your future be bright!
AB1CBFD3	363614	Chinjan: Keep safe and come back again.
BBB1C2B9	363616	Chinjan: I hope these help you on your journey. If you need anything else, you know where to find me.
3B441A6F	363618	Chinjan: I'm eternally grateful. Have a nice day.
D227BF5A	363619	Chinjan: Thank you. You know, my grandfather used to say, when we recognize the true passion and walk the same path of life with others, to be able to share the experience, it is friendship.
CC514A02	363621	Chinjan: Your business is appreciated.
2C84A31C	363623	Chinjan: Your business is much appreciated. Come see me any time, my friend.
F1BF42FB	363625	Chinjan: My profit is yours. Next time you're here, we should have more items to exchange.
EFC9B7A3	363627	Chinjan: Many thanks. I hope we meet again.
721C8E7F	363687	Chinjan: I don't like to see you leaving empty-handed....
9B7F2B4A	363689	Chinjan: You'll make it worth my while next time, ok? So long.
D3537994	363691	Chinjan: Please, think before you go - are you sure you don't want to buy or sell anything?
3386908A	363693	Chinjan: Don't want to buy or sell anything? Well, make sure to come back again. Stocks always changing.
232BEDE0	363695	[Sigh]Chinjan: . I guess there's always next time. Have an enjoyable day.
0F6B7A3A	363697	Chinjan: Alright. Thanks anyway.
E608DF0F	363699	Chinjan: Farewell then.
F87E2A57	363701	Chinjan: You know, other people usually buy or sell when they stop me. I better get going.
18ABC349	363703	Chinjan: You sure you don't want to buy or sell? No? Then come back soon.
968593AD	363705	Chinjan: Huh? I don't have what you like? And you don't have anything to sell? How could that be?
88F366F5	363707	Chinjan: See you another time.
	section = 2614A77B
6F7F2AB2	199076	­@Press X
	section = 26158477
A046E106	237835	Enemies have completed their objective.
17AFFC31	237836	You've exited the mission area
900FD952	237837	You left the mission area
828BC64A	349089	The truck driver was alerted and fled the area.
	section = 26D86168
8DB237F8	55789	When you're down, press [ClingOnToLife] repeatedly to stay alive and alert nearby teammates of your position.
3FB600F8	58868	You can tag an enemy or objective for your teammates by keeping an eye on the target and pressing [Tag].
	section = 2715B2C0
0FFF36BA	353779	#{RADIO CALL}
8629B2D6	353998	#{TUTORIAL}
DAFF17F6	354006	REWARD
7C6E57CB	354042	GAME OVER
ECFB9554	354046	Only 5 min. left before the helicopter leaves the img="MC_Extraction" Extraction Point.
955AE46F	354047	Only 10 min. left before the helicopter leaves the img="MC_Extraction" Extraction Point.
E3239788	354049	#{LOADOUT}
	section = 27EC2ABF
2D9CD551	91556	Vibration
7010F70B	91557	Aim Assist
7B00FC3C	91558	Storage Device
F812C150	104641	Game Difficulty
4F19F3AE	106270	Turn the controller vibration on or off.
3F7DF472	106271	Let the game help you aim onto enemy targets.
04AF6D5E	106273	Select the storage device to save the game.
55206BF8	106274	Adjust the game difficulty. You will take more damage on harder settings.
E4851110	150001	GAMEPLAY (CAMPAIGN)
17F75D3B	150261	EASY
9F80D87E	150267	HARD
CAB77EB1	156338	HDD
9F619460	156339	Memory Card
F5AB7689	172527	Weapon Tagging
2E41BB21	172528	Auto-tag enemies when aiming at them, as long as they are in weapon range.
DE9DA6F1	173145	Reset Outposts
9721CDFD	173146	Reset all Outposts and Fortresses to their hostile state.
83B3BE46	173148	VERY HARD
27DE0A7D	201207	Autodrive
53285FBE	201208	Land vehicles will automatically steer and maintain speed when you turn to aim at enemies.
8F2FB45A	273730	Drive & Shoot Auto-Aim
0FBCBA05	273731	When driving, enemies will be automatically targeted when you aim at them.
ECD76370	274729	Quit to Map Browser
8EB16E25	274730	Quit to Lobby
E4D9B0CA	319489	Co-op Friendly Fire
6698B74C	319490	Take damage from your Co-op partner. Both players must set it ON to work.
B24140D1	319777	Impulse Triggers Vibration
E82F14E2	319778	Turn the Impulse Triggers vibration on or off.
E9BB2C36	345410	You cannot reset the Outposts and Fortresses until you have completed the campaign missions, and liberated all Outposts and Fortresses.
32B1BCF3	345411	This option is not available from the main menu. Continue your game and choose this option from the pause menu to activate it.
094F37B0	345412	This option will reset all Outposts and Fortresses to their hostile state. Any incomplete quests linked to them will be locked until they are liberated again. Do you want to proceed?
ED1EA118	353765	Turn the vibration on or off.
D2EF4225	353766	Turn the vibration on or off.
95E09A09	353767	Turn the controller vibration on or off.
8AD46279	353775	Vibration
75745A0D	353869	Vibration
C07ECBB3	353870	Vibration
CD21EE5B	361287	Camera Tagging
5EBD7CFE	361288	Auto-tag enemies when using the camera.
44096C10	361353	Loot Animations
EAD15F4C	361354	Turning the animations for looting on or off.
53B5A406	361355	Weapon Auto-Draw
7F4F7865	361356	Turn the automatic drawing of your weapon on or off after interactions.
4C4904F1	362907	Camera Tagging
B9B46907	362908	Auto-tag enemies when using the camera
F2D86142	362909	Disable Auto-draw
64BC4D03	362910	Disable auto-drawing of the weapon after holstering
A4BAC74D	362911	Disable Loot Animations
295E7997	362912	Disable all looting animations
	section = 2832F954
793C303F	361274	OVERRUN
FFF811CA	361275	Wins:
1CB9DC84	361276	Losses:
7364519B	361279	Sites Won:
17C50419	361280	Time On-site:
5492D1EE	361281	Defensive Kills:
3864BDAA	361282	Win/Loss Ratio:
E5816DB6	361283	Kill/Death Ratio:
16623A03	361284	Deaths:
BC96F326	361285	Kills:
9C8326A1	361286	Matches Completed:
3D3DD521	361383	SITE TIME
	section = 28992642
E1DBB0BD	199017	img="MC_Plant_Red" Red leaf: %d/4
C15B6135	199625	The field can be burned again
CB5A2D04	202269	Sprinkler activated - find the img="MC_Generator" Generator to turn it off to burn the fields
2FE86FF6	202284	Glowing Drug Stacks need to be burned to be destroyed
36B2A3B9	205616	Use explosives to destroy the door
FBE6B752	208797	Hold [Interact] to turn img="MC_Generator" Generator ON/OFF
0E3B9091	208844	Enemy reinforcements
F4D4B5A0	211677	Find the img="MC_Generator" Generator to turn off the sprinkler
0EB3F22F	241285	Destroy the img="MC_Generator" Generator to Turn It Off Permanently
26952A6F	241297	Rebels : Hurry ! The army is already there. We need to hold them off
3D158723	241298	Rebels : AJAY ! Another boat convoy is coming. Destroy them before they beach ! Use the mortar.
B8FAB531	241299	The driver is dead! Take the boat and lead it to the rebels
280313E8	241581	Hurk died - you must protect him
2870F7F6	241657	Secure And Seal The Armory
30F6021A	241658	Recover Intel From The HQ
07FAF9BE	241659	Disable The Comm. Center
F642F50C	241717	Secure The Courtyard
9B0C06D5	241804	Clear The Area - Artillery Incoming
9C855B10	241989	Tracking Device:<br>The red light blinks as you get closer to the target<br>The green light shows that you're pointing at the target
AC2E1D1C	241990	The Tracking Device Is Responding
4EE84637	243039	NOTE: There is a hidden path behind the temple next to the fountains that will lead you straight to the underground vault
72B37A5C	246097	Fortress Gate
B2873C4C	252471	img="MC_Generator" Generators power the sprinkler system and must not be destroyed
F23E58A3	252472	You need to activate the sprinklers - find the img="MC_Generator" Generator
65A4489F	259965	A hostage died, you must save them!
9B83B8CD	260655	You're too far from the convoy - get closer!
27D711F2	260656	The convoy got away
1DF362AE	260657	One of three weapon stashes is destroyed
899BBA9A	260658	Two of three weapon stashes are destroyed
24BD78D8	260659	The farm was destroyed
00AD7B69	261009	Willis tells Ajay to meet him at the bottom
C24E91C1	261312	You must keep at least one img="MC_Generator" Generator intact!
2B26D945	265736	Climb out of the cave by using the grapple
2B61D689	265737	Find a diving suit to be able to dive in the freezing water
19128416	269446	[Open]
C843668F	269447	[Close]
BC047581	270644	"From the South-West..."
E2B1F7E8	273685	Use the secret access to the temple underground
7F50F928	274491	Utkarsh
1CEAC4E6	275585	Snow Cornice Tutorial
2786318E	275928	Use your bow to make a clean kill
CFD6DE6F	277072	Press [ThrowRock] to throw a rock and distract enemies
635EA7EA	283097	To practice using the bow, go to the archery field
3A032956	283170	Untie The Hostages For Additional Rewards
33EC8202	299130	Next wave:
07EE5401	299510	Ok, it won't be easy. Run for the truck, We will get you cover understand. GO run
EA1AACFF	302146	Driver Honk
7313FD45	302189	Door burst, golden path soldier ridding an elephant appear and takedown enemies
AFFE9D87	303625	Hunters are equipped with fire arrows, and can turn animals img="MC_Charm" against you
0E5D43E7	314281	BOAT HEALTH
E1279C3A	314866	When undetected, press [TakeDown] for a deadly takedown
4E1B0E34	318043	Time to defuse
0CC7CDBD	318270	You fell off the cliff
8E990F83	318315	Temple Bombs:
45492B31	318316	Enemy vision is limited in the blizzard - use it to your advantage
78902A4E	318848	Press [Camera] to equip the camera
17A152B5	319015	Use [Move] to move around
D3A5B1CF	319016	Use [Look] to look around
C3FA3753	319017	Press [Crouch] to crouch, reducing enemy detection
819439DE	319018	Press [Crouch] to stand, which lets you to sprint, but enhances enemy detection
AC0C91FC	319019	Press [Run] to run
2B049DB2	319020	Default controls:<br>[Aim] to look around<br>[Fire] to shoot
5CFE29CA	320011	Hold [Run] and press [Jump] to cross the gap
17101BE7	327677	Move over dead bodies to refill ammo
180ADD43	328108	Hold [Fire] to draw the bow and shoot further
72C7C3DC	328123	When close to cover, use [Aim] to peek out
F9B398DE	328687	Opium drug fields are equipped with sprinkler systems.<br>Destroy the img="MC_Generator" Generators to prevent the sprinklers from activating.
A84FB4FB	338710	Use your melee attack [TakeDown] to break objects
30DD9915	339227	Hold [IronSight] for precision aiming
0AC48644	339357	The water is cold - follow the dive line to pass through before you freeze
A147CB37	341501	Press [Camera] to equip the camera<br>Focus on enemies to tag them<br>Find the commander
040C55A4	341502	After jumping, press [Wingsuit] when prompted to open the Wingsuit
4523E558	342015	Use [Steer] to pitch and steer yourself
0E47F6D8	342016	Press [Parachute] to deploy parachute
246BC7DC	342591	Hold [GadgetWheel] and select the Throwing Knives, and throw them with [Throw]
1A199149	343948	HOLD [Interact] Disarm Bomb
02D8BB7E	344586	A shipment is nearby, find it
8C2F6340	345688	HOLD [Interact] Travel To the Himalayas
538E8B48	345957	Warning: Don't throw the Gold statues away!
