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Radio Stations return in Far Cry 5; however, you can now choose the station you wish to listen to. There are 2 Radio Stations in Hope County, with each playing different music depending on the area the player is in.

Eden's Gate Radio

Run by the Project at Eden's Gate. Features 10 country and gospel-style propaganda tracks. The style of the songs, depends on whch region the player is in. If in Jacob's Region, the songs are mid 2000s era Country-styled. If in John's Region, the songs are in the style of traditional choir music, with an acoustic guitar melody serving as the musical accompaniment. If in Faith's Region, the songs are mostly instrumental, with somber orchestral music. The Artists are Hammock (Faith Region), The "Hope County Choir" (John's Region) and Dan Romer and various artists who sing the songs (Jacob's Region).

Propaganda Speeches

Note: While the speeches can be heard over the PA speakers in the Eden's Gate outposts, they do not play on the radio station itself.

Holland Valley

  • Two Men are in the field. One will be taken, and the other left behind. Two women are seen to the meals. One will be taken, and the other left behind. I invite you to be that man, that woman, who is not left behind, to be accepted, to say "Yes". I hope your heart is as glad as mine. Oh, I welcome you.
  • Can you see the glory of the project? Can you feel God himself squeezing your heart, pumping your blood through your veins, cheering you to do this good work? I can! Oh, I can! Every day. Cherish this feeling. Let it carry you. Let it remind you of what you promised in the presence of God.
  • You can have no doubts. The Cleansing will drown them from your soul. Those of you who have been marked, Your cleansing is upon you. You will embrace the word of Joseph. You will say yes, I will be saved. You will say yes, I will be reborn. You will say yes, I will cleanse my soul for the Project at Eden's Gate!
  • We have begun the reaping, begun the preparation of our life during The Collapse. The Father tells us that God will salt this Earth for seven years, and only after, will his New Eden grow. Those unprepared will descend into madness, but we will thrive, for I have claimed every part of this valley in the name of the Father. The food, the supplies, and the people now belong to the Project at Eden's Gate. If they are not handed over willingly, they will be taken by force. If you try to fight, try to resist, you will be purged. But if you open your hearts to the Project at Eden's Gate, if you share your bounty with us, we will protect you from the calamity to come.
  • John Seed: All are welcome in our garden. You just have to say Yes! It was the Father who said to me: "John, take them, even if they resist, for those who deny the project are the ones most in need of its salvation." Though their sins are great, their souls are not beyond saving. All they must do is confess. Are you ready, Deputy Hudson?
    Deputy Hudson: Go fuck yourself!
    John Seed: Hmmmmm....I know. Opening yourself, exposing your darkest secrets can be...challenging. It can be scary. But this is a safe space. There is no judgement here. Do you wish for me to hear your confession?
    Deputy Hudson(firmly): Go fuck yourself.
    John Seed(annoyed): That's not the magic word. Do you wish for me to hear your confession? (exasperated sigh)...You just...have to say Yes.
    Deputy Hudson(angrily): Go...fuck...yourse--(agonized screech)
    John Seed(firmly): Do you wish to confess?
    Deputy Hudson(Angrily): (Angry grunt) FUCK YOU! FUCK YOU! (Angry grunt)
    John Seed(frustrated): Embrace it! Embrace the power of Yes!
    Deputy Hudson(terrified): Please stop! (terrified scream) Please stop! Please stop!
    John Seed(Impatiently): Do you...wish to confess?
    Deputy Hudson(disappointed): Yes.
    John Seed: There. It wasn't so hard, was it?
  • The Collapse is upon us, brothers and sisters. You all know what to do. Mark the homes of the sinners, save the souls that are worth saving and kill the rest. Gather provisions. Take whatever you believe will help us survive. Begin the reaping.
  • People of the Holland Valley, We are fast approaching the collapse. Soon the world as you know it will be gone, and with it, all that is cruel and evil. But for those of you who embrace us, Those of you who say yes to the Father. The Project at Eden's Gate will provide salvation. Do not be afraid. God has graced us with the opportunity to start anew. You just have to welcome the word of the Father into your hearts. And so Joseph said to me: "Take them. Take them even if they resist, for those who deny the Project are the ones most in need of its salvation.". Bathe them, cleanse them, wash away not just their sins, but their past...so that they may be reborn anew, and ready to thrive in the world after the Collapse. That is the will of God, as Joseph proclaimed. This is our mission to embrace the word of Joseph. To say yes, I will be saved. To say yes, I will be reborn. To say yes, I pledge my life to the project. To say yes, I pledge my soul to the family at Eden's Gate. But not everyone is quick to embrace us. Some have fires that need dampening. Some need to learn how to say yes.

