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The First Kyrati Civil War is a war fought between the Nationalists who sought to overthrow Kyrat monarchy and the Royalists who defended Kyrat monarchy. The civil war ended in 1987 and was immediately followed by Second Kyrati Civil War within the same year.


After Kyrat regained independence from British Empire and went back being ruled by Kyrat monarchy, the country post-colonial economy was dependent on gold mining, ran by the KEO. The gold mines exhausted in the 1960's with the KEO went bankrupt. Economic hardships during the following decades intensified oppositions to Kyrat monarchy and fueled the Nationalist cause.


During the civil war, the Nationalists advanced through northern Kyrat, eventually they stormed the Royal Palace and killed the royal family in 1985. The Royalists was led by Mohan Ghale and fought on against them.

In 1986, the Royalists struggled to continue as the Nationalists grew stronger, Mohan Ghale's Journal described that "Their ranks are bolstered by foreign criminals and they're armed with American-made weapons".

In 1987, Pagan Min and Yuma Lau brought along their vast Triad gang to Kyrat as well as a distant relative of the royal family. Pagan Min allied with the Royalists whose hope in restoring the monarchy was ensured, their combined forces defeated the Nationalists and emerged victorious, thus ended the First Kyrati Civil War. However, Pagan Min had the royal heir killed and crowned himself the new king of Kyrat, then turned against the Royalists.


Pagan Min consolidated his grip on Kyrat in 1987, many native Kyrat citizens loyal to him (and likely some remnants of the Nationalists) joined his Royal Army, while most of his vast triad gang joined the Royal Guard. Some of his forces and the population refused to betray the Royalists however, they saved many survivors and stood by Mohan side.

Outraged by Pagan Min betrayal, Mohan Ghale and the rest of the Royalists swore revenge, just when the First Kyrati Civil War ended, they immediately founded the Golden Path and fought against Pagan Min, thus began the Second Kyrati Civil War in 1987. The civil war rages on to 21st century.