78694B8B	346129	The Cave Is About To Collapse
8A2F5D89	346652	HOLD [Interact] Take Oxygen Mask
379DD02F	347168	Hold [Interact] near dead animals to skin them
365E8187	348475	Stay inside the zone until it is captured
B6030882	348890	Willis left the journal for you at the airport safe house.
D6E1927C	361574	Press [TakeDown] to attack in Melee.
C1DD7390	361575	Press [Throw] to throw a knife.
	section = 28E4E52C
E5DCF96C	160787	ERROR
177EF9AE	160788	WARNING
9727BA69	160982	LOAD FAILED
	section = 29843781
2C8CFBD5	361557	Hunt & skin Tenzin, the rare dhole, to craft the final Quiver.
7E90B755	361558	Hunt Tenzin
4A6519CE	361559	Skin Tenzin to craft the final Quiver
3D1E607C	361560	Hunt & skin Sky Tiger, the rare tiger, to craft the final Syringe Kit.
E79AF1D8	361561	Hunt Sky Tiger
5B7C98FC	361562	Skin Sky Tiger to craft the final Syringe Kit
7F549595	361563	Hunt & skin Ghost Bear, the rare bear, to craft the final Loot Bag.
E8B1B105	361564	Hunt Ghost Bear
19BD778E	361565	Skin Ghost Bear to craft the final Loot Bag
4761B71C	361566	Hunt & skin Mad Devil, the rare wolf, to craft the final Wallet.
B07F3385	361567	Hunt Mad Devil
21885507	361568	Skin Mad Devil to craft the final Wallet
949FCD15	361569	Hunt & skin Shadow Leopard, the rare leopard, to craft the final Ammo Bag.
3C35CABD	361570	Hunt Shadow Leopard
F2762F0E	361571	Skin Shadow Leopard to craft the final Ammo Bag
39A11046	362816	HUNTING: RARE
E7358F59	362894	A Rare Tiger is roaming a nearby img="MC_D90_RareHunting_Icon"  area. Hunt and Skin it for a reward.
E422B85A	362895	A Rare Dhole is roaming a nearby img="MC_D90_RareHunting_Icon"  area. Hunt and Skin it for a reward.
605E961E	362896	A Rare Leopard is roaming a nearby img="MC_D90_RareHunting_Icon"  area. Hunt and Skin it for a reward.
ACB63F80	362897	A Rare Bear is roaming a nearby img="MC_D90_RareHunting_Icon"  area. Hunt and Skin it for a reward.
0A78AEBD	362898	A Rare Wolf is roaming a nearby img="MC_D90_RareHunting_Icon"  area. Hunt and Skin it for a reward.
B537A501	362901	Hunt and skin Sky Tiger, the rare tiger.<br>Awards XP and ^ Rupees.<br>Use the rare skin to craft the final Syringe Kit.
082F423E	362902	Hunt and skin Mad Devil, the rare wolf.<br>Awards XP and ^ Rupees.<br>Use the rare skin to craft the final Wallet.
C91262F8	362903	Hunt and skin Ghost Bear, the rare bear.<br>Awards XP and ^ Rupees.<br>Use the rare skin to craft the final Loot Bag.
C14ADD5D	362904	Hunt and skin Shadow Leopard, the rare leopard.<br>Awards XP and ^ Rupees.<br>Use the rare skin to craft the final Ammo Bag.
B1AB59A0	362905	Hunt and skin Tenzin, the rare dhole.<br>Awards XP and ^ Rupees.<br>Use the rare skin to craft the final Quiver.
55396EFC	362917	img="MC_D90_RareHunting" 
	section = 2998B60F
550040F7	267245	Playing solo
974BB48D	267246	Searching for match
6D2B5704	267247	In a Co-op game
	section = 29AA6C2C
71E9EBE6	355288	This upgrade is not needed in Escape from Durgesh
	section = 2A2485A1
7F384E35	247282	Increases your movement speed.
23072059	249958	DEEP BREATH
D8751011	249959	Increases the duration of holding your breath while scoped.
790FFF7A	249963	Increases your melee takedown range and increases your movement speed while prowling.
CEF0DF83	251423	Allows for reloading your weapon while remaining in scope view.
4A57212F	251425	Harvesting plants provides twice as many leaves.
50E2092A	251428	CHEW TOY
100652C4	251429	Reduces damage taken from animals.
E5014D84	269853	Increases the health of any summoned animal.
7D168548	269854	TOP SPEED
C69CFE89	269856	Speed syringes provide an increased bonus to run speed and auto-fire.
84EBF273	269857	THE GOOD STUFF
9EE7554C	269859	Healing syringes provide additional temporary health.
BDCEFED3	269862	Improves the ghost syringe's power, allowing you to teleport to your spirit's position.
2E113051	269888	FRIEND OF THE PACK
1519ADC0	269889	Reduces the time between receiving Animal Charms.
0E54A16E	269891	Reduces the cost of in-game cash purchases.
F212A231	269892	GOOD EARS
B4A9C7E8	269893	Nearby sprinting enemies are marked on the minimap.
90DB0412	269895	Increases the health given when reviving an incapacitated teammate.
898B2443	269896	STRONG HAND
C180BEE2	269897	Reduces recoil while scoped.
179DB90C	284727	Increases your custom arrow carrying capacity.
29F791D5	339367	FAST LEARNER
4686FF27	339368	Increases your experience gain.
AFCCB00B	348461	Increases your experience gain in multiplayer.
	section = 2A989C01
0A804313	323777	In response to the illegal destruction of propaganda, De Pleur has set up a propaganda center at a nearby location. Find the center and destroy it. But be warned, sabotaging the center is sure to attract the attention of De Pleur’s forces.
	section = 2B50057E
C3B4DBA3	328218	Win/Loss Ratio:
1E510BBF	328219	Kill/Death Ratio:
07481421	328220	Total Kills:
BBB90FFD	328221	Unlock Progress:
5274EE85	328240	Matches Played:
6EF82080	328242	Time Played:
66A9641F	328243	KILLS
A9FC006D	328251	Headshots:
7040C417	328253	Finishing Moves:
628D30A1	328263	Revenge Kills:
0D5FECC8	328264	Kills From Cover:
C83FCA49	328265	Kills On Covered Enemies:
1ED4C2F6	328266	First Blood Kills:
72167D90	328267	Finishing Moves Denied:
D19CBD1F	328269	Highest Kill Streak:
AC396B4C	328270	ASSISTS
A0AB0CC6	328271	Kill Assists:
49340E52	328272	Revive Assists:
E6F57967	328273	Tagging Assists:
8A46A9AE	328275	Vehicle Assists:
6F3B57E8	328276	Savior Kills:
7349B42C	328377	TRAVEL
99FB431A	328378	Wingsuit Glide Distance:
BAED3DBA	328379	Total Distance Travelled:
701D3EEB	328403	Distance Vehicle Jumped:
91517493	328461	Sweetest Jump:
707DA506	328464	Longest Wingsuit Glide:
402E8F6D	328467	Elephant Ride Distance:
0F35D44B	328470	OUTPOST
C58C5F68	328471	Win/Loss Ratio:
18698F74	328472	Kill/Death Ratio:
606562A5	328476	Defensive Kills:
4CC2FAD8	328530	Matches Completed:
C1B25D26	328537	Outposts Cleared:
4AEF89B8	328560	Flag Captures Stopped:
3C3B010F	328585	DEMON MASK
60470CE2	328586	Win/Loss Ratio:
BDA2DCFE	328587	Kill/Death Ratio:
2E6E658C	328588	Matches Completed:
18D9AC36	328589	Masks Delivered:
87648351	328606	Carriers Killed:
1FC70436	328621	Shutouts:
04C98C78	328622	Carrier Defense Kills:
35EB99B3	328696	PROPAGANDA
B2EBCA38	329567	Win/Loss Ratio:
6F0E1A24	331002	Kill/Death Ratio:
5EC57FEE	331765	Targets Destroyed:
2006D620	331766	Charges Disarmed:
98CA969E	332529	Matches Completed:
D67CAE13	332530	Posters Torn Down:
4398FE6A	334427	Destroyed All Objectives:
56F31593	335420	Defended All Objectives:
BF2F17D3	341537	GENERAL
4215227B	342799	Bell Towers Activated:
799F1C7E	342800	Bell Towers Deactivated:
4625F8DA	342801	Longest Range Kill:
FC8CAA02	342802	Revives:
AAF18A6B	342804	Distance Driven:
A3B8ADED	342807	Wins:
278BBCF0	342808	Losses:
5AD15C86	342809	Wins:
6376F872	342810	Losses:
C31D6BEC	342811	Wins:
CE88BC03	342812	Losses:
8123E075	342816	#DLC Wins:
263FCBC9	342817	#DLC Losses:
547F8EE1	342818	#DLC Mode:
550064E1	342819	#DLC Win/Loss Ratio:
9A634937	342820	#DLC Objectives Completed:
16623A03	346855	Deaths:
19677476	346856	Total Wins:
FA705713	346857	Total Losses:
C9BFDC05	346858	Kills:
A5AAFD71	346859	Total Deaths:
	section = 2B5F260E
244CEB5B	241714	Armory Is Sealed
47061EA2	241715	Comm. Center Is Disabled
02A1CEF5	241716	Intel Recovered
CE85F79F	245878	Shoot A Flare At The Gate
744AFFAC	245879	Weaken The Gate
C1B599F6	335792	Utkarsh is destroyed
8C242B34	337713	Press [Interact] To Rig Explosives
2F260321	337714	Press To Activate Explosives
	section = 2C98922B
05CD97AB	342403	Camera
35C2F5BD	342404	Equip the camera [EquipCamera] and tag enemies for your team to see.
745D71A7	342405	Motor Pool
C811F61F	342406	Take advantage of the many vehicles in the Golden Path fleet.
0014640C	342407	Body Armor
9C39F588	342408	Body Armor reduces all incoming damage. Does not stack with Steel Core Rounds.
31AC7B63	342409	Steel Core Rounds
8231FAC7	342410	Steel Core Rounds cause all firearms to do additional damage. Does not stack with Body Armor.
A18A4125	342411	Explosives Pack
8795FFA3	342412	The Explosive Pack increases the number of thrown explosives, C4 and Proximity Mines in your loadout. Stacks with both Steel Core Rounds or Body Armor.
9F58DDBD	342413	Sprint off a ledge and [Wingsuit] to open the wingsuit. Open the parachute with [Parachute]. Hold [Interact] to cut the parachute.
6616F477	342414	Wingsuit
	section = 2E1A28DC
1D25EB52	116273	img="MC_TX_Tutorials"  New Tutorial
924C1263	143113	[Move] Steer<br>[Aim] Look<br>Fly low and straight to land safely<br>Hold [Interact] Bail out - use with caution
4808822A	155666	HUNTER VS. HUNTED
A94BB082	155668	HIT LIST
E5E09BAD	160312	img="select"  HUNTER VS. HUNTED
0818DB70	160313	Hunt the animals using the weapon provided, or your knife<br>Your prey is somewhere in the hunting zone on the minimap.
49BF2288	160314	img="select"  ASSASSINATION
0411E07C	160315	Find Kyrat's most wanted enemies and kill them with your knife. Takedowns award bonus XP.
42450E3C	160316	img="select"  GOLDEN PATH SUPPLIES
501571E3	160317	Collect the supplies at each location. Once all supplies have been collected, you'll have limited time to bring them back to Golden Path agent.
2856CBD9	196278	img="select"  HOSTAGE NEGOTIATOR
70C0B97C	196279	Kill all the enemies to save hostages. Save at least two of them. Speak to survivor hostages for rewards.
FF6DE75C	196280	img="select"  ARMED ESCORT
0565CFB1	196281	Escort the supply truck to safety. Defend it against threats, and repair it when it's damaged. It will only move once you are on top.