Whitetail Mountains

  • An animal is born with inherited traits. Some of them good, some of them bad, and inside that mind is a cluttered, polluted mess. Too many options, too many weaknesses. Judges no longer share the unfiltered, crippling traits of their brethren. No...Their design has been distilled. But the power of authorship exists. Now there is no flight, only fight. Judges cull the herd of the sick, the old, the weak, and the unworthy. Show no fear, give yourself over to the Father, make your sacrifice, and the Judges will deem you worthy.
  • Our time is near. This is no "accident". This is no "surprise". We have been warned throughout history. The Persians, the Romans, the Caliphate, the mongols, the Babylonians. All of them—gone. What have we learned? Empires always crumble. This is our final warning, This is our final collapse. We must prepare for what comes next, We must prepare for the new Eden. Know your purpose. Do what needs to be done. Sacrifice, and when the moment finally comes, we will be ready.
  • Mother Nature doesn't care who you are or where you came from. She eliminates without conscience and empathy. Only the strong survive...or so it used to be. Scientists have manipulated nature for ages. but they've done it all wrong. They've made us soft, they've made us complacent, they've made us sick. But when the farmer breeds his animals, he segregates them according to their traits. He discards the diseased, and the inferior, and the weak. He acts without conscience or empathy. We are like the farmer—we cull the herd.
  • Ancient men were killers. They were tenacious, They were strong. Now what are we? Passive. Lazy. Weak. Culture and technology hasn't improved us. It's brought us to our knees. If our ancestors could see us now, they would be ashamed. They would be sickened, and they would be angry. We have forgotten where we came from. We have forgotten who we are. No longer. We will become killers. We will become tenacious. We will become strong.
  • We must look to our past, when life was simple and hard. Basic survival—that's when we were at our best. You see, the world has become soft. Weak. We've sheltered ourselves from every obstacle, danger, and fear. We no longer hunt for our food, search for our water, or make fire. We're no longer hungry, thirsty, or cold. We're no longer alive. The solution is war. War will bring out our best. War will bring us life. This world is weak. Soft. We have forgotten what it is to be strong. You know, our heroes used to be gods...and now our heroes are godless. Weak. Feeble. Diseased. We let the weak dictate the powerful and then we are shocked to find ourselves adrift. But history knows the value of sacrifice. Of culling the herd, so it stays strong. Over and over, the lives of the many outweighed the lives of the few. This is how we survived, and we've forgotten, and now the bill has come due. The collapse is upon us and now the lives of the few outweigh the lives of the many, and when a nation that's never known hunger or desperation descends into madness, we will be ready. We will cull the weak. We will do what needs to be done.
  • Have you ever looked down from an airplane? What did you see? Majesty. Great oceans, Mighty forests. Vast deserts...and concrete. Miles and miles of concrete scar tissue cris-crossing the natural world. Cities. Modern society. The great vampire sucking the world dry. It is a disease. It is a cancer. leaching beauty, the reality, and life from this planet and it must be cured. We must return to our natural selves—warriors, hunters, animals. Because if we do not, we will cease to exist. The great collapse draws near. There will be wars, and famine, and death. It will be the end of life as we know it. But for those of us who have prepared, those of us who have trained, It will be a beginning. A rebirth. We will restore the natural order of things. We will live as nature intended us to live, and we will be better for it.

