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Father Maliya was a priest located in Pala in the Leboa-Sako district. He was a part of the Underground and is assumed to be a friend of Reuben Oluwagembi. It is presumed that Father Maliya was killed despite the player's attempts to save him and the other refugees.


  • He is the source for Malaria pills in the Northern Territory.
  • He provides the Underground Missions in the Northern Territory.
  • At the end of Act I, you can either attempt to save him or your buddies from the winning faction. If the player decides to save Father Maliya, he can be observed to lead some refugees through a secret passage, to which he asks the player to move a cupboard to conceal the entrance.


  • Given the habit he is wearing it can be assumed Father Maliya is a Roman Catholic Priest.
  • The character Longinus in Far Cry 4 is mentioned to have been baptised by Maliya. This means that, after his presumed death, Father Maliya may still be alive after all.



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