13024B7D	196282	img="select"  KYRATI FILMS: RACING
4F395F45	196283	Clear checkpoints to add time to the clock<br>Reach the end of the course before the time runs out
B0291F84	208404	TX_ConvoyQuest_1.png
1C1CF75C	208405	TX_HostageQuest_1.png
8515A6E6	208406	TX_HostageQuest_2.png
A057E00E	208407	TX_HuntingQuest_1.png
540E6ABC	208408	TX_Racing_1.png
3CC93FC3	208409	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_MapQuest_1.png
A5C06E79	208410	TX_MapQuest_2.png
68CDAE5C	208411	TX_WantedQuest_1.png
F1C4FFE6	208412	TX_WantedQuest_2.png
B654D14D	208731	img="select"  COMPANION CONTROLS
87A4FCAD	208732	Press [Throw] to assign a target.
BC3C7FAC	208733	Your companion can attack enemies for you.<br>Aim at one and press [Throw] to assign a target.
BEF9E620	208816	img="select"  INSANITY ARROW
9283CB72	208817	Press [AssignDown] to cycle to the Insanity arrow.<br>Use it to turn enemies against their comrades.
69B9AD44	208820	img="select"  SYRINGES & ARROWS
0CC71BDB	208821	HOLD [GadgetWheel] to view your weapons, then press [Throw] to view syringes and arrows.<br>Craft, use, or equip items from this screen.
A6E3F9F6	208822	TX_CompanionControl_1.png
6356FF19	210455	TX_CraftingWheel_1.png
883B47D5	210914	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_Elephant_1.png
EF383E94	242058	img="select"  Fast Travel Tutorial
A7E964B2	242059	Press [MenuBack] to open the World Map
BA0C86D9	242060	[MenuBack]
A4126971	265777	[CO-OP INTRO TITLE]
37504EFE	265778	[CO-OP INTRO DESC]
9F306B00	269713	img="MC_Tutorial" 
BC6B2E73	270919	img="select"  EYE FOR AN EYE
9268B69C	270920	Kill your primary target with the given weapon. Dispose of other soldiers as needed. Then, take a picture of the target's body with your camera as proof.
1F0C4D6E	270921	img="select"  ASSASSINATION
EB398FCD	270922	Kill your primary target, search the body for his dog tag and leave the location without being detected. Earn bonus rewards for getting rid of the body at indicated locations.
FE2E3271	274918	TUTORIALS
53561253	275811	CRAFTING TUTORIAL
B85C02B2	283542	KARMA EVENT
971867F2	283543	ALARM SYSTEM
DEB52566	283545	MORTAR
3DB53870	283546	[Fire] to fire.
C061314F	283547	COUNTER ATTACK
70DE17FE	283548	Your nearest Outpost is under attack. Go protect it and check with survivors for rewards.
33A02068	283550	A img="MC_Cargo"  Royal Cargo truck is nearby. Destroy it, or deliver it to an Outpost for a bonus.
AB0B2406	283554	MASK OF YALUNG
22D256A4	283564	You can now choose to support Amita or Sabal's side and lead the destiny of the Golden Path.<br>Choose wisely, as this will affect your next mission objectives.
7C847DC4	283565	C4 & MINE
80738207	283566	[c4mine] Toggle to C4<br>[IronSight] Plant C4<br>[Fire] Detonate C4
57DCEF44	283567	DRIVE & SHOOT
320399DB	283568	While driving:<br>[Aim] to aim with 1 handed weapon.<br>[Fire] to shoot.
7170E956	283569	Press [Wingsuit] to deploy wingsuit when freefalling.<br>Use [Steer] to pitch and steer yourself in the air.<br>Press [Parachute] to deploy parachute to land safely.
4F707ED8	283570	WINGSUIT
30297EFF	283571	ALARM SYSTEM
8F70D6D3	283579	Civilians and rebels are threatened by predators. Reach their location and protect them.
9F52B3C0	283581	Royal Army has taken over a nearby village to set up a Propaganda Camps. Destroy all the propaganda equipment and eliminate all enemy presence from it.
5E4AC631	283622	img="select"  BOMB DEFUSING
F65769DB	283623	Bombs need to be defused stealthily.<br>If detected, enemies will try to trigger them.<br>Once triggered, you'll have limited time to defuse them all.
4AED7A09	338707	[Fire] to fire.
06A32457	348878	Continue your journey in Shangri-La by finding the nearby img="MC_ShangriLa" Thangka. Look around for a path leading to a temple entrance.
4929E9B2	348910	Liberated Outpost.<br>img="MC_FastTravel" Fast Travel available.
06559320	349067	During Outpost Master, kills made using Bait or Guns for Hire will not contribute to your overall score.
	section = 2E233543
4DE14EEF	318482	%ls transferred to wallet from Poker App
	section = 2E9DA9C6
26F3314A	43014	Compared to more refined drugs, raw opium has a low street value, so it’s more cost-effective to smoke it than sell it.
219EF553	43015	The pack has none of the usual cancer warnings, just a portrait of Pagan Min and the words “Fit for a King!” in bold letters.
BFFA60F0	43020	The most popular local beer, this premium quality lager uses pure glacier water for a crisp, refreshing taste.
C8FD5066	43021	A single latex glove covered in brownish-red slime. One shudders to think what this was used for. Just get rid of it, stat.
5699C5C5	43026	5 milligrams of pure heroin in a white packet, stamped with the seal of the Royal Army. Issued as a form of supplemental payment.
05E6CECC	43089	Opium Ball
028B0AD5	43090	Kyrati Royals
9CEF9F76	43095	Shangri-Lager
EBE8AFE0	43096	Surgical Glove
758C3A43	43101	Heroin Ration
B897A4E9	45127	Warlords and mercenaries come and go, but a blood diamond is forever. This one’s from Bowa-Seko and should be worth quite a bit.
5F2F89EE	45128	This tin of “Momo’s Buffalo Dumplings in Spicy Sauce” is about 30 years past its expiration date.
2828B978	45129	Low grade marijuana in a sandwich bag. Brown, bone dry, and packed with stems and seeds. You’re better off smoking cardboard.
CF90947F	45130	Used to stay awake on long hauls. Side effects include dry mouth, nausea, and an increased affinity for obnoxious CB radio handles.
62F4849E	45131	Beep, boop, bzzt! Now completely obsolete, these were popular in the early-90s with doctors, drug dealers, and lonely housewives.
9B825B6F	45203	Conflict Diamond
7C3A7668	45204	Canned Food
0B3D46FE	45205	Schwag Bag
EC856BF9	45206	Trucker Speed
660CB774	45207	Pager
110B87E2	83124	Hypodermic Needle
8802D658	83125	Lapel Pin #1
FF05E6CE	83126	Lapel Pin #4
6161736D	83127	Tourniquet
166643FB	83128	Tiny Booze
8F6F1241	83129	Condom
F86822D7	83130	Vintage Porn
68D73F46	83131	Opium Pipe
15F3B408	83159	Filled with glowing liquid. If this were a failed underwater utopia, you wouldn’t think twice about jamming this in your arm.
8CFAE5B2	83160	Army insignia to be worn on combat and parade uniforms, but most soldiers don’t wear them at all since nobody enforces the dress code.
FBFDD524	83161	A 22kt gold star bearing the emblem of the Royal Guard . As a mark of the special forces, it’s valued for more than just the metal.
65994087	83162	When you’re bleeding heavily, reach for one of these. Or a maxi pad.
129E7011	83163	A small bottle of liquor, the kind found on airplanes and in hotel mini-bars. Drinking too many of these produces a tiny hangover.
8B9721AB	83164	These are smuggled into Noore’s brothels by the Golden Path and given to the Royal Army by the prostitutes. Kind of ironic, isn’t it?
FC90113D	83165	A 16mm reel of Kyrati Films “HIMALAID! VOLUME 3 – WET AND READY FOR THE YETI”, featuring Sharma Salsa and Riti Nin Riti Kapoor.
6C2F0CAC	83166	A lacquered pipe with ceramic bowl and silver fittings. Whoever’s been using this probably has no idea it’s a rare 19th century artifact.
1B283C3A	201711	Whoa, hey, wait up a second. You’re not thinking about selling this, are you? It’s a spoon AND a fork!
49D9D75D	201712	A pack of grape-flavored bubble gum. Well, the package says grape, but it tastes more like cough medicine.
1FD00FD0	201713	Spork
4D21E4B7	201714	Chewing Gum
	section = 2ED11056
75B06F95	155477	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Ammo for Handguns x
7DC2EB0B	155478	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Ammo for Flare gun x
DC18E9F7	155479	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Ammo for Sniper rifles x
0D628A87	155480	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Molotov x
5A1F8846	155481	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Ammo for Shotguns x
FD7D20CB	155482	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Rockets x
60D275B2	155483	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Arrows x
1F9E162E	155484	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Mine x
EE1DC720	155485	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Ammo for SMGs x
0AC12F7D	155486	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Ammo for Assault rifles x
F967236D	155487	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Ammo for LMGs x
A733D8B0	155488	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  40mm ammo x
B098E595	155489	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Flamethrower fuel x
DE513816	155490	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Grenade x
7FD7A7AA	155491	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  C4 x
F0DD3713	155554	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Handgun ammo full
E3301C7F	155555	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  SMG ammo full
B518692B	155556	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Shotgun ammo full
8EF9846E	155557	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Assault rifle ammo full
73B3F1A1	155558	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Sniper rifle ammo full
46AB3FF8	155559	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  LMG ammo full
DEA41982	155560	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Rockets full
2924E300	155561	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  40mm ammo full
637CB938	155562	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Flare gun ammo full
F2EA551F	155563	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Flamethrower fuel full
C07E8AA6	155564	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Arrows full
B59215FF	155565	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Grenade full
62B7505B	155566	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Molotov full
D722EB82	155567	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  C4 full
2C3C09C7	155568	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Mine full
9649111D	155569	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Ammo Full
6C1FE1F5	199144	Bait x
30A163A1	211072	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Bolts x
0FE661DC	211073	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Throwing knife x
A52A722D	254715	items
2FAD3672	254716	item
2C781424	254717	LOOT BAG FULL
B1E57EBD	326115	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Harpoons x
625F05EA	341028	Healing syringe auto-crafted
2D4D3213	345540	Bait Bag full
7E40E4EA	345541	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Bolts full
F800B966	345542	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Throwing knife full
2C289D3D	345543	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Harpoons full
960C4B55	346125	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Fire arrows x
24970ECB	346126	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation"  Explosive arrows x
8F8F40FA	346127	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Fire arrows full
6AC6EAAF	346128	img="MC_GoldenPathAmmoStation2"  Explosive arrows full
1839BD50	348346	Loot bag almost full
7720B321	348347	Wallet almost full
	section = 2F18E2EF
33372000	161036	PUBLIC CO-OP LOBBY
A597836F	360940	Need an additional player.
04E7347D	360944	Need to select at least 1 map.
8005B9B1	361965	This map has already been selected. Please choose another one.
	section = 2F1E9E83
216E9377	347080	ARBUDA
5669A3E1	347081	KEO MINE #4
	section = 2F2DABFC
8D5BE287	283123	FAO:  LT. Ramdam Teruk
6D84A516	283231	Attn: LT. Ramdam Teruk, Royal Army commanding officer for the Shanath region
DAF49267	283232	Lieutenant, <br><br>I entrust you to provide me with a steady supply of 'recruits' for either the bordels or Shanath Arena.<br><br>If they can't fight, kill them.<br>If they can't fuck, kill them.<br><br>Stop sending me bodies for the sake of meeting your numbers. I want quality, or it's on your head.<br><br>Long Live King Min,<br>-Noore
440A49D5	283233	The Faithful,<br><br>As you know I only station my most elite, my most feared, and my most faithful here at Baghadur.<br><br>The Golden Path may have gathered their troops and made some advances in De Pleur's territory but we can't let that stand in the way of the work we are doing. His men are weak and know nothing of the ways of Yakshini. You are fully anointed, you have pledged your souls as hers.<br><br>Remember to look into the fires and sing to the dark mistress, you will be rewarded in this life or the next.<br><br>Noore
E8D32849	283234	Guardians of Baghadur
C9860977	283235	The Masked Man.
