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Flora Guillen
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Dossier info
Age 39
Place of Birth Matanzas, Cuba
Nationality Cuban-Angolan
Height 5’8”
Hair Light Brown
Eyes Green
Weight 140lbs
Experience Unknown

“An excellent marksman, she knows her Warsaw Pact armaments very well.
Educated in communist Cuba, she seems to choose her allegiances based on ideology rather than cash.
She's got father issues. He was a Major in the Cuban army. He dumped the family for the military.”

Journal Description

Flora Guillen was born in Cuba. She seems quite humanitarian, having little liking for the war in general.


Flora is a buddy to the player character in Far Cry 2.

Relation with other characters

Flora seems to be quite cynical towards the player's other buddies, mostly stating that the player's buddies are reckless, inexperienced, or otherwise detrimental to the player's safety.

Michele Dachss

Despite their similar views on the situation, Flora regards Michele as unlikeable and untrustworthy and warns the player to be careful around her.

Josip Idromeno

Flora doesn't directly state her opinion on Josip, but hints that she thinks him somewhat reckless.

Marty Alencar

She speaks poorly about Marty, remarking that he's "Cute, but not very bright."


During the progress of the game, Flora may ask you to do a couple of favours for her.


  • Flora carries either a G3KA4 assault rifle, AK-47 assault rifle, FAL Paratrooper assault rifle, or PKM light machine gun, determined randomly whenever she appears.