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This article appeared in Far Cry 5

As with other games in the Far Cry series, wildlife makes an appearance in Hope County.

Animals can range from the passive cows and crows, to the wild and dangerous bears.

Animals in Far Cry 5

Fangs for Hire

  • Boomer - A dog from Rae-Rae's Pumpkin Farm, Boomer is a scout who can pinpoint enemy locations and sometimes steal weapons. Unless Boomer is attacking or the player is seen, Boomer also does not provoke enemy aggression. Also, if left near the bodies of enemies, Boomer will scavenge money and ammunition from the corpses after a battle.
  • Cheeseburger - Former star of the F.A.N.G. Center, Cheeseburger is a domesticated grizzly bear who attracts enemy attention away from the player, and can rip foes to shreds by exercising his Right to Bear Arms.
  • Peaches - A mountain lion owned by Miss Mable, Peaches is a stealthy opponent who is invisible in tall grass. Peaches' has the ability to perform "ninja" takedowns that are silent - even in open combat.




There are also a large variety of fish that can be caught and sold.

  • Arctic Grayling
  • Bull Trout
  • Carp
  • Chinook Salmon
  • Golden Trout
  • Kokanee Salmon
  • Lake Trout
  • Largemouth Bass
  • Paddlefish
  • Pallid Sturgeon
  • Rainbow Smelt
  • Rainbow Trout
  • Rock Bass
  • Smallmouth Bass


  • Bees
  • Butterflies
  • Wasps