534A0423	283236	Loyal Soldiers,<br><br>I have allowed the Arena Champion known as 'The Masked Man' to prevail up to this point because he is a hit with the crowds, and he is making a lot of money for Shanath. <br>But, rumors are spreading that he is in fact a Golden Path rebel. I can't cut him down in the Arena myself, I need the crowds on my side, he needs to die in a 'fair' fight.<br>So I now call on you, my trainers, to give me your very best. A beast that can take down this masked rebel and silence any murmurings of a Golden Path resurgence in the South.<br><br>-Noore 
08AF1D8B	283237	---Sharma Salsa Productions---<br><br>The undersigned agrees not to hold SHARMA SALSA PRODUCTIONS responsible for any damage to their vehicle or person before, during, or after any filming, preparation, or post-production works for the aforementioned company, or any known affiliates.<br><br><br>----------------<br>Signed<br><br>---Kyrati International Association of Films---
65230721	283238	K.I.A.F. Damage Waiver
9CF6A5FF	283239	This Ursus Mayavalpa bear type is an alpha, he’s very strong and quite solitary. Surprisingly, his diet is solely composed of badger and honey. He’s an amazing hunter, very clever for his type. Tonight I’m going to hide in his burrow, wait for him to return, then tranq him and send him to Noore.<br><br>What can go wrong?
8CBCB948	283240	A Cunning Plan
F13182B7	283241	Madhur,<br><br>Jammu, the snow leopard in pen #4, has to be trained for Shanath Arena. We deliver him to Noore in a couple of weeks, he's a contender to take down the masked man for sure.<br><br>I left a bag full of raw meat in the back shack. Use it to feed him while I'm out of town. Remember he should never be fed before his training (it makes him too soft on the prisoners).<br><br>Good luck,<br> -Sankha
7388ACCD	283242	Feeding Jammu
1C8F3C66	283243	O, Banashur, lord of the sun and the skies<br>May your light be cast upon the Masked Man<br>May your divine will guide his arm in battle<br>Let him pierce the chest of his enemies<br>Let him tear off their guts and flesh<br>Let him sever their organs,<br>cut them up in little pieces<br>and force them to swallow these pieces<br>till they choke to death with them<br>O, Banashur, lord of the sun and the skies<br>Be kind to the Masked Man
D51EF9A9	283244	Ode to the Masked Man
9F40532B	283245	My whole life I dreamed about opening a bar.<br><br>Organic craft beers, cutting edge mixology, artisanal vegan food, and  a DJ spinning underground bands from Patna, all wrapped up in a neo-industrial found-art decor.<br><br>And here I am, at the ass end of Kyrat, in an abandoned temple, serving Rakshi to my rooster and listening to the fucking propaganda broadcasts.
9DC93640	283246	The Crazy Cock Bar
756184EA	283247	Parakram, we're all going to Shanath tonight, you should come with us.<br><br>Staying home whining about the bad harvest won't yield more corn or potatoes, and you need to get out of that basement and have some fun.<br><br>Join us tonight, the Masked Man is fighting, everybody says he's unbeatable!<br><br>See you there?<br> - Bishwan
BDFB2900	283248	The Arena Tonight?
7E43A776	283249	National Sports<br><br><br>Before King Min's regime was established, the most popular sport was by far Cricket. The Kyrati Cricket team had its glory days, managing to beat their Indian neighbor on several occasions, even humiliating former settler, England, in the notorious '94 game at Lord's. Nowadays, the bloody fights of the Shanath Arena are the main topics fueling conversations in local roadsteads and bars.
78ABB9B5	283250	Lonesome Planet #5
776E1835	283251	I know these fight nights are hard on you. I know it's not just me stepping into the ring. It's all of us. But I have to do this just one more time. The people, Kyrat, they're counting on me. I can see it in their eyes. It's more than an arena fight. It's a fight for their pride. It's a fight for their freedom.<br>I have to do this just one more time.<br> <br>- Your beloved husband
A28DD3CE	283252	<br>
F624B916	283253	Yakshini speaks and the wind blows through my head<br>Thoughts scattered like loose papers<br>They had an order and an end in mind<br>I'm sitting here with the wind blowing through my head<br>With no way back to my thoughts<br>I hear myself laughing<br>I feel the claws in my arm<br>Yakshini whispers me into a sweet sweet sleep.
C93EA332	283254	She speaks like wind
C83D79B8	283255	We paint their feet and offer them to the beasts for cleansing.<br>We, who have succumbed to desire, offer these gifts so that you would give us more of yourself Yakshini.<br><br>Do not abandon us, dark mistress.<br><br>-The Faithful
B2466FD4	283256	Cleansed Flesh
60AC0DC4	283257	Lieutenant, <br>Why do I keep hearing about this Masked Man character?<br>The Arena is not a device for mass enthusiasm, it is a device for mass submission - and he's winning too much. We cannot allow hope to take root in the heart of the Kyrati people, or  some day they may turn on us.  Someone once said hope is a dangerous thing. Make sure you uproot this hope soon enough.<br><br>Long Live King Min,<br>Noore
	section = 2F9D71AB
A4403B05	347183	Arrowhead
440AE6D2	347184	Stolen from an ancient temple, this stone arrowhead is believed to have been fired from the bow of Kalinag himself.
3D496ABF	347185	Old Photo
DD03B768	347186	A faded photograph that shows a teenage boy with dyed blond hair and a young girl playing in the streets of Hong Kong.
4A4E5A29	347187	Myths of Kyrat
AA0487FE	347188	A used copy of Dr. Alexander Ellström’s book “Myths of Kyrat”. Considered by many to be the definitive book on the search for the yeti.
D42ACF8A	347189	Smartphone
3460125D	347190	One of the few modern smartphones in Kyrat, with unrestricted access to global-band cellular networks and the web.
A32DFF1C	347191	Reader Copy
436722CB	347192	A rough draft of the Min’s Wisdom manuscript, covered with handwritten notes and suggested edits.
	section = 2FBA6F10
88C9D736	199080	AJAY GHALE
98C34271	199081	A son of Kyrat who has lived in the West long enough to lose his sense of self. Our benevolent King Min himself seeks to educate this young man in the ways of his homeland and nurture him into a valued Kyrati citizen.
C2011469	199082	THE GOLDEN PATH
D3523BF4	199083	Treacherous sons and daughters of Kyrat who call themselves proud citizens even as they take up arms against the King and force their fellow citizens to join their pathetic rebellion. They are terrorists and enemies of the Crown.
0210CF96	199084	PAGAN MIN
3E7DDCE9	199085	Our great and glorious King who has risked life and limb to bring Kyrat out of the past. He sacrifices everything for his adopted homeland and loves its people like his own children. May Pagan's light shine upon you all.
C3DAD5E9	199087	Selfless citizens with hearts that love peace, and minds fixed on the glory of Kyrat. The cruel and bloodthirsty Golden Path forced them to take up arms against their countrymen and women. Join today and do your part for Kyrat.
2A46BAEA	199089	Brave foreigners and fearsome soldiers who have left their families to answer the King’s call. Kyrat has adopted them as her own because she knows that her best interests are in their hearts. May Pagan's light shine upon them all.
B5C79B51	275287	YUMA LAU
02656B1D	275288	Pagan’s loyal right hand and governor of the elite Royal Guard, she brings her expertise in human nature and psychology to heal the scars of all Kyrati through kindness and understanding.
2F26DB9B	275289	SABAL
39CC0288	275290	The weak-minded and superstitious Kyrati believe this young girl is the embodiment of the land, but their so-called Tarun Matara cannot bring her people the same glory that shines from Pagan Min.
CB9483A3	275292	LONGINUS
0827057D	275293	A vicious child of the North who has forsaken her home and taken up arms against Kyrat. Allied with Sabal, she forms the lumbering two-headed elephant at the head of the Golden Path. Considered armed and dangerous.
89D3F26E	275294	An American buffoon whose fetish for the elephants of our beloved country has led him to enter our lands illegally. This barbarian has sided with the cursed Golden Path and should be considered armed and dangerously stupid.
476295FE	275295	NOORE NAJJAR
3A81D589	275296	AMITA
79039A26	275298	WILLIS HUNTLEY
2D0407CA	275299	Inspired by the plight of Kyrat, Governor Harmon fell in love with our people and customs. He has abandoned his American homeland to spend time here, wanting nothing more than to find a peace in the South through brave negotiations with the Golden Path terrorists.
306E3557	275300	These two outsiders are guests of Noore, and therefore guests of King Min. Allowing them to reside in Kyrat is an act of unimaginable kindness. Their gratitude can be seen on their faces each and every day.
7A7AD3C1	275301	This religious zealot is a dangerous provocateur who profits from our glorious country’s struggles. He claims to be “born again” but do not believe him. He is a murderer, smuggler of contraband, and known supporter of The Golden Path.
00C29679	275302	Beware of this foreign spy. He is personally responsible for inciting insurrection and strife wherever he goes. This Willis Huntley has traveled around the world and left behind nothing but a trail of death and tears.
9B46307E	275303	REGGIE & YOGI
B18E1309	275304	BHADRA
70ED4C2B	275305	HURK
E9F408DD	275307	Noore’s maternal instinct for all Kyrat knows no bounds, be they man or beast. Like a mother eagle watching her nest, she would do anything to protect her children and keep them from evil. Visit Shanath Arena and witness her benevolence first hand.
2613610A	275308	Businessman, wanderer, and swindler, this man is known simply as “The Sherpa.” He travels all across Kyrat, selling second-rate wares and contraband, and has no qualms supplying The Golden Path with equipment. Be wary of his ways.
195A1B5D	275309	Sabal is a southern Kyrati and the other head of the lumbering elephant that is the Golden Path; he pulls one way while Amita pulls the other, threatening to tear Kyrat apart in the process. Information leading to his capture will be rewarded handsomely.
894A0431	275310	The people of Kyrat have great potential to become glorious contributors to a better world, but the cancer of rebellion must first be cut out. Only then can the great King Min shepherd them towards their true destiny. May Pagan's light shine upon us all.
B5C4863E	275312	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
285D60E8	275313	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
4BB623D6	275314	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
4B4B84DF	275315	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
D2AB490A	275316	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
F15A0D64	275317	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
6AD55EB7	275318	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
E9C22B7F	275319	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
BCE22E52	275320	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
879D7384	275321	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
6761AEB4	275322	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
C3094EE8	275323	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
7104C3C6	275324	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
7E478C23	275325	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
38DD9B7B	275326	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
BB870FD8	275327	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
72ADFEA9	275328	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
C7F8D730	276814	A true victim, Ishwari Ghale was seduced by the wicked Mohan Ghale. Our beloved leader himself sought to save her from Mohan’s grasp. Sadly, she fled to the United States rather than embrace Pagan Min’s benevolence.
DCBD3714	276815	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
F3B061B1	276816	MOHAN GHALE
C2143DBB	276817	DARPAN
34F7CC57	276818	The Ministry of Social Harmony has deemed Mohan Ghale an official agitator of the peace. Ghale founded the treacherous Golden Path and actively sought to assassinate our beloved leader, Pagan Min.
E7B096E2	276819	Behold the face of a terrorist. Darpan was one of the original members of The Golden Path insurgency and has devoted much of his life to befouling the vision Pagan Min has for our beloved Kyrat.
