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In Far Cry 5 the player can fully customize the player character with various items of clothing, hair styles, and even their gender. The clothing can be obtained through various methods, such as buying outfits in the store, unlocking them through missions, the Ubisoft Club, or by doing Live Events, among others.

The clothing is divided into several sections:

  • Special Outfit
  • Outfits
  • Mask
  • Upper Body
  • Lower Body
  • Hair
  • Headwear
  • Handwear

The outfits category contains entire outfits for purchase, while the sections contain the individual components that make up outfits.

Special Outfit

The Special Outfit section includes appearances of special characters, such as Sheriff Whitehorse or Mary May Fairgrave.

Female Special Outfits

Male Special Outfits


The Outfits section includes whole outfits. Not all outfits include headwear and/or handwear.

Female Outfits

Male Outfits


The Mask section contains full-face masks that can be worn.

Female Masks

Male Masks

Upper Body

The Upper Body includes T-shirt, vest, jackets, etc.

Female Upper Bodies

Male Upper Bodies

Lower Body

The Lower Body includes pants, shorts, skirts, etc.

Female Lower Bodies

Male Lower Bodies


There are several styles and colours of Hair for selection.

Female Hairstyles

Male Hairstyles


The Headwear category contains hats and glasses.

Female Headwear

Male Headwear


The Handwear category includes gloves, gauntlets, wraps, rings, etc.

Female Handwear

Male Handwear

Reward Outfits

Some clothing is only available from certain places.

Mission Unlocks


  • Aerial Force - Digital Deluxe
  • Big Game Hunter - Digital Deluxe
  • Doomsday Prepper - Pre-Order Bonus / Season Pass Ownership

Club Rewards

  • Far Cry Primal Pack - Own Far Cry Primal
  • Rainbow 6 Siege Armor Pack - Own Rainbow 6 Siege
  • Hope County Baseball Outfit - 40 Units
  • Community T-shirt - 20 Units

Live Events



  • Prior to the v1.5.0 / 1 May 2018 update to Far Cry 5, there were no "masks" or "special outfit" categories, with John Seed and Sheriff Whitehorse being the first two in the category of the latter for males, and Grace Armstrong and Mary May Fairgrave for female characters.[1]
    • The first additions came later that week with the completion of the White Collar Job community goal, which added the Jacob's Hunter outfits.[2]
  • The Flamebearer icon originally showed the mask as being grey, with a head support to hold it in place, although no such appearance was ever added to the player's headgear.[3]
    • In the v1.5.0 / 1 May 2018 update, the Flamebearer icon was update to reflect the actual appearance.[4]
  • In the v1.5.0 / 1 May 2018 update, the player was given the ability to change their appearance from the clothing menu, allowing them to change their gender, face, and skin at any clothing menu in the game.[5]
  • The "Chopper" outfit for males has a bug that causes the headwear part to not be unlocked after purchase; wearing the outfit and going into the headgear options again will correct the issue.[6]
  • Due to the outfits being the same styles but different entries into the game, purchasing an outfit for a male character will only unlock for a male, and vice-versa.[7]
  • Despite the "Special Outfits" being of named characters, it does not change the physical appearance of the player; it merely adds the hair, facial hair, and outfits of the character to the player themselves. Tattoos, such as John Seed's sins and decorative tattoos are not included, as they are textured onto John Seed's model, for example.[8]
  • Despite being several faces and skin tones to choose, facial hair and tattoos/details are not available to player characters; the Special Outfits having the only true facial hair options for males, for example.[9]
  • In title update 6, a bug was present that allowed the player to view the default Junior Deputy's outfit by equipping a DLC outfit such as the Doomsday Prepper, and fast-traveling to any map marker, which would reset all of the DLC clothing to the default.[10]
  • With the release of the New Game+ mode and the Infamous difficulty, a modified version of the Deputy's outfit could be obtained by completing the game on the Infamous difficulty.
  • Its possible that the Far Cry Community T-shirt makes a reference to Grand Theft Auto Vice City. Once Vice city was completed by 100%, you would get a T-shirt saying "I completed Vice City and all i got was this lousy t-shirt"


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