Henbane River(Rachel Jessop)

  • The Father tells us to have faith. But what does that even mean? Think about your life—where your are, what you've done. Does it give you purpose? Do you feel fulfilled? Or do you feel lost? Adrift in a sea of uncertainty? It's natural to try and find meaning in our lives. Try to make sense, find order. But we can't. Because life doesn't come from order. Life comes from chaos. Life is pain, and loss, and tragedy. We are born into a world that feeds on our suffering, and after it has had its fill, we are discarded. No one cares about us. No one sees us...Except the Father. When no one else loves you, he does. When no one else believes in you, he does. When no one else can understand you or see the worth in you, he does...because he has Faith. Faith in our cause, Faith in himself, and Faith in you. Faith is what carries us through crisis and uncertainty and the restless, punishing chaos of life.
  • Someday we will die, and our flesh will rot and turn to dust. But our faith...our faith will remain. It will live on in our brothers and sisters. It will inspire those we've left behind. It will be our legacy—everlasting...and when the gates open, the garden will blossom, because of our Faith. Trust in the Father. Believe in him. Never...lose...Faith.
  • Every day, you wake up, and you're confronted with decisions. What do you wear? What do you eat? Who do you trust? We're consumed by decisions, every second of every minute in every hour, all day long...and then we start again the next morning. We've been doing this since we were children. It's exhausting, isn't it? But there is a way to set it all aside. To calm your mind. To do away with these petty decisions. And that way is the path. Your salvation is there for the taking. You don't have to think about it. You just have to act. Every step is a confirmation of your .in the Father. It is the path that will calm your mind. It is the path that will feed your soul. It is the path that will lead you to the Bliss. In the Bliss, there is no hate. There is no suffering. There is no death. There is only happiness. Love. Life. This is the gift the Father has given us. He sees what we can only imagine, and he has offered himself as our guide. This selfless, loving man is ready to show every single one of us...the beauty and wonder that exist in the bliss. He only asks that we walk the path. Embrace the unknown...and you will be rewarded more than you ever thought possible.
  • The Collapse is upon us, and the reaping has begun. But there is nothing to fear. Those who dedicate themselves to the father, will be protected. I know this scares some of you. Change is always scary, and the reaping is the start of the greatest change in our lives. So what should you do with this fear? Reject it. Reject your fear and turn your thoughts to the Father. Fear is weakness. The Father is strength. Trust in him. This is the only way we prepare ourselves for what's to come. We are the fortunate few, who will celebrate the glory of the Father. We will share his wisdom with those lost souls who struggle to see his truth. We will open our hearts to his word.
  • There are many who struggle. We see it every day. They are scared. They don't understand. They will not seek our help. But they don't need to. We will seek them out. We will find them. We will embrace them. We will love them. We will set them on the path to salvation.

Henbane River(Unknown predecessor who carried the title "Faith")

  • There is nothing in nature so holy as the river. In its whole life, it is never still. Always changing, and if it does disappear, it ain't really gone. It's just changed its path to one that will suit it better. A river cleanses us. Body and soul, and if your body and soul are free from sin, the river will not take a single breath of yours away. You will pass through fine...and if you aren't free from sin...well, you're in the right place.