B440CCAD	276820	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
F8AF0E65	276821	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
412A4111	276824	The Ministry of Social Harmony has officially named Lakshmana as a child martyr who was snatched away from the arms of her father far before her time. She will be loved and remembered forever.
6765374D	276825	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
EE865F6A	346635	KALINAG
05ACF8B3	346636	The story of the great warrior Kalinag and his journey into Shangri-La is one of the most beloved myths in Kyrat. Sadly, some citizens mistakenly believe this tale to be true. These poor deluded individuals cannot see that the only true hero they need is the glorious King Min. 
C0334A18	346637	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_.png
	section = 2FCA13D1
F50073ED	261178	Sir Nigel Trethewey Journal July 16th
FFC1B40C	261179	Stop dumping the chemical waste from our processing centers into the tunnel. I have a new plan. We are going to use these toxic chemicals to poison every Golden Path fresh water source between here and Banashur. More details will be coming soon. Until then, hold on to the stockpile we have now. We'll see how well these dogs fight when they no longer have water.<br><br>Long Live King Min,<br>Yuma
2B327449	261180	R.A. Memo: Poisoning the Well
0DCE258C	261185	All chemical waste is now being diverted to the dump site Southeast of Utkarsh. The order comes directly from Yuma. This means that all the barrels which were disposed of here last month now need to be moved to the new site. I know this is a massive pain, but it's still better than being reassigned to Durgesh or getting sent to Shining Minds. 
DB2112A0	283021	R.A. Memo: Chemical Waste
E563A2E0	283582	I’ve heard recently that a tea drinking English fool, between two sips of his favorite beverage, smokes pipes full of substances with reasonably questionable effects. <br>The questions are: is this English fool for real? Do those pipes that he smokes cloud his judgment or enhance his vision and open his chakras? And most importantly, can we use him, and how? <br>Best answers will win the prize. Ta-ta.<br>Pagan
0FFE22A1	283583	Simple questions...
29E25959	283584	I look at what she’s reduced him to, how he gives himself to her completely. He falls to his knees and he begs for her. I avert my eyes.<br><br>I remember when he could see forever, but now he only looks for her. And in every stolen glance, I see the twitching hind legs of a mouse as it is devoured, slowly, by a serpent.
755B0994	283585	Yuma's Journal: The Snake
58261C8E	283586	<br>
C5E3A2AB	283587	I feel it in the water. I feel it in the Earth. <br>Visions never lie. Visions have spoken. <br>Yuma, my poor dear, in the name of the Lord, you are going to die! Sorry to break it to you this way, but it's the honest truth. As blunt as could be.<br>You’re going to know the worst fate there is, unless you leave. Run, run like hell, run until Kyrat is no more than a memory. This is your only option. <br><br>Sir Nigel
084BB504	283588	Your health and safety is important to our cause. Bathing is encouraged, but if you insist on using the nearby lake you must bring a "bathing buddy" with you. We've already had three men maimed by demon fish in those waters, one of which lost his manhood. Accidents like this are bad for morale. If in doubt, bath in the nearby streams instead.<br><br>Long Live King Min,<br>Yuma
33666FA6	283589	R.A. Memo: Water Safety
168905FA	283590	My goodness! It seems my quest is coming to an end! They called me a fool. They called me raving mad. All because my vision exceeds what they’re capable of. They are blind when my eyes are so open. Now, I know. I’m sure of it. I’ve found Shangri-La!!! Well, I did not “find it” per se, but I have a lead, a very solid lead. It’s not a question of “if” anymore, it’s a question of “when”. Soon. Very soon. <br><br>Sir Nigel
3EFEA640	283591	<br>
4FFA7975	283592	People can be so obnoxious. All those mister know-it-alls know nothing indeed. I’ll take advantage of that. There was a moment when all I wanted was to help the blind to see, but now I’ll keep my discoveries –what they call my fool’s errand- for myself. I’m pretty sure there is an entrance to Shangri-La hidden somewhere, in the Temple. <br>All I have to do now is find it.
34372BD6	283593	Sir Nigel Trethewey Journal May 5th
8A6849A0	283594	This is my last hope. They're all dead. I'm the only one who made it. I have been stranded on this mountain for 6 days. My legs are broken. My back is shattered. I can barely move. I am at the bottom of a  small hill, near a stump. I see a lake and a bridge down the mountain on my right. Please, whoever you are, if you read these words, help me. Bring water. Bring food. Save me. May Banashur cast a thousand lights upon you.
23E36ADD	283595	SOS
8E3335C6	283596	Rashan,<br><br>I take it you have been delayed on the way to the bridge. I am heading back to the fortune-teller who said she had information on the man-eating beast. The last time I saw her she said she saw a cave filled with bones and a demon mask near a landslide. I need more details from her!<br><br>I'll be waiting for you there, go swiftly and make no stops.<br>C.
33CF1C50	283597	Our investigation
6F9E2BA8	283598	Do not provoke Pagan's soldiers. As long as we provide them with the best catch of the day they they will leave us be. I know they are rude and arrogant, but they are also armed and deadly. Just do what they ask and bite your tongue until they go away. Your pride isn't worth a bullet. Just trust that one day Kyra will even the scales. 
73E59E1C	283599	Playing by the Rules
798F3002	283600	Sri Rexar,<br><br>Here's your 300 rupees for the job, as promised, to deal with the carpenter's dogs. Too long they've ruined my nights with their constant barking. Make them pay, and make them pay in a way that'll make the carpenter never want to care for another dog again.<br><br>Let me know when it's done.<br><br>-BC
D1DD5615	283601	<br>
2BE9802C	283602	The stranger who calls himself "Sir Nigel" left his glider on a perch somewhere nearby in the West. He asked us to watch over it and make sure no one uses it, but it has been months since we last saw him. I believe enough time has passed that our obligation to look over his glider is no longer valid. It is irresponsible for him to just leave a glider on a mountain like that. If someone steals it, it will be his fault, not ours.
23E34265	283603	Stranger's Glider
4D220668	283604	Did you see Yuma's memo? I can't believe the idiots in that lakeside outpost are going into the water alone. Have you seen the demon fish in those waters? No wonder two guys were maimed! And that third guy, "lost his manhood?" You'd think those demon fish were working for The Golden Path or something. You won't catch me in those waters anytime soon.
DBC695DF	283605	Ouch
89C05A79	283606	Kyrati Hotels and Hospitality<br><br>Kyrati hospitality is legendary. As a foreigner, despite the sore economic condition of most Kyrati people, you will often find yourself invited to sleep in their houses. This is because an ancient Kyrati belief assumes that each guest carries the light of Banashur and must be revered as such. <br><br>-Editor's note: THIS ENTRY IS BULLSHIT! I’M SLEEPING IN A FUCKING CAVE!
CA1827C7	283607	Lonesome Planet Kyrat #9
7EC4F6E7	283608	It is so clear to me now. A little blurry on the edges, granted, but aren’t all powerful visions difficult to read. The sight is a gift and it must be earned. Now I’ve earned it and I see. Oh yes, I see, my friend! It is so clear now that the entrance to Shangri-La is near! Yes! Near! I’m that close! Oh, they will be forced to acknowledge that I was right all along! 
	section = 302F1A65
57A479B6	205649	[Craft] CRAFT
A3DAFD07	205650	[Confirm] Use
518BF082	205651	[Confirm] Equip
744F25CD	208798	[Throw] VIEW GEAR
2F1C7941	208799	[Throw] VIEW WEAPONS
69398D54	275875	LOCKED
09E93D27	283934	GRENADE
62AA920A	283935	MINE
5D31CD2F	283936	C4
112B65D1	283938	BAIT
B6D569A1	343416	Sticky explosives ON
F472B6BE	343417	Sticky explosives OFF
B5E493D5	344094	See enemy and animal highlights.
2CEDC26F	344095	See enemy and animal highlights. You are virtually silent when moving. Animals won't attack or flee unless provoked.
2B85FBEB	344096	Reduces physical (melee) damage.
B28CAA51	344097	Reduces physical (melee) damage, and weapons fire damage.
6CDDF76F	344098	Run and swim faster. Breath underwater longer.
F5D4A6D5	344099	Run and swim faster. Breath underwater longer. Keep moving to dodge bullets.
003A9A4B	344101	Take double damage. Deal double damage.
33604680	349119	CAMERA
A3EA8A59	349120	ROCK
D0D820BF	349121	CO-OP
2C5AB155	349122	GUNS FOR HIRE
B47C8101	349123	CO-OP / GUNS FOR HIRE
D6F36601	349124	C4 / MINES
36452313	349126	EXPLOSIVE ARROWS
CAF701F4	349127	STICKY
	section = 3085238A
E88FA6D5	318836	10 MINUTES
50C3B24B	318837	15 MINUTES
1CBB7B5C	318838	20 MINUTES
56CF7F62	318839	25 MINUTES
A1E19EA3	318840	30 MINUTES
	section = 309E4228
3DBFF7E6	148272	My Maps
377BC2FD	148274	Map name
4E8D508D	148275	Modes
DE0C5F38	148277	All
7409679A	148278	Local
2016A9C0	148279	Published
0F40EA95	148280	Uploaded
69CBB2BD	148281	Open in Editor.
265563A1	148282	Publish
9F283F80	148284	DELETE
34A389E9	148292	Author
B3FA6A57	156516	Download
224A134F	157794	Download failed.
F5C0B21F	157795	Upload failed.
95E3F1B8	161042	Are you sure you want to delete this map?
591F6A63	161043	WARNING
F86C1FD8	167308	PUBLISH
0DDBD409	167309	NOT NOW
C91E93AA	167310	Not Published
9B9B5754	172014	Create your own maps using the Map Editor. You can then manage and publish your maps in My Maps.
	section = 30BEF221
F064A1A8	346153	R.A. Notice: Thangkas
7EEBA64B	346154	R.A. Memo: Excavation
B241A6D5	346155	R.A. Notice: Golden Path
4CC0EF7A	346156	We have managed to uncover several Thangka paintings in this excavation. I can't be sure, but I don't think that any of these are depictions of Kalinag or Shangri-La. I fear this is another dead end, I don't want to be the one to report this failure to Yuma.
D5C9BEC0	346157	Yuma has made it clear that we will not be receiving another archaeologist for this excavation and now that responsibility falls onto us. Blaming the intel has been a good excuse up to this point but from this point on if we don't find something useful up here our best option is to defect across the border and find a way back to Hong Kong.
A2CE8E56	346158	Following the massacre at the monastery we need to be an high alert, it's no longer enough that the cold and the wildlife constantly threaten our lives, now we have to keep one eye on Golden Path intruders. <br>The orders remain the same, anything you find is to be packed up and shipped down below FAO Yuma.
	section = 315B5EA4
0DABAAD1	260451	It has come to our attention that medicine has been finding its way into the mines in the area. It has previously been disguised in bottles labeled 'ginseng tonic' but could now be under different labels. A prisoner divulged that a spy posing as a baker is the most likely perpetrator.<br><br>Send any and all suspicious sightings and reports to your supervisor immediately.<br><br>Lt. Suresh Manandhar
D38EE0F7	260452	DWOH Report
00C7F1CC	260454	Attention:  LT. Suresh Manandhar, Royal Guard Deputy Asset Manager<br><br>A gold transfer is scheduled for your facility in the coming weeks.<br><br>For security reasons, actual details on the transfer will be communicated to you at the very last minute. Keep an eye out for signs of rebel activity and ensure your soldiers are properly equipped. Needless to say, any mishap or incident during the gold transfer will be considered an act of treason, punishable by... well, let's just say punishable.<br><br>Yuma
BFE80464	260455	The soldiers are catching on to the 'ginseng tonic' labels so we’ll need another disguise and I'll need to go away for a while until the heat dies down. In my absence please follow the attached instructions and remember to switch labels to the emergency ones for a little while. Don't grow sloppy in my absence.<br>- Anjali
E71E32B3	260456	Pick up your trash. This is a holy site and it’s an open camp for anyone who needs to use the tents. Stop leaving your garbage… it’s attracting predators and scavengers.
