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George Wilson can be found on a abandoned baseball field at the Oberlin Picnic Area, where he keeps track of the movement of the Peggies for Eli.

He is a former star-player of the Hope County Cougars baseball team. He used to play as a shortstop for the team but was forced to stop his active career as a player due to an unfortunate knee injury.
Although he could not play anymore, he was always active within the club and even became their coach. Unfortunately, after Eden's Gate showed up, most of his former teammates and friends are now all gone, either having joined the cult, or been killed by them.
George had a full collection of baseball cards featuring his former team, and asks The Junior Deputy to find the cards that the cult has absconded with during their reaping. That starts the side-quest Grand Slam.

Far cry new dawn

its unknown if he survived the Collapse but given the Whitetail Mountains state he is probably Deceased.



The baseball team was named 'Hope County Cougars' in honor of Frobisher, a particularly tenacious mountain lion, that one day ate the star pitcher of the rival baseball team. The grateful residents put a memory plaque near Frobisher's Cave in honour of his memory.

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