Joseph Seed's speeches

  • Something is coming. You can feel it, can't you? Every time we look at the headline, It's all confusion, distrust, fear, anger. You can feel that we are creeping towards the edge. (deep sigh) and there will be a reckoning...and that is why we have started this project. We all know what happens next.
  • They come for us. They try to take from us. They try to take our guns, they try to take our freedom. They try to take our faith. Because that is what they do. They smash our walls into a million little pieces and they tell us to pick them all up and rebuild...and they do it again...and again, and again, and again, and again, but not this time. Not here. We will not let their greed, we will not let their immorality, we will not let their depravity hurt us. No more suffering...and I know that you are out there, and I know that you are in pain. But my children, I'm here to tell you that suffering is a choice, and you can choose a better path. I am your father...and you are my children...and together we will march to Eden's Gate.
  • We love you. We want you. We accept you...and we will take you...willingly or not...and some of you may fight, but our love...will quell your bullets...and our truth will calm your minds...and in the end you will thank us.
  • Something is coming. You can feel it, can't you? The world has reached its tipping point. We are hooked. We are blind to our obsessions and our obsession is consumption. Relentless consumption. You see, we need to have the next best phone, and then to go with that phone, we need a new watch, or we need new glasses, and then we need a new bag to put all of our stuff in. and then of course we need, streaming music, and we need streaming TV, and we need streaming movies, and streaming news, and then streaming opinion, and streaming truth, and streaming lies, and lies, and lies, swimming in our heads...and we consume without purpose, and we consume without reason, and we consume without regard for one another. We consume all, and that is our sin—Greed...and we drift down the corridors of consumerism. We've got our phones and our pads pressed up against our faces. Not stopping, never taking notice to the pain and the suffering of those around us. Because we need to race to upload photos of our pets, or-or our meals, or our bodies. (mockingly) mmm. Look at me. See what I have done? See what I have done in this moment? I'm special, I'm smart, I'm funny, I'm pretty. (Blustering angrily)THAT IS THE TRAVESTY BECAUSE WE ARE ALL SPECIAL! WE ARE ALL SMART! BUT YET WE SEEM TO-TO-TO NEED THE DESPERATE APPROVAL OF SOME "DIGITAL FRIENDS" THAT WE HARDLY EVEN KNOW, WHEN YOUR FAMILY AND YOUR LOVED ONES ARE RIGHT HERE! SITTING BESIDE YOU! OUR FAMILY DOES NOT LIVE UP IN THE DIGITAL CLOUD! OUR FAMILY DOES NOT SEND "STATUS UPDATES"! OUR FAMILY DOES NOT CARE WHAT YOU ARE WEARING...(calmly) we only care that you are clothed. Our family does not care where or what you eat. We only care that you are fed. Our family knows the truth...and the truth is that you are all special. You are all engaging...that you are all fantastic, and capable and wonderful...and all you have to do is believe it. You see, we live in a world without confidence...all of us desperately searching for some approval from a Like Button, and why? Where is our confidence? Where is our faith? I have confidence. I have faith. Let me be the well that you drink from to fill yourself up. I am your father...and you are my children...and together, we will march to Eden's Gate.
  • If you are hearing these words, then there is hope. Hope is the rock on which build our future. Know that you are not alone. Know that you are loved. We are the Project at Eden's Gate, a family of refugees cast from the world. Bruised by rejection, into us as yearn for fellowship only to be deafened by hateful words, are struck by the belongings of contemptuous fists. Each of us has carried labels designed to minimize, marginalize, dehumanized or separate us, and the terrible weight of this has forced our gaze down and fixed our eyes far from the light of truth. The truth that all of us for what's perfect, were once angelic, long ago before the ideas of war and hatred consumed us, we were given a wondrous gift; the gift of life.
  • We lived our days and nights in the warmth of community.
  • We required no protection for there was no threat. We knew nothing of death, but there was only life. Our world was a beautiful garden. We were with these angels, in perfect harmony. All was provided for us, but a few among us were not satisfied. Despite all we have been given, despite all we enjoyed, those few among us wanted more. They did not share, they covered it. They rejected our garden and diverted our gifts. Generosity was replaced with acquisition, fellowship replaced with self. Give replaced with take and we were placed with them.
  • Greens spread like plague, infecting the world with envy and discontent, thus began the cycle of binge and purge that traps humanity to this day. Strife, then peace, then strife again, we have wondered aimlessly consuming everything and everyone, we have elected leaders that do not lead and fought wars with no purpose, but now it is we fuel who are not satisfied. We fuel who yearn for more, and we must seize this moment and act, we must fight for our freedom from this society of self and returns of the angels we once were. For God himself has spoken to me and provided a glorious mandate of mighty upheaval shall curse the nations of man.
  • Blood will stain the soil as the cries of the judged erupt in a chorus of anguish. The blade of righteousness shall cull the herd and smite the skeptic. From the ashes of this great extinction, you shall lead your family to return to the angels you once were, we stand on the edge of the great castle. Below us is the fate of mankind. Humanity has grown numb to the machine of strife that it has created, but we cannot, we and we alone have been chosen to survive this calamity and rebuild. We are all angels, and we few are set on a path back to the garden, we are a family, I am your father. You are my children, and together we will march to Eden's Gate.


