These are the side missions that you will complete in Far Cry 5. Side missions are optional but often provide rewards that will help players complete the game such as better equipment and vehicles. These side missions will take place on the 3 big regions of Hope County. Some side missions require that certain story missions are completed first and others have no requirements at all.

Holland Valley (John Seed)

  1. Bear Necessities
  2. Patriot Acts
  3. Valley Armed Convoy
  4. The Judge Moose
  5. Uncrate
  6. Free Larry
  7. The Hero's Journey
  8. Close Encounters
  9. Out Of This World
  10. What They Carried
  11. Cow Punching
  12. Exodus
  13. Water Works
  14. Special Delivery
  15. Testy Festy
  16. Prairie Oyster Harvest
  17. Light Em Up
  18. Golden Age Nostalgia
  19. Baptism of Fire (Clutch Nixon Challenge)
  20. Spray and Pray (Clutch Nixon Challenge)

Henbane River (Faith Seed)

  1. Fast
  2. Furious
  3. Broken Path
  4. Refuel
  5. The Judge Cougar
  6. Our Better Angels
  7. Quiet on the Set
  8. River Armed Convoy
  9. Ragnar the Terrible (fishing quest)
  10. False Idols
  11. The Judge Bear
  12. Blood Dragon 3
  13. Whiskey River
  14. Descente Dans la Folie (Clutch Nixon Challenge)
  15. Old Glory Holes (Clutch Nixon Challenge)
  16. Godspeed (Clutch Nixon Challenge)

Whitetail Mountains (Jacob Seed)

  1. Static Frequency
  2. Nature Provides
  3. Grand Slam
  4. Mountain Armed Convoy
  5. Tools of the Trade (fishing quest)
  6. Gone Fishin (fishing quest)
  7. The Admiral (fishing quest)
  8. Flavor Country
  9. Grill Streak
  10. Call of the Wild
  11. Welcome Party
  12. Turn the Tables
  13. Shooting Gallery
  14. Mint Condition
  15. The Mooseknuckle Run (Clutch Nixon Challenge)
  16. The Lord of the Wings (Clutch Nixon Challenge)
  17. Quadzilla (Clutch Nixon Challenge)
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