You may be looking for the Flare Gun, a similar weapon in Far Cry 3.

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Flare Pistol
Fc2 flare pistol
Damage Low
Magazine Size 1 (SP), 1 (MP)
Maximum Ammunition 1 + 19 rounds
Price 4 Diamond Diamonds
Reliability upgrade 1 Diamond Diamonds
Accuracy upgrade 1 Diamond Diamonds
Ammunition upgrade 10 Diamond Diamonds
Flare Pistol
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The Flare Pistol, also known as a Signal Pistol, is a weapon in Far Cry 2. The pistol is designed to fire flares upwards into the air, usually to signal for assistance or for illumination at night.


The Flare Pistol can be used to start fires in grassy areas in order to make enemies keep their distance. It could also be fired directly at an enemy to set him on fire. The Flare Pistol has little value in direct combat, however it can be used effectively as a tactical weapon due to its ability to set fires.

This weapon can also be used to incapacitate any enemy vehicles. If an enemy assault truck comes by, you can take out both the gunner and the driver by placing a flare through the front window and into one of the seats. If you happen to hit the front, it will cause the car to smoke, making enemies unable to follow.


  • Originally, it was supposed to be possible for the player to form alliances with the factions in the game. Upon doing so, the flare pistol could be used to signal for allied reinforcements during combat. This feature was removed during development.
  • If the flare explodes under a vehicle it will kill anyone in it but not harm the vehicle itself.
  • You can fire it in the air to cause an assault truck to come by. The enemies in the truck will be hostile, however it is a good way to quickly get a vehicle if you are stranded.