  • All Right Now (1970) by Free
  • Barracuda (1977) by Heart
  • Keys to Your Coffin (2017) by Bite the Buffalo
  • Beat the Devil's Tattoo (2010) by Black Rebel Motorcycle Club
  • Electric Worry (2007) by Clutch
  • Fools Rush In (Where Angels Fear To Tread) (1960) by Brook Benton
  • Keep Your Hands to Yourself (1986) by The Georgia Satellites
  • The Letter (1967) by The Box Tops
  • Psychotic Reaction (1966) by Count Five
  • Lonely Boy (2011) by The Black Keys
  • No Good (2015) by Kaleo
  • Hot Blood (2016) by Kaleo
  • Only You (1955) by The Platters
  • Rocky Mountain Way (1973) by Joe Walsh
  • Should I Stay or Should I Go (1981) by The Clash
  • Slow Ride (1975) by Foghat
  • We'll Meet Again (1939; 2016 remastered version) by Vera Lynn

Local News

KLASSIC SLAM FM is hosted by an unnamed DJ who periodically reports on local and national news items. The news will change as the game progresses, providing a tenuous link to the world outside of Hope County and an illustration of the passage of time. News cycles may be divided into sections according to the player's progress against Joseph Seed's disciples.

First Disciple

  • Word of a dispute between local law enforcement and Eden's Gate parishioners seems to have been exaggerated. We'd heard there was an attempted arrest, but the Sheriff's office released a statement, saying: "Any such action is waiting on legal clarification."
  • The Seed Family has fully covered the renovation of a local school. While the locals are thankful for the gesture, will this become like so many of their other "Public Projects" to be used to promote their beliefs?
  • We're getting more reports on conflict between Hope County locals and Eden's Gate. Sounds like these 2 groups just don't want to be friends. When we spoke to the dispatcher at the local sheriff's office, it was pretty clear that she was exasperated with all the bickering.
  • U.N Peacekeepers are being deployed in the Middle East, in an attempt to root out known terrorist groups. So far, it doesn't appear to be helping. Analysts are saying it's actually escalating tensions and helping terrorist groups recruit new members.
  • Military bases in the Middle East are on high alert due to troop movements along the Israeli border. The joint chiefs of staff have said that they are closely monitoring the situation.
  • Police have arrested a suspect in the recent bombing of an Amsterdam tube station. The man claims to have been acting on the words of God, and called himself a "True Prophet". This is just one of many terror attacks in the last few weeks all over the world.
  • Recent reports of military skirmishes in the pacific have top officials worried. The Potential to escalate remains a large concern...according to 1 Washington staffer.
  • We're hearing rumors that army reserve soldiers are being told to be ready at a moment's notice. After all the international conflict in the last few weeks, this isn't a good sign.
  • The Pentagon is on alert in response to news of a credible but not specific threat of an attack on America. A senior Pentagon staff official said most U.S military bases are on a threat condition Charlie alert.
  • As liberals are attempting to push through new gun restrictions, our Montana state senators have sworn to put up a fight. This, in the face of political analysts claiming Montana's culture of independence promotes extremism. None of these analysts of course, come from Montana.
  • Sporting goods stores throughout the state are reporting "higher than usual" sales. The store owners we've spoken to say it's due to the latest Survivalist-or-prepper movement. It's no surprise, though that a movement focused on self-sufficiency would appeal to your average Montanan.
  • Our local law enforcement agencies may be even more strapped for manpower soon. If Congress approves the current budget, any Police Departments in Montana will have to introduce involuntary furloughs, or let go of a quarter of their staff.
  • Unsurprisingly, only 5 of our 6 state senate candidates showed up for the recent debate. Local failed magnate Hurk Drubman, was not one of them, again, surprising no one, considered his campaign thus far.
  • U.S Military installations in Europe and the Middle East have been told to go on Threat-Con-Charlie in response to threats coming out of the pacific.
  • More refugees in the Middle East are seeking asylum in the United States, as tensions ratchet up globally. The White House thus far, has refused to make a statement. Meanwhile, our neighbors to the north have been accepting thousands of refugees.
  • Are our kids going to be literate? Up until recently, every new generation in the U.S had access to better education than the one before it, but with the budget cuts in the Montana university system lately, that's looking less...and less likely.
  • If you're looking for something productive your kids can do, nature show host and celebrity Karen James will be leading a new summer camp teaching students about Montana's native flora and fauna. She says the main focus will be teaching students self-sufficiency and wilderness safety.
  • This year's state fair looks to be one of the largest on record. With commercial vendors rushing to sign up, in addition to the standard competitions and entertainment, this year's fair will be good for the great fall's economy.
  • Good news for conservationists, potentially bad news for fishermen: The department of fish and wildlife will be funding a new tag-and-release program for the endangered White Sturgeon. Anyone found to have caught one will be fined, so leave those sturgeon alone, or—if you catch one—throw it back.

