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This article appeared in Far Cry 4

As in Far Cry 3, the Flamethrower appears once again in Far Cry 4, this time using the same appearances as its two predecessors.

It performs the same area-denial/shock & terror roles that its older variants performs, and does it well.

The flamethrower is an incredibly cost-effective weapon, with all enemy types except Heavy Gunners only needing a very short tap of the trigger to set them on fire and kill them almost instantly. With careful use, Ajay can kill over a dozen soldiers without having to use up a fuel tank, even more so if he has the extended fuel tank attachment in use. This is helpful if the player is running low on cash and needs to save money, as the flamethrower has a very high ratio of kills-to-cost for ammo. Trying to kill a Heavy Gunner of either type with the flamethrower is not reccomended, as it will take over an entire fuel tank of either type to set them on fire, and they will continue to ignore the flames and keep shooting at Ajay for quite a while until they finally succumb to the flames.



  • As with the Far Cry 3 appearance, the Far Cry 4 variant appears to be another modified variant of the Soviet LPO-50.[1]
    • The updated fuel tank, however, appears to be based on a World War 2 German gas mask canister.
  • They will be carried by Royal Guard Heavy Flamers.


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