09C3BEAF	260457	The mine must be closed. It is too dangerous and I can’t in good conscience let human beings work under these conditions. Passages are flooding and we hit a gas pocket that nearly collapsed the mine. This is a disaster waiting to happen and I will not squeeze another ounce of gold out of here if it means putting anyone in harm’s way.<br><br>Shanta<br>Manager
0E8441C9	260458	What a day!  I shoveled so much more dirt today than yesterday and superintendent Nabin rewarded me by letting me work through my dinner dumping rubble in the pit.  My friend and I had a race to see who could move more rocks from the mine to the pit and I won because he fell and hurt himself and could not get up but it doesn’t matter because I won and now my mind is shining like they said it would!
AD8E3C81	260459	I have escaped, and I'm waiting at the ancient spot. You know the place, but don't come here. They're looking for me and they're questioning everyone. Stay where you are and when the way is clear, I will make my way to you as soon as I can.<br><br>Be patient, love. I will find you when I can.<br><br>Prakash
BB2F5D89	260460	Be careful when you go to market today.  On my way home this morning, there were many Royal Guard around.  You are young and curious and I know that your friends like to get in trouble but throwing a rock at a member of the Royal Guard is not the same as throwing a rock at a beggar or a dog.  <br>Please keep your eyes at your feet and do not stray!<br><br>Your brother,<br>Sudi
C175DB7C	260461	He spits “jealous” like it’s venom because that is what this has done to him: made him petty and vindictive. <br><br>I wish I were jealous. Jealous is easy. Jealous is transient. Jealous ebbs when it sights another target. <br><br>Instead, I’ll concede I’m afraid. I fear for a future where all the effort we made, the power we took and the money we spent were all for nothing. <br><br>I fear what I might have to do if he continues to be so blind.
AB300A45	260462	Doctors with Open Hearts – Daily Report<br><br>Have detected multiple cases of Hydrargyria amongst miners in region. Symptoms include severe sensory impairment, such as poor coordination, slurred speech, difficulty hearing, and near loss of sight. Cause is almost certainly mercury used to extract gold deposits.<br>Despite repeated attempts at treatment, patients are instead visiting a local Dhami (shaman) where they receive various herb mixtures and healing prayers.<br><br>Dr.N.Najjar
A7AD16C8	260463	People say you have disappeared, but I have no other option.<br><br>My father was kicked out of our family home because Yuma wants that area. They gave no warning at all, just a knock on the door in the middle of the night and a punch to his face.<br><br>He is a kind old man and he built that house with his bare hands for my mother and myself. I am glad that she is not around to see this day.<br><br>I need your help.  I do not know what you can do but I have nowhere else to turn.<br><br>In Kyra’s name,<br><br>Shristi
BED3D9F8	260464	URGENT COMMUNIQUE TO ALL CHECK-POINT SOLDIERS<br>We have recently received information that a suspected rebel liaison has made it through the south-eastern checkpoint and is now in the area.  The targeted person is suspected of helping with the distribution of illegal medicine to the mine-workers in the area.<br>Workers have died from severe reactions to the medicine and production was delayed in various mines.<br><br>The man is described thusly:<br>- Late 20’s<br>- Slight build<br>- Native Kyrati Complexion<br>- 6’0”-6’2”<br>- Hazel eyes<br><br>Any information must be relayed to your superiors immediately.<br>We thank you for your continued compliance.<br>Lt. Suresh Manandhar
12C7E9F9	260473	These masks are not fit for the master. They remain unfinished and I must bide my time. They are not finished because they do not have the spirit in them, Yalung has not chosen a suitable victim and this cannot be rushed. When one of the goat-children is ready to have their real identity revealed, Yalung shall advise me, he shall put them in my path and his work will be done.
6494B666	260586	Doctors with Open Hearts – Daily Report<br><br>Have found mercury traces in the ground water. The water silo behind me contains toxic levels of the metal. It’s ten times heavier than water and it’s collecting in the residue left behind. I can’t convince the locals of the danger, but maybe the local Dhami can warn the locals to steer clear of here. God help the miners, though.<br>Dr.N. Najjar
DE6470F6	260587	Important Instructions!
ABEE2B3D	260588	Notice!
252784C7	260589	Thindara Mine Closure
43C54D82	260637	Ankit,
CB4B38AB	260638	Yuma's Journal: Intervention
EB5AD7FE	260640	DWOH - Daily Report
15CFC235	260641	Anjali,
0631165B	260643	Journal – Thursday, November 10th
8BB7617F	260650	My dearest,
2695DD3B	266652	Lt. Suresh Manandhar,<br><br>An informant told me that medicine was being smuggled into the area. We caught a worker with a small bottle of what turned out to be medicine to aid with mercury poisoning. It was labeled as 'ginseng tonic'. We applied the standard coercive measures to the worker and he told us that a baker has been supplying the miners. That was a direct quote.  <br><br>Of course, I am investigating further.<br><br>Pvt. Sarmoung
677084AF	266653	R.G. MEMO: URGENT
E2431A06	266835	The face in the market that smiled.<br>The face in the field that sweats.<br>The face of your wife who greets you at home.<br>These are all masks of Yalung.<br>The face of the mountains at dawn.<br>The face in the forest at night.<br>The face that reflects back in the lake.<br>These too are masks of Yalung.
C5013729	266836	The thousand masks.
44A63C57	266837	I know I shouldn’t be contacting you.  People even say you have disappeared.  You take a great risk and I do not want to endanger the good work that you do for the people of Kyrat but I have no other option.<br>My father was kicked out of our family home because Yuma wants to expand her gold-smelting facility.  He was given no warning at all, just a knock on the door in the middle of the night and a punch in the face when he opened the door.  <br>He is a kind old man and built that house with his bare hands when he married my mother.  Sometimes, I am glad she passed away before Pagan Min came to Kyrat and then I feel shameful.<br>I need your help.  I don’t know exactly what you can do but I have nowhere else to turn.<br>In Kyra’s name,<br>Shristi
19623D77	266838	I need your help
C0A030BD	266839	“Do not cling to the edifices of a decadent past, only the future is sacred. Cast off your superstitions as you would an unclean garment - King Pagan Min”<br><br>May Pagan's Light Shine Upon You All.
240BD099	266840	Pagan Min’s Wisdom #7
F3B91B36	266841	A young man was murdered here recently, a single bullet to the back of his head, his hands bound behind his back. His name was Toshan. I don’t know his last name. If you are his family or friends, please know that we gave him a proper burial, a sky burial, and we prayed for his continued journey. I am sorry we could not find you sooner, but we made the proper blessings and offerings on your behalf.
4C1F39D8	266842	To Toshan's Family...
77F1F4CC	266843	My Sherpa friend,<br><br>The Lord may move in mysterious ways, but you my friend are even stranger still. I do not question how it is that you walk such a troubled land without coming across harm, I only assume it is because you are doing His work. <br><br>Remember to keep a healthy inventory of:<br><br>Assault rifle ammunition<br>Grenades and Molotov cocktails<br>Arrows (fire and explosive)<br>Sticky grenades<br><br>I will send more supplies to the Sherpa camps.<br><br> Longinus
61BBC7FC	266844	<br>
CF3CBC65	266845	To whomever reads this, <br><br>I am now a prisoner at the labor camp and writing this with a pencil stub I smuggled in with me. I have been here a day or a week and I have not been fed a single crumb. A soldier gave me water but he made me drink it from his boot.<br><br>I have seen coldness and brutality in the faces of my guards who are strangers to this land who have come here just to torture, maim, and kill. Hell is not a place of punishment after we die. Hell is here.  <br><br>Hell is Kyrat.
99C0935F	266846	<br>
6750993D	266847	To all guards,<br><br>As per Yuma’s request:<br>For every shipment of mercury, two (2) barrels shall be put aside in the warehouse designated and every Monday, Lieutenant Manandhar will pick three men to take a truckload of said barrels and dump them in surrounding areas such as:<br><br>- Bodies of water<br>- At the mouth of caves<br>- Swamps, marshland<br>- Areas known for wildlife breeding<br>- Etc.<br><br>Your continued coordination is greatly appreciated.<br>Lt. Suresh Manandhar
0A860BAC	266848	<br>
0745DACF	275683	<br>
B8664D89	275684	Who keeps leaving supplies out in the open? You think nobody will go inside that small cave? You think they won't spot the supplies? It's right outside my damn door! Stop using it as a drop point! <br><br>- Anjali
187D63D4	283130	Comrade,<br><br>A man from the village asked how much gold was in the last truck. If he knows about our cargo, we can be sure the Golden Path does as well. Be on high alert.  <br><br>I sent a message to Lt. Manadhar, but he has not replied. We might be on our own now. Tell the others to keep their eyes open. An attack may come sooner than we think.
22BA8968	283131	<br>
5E81EA34	343375	Great Day!
B9B140B3	346319	MY WILL
B5CCC405	346320	I, The Goat, being of sound mind, do hereby declare this to be my Last Will and Testament.<br><br>I direct that all Kyrat prepare for the coming of Yalung with grand celebration, to be funded by the substantial gains I have liberated over the years, located at [x684.7 y674.1].<br><br>I gift any outstanding duties (which may require the spilling of blood, human or otherwise) to the most worthy of Goat Children, as determined by trial and fire, and that such duties be carried out as soon after my death as practicable.<br>
	section = 3234DEA8
5F97C2A1	278135	ARMY SUPPLY FLIGHT 2911
	section = 337D69C7
	section = 340365FB
9B29EC7C	353992	#{PAGAN MIN: You know what I hate? Typos. You pay good money for propaganda posters, you expect them to be properly proof-read. Ajay, be a good little errand-boy and destroy the less-than-perfect propaganda in that center. While you're at it, teach the people there a lesson. We'll see if they'll ever spell "Pagan" with an "e" again. I bet this is Yuma's doing. She knows just how to piss me off.}
F2E82940	353993	#{PAGAN MIN: Ah, I feel so much better knowing that those terrible posters will never see the light of day. I'm giving you elephants. Yes, that's right. Elephants. I call the big one Hurley. He's clumsy but oh so adorable.}
D71AAEF4	354050	Destroy all Propaganda items
5AA14F4E	355387	Elephants can now be found in the world
C3A81EF4	355539	Caged animals have been installed at the img="MC_Extraction" Extraction Point
	section = 34B6D326
6D3F6476	213155	YOU
A142691C	213156	THEM
88F82368	226758	DRAW
	section = 34D2D74F
C28957FF	255156	Choose Amita Or Sabal's Mission
500A0F0C	328277	HOLD [Interact] Hear Amita's Proposal
45AD011E	328278	HOLD [Interact] Hear Sabal's Proposal
	section = 34F7910D
6482E3B0	275469	FRESH MEAT
FA27B73C	341403	SCRAPPER
8D2087AA	341404	BRAWLER
13441209	341405	HUNTER
6443229F	341406	APPRENTICE
FD4A7325	341407	CONTENDER
8A4D43B3	341408	CHALLENGER
1AF25E22	341409	RIVAL
F063D7D2	341411	FIGHTER
8764E744	341412	WARRIOR
696A8668	341414	KYRA'S CHOSEN
8009235D	341416	KYRATI MASTER
190072E7	342495	ARENA MASTER
	section = 36136483
ACBD7467	151175	DEFEND
44439F79	195641	CAPTURE
10631571	247304	DEFEND
042FF052	247305	INTERCEPT
A0DC237D	247306	DELIVER A
7A9E147E	247307	RECOVER
0939735E	250990	ACTIVATE
38E4C2D0	251089	DESTROY
75B36588	251090	DEFUSE
5E0AC02E	251091	TEAR
45A596D8	254721	RETAKE
954368D6	260863	SCORE {0}
C78B177B	274755	HUNT
39D572C7	339204	DELIVER B
B5797E24	341577	SHRINE A
2C702F9E	341578	SHRINE B
92893AF2	341579	FORGE A
0B806B48	341580	FORGE B
AEDA8A1E	352311	m
	section = 36FB810A
2A12B320	348353	Find the Disciples' truck and drive it back to the Relay Station
AC1DEE8A	355854	Hijack the Disciples' cargo truck and drive it back to the Relay Station. <br>Complete this mission to unlock the North Side Fire Traps Upgrade for free at the Relay Station.