Second Disciple

  • Montanans may have fewer options when it comes to grocery shopping in the future, another national chain of grocery stores is filing for bankruptcy. When asked if this was an indicator of a financial depression, the secretary of the treasury said "Absolutely not.".
  • Preparations continue for the upcoming Montana horse show and rodeo in Lewistown. Organizers anticipate an even larger turnout than last year, with an estimated 19,000 attendees. Tickets are $5.
  • The recent bus driver strike threatens to return...unless both parties can find a way to compromise. The Montana teamsters union decides the school district's practice of hiring private contractors from out-of-state is unfair labor practice.
  • The nursing shortage continues with hospitals throughout the state severely understaffed. Policymakers in the Capital were considering rolling out an incentive program to encourage college-age students to go to nursing school. In the meantime, our hospitals are having to turn away patients."
  • Be prepared to tighten your belt this year. The sudden drought hitting the eastern side of the state has left farmers struggling to make ends meet. This year's statewide wheat crop will be one third smaller than last year's. Discussions of increased irrigation are on the table, but many small farmers say they can't afford it unless the state steps in to help.
  • Student test scores are on the rise for the third year in a row. The State Superintendent credits recent programs to increase parent engagement with making the difference. Montana now ranks 24th in the nation.
  • Repairs to the interstate completed this week, leaving many drivers relieved. Truck drivers, in particular, are pleased since the notoriously potholed road has been known to cause damage to large vehicles. Several Montanan trucking companies have said it was cutting down on how many drivers were willing to work for them.
  • The unsanctioned nuclear testing off the coast of Asia continues. Although most countries in the region have agreed to abide by the nuclear weapons ban, North Korea was not one of them. Washington is trying to convince our allies in the area to exert pressure to stop the testing, but it's not looking likely.
  • World News continues being depressing. An attack on a Police facility in Kashmir has left 8 dead, and dozens injured. The injured have been evacuated to a nearby hospital. At least 2 of the attackers were killed, but we don't yet have a full count on the casualties.
  • 1 of our own was injured in a suicide-bombing that killed 1 and injured 3 soldiers. The attack happened in Afghanistan over the weekend. Although his name hasn't been released, we do know he's from Butte, Montana, and his family's been notified.
  • The anniversary of Clutch Nixon's death is fast approaching, and still there's no official word on a celebration. It's a shame such a famous man is being forgotten. How many of us enjoyed watching his daredevil stunts when we were growing up? Not just in Montana, but across the country?
  • If you're a big music fan, you may want to consider getting VIP tickets for this year's blues festival. It'll get you front-row seats to all the major performances, plus a chance to mingle with the artists.
  • The County is issuing warnings for hunters: A wolf attacked over the weekend, left one hunting dog dead, another injured, and a hunter in critical care. His friend, who drove off the wolf with nothing more than his fists, said it happened so quickly, one dog was dead before either man could do anything.
  • The upcoming Bitter Root flower festival is now open to vendor applications. The annual festival celebrates the cultural heritage of the Salish tribe, and the flower that was a staple of their diet. As usual, the festival will be occurring in Bitter Root Valley.
  • The next time you're at the grocery store, you may want to reconsider what you purchase. Rates of obesity are continuing to rise in Montana, though at a slower rate than most of the rest of the country. If we can improve on that trend, it'll go a long way toward improving health in our state.

