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Galleria 1991

The Galleria 1991

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“When it comes to shotguns, people throw around terms like stopping power and corridor clearing, but the truth it’s a great weapon to feel like an awesome prick. No, scratch that. The God of Awesome Pricks. You don’t have to be some 20-something douche looking to go from zero to hero to save his grody friends. Just grab a shotgun, because nothing says "I belong" to the world like two barrels to the face.”
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The Galleria 1991 is a lever-action shotgun in Far Cry 3: Blood Dragon. The weapon is based on the 1887 in Far Cry 3.

It has an 8-round capacity and can accept numerous upgrades, including semi-automatic fire, extended round capacity, and fire rounds.

Attachments are unlocked by collecting Television sets and completing Hostage Rescue and Predator's Path missions.


  • Extended Mag
  • Double Barrel
  • Quad Barrel
  • Fire Rounds
  • Semi-auto
  • Bandolier


  • This weapon consumes ammo at an alarming rate, especially when upgraded with the Double or Quad Barrel.
  • The Fire Rounds upgrade adds a small explosive kick to all shots, and when fired on a field of grass can cause massive fires.
  • A random glitch with the Semi-Auto upgrade allows the player to fire as fast as they can pull the trigger, combining this with all other upgrades makes this one of the deadliest weapons in the game.



  • The Galleria 1991 refers to the 1991 action-adventure film Terminator 2: Judgement Day. Early in the film, Arnold Schwarzenegger's character, the T-800, converges on a Los Angeles shopping mall called the Galleria (in fact the Northridge Fashion Centre) armed with a sawn-off 1887 shotgun, on which the Galleria 1991 is based. Like the T-800, Sgt. Rex "Power" Colt reloads the weapon by flip-cocking in the same manner.
  • The weapon's description of a "20-something douche looking to go from zero to hero to save his grody friends" refers to Jason Brody, the protagonist of the base game.
  • The Double Barrel attachment turns the weapon's magazine tube into a second barrel without relocating it. This is similar to the SPAS-12 from the Half-Life series, which also allows use of a double-barrel firemode. It is unknown if it is intentional.
  • With the Quad Barrel attachment, the weapon has an oddity shared with the Craftsman Shotgun from Far Cry 2-that is, unusual shell management. While firing four shells at once, only one is ejected upon working the action and one shell counts as four upon reloading the weapon.
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