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This article appeared in Far Cry 5

The Fists are a melee weapon in Far Cry 5. They can later be augmented with the Brass Knuckles.


The fists are a weapon in Far Cry 5. They deal little damage. However, fists can act as a reserve weapon when the player is running low on ammunition for their firearms.

Brass Knuckles

The brass knuckles can be considered as an upgrade for fists. They deal much better damage to enemies and be customized with several different skins. Fists augmented with brass knuckles will kill cultists with a punch to the head.


The Furious boosts melée damage to the point where even hardened enemies and large animals (e.g. bulls and bisons) can be killed with a single punch.


  • Once you equip the Brass Knuckles, you cannot unequip them again.