Third Disciple

  • Thanks to the shift in weather patterns, we're facing a potential fire season here in Montana. As farm land lies bare and the surrounding countryside dries up, the state fire marshal cautions that everyone must be careful not to accidentally set off a conflagration.
  • "A nuclear power plant in Tennessee was shut down earlier this week thanks to an equipment malfunction. It's a relatively new plant, so this news is particularly alarming.
  • "Several Middle Eastern countries have recalled their diplomats from the United States. They say tensions with Korea make it too dangerous to remain."
  • "Peace talks in the Middle East have broken down again, with the latest in a series of bombings killing two and injuring eleven. Among the injured are several U.S. reporters, who were on hand for the talks. No word yet from the White House on these terrible losses.
  • International analysts are saying that the U.S. may be facing war. Between the nuclear testing in the Pacific and the failed peace talks in the Middle East, well, things aren't looking good."
  • It might be time to check your wallet. Policymakers are talking about a global warming gasoline fee. Hurk Drubman, who's currently running for office, claims this is all a conspiracy by the government, to raise taxes, and there's no proof that global warming is even real.
  • "Recent global conflicts have the government requesting that all U.S. citizens traveling in Asia or the Middle East return home as soon as possible. If you have family out there, check in with them.
  • There have been reports of a potential biological weapon released in South America. Hundreds have died within the last 3 days. Officials initially claimed it was a viral outbreak.
  • The U.S. State Department has issued an advisory against all unnecessary international travel. Families are being encouraged to travel within the United States instead of abroad. No word on how this is affecting businesses yet, or whether international business travel is considered necessary.
  • The strain in Asia is increasing, between threats of nuclear activity and potential trade sanctions, it seems likely that conflict will break out sometime in the near future. If it does, the United States will have to get involved."
  • "19 people died today in a terror attack in the Middle East. 38 more were injured. This makes the third attack this month. Is your financial information safe? A massive data breach in one of the nation's top 3 credit reporting agencies would seem to prove it isn't. The company has hired cybersecurity specialists Blume to look into the matter, but it may be too little, too late.
  • The Department of Homeland Security has issued an intermediate alert today. Affected regions include New York, Los Angeles, Washington D.C., and San Francisco. Montana isn't expected to be affected but it's always possible. Keep alert, people. Stock up on food and water, just in case."
  • "Russia has been attacked. Bombs hit Moscow this morning. No final word on casualties, but experts are saying the numbers are in the millions. If there was any hope for peace, it's gone now."
  • "Washington, D.C. is preparing to evacuate. The President has already been moved to a secure location. Meanwhile, the National Military Command Center is deploying crisis response teams to major cities along the Eastern Seaboard."
  • "All communication from North Korea has stopped. Analysts are saying this silence is not a good sign, and the Koreans may be preparing for nuclear war. The first attack could come at any moment."

Wheaty's Radio Station

Run by Wheaty to boost morale around Whitetail mountains, although other Whitetail Militia members see it as little more than an excuse to play his music. This Radio Station is essentially the songs on the Vinyl Records contained within the Vinyl Crates that the Junior Deputy retrieved for him.


  • Should I Stay or Should I Go was also used in Far Cry 4 for all three endings, also when Pagan Min says, "Don't worry about a thing, my boy. This will soon be behind us and we'll be off on our grand adventure, because I have cleared my calendar for you. You...and I, are gonna TEAR SHIT UP! WHOO!" in the prologue.
  • The trigger song, "Only You", is in the rotation of KLASSIK SLAM FM, strangely the Junior Deputy can listen to it without any ill effects.
  • Vera Lynn's We'll Meet Again is used in the Resist ending, as a nod to the 1964 Stanley Kubrick film Dr. Strangelove, as the song plays over footage of nuclear explosions.[1]
  • Unlike in Far Cry 4, there's no propaganda speeches during the Radio when driving a car, however in Cult Outposts, speeches from each Herald's and Joseph can be heard within the radio.
  • Unlike Far Cry 4, the songs are synchronized, so the song in the players car, will be the same playing in an NPC car, whether it’s Cultist or Resistance or locals.