747989EF	355855	CARGO HIJACK: Disciples are delivering oil barrels to the Sky Shrine. Hijack their truck and drive it back to the Relay Station. <br>Unlock: North Side Fire Traps Upgrade for free at the Relay Station.
FC697C8D	355928	The North Side Fire Traps Upgrade includes Fire Traps, as well as a few Explosive Barrels scattered around the north of the Relay Station.
65602D37	355929	Fire Traps are oil spills that can be ignited to burn Disciples or temporarily block access to the Relay Station.
12671DA1	355931	The Explosive Barrels are strategically placed around the main access points to the Relay Station.
0D530046	355934	The Disciples arrived at their destination
	section = 3719B1F8
82993ABC	194816	[ROAD ACCIDENT]
902C9552	195756	UDAYAGIRI CAVE
1F4E0205	260153	KYRA'S SLUMBER
FF917536	260176	BANASHUR'S PYRES
472D1253	260177	WATERY GRAVE
16C66478	260996	GOLDEN PATH CAMP
	section = 377C3B0C
1A6D472A	42897	Consumable
7BFD7EAD	42903	Weapon
F1849744	44832	Grenade
BB0BA0D4	58419	Explosive
032CA303	80242	Ammo
27476E04	80243	Attachment
B890F45C	80244	Buyback
E89CEB65	80245	Gadget upgrade
EEDAB537	80246	Skin
C1F2928F	80247	Vehicle
451A4DB4	80250	Quest item
C5F2956D	80255	Animal part
165FBD09	80256	Loot item
2C861379	80257	Plant part
5525BD0F	119592	Med kit
71C883DD	119593	Body armor
5382A55A	119594	Map
D0FB073A	284128	Rare animal skin
D60394D6	284129	Mission item
	section = 37B529F2
FA281527	93348	[Wingsuit] Deploy wingsuit (while falling)
E1387C9D	110728	img="select"  DRIVING & SHOOTING
BCE4F607	110820	img="select"  BOW
6F4A71F6	110845	img="select"  Camera Tagging
37C34C84	110896	HOLD [GadgetWheel] Shoot<br>Shoot with any handgun or one-handed weapon
97B33D58	110911	Hold [Fire] Draw arrow<br>Release [Fire] Shoot<br>[Interact] Cancel arrow
EB9A2C81	110924	[EquipCamera] Equip your camera.<br>Aim and zoom on enemies to tag and track them.
C7DCCA3A	143112	img="select"  GLIDER CONTROLS
0FACEC98	160231	Hunt the animals using the weapon provided or your knife. Your prey is somewhere in the hunting zone on the minimap.
251C1D37	160232	Find Kyrat's most wanted enemies and kill them with your knife. Takedowns award bonus XP.
2CF7BD4D	160233	Collect the supplies at each location. Return them to the Golden Path for your reward.
44B89FD4	167712	[c4mine] Toggle to Mines<br>[Shoot] Plant Mines<br>Mines detonate when enemies are close
1165DC2B	191204	Save at least two hostages. Untie the survivors for an extra reward.
CD9C14CA	194875	Press [Back]
2D6D7FC3	201694	img="select"  GRAPPLE HOOK
9DC911A6	201695	HOLD [Interact] Attach to grapple points<br>[Move] Move and [Jump] Jump as normal<br>Auto-detach at the top, or HOLD [Interact] to detach manually
D363860A	205788	img="select"  THROWING ROCKS
02032318	205789	Throw rocks with [ThrowRock] to distract or lure enemies.
4999FF9D	205790	[Accelerate] Accelerate and [Brake] Brake<br>[HandBrake] Handbrake<br>Hold [Interact] Exit
EDB99C5B	205791	Throw bait with [Throw] to lure predators to the area.
D7755ADE	205792	HOLD [Interact] Mount and dismount<br>[Move] Move<br>[Run] Charge, and [TakeDown] Attack
DE37A9EC	205793	Drive close to an enemy vehicle and look at the driver. Press [TakeDown] to takedown.
FE0319E0	205795	img="select"  ANIMAL BAIT
3B6D0E67	205796	img="select"  RIDING ELEPHANTS
CA40A34D	205797	img="select"  DRIVING TAKEDOWN
26BD24DD	208413	[Confirm] Close
1B9C3426	208414	[Move] Accelerate, brake, and steer<br>[Aim] Aim, and [Fire] Shoot<br>Hold [Interact] Exit
25FD71C1	208772	HOLD [Interact] Attach to grapple points<br>[Move] Move and [Jump] Jump as normal<br>Auto-detach at the top, or press [Interact] to detach manually
611669B6	208819	Press [EquipCamera] to equip the camera.<br>Use it to tag enemies and animals, so you can track them.
8165D27B	210229	UI\Singleplayer\Textures\Tutorial\content\TX_Bait_1.png
CB78901D	273574	Destroy cages to release trapped animals and distract enemies.
04661D87	283262	GHALE HOMESTEAD
17B2575F	283263	The Ghale Homestead is now yours. You can purchase items to upgrade it from the caretaker.
D8351369	283284	Disable or destroy the alarm to prevent reinforcements from arriving.
C95B6A44	283544	Each alarm box works individually. Every alarm disabled prevents one reinforcement wave.
81B376F1	283552	For each Mask of Yalung you remove or destroy, the Golden Path will award you Guns for Hire tokens.
93CF20FC	283553	Remove Pagan Min's propaganda posters wherever you find them.
32128DAC	283556	Noore's img="MC_NooreOutpost" Fortress has been weakened
6108F90E	283558	Yuma's img="MC_YumaOutpost" Fortress has been weakened
F99540EA	283560	Pagan Min's img="MC_PaganMinOutpost" Fortress has been weakened
4902BD68	283562	Shoot ice formations and they will fall on enemies.
9165D759	283573	De Pleur's img="MC_DeFleurOutpost" Fortress has been weakened
03D768C5	283575	A heavily defended img="MC_Fortress" Fortress is nearby, surrounded by a mine field. Complete more missions to weaken its defenses.
43A220A4	283576	LONGINUS
4438325B	283577	Tail The Smuggler To His Destination Without Being Detected. Follow Him While Remaining Close.
0A50C59C	328678	Destroy the beehive to kill nearby enemies
FF6E9DB5	341031	Drive
6667CC0F	341032	Shoot
1160FC99	341033	Accelerate
8F04693A	341034	Brake
F80359AC	341035	Ascend
610A0816	341036	Descend
160D3880	341037	Move
86B22511	341038	Charge
F1B51587	341039	Bash
4F2FF6BF	341040	Ascend
3828C629	341041	Descend
A1219793	341042	Jump
D626A705	341043	Detach
484232A6	341044	Aim
3F450230	341045	Fire
02365403	343996	SHANGRI-LA THANGKAS
D002B45D	344001	Find more img="MC_ShangriLa"  Shangri-La Thangkas to visit Shangri-La again.
965F06B6	344685	Press [Throw] to throw a grenade.<br>Hold [Throw] to cook it, and release [Throw] to throw.
A64C538A	345638	[Move]
D14B631C	345639	Pitch & steer  
41F47E8D	345640	HOLD [Interact] Bail
A927A3B2	346164	Hold [HoldWeaponInv] Weapon Wheel<br>Press [Interact] Equip Fire Arrows<br>Press [Heal] Equip Explosive Arrows
09F9D8D5	346165	img="select"  FIRE AND EXPLOSIVE ARROWS
E6280E43	346176	Kill The Target And Take His Key To The Blood Diamond Vault.
03924A72	346665	Jump using [Jump] to attach to a zipline.
36F34E1B	347139	[AutoDrive]
6402A57C	347140	Autodrive
87729420	348655	[IronSight] or [Fire] Plant Mine    HOLD [Interact] Pick up Mine
2C9735C5	348656	[IronSight] Plant C4    [Fire] Detonate C4    HOLD [Interact] Pick up C4
281A37FB	348750	Press
6E51A4B7	349133	PLAYING CO-OP
96EB6903	349134	Co-op play is now unlocked. To learn more, visit Hurk - look for the img="MC_Hurk"   icon nearby. You can also press [Back] to go to the Tactics menu and read the PLAYING CO-OP section.<br><br>To play Co-op, you must have chosen START ONLINE or CONTINUE ONLINE from the main menu.
