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The GL-94 is a pump action grenade launcher in Far Cry 3 and Far Cry 4. It is a Russian-made GM-94.

Far Cry 3


(FC3) GL-94 Icon

FC3 cutout rpg gm94
Category Launchers
Price $2775
Ammunition GL-94 Rounds
Magazine size 4
Maximum ammo 12
Attachment slots None
Supported attachments None
“This grenade launcher holds 4 rounds of 43mm grenade that will explode on impact.”
in-game description

“Meet the GL-94. The idea behind this puppy is that four is better than one. Most grenade launchers require a reload after each shot. The GL-94 holds four 43mm grenades, three in the magazine and one in the chamber.”
Survival Guide

This weapon will become free after deactivating 8 Radio Towers.

This is the first explosive weapon Jason uses in the main story missions. It is used when escaping Vaas' Pirates, after exiting the burning island hotel. It easily takes down all cars and ATVs in a single hit and is effective against infantry in large groups.

Compared to the RPG-7, the GL-94 offers more than double the amount of explosives for use (16 grenades with all upgrades, or 2 and 2/7 times the amount of rockets (which is 7) that can be carried for use with the RPG with all upgrades), and the ability to deliver more ordinance in shorter time. However its projectiles will arc significantly over large distances, making long-range shots unreliable for inexperienced players. In addition, fully loading an empty GL-94 is the most time consuming of reloads out of all available weapons, meaning the player should make sure the 4th and final grenade fired kills off any remaining enemies or have a loaded backup weapon ready.


Far Cry 4

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The GL-94 is a very effective grenade launcher at medium ranges. It can take out most vehicles with about 2 hits (though 1 hit is usually enough to kill all of the enemies in the vehicle, making followup shots a relative waste of ammo). It is usually considered to be better than the M-79, though is often over looked for the M-79, as it is a secondary, whereas the GL-94 is a primary.

However, it should be noted that this grenade launcher, while statistically superior to the M79, is far worse than the GL-A87. The GL-A87 has not only a faster reload time, but also a larger magazine and higher fire rate.



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