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Gary is a character who appears in Far Cry 4. He is Pagan Min's assistant. His duties include official state business, such as taking down Pagan's decrees, as well as attending Pagan's personal needs, such as fetching first aid supplies when Pagan is lancing his boils.

Pagan Min is always demanding Gary to do household chores for him, and taking care of the palace when Pagan is not present.


  • One of the times that Pagan contacts Ajay, you can hear him screaming Gary.
  • Gary is Pagan's helicopter pilot. He tries to flee Kyrat with him if the player lets Pagan live.
  • Gary can be killed if the player shoots the helicopter down that Pagan flies away in the final mission. If one is to drive back up the road towards the palace, the helicopter wreck can be found with Pagan’s body laying lifeless next to it.

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