F283491C	352301	HOLD [Interact] Pick up Mine
0B05D44C	352302	HOLD [Interact] Pick up C4
1A0EBD08	361579	YETI KILL
5F6CF845	362735	Grapple Acquired
BF2E1DC3	362945	Oxygen Mask Acquired
	section = 38A0841B
E5A5E247	80224	ITEMS & AMMO
1077F9C5	112343	MAPS
936E0BB0	190440	WEAPONS
E7A396C1	269920	BLACK MARKET
7117CD73	269921	SIDEARMS
9795F12C	346056	ITEMS
B8D68F4A	346058	AMMO
058236EC	346059	SPECIALS
48D5FF20	346989	SIGNATURES
	section = 38ACDA5F
95974504	160208	Hunt all the animals
410491A3	160209	Animals remaining: %d / 8
D1BB8C32	160210	Animals remaining: %d / 7
A6BCBCA4	160211	Animals remaining: %d / 6
3FB5ED1E	160212	Animals remaining: %d / 5
48B2DD88	160213	Animals remaining: %d / 4
D6D6482B	160214	Animals remaining: %d / 3
A1D178BD	160215	Animals remaining: %d / 2
38D82907	160216	Animal remaining: %d / 1
4FDF1991	160217	Animal remaining: %d / 0
3603A135	172158	Animals remaining: %d / 9
6A8792AB	172159	Animals remaining: %d / 10
1D80A23D	172160	Animals remaining: %d / 11
8489F387	172161	Animals remaining: %d / 12
8E20F130	205611	Animals remaining : %d / %d
	section = 391D7BC5
03E10081	281963	OXYGEN
697638A5	328107	You need a gas mask to pickup oxygen bottles
	section = 392D0824
70490B75	199526	BARNALI’S TEXTILES
829737C0	199558	KHETA MANOR
7F8E0008	199597	VARSHAKOT
1A94005F	199598	RATU GADHI
DF333ED1	199601	BAGHADUR
A96919D9	199605	KEO GOLD STORAGE
34565C6F	199608	KEO LOGGING CAMP
922157DB	199609	POKHARI GHARA
98810344	199615	RAJGAD GULAG
	section = 3A9BF87C
13331E45	192042	1x Wild Boar skin
8A3A4FFF	192043	2x Wild Boar skin
723EDF34	192044	1x Bharal skin
EB378E8E	192045	2x Bharal skin
7C8EFE21	192046	1x Bear skin
E587AF9B	192047	2x Bear skin
9D4542B1	192050	1x Tibetan Wolf skin
044C130B	192051	2x Tibetan Wolf skin
AD64AFDD	192052	1x Bengal Tiger skin
346DFE67	192053	2x Bengal Tiger skin
A4FC58DF	192058	1x Demon Fish skin
3DF50965	192059	2x Demon Fish skin
47D21956	192060	1x Black Eagle feathers
DEDB48EC	192061	2x Black Eagle feathers
55BB91BE	192062	1x Asian Rhino skin
CCB2C004	192063	2x Asian Rhino skin
E66983ED	192064	Thick Skin's hide
5E8FE188	192065	Black Water Dragon's skin
184C1BD2	192066	1x Mugger Crocodile skin
59C0725E	192070	1x Malayan Tapir skin
EDACF33C	192071	1x Vulture feathers
8AA6CE38	192073	Shadow Leopard's skin
5C341300	192077	1x Dhole skin
D27D67F6	192078	1x Clouded Leopard skin
8C974D69	192079	1x Assam Macaque skin
2C9017CD	192080	1x Pig skin
F33E46F3	192082	1x Yak skin
CEE2E131	192083	Mad Devil's skin
81454A68	192085	2x Mugger Crocodile skin
C53D42BA	192086	2x Dhole skin
4B74364C	192088	2x Clouded Leopard skin
159E1CD3	192090	2x Assam Macaque skin
B5994677	192092	2x Pig skin
C0C923E4	192093	2x Malayan Tapir skin
74A5A286	192095	2x Vulture feathers
6A371749	192096	2x Yak skin
D61E8246	192099	Karkadann's skin
0A18C136	192100	Ghost Bear's skin
71B87516	192120	1x Green leaf
E8B124AC	192121	2x Green leaf
9FB6143A	192122	3x Green leaf
01D28199	192123	4x Green leaf
D542CFC1	192124	1x Yellow leaf
4C4B9E7B	192125	2x Yellow leaf
3B4CAEED	192126	3x Yellow leaf
A5283B4E	192127	4x Yellow leaf
D7AF2653	192128	1x Red leaf
4EA677E9	192129	2x Red leaf
39A1477F	192130	3x Red leaf
A7C5D2DC	192131	4x Red leaf
C303D3A5	192132	1x Blue leaf
5A0A821F	192133	2x Blue leaf
2D0DB289	192134	3x Blue leaf
B369272A	192135	4x Blue leaf
93394EE7	192136	1x White leaf
0A301F5D	192137	2x White leaf
7D372FCB	192138	3x White leaf
E353BA68	192139	4x White leaf
D5309CC7	205778	1x Sambar skin
4C39CD7D	205779	2x Sambar skin
295E3122	245444	1x Honey Badger skin
B0576098	245445	2x Honey Badger skin
7AE33193	245449	1x Snow Leopard skin
E3EA6029	245450	2x Snow Leopard skin
7ADBD46A	251100	Sky Tiger's skin
FE854BBB	251101	Tenzin's skin
925892AD	251242	Gulo's skin
B9417426	318971	1x Purple leaf
2048259C	318972	2x Purple leaf
574F150A	318973	3x Purple leaf
C92B80A9	318974	4x Purple leaf
5934C5AD	339048	4x Honey Badger skin
E487A430	339049	6x Snow Leopard skin
02542BBB	339050	4x Bharal skin
4C19F255	339051	6x Clouded Leopard skin
FCFDB9E6	339052	4x Assam Macaque skin
CBDF041D	339053	6x Asian Rhino skin
6359EACA	339054	4x Wild Boar skin
3A98CD7C	339055	6x Demon Fish skin
8354B27C	339056	4x Yak skin
E2EA6B82	339060	6x Bear skin
ED2FB63E	339061	4x Tibetan Wolf skin
2C5EE78F	339062	4x Dhole skin
33003A7E	339063	6x Bengal Tiger skin
D496AC50	339065	4x Demon Fish skin
4B540964	339066	6x Sambar skin
0CE40AAE	339068	4x Bear skin
29AA86D1	339069	4x Malayan Tapir skin
0A89C51C	339205	4x Snow Leopard skin
B73AA481	339206	6x Honey Badger skin
C7A4E7FD	339207	6x Malayan Tapir skin
C25086A3	339208	6x Dhole skin
2E33F53B	343377	5x Honey Badger skin
7D8EF58A	343378	5x Snow Leopard skin
94ED50BF	343379	3x Snow Leopard skin
A2179379	343380	4x Clouded Leopard skin
D510A3EF	343381	5x Clouded Leopard skin
B7CE1372	343385	3x Malayan Tapir skin
9C30BE18	343386	3x Bharal skin
62992C45	343387	3x Assam Macaque skin
52D655A7	343388	5x Asian Rhino skin
FD3D7F69	343389	3x Wild Boar skin
A3919CC6	343390	5x Demon Fish skin
92809F0D	346953	3x Bear skin
7BE33A38	346954	5x Bear skin
75531B2D	346955	5x Bharal skin
EC5A4A97	346956	6x Bharal skin
145EDA5C	346957	5x Wild Boar skin
8D578BE6	346958	6x Wild Boar skin
3B3EFDEB	346959	3x Sambar skin
A55A6848	346960	4x Sambar skin
D25D58DE	346961	5x Sambar skin
4AF239F3	346962	3x Demon Fish skin
B23A722C	346963	3x Dhole skin
5B59D719	346964	5x Dhole skin
C750500E	346965	3x Honey Badger skin
3C7306DA	346966	3x Clouded Leopard skin
C29E76E1	346967	3x Pig skin
5CFAE342	346968	4x Pig skin
BBB5F092	346969	3x Asian Rhino skin
25D16531	346970	4x Asian Rhino skin
5EADB647	346971	5x Malayan Tapir skin
436ACEF1	346972	3x Bengal Tiger skin
DD0E5B52	346973	4x Bengal Tiger skin
AA096BC4	346974	5x Bengal Tiger skin
734B239D	346975	3x Tibetan Wolf skin
9A2886A8	346976	5x Tibetan Wolf skin
0321D712	346977	6x Tibetan Wolf skin
1D3027DF	346978	3x Yak skin
F45382EA	346979	5x Yak skin
6D5AD350	346980	6x Yak skin
2BFDD3D4	346981	5x Pig skin
B2F4826E	346982	6x Pig skin
8BFA8970	346983	5x Assam Macaque skin
12F3D8CA	346984	6x Assam Macaque skin
A9DC787A	346985	3x Black Eagle feathers
37B8EDD9	346986	4x Black Eagle feathers
F6427AFE	346987	3x Mugger Crocodile skin
6826EF5D	346988	4x Mugger Crocodile skin
	section = 3BEEC547
A48FC08F	177960	Escort and protect a... suspicious sounding Golden Path shipment to the designated drop-off location.
	section = 3BF1B048
53B6F393	326145	Hold [Interact] to finish off Golden Path and gain animal charms.
E3FDB323	326146	Hold [Interact] to finish off Rakshasa for a cash bounty.
	section = 3C5DA821
F9008FAB	251451	Use explosives to secure the skin of Black Water Dragon, the rare demon fish, for Mr. Chiffon’s garment.
28F8B394	251452	Hunt Black Water Dragon with explosives
9FE96DB0	251453	Skin Black Water Dragon to craft the final Throwables Bag
	section = 3C8620F1
B343BD99	283609	We are going to have to delay our trip down. The guards found my tools and they took them. They must be in the armory now, under the fallen bell tower. They don't let it out of their sight, not even for a minute. We are sitting ducks if we try to escape without our guns.
AB29786D	283610	Delay the trip!
	section = 3D017AA0
04D2F5E7	296087	Mount the elephant and smash your way through the Fortress
EBC8B258	296088	Use silent weapons and takedowns to liberate the Fortress
EC43B13F	296089	Mount the elephant and smash your way through the Fortress
63BA2430	296091	Use the Buzzer to fly over the defenses and attack from above
FA84C292	296092	Work together with a friend to liberate the Fortress
1367A57E	296095	FORTRESS
135341DF	296096	Mount the elephant and smash your way through the Fortress
DDC2C9C6	296097	Use silent weapons and takedowns to liberate the Fortress
55B05FAE	296098	Use the Buzzer to fly over the defenses and attack from above
F4522281	296099	Use silent weapons and takedowns to liberate the Fortress
7C20B4E9	296100	Use the Buzzer to fly over the defenses and attack from above
82FC9AFE	296102	 
A5C8DCCC	296103	  
B735637C	296104	  
C4195021	296105	[SOLO] SNEAK
82197613	296106	[SOLO] RIDE
9479E13F	296107	[SOLO] FLY
504F8B7E	296108	[COOP] SNEAK
79596CAD	296109	[COOP] RIDE
002F3A60	296110	[COOP] FLY
693F9920	296111	[COOP] CLIENT
94667A78	296112	SNEAK
90FEE069	296113	RIDE
C406CB66	296114	FLY
FA6D3C60	301056	Quit to Main Menu
C0E19352	301057	Quit to the main menu?
F9C4E721	301058	Quit to desktop
35E6537A	301059	Quit to the desktop?
D5D2F72E	305867	#{Waiting for Client...}
	section = 3D69D874
75E14C06	32278	Friends list is empty.
6FCF3293	32295	Already in an in-game party.
CD60BC6A	32333	Join Match
599D3A91	32334	FRIENDS LIST
1FE4A93D	32335	Accept Party Invite
28428BAF	32336	Decline Party Invite
20C63400	32337	Remove From Party
A27FD8F0	32338	Leave Party
EB88ABE8	32341	Cancel Party Invite
43008B03	71880	No Options Available
73901569	161891	Invite To Game
37AC5525	161892	Cancel Game Invite
D29A7D63	161893	Accept Game Invite
610031D1	161894	Decline Game Invite
108E5511	167295	Your party leader has joined a match. Do you want to join?
BCC20897	167708	VIEW INVITES
7873CEA7	173086	{player_name} has sent you a game invite. To accept, go to My Setup from any Multiplayer or Co-op menu.
46484745	173087	Game Invite
325CAB3B	173132	This match does not have enough space for your entire party.
66D95C9B	266657	View Profile
1A831C0E	266658	Kick Player
CCBDC009	266661	Make Party Leader
744FA869	266666	FRIENDS IN-GAME
6C77DBCC	269445	Report Player
20608050	307264	Party Invites
4B1E824A	344210	Invite Player
1D195349	344212	Game Invites
2A8F33A8	344601	FRIENDS
82073CAC	344603	PARTY
403602DC	344604	GAME INVITES
58999A87	344676	%ls has sent you a party invite. Open Friends list?
9498A728	344677	%ls has sent you a game invite. Open Friends list?
A4A5EEAC	344678	Attention
C4609543	345544	Performing this action will leave your current party. Continue?
A913FBF0	345545	Please wait while the party leader finds a match.
554E291B	346245	Your party is too large for public matchmaking. Please remove some members to proceed.
1A879DE0	346266	Your party is too large for Battles of Kyrat.  Please remove some members to proceed.
BC2D8C2E	346289	Your party is too large for co-operative. Please remove some members to proceed.
A4C73D45	348892	Invitation sent to {0}.
C68F3E52	349181	Select friend(s)
F2866D70	350403	INVITE PARTY
2F476E84	352450	Populating friends list.
21E1651C	354018	Attempting to join game
	section = 3DDD7AE4
657CF04E	273518	CONTROLS
28071CC3	273534	INTERFACE
003A3795	273546	GUNS FOR HIRE
44C1CFA2	273550	View the control scheme by pausing the game and choosing Controls. Here are some additional notes.<br><br>img="MC_TX_Bullet_List" Hold [Throw] to 'cook' throwable items (grenades, molotovs, throwing knives and bait), and delay the throw until you release [Throw]. But remember, grenades will still explode if you hold them too long!<br>img="MC_TX_Bullet_List" When the weapon wheel is open, press [Throw] to switch to the syrigne crafting wheel.<br>img="MC_TX_Bullet_List" Use [Run] to swim faster in water.<br>img="MC_TX_Bullet_List" To land the glider, use [Move] and move close to the ground with a straight angle of approach, and you will exit automatically. If your angle of approach is too steep, you may crash the glider and get hurt. You can also bail in mid-air by holding [Interact].
8C6DF3F8	273551	Customize the HUD by pausing the game and choosing Interface. Here are som