G36 1
Damage 12 (bullet), 190 (grenade)
Magazine Size 30
Maximum Ammunition 300
Reload Time 2.6 sec
Fire Mode Automatic for rifle, break-action for grenade launcher
Ammunition 5.56x45mm
Used by Indoor Guard, Elite Guard, Rear Guard, Grunt

The  Far Cry  Weapons
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The AG36 Assault Weapon is an assault rifle in Far Cry. It is first found in the end part of the level Regulator.

One of three assault rifles in the game, the G36 is the next step up from the M4 in terms of performance, with similar stopping power, but better optics and an attached grenade launcher. Unlike the M4, which has two fire modes (semi-automatic and fully automatic), the G36 can only be fired on fully automatic, with its second fire mode being the attached grenade launcher.

The G36 has enhanced controllability while firing standing still over the M4, but its accuracy when moving (and the user's movement speed) is reduced more than with the M4. Despite the lack of a semi-auto firing mode, the accuracy when firing in bursts and the addition of a scope with x2/x4 settings makes it superior to the M4 for long range shooting. In most circumstances the G36 is superior to the M4, and is correspondingly used by tougher enemies at later points in the game than the M4.

The secondary grenade launcher must be reloaded after each shot, so be sure to time your shots so you can seek cover while loading the next grenade. The G36 grenade has much less range than the OICW's grenade, and as such has a steeper firing arc.

One other disadvantage to using this weapon is that using the scope results in reduced peripheral vision that can be uncomfortable in extremely close quarters, all the more reason to switch to the Jackhammer or P90 in such situations.

While it is called the AG36 in-game, AG36 is actually the name of the grenade launcher component only. The rifle itself is a G36K (the 'K' stands for 'kurz', German for 'short') with an export-style single optical sight.

Far Cry Classic

In Far Cry Classic, the G36 has been given a new model. The weapon is now far more detailed and features a top rail with a scope mounted rather than the large carry handle and integrated scope fitted to the rifle in the original game. The weapon also notably features a flip-up leaf sight for the grenade launcher, something that was lacking in the original Far Cry.