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Gina Guerra is a character and Gun For Hire in Far Cry New Dawn.


A former Highwaymen enforcer looking to get out of the bandit life, Gina is a stone cold badass who doesn’t suffer fools, but now finds herself stuck with two fools and a baby. She is the mother of Blade Drubman and Hurk's girlfriend.

Gina refused to hand over her baby to Mickey and Lou so she let Hurk and Sharky Boshaw escape with her baby. For her disloyalty, the twins sentenced her to fight in a rigged death race. She is rescued by the Captain and becomes one of their Guns for hire.

As a Gun for hire, Gina is a heavy gunner and utilizes a Rusty M60.


  • In an interaction with Gina, she reveals that the Twins killed their father. She also reveals that the father's name was Vince.
  • Gina is concerned she will be a bad parent and "fuck up" her son.
  • If Hurk is accompanying the security captain at the time of her rescue, she will accuse the former of sending the security captain to rescue her when she wanted to handle the matter herself.
  • Gina was one of the Highwaymen sent to takeover Hurk's distillery but fell in love with him sometime after Hurk randomly confessed his love for her.
  • Gina's father was said to be a kind man but according to Gina, he was ill-suited for the harsh realities of the post-apocalyptic world. He was said to be murdered for a can of dog food. Gina theorizes her father maybe a reason why she has a soft spot for Hurk.


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